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Postal Box

P.O.Box 17824 Suva Fiji Islands Location

6 Waivote Street Lami Contacts

Phone: (+679) 336 4169 Fax:

(+679) 336 4175

Mobile: (+679) 992 9224 - Leith (+679) 992 9208 - Joyce (+679) 992 9205 - Vicky Email Address

Email: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Website Address


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Company History & Information Concrete Solutions, Fiji’s concrete specialist since 2005, provides expertise in all things concrete. Our range of services include procuring and laying of polished concrete, to undertaking civil works and light domestic works; to major high rise works, and sandblasting. Additionally, we also undertake general infrastructural work such as ground works, earth works, and water pipe lines. We employ more than 20 people and are comprised of an association between Engineering Building Systems, Engineered Designs, and Concrete Solutions itself. Concrete solutions are unique in that they are the only exclusively licensed ‘Sika approved applicator’, in the Fiji Islands. The ‘Sika’ brand is a special type of concrete repair system, which is accredited with worldwide certification. What gives the ‘Sika’ range further credibility, is the fact that all products once certified by Concrete Solutions; are protected under warranty by way of the ‘Sika Act’.

Our Services Projects That Carry Our Standard

Concrete Solutions has assisted in the construction of 20 buildings, as well as handled epoxy coatings in numerous pools around the country. Current clients include: Carpenters Fiji Ltd., Colonial National Bank, Erasito Consultants, The Royal Suva Yacht Club, Fiji Industries Ltd, Fletcher Construction Ltd., Crest Chicken Ltd., Construction Management Ltd., and Tiegan Construction Ltd. In addition to the long list of satisfied clients, we have received generous appraisals from around 20 major builders who rely solely on Concrete Solutions for their concreting needs. Our current projects include some of the more renowned commercial establishments around Fiji such as Williams and Goslings Ltd., Coca Cola Ltd., Bonded Warehouse, British Petroleum (BP), and also construction work at MHCC Ltd.

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Why Sikadur® Combiflex® High Performance Joint Sealing System is for You At Concrete Solutions we strive to ensure you gain maximum benefit from your purchased product or service. This is why we employ the application of the finest material; which is the Sikadur® Combiflex® Joint Sealing System. This system offers extreme performance properties along with the added benefit of long term durability. When installed over a joint, it allows for considerable movement in more than one direction, whilst simultaneously maintaining a durable watertight seal. It also conforms to difficult and unusual jointing application situations and it can be applied on damp surfaces. A great performer at low temperatures with excellent chemical resistance, it’s completely weather and water resistant, flexible, fast curing time, adheres to many forms of substrate, and it can be applied directly over existing failed joints. With justified quality service and expertise in all facets of the concrete business, you can be rest assured Concrete Solutions will set the precedent and deliver the answers to your concrete and epoxy sealing problems.

Cast on site: Save Headaches, Time and Money At Concrete Solutions we recognize how imperative convenience and efficiency are in the construction industry. We’re concerned with minimizing delays and associated costs. Solid precast concrete panels are a wonderful solution. Our precast concrete panels are constructed using the finest of workmanship and are cured in a controlled factory environment which help to greater protect against the ominous threat of weather delays using conventional methods. What’s more, a typical precast foundation can be erected in an unbelievable 4-5 hours, without the unnecessary hassle of laying concrete on site for the foundation.

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Concrete Solutions is devoted to bringing you the only the finest quality products and services with the utmost in convenience to you. Precast panels can be installed in any climate zone in one sixth of the time required for that of a normally formed concrete wall.

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We offer the following services.

SITE ENGINEERING             

Site Setouts Site Profiles Excavation Slope Stabilization Dish, v and Rock lined Drains Sand Blasting Works Wet Drilling Contractor Water and power Utilities Tools Decorative Footpaths, Driveways General Waterproofing Works Stamp Colour Concrete Glass Concrete Epoxy Slabs Concrete Strength Testing

FOUNDATIONS           

Structural Concrete Hillside Foundations Slab Foundations Grade Beam Foundation Pilings Coring Samples for Testing Limited Access Drilling Temporary Shoring Concrete Works Retaining Walls Concrete Repairs Concrete Epoxy works


Wall Panels Precast beams & Columns Uni-Span Casting & Erection Design / Build Projects Reinforcing Steel Fabrication Reinforcing Steel Installation Double tees Piling Columns

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Trade Experience Recently Completed Projects And Its Contract Value FLOUR MILLS FIJI Value $ 450,000 Builder: Engineered Building Systems, 9000sqm Factory and Pavement Work Scope: Prepare Sub-base, Place all reinforcing, Place and Finish All Concrete areas. Kadavu House Value $ 45,000 Builder: Lomac Construction, 8 Storey Building. Work scope: Place all Concrete Toppings on Double Ts Precast. B.P Value $ 145,000 Builder: South East Petroleum Services, Aviation Fuel Transfer Station Work Scope: Remove existing Concrete and Lay 300mm thick ,Double Layer Reinforcing, Culverts and Drainage, Roadway access Rooster Poultry $Value $ 600,000 Builder: Concrete Solutions Work scope: Render Plant, Remove existing structures and Design and build New Concrete Retaining Walls, Drainage ,Pavement Slabs Hatchery, Design and Build Concrete Retaining Walls and Pavement Areas including, Structural Repairs. Qalito Farm, Prepare and Pour 4 x 1100 sqm Chicken sheds Vodafone House Value $90,000 Client:Erasito Consultants Work scope: Vodafone Building repairs, Crack Injection, Carbon Fibre External Reinforcing Repairs. Tamavua –Wailuku Mains Pipeline Value $ 55,000 Builder: Lagan Holdings Work scope: Thrust Blocks and Anchor Blocks for 600mm Mains Pipeline, Structural Steel Bases for pipeline crossings. M.H. Taveuni Value $330,000 Builder: Engineered Building Systems Work scope: Mobilise Batching Plant ,Prepare and Pour all concrete

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(2000sqm) including Cantelever for precast walls, Placing precast walls. Coca-Cola Extension Value $155,00 Builder: Robt Stone Work scope: Footings,Pedestals,6000sqm Pavement Slab, Cut and Bend All Reinforcing,Drainage,Insitu headwalls William & Goslings Value $650,000 Builder: Engineered Building Systems Work scope: Cast concrete panels onsite and install Prepare and Pour 1800 sqm slab and cantilever. Design and Build Coca-Cola Pavement Works Value $370,000 Work scope: 3,000 sqm Carpark extension ,Loading Bays Including Drainage and Fencing All Earthworks and Civil works undertaken by C.S.F.L Design and Build. Laucala Airstrip Value $650,000 Work scope:28,000 sqm pavement slab with large volumes being placed Everyday approx 320m3 per /Day and early entry cutting of 600lmtr/day Design and build Fiji Ports Corporation Ltd Value $500,000 Work scope: Remove existing wharf pavement and replace with Double layer reinforced concrete to 300mm thick /2500 sqm Early strength concrete used for quick downtimes for operations

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Sunflower Hangar Value $358,000 Work scope:2000 sqm pavement slab with 1200 x 1200 x 300 pads at 1500 deep General excavations works and site levelling with tie beams and split level combination concrete slab Partial Design and Build, Project management Rotary Water Project Work scope: supply, construct & install water tank base & water tanks plumbing site levelling & concrete works for 26 villages in tailevu. Partial Design and Build, General Project management Fiji Ports Corporation Ltd Kings Wharf Value $122,590 Work scope: Remove existing wharf Fenders Repaint and epoxy bearing pads and support Chains and Bracket Finland Investments Ltd Waterproofing Value $144,000 Work scope: Install Bentonite waterproofing to wall underground Place and finish 35m x 3m high Blockwall with stitching in between Precast Panels. FNPF Carpark Greig St Value$100,000 Work Scope: Demolish and excavate, supply & prepare sub Base Place reinforcing & Concrete finish to fall & spray painting marks Dougs House, Tamavua Value $35,000 Work scope: Supply and pour, finish Floor slab Carpark driveway with Stamped Coloured Concrete Priming clear to finish.

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Vodafone Triangle Value $50,000 Work scope: Supply and finish waterproofing To Basement and walls

Fintel Waterproofing Job Value $108,337.50 Work scope: Supply and finish waterproofing Mats Torch- On mat to waterproof they roof at the command centre. Golden Manufacturing Ltd $150,000 Work Scope: Prepare Sub Base, place plastic, steel, concrete & finish as required to about 3000m2 Warehouse. Fosters Group (Fiji) Ltd Rear Carpark $50,000 Work Scope: Demolish and excavate, supply & prepare sub Base Place reinforcing & Concrete finish to fall & spray painting marks US Embassy Somerset House Crib Wall & Swimming Pool Works $ 90,000 Crib Wall with general landscape & Swimming pool waterproofing & New Tiling works Traps Bars $60,000 100mm concrete topping with broken glass epoxy coated system Star Printery Ltd $60,000 General sub contract for prepare site, placing steel, plastic, mesh & placing concrete & finishing as required. Fiji Gas Driveway Lami $ 20,000 Work Scope: Demolish and excavate, supply & prepare sub Base Place reinforcing & Concrete finish to fall MH Superfresh Tamavua $60,000 ( Labour Contract) Work Scope: Demolish and excavate, supply & prepare sub Base Place reinforcing & Concrete finish to fall

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Crest Chicken Hatchery waila Nausori est. value $200,000 New epoxy coats & 100mm concrete topping to the whole factory floor Total- Princess Wharf est. value $150,000 Jack out existing floor to reset trench with precast beam walls & cover lids With Inspection chambers Total- Tavua Tank installation est. value $140,000 Demo existing slab, excavate tank pit & pipe trench, reset 2 x 50000l tank, back fill with free draining aggregates Reconcrete area to match existing International Secondary School est. value $100,000 Concrete topping to existing play area 100mm topping Kadavu Jetty est. Value $120,000 Supply for precast beams, unispan & 45 ton cranes to kadavu Saint Joseph Secondary School est. value $100,000 100mm topping slab and driveway with rocklined V-drain – Decorative Tyreline Samabula est. Value $50,000 Demolition and concrete works Victoria Wines ext. Value $150,000 Waterproofing and concrete works with trench gratings FTA Suva est. Value $200,000 Concrete works with unispans and general contract for swimming pool Sonaisali Resort Nadi est. Value $100,000 General floor epoxy works to resort kitchen Total- Lami Tank installation est. value $270,000 Demo existing slab, excavate tank pit & pipe trench, reset 2 x 50000l tank, back fill with free draining aggregates Reconcrete area to match existing W&G Warehouse Wailekutu est. Value $1.8 Million General contract for 80m x 20m warehouse, road works and fencing

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Names And Contacts Of Clients References Name: Company: Position: Phone: Fax: Email:

Waqa Bauleka Fiji Ports Corporation General Manager Engineering 3312700

Name: Company: Position: Phone: Fax: Email:

Noel Engineered Building Systems Managing Director 3324296

Name: Company: Position: Phone: Fax: Email:

John Grey Sunflower Aviation Architect 6720650 6720135 [email protected]

Name: Company: Position: Phone: Fax:

Tota Narayan Abbco Builders Director 6702520 6703635

Name: Company: Position: Phone: Fax: Email:

Hank Arts Rooster Poultry Managing Director 6674666

3304055 [email protected]

3324326 [email protected]

6670139 [email protected]

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Name: Company: Position: Phone: Fax: Email:

Stan Bokoni Robt Stone Project Manager 3343562

Name: Company: Position: Phone: Fax:

Graig Hiway Stabilizers Managing Director 3362154 3363290

Name: Company: Position: Phone: Fax: Email:

Terrance Erasito Consultants Director 3307633 3307613 [email protected]

Name: Company: Position: Phone: Fax: Email:

Lal Sharma Coca-Cola Amatil (Fiji) Ltd Manager 3394333 3394406 [email protected]

3343563 [email protected]

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Current Commitments Company Projects Currently in Progress & Projected Completion RB South Point, Lami est. Value ongoing General concrete works and supply & Install wall panels and unispans Prep and pour car park AHC Mutli Purpose Court & Back Gate Driveway Est. Value $517,292.00 Main Contract: Concrete Solutions Demolition for existing tennis court and redo the 100mm thick concrete floor with small works and repaint green and its marks Into a m p court for volleyball, netball, basketball & tennis With this reconcrete existing driveway at Aus High Com for about 2000m2 for roads and carpark Grand Pacific Hotel Victoria parde Est. Value ongoing General demolition works, site facilities, plant & crane Hire, concrete works, precast & unispan works to be done Singh Investment Unispan Est. value $120,000 Supply & install 75mm thick unispan for 1st level and next 5 level by client to install himself 1476m2

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Company Assets Schedule of Company owned plant and equipment No Item Description


Vehicles CSFL 01 Twin Cab D4D FC 229 Hiab Truck EY 211 Twin Cab 25 ton Crane

1 1 1 1

45 ton crawler crane Hitachi 6 Ton Excavator Single Cab Van

Plant and Equipments G x 160 Honda 5.5 Concrete Helicopter Subaru 6.0 Robin Ex 17 water cutter concrete X-4000 Soff-Cut Concrete Cutter Contractor Wheel Barrow Vacuum Machine Compressor Jack Hammer Honda PS 1050kpa Compressor Subaru Robin 6.0 EX 17 Plate Compactor Concrete Vibrating Set Complete Tarpaulins Rubber coated Heavy Duty Geotextile Red Safety protective netting Heavy Duty Lifting Belts Chemical Spray Can

3 1 1 6 1 1 1 1 3 12 500 L/M 50 L/M 4 1

Page 15

Company Assets Schedule of Company owned power and Hand Tools No Item Description


Power Tools Yroc Professional Series 5500W M1 Diesel Generator EH 25 8.5 ohv Robin Unleaded Generator Dur alloy 180 welder set Util 166N weld master welder Hitachi DH40MRY Jack Hammer Drill Makita 24141NB Drop Saw 20m Heavy Duty Extension Cords Hitachi G235ey Grinder 230mm Makita 90405 Grinder 230mm Hitachi G1055 Grinder 100mm Hitachi 235mm skill Saw Makita HP1620 Drill Hitachi 65mm Jig Saw FCJ65V3 Promax Sander Heavy Duty Flood Light Makita AVT Jack hammer

1 1 1 1 1 1 10 2 3 3 1 3 1 2 3 2

Page 16

Company Assets Schedule of Company owned power and Hand Tools No

Item Description


Hand Tools Aluminium straight Edge Bold Cutter Sealer Guns Heavy Duty Gas Touch set complete Steel Trowel Magi Trowel Stick Trowel Point trowel Edgers Square Steel Trowel Big Shifters Sidchrone Spanner Set Patty Knifes Building Big Square Building Small Square Building Levels 30m Measuring Tape 50m Measuring Tape 8m Measuring Tape 2.4m screed Bar 3m screed Bar 1m screed Bar 900mm Bull Floater Flat Rake Spade Cowper Bar Grease Gun 900mm Soft Broom 400mm Soft Broom Gum Boots

3 1 2 2 8 5 1 3 2 4 3 1 10 1 2 2 2 1 4 9 4 1 2 15 3 1 2 6 4 11 pairs

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Company Assets Specialist tools and equipments No

Item Description

EDCO Floor Grind Machine Concrete Epoxy Machine set Concrete Self Screeding Machine with complete metal formwork Hilti DD-160E Coring Drill Set Building Laser Levelling Machine Building Dumpy Level Painting Spray Kit


1 1 3 sets 3 2 1 1 set

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Other Project Photos Completed

Laucala Airstrip 28000m2

Factory Floor Epoxy Job

Page 19

Sunflower Hangar Nadi

Coring Jobs

Kings Wharf Rehabilitation and Upgrading

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Precast Wall Panels

Page 21

Concrete Driveways

Page 22

Other Concrete Works

Page 23

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Stamp Colour & Glass Concrete Works

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