Catalogue 2016/17

Perfecting Perfection

Last year we took an important step back to our roots and our early years of pioneering with the Terrestis Collection. We have continued in this vein for 2016, though we are now focussing primarily on FORTIS’ domains in aerospace. It was FORTIS’ “Youngtimers” from the 80s and 90s which redefined the concept of functional design - particularly the Flieger and Official Cosmonauts range. We now present both of them in their revised form. Throughout the formation process, we have borne in mind the maxim of our company founder, Walter Vogt: “Perfecting the Perfection”. And we have determined that it is possible to take one step into the past, while taking two steps into the future.

Maximilian Spitzy, CEO FORTIS

Hand-made for hands The maxims of founder Walter Vogt were to create nothing less than the most reliable watches in the world; an outstanding, quality Swiss product which deserved the name of FORTIS. fortis (latin) {adj.} [1] strong, powerful [2] lasting, solid [3] bold, brave, fearless Today, more than 100 years after the Grenchenbased headquarters released the first watches, Walter Vogt’s vision lives on in every FORTIS. To this day, every FORTIS is still hand-finished. The tests for accuracy and waterproof performance are the only processes which are automated. Because nothing can replace the skill of the experienced hands of a watchmaker.

This way of thinking has become rare in this

In the mid-80s, the Flieger Classic range

day and age. But, as an independent family

triggered a worldwide trend towards larger

company the best requirements were given

casings which has endured to this day and

to play according to our own rules and to view

which was subsequently awarded the Aviation

quality work as the greatest priority.

Watch Award in 2004.

A clear sign for FORTIS’ qualitative and unique

Now, FORTIS has translated these and other

positioning is the fact that the models in the

design classics for the new millennium -

Cosmonautis Collection have been part of the

and in doing so, has sent the next generation

standard equipment for the Russian aerospace

into its maturation process towards becoming

travel since 1994 and must therefore be able to

a design classic.

withstand exorbitant pressure. The step into outer space reflects the pioneering spirit which has always - since FORTIS’ invention of mass-produced automatic wristwatches (Harwood, 1926) - characterised the DNA of the company in Grenchen. As well as technical innovations such as the recent first chronograph with alarm and GMT functions, FORTIS also stands for trendsetting design.

The four FORTIS Collections Cosmonautis, Aviatis, Terrestis and Aquatis – each of which consists of highly specialised timepieces that master the varied requirements of their world. Whatever challenge a FORTIS may set itself, it impresses with uncompromising functionality and perfect design - from outer space to the depths of the ocean.


Cosmonautis Collection


Aviatis Collection


Terrestis Collection


Aquatis Collection

Cosmonautis Collection Ever since their orbital baptism of fire aboard the space station MIR in 1994, FORTIS watches have been part of the standard equipment of all cosmonauts.


After 100,000 orbits around the earth and the longest stay in weightlessness of any watch, FORTIS embodies reliability in time and space. FORTIS has proved itself again and again like no other brand and is therefore a true pioneer and a specialist in the field of space travel. Alongside the Official Cosmonauts watches with solid steel bases and engraved missions, this year FORTIS is launching a new version which embodies the features of the first original.


The Official Cosmonauts Chronograph on board the ISS

Official Cosmonauts Pioneering spirit and advanced development in

The 42mm casing, the rotating bezel adjustable

materials and processing enabled FORTIS

on one side, classic white Superluminova and

to gain access to the Russian space travel

20 bar water resistance are, alongside the Swiss

programme ROSCOSMOS. The first Official

automatic movement and the engraved mission

Cosmonauts emerged in collaboration in 1994,

name of the Russian space agency, the brand

and is to this day a reliable companion for

signifiers for the most rigorously tested watch in

cosmonauts in our orbit.

the world.

Common specifications for Official Cosmonauts models 42mm casing · rotating bezel adjustable on one side · white Superluminova · engraved emblem of the Russian space agency on bottom of casing · waterproof up to 20 bar · Swiss automatic movement



Official Cosmonauts

Official Cosmonauts Chronograph

Ref. 647.10.11 stainless steel casing · anti-reflective sapphire glass on both sides · movement ETA 2836-2

Ref. 638.10.11 stainless steel casing · anti-reflective sapphire glass on both sides · tachymeter · movement Valjoux 7750


Official Cosmonauts Titanium Ref. 647.27.11 titanium casing · sapphire glass (optional anti-reflective coating on both sides) · movement ETA 2836-2


The original Official Cosmonauts Chronograph on the wrist of a ROSCOMOS cosmonaut

Classic Cosmonauts With the new Classic Cosmonauts models,

Chrongraphs are equipped with a glass base,

FORTIS presents the new interpretation of the

which allows a glimpse into the core of the

legendary Official Cosmonauts Chronograph,

watch. Alongside double anti-reflective sapphire

the first automatic chronograph in space. With

glass, fully bolted triggers are used in the style

new features, the 2016 models are the latest

of the original from 1994, which stands in for

generation of space watches, yet they retain

the overall image of the Classic Cosmonauts

the style of the successful classic model.

Chronograph range. The tachymeter was also integrated into the bezel in the style of the

The most obvious improvement is the

original cosmonaut timepieces.

completely revised 42mm bicolour casing, which for the first time is available in a ceramic bezel

The distinctive FORTIS look is achieved through

version. Inside it is the Valjoux movement 7750

the raised digits and indices as well as the hour

with which FORTIS has had the best experience

and minute hands, coated in Superluminova

among other models in the Cosmonautis

with green afterglow.

Collection. In contrast to the Official Cosmonauts the new Classic Cosmonauts

Common specifications for Classic Cosmonauts models stainless steel casing · anti-reflective sapphire glass on both sides · tachymeter · green Superluminova · glass base · waterproof up to 10 bar · Swiss automatic movement





Classic Cosmonauts Chronograph Steel a.m.

Classic Cosmonauts Chronograph Steel p.m.

Ref. 401.21.12 movement Valjoux 7750

Ref. 401.21.11 nickel hands · movement Valjoux 7750


Classic Cosmonauts Chronograph Ceramic a.m.

Classic Cosmonauts Chronograph Ceramic p.m.

Ref. 401.26.12 ceramic bezel · movement Valjoux 7750

Ref. 401.26.11 ceramic bezel · nickel hands · movement Valjoux 7750



The term monolith comes from Greek meaning

the black dial and the indices coated in white

“single stone”. The uniform model, composed of

Superluminova becomes perfectly clear. As

black PVD casing to a black wristband, defines

another seal of approval and proof of its space

itself as such. The watch also symbolises the

travel capabilities, as well as a waterproof

darkness and breadth of space, which has long

performance of up to 20 bar, the emblem of

since fascinated people all over the world.

the Russian space agency is engraved upon it.

The most important feature is the perfect

When every second counts, the rotating bezel

readability - even in the most difficult situations.

adjustable on one side completes this perfect

Thanks to the double-sided anti-reflective


sapphire glass, the harsh contrast between

Common specifications for Monolith models 42mm stainless steel casing · black PVD cover · double-sided anti-reflective sapphire glass · rotating bezel adjustable on one side · white Superluminova · engraved emblem of the Russian space agency on casing base · waterproof up to 20 bar · Swiss automatic movement



Monolith Chronograph

Ref. 647.18.31 movement ETA 2836-2

Ref. 638.18.31 tachymeter · movement Valjoux 7750


Spacematic By far the most significant feature of the

indices with white Superluminova comes as

Spacematic models is the simplicity with which


rocket science is brought back into our

There are two models to choose from in the

domestic spheres. They combine the fascination

Classic varieties, which are limited to 2012

of space with the excitement of flying. That’s

pieces: Either with a black dial or one with the

how the 40mm models offer perfect readability

dial coated in Superluminova, which glows blue

for both worlds. The core is a Swiss automatic

in the dark. There is also the Pilot Professional

movement which works precisely, both in space

version which, as an option, is also available in a

at 28,000 km/h and on earth.

black PVD casing.

Typically for FORTIS, alongside the 10 bar waterproof performance, coating of digits and

Common specifications for Spacematic models 40mm stainless steel casing · sapphire glass (optional double-sided anti-reflective coating) · white Superluminova · waterproof up to 10 bar · Swiss automatic movement



Spacematic Classic

Spacematic Classic

Ref. 623.10.41 limited edition of 2012 pieces · movement ETA 2836-2

Ref. 623.10.42 dial coated with white Superluminova · limited edition of 2012 pieces · movement ETA 2836-2


Spacematic Pilot Professional

Spacematic Pilot Professional

Ref. 623.10.71 movement ETA 2836-2

Ref. 623.18.71 black PVD-coated casing · movement ETA 2836-2

Aviatis Collection Flying inspires not only pilots but many people all around the world. Today, flying is part of our everyday lives yet it was always, and continues to be, people with a special pioneering spirit who push development onwards. FORTIS is one of these pioneering spirits which has spent centuries striving to develop perfection for pilots. The cockpit may be entirely digital today, but a watch remains a reliable companion with heart.


And so it remains true today, that the most important instrument for a pilot is a mechanical watch. Based on this fundamental law of aviation, FORTIS set itself the goal of developing the best watches for flying. The core elements of such a watch were defined early on: Unparalleled, clear readability, double-sided anti-reflective sapphire glass and extreme pressure resistance. These features and ongoing further development have helped FORTIS in becoming the first choice for more than 60 flight squadrons - including the PC-7 Team of the Swiss Airforce.



With more than 500 mechanical parts and a

2 power reserves and an AM/PM display. This

construction time of over two weeks, the

masterpiece is powered by the F-2012 calibre

Daybreaker is the magnum opus and the

which was modified and patented by FORTIS.

culmination of more than 100 years of the finest

This companion, which is waterproof up to 5

watchmaking. In a 43mm stainless steel casing,

bar, is available in the classic Stealth look and a

you will find, alongside the classic Flieger

lighter version is available in the Recon style.

elements, a mechanical alarm, a GMT function,

Common specifications for Daybreaker models 43mm stainless steel casing · mechanical alarm and GMT function · 2 power reserves · AM/PM display · double-sided anti-reflective sapphire glass · glass base · waterproof up to 5 bar · Calibre F-2012, modified and patented by FORTIS · limited edition of 100 pieces



The complexity of the Daybreaker impresses even Hollywood stars like Joe Mantegna from the series Criminal Minds Photo: © Greg St. Johns


Daybreaker Stealth

Daybreaker Recon

Ref. 703.10.11 white Superluminova · tachymeter · movement calibre F-2012

Ref. 703.20.12 high-shine casing · white Superluminova · movement calibre F-2012


Flieger Professional With the Flieger Classic range, FORTIS

glass and the glass base, special attention has

triggered a world-wide trend in the mid-80s

also been paid to perfecting the dial. This is

towards aviation watches with larger casings.

achieved superbly thanks to the new, partially

Since then, this classic has been viewed as the

grooved dial, balanced colour contrasts

benchmark for functional flight watch design.

between black, anthracite, green Superluminova

Under the motto “perfect the perfection”, with

and orange hands, raised digits and indices. The

the Flieger Professional range FORTIS now

Classic version is complemented by a day dis-

presents the successor model and, in doing so,

play as well as date display. The next generation

the heroes of the modern era with a long history

of aviation watches is distinguishing itself with

of success.

outstanding readability and, in doing so, remains true to the DNA of FORTIS, combining classic

Alongside the newly developed, flat

elegance with uncompromising functionality.

bicolour casing, the new brand-representative crown, double-sided anti-reflective sapphire

Common specifications for Flieger Professional models Double-sided anti-reflective sapphire glass · green Superluminova · glass base · waterproof up to 10 bar · Swiss automatic movement




Flieger Professional

Flieger Professional Chronograph

Ref. 704.21.11 41mm bicolour casing · movement ETA 2836-2

Ref. 705.21.11 43mm bicolour casing · movement Valjoux 7750



The Cockpit range has taken up a fixed position

and is further optimised thanks to the

in FORTIS’ range as a youthful alternative to

contrasting nature of the clear structure of

the Flieger series. The design has been radically

the dial. While a model with soft beige tones

restored while maintaining this positioning and

capitalises on discreetness, the other stands

distinctive basic concept, quoting typical cockpit

out with loud, orange elements. Both models

instruments. In this way, the models are

have the characteristic minute hands and the

characterised by their modern, instrumental

original FORTIS Flieger hands in common; these

look. The wide-cut date display particularly

were created for the first models in 1987. Finally,

emphasises this new appearance.

the glass base, which allows a glimpse into the ETA movement, contributes to the modern

Although the fresh design is given particular

appearance of this extraordinary pilot watch.

attention here, this in no way overburdens the uncompromising functionality that is typical of FORTIS. Perfect readability is ensured thanks to the double-sided anti-reflective sapphire glass

Common specifications for Cockpit models 41mm bicolour stainless steel casing · sapphire glass double-sided anti-reflective coating · white Superluminova · glass base · waterproof up to 10 bar · Swiss automatic movement




Cockpit One

Cockpit Two

Ref. 704.21.18 movement ETA 2836-2

Ref. 704.21.19 movement ETA 2836-2



The 2016 Aeromaster range has the best

not only ensures better readability but also

conditions for becoming another FORTIS

heightens the vivid effect. In the Steel

classic. It takes up core elements of classic

version, these are classic white and in the

aviation watches but is based on the design of

Stealth version, they are soft beige. A further

the legendary B-42 model and interprets this

unique identifying feature of the Aeromaster

in a unique way. While the Aeromaster Stealth

chronographs is the distinctive design of the

model moves in a new, modern direction with

second counter. On balance, the new

black, PVD-coated casing, the Steel model

Aeromaster range is a homage to classic,

represents the classic stainless steel look.

elegant aviation watches which gain a modern twist thanks to countless fine details.

A special characteristic of both models is the engraved indices which create a 3D effect and give the dial a livelier look. The elevation of the Superluminova-coated indices and digits

Common specifications for Aeromaster models 42mm stainless steel casing · double-sided anti-reflective sapphire glass · glass base · waterproof up to 20 bar · Swiss automatic movement



Aeromaster Stealth

Aeromaster Stealth Chronograph

Ref. 655.18.18 black PVD coating · beige Superluminova · movement ETA 2836-2

Ref. 656.18.18 black PVD coating · beige Superluminova · movement Valjoux 7750


Aeromaster Steel

Aeromaster Steel Chronograph

Ref. 655.10.10 white Superluminova · movement ETA 2836-2

Ref. 656.10.10 white Superluminova · movement Valjoux 7750



The name says it all. The dial, completely coated

anti-reflective sapphire glass are marks of

with Superluminova, is truly eye-catching and

quality in this distinctive watch, and never fail to

offers perfect readability in every light. The

excite. Behind the glass base, a Swiss automatic

black 42mm PVD-coated casing offers the ideal

movement performs its job reliably - even up to

background for the spectacular glowing.

20 bar of water pressure.

The skeleton hands and the double-sided

Specifications for the Nocturnal 42mm stainless steel casing · black PVD-costing · double-sided anti-reflective sapphire glass · skeleton hands · dial with white Superluminova · glass base · waterproof up to 20 bar · Swiss automatic movement


Nocturnal Ref. 655.18.12 movement ETA 2836-2

Dornier GMT

It is in the nature of human beings to strive for

refined technologies without which our infra-

perfection. Time and again, it is the case that

structure would be very different today. Due

genial inventors, pioneering spirits and pro-

to the many common points shared, today we

gressive thinkers join forces in order to achieve

are celebrating the alliance with the FORTIS-

something great together. One thing is always

finished DORNIER GMT - a watch which unites

crucial: The experiences and achievements of

all worlds, in colour and technology.

others. Since it is only under these fundamental


conditions that the future can be written out of

The new Cosmonauts case stands for space,


the hands and perfect readability stand for air, earth is symbolised by the two company logos

There should now be a groundbreaking, close

and the blue GMT display on the bezel stands

alliance of this kind between FORTIS and

for water.

DORNIER. Not only do the stories begin at almost the same time, at the beginning of the

The DORNIER GMT forms the basis upon which

19th century, but the creative worlds are also

other innovative timepieces can be created. The

closely connected. While FORTIS has specialised

42mm watch includes dependable technology:

in timepieces for the four spheres (space, air,

fully bolted triggers, ETA movement 7754,

land, water), DORNIER has developed satellite

special rotor coated in black PVD, a specially

technology, aircrafts, flying boats and many

manufactured ceramic bezel with GMT digits and green Superluminova.




Dornier GMT Ref. 402.35.41 GMT function · ceramic bezel · fully bolted trigger · double-sided anti-reflective sapphire glass · glass base · special rotor · green Superluminova · movement ETA 7754

Terrestis Collection


Inspired by elegant FORTIS designs from the

The watches were also equipped with a new

30s and 40s, the Terrestis Collection is a

elegant crown and the hands were developed

homage to the early days. With the latest Swiss

according to originals from the 1940s.

watch technology, these models continue the

The new cases, which are available in precious

success story and offer the modern gentleman

metals, are furnished with a bolted mineral glass

a masterful combination of elegance and

base which allows a glimpse into the Swiss-

functionality. He can rely on his timepiece, be it

made automatic movement. A classic style

at a gala dinner or at a classic polo match.

feature of all Terrestis models is the variation between a.m and p.m - the dial alternates

A common feature of many Terrestis models and also of excellent watchmaking is the domeshaped sapphire crystal, the “domed dial”, which can only be created with years of experience.

between light and dark.

Tycoon Chronograph & Date


This elegant masterpiece is unquestionably a

mineral glass base, the Tycoon chronograph

hero as far as classic “dress-watches” are

has a domed sapphire glass, a 41mm bicolour

concerned. As well as the flat case, the FORTIS

casing and is waterproof up to 5 bar. In the a.m.

core chronograph element also plays a crucial

version, the indices are gold plated and, like the

role here, and combines a nostalgic appearance

raised digits, stand out very elegantly from the

with the latest technology.

silver opal dial. In the p.m. version, the indices are coated with rhodium which contrasts

A true tycoon enjoys staying in control. Along-

against the anthracite dial.

side the Dubois Dépraz Swiss automatic movement, which can be seen through the

Common specifications for Tycoon models 41mm bicolour stainless steel case · domed sapphire glass · waterproof up to 5 bar · Swiss automatic movement


The Fürstenberg Polo Tournament in Donaueschingen and FORTIS are connected through the mutual passion for high performance and elegance


The prototypical adventure-hungry gentleman H.S.H. Prince Christian zu Fürstenberg with the Tycoon Chronograph a.m.


Tycoon Chronograph a.m.

Tycoon Chronograph p.m.

Ref. 904.21.12 domed dial in silver opal · raised digits and indices, 5N gold-plated · partly 5N gold-plated feuille hands, partly flat, blued hands · glass base with 8 screws · movement Dubois Dépraz 2020

Ref. 904.21.11 domed dial in anthracite · raised digits and indices, rhodium coated · feuille and flat hands, nickel · glass base with 8 screws · movement Dubois Dépraz 2020



Tycoon Date a.m.

Tycoon Date p.m.

Ref. 903.21.12 domed dial in silver opal · raised digits and indices, 5N rose-gold-plated · hours and minutes 5N rose-gold-plated, seconds blued · glass base with 6 screws · movement ETA 2892-A2

Ref. 903.21.11 domed dial in anthracite · raised digits and indices rhodium-coated · nickel hands · glass base with 6 screws · movement ETA 2892-A2

Orchestra Inspired by the 30s, here, soft curves meet

Other Terrestis style devices, such as domed

precise angles and culminate in a harmonious

sapphire glass and the silver-opal “domed dial”

ensemble of the simplest elegance. These

make the design simple but impressive. You

watches are for true connoisseurs. The very flat

don’t need to talk about it, you simply own it.

40mm case is available in the classic stainless


steel version and also the solid 5N rose-gold

The gold-plated hands and embossed indices fill

version. The restrained design is relaxed by

the wearer with pride, both in the a.m. and p.m.

elegant, droplet-shaped lugs, as were common

versions. Some of the hallmarks of the

in the 30s and 40s. The case and the lugs are

Orchestra also include the date display and the

not made from single parts, instead they are

permanent small second dial at 6 o’clock.

manufactured with the help of the latest product processes in a connected part, something which makes the design unique.

Common specifications for Orchestra models 40mm casing · domed sapphire glass · raised digits and indices in 5N rose-gold plate · hours, minutes and small second hands in 5N rose-gold plate · glass base with 6 screws · waterproof up to 5 bar · Swiss automatic movement



Orchestra a.m.

Orchestra p.m.

Ref. 900.20.32 polished stainless steel case · domed dial in silver opal · movement ETA 2895-A2

Ref. 900.20.31 polished stainless steel case · domed dial anthracite · movement ETA 2895-A2


Orchestra a.m. Gold

Orchestra p.m. Gold

Ref. 900.13.32 solid 5N rose-gold case · domed dial in silver opal · movement ETA 2895-A2

Ref. 900.13.31 solid 5N rose-gold case · domed dial in anthracite · movement ETA 2895-A2



The name really says it all: Pleasure and delight

Hedonist. The permanent small second dial and

in the most simplified form, which concentrates

the date, which is always in view, make this

on the beauty of the moment. Classic, rose-

timepiece the perfect companion. Thanks to the

gold-plated feuille hands or, for the p.m. version,

bolted mineral glass base, you can easily glimpse

nickel hands, raised digits and indices, paired

the power driving the watch - an ETA 2895-2.

with pure minimalism framed in a simple stainless steel case: these are the hallmarks of the

Common specifications for Hedonist models 40mm polished stainless steel case · sapphire glass · glass base with 6 screws · waterproof up to 5 bar · Swiss automatic movement


Hedonist a.m.

Hedonist p.m.

Ref. 901.20.12 dial in silver opal · raised black digits, indices 5N rose-goldplated · hours, minutes and seconds, 5N rose-gold-plated · movement ETA 2895-2

Ref. 901.20.11 dial in anthracite · raised digits and indices rhodiumcoated · hours, minutes and small seconds, nickel · movement ETA 2895-2



Inspired by FORTIS designs from the 1940’s,

case, in combination with the dial which calls to

this Swiss timepiece unites elegant reserve and

mind a “tuxedo shirt”, and the raised Roman nu-

modern high performance. The pleated dial

merals always makes the right impression, be it

reminds one of a classic dress shirt, but behind

in the dark anthracite p.m. version or in the light

this, it’s anything but nostalgic: The modern

a.m. version.

Swiss automatic movement with 42 hour power reserve works with precision. The 40mm case comes in stainless steel and solid 5N rose-gold versions. The 7.35mm flat

Common specifications for 19FORTIS models 40mm case · sapphire glass · raised digits and indices and hours and minutes, in 5N rose-gold · glass base with 6 screws · waterproof up to 5 bar · Swiss automatic movement



19FORTIS a.m. Gold

19FORTIS p.m. Gold

Ref. 902.13.22 solid 5N rose-gold case · domed dial in silver opal · movement ETA 2892-A2

Ref. 902.13.21 solid 5N rose-gold case · dial in anthracite · seconds in 5N rose-gold · movement ETA 2892-A2


19FORTIS a.m.

19FORTIS p.m.

Ref. 902.20.22 polished stainless steel case · dial in silver opal · seconds blued · movement ETA 2892-A2

Ref. 902.20.21 polished stainless steel case · dial in anthracite · seconds in 5N rose-gold · movement ETA 2892-A2



FORTIS founder Walter Vogt died in 1957

Alongside the classic Terrestis characteristics,

at the height of his creativity in the field of

the original FORTIS DNA also contributes to

classical watches. In honour of this great

this: At the end of each index are small

pioneering spirit and the worthy legacy that

Superluminova dots, the highlights of this

he left behind, FORTIS has looked back on a


well-known model and revived it with the name “Founder” in a limited edition of 222 pieces.

Specifications for the Founder 40mm polished stainless steel case · sapphire glass · raised nickel indices · dots and feuille hands with white Superluminova · glass base with 6 screws · waterproof up to 5 bar · Swiss automatic movement


Founder Ref. 902.20.32 movement ETA 2892-A2

FORTIS Founder Walter Vogt

Aquatis Collection Nothing on our beautiful planet is as dangerous and, simultaneously, as peaceful as the sea. It takes special skills to brave the sea, to subdue it and, of course, to enjoy it. Nowhere else will you find more varied opinions concerning the best manifestation of water. One person may be fascinated by its unruliness, others may love the smooth waves lapping


at the shore. People who often have to struggle with harsh conditions particularly require uncompromising functionality. The unchanging mark of the quality of these highly specialised instruments is the oversized rotating bezel as well as the double-sided antireflective sapphire glass as well as the glowing, bright Superluminova which guarantees perfect readability even in the deepest water. Designed for use on and in the sea, the confident design makes a big impression in any shark tank.



A Swiss automatic movement works precisely

case. With waterproof performance up to 20

inside a 42mm stainless steel case with double-

bar, the watch has the robustness that it needs

sided anti-reflective sapphire glass - whether

for underwater use. With help from the rotating

it’s above or below zero. The historic FORTIS

bezel, which is adjustable on one side, the diver

U-boat motif is engraved into the base of the

can accurately measure how long his breath is.

Common specifications for Marinemaster models 42mm stainless steel case · double-sided anti-reflective sapphire glass · anti-slip, rotating bezel adjustable on one side · white Superluminova · handy crown · base of case engraved with historic FORTIS U-boat motif · waterproof up to 20 bar · Swiss automatic movement


Marinemaster Blue

Marinemaster Blue Chronograph

Ref. 670.15.45 movement ETA 2836-2

Ref. 671.15.45 tachymeter · movement Valjoux 7750


Marinemaster Classic

Marinemaster Classic Chronograph

Ref. 670.17.41 movement ETA 2836-2

Ref. 671.17.41 tachymeter · movement Valjoux 7750


Marinemaster Yellow

Marinemaster Yellow Chronograph

Ref. 670.24.14 movement ETA 2836-2

Ref. 671.24.14 tachymeter · movement Valjoux 7750



Inspired by the FORTIS Offcial Cosmonauts

extreme robustness, yet weighs little. Water-

range and its outstanding and much-tested

proof up to 20 bar, it is perfect for all kinds of

dependability, this high-performing 42mm diver’s

dives. The rotating bezel shows how long the air

watch carries the emblem of the Russian space

will last for.

agency on its base. The titanium casing offers

Common specifications for Diver models 42mm case · rotating bezel adjustable on one side · base of case engraved with emblem of the Russian space agency · waterproof up to 20 bar · Swiss automatic movement


Diver White

Diver Titanium

Ref. 647.11.42 stainless steel casing · anti-reflective sapphire glass on both sides · clockface with white Superluminova · movement ETA 2836-2

Ref. 647.29.41 titanium casing · sapphire glass (optional anti-reflective coating on both sides) · white Superluminova · movement ETA 2836-2

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