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INDEX Dr. Johanna Budwig, a glimpse of hope Introduction: some of the main causes of cancer and other diseases Dr. Budwig´s formula How to make the Budwig muesli FAQs about the Budwig Program Which food to avoid according to Dr. Budwig Which foods did Dr. Budwig recommend? Did Dr. Budwig recommend organic food? Why did Dr. Budwig discourage taking vitamin or food supplements as pill/capsules during her Program? Was Dr. Budwig in favour of high doses of Vitamin C infusions? Is Ozone or similar high-oxygen treatments suitable? Did Dr. Budwig use herbal remedies? Is it important to avoid sources of toxins and artificial chemicals whenever possible? Should I replace my amalgam (Mercury) dental fillings? How did Dr. Budwig use flaxseed oil with her patients? What should I do if I suffer from chronic constipation? When should flaxseed oil enemas be applied? (as recommended by Dr. Budwig) How to overcome nausea and vomiting. Why did Dr. Budwig recommend walking outdoors and sunbathing, even on cloudy or rainy days? What precautions should I take when sunbathing? What exercise should I be doing? Are coffee enemas a good idea? Why is skin brushing so important?

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The Budwig Centre recommendations Which other therapies are recommended on the Budwig Program? Which therapies are available at the Budwig Centre? Biomagnetic therapy How does Biomagnetism work? How is Biomagnetic therapy applied? Hyperthermia therapy Infrared Sauna Therapy (FIR) The Cancer expert: the Vega Test In preparation for the Vega Test Colon Hydrotherapy or Hydro colon Therapy What is colon hydrotherapy or Hydro colon Therapy? Psychotherapy Par psycho-emotional therapy EFT emotional therapy

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Sensitive areas Therapeutic massage: Jade thermo massage Reflexology Phytotherapy

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Natural products recommended by the Budwig Centre Essential Oils AHCC Astragalus Chlorophyll Ginger Bee pollen Artemisia Annua Turmeric

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Other recommendations Parasites and pets Prevention for women: using a bra Cosmetics and personal hygiene products Lemon juice with sodium bicarbonate

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DR. BUDWIG, A GLIMPSE OF HOPE Throughout history, women like Marie Curie, Rosalind Franklin, Jocelyn Bell, Lise Meitner to mention just a few have marked milestones, contributing with innovative breakthroughs of huge significance in Physics, Astrophysics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Genetics and other fields. Similarly, Dr. Johanna Budwig made a massive contribution in medical research, leaving behind an indisputable legacy which, to this day, helps save lives. Sadly, she passed away in 2003 following an accident from which she never recovered. For the past 60 years, Dr. Budwig´s protocol or program has been very successful. Her findings with regard to food led her to identify some of the main causes of disease, linked to the lack of oxygen in the body, and due mainly to the consumption of artificial or non-natural refined fats and a deficiency of unsaturated oils, which contain healthy essential fats. To quote Dr. Budwig: "Our eating habits are often lacking in high unsaturated acid fats, and contain an excess of man-made oils known as trans-fats (or partially hydrogenated oils)”. We are referring to the cooking oils we find in our kitchens. Most companies extract the oil from corn, sunflowers and other plants through extreme heat, or chemical products and other artificial processes, none of which are a natural extraction procedure. They are, therefore, no longer live oils (healthy for our bodies), and because of all the non-natural processes they are subjected to, they are no longer advisable for a healthy body. And, at the same time, they are heavy oils. These non-advisable oils enter our cell membranes, destroying their electric charge. Without this charge, our cells start to suffocate due to lack of oxygen. After taking Dr. Budwig´s flaxseed oil and quark mix, she found that her patients often displayed bright red blood, a sure sign of improvement. The aforementioned trans-fats are also a trigger factor for Type II Diabetes, since insulin is a large molecule; trans-fats challenge the molecules entry to the cell membrane. Via a signed document dated 24th of August, 2000, Dr. Johanna Budwig authorised our clinic, the BUDWIG CENTRE, to use her techniques and protocols, which have helped countless numbers of people to improve their health. Let´s take a look at the main causes of disease. In order to overcome any disease, we must first establish it´s trigger factor, which in turn enables us to ascertain which natural method may help fight it. On the basis that "Mother Nature knows best" we conclude that if our body activates a defence mechanism or alters in any way, that it had a reason to do so. The BUDWIG CENTRE´s main approach is to establish the cause of the disease and any trigger factors, whether it´s a degenerative, or a chronic disease, a tumour or cancer, and armed with this information we can alleviate the adverse effects of the disease and aid remission through natural therapies and treatments, working alongside chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or any other treatments of general medical practice. /Page 4

INTRODUCTION – Some of the main causes of Cancer and other diseases

MAIN CAUSES OF CANCER: TOBACCO/ALCOHOL/DIET: 45% of cases Virus/Fungus: Several studies have shed light on how some types of Cancer and tumour activity are caused by unique viral microbes, found inside the sick cells. These microbes enter the weak cells, damaging them by starving them of oxygen and healthy nutrition, amongst other things. The damaged cell area is an inviting environment for fungus and virus to settle.

Toxins: Toxins are the largest contributing factor to disease. Toxins can be produced by tobacco, alcohol, dangerous chemical products (the work place, home & garden, and any other frequented locations where chemical products, atmospheric contaminants or hydrocarbons can be found) and other external agents. By weakening the cells, toxins enable cancerous, tumour cells to breed and encourage other types of cell damage. As a sample, 3000 chemicals were found in one cigarette. Studies have revealed that toxins and harmful chemicals can also be found in our personal hygiene and household products. Heavy metal poisoning is very common, one of its causes are infections developed from certain types of dental fillings, it is therefore highly advisable that anyone with root canal work request that their dentist run X-rays and any other relevant tests to check for infection. Long-term stress and negative emotional traumas can produce toxins in our body too. An entire chapter has been written on this subject, where it is said that many chronic diseases are connected to negative emotional experiences of the past or present. Hormone replacement therapy and hormonal imbalance is also “toxic” for the body, when very effective natural solutions are available.

Nutritional imbalance: Another risk factor can be found in our eating habits, in our fast-paced fast-food society: ready-made meals, canned food etc. are all commonplace. Add to this the very way food is processed, whether it be animals or vegetables, pesticides, fertilizers with chemicals, growth hormones, genetically modified crops to increase shelf-life and the list goes on. Current investigation and countless testimonies indicate that poor nutrition is a key factor to how many diseases are bred. Degenerative illnesses and tumours are also linked to nutritional deficiency, especially those which attack the nervous system, inducing severe neurological damage. Patients with a degenerative disease and an unbalanced unhealthy diet, are susceptible to or have a higher disposition to contracting a virus, fungus and other harmful micro-organisms. Nutritional deficiency leads to structural alterations in amino-acids, in hormones and in the bio-feedback communication, affecting the entire cell fabrication mechanism and DNA instructions. Regular consumption of white refined sugar and fizzy drinks (1 fizzy drink contains more than 10 teaspoons of refined white sugar), potato chips (crisps), industrially-made cakes, fried food, are all risk factors and /Page 5

potentially health damaging. Similarly, it´s essential to replace ready-made meals and processed meats (hot dogs, sausages, bacon, ham), fast-food, food additives, etc. with healthier foods. Most food is cooked between 3500 F- 4000 F (1750C–2000C), and in our home kitchens we cook food at more than 1050 F (400 C), which destroys most of the beneficial enzymes. The alternative is steaming them. Refined vegetable oils like trans-fats are widely used for deep-frying (chips, fried chicken, cakes) and processed foods (mayonnaise, tomato ketchup, others sauces and dressings), and when excessively ingested suffocate the cells, depriving them of oxygen. We must take precaution when doing our food shopping, as vegetable oils are labelled 100% pure corn oil or sunflower oil etc., even if is partly of natural origin, they are still manipulated products, which is why we must take care when shopping and consuming. Why? Because of the extraction method. Most manufacturers extract oils from plants using extremely high temperatures and chemical products. The chemical process of fats and oils is not water soluble and when mixed with proteins they cause blockages to blood circulation, heart damage, they inhibit our regeneration process and blood and lymphatic circulation, slowing-down the bio-electric activity in these areas and at worst, stopping altogether. According to Dr. Budwig, corrosive and caustic chemical products like sodium hydroxide (also known as Draino) is also used in the refining process. Eliminating these harmful pseudo fats, and replacing them with healthier foods, like flaxseed oil and other cold-pressed oils, is a giant step towards fighting cancer and other diseases. Consume only cold-pressed oils, like flaxseed oil, olive oil, sunflower seed oil, virgin coconut oil (this is the best one for cooking, as it does not deconstruct when exposed to high temperatures), safflower oil, etc. They must state "cold-pressed" and/or "virgin" or "extra virgin". The BUDWIG CENTRE´s protocol corrects the proportion of all minerals and nutrients, in order to achieve balance in our body so that we have the correct electromagnetism to provide it with whatever the body needs for all the reactions to take place. There are a growing number of people who eat a healthy balanced diet, exercise regularly, never smoke or drink in excess, who are developing some form of disease. Several factors can be causing this: stress, too many toxins in their surrounding environment or in their digestive system, not absorbing the nutrients from their daily meals adequately. Why are some people more prone than others to develop degenerative diseases, tumours, chronic diseases or other illnesses? We are all exposed to parasites, virus, fungus, harmful toxins and other health risk factors. However, if we follow a balanced diet, eat the right foods and therefore nurture a strong immune system, our bodies will be able to fight intruders. Our immune system can weaken with chemotherapy, radiation, /Page 6

severe negative emotional shocks, (death of loved ones, divorce, family issues, financial setbacks etc.) overworking, a negative state of mind (which can also be the trigger for depression, anxiety disorder…), lack of sleep or poor nutrition all undermine our immune system.

DR. BUDWIG´S FORMULA (Flaxseed Oil and Cottage Cheese)

The mix of flaxseed oil with cottage cheese/quark, also known as The Budwig Muesli, taken with your diet, as detailed below, are the cornerstones of the Budwig Program.

How to make the Budwig Muesli?

Step 1 – Mix 3 tablespoons of flaxseed oil with 6 tablespoons of cottage cheese/quark (maximum 2% fat content). If the fat content is too high, the oil will not mix, so the muesli will not have enough oxygen to carry to the cells. Do not stir by hand. Use a blender or a hand-held electric mixer for 1 minute at slow speed. The muesli should have the consistency of whipped cream, with no excess oil. Do not add anything else, until it´s of a creamy consistency.

IMPORTANT! Please be advised that step 2 (adding the flaxseeds) is not applicable to patients with Cancer of the colon, rectum and especially patients who have had a colostomy. Step 2 – Separately, in a coffee grinder, grind 2 tablespoons of whole flaxseeds and add to the mix made in step 1. This muesli turns rancid after 20 minutes, so it must be ingested immediately. Do not grind or store seeds in advance of using. Optional – To sweeten the muesli you may add 1 teaspoon of honey (raw, un-pasteurised honey is best, containing all of its healthy enzymes), blended pieces of fruit. However if you prefer other flavours, add lemon, parsley or garlic. If you prefer a runnier consistency, add goats' milk, oat milk, almond milk, or organic rice milk. You could also add dried fruits, such as ground hempseeds, ground almonds, ground sunflower seeds, Brazil nuts, and pumpkin seeds (do not use peanuts). For a change, why not try adding vanilla, cinnamon, lemon juice, raw cocoa or grated coconut. Some prefer a touch of cayenne pepper … be creative! /Page 7

 

The flaxseed oil must be kept cold, so store it in the fridge. Try to purchase directly from the manufacturer (like Barlean´s who offer a discount to Cancer patients. Please tell them you´re on the Budwig Program) or from an herbalist. IMPORTANT – Once made, the Budwig muesli should NOT BE STORED. It must be ingested within 20 minutes of its preparation. And do not take the flaxseeds out of the fridge beforehand. The cottage cheese/quark can be frozen if necessary.

To follow the Budwig Program you will need these 2 appliances, which we provide during your stay: 1- A coffee grinder for grinding flaxseeds. 2- A blender for mixing flaxseed oil and cottage cheese/quark. It must be an electric mixer, as mixing by hand does not obtain the same consistency. Note: When quantities are mentioned, here is what we mean: 1 teaspoon = 5ml, 1 tablespoon = 15 ml, 16 spoonfuls = 1 cup and 4 tablespoons = ¼ cup.

FAQs ABOUT THE BUDWIG PROGRAM Which food to avoid, according to Dr. Budwig SUGAR: Although we may directly avoid sugar, please be reminded that the following foods have sugar content: Ice-cream, pastries, fizzy drinks, boxed cereals, ready-made sauces and even in savoury food like bread. Read labels carefully. Avoid fructose syrups, maple syrup, sugarcane honey (molasses) and sweeteners or artificial sugars. Fizzy drinks can have up to 10 spoonfuls of white refined sugar. Fruit juices from concentrate have high sugar content, and do not retain vitamins, due to the UHT manufacturing process. REFINED OR HYDROGENATED OILS: Regardless of the plant or seed the oil has been extracted from, the refining process favours suffocation of our cells. We should therefore avoid fried food (chicken, chips, etc.) and try to cook our hot meals at home using extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil, which can tolerate the temperature changes without altering its components. DAIRY PRODUCTS: Except cottage cheese or quark, used in the Budwig Muesli, we do not use dairy products in our diet for they contain animal fats that retain toxins. They also contribute towards Candida and fungus growth. This includes butter. SHELLFISH: We will not eat lobster, clams, shrimp, prawns, (although they are not shellfish, squid, octopus, and other molluscs are not recommended either) Fish is acceptable (especially blue fish) but shellfish eat everything in their environment so by consuming them you may also be ingesting heavy metals and parasites. PORK AND COLD MEATS: Please be reminded that animal toxins are stored in their fat. This is why we will avoid cold meats. Also, many cold meats contain chemical additives such as nitrates. Dr. Johanna Budwig said that red meat contributes to swelling or inflammation and was not in favour of eating pork due to the nature of the pig´s digestive system. The pig eats everything in sight and the food ferments in its stomach for hours. /Page 8

Ongoing consumption of pork produce has been linked to inflammation of the joints (arthritis), this is due to different parasites found in its meat, especially the Trichinella Spiralis worm. REFINED GRAINS & CEREALS: White bread, pasta, all refined cereals, are hard to digest. They do not contain the nutrients and fibre needed by the intestine, and worse still they help increase glucose and insulin levels which, at the same time, promote Candida and fungus issues. COFFEES, TEAS AND PREPARED BEVERAGES: Coffee contributes to pH acidity and is also damaging to the nervous system and kidneys. A Cancer patient should not drink it, and all teas should be herbal loose-leaf infusions, because teabags and paper filters contain harmful chemicals such as chlorine. MICROWAVE: Microwaves destroy most nutrients and the beneficial elements that food can provide for us. TEFLON: As soon as the Teflon on your frying pan starts lifting, and touching the food you cook and eat, it´s especially harmful to the reproductive system. ALUMINIUM KITCHEN UTENSILS: We recommend using ceramic kitchen utensils and we provide them during your stay at the Budwig Centre. We also recommend kitchen utensils made of stainless steel, wrought-iron, glass or earthenware.

Which foods did Dr. Budwig recommend? - Start the day with sauerkraut juice to improve digestion. Natural (no sugar) pickles are recommended. - Ingest the cottage cheese/quark with ground flaxseed oil muesli up to twice a day. - ORGANIC FRUIT AND VEGETABLES, whenever possible: we recommend consuming seasonal fruit and vegetables, preferably raw or steamed, as to retain all nutrients. For a larger intake, we suggest making vegetable juices or fruit and vegetable shakes. We do not recommend fruit juices where the pulp has been separated from the fruit. We advise you to use a potent blender for your fruit juices, retaining the pulp and capable of juicing vegetables like carrots too. We recommend BLENDTEC and VITAMIX as very efficient blenders but if you can´t find them, ask your store for one with the same properties. - NUTS, DRIED FRUITS AND SEEDS: Only natural (no hydrogenated oils) and not roasted. Almonds can be soaked to make them more chewable and usable in sauces and raw chocolate (see recipes). - FIRST COLD PRESS OILS OR EXTRA VIRGIN: Olive oil, sunflower oil, hemp seed oil, macadamia oil, sesame oil, grape seed oil, coconut oil, etc. Each oil has a distinct taste and vital characteristics to oxygenate body cells. They are to be ingested raw, as a dressing or in a shake. -ORGANIC WHOLE GRAINS: Dr. Johanna Budwig´s favourite grain was buckwheat. Try variations like quinoa, wholegrain Basmati rice, millet and spelt. Western diet uses large amounts of wheat in their dishes and recipes, and growing numbers of people are intolerant to it. Try sprouted grains or Ezekiel bread. Corn is not recommended because most of the time and unless otherwise stated, it is normally genetically modified (GM) and easily contaminated with mould. - ORGANIC PULSES: Chickpeas, beans and lentils are all very nutritional, and especially rich in amino-acids. - HEALTHY ANIMAL MEAT OR GUARRANTEED DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN: i.e. not having ingested antibiotics nor hormones. This information is normally displayed on the label in terms such as "free-range farm-yard ", /Page 9

"fished" (not fish-farmed or other types of breeders), “eco-friendly pasture", "organic or free-range", “meat of prey or game”, “Designation of Origin”, “acorn-fed or bred” (like in the case of the Iberian pig and cow and white beef). Good quality red meat, as described, can be eaten twice a month. White meat of this quality is acceptable. When we consume healthy and diversely sourced food with high-nutrient content, our body gains nutritional balance. Dr. Budwig recommended acquiring vitamins and minerals directly from the source, instead of synthetic supplements. Any non-vegetarian should be cautious of consuming proteins, so that the body can regenerate healthy tissue. It is likely that from the outset of your natural therapy, less meat is consumed, which is counteracted by replacing meat with mushrooms, seaweeds, nuts, seeds and especially Spirulina.

Did Dr. Budwig recommend organic food?

Yes, whenever possible, purchase organic food. Studies have proven that organic produce contains up to 69% more natural antioxidants than conventional crops with pesticides. A UK research group inspected data from over 300 reports testing the differences between organic and conventional crops, and reached the conclusion that the antioxidant impulse acquired from changing to organic produce is the equivalent of one or two additional portions of fruit and vegetables every day. It also reduces exposure to nitrates, nitrites and toxic heavy metals such as lead, mercury and cadmium. Pesticides and herbicides literally form a layer on our food, which reaches our DNA, potentially causing severe adverse effects to our bodies; Alzheimer and even heart disease. /Page 10

Why did Dr. Budwig discourage taking vitamins or food supplements in capsules/pills during her program? The following are quotes from the Budwig program: "Vitamins in capsules or pills contain fragmented nutrients, and are mostly synthetically made. There is a long list of synthetic components, some of which are damaging; amongst these synthetic elements is talcum, which is similar to asbestos." Dr. Budwig also said: "High doses or levels of antioxidants (antioxidant supplements) could reduce effectiveness or interfere with the Budwig Program, although I reserve final judgement on this subject”. Reviewing Dr. Budwig´s last book, her editor Sensei Verlag (see later notes), notes how she speaks of "the addition of antioxidant chemicals" where she is obviously referring to artificial or synthetic antioxidants. But what about natural antioxidants, naturally extracted from plants, with no tampering, or later commercialised into pills, capsules etc.? As far as we conclude and according to Dr. Budwig´s recommendations, excessive antioxidant levels, even from a natural provenance, may be harmful. We therefore conclude that nutritional supplements and artificial synthetic vitamins are not recommended. And to acquire the minerals, antioxidants and vitamins much needed by our bodies, consuming natural food (fruit, veg, etc. ) is recommended. We should avoid any excess of these elements in our bodies, to keep the right balance for our health.

Was Dr. Budwig in favour of high doses of Vitamin C infusions? Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling (Nobel Chemistry Prize in 1954 and Nobel Peace Prize in 1962), advocated the consumption of high doses of Vitamin C as a treatment for many diseases, amongst them Cancer. Although Dr. Johanna Budwig was aware of Dr. Linus´s research, she did not use it in her program, however, from Dr. Budwig's views with respect to antioxidants (Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant), she does not recommend doing Dr. Linus´s therapy at the same time as the Budwig Program. That is to say, if a patient wants Vitamin C infusion sessions, it is advised they stop ingesting the cottage cheese/quark with flaxseed oil mix during this time.

Are Ozone or similar high-oxygen treatments suitable? Translated and extracted by Healing Cancer Naturally © 2006 from Dr. Budwig´s books Das Fettsyndrom and Der Tod des Tumors. From Das Fettsyndrom pp. 76 ff: "The use of oxygen concentrate, aerosols, hydrogen peroxide injections and other methods of counteracting hypoxia or tissue anoxia, means forcing blood to take oxygen. Trying to do this through non-biological means is the wrong way about it. The priority should be to investigate why the blood is not absorbing enough oxygen?" The link between lack of oxygen in the blood and how it affects our health has been firmly established. The effects of insufficient oxygencan range from faint fatigue to a potentially fatal disease. Dr. Otto Warburg - Nobel Prize winner both in 1931 and later in 1944 for discovering the cause of Cancer - said: ”Cancer has one main cause. The main cause of Cancer is when normal cellular oxygen breathing, is replaced with an anaerobic cellular breathing (less oxygen)”. Once a cell´s oxygen availability drops below 60% of its normal rate, the cell is forced to change to an inferior energy production method (fermentation); the cell cannot return to an adequate oxygenation system, and loses control of replication, and therefore starts to frantically make copies of itself, a condition we call Cancer. Dr. Warburg pointed out that any substance depriving a cell of oxygen is a carcinogen. /Page 11

Dr. Budwig discovered that by supplying flaxseed oil and quark to her patients, the body´s oxygen production increased immediately and naturally.

Did Dr. Budwig use herbal remedies? Johanna Budwig also wrote cook books for housewives, KREBS EIN FETTPROBLEM was one of them. Here she recommends using recently harvested pot herbs or wild herbs, both in seasonings or salad dressings. Salads dressed with wild herbs are particularly important. Dandelion for example, is the top of the list in terms of health benefits. Dr. Budwig also mentions nettle (wide-ranging beneficial medicinal properties), young Primrose leaves (high Vitamin C content), the tips of hops tendrils (use in salads or stews), lesser celandine (or Ranunculus ficaria, use first young shoots), willow flower herb, shepherd´s purse herb, Stellaria media (common chickweed), cress (very healthy),yarrow, buckhorn, meadow goats beard (or Tragopogon pratensis, use tender shoots). Of course, these plants are all native to Germany and don´t necessarily grow in other parts of the world. It is recommended that one gets acquainted with the local flora, fauna, herbs and plants native to the region, and which are most beneficial and advisable to use in our diets, wherever possible.

Is it important to avoid sources of toxins and artificial chemicals, whenever possible? Dr. Budwig recommended that her patients avoid toxins derived from chemical products such as: household cleaning products, washing-up liquids, detergents, cosmetics made from chemical products, chemical hair dyes, smoke from any toxic source, cigarette smoke etc. Avoid mercury amalgam dental fillings, any other metallic fillings, aluminium pots and pans, and other sources of heavy metal poisoning. Consume and handle only organic, natural food produce (no chemicals, additives, preservatives, pesticides, etc.), filtered or ionized water, natural body-care products, herbal-based exfoliating creams, oatmeal peels, sea salt or sodium bicarbonate for brushing teeth and gargling, etc. (Nutrition and Causes of Cancer chapter)

Should I replace my amalgam dental fillings? (high mercury content) You should know that mercury and silver dental fillings are unhealthy and should be replaced with nonmetallic ceramic ones or made from any other natural or bio-compatible material. Unsuitable fillings can release small amounts of mercury into the body when ingesting hot liquids. Note: Please ensure you find a dentist who uses rubber dams placed in the mouth to collect the mercury shavings and/or an assistant on hand to vacuum up the shavings before they travel down the throat. A ceramic type material should replace the gaps left by the metal. Gold is more resistant, however some studies suggest not using metals of any kind in the mouth, whenever possible. /Page 12

How did Dr. Budwig use flaxseed oil with her patients? This is the foundation of Dr. Budwig´s breakthrough treatment program. Flaxseed oil and cottage cheese are included in her patients´ diet and eating habits, as well as applying flaxseed oil massages and, for very sick patients, flaxseed oil enemas. In reference to cancer and oils she wrote: "Cancer is a disease of the entire body. Any cancer treatment should allow for the recovery of all vital processes, so that the disease can be opposed more efficiently.” She continues: "The sun plays an important role in treating some diseases, when combined with Eldi oil (this oil contains 75% flaxseed oil and 25% wheat germ oil), and applying the oil onto the skin and sunbathing with precaution (avoid hottest times of day, it is advisable first thing in the morning or the afternoon, when the temperatures are more comfortable), some of the sun´s properties help absorption… I have used Eldi oil (flaxseed oil can be used instead) since 1968 for full-body massages or certain areas. On some occasions and when necessary, I have also used Eldi oil rectally (in enemas). ... As a rule, consuming oils (flaxseed oil/quark mix) and applying them externally (Eldi oil), to a great extent helps eliminate toxic material… The importance of Eldi oil and Flaxseed oil in the Budwig Program, lies in how they help to fight tumours and metastasis production, and reinforcing our immune system. How to apply Eldi oil:  Have a cloth to hand (preferably 100% cotton), cut to the size of the area to be treated, soak the cotton in Eldi oil, place on the area to be treated, cover the cotton piece with a plastic sheet and wrap in elastic bandage. Leave all night.  Remove in the morning and wash area well.  Repeat process over several weeks.  This application is suitable for localised problem areas too (not metastasis).

What should I do if I suffer from chronic constipation? Because of the risk involved, constipation is a predicament to take extra care with cancer patients. Bowel movements should take place at least once a day. Constipation can generate self-poisoning. Our immune system is always on alert for potential cancerous cells generated by our body, constipation can incite the body to absorb toxic elements from faeces, causing intense pain, dizzy spells, and weakening of the body. Some suggestions to follow are: 

ALOEDIS: the Budwig Centre uses this effective product to treat constipation, with excellent results. Coffee or chlorophyll enema or just purified water will solve the problem, in most cases. /Page 13

 

Castor oil enema (once every 30 days) a very efficient remedy for severe constipation. Start with a purified water enema then warm up the castor oil and perform a bulb enema for 15 to 20 minutes. Epsom Salts: 1 teaspoon in a glass of water (250 ml). Drink 1 to 3 times a day, for a maximum of one week, if you don´t see results, do not start over, best consult a specialist or your doctor to study your case. An excess of Epsom Salts can bring on adverse effects such as diarrhoea, gastrointestinal irritation, dizzy spells or vomiting. Water – Drink water on an empty stomach in the morning. Drink at least 2 litres a day, as constipation is generally related to dehydration.

When should flaxseed oil enemas be applied? (as recommended by Dr. Budwig)? Flaxseed oil enemas provide energy to weakened patients. Dr. Budwig helped weakened patients or those with eating difficulties, by administering flaxseed oil enemas and full-body massages with warm ELDI oil or flaxseed oil, and a warm shower afterwards. Follow these steps: - First clean the intestines with a warm-water enema (see instructions on how to do enemas. Pg. 18 – coffee -

enemas). Next, put a bottle of flaxseed oil in a warm pan with warm water. Lubricate the anal orifice with coconut oil or flaxseed oil. Using the pear shaped bulb system, apply enema (see photo above). Slowly insert the enema while the patient is lying on the bed or the floor (with towels), in the foetal position or similar.

The patient should try to retain the flaxseed oil for 10-15mins if possible, and then release fluids into the toilet. Please ensure 500 ml of flaxseed oil is used in total. Start with 250 ml and retain for a moment to allow maximum absorption time. More than one enema at a time may be necessary, one after another, until using up the 500 ml. To be applied between 3 and 5pm every day. Repeat daily for a week.

How to overcome nausea and vomiting Nausea If your condition deteriorates, you might have to restart the program. Caution is advised for the first 4-5 days, following the suggested advice. Mint tea: Put two teaspoons of dried mint leaves into 2 cups of boiling water, sieve and add Stevia and lemon juice if you like. If very ill, drink up to 4 litres (1 gallon) of this tea over a 24h period. It cleanses the bile and duodenum, improving performance. Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulphate): ¼ teaspoon Epsom Salts in a glass of water (250 ml) and drink throughout the day should alleviate symptoms. Nausea is either gall bladder or liver related. Signs of a magnesium deficiency are: loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, exhaustion and/or weakness, numbness, pins and needles, pulled muscles, muscle cramps, seizures, extreme altered behaviour (caused by excessive electric activity in the brain), personality changes, unusual cardiac arrhythmia, cardiac spasms may occur. A severe magnesium deficiency can cause low potassium levels in the blood (hypocalcaemia). /Page 14

Oats: When weak and suffering from nausea, ingest oats. Also try raw grated carrot, apple puree, banana or watermelon puree. Gastrolytes: Found at the Chemist, comes in a sachet to mix with water. Provides electrolytes which sit in the stomach. Very similar to Pedeolyte for children. Very light and easily tolerated. Cloves: Chew on a fresh clove or take clove capsules 1x500 mg 3 times a day with water, just a few drops should stop the vomiting and an infusion will relieve nausea. Ginger tea: Place fresh ginger (a tiny piece) in hot water. Let the infusion rest for 5 -10 minutes then drink it. Or put one teaspoon of powdered ginger in hot water, let it rest for 5mins and drink.

Why did Dr. Budwig recommend walking outdoors and sunbathing, even on cloudy or rainy days? Dr. Budwig made her patients sunbathe and take walks in the fresh air for 10-15 minutes a day, even on cloudy or rainy days. Because of this practice she was able to help patients in advanced stages of cancer to reapi the benefits of the sun, in conjunction with her therapies. The sun´s source of vitamins strengthens the immune system, helps balance cholesterol and lowers blood pressure.

Sunbathing on the beach, or on the banks of a river or lake is highly recommended (within the previously mentioned time frame for 10-15mins a day), because not only are we exposing the body to the sun´s benefits but we´re also taking advantage of walking barefoot on the sand (which helps blood pressure and the immune system) or on grass. Walking barefoot on sand or grass also helps balance the body, which is why it´s highly recommended for anyone who can do it on a daily basis. On average, southern Spain has 325 sunny days a year, which is why our Centre is an ideal location for our patients, enjoying beach walks only 15 minutes away from us.

What precautions should I take when sunbathing? The sun is a source of vitamins and other beneficial values for our body but we must be very careful when being exposed to the sun´s rays. Take note of the following precautions when sunbathing, to avoid burns, /Page 15

heat exhaustion, and other damages to the skin, which could also evolve into skin cancer, if exposed continuously and for long sessions.

Precautions: -

Avoid sunbathing between 12:00 noon and 4pm. (and even though outside of these hours the sun rays are not as intense, sunbathing must still must be done in moderation) Use hats or caps to protect your head. Use solar protection cream, only if they are natural. Avoid chemical and other non-natural products. Apply sun-cream on the exposed area. Keep hydrating the body, drink lots of water, preferably purified water, or cold tea (please see our chapter on teas), fruits or salads.

What exercise should I be doing? Dr. Budwig said: “Each case should be studied individually, but I would never allow a Cancer patient or of any other serious illness to run, or cycle... The sick body needs a certain amount of rest.” Having said that, and although in severe cases, rest is recommended, it is however true that a certain amount of exercise is positive, so as not to become too sedentary. As mentioned previously, what type of exercise, its intensity and duration is very much dependent on each patient´s condition. But generally speaking, a minimal exercise regime could be followed, as long as they are healthy, and do not require too much effort and is vastly beneficial. - Strolling or walking: Everyone can do it and does not require too much effort. We are helping our heart and our body. Depending on the patient´s condition, their age, and their physical strength, the walks could last between 10-30 minutes, preferably during the day. - Tai Chí: Very beneficial for the body and does not require a previous level of fitness. Anybody can do it, regardless of condition. /Page 16


Yoga: Benefits physical and mental balance. Cycling: As long as the patient experiences no difficulties, cycling is a good all-round exercise. To avoid over-exertion, chose flat terrain for 15-30 minutes a day, just like walking.

Also, the Deep Breathing and Health Recovery program can be followed lying down. A few morning exercises are advisable if you´re not feeling too weak. Organisation and performance of exercises should depend on your physical condition. DO NOT OVER-STRAIN. All patients staying at our Centre may use the equipment available to them in the apartments: CHI energy equipment or lymphatic draining machine (passive exercise method). The Reviber (mini trampoline) is another efficient appliance for blood circulation and lymphatic system activity. Sauna FIR Therapy is also very beneficial, we provide a mobile unit for personal use during your stay at our clinic.

Each apartment at our clinic is provided with a mini trampoline for our patients to do gentle exercise during their stay.

Mini trampoline for exercises to stimulate the immune system, the circulatory system, the heart, muscles and joints. The movement generated from jumping puts the diaphragm to work, and massages the thymus gland (located right behind the breastbone) while also stimulating the immune system. These exercises are very simple and do not require much time or physical fitness. Jump on the trampoline for approximately 10 minutes, using small jumps (don´t worry if you can´t lift your feet off the trampoline, as the mere up/down movement is exercise enough), this exercise puts the diaphragm to work (the same as laughing does), while simultaneously stimulating the lymphatic and circulatory systems. Stimulation of the lymphatic system helps the immune system, and stimulation of the circulatory system aids oxygenation of the cells; both reactions help Cancer patients.

Are coffee enemas a good idea? Dr. Budwig did not use coffee enemas on her patients. She did, however administer flaxseed oil enemas. Coffee enemas are one of the most effective ways of detoxifying the liver and reducing pain. However they are not recommended for long periods of time, as they deplete the body of minerals. It´s advisable at the beginning of any liver detox treatment, preferably once a day for 3 weeks, after which, reduce to twice a week maintenance. Chlorophyll enemas are also very beneficial (using ¼ liquid chlorophyll diluted in water). When you feel strong enough to follow this therapy, it can be started when you´re ready. However we do recommend you consult a specialist for your own peace of mind and also to avoid side-effects. As the sick /Page 17

cells start to naturally die, the body needs to purify itself to avoid self-poisoning, which can be healthdamaging. How often and how do I perform coffee enemas?: Once a day for the first week (either first thing in the morning, following a bowel-movement, or last thing at night is best), reduce to alternate days for the next week (every other day), and as of the second week only perform an enema when in pain and until it subsides. The caffeine absorbed into the hepatic system through coffee enemas purifies the hepatic ducts of toxins, including the bile ducts, and also cleanses the sigmoid or lower colon. What is needed for a coffee enema?  An enema bag (as seen in the photo above), preferably made of transparent plastic, to view contents.  A coffee machine: 3 cups for men or individuals weighing over 70 Kg. and 2 cups for children or women weighing between 50 and 60 kg.  3 cups (3 x 250 ml) of pure water.  Organic coffee (if available), drip grind.  Air mattress: especially for the elderly or weakened, they should lie down on a soft air mattress in semi foetal position. Clean the mattress beforehand or cover with a plastic or old towels.  A metal filter or colander for the coffee (do not use paper filters, as they contain harmful chemicals).

STEP 1: Procedure for the water enema prior to the coffee enema 

Pour 2 or 3 cups of water (not tap water) at room temperature into the enema bag, loosen the valve allowing for the water to flow to the end of the catheter, so that no air bubbles form. Close the valve when no air is left in the enema tubing. Use a clothes hanger to hang the enema bag, at least 90 cm. off the floor (you could hang the enema bag from a door knob or a towel rack, do not hang too high), this distance allows the fluid to flow gently towards the rectum. The patient should be in knee-chest position on a thick towel or an air mattress. Lubricate the rectal nozzle and the anal orifice (use olive oil or other quality vegetable oil or KY Jelly), then gently insert the catheter inside the rectum, approximately 10cms in (4 or 5 inches). After gently inserting the tube, open the valve a little (not entirely as it can cause stomach ache and only two cups-worth of water), first allow the water to flow slowly, and adjust the valve as soon as you feel any discomfort or sensation of fullness. Do not change position while in process, and do not use an inclined surface to get the enema flowing faster. It is not necessary to retain the liquid for long, this enema is only to clean the colon and prior to the coffee enema. If you need to stop the process unexpectedly, gently remove the tube. If you are in pain with the enema, reduce the amount of water in future applications. Do not retain the liquid for a long time, just a few minutes (3–5 minutes approximately should suffice).

STEP 2: Coffee enema procedure  Put 4 cups (4 x 250 ml) of water (not tap water) in the coffee machine and 4 tablespoons of coffee (organic, if possible), making around 3 cups of coffee. Do not use paper filters as they contain chemicals. Use a permanent filter made of nylon or metal, or a coffee machine that does not require filters. /Page 18

 Wait until the coffee is luke-warm, test it with a finger. It´s safer for it to be relatively cold than hot or boiling, the ideal temperature is approximately 35-36ºC, the same as our body temperature. Do not try to cool it down with cold water, leave it to sit and it will cool down on its own.  From here follow the instructions in STEP 1 (water enema procedure) except this time you must retain the liquid as long as you can (12–15 minutes).  When you have finished, rinse the enema bag and tubing thoroughly with boiling water, or better still with hydrogen peroxide ("Agua Oxigenada" can be purchased in any supermarket here in Spain) and hang out to dry. If, following a coffee enema, you feel unsettled or nervous, have heart palpitations , or an irregular heartbeat, reduce the amount of coffee to half for a couple of days or a week.

Why is skin brushing so important? Skin brushing is a healthy practice in skincare and bodycare. Soap only cleans the skin superficially, and does not completely remove dead cells left on the skin, which can block pores and therefore hinder the removal of toxins through perspiration (approximately a third of our bodys toxins are eliminated through sweat). We recommend skin brushing once a week on every area that should require it, using strokes in the return direction of the circulatory system (towards the heart), and less than 5 minutes is enough time to clean and care for our skin.

Use a sponge made of a natural material. /Page 19

THE BUDWIG CENTRE RECOMMENDATIONS Which other therapies are recommended on the BUDWIG Program? The Budwig Centre´s recommendations for therapies focus fundamentally on two factors: natural noninvasive therapies, primarily, to reinforce the immune system. strenghten and provide the body with all the necessary nutrients to help fight disease. Amongst those therapies we include: Phytotherapy (100% natural herbal compounds). To determine which treatment is right for each patient first we perform a VEGA TEST study, individual to each patient. Hydrotherapy (internal irrigation), homeopathy (medication with natural components), Psychotherapy (guided imagery, positivity, eliminate trauma, visualisations, etc.), as well as other tecniques to improve living processes, ranging from simple techniques like massage, reflexology etc. to E.F.T. (Emotional FreedomTechnique). Whilst we are 100% committed to Dr. Johanna Budwig´s program, we are aware that time is essential to achieve the desired results, and that on occasion, that time can be limited. So the BUDWIG CENTRE, is in ongoing research and study of other therapies and treatments to complement the Budwig program, for those patients with critical time issues, where only a shorter period of time is available to obtain a much needed health improvement. None of the treatments and therapies we select are incompatible or may conflict with Dr. Budwig´s natural method. Since the Doctor´s passing, numerous studies and investigations have been researched to find new types of therapy for Cancer, tumours, chronic and degenerative diseases, and we look at each and every one of them and select the ones that do not conflict with Dr. Johanna Budwig´s technique.

Our main concern is to offer all our patients a solution for their individual need. /Page 20

Which therapies are available at THE BUDWIG CENTRE?


Bio-Magnetism or Par Bio-magnetic therapy, is a therapeutic technique that´s been used for many years and consists primarily in recovering the body´s pH balance, to avoid tumour or damaging cancerous cells breeding. The remarkable simplicity of this system enables us to work with powerful yet inoffensive specially designed magnets (1000 gauss minimum) placed in selected areas of the body. It´s not like any other magnetic therapy; the only similarity is the use of magnets. Bio-Magnetism is a complementary therapy designed to analyse, prevent and fight disease. Our Bio-Magnetism therapist has a vast career all across the world using this method. This therapy consists of applying magnets strategically placed on the patient´s body. Over the years, the results of this technique have been outstanding. Here is a list of common diseases treated by our therapist and that have yielded positive results Allergies

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Anxiety Disorder

Candida Albicans

Emotional issues


Crohn's Disease



Cystic Fibrosis


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)




GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease)

Bipolar Disorder Cancer

Eating Disorders

Growth hormone deficiency /Page 21

Heart disease







Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Intestinal inflammation

Multiple Sclerosis

Low libido

Muscular Dystrophy

Lactose intolerance


Polycystic ovarian syndrome Psoriasis Papiloma


Bacteria and parasites live and grow in an alkaline environment, whilst virus and fungus thrive in an acidic environment, these micro-organisms cannot live in a pH neutral environment (pH 7). The Bio-magnetism technique applies a set of magnets (one positive polarity and one negative polarity), to the selected area. This affects the pH by encouraging it´s neutral state, and in doing so, avoids the breeding and growth of pathogens and also helps to remove them. The BUDWIG CENTRE has researched several therapies to find the most effective one to aid disposal of pathogens. One of the best therapies we have discovered is BIOMAGNETISM.

HOW IS BIO-MAGNETIC THERAPY APPLIED? The patient lies down fully dressed on a massage bed, the magnets are placed strategically, the body is then scanned to locate pH imbalances. It is a non-invasive, safe therapy with no side-effects. In many cases, the improvement can be noticed within the first three sessions, although some patients may require 3-5 sessions, and for chronic or long-term sick patients we recommend more than 5 sessions. The best results are obtained through visiting our clinic for the entire session, where our professional team supervise the entire procedure of the treatment, analysing each session and then taking the necessary measures and/or making amendments. However, for those patients who cannot visit the BUDWIG CENTRE clinic in Spain for this therapy, we offer a "Remote Program". We send the magnets to their home address, with illustrated user instructions for the exact location and duration of each session. The first Par Bio-Magnetic session at our BUDWIG CENTRE clinic lasts approximately 1 hour, as it consists of analysis and control. The following sessions last between 30 and 40 minutes, depending on the specialists or medical staff´s guidelines. Beforehand, the therapist locates the specific areas /Page 22

or focal points to be treated, where each point reciprocates an organ or tissue that is suffering from distortion.


Hyperthermia therapy is a treatment whereby an artificial fever is induced into the body or to the area to be treated. The tumour cells are intolerant to high temperatures, so the hyperthermia treatment elevates the body´s temperature to around 43ºC, thus blocking the harmful cells and potentially destroying them altogether. Hyperthermia in conjunction with chemotherapy or radiotherapy, increases the impact of both of these therapies, improving recovery and considerably reducing treatment time. Fever is the body´s defence mechanism when it detects some kind of physical anomaly, caused by a pathogen, bacteria or virus etc. This mechanism raises the body´s temperature to remove the threat and restore normality. In speeding up the metabolism, fever suppresses the spreading of the viral or bacterial invasion. Hyperthermia is a therapeutic procedure to raise the cancerous tumours´ temperature to at least 42.20 C (108ºF) for one hour. Based on the scientific fact, easily verified, that cancerous cells are blocked and killed at 42.2ºC (108 º F) without damaging healthy cells of human tissue. There are several other methods to induce a rise in body temperature: total immersion in hot water, ultrasound and saunas to name a few. Hyperthermia combined with low doses of radiation, is an effective treatment for many types of Cancer. Another very positive aspect of Hyperthermia is the lack of side-effects. Hyperthermia gives tumours a "triple hit " by : 1. Removing accumulated toxic chemicals that may cause cancer or other critical illness. /Page 23

2. Improving blood circulation, so that tissues are better oxygenated and therefore aiding elimination of acid waste. 3. Weakening or even killing cancerous cells, due to their heat intolerance, unlike healthy cells.


Infrared Sauna Therapy FIR is also available at The Budwig Centre. One of the most effective methods to detoxify the body of heavy metals and other harmful elements is the Infrared Sauna therapy FIR. At the BUDWIG Centre all our apartments are equipped with a mobile sauna unit (dome style), and we recommend all our patients acquire one for daily use at home. Perspiration and fever are the body´s natural way to eliminate toxins. The benefit of Infrared Sauna Therapy (FIR) lies in engineering high temperatures to stimulate perspiration, and through sweating our body is capable of eliminating a significant proportion of toxins found in the body. The detox effect is so beneficial it helps strengthen the immune system as well as other positive effects. The idea is to raise the body´s temperature between 41-45ºC (107-113ºF). Perspiration generated under normal conditions or in a conventional steam sauna contain 97% water and 3% toxins. The perspiration produced by the Infrared Sauna FIR is between 80-85% water and 15-20% toxins! The BUDWIG CENTRE places great emphasis on the need to detoxify the body and remove the accumulation of potentially cancerous and damaging heavy metals like lead, mercury, zinc, nickel, cadmium, as well as alcohol, nicotine, sodium, sulphuric acid, copper, aluminium, pesticide residues, petroleum based toxins, chlorides, fluoride fats and cholesterol too. Drink lots of purified water during each thermotherapy sauna session.

CAUTION: Saunas are not recommended for women with breast tumours, lymphatic disease or fluid retention (ascites), as the sauna increases lymphatic swelling and lymphedema, which raises CEA 15-3 levels. /Page 24


Our bio-energetic testing equipment, VEGA EXPERT, assesses your condition to pinpoint the source of your health issue. It´s a German technology device which studies the body´s energy variations in order to locate possible sources of disease or ailments. The VEGA TEST helps to find the origin of what is causing health issues, whilst also recommending the best treatment for each individual case. Our equipment verifies every aspect of your health; the greater organs (heart, lungs, liver, gall bladder etc.), spine, teeth, tendons, muscles, hormones, etc. as well as possible parasites, virus, harmful bacteria, Candida, or any possible infections in the body, so that we have an accurate body map, through which we can determine areas of concern. The body works as a whole, as one single unit, for example, our teeth correspond with specific organs in the body, and the sample applies to the soles of our feet. When conventional testing (physical or biochemical), has not disclosed any suggestion as to what is causing the disease in a patient, it may be that the illness is of a functional nature, not morphological. The VEGA Test discloses a high number of cases, which would otherwise be difficult to detect, even diseases with common symptoms like migraines, back ache, fatigue, general and localised pain or sleep disorders. The test can be combined with standard medical tumour marker tests (PET scan, blood tests, etc.). However because the VEGA Test is a study of the entire body it provides a specific idea of the patient´s condition. /Page 25

IN PREPARATION FOR THE VEGA TEST: The Vega Test will be performed upon arrival at our facilities, prior to starting the program. Please keep these points in mind 24 hours before: -

Do not ingest the Budwig mix of quark and flaxseed oil in the 24 hours prior to the Vega Test, nor any other type of natural remedy, nor coffee nor alcohol. Breakfast as usual and drink water to be well hydrated. Bring as many samples as possible, of any medicine you´d like tested, either from a chemist or natural remedies. We cannot test images, prospectus, nor containers. Bring the actual pills, capsules, infusions or anything else that you have been taking prior to the test.

Although the Vega Test is very accurate, we recommend a second opinion and/or comparison of the Vega Test results with other standard medical tests. /Page 26


Colon hydrotherapy or Hydro colon therapy is a therapy requiring specialised equipment, and ours is one of the most efficient used today. Colonplus, is the latest in technology and innovation. What is colon hydrotherapy or Hydro colon therapy? Colon hydrotherapy is the irrigation of the large intestine using an infusion of filtered, purified, warm water, in a cannula (tube) and inserted into the rectum. This procedure is pain-free, relaxing and harmless. The cannula has double tubing (one for irrigation and the other for waste disposal), the equipment steadily maintains the liquid´s temperature and flow, so that faecal matter can be removed from the body and any other waste that may be adhered to the intestinal walls. We recommend this therapy for its benefits, because the storage of decaying faecal matter, toxins and other organic waste in our body can result in different types of disease. This therapy is suitable for people with: - Skin problems, acne, eczema, dermatosis,… - Intestinal problems: constipation, diarrhoea, parasites, candidiasis, colon conditions… - Digestive problems: wind, slow digestions, food allergies… - Metabolic problems: fluid retention, cellulite, obesity… - Joint problems: arthritis, rheumatism, fibromyalgia, gout… - Other problems: depression, insomnia, stress, headache, degenerative diseases, low defence system, varicose veins, rhinitis and allergies in general. Frequency and side-effects: This type of therapy should be supervised by a doctor or a specialist. Do not try to acquire the equipment for home-use. Colon Hydrotherapy should only be administered sporadically for the removal of residue and other intestinal waste. Our package includes 1 or 2 sessions, as this type of therapy is only for preventive purposes or to eliminate residue that could harm the body. /Page 27

Some side-effects to be aware of, do not administer if any of the following apply: - Recent surgery to the large intestine or rectum - Diverticulosis - Pregnancy 3 months or more - Anal fissures and fistulas Internal intestinal bleeding - Abdominal hernia - Intestinal ulcer - Serious heart disease - High blood pressure - Kidney failure For any further enquiries relating to this therapy, please do not hesitate to contact our specialists, who are happy to answer your questions.


As implied by its name, psychotherapy works with a person´s mood, psyche or psychological condition, and is designed to acquire a behavioural change in that person. Our moods have direct impact on our body. Stress, anxiety, depression and other negative emotions such as low selfesteem, lack of confidence, despair, sadness etc. can change our eating habits, and affect the immune system and other physical aspects. Anyone suffering any type of illness like: tumours, cancer, degenerative or chronic disease, and other types of illness, are prone to develop adverse psychological symptoms (depression, stress, low self-esteem, phobias…), and through an emotional bond which facilitates communication between patient and therapist, psycho-therapy can help the patient to open up entirely to the specialist. Through communication, the specialist studies the patient´s psychological condition and helps to apply the changes needed to acquire a more positive and strong state of mind. It is also possible that psychological or adverse psycho-emotional symptoms provoke physical reactions in a person. Depression, stress, and other psychological disorders are not directly responsible for disease like Cancer, tumours or other types of illness, but they are a high-risk factor due to their negative impact on the person. Psycho-therapy helps patients feel more confident, and with more energy to take on illness and any adversity that should arise. /Page 28

The Budwig Centre performs an in-depth physical and psychological study of their patients, using different types of tests, including a comprehensive analytical to determine if the problem is related to a lack of vitamins or if it lies with neurotransmitters or any other neuronal or physical deficiency. Once the deficiency has been identified, first we establish a protocol or treatment to regain balance in the body. Once the physical issues are resolved, we can begin with the psychotherapy. No side-effects or adverse reactions have been reported by patients, as it is a non-invasive and exclusively emotional and psychological treatment. Within psycho-therapy methods, we offer the following techniques:

PAR PSYCHO-EMOTIONAL THERAPY Through Kinesiology and bio-decoding tests, a psychotherapist assesses which emotions may be affecting your health. You will then receive instructions for treating the reflex zones with magnets (par-bio-magnetism). The purpose of this therapy is to offer some relief while also liberating any emotions trapped within the parts of the body that are ill, so as to recover the pH balance in the organs which may have acquired an acidic pH due to the negative emotions.

EFT EMOTIONAL THERAPY. The Budwig Centre emphasizes combining natural therapies and treatments with emotional therapy. Some studies confirm the link between a person´s physical condition with their emotional state or morale. Low morale can trigger depression. Depressive or negative states can affect our immune system, lowering our defenses and, as a consequence, exposing us to all types of virus, bacteria, etc. A serious negative emotional shock (family or work related) over time can trigger a serious illness, and can even facilitate tumours, cancer or other degenerative disease. Bio-decoding consists of guiding the patient - for whom it may concern - to identify the negative emotions linked to the symptom or symptoms of the illness, so as to locate it and decode it. This encourages the patient to free this emotion and therefore address the root of the disease. When a patient is mentally prepared for this type of self-examination, it is easier to understand some of the reasons causing illness and how to fight it most effectively. Some patients do not understand this type of therapy, so our team of specialists will help them to verify the important link between our thoughts and feelings and our health. At the Budwig Centre we use EFT therapy: Emotional Freedom Technique, as well as psychotherapy sessions. Patients visiting our clinic for clinical program treatments can request an EFT session and an hour and a half session of Par Psycho-Emotional therapy, which is a kinesiology test to treat emotions with magnets. There is also a group session of psycho-immunotherapy, which stimulates the immune system through visualizations and Neurolinguistic programming. One of the advantages of these sessions is that as well as being treated, you are also given instructions to follow the treatment in the comfort of your home. This knowledge is a truly valuable tool. And for our patients who request more of these type of therapies, our psychotherapist is available for further sessions and other types of therapy, like the Test of Great Symbols, which consists in identifying trauma and blockages from the past, thus helping to de-code them. /Page 29

The mind-body connection, it´s so important to keep both our body and mind balanced, which is where emotional therapy, when needed, helps to re-balance that connection. For our patients with emotional issues, depression or negative states of mind, emotional therapy combined with our treatments and therapies, will improve their state of mind, which in turn will directly encourage a health improvement. It´s also important to be aware of sensitive areas or "Tapping points". Within EFT, each energy centre (also called meridian), relates to a specific area or organ in the body. Stimulating these centres with the appropriate techniques notably improves the immune system´s response as well as the body´s general wellbeing. /Page 30

Every patient signed up to the BUDWIG CENTRE´s program automatically receives the complete TAPPING– E.F.T. program (audio recordings and written texts by EFT specialists) /Page 31


All of our organs are represented on the spine. The Jade thermo massage bed is designed to stimulate the key points of our backbone. With the right pressure on key points, and the stimulation provided by the massage, as well as the chiropractic function, and the infrared-generated heat, the benefits are endless. This type of massage helps reduce stress and muscle strain, improves blood circulation and increases energy levels. Our clinic recommends all our patients to take special care of the spine, either through specific exercises or by adding it to their daily routine. Benefits of Jade Thermo Massage: -

Reduces stress, relieves fatigue, relaxes joints, increases energy levels and rejuvenates the body Stimulates immune system and blood circulation, detoxifies body Reduces and removes back pain (depending on physical condition, may require several sessions) Increases lymphatic capacity and reduces blood pressure Helps with aortic sclerosis, reduces spine swelling Aids digestion, reduces water retention and improves sleep All organs will noticeably improve in performance

Not recommended if any of the below applies: -

Very high blood pressure Herniated disc (slipped disc) or protrusion Tumours anywhere on the back Acute osteoporosis Pregnancy


Acute swelling Haemorrhage or bleeding Patients with pacemakers Fractures anywhere on the back /Page 32


Any type of steel or titanium rods or pins in the back due to corrective surgery


This therapy consists in handling areas on the foot believed to be reflective of the main organs. The stimulation is carried out by applying pressure and handling selected points relevant to each patient and their affected body areas, in order to re-establish and normalise bodily functions. A profound state of relaxation ensues, activating bodily processes and defence mechanisms.

You will receive Lemongrass essential oil in your program, to be 50% diluted with a first cold press oil such as sunflower, olive or extra virgin coconut oil. During your 1-2 week stay at the clinic, you will receive instructions on how to administer your own reflexology session on the areas corresponding to the affected organs. Your companion can watch the demo too, if s/he is willing to apply the technique. Lemongrass essential oil is known for its stress and anxiety relieving properties as well as improving insomnia and other common ailments like headache or stomach ache. It is therefore /Page 33

highly recommended for full-body massage and, in this case, reflexology. If you require further information about the benefits of essential oils please see page 36.


Just like Dr. Budwig, at the Budwig clinic we support natural methods for treating Cancer and other degenerative or chronic illness. Natural medicine is hugely important and plays a key role in today´s medical community. Phytotherapy (treatments based on medicinal plants), is a big part of our program and treatments. Always be aware that Phytotherapy is effective when used in conjunction with a comprehensive treatment, because ingesting medicinal plants on their own for specific healing purposes have no relevant effect on the illness. A thorough patient study must be first undertaken to determine which treatment is suitable for that person (therapies, natural medicine, treatments, etc…), the correct dosage, and which active ingredients can be used in each case. Many plants have characteristics, substances or extracts suitable for treating different illnesses, like cancer, tumours and other major diseases, and more common ailments too. Pharmacology also employs active ingredients from plants, but in most cases, instead of using them in their natural state, they are synthesized and later combined with other substances, the end result being the medicine we already know. One of the main benefits of medicinal plants is their low rate of side-effects rate (we still recommend specialist supervision because even though, in most cases, there are no side-effects, an uncontrolled or excessive intake could incur other problems). The use of medicinal plants dates back to ancient times, we could say it´s been part of mankind´s development, from ancient Egypt to China, India, Japan and all across the world. Generally, medicinal plants can be classified as follows: /Page 34


Antispasmodic: Bay leaf, pasque flower, Hawthorne, olive leaf and mistletoe, valerian root, lemon balm, basil, orange leaves and orange blossom, and white willow. Antiseptic: Garlic, clove, Niaouli, sandalwood, lemon, cinnamon, mint and lavender. Antiperspirant: Belladona, rye ergot, sage and white agaric mushroom. Analgesic (pain relief): poppy, extract of lettuce, passion fruit and water lily. Cough soothers: mullein, poppy, marshmallow, coltsfoot, liquorice, elecampane, hyssop, ivy, myrtle, pine and fir resin. Diuretic: wild cherry, grass, corn, asparagus, celery, fennel, birch, ash tree, heather, blueberry, field eryngo, juniper, elderberry cortex and raw onion. Stimulant: Aniseed, cumin, fennel and watercress. Liver function: Roots and leaves of wild chicory and artichoke. Laxative: Durum wheat bran, dried plums, breaking buckthorn, nerium, momordica, rover bellflower, annual mercury, mustard plant and dodder. Regulators of the central nervous system: Belladona, henbane, aconite, hemlock, autumn crocus, and white hellebore. Sudoriferous: borage, burdock, dulcamara (also known as bittersweet), bougainvillea and Saponaria. Tonics: flowering thistle, gentian root, horse chestnut, quince and artichoke. Heart tonic: adonis, ergot, milk thistle and lily of the valley. De-worming: Bracken fern, pumpkin seed, pomegranate, tansy, santolina, pyrethrum, wormwood and garlic. Emetic (vomit-inducing) and expectorant: violet and German iris.

Many plants have medicinal features, and with time and investigation many more plants are being discovered to treat critical illnesses like cancer, tumours, degenerative and chronic diseases, cardiovascular conditions, and other serious illness. Please consult a specialist or call us to assess your case, our team of professionals can answer your queries and guide you to the best solution for your case. /Page 35



For essential oils to retain their highest quality ("therapeutic-grade"), the aromatic plant must be steam distilled with water, and no chemical products used in the process. They must also comply with specific norms, depending on each plant, such as temperature, pressure, distillation time, to obtain a complete essential oil. The quality standards are followed for these procedures: - Growth and collection. - Selection of source organ. - Specific standards in distillation. It´s interesting to know that essential oils have the highest therapeutic-grade there is. It´s largely thanks to them that virus, bacteria, fungus etc. cannot live and reproduce. Their therapeutic-grade is more potent than some herbs and food, which is why they are so important in our anti-Cancer program. It´s also important to vary the essential oils on a weekly basis, so that the evolving abnormal cells don´t become resistant to the specific characteristics of an oil, making it less effective. At the Budwig Centre we have selected only the best anti-Cancer essential oils such as: clove oil, lemon oil, lavender oil, pine oil, myrtle oil, frankincense oil, sandalwood oil, Idaho balsam fir oil. We have prepared 4 different formulae from this selection: these combinations have been selected through rigorous investigation, and are in optimum proportions to obtain the best results. Each formula is to be taken for one week. /Page 36


Especially recommended by the Budwig Centre for chemotherapy patients, to be included in daily diet. Chemotherapy is very aggressive on the body and amongst other effects, significantly runs down the immune system. Which is why we rely on the help of these types of compounds to strengthen our immune system in order to better assimilate chemotherapy whilst also reducing the adverse effects to our body. AHCC is an immuno-stimulant nutritional supplement widely used worldwide, with very positive results. This compound is not made from regular mushrooms found under normal conditions, nor is it made from a variety of shitake, maitake or reishi mushrooms. AHCC is made in a laboratory in Sapporo, Japan. It´s a hybrid of the Shiitake and other medicinal mushrooms with great health benefits. This patented hybrid is cultivated under laboratory conditions in a humid environment, the natural environment of this type of mushrooms. The result is a basidiomycete mycellium extract, with a wide array of beneficial active agents. The effectiveness of this new compound has been proven both on its own, and in conjunction with other therapies. Another important AHCC feature is that it does not present side effects. Suggested use: The dosage to apply is two-pronged: the first being preventive and the second therapeutic or as a treatment. 1. Preventive: Take 1 gram a day or one 500 mg pill in the morning and one at night. (A total of 1000 mg). This dose helps the immune system and the entire body to maintain a high defence level. Highly recommended for healthy people as a nutritional supplement to their health and wellbeing, while also helps to avoid getting sick. /Page 37

2. Therapeutic: Two capsules with every meal (a total of 6 a day) for 3 weeks. After that, 1 capsule a day with breakfast for maintenance.

ASTRAGALUS (Astragalus membranaceus). Reduces side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

Astragalus membranaceus is another natural product recommended by the Budwig Centre, suitable for patients in chemotherapy or radiotherapy, this natural supplement is outstanding for the following reasons: • Stimulates the immune system. • Benefits liver function, can also be used on Hepatitis patients. • Reduces side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. • Reduces metastasis and improves general physical wellbeing. • Helps heart conditions, high blood pressure, diabetes and respiratory infections. • It´s an overall tonic and treats burns and abscesses. Studies confirm that when taken orally, Astragalus stimulates the creation of larger quantities of interferons (IFN) and white blood cells. Cancer patients' immune system is drastically challenged, but Astragalus helps it to recover. It is also recommended to help treat Diabetes, respiratory infections, and heart disease. And it is an effective antiviral and antibacterial. To conclude, Astragalus helps to regenerate tissue, increases energy levels and the metabolism, it strengthens the whole body and helps stimulate the immune system. Highly recommended for patients in chemotherapy and radiotherapy to reinforce their physical condition and to help the immune system to recover. No side effects are known, however we always recommend a specialist opinion. Astragalus is to be taken at meal times and the total daily dosage should be between 2.000 and 3.000 mg per day. Other supplements that can be taken after chemotherapy or radiotherapy are: cat´s claw, turmeric (curcuma), Aloe Vera or Equinacea. /Page 38


When red blood cell count is low or there is a shortage of healthy red blood cells, we are at risk of developing anaemia. To help create new red blood cells and improve blood oxygenation, take ½ a glass a day of liquid Chlorophyll. Red blood cells will increase in a few days. One of the best health benefits from following a raw-vegetable-rich diet (chard, broccoli, artichoke, dandelion, lambs lettuce, lettuce, endive, cabbage, brussel sprouts, green beans, green pepper, green asparagus…), fruit (kiwi, avocado…) and some types of seaweed, is the Chlorophyll. What is Chlorophyll? It´s a natural molecule, giving plants their green colour. It´s also responsible for facilitating one of the most incredible processes existent on Earth: Photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process that converts solar energy, water and carbon dioxide into our main fuel source: glucose. All animals, human beings included, obtain their supply of energy, which also supports the life of plants, through photosynthesis. Without plants there would be no life. Chlorophyll – Plants green blood One of the most interesting facts about Chlorophyll is that because it resembles the molecules responsible for the red colour of our blood, known as Haemoglobin, it is also responsible for transporting oxygen. The molecular structure of both Haemoglobin and Chlorophyll are almost exactly the same, with the only difference being their central atom; in Haemoglobin´s case, it´s made of iron, and Chlorophyll´s is made of Magnesium. This is why for many reasons it´s called plant´s blood. Main benefits of Chlorophyll are: Oxygenation. Aids blood oxygenation and stimulates red blood cell growth. Detoxifying. Helps to prevent premature cell deterioration and helps eliminate toxins. Strengthens the immune system. It´s thanks to the oxygenating effect that the immune system becomes stronger because many bacteria cannot prosper within high levels of oxygen. Also benefits the digestive system, normalises blood pressure and many more benefits. /Page 39

We recommend that before taking Chlorophyll, you consult your doctor or specialist, just in case there may any intolerance to any of its components. Or call us and one of our specialists will be happy to advise you.


Ginger enables and improves blood circulation (which is why it´s great for the cardiovascular system, it can prevent potential heart attacks, angina, and other heart conditions), it´s an excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It improves the digestive system (preventing ulcers and gastritis, improving intestinal flora, eliminating damaging micro-organisms), it treats dizziness, morning sickness, and can reduce the risk of atherosclerosis. It´s an excellent carbohydrate source, rich in fibre and its contents also include protein (albeit in small quantities), minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins (A, C, B1, B2, B6 y E amongst others). Ginger is one of the healthiest foods in the world, and can be consumed freshly grated, dried, or in tea.

Toxicity. Ginger contains certain active agents that may bring on side-effects, if taken in excess: ulcers, gastritis and impaired vision. Maximum dosage as follows: -

Fresh ginger: 6 grams/day maximum. Powdered ginger: 2 grams/day maximum. /Page 40


Dried ginger: 400 milligrams/day maximum.

Special precautions. Not recommended for people with gallstone, pregnancy or breastfeeding, anybody on an anticoagulant treatment, because ginger has anticoagulant properties and may be incompatible with the prescribed medication. Consult your doctor or specialist, or call us and we´ll be happy to advise you.


Bee pollen contains large amounts of minerals and vitamins, it´s rich in protein, carbohydrates and contains all the necessary ingredients for a balanced diet. This "perfect food" contains twenty two nutrients needed by the human body, including all the Vitamin B complexes, vitamin C, D, E, K, and Beta Carotene (vitamin A), as well as several minerals, enzymes and coenzymes, plant-derived fatty acids, and amino acids. According to researchers at the Institute of Apiculture in Taranov, Russia, "Bee pollen is the richest source of vitamins to be found in nature in one food.” Rich in Rutin, a flavonoid complex, which has a vaso-dilating and anti-inflammatory effect Amongst its benefits: -

Excellent restorative properties for different deficiencies, weakness or physical exhaustion, recommended as part of a balanced diet. Increases haemoglobin and encourages proliferation of red blood cells, recommended for certain types of anaemia. Regulates bowel movement. Balances cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood. Antibiotic properties and stimulates immune system, and therefore strengthening it. Contains skin and hair nutrients

How do I take it? /Page 41

1 tablespoon/day is the recommended amount. You may wish to add it to the cottage cheese/quark and flaxseed oil mix or to a milkshake. Contraindications and side-effects:

Not recommended for patients or people allergic to pollen or with seasonal allergies, as it may cause severe anaphylactic reactions Not recommended either for patients with kidney failure. Consult your doctor, specialist or call us and we will assess your case and guide you through the best choice for your situation.


Artemisia annua (or sweet Annie, sweet wormwood) belong to the Asteraceae plant family, which has over 1400 variants. Artemisia annua is a natural plant found in several places around the world, including China. It contains a component called artemisinin, which has been used for many years in China to control high fever and malaria. Whilst there are specific strains of malaria which have developed immunity to artemisinin, it´s also true that combining it with other elements it still is one of the main treatments to fight this illness. On the other hand, there are several lines of investigation that use artemisinin as part of Cancer treatment, with good results. It is precisely due to the results obtained in the research to date, that we have included artemisinin as part of our natural treatments for Cancer. What precautions should be taken when ingesting artemisinin and how to take it? 1) Not recommended on its own. In order for the body to absorb it properly, mix it with oils rich in Omega3 (flaxseed oil with cottage cheese/quark mix). Mix 4 drops of artemisinin with the flaxseed oil and cottage cheese/quark mix. 2) Take care when choosing a product with artemisinin, because not all of them have been tested and approved. /Page 42

3) Artemisinin should not be taken during chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment. Wait 30 days after finishing the treatment. 4) Not suitable for pregnant women in the first trimester. 5) Consult your doctor or specialist if you have any type of allergy to this kind of substance.

The instructions how to take artemisinin come with every order, along with the daily dosage and other recommendations.


Turmeric may well be the most beneficial plant for our health. Within the cancer field, it´s renowned for its beneficial properties. The Budwig Centre relies on a formula with outstanding results, always in conjunction with other natural products and therapies to reinforce results, and it's tailored to every patient's individual case. This formula is called Curcuma 100. This compound is helpful for: - Reducing pain. - Reducing tumours. - Eliminating free radicals, so therefore acting as an anti-aging product. - Improving joint mobility. - Renewing brain cells, improving memory and concentration. - Improving blood circulation and therefore by default supporting heart and brain - Balancing sugar levels in the blood. /Page 43

- Fighting indigestion and helps soothe constipation. - Helping to maintain healthy cholesterol levels. - Anti-inflammatory. Curcuma 100 works 24/7, renewing and repairing cells, strengthening the immune system, as well as replenishing energy levels. The Curcuma 100 formula available at the Budwig Centre is a mix of concentrated turmeric, pure and natural mineral water, improved by the deep groundwater (aquifers) frequencies in Germany. The mix is therefore highly absorbable. It´s presented in a concentrate, so must be diluted in a 1litre capacity bottle of fill it up with water and then to be consumed as follows: Day 1, 1 spoonful on an empty stomach. Day 2, 1 spoonful on an empty stomach and one more 20 minutes before lunch. Day 3, 1 spoonful 20 minutes before each meal (3/day). Then increase a spoonful before each meal to a maximum of 9 spoonfuls a day. (Maximum of 3 before each meal.) If you´re not feeling dizzy or nauseous, the dosage may be increased. /Page 44

OTHER RECOMMENDATIONS AND ADVICE PARASITES AND PETS We appreciate that pets can provide emotional wellbeing and are recommended by some professionals, such as psychologists. Having a dog means you have to take it for a walk, which forces some people to be more mobile and to partake in physical activity, because of the responsibility. However, we would like to highlight that these benefits may be curbed if the required pet hygiene is being compromised. It´s imperative that the animal and its accessories be kept clean. Hygiene is directly linked to health so we should always be informed of the necessary pet care. Always wash your hands after touching the pet and never allow an animal to jump on surfaces where food is handled. It´s equally as important to worm it regularly, which can be once a year, depending on the animal. Parasites can be transmitted to our intestines or other organ, which is why the animal´s hygienic needs must be met; otherwise a pet may become a risk factor for picking up several diseases.

PREVENTION FOR WOMEN: USING A BRA Bras are a personal item used daily by women, and has evolved over time. Many Gynaecologists recommend the use of wireless bras. Why? The pressure underwired bras put on the breast and the nodes can provoke bumps and mastopathy, which in turn can develop, over time, into breast cancer. A tight under-wired bra may compress various nodes and the lymphatic system. As a result, the toxins cannot be eliminated naturally through lymphatic drainage, which can cause accumulation in the breasts, creating cysts, fibrous nodules or cancerous tumours over time. For all of the above we recommend the use of wireless bras. Use sports bras and when possible limit wearing them. Do not use a bra to sleep and when at home.

COSMETICS & PERSONAL HYGIENE PRODUCTS We all use personal hygiene products and cosmetics on a daily basis: toothpaste, shampoo, body lotion, soap, deodorant, shower gel, etc. Knowing that our skin is the largest organ of the body and it absorbs whatever we apply to it, our aim should be to use equally natural products on our skin as we do for our eating habits. We may not be in the habit of reading the ingredients of our cosmetics and personal hygiene products, but it´s highly recommended we do so, in the same way we do for our food. Some "non desirable" ingredients can be found in our daily cosmetics and personal hygiene products, they are: - Alcohol (common in toning and shaving creams) - Parabens: (in deodorants, creams and makeup) - Petrolatum (Vaseline) or paraffin and Methylisothiazolinone (shampoos) - Aluminium (deodorants and anti-perspirants) - Sodium Laurilsulphate and Phtalates: (shampoos, toothpaste, cosmetics, soaps etc.) At the Budwig Centre we recommend you find natural hand-made products, with ingredients you are familiar with. Or made my companies who are environment-friendly. /Page 45

LEMON JUICE AND BICARBONATE FOR CERTAIN DISEASES AND FATIGUE An easy and efficient addition to our daily routine to fight disease and increase energy levels is taking lemon juice with sodium bicarbonate. Athletes use sodium bicarbonate to gain more energy at sporting events. Sodium bicarbonate combined with lemon juice is a source of vitality and health. Many of us suffer from what is called "acidosis", a case of excessive acidity. Our bodies are 70% water and should be kept at a neutral PH (acid / alkaline) to avoid growth of harmful micro-organisms. When our body has too much acid, it´s an important alarm to our eating habits and lifestyle, warning us that it needs immediate attention. INSTRUCTIONS At night, put 1 glass (250 ml) of water in a 1litre jug, add 1 spoonful of sodium bicarbonate and the juice of one whole lemon. Ensure you clean the lemon peel beforehand. Fill the jug with purified water and leave to sit all night. General Health Maintenance: Upon waking in the morning drink 1 glass (250 ml) of the sodium bicarbonate and lemon drink, every morning (we recommend you do this every morning, integrating it into your long term daily routine), to help maintain optimum health and energy levels. Chronic or long-term disease: [Week 1] When waking in the morning drink 1 glass of the sodium bicarbonate/lemon drink. [Week 2] drink 2 glasses of the drink, and if you have no side-effects, such as, acute increase in blood pressure, oedema, kidney or liver pain, move on to week 3. [Week 3] drink 3 glasses of the drink and if you don´t suffer any side-effects move on to week 4. [Week 4] drink 3 glasses in the morning and 1 glass before bed. 2 hours after meals until health improves. Upon completion, return to "General Health Maintenance". To begin with it may be difficult to swallow 3 glassfuls (750 ml) one after the other, take your time and you´ll soon find it easier. When we wake up our body's pH levels are usually very acidic, this drink will clean your intestines and help restore your pH balance during the day. Remember to always prepare the mix the day before and allow it to sit through the night in order to drink it the next day. In just a few days you will notice an improvement in your general health, an increase in energy levels and any health issues will be reduced and notably improve. Our saliva pH levels should normally be between 7.0 and 7.4 before drinking anything. Our urine is slightly more acidic in the morning because our bodies have been cleaning out the acids throughout the night. Therefore, you may get a urine pH level reading between 6.0 and 7.0, but it will improve drastically after drinking the sodium bicarbonate and lemon drink for a few days. An ideal urine pH reading is between 7.0 and 7.2.


• Sodium bicarbonate is considered unsafe for lactating mothers, pregnant women, and children under 5 years of age, unless specifically prescribed by a doctor. • Please be aware that sodium bicarbonate is high in sodium, so if you suffer from oedema, liver disease, kidney disease, or high blood pressure, we recommend you begin with only 1 glass of the sodium bicarbonate and lemon mix in the morning. Medical supervision must be followed-up to confirm your condition and your progress. • In the beginning you may experience some stomach cramps and feel thirstier as a side effect. • See a doctor if your feet swell, if you feel weak, if your breathing slows down or you get nauseous. • NEVER ingest the oven powder!; it´s a totally different substance to sodium bicarbonate. The ingredients in the oven powder can be harmful to your body. • If you´re on prescribed medicine, you will need a medical authorisation to ingest sodium bicarbonate. • The intake of sodium bicarbonate and lemon is not a substitute to a healthy diet, regular exercise and adequate rest. If you have chronic or serious illness, it is important to have medical supervision. • Athletes should be informed by their trainers and doctors, in the eventuality that sodium bicarbonate could be considered a performance enhancer, and banned in the sport or country of origin. /Page 47

CONCLUSION A person following Dr. Budwig´s program will verify its beneficial effects and a remarkable improvement to their cancer or illness. Dr. Budwig warned that any modification or additional elements to the program could compromise the end results. At the Budwig Centre we aim to get to the real cause of disease and do whatever possible to help the body eliminate that cause. Our program starts the day you sign up to it, and ends the day your health is recovered. Products and remedies as well as courses of emotional balancing techniques are sent immediately to your home address. All our patients receive regular newsletters and permanent support You have the choice of signing up to our REMOTE PROGRAMS or come to our Clinic in Málaga (Spain). Both the Clinic and Remote Programs will help you to change your thought patterns, just like Dr. Budwig did. It´s not just changing "negative thoughts" for "positive thoughts" - although that too is an important part of the program. But even more important is to change the false thought or erroneous thought for the real thought. You can find more information at the following link: Regular VEGA tests allow us to supervise your progress and offer more help. The VEGA test, as you already know, can be performed at the clinic or remotely, for which we will need you to send us urine, hair/nail sample. We believe we have one of the best, most comprehensive programs available at the moment with an endless list of testimonials from a number of years, to support our success. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Lloyd Jenkins, PhD, EFT

[email protected] /Page 48