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South Australia investing in innovation Opportunities for partnering and investment South Australia Technology Precinct The state’s capital, Adelai...
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South Australia investing in innovation

Opportunities for partnering and investment South Australia

Technology Precinct

The state’s capital, Adelaide, is one of the world’s most liveable cities and a doorway to the growing Asian economy, and together with its highly skilled workforce, this makes Adelaide an attractive investment destination.

Over 60 advanced technology companies are located at South Australia’s Thebarton Technology Precinct. More than 30 of these are in the life sciences sector and are engaged in R&D, advanced manufacturing and exports. The Precinct is also home to two BioSA Business Incubators.

With high growth businesses in sectors such as advanced manufacturing, medical devices and pharmaceuticals, South Australian technology companies export a range of high value products to global markets. Many innovative products have been developed in South Australia, such as the burner systems used in the Olympic torches and the leading micro pipettes for IVF used by fertility clinics worldwide. South Australia’s three universities continue to provide a world class research pipeline for industries in areas such as oncology, wine innovation, plant genomics, wound management, reproductive medicine and photonics.

The Thebarton Precinct represents one of the largest high-technology business clusters in Australia and is strategically located in close proximity to the new Royal Adelaide Hospital and the SA Health and Medical Research Institute. This co-location is unique to Australia and serves as a pillar for progressing health and technology advancements for the nation’s future.

BioSA – accelerating technology growth and investment BioSA facilitates growth of the high tech industry with a focus on business start-ups and bringing innovative technologies to global markets. We deliver industry assistance through: •

access to funding including grants, venture capital and other finance

infrastructure support through two business incubators and land for new facilities

business development, marketing assistance and access to international networks


AbRegen Pty Ltd is a preclinical stage biotechnology company that specialises in the development of antibody-based therapeutics for tissue repair applications. The company owns a broad intellectual property portfolio related to the modulation of a novel drug target (Flightless I) that is a key regulator of cell growth and migration.

Flightless I expression by squamous cell carcinoma keratinocytes in a 3D organotypic model of tumour invasion

Contact E: [email protected]

AbRegen’s current development program is focused on an antibody-based treatment for a group of inherited genetic disorders characterised by fragility of the skin and recurrent blister formation (epidermolysis bullosa). With preclinical studies demonstrating that this treatment is able to promote rapid and sustained healing of skin blisters and increase skin strength, AbRegen is now aiming to take a topical antibody-based formulation through to Phase 2 clinical trials. AbRegen is seeking investment capital from interested parties to pursue its product development program.

Biosensis Pty Ltd is a specialist life sciences reagent company with a strong catalogue of antibody-based products for use in the study of all aspects of applied and translational research, but with a particular strength in neuroscience. The company’s Rapid™ range of ELISA kits has achieved significant market penetration due to the simple and fast performance of the kits with consistent and reliable results. These kits can also be provided as CE-marked for diagnostic use.

Biosensis’s Rapid™ ELISA kit

Biosensis is seeking licensing and co-developer partnerships, particularly in moving the Rapid™ ELISA kits onto complementary assay platforms.

Contact E: [email protected]

Ceridia Pty Ltd is a pharmaceutical drug (re-)formulation company dedicated to dry powder formulations for poorly soluble drugs/BCS II. The proprietary LipoCeramic™ formulation technology enhances the bioavailability of therapeutic compounds and thereby creates superior performance characteristics. Drug delivery technologies such as Ceridia’s are used to enhance product lifecycle management for pharmaceutical companies through added intellectual property, prolonged exclusivity, improved clinical profile and repositioning to achieve improved clinical outcomes for patients. The LipoCeramic™ technology is protected by a broad patent profile and offers improved pharmacokinetic features that are of commercial interest to global pharmaceutical companies. Ceridia is seeking partnerships with pharma and biotech companies to develop novel drug formulations and to reposition/reformulate existing drugs through clinical milestones. Contact E: [email protected]

Ceridia have the technology to reformulate pharmaceuticals to dry powder for poorly soluble drugs

GeneWorks Pty Ltd is a quality-certified genomics technology supplier to the bio-research community. Founded in 1996, GeneWorks’ core business includes custom manufacture of synthetic DNA (oligonucleotides), provision of custom genetic analysis services, and sale of innovative products from overseas technology suppliers. GeneWorks attained ISO 9001:2008 certification in 2005. In 2013, GeneWorks became the first organisation in the Asia-Pacific region to become a Sequenom Certified Service Provider. This program is a network of laboratories certified by Sequenom to provide the highest quality MassARRAY-based genotyping services.

GeneWorks provides a range of customised molecular biology services.

Contact E: [email protected]

GroPep Bioreagents Pty Ltd manufactures and sells growth factors, antibodies and related proteins to university, institutional and industrial researchers. Its products are used in research in the areas of cancer, diabetes and obesity as well as in clinical diagnostics. GroPep Bioreagents differentiates itself from other reagent manufacturers through its strong scientific and technical support of its products. Its range extends to over 100 products, some of which are unique, marketed worldwide through its specialised network of distributors.

GeneWorks is interested in developing relationships with suppliers and service providers who seek representation in its market. Image of IGF-1 IHC mouse kidney

GeneWorks can also be contracted to supply specialised, customised molecular biology services.

Contact E: [email protected]

GroPep Bioreagents is committed to expanding its current product range and seeks opportunities to partner, inlicence or co-develop potential new products.

BioSA Business Incubator & Conference Centre | Home of Abregen, Biosensis, GroPep, MedDev SA Alliance, RHS and Ziltek


Reproductive Health Science (RHS) Ltd is a developer of sophisticated novel molecular tools for amplifying DNA and determining the genetic contents of a single cell.

TGR Biosciences Pty Ltd is a specialist immunoassay technology development and assay kit manufacturing company.

Published clinical studies have shown that a primary reason for IVF failure is the embryo having the wrong number of chromosomes, which is known as aneuploidy.

Its flagship product, SureFire®, caters for high throughput analysis of phosphoproteins using a no-wash, bead-based technology. More recently, TGR has developed CaptSure™, a new platform for development of rapid immunoassays, whether they be for ELISA, bead-based assays, fluidic platforms, or lateral flow devices.

RHS has developed a kit to improve IVF success rates

Contact E: [email protected]

One of the most significant recent advances to improve IVF success rates has been the introduction of advanced Pre-implantation Genetic Screening (PGS), where embryos are screened to determine whether they have the correct number of chromosomes before being selected for IVF transfer. RHS’s first product, EmbryoCellect™, is a kit to screen for aneuploidy in IVF embryos. This kit was launched in July 2014.

Key outcomes of TGR’s technologies are greatly improved simplicity of assays, plus significant reductions in manufacturing costs. These attributes contribute to advantages for both the user as well as the manufacturer. TGR’s technologies are available for collaboration, partnering and licensing in both the Research sector as well as Diagnostic market segments. These include clinical applications, veterinary, and agricultural markets. The company can provide assay development expertise to partners, as well as aspects of product validation, up to full product manufacture.

Contact E: [email protected]

TGR’s flagship product, SureFire®

Vaxine Pty Ltd develops and markets innovative human and veterinary vaccine solutions. Its innovative first-in-class Advax™ delta inulin vaccine adjuvant technology developed with funding from the US National Institute of Health uniquely combines high potency with exceptional tolerability. Novel vaccines based on Advax™ are in human trials across a range of indications including influenza, hepatitis B and various allergies. Vaxine is seeking commercialisation and licensing partners to help take its novel vaccine technologies to global markets.

AdvaxTM delta inulin vaccine adjuvant

Contact E: [email protected]

Vaxine specialise in the development of innovative human and veterinary vaccine solutions.

Food & Beverage

Coolsan Australia Pty Ltd develops continuous sanitation solutions for use in the food manufacturing, hospitality and allied industries. Coolsan’s first product to market, ChillSafe™, is a cost-effective sanitation solution for the reduction of bacteria, odours, moulds and yeasts in commercial cool rooms, refrigerated storage, transit and shipping containers. It is easy to install, does not require electricity and has no moving parts, making it ideal for FDC systems, cool rooms and storage/transit units. Coolsan Australia is seeking to partner with large food transport and processing/retail businesses for efficiency studies across a complete supply chain and is open to enquiries regarding partnerships with distribution organisations for ChillSafe™. Contact E: [email protected]

ChillSafe™ Coolsan’s cost-effective sanitation solution

Adelaide is one of the world’s most livable cities

Clinical Trials

Adelaide Clinical Research (ACR) is an academic research organisation within the South Australian Health & Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI). Established over 30 years ago, ACR offers a complete research service with respected academic thought leadership. ACR has the ability to translate Phase 1 to Phase 4 research questions into scientific publications and offers specialised project and site management as well as monitoring and education services, ranging from international pharmaceutical trials to local investigator-led clinical trials. ACR provides a network of established relationships with sites to conduct studies throughout Australia and New Zealand. SAHMRI is also able to offer pre-clinical research facilities, data management, statistical analysis, protocol writing and imaging core-labs. Contact E: [email protected] Adelaide Clinical Research trials – Located within the SAHMRI

The Pain and Anaesthesia Research Clinic (PARC) at The University of Adelaide has extensive experience in conducting clinical trials in a broad range of therapeutic areas across various phases of development. Having worked with many global pharmaceutical companies as well as smaller biotechs, PARC, with its focus on managing the needs of a small number of individual clients at any given time, is renowned for high-quality work, rapid study start up, comprehensive subject recruitment, and punctual study completion. The dedicated eight-bed clinic has a range of diagnostic resources, access to hospital clinicians and services, and is staffed by highly experienced clinical coordinators, all of which enable PARC to offer 24/7 intensive monitoring for the most demanding studies. PARC invite contact from pharma and biotech companies to discuss their clinical requirements. Contact E: [email protected]

PARC’s 24/7 clinic enables intensive monitoring for demanding studies

IDT CMAX is seeking pharmaceutical companies looking to fast-track products through all stages of development, from R&D through to clinical trials.

CPR Pharma Services Pty Ltd offers specialised drug development support services for international pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

The company specialises in developing & manufacturing complex, highly potent drugs, beta-lactam antibiotics & cytotoxic products, as well as running clinical trials at CMAX, Australia’s largest and most experienced clinical trials unit.

CPR is the only contract research organisation in Australia to offer a full suite of in-house services ranging from clinical project management and monitoring, data services (EMA inspected), pharmacokinetics, statistics and report writing, through to bioanalytical services including small and large molecule studies using LC/MS/MS (FDA inspected) and immunoassay techniques. CPR laboratories are recognised by NATA as operating to international GLP standards.

CMAX can help customers to fast-track their products into clinical trials as well as aid in accessing national tax incentives and cash rebate programs, allowing customers to achieve more from allocated funding.

Contact E: [email protected]

CPR’s Fast2PhaseOne service enables partners in the Asia Pacific region to make a fast “Go / No Go” decision for their first-in-human trials thanks to Australia’s regulatory advantages. Client feedback and repeat business confirms that the quality of CPR’s work is internationally competitive and offers a high-calibre, cost-effective alternative to contract research in Europe and the US.

Australia’s largest and most experienced clinical trials unit

Contact E: [email protected]

International GLP operating laboratories

BioSA Tech Hub | Home of Austofix, CPR and GeneWorks

Medical Devices / Technology

Austofix is engaged in the development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative orthopaedic implants for both the domestic and international markets. Austofix holds ISO 13485 accreditation and CE approval through both the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and British Standards Institute (BSI) for a range of Class I to Class III medical devices.

Expertise in engineering design and development, a complete advanced manufacturing capability, combined with extensive knowledge of regulatory approval and project management, and a growing list of successfully delivered projects, enables Ellex Precise to provide practical, hands-on support to help clients bring new products to market.

Austofix has recently engaged a new business model moving away from traditional manufacturing to partnering with other Australian businesses, allowing Austofix to concentrate on developing intellectual property in advanced orthopaedic trauma and related products. Austofix also specialises in regulatory affairs, cleaning, packaging and sterilising through a state of the art facility at the Tech Hub within the Thebarton Technology Precinct. Austofix continually looks to partner with distribution organisations to promote its quality and cost-competitive products internationally. Austofix is also looking to assist medical companies wishing to utilise Australian packaging & sterilisation facilities and its expert knowledge of the stringent regulatory framework. Contact E: [email protected]

The Tech Hub facility specialises in regulatory affairs, cleaning, packaging and sterilising their orthopaedic products.

Ellex Precise assists companies to launch products into the market

Contact E: [email protected]

Ellex Precise is a joint venture between the Precise Advanced Manufacturing Group and Ellex Medical, an optical laser specialist, to drive the commercial development of innovative medical technologies and devices in Australia. Ellex Precise offers a one stop shop to support the development of medical technologies and devices from concept development though to market launch and ongoing product supply.

Jackson Care Technologies Pty Ltd has developed the POE 4000 System, a full IP-based Nurse Call System which revolutionises the Hospital and Health Care sector through its Cloud-Based Nurse Call Management System (NuCaMS), enabling the management of more than 300 sites through its unique Global Server architecture. An easy integration of third party interfaces such as Fire Security and Building Management Systems amongst others can be achieved with NuCaMS, providing a high customisation to meet clients’ needs and infrastructure. JCT researches, designs, develops, manufactures, licenses and markets a wide range of innovative nurse call products (call points, IP talkback points, LED displays etc.) and has been doing this for the last 12 years, pushing technology to its edge while pertaining robustness, simplicity, usability and aesthetics. JCT is looking for channel partners with strong distribution networks to expand its market reach within Australia and overseas and to collaborate with market leaders continuing to innovate and revolutionise the Health Care sector.

JCT’s P0E 4000 IP Nurse Call System

Contact E: [email protected]

LBT Innovations Ltd is an ASX-listed company developing clinical and diagnostic technology. The company has two breakthrough products in microbiology automation: PREVI® Isola, which provides automation of culture plate streaking; and APAS®, a breakthrough in automated culture plate reading, interpretation and reporting. LBT also has a third product in development – a proposed automation solution to assist in the management of chronic wounds. LBT has an exclusive global licence agreement with French diagnostics company bioMérieux to manufacture and market PREVI® Isola, which has been installed in clinical laboratories around the world. LBT’s APAS® technology is based upon LBT’s innovative intelligent image interpretation platform and specifically addresses the automated imaging, analysis and interpretation of culture plates following incubation. LBT has entered into a joint venture with Hettich AG Switzerland to drive the commercial development and global distribution of APAS® instrumentation and software products.

Contact E: [email protected]

LBT’s APAS® technology provides automation of culture plate reading, interpretation and reporting

Signostics Ltd has introduced a revolutionary new generation of personal ultrasound devices (Signos RT) for medical professionals. Weighing less than 400 grams and featuring superb image resolution, the Signos RT is the smallest and most cost-effective ultrasound system available today. Signostics has secured an OEM partnership agreement with global giant Konica Minolta. The device will be distributed by Konica Minolta under their brand Sonimage P3. The company has started selling the device in Australia, Europe and other countries throughout the world. Signostics is seeking investment to continue to fund the company’s new product roadmap.

Signostics handheld ultrasound device

Contact E: [email protected]


NovaKat Pty Ltd is a supplier of fuel cell catalyst layer materials. The company is commercialising a unique biomimetic method for synthesising platinum nano-particles. The use of these nanoparticles in hydrogen fuel cells has the potential to significantly reduce the cost of production, thereby accelerating adoption of this clean energy technology. The fuel cell materials that NovaKat is developing provide a catalyst layer coating, or ink, that delivers greater durability at a lower cost for manufacturers of proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells. NovaKat is forming its scale-up and go-to-market strategies, and is currently seeking investors to assist the company to become a leading supplier in the global fuel cell market.

Contact E: [email protected]

Muradel Pty Ltd specialises in the development of renewable fuels from halophytic microalgae and carbon-rich feedstocks. Muradel has established Australia’s first fully integrated continuous microalgae-to-green crude production plant – a $10 million facility in regional South Australia. Microalgal biomass is produced in saline ponds on marginal land. Muradel then uses proprietary harvesting and processing technologies to convert the biomass directly to green crude. This green crude product can be refined conventionally to produce drop-in liquid fuels. Production costs will soon be competitive with petro-crude. Biofuel reactors at the Muradel Demonstration Plant in Whyalla, South Australia

Nanoparticles in fuel cells reduce costs significantly

Contact E: [email protected]

Australian Agave Pty Ltd (AusAgave) is the global leader in growing the crop species agave for low-cost sugars and fibres for industrial biotechnology applications. Agave is a highly water-efficient crop that can be grown on marginal land. In Australia, AusAgave has achieved agave biomass yields of more than 150 tonnes per hectare per year in a pilot-scale plantation. With high fermentable sugars and cellulose content, the plants provide an excellent platform feedstock for many biobased conversion technologies. Further information on AusAgave’s selected varieties and detailed product specification data are available upon request. AusAgave invites expressions of interest from agribusiness investors, co-development partners in the fields of biofuels, bioenergy, biochemicals or bioproducts, or companies wanting to secure access to a low cost feed stock through off-take agreements. Contact E: [email protected] Agave provides an excellent platform feedstock for many bio-based conversion technologies

Muradel is seeking investment for expansion to full commercial scale. There are also opportunities for co-development or licensing of Muradel’s processing technologies for the production of green crude from alternative feedstocks.

Timber Tracker

A University of Adelaide research team, led by Professor Andy Lowe, has developed a suite of DNA-based techniques to track timber products – such as lumber, timber decking and furniture – right back to the forest from which they were sourced. These DNA fingerprinting techniques allow the research team to verify whether timber comes from a sustainably harvested forest or has been illegally logged from a protected forest – a problem that impacts 50–90 per cent of timber sourced from tropical regions and 15–30 per cent of all timber traded globally.

The University of Adelaide team is seeking investment to develop next generation genetic markers for commonly used timber species, with opportunities to enter into licensing arrangements and collaborations. The team is also interested in developing ongoing relationships with key timber supply and consumer stakeholders who wish to develop secure supply chains for high-value timber products.

Existing “Chain-of-Custody” methods are paper-based and open to falsification at multiple points along the timber supply chain, from the logging concession, the saw mill, point of export, timber processing factory, point of import and through to wholesalers and retailers. The advantage of DNA tests is that they cannot be falsified and can be applied anywhere along the supply chain. The technique is accurate, quick and cost effective, with the potential to make a significant positive impact on the $180 billion global timber trade.

Timber tracking DNA tests can track the origin of wood back to the forest

Contact E:[email protected]

Ziltek Pty Ltd provides remediation solutions for environmental consultants, contractors, landowners, industry and government agencies. It has a range of products that can be used to treat contaminated soil, industrial by-products, silts, sediments, mine tailings and organic residues. Ziltek’s key product, RemScan™, is the world’s first hand-held instrument for the rapid measurement of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons in soil. The RemScan™ device provides a hydrocarbon reading in just 15 seconds, and data is automatically recorded for easy download. The device has applications in site assessment, emergency spill response, earthworks validation, bioremediation monitoring and petroleum exploration. Ziltek is seeking strategic partners to assist with plans to expand into global markets. Contact E: [email protected]

The RemScan™ hand-held device for in situ rapid measurement of total petroleum hydrocarbons in soil

BioSA T: +61 8 8217 6400 E: [email protected] 40-46 West Thebarton Road, Thebarton, South Australia, 5031 Australia