No one succeeds alone. When you see a peak performer, you also see a coach

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904-268-8211 Got a question for Mr.HomeInspection? Wally Conway is President of Home Pro Inspections, a Certified Master Inspector & the host of “The Home and Garden Show” Saturdays 7-9 a.m. on News 104.5 WOKV



Luuuuke, who's your home inspector?

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Got a Family Member, Friend, or Vendor in a Business That Needs a Boost? It’s Time for Them to Get BOLD Business Performance, and You Can Help! Albert Einstein famously said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” It is only when you are open to change that real growth is possible.

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Who Reads “Secrets of a Happy Home Inspector”?

Most business owners and entrepreneurs, as well as salespeople, allow their life to be run by default. They are overworked and frustrated by efforts that do not support the life they desire. They press the gas pedal harder in hopes of a better result, only to discover that their personal life suffers, with no professional gain. No one succeeds alone. When you see a peak performer, you also see a coach. In professional sports, Bart Star had Vince Lombardi. Mohamad Ali had Angelo Dundee. Joe Montana had Bill Walsh. And it‘s interesting that each of these coaches had hundreds of other athletes that they guided to peak performance.

Emitt Smith

Get your copy at 904-268-8211

come to mind. These three legends have combined to deliver business development programs to over one million real estate agents! And at least one home inspector.

The real estate industry has many great coaches: Tom Hopkins, Craig Proctor, and Don Hobbs

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BOLD Business Pres. Shon Kokoszka

What is it that a business coach does? Quite simply, they study the behaviors of the most successful people to create a model for success. They train you on how to implement that model into your own business. And most importantly, over time, through feedback and repetition, you engage in the behaviors of success. Success is simple, it’s just not easy! What is BOLD Business Performance? BOLD stands for “Business Objective, Life by Design.” BOLD Business Performance was developed by MAPS BOLD Business President, Shon Kokoszka, in response to the downward market shift. Since (continued on pg 2 ...)


(... continued from pg 1) important things, distilled down to your “ONE Thing.”

the development of BOLD in 2009, more than 70,000 people have graduated from BOLD, averaging a 168-percent increase in yearly income. This year, “Training” magazine named MAPS Coaching as the No. 1 training program in the world across all industries. Now BOLD Business Performance is coming to Jacksonville to deliver worldclass business development programs to every business owner, entrepreneur, or salesperson, no matter the business niche. BOLD Business is coming to the BOLD City! BOLD Business Performance is a transformative program designed to increase productivity of business owners, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals through the relentless pursuit of business leads, conversion strategies, and business-building activities by training AND conditioning them to overcome limiting beliefs, develop powerful influencing language, and build a leadgeneration machine. A common stumbling block on the success path is the constant battle to have enough time to implement. BOLD incorporates strategies that result in your doing less, not more. This is accomplished by the guided self-discovery of your most

Your ONE Thing is the answer to the clarifying question, What’s the ONE Thing such that by doing it, everything else would become easier or unnecessary? When the clarifying question is applied to each of the (seven) most important areas of your life, you are living BOLD. That is a life by design, not by default. BOLD Business performance is a six-step program, done in six full days, over a period of seven weeks to allow time for your new behaviors and success habits to form. BOLD is delivered live and in-person to you by your BOLD Business Coach. Your BOLD Coach has been individually selected based on their real-world business success, their ability to effectively communicate as a coach, and their mastery of the BOLD Business Performance program. Who is that family member, friend, or vendor who is in need of a BOLD Business boost? Share with them that all they need to do to get started living a BOLD life is to save their seat at the upcoming FREE BOLD Discovery Day by registering at They will thank you for transforming their life to a BOLD life!

-Wally How to Get Approved for the Best Mortgage Without Sticking a Fork in Your Eye!!

By Elysia Stobbe They say you can’t judge a book by its cover. While that thought may be technically true, the real truth is that book covers sell books! And drilling down to the core of it all, book titles sell books too! In the years since “Home Inspection Secrets of the Happy Home Inspector” first reached Amazon No. 1 best-seller status, dozens of wannabe authors have sought my thoughts on launching the book locked inside their heads. Many have started, most have done nothing, but one has launched to the moon! Over coffee early one morning, Elysia Stobbe shared with me her intent to write Elysia with Tony Robbins a book about mortgages. The thought of reading a book about mortgages is at least as much a sleeper as a book about home inspections. And suddenly I understood how people felt when I had shared my dream with them of writing a book about home inspections. It’s not what the book is about, though, it’s what the book does for the reader! What will reading this book do for you? It depends on who you are — Realtor, homebuyer, or lender.



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As a Realtor, you know that unless your homebuyer can comfortably and rapidly get their loan approved AND closed, there will be no sale. No sale, no commission. Armed with the information in this book, you will quickly be able to determine if your homebuyer is likely to get approved, if they have chosen the proper loan product, AND if the lender is likely to get the loan closed. When your homebuyer is educated and engaged EARLY in the home buying process, you get to contract and closing faster. If you enjoy driving people all over town, become an Uber driver. If you prefer homebuyers who can make a mortgage decision, you will need to get them quickly, objectively, and comfortably educated on getting a mortgage. This book does that. Why would a lender read a book written by another lender, especially if that lender was in your same market area? Elysia has personally interviewed Keller Williams founder Gary Keller, in his Austin office, Director Mike Connors of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs in D.C., and Brightway Insurance CEO David Miller, among other luminaries in the real estate universe. And you’re wondering if you need to read this book?

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There is no dishonor in being a builder or a school teacher; each is a noble endeavor. That said, to dress like a builder or a school teacher when your chosen profession is a real estate agent is to complicate the path to real estate success.

What are the three things ladies notice most about how a man is dressed?

There is professional help available to you. Mick Hanks has been a men’s fashion and image consultant since 1993. Having studied under Master Tailor Anastasias Daskalpolous, Mick has been trusted to develop a successful image for a diverse group of top-tier professionals.

Without hesitation, Mick replies, “The most important item is a fine pair of shoes. They must be wellheeled, polished, and most importantly, comfortable, so you move with confidence.”

From the world of professional sports, Mick has dressed Bill Buckner, Vince Coleman, and Dirk Koetter. For television, he has worked with contestants on Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice.” More in-line with the well-dressed man in the real estate profession, Mick has been a trusted image advisor to several governors, judges, and at least one home inspector. At an interview done at Mick’s store, To the Nynes in Mandarin, he shared some insider secrets for the well-dressed real estate man to use for professional and personal success. What are three must-have pieces every welldressed man should have in his closet? “A well-structured and properly fitted Blue Blazer made of a fine fabric. This is the centerpiece from which a fine wardrobe is built. That said, it cannot be the only jacket on your rack. People will think you are a home inspector!” And the second item suggested by Mick: “Crisp white shirts and plenty of them. These need to be properly cleaned and pressed after EVERY wearing. And when the collars get frayed or stained, donate them to your favorite lady as a lounging shirt. Both the shirt and your lady will look great.” The final of the three most important items in the well-dressed man’s closet according to Mick? “A quality pair of shoes that fit and feel great. They should be polished before each time they are worn, and the heels must not show signs of wear. Your shoes are so important to your image that the saying, “well-heeled man” evolved from the depression when worn heels were an immediate sign that a man was down on his luck.” 904-268-8211

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“Next is not a piece or accessory, yet it is as important as any item that you could ever wear, and that is your personal grooming. Your hair and nails speak volumes about your attention to detail. And your smile tells the world that you will be a joy to be with!” Mick says with a smile. And the third most noticed item is, “A nice watch. While the popularity of wrist watches has waned somewhat with the advent of the smartphone, a well-selected wrist watch makes a statement. Interestingly, the most popular online fashion purchase by men is a wrist watch, Rolex being the most desired brand by men.” Are you a man who is ready to step up your professional image and dress for success? Or is there a man in your life who could use some pointers on how to dress for your next event together so that his appearance does not distract from yours? Stop by and meet Mick at his store. It’s adjacent to Carrabba’s Restaurant in Mandarin. You can schedule an in-home or office consultation as well. Or to take the men in your office to the next level of success, schedule Mick for a quick tips presentation at your next sales meeting by visiting www.

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Life’s too short to dress like a school teacher, unless you are one.


Septic Status Jacksonville Real Estate Company Pays Homebuyer $8,684 to Replace Faulty Septic System After MLS Wrongly Disclosed Home Was Connected to JEA Sewage! When you wake each day for your morning constitutional, where does the poo go after you flush? For more than 2,600,000 Floridians, it goes into an on-site waste disposal or “septic tank.” In fact, over 30 percent of Floridians live in a home with a septic tank. In Jacksonville, there are 85,000 septic tanks! According to JEA, there are 21 neighborhoods around Jacksonville that have been deemed “Septic Failure Areas.” The expected cost to abandon those 21,000 tanks and connect to the JEA sewage system is $300,000,000.

In another common situation, the input to the MLS might (wrongly) say “sewer.” It could later be discovered to be “septic,” with no sewer connection available. This makes for an ugly situation. A situation where the homebuyer claims “they never would have bought this home if they knew.” Now they want you to buy back the home. Your No. 1 goal is to ensure that the input to the MLS is correct. At HomePro Inspections, we have developed a proprietary protocol to ensure that the “septic or sewer” MLS data is correct. Most home inspection companies run from their job and disclaim this responsibility. Not HomePro! To research for yourself if a home is on septic or sewer, visit

When municipal sewer service is available to a home on a septic tank, it is generally mandatory that the homeowner connect to that sewer service, unless a waiver is granted. Most of those waivers allow a properly functioning septic tank to remain in service until the septic system fails or ownership of the property is transferred. This is getting close to hitting home for real estate agents. When the information entered into the MLS correctly states whether the home is presently being served by “septic” or “sewer,” much of the risk to the agent is eliminated.

These are but a few of the risks that can arise when you list or sell homes that a have septic systems. And there are many more. Want to know what they are so you can avoid them? To truly reduce your risk, it would be wise to get educated on the rest of the risks posed to you from septic systems AND learn how to transfer them to your home inspector. We’re happy to bring a short presentation to your next office meeting. Just call 904-2688211 to schedule, or go to [email protected] And my favorite septic tank inspection company is Metro-Rooter at 904-695-1911.

One of your risks comes when the MLS is correct in that the home is on septic, but does not disclose that sewer is available. In this situation, connection would be required upon transfer of the property. If not disclosed prior to closing, a very unhappy homeowner will soon be seeking someone to pay for the connection. Often they look toward the real estate agent.



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Show Us YOUR Realtor Ride!

idget 1976 MG M ’s ya n To d n Wally a

Want to show off your “Realtor Ride”? It doesn’t matter if it was built yesterday or yesteryear, if it’s a garage project or pristine trailer queen, Alfa Romeo to Zephyr, and everything in between. Share your pride in your Realtor Ride with

[email protected] to arrange your photo shoot and lunch!

InfraRed Realtor

Name the Red Hot Realtor featured above and you’ll be eligible to win $100 Capital Grille Gift Card! Winner’s name to be drawn from correct answers submitted to [email protected]

Meme of the Month

Who reads “Secrets of a Happy Home Inspector”? Jeff Marks


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The Home Pro Puzzler Leading Brands in Men’s Fashion



Poston Price


Mattarzi Uomo

Ryan Michael



Torino Leather


Paolo Vista


Homemade Mouthwash

Tonya’s Treats From The Conway Kitchen

This month I’m taking a bit of a detour from the typical monthly recipe! While you COULD eat this if you wanted to, it probably wouldn’t be very satisfying. But as a mouthwash, this recipe is VERY satisfying! I’m extremely focused on reducing toxins in the Conway home, and several years ago, I started using more natural personal care products from local health stores. Then I discovered essential oils and my whole world changed! Not only can I make products whenever I want, the things I make are highquality and have no hidden toxic ingredients. Plus, it’s fun and cheap! There are probably thousands of homemade mouthwash recipes on the Internet, but I finally landed on this one as mine and Wally’s favorite after some trial and error. We love it! Do you know what’s in your mouthwash?

Ingredients •

1 pint glass mason jar

2 drops rosemary essential oil

1 ½ ounces vodka (Stoly, Tito’s or St. Augustine Distillery)

2 drops clove essential oil

3 drops peppermint essential oil

1 level scoop powdered stevia*

2 cups distilled water

2 drops basil essential oil

Directions In the mason jar, combine vodka, stevia, and all essential oils. Shake well. Add water to fill the jar, shake again. Ready to use — swish and spit at will! *NOTE: Use the tiny scoop that comes with most powdered stevia. If you use liquid stevia, just a couple drops should do — feel free to play with it. I’ve heard that raw honey can also be used, but I have never tried it. Don’t use sugar or artificial sweeteners! You don’t need sweetener at all for this recipe, but I find it’s more palatable with a little stevia.



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Inspector in the Spotlight:

Mike Bianco

The question is often asked, “What background makes for a successful home inspector?” Being ever on the hunt for home inspectors to join the HomePro Team, it’s a question I often ask myself. There is no one answer that is an absolute predictor of success, but an answer that I once got from HomePro Inspector Mike Bianco was one that I found fascinating: “I’ve got a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology and was captain of my varsity wrestling team!” Mike Bianco was born in Orlando while his dad was serving in the Air Force. Being an Air Force brat meant Mike had to move multiple times as a young kid. Moving often and having the opportunity to make new friends often has earned Mike a talent for becoming fast friends with new people, a real plus when meeting new families everyday as a home inspector. Mike’s family moved from Orlando to Charleston, then on to Connecticut where he and his brothers played baseball, basketball, and football, but it was in wrestling that he really excelled. A guy who can wrestle at a Division 1 college is a guy who can crawl into any crawlspace, no matter the size of the creatures that lurk in the dark! Shortly after finishing college at Cal State, Fullerton, Mike moved to New Jersey to take a job with a staffing company recruiting high-tech talent. Say what you will about recruiters, they are great communicators!

a successful home inspector. And so, in 2005, Mike launched Truspek Inspections. Truspek Inspections was a success for Mike, for his customers, and for the agents who referred hombebuyers to Mike. After nearly a decade of crawling in and around the frozen winter ground of North Jersey, Mike sought the relief of warmer weather on his old wrestler bones. So he moved to Ponte Vedra! Since moving to Ponte Vedra, Mike has seen his golf handicap drop to a mere ten strokes, and he now uses his days off to golf with his dad in an attempt to get that handicap into the single digits! Mike’s true passion is his teenage daughters, Jenna and Courtney. Both girls are honor students and are active in dance, basketball, and cheerleading. Oldest daughter Jenna is at Ponte Vedra High this year, so dad might have to bust out one of his old wrestler moves if one of PV High School’s finest young men tries to get a hold of his baby girl! Mike is a tremendous asset to the HomePro Team. As he says, “I am even-tempered and able to handle difficult situations easily.” And it’s good to know that when some Yankee customer wants to talk about basements and oil-heated boilers, we can put Mike on the case. You’ll like Mike!!

During his years as a technical recruiter, Mike used his own technical talents to do several hands-on complete home renovations. With his technical education and talent as a technical communicator, in addition to his hands-on renovation experience, Mike realized he had the background to become 904-268-8211

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Who Reads “Secrets of a Happy Home Inspector”?

Selby Kaiser & Linda McMorrow Jacksonville

Real Estate Agents Named Best Dressed Professionals Data Suggests Female Realtors Dress for Success, Male Realtors Dress Like School Teachers! Like it or not, we are judged by our appearance. Socially, it is an instant que to determine the potential for a future relationship. And in business, the judgement made by our clients about our appearance is often the difference between a pay day and poverty. In the high stakes game of real estate, where a single deal moves hundreds of thousands (and often millions) of dollars, who a client trusts in the transaction is influenced in part by appearance. Recognizing the impact of your appearance, it comes as no surprise that real estate agents typically top the list of Best Dressed Professions. Taking a closer look at the data reveals that the preponderance of top-performing real estate agents are women. Hence the public image of a top-producing real estate agent is that of

a well-dressed woman. The evidence suggests that male real estate agents are more likely to dress like builders, and many who present the professional appearance dress like school teachers. (continued on pg 3 ...)



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