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CNT Management Consulting Our consulting competence for your success International ERP Programm Consulting Exposé 21. August 2014 © CNT Management...
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CNT Management Consulting Our consulting competence for your success

International ERP Programm Consulting Exposé

21. August 2014

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Your requirement  Consolidation of company wide system landscapes and reduction of grown structures  Conception, implementation and roll-out of SAP template system  Harmonization of business processes on global level  Optimization of intercompany business  Implementation of a Shared Service Center  Automation of business processes on global level  Standardization of master data  Simplification, synchronization and cross-linking of processes  Implementation of best practice processes within the company  Linking of company locations

© CNT Management Consulting GmbH | Our Competences For Your Success


Our contribution Management


 Our team advise you with the organizational set-up of your ERP program.  Definition of roles and responsibilities

 We advise you regarding the set-up of a fitting project documentation.  Together with you we create the required documentation for the template and the local areas.

Planning  Set up of planning tool for controlling and monitoring of you program at central and local level.  Definition of meeting structures, mile stones, reporting structures

Methodology  Benefit from your deployment expertise and use our handbooks for a simplified roll-out of your ERP system.


Process design  We support you with the definition of processes, their structuring and description, the creation of a process landscape as well as the process documentation.

 We have among others the required SAP know-how, project management experience, as well as the sector knowledge and have methodological skills for international ERP program.  With our resource we complete you project team.

© CNT Management Consulting GmbH | Our Competences For Your Success


Our contribution

Project managem ent Project planning


Template developm ent

Dokument ation

ERP Program Change managem ent

Test managem ent

Roll-out Managem ent

Training managem ent SAP Knowhow

 We have the package that you require for your ERP program

Our contribution

Process model

Process landscape

Project organization

Project planning

End-to-End processes

Roll-out management

 Our team has the expertise and the methods to successfully perform your ERP program

Your advantages      

Comprehensive program companionship from planning till successfull go-live Project implementation according to time schedule Project implementation within the defined budget Use of expertise and know-how of CNT Protection of internal resources Benefit from best practice models for methods and processes

© CNT Management Consulting GmbH | Our Competences For Your Success


Our projects Customer



SAP ERP template with rollout to e.g. Brazil, Canada, China, Singapore

Boehringer Ingelheim

GBS Program with roll-out to e.g. Ireland, Great Britain, Italy, Netherland, Brazil, China, Denmark, Sweden, Portugal

Boehringer Ingelheim RCV

RCV Program with roll-out to e.g. Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine


Template Program with rollout to e.g. Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, South Africa, Switzerland, Turkey

Customer Spar

VA Tech

© CNT Management Consulting GmbH | Our Competences For Your Success

Project Template Program with rollout to e.g. Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia Template Program with roll-out to e.g. Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Slovakia


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