english XilogMaestro Software Suite Expand your creativity

english XilogMaestro Software Suite Expand your creativity 1 Easy, intuitive, eýective. 2 XilogMaestro A unique suite. A softw software suite f...
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XilogMaestro Software Suite Expand your creativity


Easy, intuitive, eýective.


XilogMaestro A unique suite. A softw software suite for the widest range so of numerical control machining centres on the market today. We have a always been committed to fulĀlling all of our cli clients’ requirements. This is why we now produce prod intelligent machines that can be operated operat simply and quickly thanks to a softw software platform developed entirely by the SCM Group. ““WHAT WHAT TO DO” DO INSTEAD OF “HOW TO DO IT” The user decides dec the object that he wants to produce and the software generates all the in information and manages all the machining op operations necessary to produce the required object.


XilogMaestro is the software suite for designing and programming speciĀc machining operations for each production process: door and window frames, doors, stairs, furniture, design objects and furnishings. 4

Maestro Unique creativity CAD/CAM programming software to design all the production processes. Developed in Windows® environment it ensures easy programming with an advanced, simple and intuitive sketching environment that features all the tools necessary to design the parts, their layout on the worktable, tools management and the relative machining operations. All the procedures are contained in a perfectly integrated and high performance software.

We provide the technical know-how so that you can free your creativity.


Advanced programming ensures great performance. Drawing and importing Part programming with “drawing” and by importing Āles in the .dxf format.

Tool manager The graphic representation makes tool selection direct and simple.

Advanced A dvan nced d programming “at your choice” VISUAL: The easiest Programming of the machining operations with the drawing. SCRIPTING: The most advanced Programming with the MSL language. MACRO: The quickest Programs can be transformed quickly into macros and stored in a library, in oder to be always ready to use. TECHNOLOGY: Learning from experience Fast programming of common and recurrent machining operations and generation of subprograms that can be applied to each new geometry.


Worktable and hold down systems management nt A 3D graphic editor is used to program the worktable. The user can: - Display the conĀgured worktable - Set up the worktable with the diýerent hold down devices (bars/suction cups/clamps) in the required positions - View and manage the automatic layout of the hold down systems for machines equipped with automatic worktable - Parameterise the position of the hold down devices - Create machining phases where the workpiece or table devices change position - Check and prevent potential collisions during machining - Display and layout the workpieces deĀned in the project.

Cycle times calculation The work cycle “estimate” function allows users to calculate the production times during the programming phase.



Unique in the creation of 3D objects The module integrated in the Xilog Maestro suite is designed to program three dimensional objects on 5-axis machining centres. It includes powerful CAD tools to manage extremely complex surfaces. The best solution for a wide range of 3 and 5 axes machining operations.


Any object, however complex, can be simply and quickly created.

All the following machining operations can be carried out: • Roughing • Finishing • SwarĀng • Routing • Wrapping

Import Importing 3D models from external format (e.g. IGES, ...)


Maestro Pro View

Unique 3D display 3D Simulator that allows users access to a three dimensional model of their machine in their oþce and view the operations that will be carried out during the production in advance on their PC. - Real representation of the workpiece being machined and the machine parts - Real representation of the material removed during machining - Generation of collision control reports - Prevention of any possible programming errors - Generation of work cycle execution times reports.


Calculation of the production costs and greater production eþciency.



Unique in edgebanding shaped pieces It allows users to manage the routing, boring and treatment of the edges of shaped panels and components. The process includes various separate and interdependent machining operations, based on the speciĀcations of the main operation: edgebanding. The module integrated in the Xilog Maestro suite draws the geometry on which the routing and boring operations, and subsequently the edgebanding with the accessory edge Ānishing operations, will be carried out. Maestro Edge manages tools and edges, tool paths, trajectories and speeds, as well as the positioning of the worktable.


Manage edgebanding programs with maximum ease and execution speed, even for non-expert operators, achieving top-quality results.

Edge manager Ed Dat Database of technological information on a wide range info edges that can be used of e on the t machine.


Maestro Cabinet

Unique in the creation of furniture This application is designed for the home and oþce furniture sector to design furniture and program cabinet production step by step. Possibility of creating furniture, complete with hardware, without having to program the individual components. It includes an extensive library with the most common furniture models and a simple wizard that guides users through the various steps to customise the model to their own requirements.


Producing custom furniture in an easy and intuitive way.



Unique know-how Maestro APPS is a library of programming functions that are always available and easy to use, developed by the SCM Group for the production of parts for doors, windows, stairs, furniture and furnishings. A simple “click” allows users free access to the SCM Group’s technological know-how.


Save time during the workpiece planning and achieve a faster and more eþcient production.



Unique nesting process The module integrated in the Xilog Maestro suite provides all the functions necessary to manage the “Nesting” process: from a simple “rectangular” piece to the most varied and complex “free form” geometrical shapes. A clear and simple wizard guides users in constructing their “nesting” project without any diþculties. - Saving in machining time - Reduction in material waste.


Lower production costs.



Unique in designing doors and windows The application included in the Xilog Maestro suite is designed for planning and programming each single part of linear and arc-shaped windows, doors and shutters. The user starts by deĀning the wall opening and selecting the model to be produced, then the software generates all the individual parts to be produced in the machine, with a state of the art graphic editor. Maestro WD adds planning and programming to the functions used to manage the worktables and the macro-machining operations for door and window frames.


Door and window frames of any dimension and shape with the maximum ease and execution speed to achieve a customised product.


Maestro MSL Connector

Unique connection Simple connection with sector software houses The Xilog Maestro suite features the MSL Connector which allows external softwares to interface with all SCM Group’s machining centres and makes it easier to manage the machining strategies.

“Their specialisations, our control” The software-house will assume the workpiece programming, whilst the complete machine management (worktable, hold-down devices, tool paths) is provided by SCM.


Easy and fast customisation for the software house. Cost and time saving for the customer.



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