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Board  of  Directors  Minutes       April  19,  2016  /  Page  1   MINUTES   North  Dakota  High  School  Activities  Association   April  19,  2016...
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Board  of  Directors  Minutes      

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MINUTES   North  Dakota  High  School  Activities  Association   April  19,  2016,  Valley  City,  ND       The  Board  of  Directors  of  the  North  Dakota  High  School  Activities  Association  held  their  meeting  on  April   19,  2016  in  Valley  City.  President  Wiberg  called  the  meeting  to  order  at  10:57  am.       Members  present:  Wiberg,  Hall,  Rinas,  Manley,  Roaldson,  Baesler,  Dahlen,  Bertsch,  Stedman     Members  absent:  Schafer,  Vollmer     Upon   additions   to   the   agenda,   motion   by   Hall   to   approve.   Second   by   Roaldson.   Motion   carried   unanimously.         Motion  by  Roaldson  to  approve  the  consent  agenda.  Second  by  Dahlen.  Motion  carried  unanimously.       Consent  agenda  items:     1)   Approval  of  Minutes   i)   March  18,  2016   ii)   April  12,  2016   2)   Financial  Report   i)   Balance  sheet   (1)   February  2016   (2)   March  2016   ii)   Budget   (1)   February  2016   (2)   March  2016   iii)   Savings/investments   (1)   February  2016   (2)   March  2016   iv)   Winter  Tournament  Financial  Report   3)   Coop  Dissolutions   i)   Jamestown  and  Montpelier,  football,  7-­8,  2016-­17   ii)   Jamestown  and  Montpelier,  football,  9-­12,  2017-­18   iii)   Trenton  and  Williston  Trinity  Christian,  football,  7-­8,  2016-­17   iv)   Griggs   County   Central,   Midkota,   Barnes   County   North,   Pingree-­Buchanan   and   Kensal,   football,  7-­12,  2017-­18     Jason   Wiberg,   Executive   Committee   chair,   reported   Executive   Committee   action.   There   were   three   schools  with  self-­reported  violations  and  one  late  coop  dissolution  request.     Self  Report   •   Park  River  High  School  reported  an  out  of  season  coaching  violation.    The  school  will  receive  a   letter  of  reprimand  and  report  a  plan  to  educate  coaches  to  NDHSAA  by  June  6,  2016.     •   Hazen  High  School  reported  use  of  an  ineligible  student  in  a  region  music  contest.    The  school   will  receive  a  letter  of  reprimand.     •   Langdon  Area  reported  moving  grade  7  and  8  St.  Alphonsus  players  to  grade  9-­12  teams.    The   cooperative   sponsorships   between   Langdon   Area   and   St.   Alphonsus   were   created   in   1983   and   include   grades   7   and   8.     Upon   realizing   the   error,   Langdon   Area   self   reported   and   requested   approval   to   change   all   coops   between   Langdon   Area   and   St.   Alphonsus   to   7-­12   coops.     The   Executive  Committee  recommends  approval  of  the  coops  as  requested  with  no  late  fees.       b)   Late  Coop  Applications   (1)   Langdon  Area  and  St.  Alphonsus,  baseball,  7-­12,  2015-­16,  late  fee   (2)   Langdon  Area  and  St.  Alphonsus,  boys  basketball,  7-­12,  2015-­16,  late  fee   (3)   Langdon  Area  and  St.  Alphonsus,  girls  basketball,  7-­12,  2015-­16,  late  fee   (4)   Langdon  Area  and  St.  Alphonsus,  boys  cross  country,  7-­12,  2015-­16,  late  fee   (5)   Langdon  Area  and  St.  Alphonsus,  girls  cross  country,  7-­12,  2015-­16,  late  fee  

Board  of  Directors  Minutes      

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(6)   Langdon  Area  and  St.  Alphonsus,  boys  golf,  7-­12,  2015-­16,  late  fee   (7)   Langdon  Area  and  St.  Alphonsus,  girls  golf,  7-­12,  2015-­16,  late  fee   (8)   Langdon  Area  and  St.  Alphonsus,  football,  7-­12,  2015-­16,  late  fee   (9)   Langdon  Area  and  St.  Alphonsus,  boys  track  and  field,  7-­12,  2015-­16,  late  fee   (10)  Langdon  Area  and  St.  Alphonsus,  girls  track  and  field,  7-­12,  2015-­16,  late  fee   (11)  Langdon  Area  and  St.  Alphonsus,  volleyball,  7-­12,  2015-­16,  late  fee   c)   Langdon  Area  Area  High  School  late  fee  waiver  request     Motion  by  Wiberg  to  approve  Executive  Committee  report  including  approval  of  the  Langdon  Area  and  St.   Aphonsus  coops  with  no  late  fees.  Second  by  Rinas  Motion  carried  unanimously.     Shannon  Faller,  Alexander  High  School  Principal,  appealed  the  NDHSAA  Executive  Board  decision  to   place  Alexander  on  probation  through  the  2016-­17  school  year  for  allowing  a  junior  high  basketball  team   to  play  a  high  school  team.  Motion  by  Rinas  to  deny  request  to  overrule  the  Executive  Board  decision  to   place  Alexander  High  School  on  probation  for  2016-­17.  Second  by  Manley.  Motion  carried  unanimously.     Steve  Hall  provided  a  Constitution  &  By-­Laws  Committee  report  with  potential  language  changes  to  Part   II,  Article  IX:  Awards  By-­Law.  A  draft  of  proposed  By-­Law  changes  was  distributed  to  the  Board  for  review   in   March.   NDHSAA   staff   presented   the   proposed   change   at   the   NDIAAA   conference   in   April   and   held   round-­table   discussion   to   gather   feedback.     The   athletic   directors   were   in   favor   of   the   changes   to   the   Awards  By-­Law  with  no  specific  concerns  brought  forward.    The  committee  recommends  the  amendment   be  brought  to  the  membership  for  a  vote  in  October.       The   committee   discussed   the   transfer   rule   concerning   divorce   and   legal   separation   interpretation   in   Article  XIV  –  Section  X  or  the  NDHSAA  Constitution  &  By-­Laws.       Motion  by  Hall  to  approve  Constitution  &  By-­Laws  Committee  report.  Second  by  Dahlen.  Motion  carried   unanimously.     The  Board  reviewed  a  letter  from  Fargo  North  High  School  administrators  requesting  an  addition  to  the   out-­of-­season  coaching  rule  in  Board  interpretations.     The  proposed  change  would  add:     At  any  time  during  the  off-­season,  coaches  of  team  sports  who  are  also  parents  may  instruct/coach  their   own  children  who  have  participated  in  a  contest  as  members  of  their  school  team  in  that  sport  and/or  are   in  grade  7-­8  programs  that  feed  into  grade  9-­12  programs.  There  may  be  no  other  members  of  the   coach’s  program  or  the  feeder  program  on  the  same  team.     Specifically,  a  member  of  Fargo  North’s  coaching  staff  requests  allowance  to  coach  his  child’s  out-­of-­ season  team.    The  player/child  is  competing  on  a  non-­school  team  with  no  other  Fargo  North  players.   This  addition  to  the  out-­of-­season  coaching  regulation  would  be  allowed  only  under  the  circumstance  in   which  a  parent,  who  is  a  coach  for  a  grade  9-­12  team  his/her  child  either  plays  on  or  is  in  a  grade  7-­8   feeder  system  for,  and  the  child/player  are  involved  in  an  out-­of  season  team  that  has  no  other  team   members  of  the  coach’s  team  or  feeder  team  playing.     Motion   by   Stedman   to   approve   the   additional   language   in   the   out-­of-­season   coaching   regulation   as   requested  beginning  immediately.  Second  by  Bertsch.  Roll  call  vote:  Rinas  -­  yes,  Manley  -­  yes,  Roaldson   -­  yes,  Hall  -­  no,  Baesler  -­  yes,  Dahlen  -­  yes,  Bertsch  -­  yes,  Stedman  –  yes,  Wiberg  –  no.  Motion  carried:   (7-­2)     Bertsch,  reported  on  the  Fine  Arts  Committee  meeting  concerning  the  qualifying  ratio  for  State  A   Vocal/Strings  and  the  effect  on  the  size  of  the  contest  and  venues.    This  issue  will  be  addressed  at  the   music  advisory.    Staff  member  Bubach  wanted  the  Board  to  know  this  issue  would  be  coming  forth   possibly  at  the  Fine  Arts  Review  in  May.        

Board  of  Directors  Minutes      

April  19,  2016  /  Page  3  

Motion   by   Bertsch   to   approve   the   Fine   Arts   Committee   report.   Second   by   Manley.   Motion   carried   unanimously.     Steve  Hall,  Combined  Tournament  Committee  chair,  reported  the  following  recommendations  emanating   from  the  April  4,  2016  meeting.   Changes  in  ticket  prices  as  follows:   (1)   Eliminate  the  tournament  ticket  for  east  region  boys  and  girls  basketball  and  boys  hockey.   (2)   Change  boys  region  hockey  tournament  prices  to  follow  Class  A  basketball  region  prices.       a.   Add  a  daily  ticket  to  East  and  West  boys  hockey:    Adult  $10.00  –  Student  $5.00   b.   Change  the  price  of  the  West  Region  boys  hockey  tournament  ticket  to:  Adult  $10.00   –  Student  $5.00   c.   Remove  the  3  –  game  session  price  from  West  Region  boys  hockey  ticket  prices   (3)   Change  the  state  wrestling  adult  reserved  tournament  ticket  price  to  $42.00   Motion   by   Hall   to   approve   the   change   in   ticket   prices   as   proposed.   Second   by   Dahlen.   Motion   carried   unanimously.     Update  state  tournament  site  schedule  as  follows:   a.   Place  the  2018-­19    State  Hockey  Tournament  in  Fargo   Motion   by   Bertsch   to   approve   placement   of   the   2018-­19   state   hockey   tournament   in   Fargo.   Second   by   Manley.  Motion  carried  unanimously.     Eliminate  the  spirit  award  for  Class  B  basketball  tournaments.  This  award  was  previously  discontinued  at   Class  A  basketball  tournaments.    The  number  of  schools  having  cheerleaders  has  diminished  and  the   Combined  Tournament  Committee  no  longer  feels  this  is  a  necessary  award.  Wiberg  brought  up  the  need   for  a  way  to  promote  sportsmanship  in  member  schools.    Motion  by  Hall  to  eliminate  the  spirit  award  for   Class  B  basketball  tournaments  beginning  in  2016-­17.  Second  by  Rinas.    Motion  carried  unanimously.       Hall  brought  up  the  issue  of  dimming  of  lights  before  the  championship  game  of  each  tournament.  This  is   handled   by   local   tournament   management   and   the   Combined   Tournament   Committee   had   no   recommendation  to  change.       Steve  Hall,  Tournament  Committee  Chair,  presented  recommendations  for  2016-­17  winter  sport  region   tournaments  as  follows:     EVENT   SITE  SELECTED   BASKETBALL  -­  Girls     Region  1   Fargo  -­  TBA   Region  2   GF  Betty   Region  3   Jamestown  Civic   Region  4   Devils  Lake   Region  5   Mandan   Region  6   Minot  Audi   Region  7   Dickinson  Trinity   Region  8   Watford  City   BASKETBALL-­Boys  &  Girls  Combined  -­  Class  A   East  Region   Fargo   West  Region   Bismarck   BASKETBALL  -­  Boys     Region  1   NDSCS   Region  2   GF  Betty   Region  3   Jamestown  Civic   Region  4   Devils  Lake   Region  5   Bismarck  -­  TBA   Region  6   MSU  Dome   Region  7   Dickinson  Trinity   Region  8   Williston  State   HOCKEY  -­  Boys    

Board  of  Directors  Minutes      

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East  Region   Grand  Forks   West  Region   Bismarck   TENNIS-­  Girls     East  Region   Fargo   West  Region   Minot   WRESTLING     Class  A     East  Region   Grand  Forks  Central   West  Region   Williston       Class  B     Region  1   Ellendale   Region  2   Mayville   Region  3   Rolla   Region  4   Beulah     Motion  by  Manley  to  approve  the  2016/17  region  tournament  sites  as  proposed.  Second  by  Hall.  Motion   carried  unanimously.     Hall  presented  recommendations  for  2016-­17  fine  arts  state  sites  as  follows:       Event   2017-­18   2018-­19   2019-­20   State  B  Plays     University  of  Jamestown   University  of  Jamestown   State  Debate       Fargo  Metro  Schools   State  A  Plays       LRSC   State  A  Speech       Jamestown  HS   State  A  Music       VCSU   State  B  Speech   Mandan  HS   Mandan  HS   Mandan  HS   State  B  Music       BSC     Motion  by  Hall  to  approve  the  fine  arts  state  sites  through  2019-­20  as  proposed.  Second  by  Rinas.  Motion   carried  unanimously.     The  Board  reviewed  a  letter  from  Tom  Milbrandt,  Athletic  Director  at  Maple  Valley  High  School,  on  behalf   of  Region  1  schools  requesting  the  Board  consider  scheduling  the  final  night  of  the  2017  Region  1  Girls   Basketball  Tournament  on  a  Wednesday  evening.  Of  the  13  schools  in  Region  1,  ten  schools  were  in   favor  of  the  proposal  and  three  opposed  holding  the  final  night  of  the  tournament  on  a  Wednesday   evening.     Motion   by   Roaldson   to   table   the   Region   1   Girls   Basketball   Tournament   request.   Second   by   Stedman.   More  information  will  be  available  for  the  Board  to  make  a  decision  in  June.    Motion  carried  unanimously.     Executive  Director  Fetsch  proposed  a  seven-­year  activity  calendar  that  would  go  through  2022-­23  for   Board  review  and  approval.  The  Board  previously  approved  the  activity  calendar  dates  through  2018-­19.   Fetsch  proposed  changing  the  5-­year  activity  calendar  to  a  7-­year  activity  calendar  to  bring  the  activity   calendar  in  line  with  the  site  rotation  calendar.    The  proposed  calendar  added  three  years  to  the  activity   calendar.           Motion   by   Manley   to   approve   the   proposed   seven-­year   calendar.   Second   by   Stedman.   Motion   carried   unanimously.       The  Board  reviewed  a  letter  from  Patti  Aanenson,  Northeast  region  track  meet  manager,  requesting  the   Board  consider  allowing  a  2:00  pm  start  time  for  the  Northeast  Region  meet  on  Friday,  May  19,  2016.   Motion   by   Hall   to   deny   the   request.   Second   by   Dahlen.   The   Board   felt   not   enough   information   was   provided  to  change  the  Board  regulation.    Motion  carried  unanimously.  

Board  of  Directors  Minutes      

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  Executive  Director’s  Report  included:   1)   Fetsch  reported  information  from  a  meeting  with  the  Bismarck  Public  Schools  athletic   administration  concerning  the  future  of  the  Bismarck  girls  hockey  program.    Dave  Zittleman,   Bismarck  Public  Schools  athletic  director,  provided  a  report  to  the  Board  on  the  girls  hockey   program.    The  Board  discussed  philosophy  of  Class  A  coops  at  length  and  whether  Class  A   coops  supported  the  purpose  of  coops,  which  is  to  enhance  participation.    Roaldson  discussed   the  option  of  Jamestown  moving  from  NDHSAA  Class  A  girls  hockey  to  the  Under  19  club  hockey   program  as  Jamestown  is  not  able  to  field  viable  teams  at  the  level  of  the  larger  cooped   programs.    He  does  not  feel  girls  hockey  has  a  level  playing  field  for  all  teams.    Rinas  brought  up   the  possibility  of  creating  coop  guidelines  dependent  on  participation.    Baesler  indicated  she  felt   the  Bismarck  schools  should  be  forced  to  take  another  look.    Fetsch  indicated  if  that  path  is   chosen,  NDHSAA  would  need  to  look  at  all  coops,  not  just  the  Bismarck  girls  hockey  coop.    Staff   member  Bubach  indicated  there  are  two  separate  issues  that  need  to  be  addressed.    The  issue  of   Class  A  coops  and  the  issue  of  girls  hockey.    Originally  the  Bismarck  girls  hockey  coop  was  put  in   place  to  grow  girls  hockey.    The  Bismarck  girls  hockey  coop  has  grown  and  the  longer  it  is  in   place,  the  harder  it  is  to  dissolve  the  coop.    Bismarck  has  proven  they  have  enough  kids  because   they  have  a  JV  program  in  addition  to  their  varsity  program.    Only  two  of  the  11  girls’  hockey   teams  in  North  Dakota  have  JV  teams.  The  possibility  of  bringing  back  the  past  practice  of   renewing  coops  every  3  years  was  discussed.  Hall  cautioned  the  Board  they  would  have  to  look   at  this  issue  globally  rather  than  coop  by  coop.    Manley  questioned  whether  large  coops  are  in   line  with  the  NDHSAA  philosophy  of  coop  previously  adopted  by  the  Board.  The  NDHSAA  Board   has  the  ability  to  change  the  current  philosophy  with  consideration  of  the  purpose  of  cooperative   sponsorships.    Baesler  questioned  whether  Executive  Director  Fetsch  should  send  a  letter  to   Bismarck  Public  Schools  explaining  the  Board’s  concerns  and  require  an  updated  plan   concerning  the  future/dissolution  of  their  girls  hockey  coop.  The  second  issue  the  Board  should   consider  is  to  review  NDHSAA  cooperative  sponsorship  philosophy.  Fetsch  indicated  the   Bismarck  schools  are  aware  of  complaints  NDHSAA  received  concerning  the  girls  hockey  coop.   Roaldson  suggested  a  letter  be  sent  to  all  Class  A  superintendents  and  school  board  presidents   explaining  the  Board  is  looking  to  re-­evaluate  Class  A  coops  with  a  reminder  of  the  coop   philosophy.    Wiberg  suggested  Fetsch  communicate  with  Bismarck  and  request  a  plan  rather   than  an  overview  of  their  program.    Evaluation  of  coops  would  be  difficult  for  NDHSAA  staff  or  the   Board  to  determine  as  circumstances  are  different  for  each  coop.    The  overall  feeling  of  the  Board   is  Bismarck’s  girls  hockey  coop  does  not  align  with  the  NDHSAA  coop  philosophy.    Bertsch  felt  it   was  fair  to  ask  the  question  of  Bismarck  as  to  what  is  their  plan.    Fetsch  will  send  a  letter  to   Bismarck  Public  Schools  discussing  information  provided  at  the  Board  level  and  inquiring   specifics  of  their  plan  and  how  NDHSAA  can  help  facilitate  changes  to  their  girls  hockey  coop.         2)   Fetsch  reported  on  the  NFHS  legal  meeting,  which  was  held  in  Indianapolis  in  April.    The   following  issues  were  presented.     i)   Legal  separation   ii)   Home-­school  transfers   iii)   Eligibility  of  F1  and  J1  students.       iv)   Some  states  have  Board  regulations  concerning  schools  that  challenge  state  associations   mandating  payment  of  legal  fees  by  the  member  school  if  the  association  is  not  found  at  fault.   v)   Social  media  was  discussed.    For  example,  NDHSAA  staff  researched  social  media  posts  by   media  specialist  applicants  and  ruled  out  some  applicants  based  on  their  social  media   presence.     vi)   Classification  systems  in  other  states  was  discussed.    Forcing  non-­public  schools  to  play  at  a   higher  level  would  not  be  recommended  by  NDHSAA  legal  counsel.   3)   NFHS  Network  Summit  was  also  a  part  of  the  legal  meeting.  NDHSAA  is  in  year  3  of  a  5-­year   contract  with  the  NFHS  Network  for  broadcast/streaming  rights  to  some  post-­season   tournaments.    NFHS  Network  recently  offered  an  amendment  to  all  extensions  due  to  lower  than   anticipated  revenue.    In  order  to  pay  off  the  debt  to  investors  they  are  looking  at  leveling  amounts   paid  to  associations.    Fetsch  will  have  more  information  for  the  media  committee  in  June.       4)   Construction  was  completed  last  week  for  an  office  for  Tom  Mix,  NDHSAA  media  specialist  who   will  begin  at  the  Association  May  2,  2016.    

Board  of  Directors  Minutes      

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5)   Fetsch  informed  the  Board  of  the  retirement  supper  which  will  be  held  the  evening  of  June  13,   2016.     6)   Aimee  Copas,  NDCEL  director  requested  NDHSAA  move  their  August  4,  2016  region   administrator  meeting  date  as  they  scheduled  the  NDCEL  Fall  Boot-­camp  conference  for  the  first   week  in  August,  in  conflict  with  one  of  the  NDHSAA  mandatory  administrator  meetings.    The   meeting  in  Valley  City  on  August  4,  2016  will  be  moved  to  August  11,  2016.       The  next  NDHSAA  Board  meeting  will  be  held  June  13-­14,  2016  at  the  NDHSAA  office  in  Valley  City.     President  Wiberg  declared  the  meeting  adjourned  at  1:25  pm.         Respectfully  Submitted,   Brenda  Schell   Assistant  Director     Signed:  ______________________________  Approved  Date:  _____/_____/_____