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Comparatives 1 Forming comparative adjectives Write the adjectives.

2 m ore... /-er than l i l * H Complete the sentences using the comparative form of the adjective. 1 The town isn’t very clean. The country is cleaner than the town. 2 My car isn’t very new. Your c a r __________________my car.



1 cheap


2 dirt)L















more exciting


more modern

Write the opposites of the comparative adjectives. Comparative


1 faster


2 safer

more dangerous

3 Ann’s house isn’t very m odern. Your h o u s e __________________Ann’s. 4 Bob’s garden isn’t very big. Your g a rd e n __________________much __________________Bob’s. 5 Yesterday wasn’t very hot. Today__________________much __________________yesterday. 6 Sue’s homework wasn’t very good. Your homework ______ Sue’s. 7 Your car isn’t very dirty. My c a r __________________yours. 8 This exercise isn’t very difficult. The next exercise_______ m u c h ________________ _ this one!

have got 3 do you ha ve/ha ve you got? HH&h Rewrite the sentences using the correct form of have got. 1 She has a dog. She doesn’t have a cat. She’s got a dog. She hasn’t got a cat. 2 ‘Do you have a dog?’ ‘Yes, I do.’ ‘Have you got a dog?’ ‘Yes. I have.’ 3 ‘Does he have a computer?’ ‘No, he doesn’t.’ 4 He has a motorbike. He doesn’t have a car.

3 bigger 4 cheaper

5 They have a flat. They don’t have a house.

5 cleaner 6 more boring

6 ‘Do you have any brothers?’ ‘Yes, I do.’

7 more difficult 8 colder

7 ‘Does she have a new job?’ ‘Yes, she does’

9 further 10 better

8 ‘Does he have a new camera?’ ‘No, he doesn’t.’ 9 We don’t have much money. They have a lot.


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4 do/does, have/has Complete the conversations with do/does or have/has. 1 A

6 Comparing Ismail and Mayumi I Look at the information about Ismail and Mayumi and

complete the sentences below.


you got a computer?

B Yes, but it’s an old one. 2 A

he have any children?

B Yes, one daughter. 3 A How many brothers and sisters ______you got? B Two brothers. 4 A ______they have an old house? B Yes, much older than ours. 5 A ______ she got a big flat? B Yes, much bigger than ours.



brothers and sisters?

2 brothers


a house/flat?

a flat

a flat



6 A ______you live near here?


B Yes, I ______. 7 A

your mother work in the bank?

B Yes, s h e ______.

5 Short forms T 10.5 Rewrite the sentences using short forms. 1 I am happy. I have got a new car. I ’m happy. I ’ve got a new car. 2 They have got a big classroom.

a car? a camera?


yo u n g er___


ta lle r______________________ .

3 ‘H o w ______ b ro th e rs______ Ismail got?’ ‘Two.’ 4 Ism ail______ g o t ______ sisters. 5 M ayum i______ g o t ______ brothers or sisters.

3 He has got a bike, but he has not got a car.

6 Mayumi and Ism ail_____ b o t h _______a flat. 7 M ayum i______ got a car, but Ism ail______________ one. 8 T h e y ______b o t h ______ a camera.

4 We do not have much money. We are poor.

9 *______________________ a computer?’ ‘No, she hasn’t.’ 2 Complete the chart and write sentences about yourself.

5 She has got a big house. She is rich.

6 He does not have an English dictionary.

I ’m older than Ismail but younger than M ayumi. I ’ve got one sister.

Comparatives and superlatives 7 Comparative and superlative adjectives Write the comparative and superlative forms of the adjectives. Adjective



1 cheap


the cheapest

2 expensive

more expensive

the most expensive

3 young

9 Questions and answers Complete the questions with the superlative form of the adjective. Try to answer them. /\rv

1 W hat is the longest (long) river in the world? The N ile.

4 happy 5 beautiful 6 big 7 busy

2 W hat is (high) m ountain in the world?

8 intelligent 9 bad 10 far 11 new 12 dangerous

3 W hat i s ________________ city in your country?


8 Word order Put the words in the correct order to make sentences or questions. 1 family/ the/ am / my/ i n / 1/oldest I am the oldest in m y family. 2 sister/m e/m y /th an /y o u n g er/is

3 class / who / oldest / the / the / in / is / ?

4 passenger/ plane/ is/ Concorde/ w orld/ fastest/ th e/ in / the 5 Where is (old) university in Europe? 5 book / interesting / than / m y/ your / more / is / book

6 bought / expensive / shop / the / in / watch / most / Peter / the

7 cheapest / buy / you / shop / in / the / the / did / watch / ?

6 Who i s ________________

(young) person in your family?

8 difficult / German / English / is / than / more / much

9 weather / better / today/ than / m uch / is / yesterday/ the 7 Who i s ________________ (intelligent) student in your class?


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Vocabulary 10 Compound nouns 1 Look at these examples of compound nouns. ticket + office = ticket office m otor + way - motorway ice + cream = ice-cream 2 Match a noun in A with a noun in B to make a new noun. A


1 town —

a park

2 railway

b agent

3 river

c centre d office

4 bus 5 night

e station

6 car

f port

7 travel

g stop h club

8 post 9 phone 10 air

i bank j


3 Match the compound nouns with the picture. 1 2

3 4 5 6 7 town centre 9 10

4 Complete the sentences with the correct com pound noun. 1 We don’t have a telephone at home, so I always go out to a ________________

to call my friends.

2 I’m late for my train! Could you drive me to t h e ___________________ ? 3 There’s a n e w ___________________ in town. It has great music. Do you want to come? 4 Heathrow is one of the biggest 5 We waited in the rain at the 6 Sun and Sea is the best

in the world. for one hour before the bus came. in the town. They have good, cheap holidays.

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Writing 11 Linking words - which and where


We can use which and whereto join sentences.


• We use which for things: This is the book. It has the information. This is the book which has the information.


• We use where for places: There’s the house. John and Mary live in it. There’s the house where John and Mary live.

Join the sentences with which or where. 1 Jack wrote the letter. It arrived this morning. the River Thames

2 There’s the park. We play football in it.

□ London has a population of about 7,000,000. It lies on the River Thames, (1)

3 This is the hotel. I always stay here.

nearly 2,000 years

ago. From about 1800 until World War Two, London was the biggest city in the world, but now there are many cities

4 Barbara’s got a car. It’s faster than yours.

(2 ) ____________ .

□ London is fam ous for many things. Tourists come from all over the world to visit its historic buildings, such as

12 My capital city 1 Read about London and complete the text using the words in the box. a b c d e f

where the Queen lives which is the biggest which are much bigger where the Romans landed where you can buy anything where you can see

Buckingham Palace, ( 3 ) ___________ , and the Houses of Parliament, (4)

and hear the famous clock, Big

Ben. They also come to visit its theatres, its museums, and its many shops, such as Harrods, (5 )___________ .And of course they want to ride on the big wheel next to the river! □ Like many big cities, London has problems with traffic and pollution. Over 1,000,000 people a day use the London Underground, but there are still too many cars on the streets. The air isn't clean, but it is cleaner than it was

2 Write four paragraphs about your capital city. Begin each paragraph with the same words as in the text about London. Write 100-150 words. Paragraph 1 How big is it? Where is it? Paragraph 2 What is it famous for? Paragraph 3 Does it have any problems?

100 years ago. □ For me, the best thing about London is the parks. There are five in the city centre. But my children's favourite place is Hamleys, (6 )___________ toy shop in the world!

Paragraph 4 What do you like best about it?

St James's Park


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