Mapping, GIS and Remote Sensing Business Affiliation : Chairman, GeoMAP Consultants

Resume PROFILE : Name Nationality Marital status Date of Birth Languages Professional status : : : : : : Mohsen Mostafa Hassan Badawy Egyptian Marri...
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Resume PROFILE : Name Nationality Marital status Date of Birth Languages Professional status

: : : : : :

Mohsen Mostafa Hassan Badawy Egyptian Married January 4, 1947 Arabic, English and little French Consultant Engineer Mapping, GIS and Remote Sensing Business Affiliation : Chairman, GeoMAP Consultants.


Ph.D. in Arial Surveying (Photogrammetry), Cairo University, June 1983, Thesis : " Performance Evaluation of Some Bivariate Processes in Digital Elevation Models ".

Five higher study courses in Computer Science, 1979- 1981.

M.Sc. in Civil Engineering (Photogrammetry), Cairo University, March 1980.

Post Graduate Diploma P4, I.T.C. Holland, with distinction, August 1977.

B.Sc. in Civil Engineering, Cairo University, July 1968.


Earth Observation Business Network (EOBN), 2010.

FIG commission 3, 2005.

The Surveying & Mapping Commission, the Egyptian Committee of Hydrology, Water Resources, Irrigation & Drainage and Surveying & Mapping, Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, 2003.

Clube d’affaires Franco- Egyptien 1998.

Agence Pour La Cooperation Technique Industrielle et Economique ACTIM, 1998.

The Division of Surveying and Mapping, The Egyptian Surveying Authority 1998.

The National Council of Space Research and Science 1998. C.V. Dr. Mohsen Badawy


The Canadian Institute of Geomatics, 1997.

The Urban and Regional Information System Association URISA , 1997 .

The American Congress of Surveying and Mapping ACSM , 1996 .

The Egyptian Society of Remote Sensing, 1991

The National standing Committee for Remote Sensing Applications, Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, 1990.

The Consultants Engineers division of the Egyptian Syndicate of Engineers, 1985.

The Egyptian Society of Civil Engineers, 1982

The American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS), 1979.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE : More than fourty (40) years of experience in the fields of Mapping, Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and GIS. 

2006 - now Chairman of GeoMAP Consultants.

1994 - 2006 Chairman and CEO of GeoMAP Consultants (Projects and main activities are listed below).

1994 Founded “GeoMAP Consultants ‫”ﺍﻟﻣﺟﻣﻭﻋﺔ ﺍﻻﺳﺗﺷﺎﺭﻳﺔ ﻟﻠﺧﺭﺍﺋﻁ ﻭﺍﻟﻣﻌﻠﻭﻣﺎﺕ ﺍﻻﺭﺿﻳﺔ‬ (; an Egyptian Company, specialized in Mapping, Remote Sensing and GIS .

1992 - 1994 Project manager of NAGM in SPOT IMAGE. Responsibilities include the overall supervision of all the technical phases of production of Image maps and orthophoto maps, in addition to providing the required technical and managerial support required for solving the production problems .

1991 Member of the team of management consultants associated to NAGM management consultation office, for accomplishing a comprehensive study of the managerial, organizational, financial and technical aspects of Map Production Organizations. The study focused on the necessary developments required for Mapping organizations to cope with the rapidly changing technical and industrial fields.

1991 Member of the Ad hoc committee organized by the Egyptian Antiquities Organization (EAO) for establishing a Digital Mapping System department.

1990 - 1991 Participated in the production of the (scale 1 : 250 000) .

1989 - 1992 Head of the Mapping Department in the Remote Sensing Center, Academy of Scientific Research and Technology ( later The National Authority of Remote Sensing and Space Sciences NARSS) , responsibilities include planning and supervision of Aerial Photography and all phases of Photogrammetric Mapping using Air photos and Satellite stereo pairs.

1989 Member of the Research Team for the preparation of the Land-use map of Egypt, Environmental Research Council, Academy of Scientific Research and Technology.

1980 - 1989 Participated in the evaluation and contracting of a number of mapping systems, including the first Digital Mapping and GIS System in Egypt.

1979-1989 Participated in the production of topographic and large scale maps for different projects in Egypt. Some of these mapping activities are listed below

Satellite images Atlas of Egypt

C.V. Dr. Mohsen Badawy


 Photogrammetric mapping of the Western desert in Egypt. Topographic maps produced at scales of 1: 100 000 & 1: 250 000.  Production of 1: 25 000 and 1: 50 000 topographic maps for several areas in Egypt including; North and south Sinai, the north Western coast and the Suez Canal.  Production of 1: 10 000 maps for Engineering and planning applications for the Ministry of new communities.  Large scale mapping for the planning and construction of communication networks in different areas in Cairo and Alexandria for the Telecommunication Authority, Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunication. 

1986 Supervising the development of a Pilot Project for a Land Information System (LIS) in the Egyptian Survey Authority ( ESA ).

1985-1987 Head of the Mapping Department (MSD, Cairo) , Responsibilities include the planning and supervision of all the phases of topographic mapping.

1983-1984 Dean of students and lecturer in the School of Surveying and Photogrammetry (MSD, Cairo).

1980 -1983 Member of the "Job Analysis and Evaluation Committee" for the mapping profession.

1979 - 1982 Chief of technical affairs in the Map Compilation Department (MSD).

1977-1978 Head of the Aerial Photographic Sections in the Military Survey Department (MSD, Cairo, Egypt).

PROJECTS & MAIN ATCHIEVMNTS: As Chairman and CEO of GeoMAP Consultants (Please refer to GeoMAP Consultants profile)


2009 Consultant of GIS in the software House AUTOMATION Consultants, participated in the design of the Information Strategic Plan of the Ministry of Local Development.

2005 Consultant of GIS in the software House AUTOMATION Consultants, participated in the design and implementation supervision of three Geographic information Systems for the Egyptian Public Authority for Drainage Projects (EPADP) ,Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation.

2003 Member in the Consultants team organized to study of the organizational aspects of General Commission for Survey (GCS), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

1998 consultant of GIS in the UNDP mission team organized to evaluate the GIS project of the Egyptian Electricity Authority

1994 Consultant of Remote Sensing and Mapping in MSD, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

1992 Consultant of GIS and Remote Sensing in the Software House MEMCO international , creating a database and GIS system and network for the National Council of Population , Cairo, Egypt.

1991 Consultant of Mapping and Remote Sensing in the National Aerospace Geotopological management ( NAGM ) Limited .

1990 Consultant of Digital Mapping system in the Scientific & Trading Company (SCIT) representing KORK system inc., responsibilities include supervision of the installation, C.V. Dr. Mohsen Badawy


training and local support of the digital photogrammetric system used in the Surveying and Mapping component of the Irrigation Management System ( IMS ) project supervised by GEONEX crop. For the Egyptian Survey Authority ( ESA ) . 

1989 - 1991 Consultant of Aerial Photography, Mapping and GIS in the Remote Sensing Center , Academy of Scientific Research and Technology , Cairo ,Egypt.

1990 - 1992 Consultant of Digital Mapping Systems for the Scientific & Trading Company (SCIT) representing ZEISS oberkochen , Dpt. of Surveying and Photogrammetry , Germany .

1989 - 1991 Consultant of Surveying & Aerial Photography for the Scientific and Trading Co. ( SCIT) , Cairo , Egypt .

1985 - 1989 Member of the technical evaluation committees of a number of Geographic Information System , including the GIS for the National Statistical Information Network of the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics ( CAPMAS )

1985 - 1986 Consultant and Partner of the software House AUTOMATION, participated in the development and implementation of the complete software systems.

1983-1986 Consultant Engineer of Surveying and mapping associated to the CONSULTANT OFFICE FOR TRAFFIC ENGINEERING.

1982-1984 Consultant of the Scotland’s International Survey Company (S.D.S.), branch office in Cairo.

1980 - 1982 Consultant of the General Engineering and Suppliers co.(ORASCOM ) representing TELEDYNE GEOTRONICS USA in Egypt .

1978 - 1983 Consultant Engineer in the NUCLEAR MATERIALS CORPORATION, Egypt.


1994 – now Organizing and supervising several training courses performed by GeoMAP Consultants in the fields of Remote Sensing, GIS and Mapping.

1989 - 1994 Giving lectures in Digital Mapping and GIS in a number of Governmental and research organizations, including the Ministry of Housing and New communities and the Ministry of Public Works and Water Resources.

1988-1990 Teaching "Digital Mapping" and "Principles of Geographic Information Systems" to Postgraduate M.Sc. and Ph.D. levels in Helwan University.

1986 - 1991 Supervising the research work of M.Sc. and Ph.D. students investigating in the subjects of Digital Mapping and Geographic Information Systems.

1986 Updating the educational syllabus for Surveying, Geodesy and Photogrammetry in Helwan University.

1984 - 1987 Teaching Surveying and Photogrammetry in the Faculty of Fine Arts, Architecture Department.

1983 - 1986 Supervising Educational projects for B.Sc. degree in Civil Engineering, Military Technical College, Cairo, Egypt .

1983 - 1986 Teaching Photogrammetry in the Military Technical College ( MTC ) , Civil Engineering Department.

1983 -1990 teaching Surveying and Photogrammetry in Helwan University, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Civil Engineering Department . C.V. Dr. Mohsen Badawy



"An Object-Oriented Digital Terrain Modeling for Geomatics Applications", Calgary University and Helwan University, Ph.D. thesis, (supervisor).

"Technical Problems in Image Maps production using SPOT data ", SPOT IMAGE, Toulouse, France 1992-1993.

"GIS activities in Egypt, the barriers to development and the actions needed to overcome them", this research concentrates on the areas of awareness, linking data, coordination, availability of information and the role of Government 1993.

"Institutional issues in Geographic Information Geotopological Management ( NAGM ) 1993.

"Integration of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems", National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences 1991.

"Mapping Organizations from the Conventional Map to the Information era", research conducted in cooperation with a team of Management, Financial and Human Resources experts, for the National Aerospace Geotopological 1992.

"Automatic Contour lines generation using Digital Elevation Models data", M.Sc. thesis , Helwan University , 1992 , ( Supervisor ) .

"Computerized cost analysis and estimation of Aerial Photographic missions", research results (software on IBM and MicroVAX computers ) have been used by the Remote Sensing Center since 1990 .

"Experience with the RMK-TOP aerial survey camera in desert areas" ,research conducted in Egypt in 1990 - 1991 results discussed in the demonstrations Program of the 43 rd Photogrammetric week, Stuttgart , Sept. 1991 .

"Gross Error Detection and Elimination in Photogrammetric Blocks using PAT-M" , Remote Sensing Center , 1990 .

"Smoothing of Digital Elevation Models", M.Sc. thesis, Cairo University, 1988, (Supervisor)

"An Investigation into the application of Satellite Receivers in Engineering Surveying ", M.Sc. thesis, Military Technical College, Cairo 1987 , (Supervisor).






"The future of mapping organizations in the GIS era", (1992), ISPRS, XVII Congress, comm.VI, Washington D.C., Aug.2-14 .


"Digital vs. Conventional contouring in Desert areas", (1991), Bournemouth, 23 Sept.-1 Oct., Proceedings vol. 2, pp:972-978


"Filtering Digital Profile Observations", (1988), Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing, vol.54, No.10, Oct., pp: 1391-1394 .


"Least squares surface fitting techniques for Digital Elevation Models", (1988), ISPRS, comm.III, Kyoto, Japan, 16th Congress, July 1-10 .


"Periodogram Modification as a method of filtering terrain profile observations", (1988), ISPRS, comm.III, Kyoto, Japan,16th Congress, July 1-10.


"Application of finite differences in Digital Elevation Models", (1987), ISPRS , WG III/3, International Colloquium in the Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen, 20-22 May.

ICA 15th conference,

C.V. Dr. Mohsen Badawy



"A Simplified Terrain Relief Classification from DEM data using finite differences ", (1986), Geo-processing,3, pp:167-178.


"A Digital Filtering Method", (1986), ASPRS-ACSM fall convention, Anchorage, Alaska, USA, Sept.29-oct.3.


"Performance Evaluation of two Bivariate Processes for DEM using Transfer Functions", (1986), P.E.&R.S.,vol.52,No.8,pp:1213-1218


"A Spectral Analysis method for estimating the sampling density of Digital Elevation Models", (1986), ISPRS, commission III, Espoo, Finland, published in the international Archives of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing vol.26, part 312


"Spectral Analysis of Terrain Profiles for the Digital Filtering of DEM data", (1985), ACSM ASPRS fall conv., Indianapolis, USA, Sept. 8-13, published in the Technical papers, pp: 792-800 .


"Bivariate Smoothing of DTM data", (1984), ISPRS, XVth Congress, Rio DE Janeiro, published in the international Archives of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, vol. XXV, part A3a, commission III, pp:373-380.


"Application of linear prediction methods in Digital Terrain Models", (1984), ASP-ACSM conv. Washington D.C., March 11-16,Published in the Tech. Papers 50th annual meeting ASP, volume I, pp:67-77.

C.V. Dr. Mohsen Badawy


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