The What, Why, Where, How, Who & When about joining Skanska

T   he What, Why, Where, How, Who & When about joining Skanska 2 B   uildings are m   ade by people Property Development and Con­struction are abou...
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T   he What, Why, Where, How, Who & When about joining Skanska


B   uildings are m   ade by people Property Development and Con­struction are about people and teamwork. People who like to make things happen, working in teams toward common goals. We make things happen. Every year we develop and build 10,000 projects. From initial ideas to completed projects, we manage the entire chain: the people, the finances, the design, the construction and the suppliers. Some­times, we even design, finance and operate the facilities we build. Every working day of the year, we manage roughly USD 65 M worth of busi­ness. Every person at Skanska creates oppor­tunities for three or more people. So if you want to be on the right side – join us!

The Ypsilon bridge in Drammen, Norway is symbolic of Skanska’s many roles in Norway. Transport infrastructure – be it a bridge or a railway tunnel – is one of our core competencies along with the development of homes, offices and PPP projects.



W   hat

W   e build what society needs

Below: A wind farm in Chile and refineries in Brazil turn desert winds and fossils into power – all Skanska built. The Öresund Bridge connects Sweden and Denmark by dual rail tracks and four highway lanes. Skanska led the joint venture that completed the bridge on time and budget in 2000.

Court of Appeal, Malmö, Sweden. In Malmö, the appealing new home of the Court of Appeal has helped transform the city’s harbor area.

When a company needs a new office or plant – we build it. When people in your neighborhood need healthcare, education or energy – we build hospitals, schools and power plants. And a city is not a city without homes, arenas, roads, rail networks and water treatment plants – we build those too. Increasingly, we also provide the financing. We develop and invest in com­mercial property, residential projects and in Public Private Partnerships – privately financed infrastructure. This is what we do – and we do it sustain­ably. We are the leader in green property development and construction. Our goal is to design and build projects with near-zero environ­mental impact.

We are constantly pursuing improvements in energy efficiency, materials and water use as well as reductions in carbon emissions. Our green commitment is not a gimmick – it’s central to our business. In 2000, Skanska became the first construction company to be globally ISO14001-certified. An in­creasing number of our projects are certified in accordance with inter­national environmental systems such as LEED and BREEAM. We are well managed and finan­cially strong. Going forward, we plan to grow in size and profitability. Strict risk management, great people and global knowledge-sharing are how we ensure that we outperform the competition.

Above: Silverdal, Sollentuna, Sweden. A home is more than just four walls. A residential area is more than just houses. Skanska takes on complete responsi­bility for designing new areas where families can live, be to­­gether and play. Silverdal in Sollentuna, north of Stockholm, is one example. Right: London rising. The Swiss Re office building, also known as “the Gherkin”, has contributed to London’s skyline with its new, exciting shape.

“You will add value in exciting projects – near or far.”



W   hat

Meadowlands Stadium, New Jersey, USA The New Meadowlands Stadium in New Jersey has been selected to host the 2014 Super Bowl. It is also the home arena of both the New York Jets and the New York Giants. Football, soccer or rock music – no matter what your pre­ferences are, the New Meadowlands Stadium offers a great time. The stadium accommodates 82,500 spectators who are catered for by 52 bars, lounges and restaurants.



W   hy


W   e build pride

Everything we do is based on the needs of society – populations are grow­ing, cities are growing, people’s needs and expectations are increasing. Our goal is to improve life for people, to help cities grow and companies to prosper. We create workplaces and cozy homes. We create facilities for energy, water, transportation and recreation. We strive to create a better environment for living, working and travel­­ing. And we are constantly striving to make our common world a greener place to live. We can offer you the opportunity to be involved with:

“We will be more competitive if you thrive and develop with us – regardless of gender or ethnicity.”

Exciting projects for demanding customers. The opportunity to make a difference in your team and for society. A place in a global network. Great responsibilities and good prospects. Personal and professional development. And most of all – big challenges and great fun.

One of our U.S. colleagues recently described his feelings this way: “What a sense of pride in this business. You go to a site, there’s nothing, and you leave something. And – we’ve all done this – I’ll go around and see our old projects and say, ‘We built that, and we built that and we built that.’ This is a tough business, so it’s really gratifying to be able to say when it’s all done that you built something. You left that city or that neighborhood or that community better than you found it. And the more complicated the better! For us, that’s really the de­fining characteristic of any individual pro­ject. Is it complicated, is it tough? We love that.”



W   hy

”What we build will remain for many generations, and it’s great to drive past a house, spot it and say that I was involved in creating that building!” Gisela Nylund, Customer Coordinator, Stockholm, Sweden


W   here N   ew York, London, Stockholm  –  all are home to us UK Skanska is a leader in the Public Private Partnerships (PPP) sector, in building and civil engineering as well as within utilities and building services. Skanska is also starting up the development of homes for the UK market. Landmark project: Heron Tower in the City of London.

So are Atlanta, Boston, Seattle, Buenos Aires, Sao Paolo and Santiago. And don’t forget Copenhagen, Oslo, Helsinki, Prague, Budapest and Warsaw too… In New York, we are the largest company in the industry, and in several other metropolitan areas we are among the top two or three. We are a leading construction and property development company in a number of home markets in the U.S., Latin America, the UK, Central Europe and the Nordics.

“Almost whatever you are good at, you will be of interest to us somewhere.”

USA Skanska is one of the nation’s leading develop­ment and construction companies specialized in building and civil construction and the development of Public Private Partnerships (PPP) and commercial properties. Skanska is the largest construction company in New York. Landmark project: Oculus and PATH stations at Ground Zero, NYC.

Latin America Skanska is one of the continent’s leading contractors focused on construction, operations and services for the international oil and gas and energy industry. Landmark project: Petrobras Petrochemical Complex, Comperj, in Rio de Janeiro.


The Nordics In Sweden, Norway and Finland, operations include a full range of services including building and civil construction as well as the development of Public Private Partnerships (PPP), commercial facilities and homes. In Estonia, operations include construction and homes and in Denmark exclusively commercial properties. Landmark project: The New Karolinska Solna PPP hospital.

In short, Skanska... Central Europe In Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Skanska is a leading company within building and civil construction as well as in the development of Public Private Partner­ships (PPP), commercial facilities and homes. In Hungary, exclusive development of commercial properties. Landmark project: The A1 PPP highway in Poland.

is one of the world’s leading project development and construction groups. is active in selected home markets in Europe, the U.S. and Latin America. focuses on construction and development of commercial, residential and public private partnership projects. is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. has 52,000 employees. had total sales of SEK 122 billion (2010). was the first global com­pany in its field to be ISO 14001-certified. aims to be the clients’ first choice for Green solutions. focus on Profitable Growth in its Business Plan for 2011–2015 with a target annual return on equity for the period of 18–20 percent. has values based on the com­pany Code of Conduct that are expressed in the five zeros vision: zero loss-making projects zero work site accidents zero environmental incidents zero ethical breaches zero defects


H   ow

S  trong values define o   ur work and relations

“Our values are key and our culture is based on respect, openness, honesty and teamwork.”

Our Code of Conduct guides us on how we behave and interact, inter­nally and externally. Our qualitative targets are expressed in the five zeros vision:

Zero loss-making projects Zero work site accidents Zero environmental incidents Zero ethical breaches Zero defects

Our values are central – they per­meate our culture and everything we do across the world. Just as our values are key, so are our vital processes and procedures. But our business is decentralized. Our employees are entrusted with great responsi­ bilities. Many projects are as large as an independent enterprise. With a culture based on respect, openness and honesty and a team of cooperative and high-performing people, you will never be on your own. Global expertise and knowledge sharing is only a click or a call away. Being a problem-solver does not mean you have to reinvent the wheel. Change is the only constant. And you will have plenty of opportunities to develop your skills to meet new challenges. Skanska’s operations offer a variety of opportunities for professional and personal development. Mobility and exchange of experience between different units are vital parts of these programs.



W   ho

W   hatever you do, you can do it with us Are you young and talented with an appetite for challenges? Do you see opportunities where others see problems? At Skanska opportunities are plentiful. You will be a key player in your team. We interact to perform, deliver and create added value for our customers, end-users, the company and our society. Whether you are male or female, from an ethnic majority or minority, with a background in engineering, economics, law, technology innovation or biology: What matters is that you like working in a team and that you are action-oriented, enjoy problem-solving and value the importance of client relations. At Skanska, we encourage our people to grow – both personally and profession­ ally. Development programs are custom­ ized for selected target groups. As a new­ comer you will pri­marily benefit from: Skanska Unlimited – a global employee exchange program aimed at expanding your network within the Skanska Group, typically with a 3–6 month period of hands-on experience in another part of the world. Skanska Stretch is a global development program for people who have been identified as ready to move into a leadership role.

“We are dedicated to providing unrivalled opportunities for our employees.”

A1, Poland. The fast and safe A1 expressway in Poland is Skanska’s respon­ si­bility from start to finish, from foundation to asphalt and signage. The PPP concept means that Skanska takes care of design, financing and construction as well as operation and maintenance. The second phase of 150 km project is to open in 2011. Prague Ruzyně International Airport, Prague, Czech Republic. Skanska is active across the Czech Republic and Slovakia in both building and civil construction as well as within the development of homes and offices.


Pilestredet Park, Oslo, Norway, is a perfect example of how Skanska takes a holistic view when developing a residential area, taking into account the wellbeing of the homebuyers as well as the environment.

Manhattan Bridge, New York, USA. The bridges of New York are not only emblematic icons for the Big Apple. That Skanska has been commissioned to upgrade such old beauties as the Manhattan Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge is living proof of the Group’s leading position in NYC.

New Karolinska Solna, Sweden, is more than a new state-of-the-art university hospital. It is also the world’s largest PPP hospital project and will be the world’s greenest hospital. Skanska’s financial strength and combined global expertise in hospital development helped Skanska win the company’s largestever project.

Zlote Tarasy, Warsaw, Poland. The cafés and shops under the billowing glass roof of the ultra modern shopping center have become the new meeting place for the young and trendy in Warsaw. Along the city’s Jana Pawla II Avenue, Skanska has developed so many modern office buildings that locals refer to it as the Skanska street.


W   hen

We are growing every day, and we want you to grow with us. We want you now because we are busy and will be even busier in years to come. We want you to take on greater and greater responsibilities. But first, we want you get to get to know us and our clients, our business and our values. That’s why you should join us – right now.

“If     you have a winning mindset, we’ll help you develop the skills needed to succeed in the job.” Johan Karlström, CEO

Now To get to know us a bit better – and meet our people – visit


Back cover: New York’s iconic Empire State Building is going green, proving that even an 80-year-old beauty can get a facelift. Statoil’s new Norwegian head office will energize Oslo with its spectacular design and green features. Front cover: Clarion Hotel Sign, Stockholm, Sweden, Millennium Bridge, Wrocław, Poland and Tampa Museum of Art, Tampa, Florida. Places for a life in style – enjoying art, staying comfortably or traveling safely. All examples of what Skanska contributes to societies around the world.

ISO 14001-licensed paper producer and printer were used for this document. Printed with vegetable inks. Produced by Skanska AB in co­operation with CJH Design, 2011. Prepress by Linjepunkt. Printing by Wassberg+Skotte. In picture from Tampa Musuem of Art: Alexander Calder (American, 1898–1976), Les Trois Barres, c. 1970. Painted steel and aluminum, 227 ¬ 240 ¬ 212 inches overall. Courtesy of David and Leslee Rogath. Loan arranged by: Rebecca Donelson, Joy Margolis, Josh Baer, Christophe Van de Weghe.

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