Manage and monitor your KNX home automation system with your smartphone

1 iDom KNX phone Manage and monitor your KNX home automation system with your smartphone. You can access the following KNX home automation functions...
Author: Maurice Watts
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iDom KNX phone

Manage and monitor your KNX home automation system with your smartphone. You can access the following KNX home automation functions : - Lights, dimmers - Raising and lowering shutters, opening and closing blinds - Heating set points and modes - Mechanical ventilation and air conditioning - KNX scenes - Lighting scenarios - Weather station levels : temperature, luminosity, anemometer, humidity, CO2 You can operate the IP cameras. Your smartphone becomes a universal home automation remote control. Define the number, colour and function of each button on your remote controls. They can be linked together to control the whole building. The application manages the home automation protocol via an IP/KNX gateway. You can access your building locally or remotely : - either with a WiFi connection (local or remote) - or with a 3G connection (depending on the resources and options provided by your mobile telephone operator) The application can access several sites in order to connect to different KNX home automation installations. An Internet connection is required to use all the application’s features. Activating the services enables the use of all the backup and restore functions for the configuration databases on our servers. This information is personal and secured through your smartphone licence. Thanks to this hosting, website constructors and service providers will be able to assist and maintain the configuration of the home automation equipment. This will guarantee the best possible use of the installation functions, while removing any difficulties for the user. The installers and system integrators can prepare or modify a setting and send it to the user. This is an optional extra feature.


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Selection of site to join

IP/KNX interface connection status

Button and indicator for connection to the IP/KNX interface

Software version

Access to default remote control per site (defined under settings)

Access to software parameters and settings


Parameters and settings Save your settings, remote controls, buttons and cameras

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Restore saved settings

Create a new site

Click to delete the site Confirm settings and return to previous page

IP address of IP/KNX interface Public IP address or dyndns account o domotique

Site name definition Display help online

IP/KNX communication port

Enter KNX group address style : 2 level or 3 level Click to access the settings for KNX functions Click to access camera settings

Default remote control for site

Click to access the settings for remote controls

4 List of remote controls Return to previous page

Remote control name

Select the remote control to modify or delete

Click to access remote control settings

Click to create a new remote control

Click to modify the selected remote control

Click to delete the selected remote control

Indicate the number of columns and lines of buttons of the remote control

5 Define the control buttons Remote control name

Click to display another remote control

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A remote control includes various buttons. Each button is linked to a command

Click on a button to define its function

Return to previous page Select the type of control

Select the corresponding object

Select the button colour

Click to confirm the button

Click to delete the button


Operation of remote controls


Management of cameras

Return to previous page List of defined cameras Name of camera

IP address and port for remote access camera

IP address and port for local access camera

URL for published cameras

Link to image camera acquisition (see camera notice)

Username and password (in the event of secure access to camera)

Click to test the camera

Click to add a new camera

Click to save modifications

Click to delete the camera


Management of KNX functions Name of KNX function

Type of KNX function

Group address for commands and status returns for the KNX function

Test the KNX function Create a new KNX function

Delete the KNX function Save the KNX function


Operation of KNX functions

Intensity buttons : 0%, 30%, 70% et 100% Click to switch the light on or off

Move the cursor to change the intensity of the dimmer

Click to hide or display the dimmer interface

Click to raise the shutter

Move the cursor to select the shutter position

Click to stop the shutter movement

Click to hide or display the shutter interface

Click to lower the shutter

Click to hide or display the blind interface

Click to open the blind Turn to select the inclination of the blind

Click to close the blind

Click to stop blind rotation

10 Status indicator for heating output Click to select the heating mode Heating mode status Current temperature Current set point Click to reduce the set point Click to access regulator interface

Click to increase the set point

Click to turn on or off the ventilation

Speed of ventilation (from 1 to 8) Click to reduce speed

Click to increase speed

Click to access the ventilation interface

Rain indicator

Measurements observed by weather station

Click to access weather station interface


Click to launch the ambience function

Click to launch the KNX scene

On/off indicator

Click to stop air conditioning Click to select the operating mode Temperature set point Click to reduce or increase the set point Ventilation speed Click to increase or reduce speed Click to access the air conditioning interface Click to select the ventilation sweeping mode (Stop, horizontal sweep, vertical sweep, or in both directions)