2012 – 2013 Staff Trisha Athoe, Stress Technician Jen Beaudry, Data Entry and Expeditor Anita Fiorentino, AED CPR Lead Instructor Jo-Anne Gale, Offic...
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2012 – 2013 Staff Trisha Athoe, Stress Technician Jen Beaudry, Data Entry and Expeditor Anita Fiorentino, AED CPR Lead Instructor Jo-Anne Gale, Office Manager Don Gibson, NP-PHC Kiersten Hay, Summer Intern Chris Haynes, Graphic Artist Tim Jakob, Program Support

Angela Kelly, Nurse Health Coach Syed Masroor, Bookkeeper Nicole Orr, Sonographer Terra Pasco, Food For Life Instructor Joanna Polillo, Events Diane Pouliot, Sonographer Aaryn Secker, Social Media Karen Stearne, Executive Director Cherri Borg, Bingo Coordinator

Heart Niagara contracts over 30 independent health professionals, CPR, First Aid, and AED instructors to deliver health services, training, workplace wellness and the Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) placement program.


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OLSEN-SOTTILE Insurance Brokers Inc. 4307 Queen St. Niagara Falls 905.357.2140

Unit #17-100 Fourth Ave. St. Catharines (Ridley Heights Plaza) 905.984.4266

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6453 Morrison St. (East of Dorchester Rd. West of Drummond Rd.) Niagara Falls

HEALTHY EATING MEANS A HEALTHY LIFE Enjoy A 2 Night Getaway! Sun To Thurs $99 Cdn Fri & Sat $119 Cdn Includes $30.00 Voucher For Restaurant! (Based On Availability & Excluding Holidays) Offer Expires April 2013 ���� ������� ������� ����� ����� ������� ������� ������ ������ ������ � ������������ ������������������ ��������������������������� ��������������

Our Accomplishments As a non-profit health care provider, Heart Niagara has provided cardiac health services, promotion and education throughout the Niagara Region for the last 35 years. A recognized architect of increased access to health services in Niagara, Heart Niagara has leveraged partnerships and built community assets and capacity without adding to provincial healthcare budgets. Our accomplishments have been made possible due in part to health professionals’ innovation, donor support, corporation in-kind, and municipal support.

• Heart Niagara cardiovascular research data is being presented nationally and internationally and has published in leading Medical Journals in cooperation with the Hospital for Sick Children. • Provided international attention to the Niagara region as early adopters and innovators of adolescent prevention strategies. • Strengthened the link to Sick Kids Hospital for Niagara children, youth and adolescents requiring follow-up on cardiovascular risk. • Annual heart disease risk assessment to over 4,000 adolescents within the school system

• Annual CPR and AED training to over 7,000 adolescents within the school system. • Strategic support in placing more that 300 defibrillators throughout the Niagara region • Key programming that provides data to support early detection of heart disease which is the key to lifelong heart health. • Heart Niagara has an epicenter for hundreds of volunteers; cardiac disease survivors, community members, students, physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, paramedics and other disciplines who support our continual growth.

Heart Niagara, a community based service oriented registered not-profit charitable corporation Heart Niagara empowers our community by providing children and adults with the education, training and tools necessary to take control of their heart health. (This is accomplished through a series of strategic partnerships.) Heart Niagara (1977) has a distinguished record of guiding advances in cardiac health education and services in the Niagara region that have yielded improvements in access to primary and secondary prevention programs.

cardiovascular health services, health promotion, and community development. Heart Niagara meets the mandate through collaboration with community partners and linkages in the Niagara Region.

Heart Niagara’s mandate demonstrates our commitment to provide community based

• In Canada, approximately two-thirds of total deaths are due to chronic diseases. In 2011,

Program Reach in the Niagara Region

• Chronic diseases including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancers and chronic respiratory diseases are the leading cause of death and disability worldwide.

Canada can expect to lose over 160,000 people from largely preventable chronic disease. • Chronic diseases are also a burden to our health care system; in 2000 (the most recent year for which data is available), chronic disease cost the Canadian economy approximately $188 billion. • At least 80% of premature heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes and 40% of cancer could be prevented through healthy diet, regular physical activity and avoidance of tobacco products

Heart Niagara’s success to date in Community Preparedness • Lead the way provincially with training in elementary and secondary schools • 2,500 11-13 year olds trained annually in CPR • 4,500 13-15 year olds trained annually in CPR and AED

Community Preparedness • CPR training • AED training and placement • First Aid Training

• Over 300 AED units registered through Heart Niagara in the Niagara region • Advocated for provincial AED registry • 34 AED units placed in secondary schools

Diagnostic Program • Echosonography • Stress testing • Holter Monitors • Loop Recorders • AMB Blood Pressure Monitors

• 1 AED unit placed in elementary school • 2,000 plus employees trained annually through PAD Program in Niagara

Healthy Heart Schools’ Program • CPR & AED Training • Family education • CV Risk assessment Health Professionals Education Healthy Daily Living Program • Cooking for a Healthier You • Food For Life • Smoke Cessation Counseling • HEART Project


Investigator Initiated Research Workplace Wellness • Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Clinics • Employee Investment Programs

Proud to Support Heart Niagara!

Chartered Accountant


S 4167 VICTORIA AVENUE Niagara Falls, Ont. PHONE 905-358-3281 1-800-263-4788 FAX 905-358-0384

20 Pine St. N., Studio A, Thorold, ON L2V 0A1 • Phone: 905.680.8085 • Fax: 905.680.7253 • [email protected]

4162 Portage Road Niagara Falls


Chippawa Lions Annual Carnival June 5 • 6 • 7 • 8

My First CHOLESTEROL CHECK as experienced by Ashley friends, and wait one by one as I get closer to the table. Finally its my turn. The first time I ever had my cholesterol checked was in grade 9 gym class. The teacher sent us all home with a form with many questions about our family history, nutrition and other things. I read through the front page, finger prick, was the only words I took in. It was kind of exciting; a day off class and you get to learn about your health a bit, but the finger prick... I left the form in my backpack that night, not telling my parents about it. Still unsure if I was willing to voluntarily get poked for blood. I thought about it some more as the day got closer. The teacher kept reminding us to bring in the form. Do I or don’t I. Finally I did; I brought it home, got it signed and filled in the questions. I was actually excited to know about my health. Mom and Dad said they don’t even know their cholesterol so I would be the first one in the family to know! The day finally comes. The feeling of excitement has been replaced with fear. I walk into the gym, my heart begins to pound, as I see the tables set up. They’re going to suck my blood, I think, a sense of fear swelling up in my body. For some reason I almost feel like crying and have to hold back tears. I line up with all my

“Sit down” they say. “This doesn’t hurt.” Whatever, I think squinting my eyes shut and tensing my whole body, ready for the needle to stab into my flesh. “That’s it. We’re done.” You open your eyes. It’s over. One small drop of blood sat in the little glass tube. I was kind of embarrassed for being so afraid. They told me to go sit in the row of chairs in front of the table to wait for my results. I see my friend behind me in the line. “Was it scary? Did it hurt?” they ask, the same terrified expression on their faces. “No, I wasn’t scared at all and it didn’t hurt.” I waited for my results when finally the nurse came over and talked to me, she told me my good and bad cholesterol were really good and I have nothing to worry about then she took me over to the blood pressure station where another nurse put a cuff on my arm and blew it up, I thought my arm was going to get cut off but she stopped it before it got too tight. I was told that my blood pressure was good too. I couldn’t wait to tell my parents, I was perfectly healthy.

I went behind some banners with pictures set up like a wall and they took my height and weight and measured around my waist, then it was all done. I got a piece of paper with all my results and went to go sit with my friends. We waited for the letter to come home in the mail for what seemed like forever. I was actually glad when I went through with it, it makes me feel good to know that I’m healthy.

Eventually the letter came. Addressed to my parents from Heart Niagara. We opened it up, it said just what the nurse said. I’m a very healthy fourteen year old. My mom wanted to get her cholesterol checked and I told her she had to since I did it. I made my dad go get this done too, even though he was scared to get it. It’s good to know you’re healthy and if you do have problems, its good to know them early so you can work on fixing them.

Prevent the Risk

Each year Heart Niagara works with Niagara Region elementary and secondary teachers to educate over 5,000 students on healthy choices and strategies to prevent heart disease as they grow up. The Healthy Heart Schools’ Program engages students, families and health care management of the health issues identified. New Pediatric Cardiovascular Risk Guidelines reinforce this approach and provide targets to achieve.

Grade 7

2011-2012 marked the eighth school year for the Grade 7 component of the Healthy Heart Schools’ Program. 1,444 grade seven students completed a family history questionnaire and participated in CPR Training.

Grade 9

The Grade 9 component of the Healthy Heart Schools’ Program has been in continuous operation since 1987. In the 2011-2012 school year over 3,500 students participated regionally. Of the students assessed, over 50% already have at least one risk factor for heart disease including 6% with high cholesterol, 7% for obesity, 5% for positive family history, 46% are not physically active enough, 2.5% smoke, and 1.8% have high blood pressure.


In the past year results from the Healthy Heart Schools’ Program have been published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine (NEJM) and the Journal of Hypertension. Publications are made possible by Heart Niagara’s data and outlined on the back page.

Heart Niagara appreciates your continued support.

The Healthy Heart Schools’ Program is made possible by the partnerships Heart Niagara has with Niagara school boards, community and corporate donations, nurse practitioner funding from the Ministry of Health, and, by research funding from the CIHR and Cardiovascular Clinical Research Unit at SickKids.

2012 – 2013 Heart Niagara Donors Frank Abbatiello Luigi Abbruscato Bryce Adams Frank Adamson James Addario Gerry Aguilar Angelo Albanese Sheron Albers Sandra Alderdice Rosaria Allegra Cheryl Allen Severino Amadio Sisto Amadio William Amadio Rachel Anderson Lucy Andreola Anne Angelone Charles Antal Mark Appel Ernie Arbour Dave Argenta Luigi Argenta Biagio Ariganello Angelo Armenti Joanne Armstrong Jim Arnold James Ashby Ralph Atack Jean Aubin Alfredo Aviles Cecile Ayers Neil Babbage Jenny Babbage Kenneth Bain Barbara Balcombe Guido Baldin Maria Baldinelli Joanne Barber Peter Barbisan Jim Barkman Linda Barkwill Louis Barnes Bill Baughn Murray Beange John Belair Rob Belchior Elda Bellon Roy Bennici William Benson Tom Berkhout Carmela Bertone John Beyer Nick Biamonte Sarah Biamonte Joyce Biggar Paolina Bignucolo Dominic Bilotta Vera Bilotta Alex Blair Erna Blasko Steve Blazina Rita Boldt Olga Bombassaro Lavinia Bonito Dean Bonsma Michael Booth Tracey Borisenko Michael Borowitz Dan Bortolin Aldo Bortolon Anthony Bottacin Joe Bottacin Joanne Botyanski Louis Bourdages Jim Boutilier William Bowes Randy Boyce Josie Boydell Ron Boyer Paul Bradford George Bradley James Bradley Peter Bradstreet Ann Louise Branscombe John Broderick Dr. Ian Brown Robert Brown Sam Brownell Sante Brusutti

Donelda Bunn Annaliese Burke Richard Burke Kevin Burr Dale Byers John Cahill Terrence Cahill Maria Caicco William Cain Debbie Caines Travis Cairns Eleanor Calvert Sharon Cameron Ivan Cammelli Dorina Campbell Jim Campbell Wayne Campbell John Campopiano Maria Campopiano Sam Campopiano Armando Canaria John Candeloro Antonio Caponcini Mario Caponcini Oliva Caponcini Liana Caracci Cardamone Family Larry Cardwell Maurina Carnevale Elda Caron Howard Carr Clyde Carruthers John Carter Angela Catalfamo Rocco Cavaliere Herb Cawthorn John Celentino Enrico Cenedese Valentino Cerasuolo Katherine Chamberlain Kimberley Chamberlain Norman Cherubini Dr. Donald Chew Cosimo Chiovitti Dack Chisholm Anna Chouinard Pat Cimato Salvatore Cirillo Darren Clark John Clark Maureen Clarke Mike Clarke Heather Climenhage Ann Coburn Gabriella Col Allan Cole Rose Collia Steven Collia Renate Colosimo John Comrie Frank Concessi Tommy Concetta Amedeo Condotta Nick Conidi Dr. Mike Connolly Roger Connor Glenn Cooke Sheila Corbiell Jamie Corfield Ken Corfield Frank Corrado Frank Cotroneo Vincent Cottone Wende Cournoyea Jennie Cristelli Pietro Cristiano Steven Crnko Gabie Crocco Henry Crocco George Cryderman William Culligan Bill Cummings John Cunnane Edda Cupolo Terry Czerlau Lorraine Dahse Jean Dal Bello Catherine Dalgleish Jean Dalicandro

Ugo Dalla Pasqua Maisie Dalzell Albert D’Amico Barbara D’Amico Dan D’Amico Lorenzo D’Amico Paul D’Amico Angelo Damore Mary Danylko Dr. Dan Dargavel Tom Darney Bruce Davyes Gaetano De Benedetti Frank De Blasis Onesta De Blasis Rosanna De Luca Andy De Marchi Dr. David Dec Christine DeFazioScott Giulio DeGiuli Nik DeGiuli Pietro DeGiuli Assunta DeGuida Frank Del Monaco Helen Delaney Armand DelBusso Sam D’elia Enrico Della Pasqua Gail Delotis Emilio DeLuca Felix DeLuca Marisa DeLuca Sandra DeLuca Rosa Delvecchio Albert Demizio Carmen Demizio Lena DePasquale Mike Deprez Frances DeRose Elena DeSantis Bob Desilets Mary Desilets Carmella Desjardins Ryan Desson Letitia Di Bellonia Alex Di Pietro Dino DiCienzo Archie Dickey Mira Dilonardo Glenn Dilts Rene Dionne Tony DiPaola Bruno DiRienzo Dr. Stafford Dobbin Vic Dopke Susan Dorion Glen Dow Bernadette Dowd Michael Dowd Larry Downes Maureen Draper Sarah Draper Jim Drummond Elizabeth Dubas Elizabeth Dunham Brett Dunlop John Dunn Anna Durante Ann Dwyer Angelino Elia Assunta Elia Domenic Elia Bob Elkins Viviane Elltoft Nick Emanuele Bill English Susan English JR Enns Max Epp Jon Ernest Ken Fansolato Ralph Farisco David Fast Doug Fast Jake Fast Paul Fast Jo-Anna Fawcett Giovanni Fenuta Miree Feren

Mary Ferencich Brian Ferguson Jim Ferraro Phil Ferraro David Ferren Peter Ferren Mary Ferro Vince Ferro Helen Fessler S. Findlater Anthony Fiore Frank Fiore Anita Fiorentino Don Firby Fred Fisher Marguerite Fisher Fran Fitzsimmons Paul Flachs Greg Foley Kelly Foote Luigi Forgione Mario Forlin Mary Forrester Peter Fortura Marian Foti John Franklin Michael Franklin Don French Ron French Stewart Frerotte Ernst Frey Mary Froment Catherine Frucci Nancy Frucci Joanne Frucci-Mergl Frances Fuccillio Pat Futino Susan Gagne Diane Gagne Stewart Jessica Gale-Friessen William Gall Brent Gallaugher Mary Galotta Dennis Garvie Lynne Garvie Theah Gavenn Evelyn Gavin Bobby Gear Arduino Gemin Ron Gemin Lucia Gentilcore Sue Gerow Gino Giallonardo I Giallonardo Rocco Giammarco Luigi Giancola Don Gibson Mary Ellen Gibson Lou Anne Gibson Carolyn Giganti George Gignac Mark Gignac Dr. Gurpreet Gill Talia Gillan John Gillard Pasquale Giovinazzo Adam Girdlestone John Girdlestone Joe Girodat Don Girotti Dorita Giroux Betty Ann Giusti Michael Glazier Jeremy Gleeson Peter Gleeson Keith Good Rene Goupil Larry Graber Veronica Grant Guy Gray Edward Grgurich David Grimo John Grimo Carlo Grossi Rose Guarasci Sandy Guarasci Pietro Guerin Dr. Roxan Guise Henry Guise G. Gulla

“I am proud to support Heart Niagara! Heart Niagara’s research is providing earlier diagnosis, and developing leading-edge treatments and world-class prevention strategies.” Dr. John Palmer 5679 Main Street Niagara Falls, ON L2G 5Z3 905 356-0434

My staff and I look forward to serving you. Constituency: 60 King Street Unit 102 Welland, ON L3B 6A4 Tel: 905-788-2204 50 Chapel St. South Thorold (Open Tuesdays)

92 Charlotte Street Port Colborne, ON L3K 3E1 Tel: 905-834-3629 Parliament Hill House of Commons Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6 Tel: 613-995-0988 Fax: 613-995-5245 [email protected]

Malcolm Allen M.P. WELLAND


Shael Gwartz Anita Halaiko Norma Hanes Lori Harper Deniece Harrott Paul Hartman Fred Harvie Roy Hatt Edward Helinski Mary Hendry Maureen Henry Randy Herkimer Luzian Herrmann Derek Hicks Norma Higgs Nancy Hodgson John Hoeller Bob Holder Vicki Hollett Jennifer Holloway Alex Hopkins Don Horth Jerry Horth Ludger Horth Norm Horth Sheila Hosking Catherine Howell Heather Howell Bob Hoxie Aloide Hrycusko Bradley Hubbard Ken Hubley Brian Hughes Craig Hughes Art Hughston Mike Humemiuk David Hurren Garth Hutcheon Chris Hylands Phil Hysenaj Angelina Iamonaco Marcello Iamonaco Kevin Iggulden John Ikola Glenna Ingold Peter Ireland Peter Irvine Rhoda Irvine Joe Iuliano Margaret Jackson Karin Jahnke-Haslam Irene & Emily Jakop Veda Jamestee John Jane Gary Janssen William Janssen Paisley Janvary-Pool Mike Jasnich Shelley Jobson Ross Johnson Danny Johnston Larry Jones Adam Joon Guy Judd Ken Judd Alyson Kaczanowski Dr. Marc Kalchman Rosemarie Kall June Katolinsky Thomas Keep Angela Kelly Denise Kelly Greg Kelly Kevin Kelly Kimberly Kelly Anne Kemp Geneva Kennedy Paul Kent D. Keramovic Dr. Say Khounborind Cheryl Kim Craig Kindt Joseph Kindt Jim Kirchner Linda Kirk-Boyer Sam Kitson Ann Kneale Shawn Koabel Judy Koczula Anthony Koluk

Tony Koluk Lou Kozic Frank Krahn Dr. Mel Krass Doug Krause Patricia Krawec Linda Kremer Charles Kroy Marianne Krutasky Walter Kubiski E. Kuczera Joanne Laforest Stan Lalak Julie Lalonde Michael Lambert Gord Lance Peter Lanni Jim Larsen Tim Laslo Jim Lawrence Emilien Lebrasseur Don Lefebvre Elizabeth Leger Dave Leighton Steve Leistner Louis Lemire Maureen Lemire Leopold Lessard Sandra Lethby Ron Letourneau Chris Lewie Stan Libera Vince Limone Mary Catherine Lindberg Steve Lipinski Mary Lisi Theresa Lococo Don Lombardi Mike Lombardi Ken Loney Angelo Long Robert Long Thomas Longo Gerald Longval Brigitte Losier Kathleen Lostracco Tom Louden Judith Lowe Luca Family Andrew Lucchetta Silvano Lucchetta Ugo Lucchetta Ron Luchkanyn Ted Luciani Al Luciano Dr. Julie K. Lum Bob Lymburner Michael Lyver Don MacKenzie Sandra MacKenzie Caryn MacKey Ernie MacKey Gale MacKinnon Judy MacLeod Jim MacMarlane Bo Macri Demetrio Macri Susan Magliaro Carol Maidens Alex Mainella Pat Mallaley Joe Mancini Mary Mancuso Julia Mangiacasale Joseph Mango Doug Mann Douglas Mann Paul Mann Susan Mannella Cynthia Manningham Victor Mantler Brian Marchese Maria Marcone Michelle Marinelli John Markel Rose Maroni Jim Marshall Cirillo Martignago Lina Martignago

Angela Martin Brian Martin Fred Martin Albert Martinelli Mike Martino Luigino Maruca Kenneth Mason Syed Masroor Margaret Mastria John Mataya Diana Mateka Margaret Mateyk Bob Matthews Joe Matthews Linda Matthews Mary Matthews Charles Maxfield Gary Mayer Edythe McAndrew Dalton McArthur Marussia McAuley Roy McCrea Brad McDonald Roderick McDowell Sally McGarr Dennis McInnis Dylan McInnis Ryan McInnis Mike McLaughlin Mary McLellan Joe McMahon Ross McMaster Dr. Iian McMichen Doug McNeil Penny McPhee Chris McQueen Edwin McRae Lorenzo Medico David Meehan Angelo Melaragni Joanna Mellish Cosmo Menechella Mario Menechella Frank Mergl Frances Mestek Iolanda Mete Steve Michal George Michalko Julie Michalko Rodney Michalko John Michelini Herbert Michitsch Norma Miglioranza Tony Milani Ron Milde David Miller Barry Millin Alexandra Mills F. Mingle Tom Mingle Vince Minicucci Paul Misner Stella Misurka Anthony Mitchell Joseph Moll Nancy Molnar Cathy Monatta Louis Montagano George Moore Thomas Moore Margaret Morandin Maria Moretton Tony Morganelli Dr. Jason Morin Maria Morinello Leno Moro Pete Morris George Morrison Morrison Family Frank Mortensen Brian Mulligan Dr. Doug Munkley Francesco Muraca James Muraca Mario Muraco Mary Muraco Annie Murphy Ken Murphy Maureen Murphy Nick Murphy

Paul Murphy Winifred Murphy Donna Murray Leo Murray John Mussari Margo Mussari John Nagy Umberto Nardangeli Victoria Nawrot Derrick Naylor Wayne Nelson Felice Nero Mr. & Mrs. Ness William Nichols Garbriel Nicolaides Jim Nicolaides Antonio Nicoletta Gary Niven Barry O’Connor Edward O’Connor George O’Dair John O’Donoghue Terry O’Farrell David O’Laughlin Gary O’Neill Helen Ogilvie Victor Olivieri Diane Olsen Joshua Oort Angus Orford Alexander Orsini Anna Orsini Joanne Orsini Felice Pagano Anna Page Patty Palermo Dr. John T. Palmer Janie Palmer Dr. Patrick Pang Santo Paolo Lou Paonessa Rose Paonessa John Parisi John Paroschy Victoria Parr Mike Pasco Terra Pasco Tina Passero Greg Paterson Peter Paterson John Pathy Pat Patterson Rachel Patterson Tony Pavelich Leanne Pemberton Janet Penny Rod Perrier Pat Perrotta Doreen Perry Sean Perry Mike Peso David Peters Rita Peters Frank Petric Anthony Petrucci Peter Petrucci Helen Petrullo Carl Pettay Al Petti Chuck Philip Tony Pica Camillo Piccoli Jenny Pichelli Rosanna Pickett Jean Pierce Wilma Pierson Gloria Pietroban Lorraine Pietrobon Guido Pietroiusti Alexander Pijl Eugene Pilato Aimee Pinder Edward Pintar Enio Pirillo Domenico Piscioner Nick Plati Ian Po Rick Podrebaric Romie Poirier Andrea Polluck

February is Heart Month and St. John Ambulance wants to make sure you know what to do.

This Heart Month Show You Care by Getting Trained in CPR & AED

St. John Ambulance Niagara Falls Branch

Knowing how to perform CPR or AED can help you save a life.

St John Ambulance Training can make it possible!

Call 905-356-7340

[email protected] •

Kim Craitor, MPP Niagara Falls Serving the riding of Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the-Lake and Fort Erie Kim Craitor, MPP (905) 357-0681 [email protected]

2012 – 2013 Heart Niagara Donors Mary Pooli Pasquale Porco Mark Porretta Gary Possler Bill Potton Debbie Pozzobon Fortunato Pozzobon Marcelio Pozzobon Joseph Prest David Pretty James Printy Mike Pusnik Edith Pyle Maurice Pyper Art Quaranto Lyle Racey Tim Racey Jeff Ralston Dan Rancourt Lorraine Randall Janice Rauccio Matt Reed Joe Remollino Mike Repa Mary Richard Corey Richardson Kathy Richardson

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To live in hearts we leave behind…is not to die ~Thomas Campbell, Hallowed Ground


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We are proud to support Heart Niagara.

Congratulations to the winner of this year’s CIBPA Niagara Awards of Excellence

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would like to take this opportunity to thank Heart Niagara for their efforts in the promotion of healthy living through the many educational and support programs they offer to residents of all ages in our community.