► Chiller references, 2015 QUALITY, COMPETENCE AND THE BEST TOOLS Chiller Oy is one of Europe’s leading system manufacturer in innovative cooling, h...
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► Chiller references, 2015


Chiller Oy is one of Europe’s leading system manufacturer in innovative cooling, heating and energy solutions. The high quality of our units is based on continuous product development and testing. The starting point of our equipment design is the optimization of energy use. We pay attention to life cycle thinking and recyclability of the materials used in our products.

SERVICE GROUP Combines the benefits of the manufacturer, installer and end user.

WATER PRODUCT GROUP AND CABINET PRODUCT GROUP Compact and complete cooling and heating solutions for demanding sites.


Area heating by heat pumps.

CEILING PRODUCT GROUP Indoor microclimate solutions for all buildings.

Internet based service systems.

Free cooling by waterchillers.

- room controllers

Pleasant indoor climate with a low sound level by flat blower units, cassette fan coils and hotel mini air handling units.


High efficiency cooling for computer and data rooms.

► Chiller references, 2015

DESIGN INDOOR AIR AT THE DESIGN HOTEL The Klaus K Hotel in Helsinki, Finland is known for its stylish interiors and quiet hotel rooms. Chiller’s solution ensures ideal indoor air conditions with minimal energy consumption. Each of the new rooms is a little different. They all share creative solutions and excellent indoor air conditions.

The Klaus K Hotel in Helsinki is Finland’s first design hotel. A top quality hotel room has to have top quality ventilation. There must be enough fresh air for all kinds of conditions. There’s also need to be able to adjust the temperature and output levels of the ventilation system on a room-by-room basis. Room-specific air conditioning is taken care by quiet convectors. Near-silence and draft-free are the top priorities when thinking about the requirements for highclass hotel room ventilation.

Hotel Klaus K, Chiller solution

• GRAND VariTM fan coils • BOX VariTM fan coils • STUDIO VariTM fan coils


► Chiller references, 2015

CLOSE TO NATURE Tott Hotel Visby’s rooms are bright and the large windows provide beautiful views. However, they require a lot of air conditioning; the cooling output has to be adequate while the energy consumption is as optimised as possible. Chiller’s units handle the hotel’s heating and cooling during the important summer season in such a way that no one even notices they are there.

The hotel is close to nature and rooms are bright and the large windows provide beautiful views. The cooling output has to be adequate while the energy consumption and low noise level are as optimized as possible. The solution for energy efficient air conditioning was Chiller’s BOX VariTM for the ceiling-mounted air conditioning system and the Chiller STUDIO VariTM fan coils for the wall-integrated system.

Tott Hotel, Chiller solution BOX VariTM Cassette fan coils, dimensioned for remote cooling. Studio VariTM fan coils.


► Chiller references, 2015

HOTELS GRAND HÔTEL STOCKHOLM The famous Grand Hôtel Stockholm is one of the great sights of the city and perhaps, Sweden’s most luxurious hotel. It has functioned as a venue for bombastic banquets and glamorous celebrations, as well as a place to stay for celebrities and fun lovers since 1874. The hotel is maintained in exemplary fashion. Only the best will do – that’s why the Chiller STUDIOLINE™ fan coil units being selected. Chiller solution ► STUDIOLINETM fan coil units are equipped with six row and

one circuit coil units. ► The units of the hotel operates through district cooling water

8/18 °C. They consume only a fraction of the energy that is used by other traditional fan coil solutions.

PALACE BRIDGE HOTEL AT ST. PETERSBURG Alongside the Palace Bridge hotel cooling reformation the control systems was upgraded as well. GRAND Vari™ system brought a draft-free and comfortable indoor climate solution as elegant part of room architecture. Renewal of the air-conditioning at St. Petersburg’s top hotel in a 3-phase project. The old system has been replaced with the Chiller GRAND Vari™ -system. Chiller solution ► The GRAND Vari™ system forces the air-flow along the ceiling

of the room. ► The tight structure and the sound-attenuation chamber in the

blowing channel mean the units are extremely quiet. ► Fan motor and valve control 0…100%. ► A new unit structure that is optimized for the EC fan.

Some of Chiller’s hotel references:


► Unique servicing through the grille hole.

► Birger Jarl Hotel Stockholm, Sweden

► Hangö Strand, Finland

► Vaakuna Hotel Joensuu, Finland

► Bomba Hotel Joensuu, Finland

► Haven Hotel Helsinki, Finland

► Vaakuna Hotel Oulu, Finland

► Crowne Plaza Helsinki, Finland

► Hotel Tott Wisby, Sweden

► Vantaa Hotel Helsinki, Finland

► Cumulus Airport Hotel Helsinki, Finland

► Kimmeli Hotel Joensuu, Finland

► Viru Hotel Tallin, Estonia

► Diplomat Hotel Stockholm, Sweden

► Klaus K Helsinki, Finland

► Wisby Hotel, Sweden

► Eerikkälä Sport Hotel, Finland

► Palace Bridge Hotel, St. Petersburg

► SAS Hotel Vaasa, Finland

► Elite Eden Park Stockholm, Sweden

► President Hotel, Helsinki

► Scandic Hotel Pori, Finland

► Glo Hotel Helsinki, Finland

► Marski Hotel Helsinki, Finland

► Scandic Hotel Oulu, Finland

► Grand Hôtel Stockholm, Sweden

► Mitt i Stan, Vaasa, Finland

► Seurahuone Hotel Kotka, Finland

► Gustevelund Hotel Tuusula, Finland

► Vaakuna Hotel Helsinki, Finland

► Strand Hotel Wisby, Sweden

► Chiller references, 2015

A MALL WITH A LITTLE SOMETHINIG EXTRA Stockholm’s new shopping attraction Mood Stockholm boasts of special moves, art and unique interior. Customers can feel the chill of the air conditioning system, but any noise is completely drowned out. The ball bearings in the fan coil coolers by Chiller run quietly and year-round, causing no disturbance.

Mood Stockholm helps everyone out to save them the hassle of running around. Everything is available under one roof. The sense of choosinness among the shops is underscored by the fact that no storefront is like another. They feature many variations of aluminum glazing and frames, just like the small shops off Bond Street in London or near Place de la Bastille in Paris for example.

Mood Stockholm, Chiller solution

• BOX VariTM fan coils, dimensioned for remote cooling.


► Chiller references, 2015

SHOPPING CENTRES SHOPPING CENTRE KARISMA The modern shopping center shall provide cooling and ventilation of spaces. Under conditions different from the shopping center, such as office buildings, the stores do not have large window areas. Due to heat load caused by Illumination the cooling is required even in winter and free cooling is a very important position, while cold air is available. Chiller solution ► ChillquickTM cold water stations ► Chillquick EcoTM cold water stations

(with free cooling) ► Liquid coolers

► BOX VariTM cassette fan coils with controls

Some of Chiller’s shopping centre and gas station references:

► ABC Kaleva, Tampere

► Kesko malls and shopping centres

► Prisma, Linnainmaa

► ABC Kolmenkulma, Tampere

► Mood Stockholm, shopping mall

► Prisma, Kajaani

► Alepa Tapaninkylä grocery store, Helsinki

► Prisma, Forssa

► Sale, Siikalatva

► Citymarket, Lieksa

► Prisma, Lielahti

► Skanssi Shopping Centre

► Jouni’s grocery store, Äkäslompolo

► Prisma, Koivistonkylä

► Stockmann malls

HOUSING HOUSING DELIVERIES Chiller has delivered cooling, heating and air-conditioning solutions to housing projects. Chiller solutions ► ChillquickTM water chillers ► BOX VariTM cassette fancoils ► GRAND VariTM mini air handling units

Some of Chiller’s housing references: ► Askola Housing Service, Askola

► Helsingin Jalta, Helsinki

► Block of flats in Turku

► Janakkala Housing Service, Janakkala

► Hango Strand, Hanko

► Kauklahti Service House, Espoo

► Merenkulkijanranta, Helsinki

Some of Chiller’s heat pump references:


► Autokeskus Car Center, Vantaa

► Nardo School, Norway

► Diabetes Centrum, Tampere

► The Finnish Fair Corporation, Helsinki

► Hakamaa farm, Nastola

► Turku Central Hospital, Turku

► Saunalahti School, Espoo

► Vähälä Terminal, Jyväskylä

In Finland over 100 big heat pump refrences. In Norway and Sweden over 50 big heat pump refrences.

► Chiller references, 2015

T-HOSPITAL, THE HOSPITAL OF THE FUTURE The T-Hospital in Turku, which were completed at the end of year 2012, is a significant hospital project, even on an international scale. Its cooling solutions of ventilation are advanced and energy efficient. The entire T-hospital has been planned keeping the patients as the central point of all the operations. The energy consumption in the nerve centres of the hospital is optimised with Chiller’s newly developed warm gas heating system. The size of the T-hospital to be completed (sections A, B, C and D) is 48 000 m3. As a result of Chiller solution, the spaces of the T-hospital remain pleasant, even during summer heat waves. The stable conditions are guaranteed with the SMART VariTM presicion units.

T-Hospital, Chiller solution TM BOX Vari cassette fan coils, with fluent control. TM Chillquick cold water station with free cooling

(CGIW-120, 300kW). TM SMART Vari presicion unit with warm gas heating (energy control optimisation).


► Chiller references, 2015

PUBLIC SECTOR ARMY DELIVERIES Chiller has delivered thousands of different type of cooling, heating and air-conditioning solutions to Finnish Army. The Army organization installs, services and maintains the solutions by themselves. Chiller gives necessary training to Army organization. Cases are highly demanding and solutions should operate in all conditions. Chiller solutions ► Water chillers ► Cassette fancoils ► Precision air-conditioners

SCHOOLS NARDO SCHOOL’S, NORWAY The most energy-efficient school in Norway uses Chillquick Thermo™ heat pump. The school’s water-to-water Chillquick Thermo™ 125 kW heat pump is used for heating the whole property. Nardo school is entirely built of wood and it is part of Norway’s Eco City initiative. Chiller solution ► 14 thermal wells, depth ca. 200 m. ► Chillquick Thermo™ water-to-water heating pump, 125 kW. ► Liquid temperatures in the wells 0 / +2 °C. ► Heating water temperatures 55 / 47 °C. ► The temperature of heating water can be adjusted between 0–10 V

to achieve the best COP.

INDUSTRY RUUKKI’S RAAHE STEEL PLANT Approximately 2.2 million tonnes of steel per year are produced at the Raahe steel plant. Hot-rolled steel sheets and coils are manufactured for use in, among other things, the engineering, transportation and construction industries. The Raahe plant also manufactures a variety of special steels that are particularly wear-resistant, specially coated or very strong and impact-resistant. Chiller solution ► Chillquick™ cold water stations with free cooling (CGIW-120, 300 kW). ► SMART Vari™ precision air-conditioning machines with

hot gas heating (energy control optimization). ► Service Next™ Overall Concept is a service for real-time

supervision and control.

Some of Chiller’s industry references:


► Forssan LVI-valmiste; Forssa

► Saint Gobain, Pipe Systems

► Stora Enso, Wood and Paper Company

► Outokumpu, Steel Industry

► Saint Cobain Rakennustuotteet Oy, Forssa

► UPM, Biofore Company

► Plastirol, Ylöjärvi

► Sten Kimet, Nurmijärvi

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