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RPS is an international consultancy that has been advising business and organisations on Corporate Sustainability and Environmental issues for over forty years. Throughout this time we have gained a wide insight into business practices and the key sustainability challenges affecting them. It’s this experience and knowledge transfer that sets us apart and increases the value that we bring to our clients. Our teams are led by highly experienced senior individuals who have worked within international consultancy, government, business and industry. Our clients are successful in their own right and recognise the need for commercially focused and close support from trusted advisors.

RPS has supported TREE AID for over 9 years with charitable contributions for some of Africa’s poorest rural communities. In recent years RPS has become TREE AID’s largest corporate donor. In addition, RPS provides this highly effective NGO with technical support on remote sensing, mapping and hydrology. RPS also sends volunteer professionals to assist TREE AID in the field with GIS applications training, biodiversity monitoring, land surveying, site investigation and selection and the design and build of community water management interventions. Our funding and technical support for TREE AID has helped them to combat extremes of poverty and to build resilience to Climate Change among some of the poorest communities in the Sahel region of Africa, specifically in Southern Mali and Upper East Ghana.


Our previous project experience has equipped us with a detailed understanding of the issues our clients face and the skills needed to tackle these effectively. Our solution is shaped around five key service areas that combine to support clients through their environmental and sustainability challenges.



ƒƒ Working with clients to define a vision, mission statement, goals and targets ƒƒ Benchmarking Corporate Responsibility credentials ƒƒ Identifying and canvassing opinion from key stakeholders ƒƒ Determining key sustainability material issues in the business and supply chain ƒƒ Developing and helping to implement robust and transparent corporate responsibility strategies and programmes ƒƒ Working closely with our clients’ teams as an extension of their business on specific engagements, to review progress and/or as a longer term retained advisor.

ƒƒ Improving public perception and brand value through corporate sustainability reporting on social and environmental performance ƒƒ Alignment with and submission to external benchmarks (Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) and Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) ƒƒ Developing credible sustainability related copy for inclusion on websites, social media, brochures, customer presentations, media responses and reports.

PERFORMANCE & GOVERNANCE ƒƒ Designing and implementing policies and environmental management systems (EMS) ƒƒ Legislative compliance and resource efficiency reviews and audits ƒƒ Improving efficiency and performance through enhanced resource and environmental management ƒƒ Developing and helping implement ethical trading systems and policies ƒƒ Delivery of training and awareness raising programmes.

SUPPLY CHAIN ƒƒ Supply chain audits (e.g. compliance, buying standards, Codes of Practice) ƒƒ Assessing performance and providing on-going support to suppliers ƒƒ Advisory support on international labour standards / ethical trading compliance ƒƒ SEDEX management, supplier engagement and compliance reporting ƒƒ Global sustainability hotspotting assessments (e.g. labour standards, water scarcity).

ASSURANCE ƒƒ Independent review and verification of corporate sustainability reports ƒƒ Peer review of company reports ƒƒ Internal audit of systems and strategy implementation.

RPS & Client


The multi-disciplinary nature of our business means we can pull on a wider business resource when addressing sustainability issues. WATER RESOURCES


ƒƒ Global water scarcity hotspot mapping ƒƒ Supply source sustainability & risk assessments ƒƒ Water footprinting ƒƒ Permitting & water resource planning ƒƒ Water recycling & reduction.

ƒƒ Green house gas emission assessments ƒƒ Carbon footprinting ƒƒ Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Submissions ƒƒ Climate change mitigation & adaptation ƒƒ Advisory support on energy management.

INTERNATIONAL LABOUR STANDARDS / HUMAN RIGHTS & ETHICAL TRADE ƒƒ Policy & ethical trade programme development ƒƒ Supply chain reviews and audits ƒƒ Non-compliance advisory support ƒƒ SEDEX management, social KPIs & supplier engagement ƒƒ Assistance in supply chain capacity building ƒƒ Training & awareness building.


Excel through targeted improvements Staff awareness raising Assistance with specific projects Assistance with cascading change through supply chain ƒƒ Independent review of your progress.

NON-FINANCIAL CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORTING ƒƒ Reporting on environmental, social and health & safety performance ƒƒ Specialist alignment with industry indices & standards (e.g. DJSI, CDP, GRI-4 etc) ƒƒ Independent review and report verification.

ENVIRONMENTAL & RESOURCE MANAGEMENT ƒƒ Implementing Environmental Management Systems ƒƒ Defining environmental management plans, objectives & targets ƒƒ Compliance reviews & audits ƒƒ Resource efficiency reviews ƒƒ Environmental communications & reporting ƒƒ Defining environmental KPIs ƒƒ Delivering training and awareness building programmes.

BUILDINGS & INFRASTRUCTURE ƒƒ BREEAM assessments ƒƒ Code of Sustainable Home Assessments ƒƒ Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) Assessments ƒƒ Display Energy Certificates ƒƒ Energy Performance Certificates ƒƒ Sustainable construction.





A FTSE 250 listed property investment company that owns and manages a portfolio of over 500 central London buildings.

A multinational building materials company (UK division).

The sales and marketing arm of De Beers, an international diamond company.

ƒƒ RPS advised on a Sustainability Policy and Strategy in support of a bid to the Olympic Development Authority. This included interviewing over 30 members of senior staff from all parts of the UK business and preparing an initial review/gap analysis of the company’s performance in the core areas of environment, health and safety, employee welfare and community engagement.

ƒƒ In 2004, RPS successfully assisted in the implementation of BS EN ISO 14001, including a Gap Analysis, identification of significance evaluation of aspects and impacts, defining objectives and targets, providing training and general implementation of the EMS. ƒƒ We are retained to undertake internal audits and assist in maintaining certification and aiding the integration of the UK systems with that of Anglo America. This includes maintaining the company’s legal register and annual legal compliance reviews.

ƒƒ Baseline review of Corporate Social Responsibility performance and portfolio in 2002. ƒƒ Retained to maintain and implement Corporate Social Responsibility strategy throughout operation including regular audits of refurbishment sites, management of portfolio and maintaining a presence at head office. ƒƒ Since 2007, Shaftesbury has been listed on the internationally recognised Dow Jones Sustainability Index. In 2009 and again in 2013, with our assistance, Shaftesbury was included within the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index (the top 10% of the Carbon Disclosure Project). ƒƒ Since 2010 Shaftesbury has been listed as Regional Leader within the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark and achieved Green Star status in 2015.

COUNTRYSIDE PROPERTIES LTD A developer of housing, commercial property and recreational and community facilities. ƒƒ In 2000, RPS completed an initial environmental review which lead to the drafting and implementation of a Corporate Policy. ƒƒ Subsequently, we have assisted in implementing the Policy through various initiatives including the successful implementation to ISO 14001 for the company and its subsidiaries covering all activities from land acquisition, planning and design through to the onsite construction process. ƒƒ We have verified the Annual Sustainability report since 2001 including full audits of construction site activities as part of the verification process ƒƒ We are also retained as the internal auditor of quality and environmental management including reviewing the legal and aspects register on a six monthly basis and a legal compliance audit of operations.

SH PRATT & CO (BANANAS) LTD One of Europe’s leading fruit importers and ripeners (supplying major UK multiple retailers). ƒƒ In 2015/2016 RPS developed a Corporate Social Responsibility programme, working closely with the management board and wider workforce to design and initiate a programme, identify key stakeholders, run stakeholder engagement programmes, audit governance processes and highlight material issues both within the UK operations and global supply chain.

Selected Corporate Strategy Experience



A London based property investment and management company.

A global electrical equipment production corporation.

ƒƒ RPS assisted in the delivery of an Environmental Management System and corporate reporting and is retained to continue to deliver this support. The work requires regular auditing of processes, collating data for key performance indicators, updating and implementing the environmental management system and reporting corporate responsibility performance annually for inclusion within the company’s Annual report. ƒƒ We have prepared the company’s annual submission to the CDP, since 2013.

ƒƒ RPS has been gauging stakeholder reactions to Toshiba’s annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report for a number of years. Assessments were completed by questionnaire and interview and findings were used to improve following CSR reports.

HEALTH PROTECTION AGENCY An executive agency of the Department of Health. ƒƒ RPS has been advising on the development of their Environmental Management System since 2013 including Gap Analysis and Legal Compliance Review of operations and activities across three main sites, and advising on the rewriting of their environmental policy.

BOVIS HOMES PLC A major, national housebuilder. ƒƒ RPS undertook a Sustainability Review across a range of activities from site selection through planning to construction. This involved structured interviews with over 30 personnel at all management levels and site audits and review of information. ƒƒ We assisted with the initial implementation of a Sustainability strategy.

SHIRE PHARMACEUTICALS PLC An indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of Shire plc, a global specialty biopharmaceutical company. ƒƒ RPS prepared an initial Environmental & Social Review and Action Plan using an electronic questionnaire approach for multi-national sites. ƒƒ We continue to assist with investor relations issues.


RPS has a successful, proven track record in creating commercially aware yet innovative designs, incorporating cost effective, sustainable and efficient solutions. ABOUT RPS GROUP RPS Group is an international consultancy providing advice on the development of natural resources, land and property, the management of the environment and the health and safety of people. We employ over 5,000 staff and our international presence allows us to undertake co-ordinated and integrated projects throughout the world. We provide a wealth of services across our network of offices in the UK and Ireland and are uniquely well placed to provide fully integrated, multi-disciplinary solutions. Clients are the priority of our talented, forward-thinking staff and our teams go to great lengths to ensure that our project aims and objectives match those of our clients. This attitude forms the foundation of our company culture and is something of which we are very proud. Over many years, RPS has consistently designed some of the most prominent and successful projects in the Environmental sector. We welcome the opportunity for our future success to become a part of yours.

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For more information contact: RPS 20 Western Avenue Bristol Milton Park T: +44 (0)1454 853 000 Abingdon E: [email protected] Oxfordshire OX14 4SH

Oxford T: +44 (0) 1235 821 888 E: T: [email protected] +44 (0)1235 821 888 E: [email protected]


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