Spiritual Care Education informing the Practice of Healthcare Staff

Spiritual Care Education informing the Practice of Healthcare Staff Suzanne Bunniss Free Powerpoint Templates Introductions Free Powerpoint Templa...
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Spiritual Care Education informing the Practice of Healthcare Staff Suzanne Bunniss

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The Quality Strategy (2010) • • • • • • •

putting people at the heart of NHS Scotland listen to peoples' views their perceptions and personal experience the values of the people working providing advice compassionately and reliably making the right thing easier to do quality of care that patients, their families and carers and those providing healthcare services see as really important Free Powerpoint Templates

‘a dialogue between immediacy and eternity’ (McPhail et al, 2004 )

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How will we become more and more the people we hope to be? How will we become wiser in the ways of the Spirit? Free Powerpoint Templates

Spiritual Care Education

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How does learning happen? • Experiential • Evolving • Implicit – The Unknown Becomes the Known, 2010

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Spiritual Care Education • Researching the impact of spiritual care education on the professional practice of healthcare staff

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Educational experiments • 3 half day workshops: generating action plans to increase spiritual awareness in the workplace (47) • 3 seminar based staff study days (57) • Development and use of e-learning ‘Glider’ (30)

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Staff participants: 134 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Physiotherapists Occupational therapists Nursing staff Medical staff Healthcare students Patient representatives Mental health professionals Podiatry Smoking cessation staff Speech & Language Therapists Spiritual Care volunteers Radiology Dietetics Palliative Care specialists Free Powerpoint Templates Midwifery

Spiritual Care Education 1. Translates ‘holistic care' and ‘spiritual wellbeing’ into practical actions with patients and between staff 2. Increases staff confidence with ‘new/stronger sense of self as a spiritual care provider’ 3. Generates more frequent, focused referrals that target expertise more effectively at patient needs Free Powerpoint Templates

4. Provides language and critical understanding of the boundaries of personal and professional beliefs 5. Creates sharing of knowledge and practice across new professional boundaries 6. Resonates with staff values and issues of morale, motivation, sense of purpose and stress 7. Creates peer educators in spiritual care Free Powerpoint Templates

Participant Feedback


‘Confident or very confident’ Before


I understand the meaning of the concept spirituality



I am confident in providing spiritual care



I know when to refer patients to a specialist service related to spiritual care/religious care



I use strategies to look after myself and my own spirituality



Spiritual care is our way of meeting those deep and often unexpressed human needs which affect a person's over all sense of health and well being, but which are not met by medication, surgery or other traditional therapeutic procedures. Spiritual care addresses those concerns that are at the core of human identity such as self worth, belonging, meaning, purpose…good spiritual care in a personal and a work context affirms and encourages the other and helps them to identify seeds of hope in their situation. (Staff participant post-education feedback) Free Powerpoint Templates

Dialogic models of education (Friere) • Having a voice (or a way) to speak and be heard and understood in relation to what matters most to you • The word itself is creative, it generates life. • Questions as a way to re-humanize, reawaken, heal and transform

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You grieve you learn, you choke you learn You laugh you learn, you choose you learn You pray you learn, you ask you learn You live you learn. (Alanis Morissette)

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