TERMS OF REFERENCE MID TERM EVALUATION OF THE 2009 - 2013 STRATEGIC PLAN TOR for the mid term evaluation of the WAHO second strategic plan 2009-2013...
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TOR for the mid term evaluation of the WAHO second strategic plan 2009-2013

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The West African Health Organization (WAHO), a specialized agency of ECOWAS based in Bobo-Dioulasso in Burkina Faso with a political mandate and whose main task is to offer the highest possible health standards of the West African Region through the harmonization of health policies of the ECOWAS Member States, pooling of resources and cooperation between member states and third countries for a collective and strategic combat against the health problems of the ECOWAS region. To achieve its mission, WAHO has developed Strategic Plans, the first of which covered the period 2003-2007 and the second from 2009-2013. The plan has identified four (4) strategic orientations: 1) improvement in the quality of health system; 2) support for health coverage; 3) development of a sustainable health financing in the West African region; 4) institutional development. These strategic orientations have been broken down into 10 priority programs with specific objectives and outcomes (intermediate and expected outcomes). In designing this plan, it was expected that its implementation should be based on 1) principles of sustainable partnerships with organizations, networks, national and regional health institutions and with the technical and financial partners working in the ECOWAS region and 2) intervention principles that are specific to WAHO including advocacy, facilitation and dissemination of information on the health status prevailing in the ECOWAS region. Two evaluations were also planned to be conducted during the implementation of the plan including a mid-term review in 2011 and the final evaluation after the implementation in 2013. It is within the above framework that the Management of WAHO, is carrying out this evaluation as planned. This will be conducted with the support of external consultants. The purpose of this evaluation are to provide those involved in the implementation of the plan with information on the progress made in the process of implementation, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that have been identified and draw lessons for possible reorientation or insertion of innovating actions and interventions to eventually optimise outcomes. The Department of Planning and Technical Assistance responsible for monitoring and evaluation of the Strategic Plan will coordinate and implement this evaluation 2.


The evaluation will involve all 10 programs of the Strategic Plan and some specific interventions that have been implemented under the Strategic Plan and funded by WAHO or jointly with other partners.

TOR for the mid term evaluation of the WAHO second strategic plan 2009-2013

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Jointly funded specific interventions (WAHO and other partners)      

  


Vision 2020 for blindness control; Vision 2010 to accelerate the reduction of maternal mortality; Nutrition Forum and food fortification; Organising private/public dialogue on food fortification in West Africa; Regional training in malaria conducted in Ouidah, Republic of Benin; The organization of the annual review mid-term (under coordination of the regional fight against malaria) and the organization of the annual review and planning of National Programmes for the Fight against Malaria (NMCP) in West Africa. Implementation of the Coordinated Informed Buying procurement system for the acquisition of products for reproductive health; Integration of EONC modules into medical faculties’ training curricula The internship program for young professionals. Interventions funded by WAHO (these interventions are part of the 10 programs)

These include:    

Harmonization of training curricula for health professionals Language Exchange Program Establishment of community based demonstration centres Support provided to countries from program budgets and specifically on the various funds including: o the Technical Assistance Fund o the Research Fund o the Medicines and Vaccine Fund o the Epidemic Control Fund




General Objectives

To assess the implementation of the second Strategic Plan over the first two years in order to provide key actors with necessary information on the progress made, constraints learnt and draw lessons to possibly redirect the actions and interventions to optimize outcomes. 3.1

Specific objectives: 

To assess progress in implementing the Strategic Plan taking into consideration the expected outcomes of the first 2 years (2009 and 2010);

To identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and constraints of implementation;

To draw lessons in order to possibly re-orient the actions and interventions that can eventually improve the impact of programs for the 2nd period of the plan;

TOR for the mid term evaluation of the WAHO second strategic plan 2009-2013

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To formulate the recommendations and proposals as a way forward to improve the implementation of programs; and

To validate the results of the evaluation by key players involved in the implementation of the Strategic Plan. 3.3

Expected Outcomes

The mid-term review report of the implementation of the Plan is produced and available and provides information on the general implementation of the Plan and on specific actions and interventions to be assessed including:     


the results achieved and the progress made; the identified strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats; the lessons learned; and the recommendations and indicator proposals to redirect the actions and interventions to optimize the end results of the Plan. The results of the assessment validated QUESTIONS TO BE ADDRESSED

Questions to be addressed by the evaluation are as follows:  key questions to be addressed for the conduct of the mid-term review of the Plan as a whole;  questions targeting specific interventions funded either jointly by WAHO and other partners or solely by WAHO 4.1

Key Questions   

    

Did the implementation of the Strategic Plan take place as expected during the first 2 years? Did the results achieve the desired level of each priority program of the Plan? Were human resources, material and financial resources mobilized adequately and for the implementation of the Strategic Plan during the first 2 years? In what way have they contributed to the achievement of results? Were operational principles of sustainable partnership and the principles of intervention of WAHO complied with and did they contribute to the achievement of results? Were implemented actions and interventions appropriate to address some of the principle health problems of the West African region? What are the identified strengths that facilitated the implementation of the plan? What are the identified weaknesses that have hampered the implementation of the plan? What are the opportunities to support future implementation of the plan? What are some of the threat to be mindful of that could affect the implementation of the plan?

TOR for the mid term evaluation of the WAHO second strategic plan 2009-2013

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Specific questions

It addresses specific interventions listed above     

 


Were resources adequately mobilized and made available by each party to implement joint activities? Did each party contribute to make information available? Did each intervention yield a satisfactory level of result? Did the mechanisms in place allow for ensuring the viability and sustainability of these interventions? Will these interventions contribute, after the implementation of the plan, to make a significant improvement in the harmonisation of health policies and health systems of ECOWAS Member States? What are the strengths, weaknesses and constraints that occurred in the process of financing interventions by each party? What are the key lessons learned that could be used in order to optimize results at the end of the implementation of the plan? APPROACH AND METHODS OF EVALUATION

This mid-term review will be conducted by two consultants who will work as a team and submit their technical and financial offers jointly. The offer will be selected applying WAHO procedures. These consultants will be assisted by the monitoring and evaluation committee and by technical partners and representatives of ECOWAS countries if required. Their tasks will be to:    


Review documents and reports developed for the implementation of the plan; Conduct interviews with actors involved in implementing and financing interventions; Conduct interviews with beneficiaries of the plan, including representatives of the 15 ECOWAS Member States; and Analyse available data to produce the necessary information. Types of data to be collected for analysis and report writing

- The quantitative and qualitative data to be collected will be both primary and secondary 5.2

Potential sources of data and information collection - Country Liaison Officers; - Progammes Committee Members; - Those benefiting support from WAHO:  The Ministries of Health of ECOWAS  National and regional organizations involved in the area of health who have received support from WAHO - Partners - Strategic Plan - Operational Plan

TOR for the mid term evaluation of the WAHO second strategic plan 2009-2013

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- Report on the implementation of programs - Director Generals annual reports - Financial reports 6.



Consultants Tasks and Responsibilities        


To propose an implementation plan for the evaluation mission. This plan shall be validated by WAHO; To propose questionnaires based on the questions raised by the evaluation; To collect, compile and analyse primary and secondary data To present a draft evaluation report to WAHO for comments; To present the conclusions of the evaluation to stakeholders including (WAHO staff and partners involved in financing and implementing the Plan); To draft the report of the consultation mission; To finalise the evaluation report; and To draft and submit to WAHO a mission report. Timetable for implementation of the evaluation

Tasks 1. Preparatory step of the evaluation Drafting and Publication of Evaluation TORs Collection of submissions (CV and technical offers) Selection of consultants Information to the selected team and signing of contract Finalisation and validation of proposals (technical and financial) Elaboration of the contract Signing of the contract by selected consultants 2. Implementation of the evaluation Data and information collection Data Compilation and analysis Drafting of the preliminary report of the evaluation Presentation of the preliminary results of the evaluation Presentation of final report Submission of Final report

Schedule April May June July

Persons in charge August PO Monitoring and Evaluation PO Monitoring and Evaluation Tender Committee of WAHO PO Monitoring and Evaluation

Consultants Consultants Consultants Consultants Consultants Consultants

TOR for the mid term evaluation of the WAHO second strategic plan 2009-2013

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Duration of Consultation

The maximum duration of the consultation is 45 to 60 days. 6.4


The consultancy mission will be financed by WAHO. The consultants will be paid ECOWAS rates honorarium and Per Diem as necessary. Transportation costs will be borne by WAHO for travels in the countries to be identified for data collection and the work sessions at the headquarters during the consultation process. 7.


      


A post graduate degree in social or medical sciences or have equivalent training or experience of at least five years in planning, monitoring and evaluation or more specifically in result-based management or health economics; Expertise in the field of monitoring and evaluation of the health sector. Minimum of 5 years of proven professional experience in the field of monitoring and evaluation; A good knowledge of the health systems of ECOWAS Member States; Must have taken part at least 3 times in the process of evaluating a project or strategic plan in the field of health; Excellent analytical skills for synthesis and preparation of evaluation reports; Fluency in one of the three official ECOWAS languages (French, English, and Portuguese) and a working knowledge of any of the other two; and Good IT skills for word processing and data analysis; DOCUMENTS TO BE SUBMITTED

Detailed CV;

Technical and financial offers which specify an objective duration of the mission

Interested persons are urged to submit their technical and financial offer along with their CV to WAHO’s Director General using the following addresses: West African Health Organisation 175 Avenue Dr Ouezzin Coulibaly 01 BP 153 Bobo-Dioulasso 01  Email:  [email protected][email protected] DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION: The deadline for submission is May 30, 2011. Only those selected will be contacted by email.

TOR for the mid term evaluation of the WAHO second strategic plan 2009-2013

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APPENDIX 1 PROGRAMS OF THE STRATEGIC PLAN 1. Coordination and harmonization of policies; 2. Health Information ; 3. Development of research; 4. Promotion and Dissemination of best practices; 5. Human Resource Development in Health; 6. Medicines and vaccines; 7. Traditional Medicine; 8. Diversification of health financing mechanisms; 9. WAHO Institutional Development; 10. Monitoring and evaluation of the 2009-2013 Strategic Plan

EXPECTED OUTCOMES 1. Expected outcome 1: Appropriate sub regional health policies, standards and legislations are developed, harmonized, adopted and implemented by Member States. 2. Expected outcome 2: The health situation in the sub region is regularly published for effective response and policy change. 3. Expected outcome 3: An ECOWAS network of researchers established and operational and centres for excellence promoted. 4. Expected Outcome 4: Best practices for prevention and treatment of major diseases recorded, disseminated and adopted by Member States and healthy behaviours promoted. 5. Expected Outcome 5: Trained and motivated Health workers more available in the ECOWAS region. 6. Expected Outcome 6: Essential medicines and vaccines and other quality health products are available and accessible to the people. 7. Expected Outcome 7: Harmonized Policies and legislation on traditional medicine are implemented in Member States. 8. Expected Outcome 8: Mechanisms for sustainable financing of health identified and adopted. 9. Expected Outcome 9 : WAHO’s capacity is strengthened. 10. Expected Outcome 10: The strategic plan is effectively implemented. TOR for the mid term evaluation of the WAHO second strategic plan 2009-2013

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TOR for the mid term evaluation of the WAHO second strategic plan 2009-2013

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