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harmonia mundi UK Classical new releases available July 1st 2016, call-off June 25th JULY 1 Gramophone June 2016 Editor’s Choice Naive V5380 Sch...
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harmonia mundi UK

Classical new releases

available July 1st 2016, call-off June 25th


Gramophone June 2016 Editor’s Choice

Naive V5380 Schoenberg, Berg, Webern Complete Works for String Quartet Quatuor Diotima “A hugely impressive survey, not just of the works for quartet by these key 20th century composers, but of the interpretative skill if this fine ensemble too.”

Editor’s Choice

Accent ACC24301 Zelenka Missa Divi Xaverii, ZWV12. Litaniae de Sancto Xaverio, ZWV156 Collegium 1704 / Václav Luks “soprano Hana Blažiková adding a beautiful sheen through her solos…this feels like a major addition to the bohemian composer’s discography in typically searching performances” BBC R3 Record Review, 12th March 2016

Editor’s Choice

Glossa GCDP32110 Machaut Messe de Nostre Dame Graindelavoix / Björn Schmelzer

“Always guaranteed to stimulate thought, Björn Schmelzer’s readings of early choral music are never less than controversial, and this recording is no exception...” Early Music Review


Heinrich ISAAC: Missa Virgo Prudentissima Messe à 6 voix & plain-chant pour les Fêtes de la Vierge: ms. n.41 – Duomo,Firenze

 Ensemble Gilles Binchois Dominique Vellard Since 1979, Dominique Vellard has inspired and guided the destiny of the Ensemble Gilles Binchois. These 35 years of research and concerts have resulted in some of the essential recordings in the field of music from the mediaeval and Renaissance periods. This new recording provides the occasion for discovering brilliant compositions by the composer Heinrich Isaac (c.1450-1517), generous, captivating works.

Label: Evidence Classics File Under: Classical/Choral Catalogue No: EVCD023 Barcode: 3149028093124 NORMAL Price Format: 1 CD Packaging: digipack Ensemble Gilles Binchois Dominique Vellard

1. GAUDEAMUS OMNES IN DOMINO / VIRGO PRUDENTISSIMA – à 4 voix (Choralis Constantinus II – H. Isaac) 2. SALVE SANCTA PARENS Introït, plain-chant 3. KYRIE ELEISON Missa Virgo Prudentissima 4. GLORIA Missa Virgo Prudentissima 5. BENEDICTA ET VENERABILIS ES Graduel, plain-chant 6. ALLELUIA, POST PARTUM plain-chant 7. ALLELUIA, VIRGA JESSE plain-chant 8. SEQUENTIA SANCTI EVANGELII SECUNDUM LUCAM Lecture, plain-chant 9. CREDO Missa Virgo Prudentissima 10. AVE MARIA Offertoire, plain-chant 11. PREFACE plain-chant 12. SANCTUS Missa Virgo Prudentissima 13. AGNUS DEI Missa Virgo Prudentissima 14. BEATA VISCERA Communion, plain-chant et polyphonie à 4 voix (Choralis Constantinus II – H. Isaac) ALSO AVAILABLE: EVCD009 Vellard: Cantica Sacra


Hakim plays Hakim Vol. 2 The Schuke Organ of The Palacio Euskalduna of Bilbao, Vol. 2

Naji Hakim Naji Hakim returns to disc on Signum with a second volume of evocative organ works performed on the Schuke Organ of the Palacio Euskalduna. This volume features works inspired by different locations around the world, including his 'Suite Norvpgienne', 'Esquisses Persanes' and 'Suite Franoaise'. Completed in 2000, the organ is housed in a magnificent concert hall of wood and steel - itself inspired by the Euskulduna shipyards that once occupied the area.

Label: Signum Classics File Under: Classical/Instrumental Catalogue No: SIGCD463 Barcode: 635212046326 NORMAL Price Format: 1 CD Packaging: cristal Naji Hakim [organ]

1. Ouverture Libanaise 2-10. Suite Norvégienne 11-12. Esquisses Persanes 13-25. Suite Française 26-28. Three Basque Dances  $/62$9$,/$%/( 6,*&'7KH6FKXNH2UJDQRI7KH3DODFLR(XVNDOGXQDRI%LOEDR9RO 


MOZART: Requiem Netherlands Chamber Choir Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century Frans Brüggen Glossa reinstates to the catalogue a recording which typifies the label’s endeavours as well as being a memorable reflection of the artistry of the Orchestra of the 18th Century and of its conductor Frans Brüggen. An extended and beautiful introduction to the principal work is created by performances of the 'Maurerische Trauermusik' and the 'Adagio for two clarinets and three basset horns', before Brüggen directs a startling and impressive reading of the 'Requiem' which includes the Introit, Tract and the Offertory sung in plainchant - which has become one of the reference versions of this work. The Metropolitan Space of Tokyo surely experienced an occasion of true magic back in March 1998 which was perfectly captured by the NHK Television microphones and which now can be enjoyed once more.

Label: Glossa File Under: Classical/Choral Catalogue No: GCDC81111 Barcode: 8424562811119 MID Price Format: 1 CD Packaging: digipack Mona Julsrud [soprano] Wilke te Brummelstroete [alto] Zeger Vandersteene [tenor] Jelle Draijer [bass]

1 Maurerische Trauermusik (KV 477) 2 Adagio for two clarinets and three basset horns (KV 411) Requiem (KV 626) 3 Plainchant (Introitus) 4 Introitus 5 Kyrie 6 Dies irae 7 Tuba mirum 8 Rex tremendae 9 Recordare 10Confutatis 11 Lacrimosa 12 Plainchant (Tractus) 13 Domine Jesu 14 Hostias 15 Plainchant (Offertorium) 16 Sanctus 17 Benedictus 18 Agnus Dei 19 Lux aeterna


Alessandro ROLLA: Duets for violin & viola Isabelle Faust Thomas Riebl With this 2002 recording originally issued on the Swiss Pan Classics label, violinist Isabelle Faust and violist Thomas Riebl acquaint us with a composer of great distinction, Alessandro Rolla, who would have been otherwise completely forgotten if for some time he hadn’t been regarded (incorrectly as it turns out) as the teacher of Nicolò Paganini. The confusion which ensued is enabling us now to encounter some excellent pieces of chamber music by a composer who was the music director at La Scala during the first three decades of the 19th century.

Label: Glossa File Under: Classical/Instrumental Catalogue No: GCDC80021 Barcode: 8424562800212 MID Price Format: 1 CD Packaging: digipack Isabelle Faust [violin] Thomas Riebl [viola]

ƵĞƚŝŶĨůĂƚŵĂũŽƌ͕ŽƉ͘ϭϯ 1 Allegro 2 Andante 3 Allegretto. Alla pollacca ƵĞƚŝŶŵŝŶŽƌ͕ŽƉ͘ϰͬϮ 4 Adagio ma non troppo 5 Allegro 6 Adagio ma non troppo 7 Rondo. Allegretto ƵĞƚŝŶĨůĂƚŵĂũŽƌ͕ŽƉ͘ϳͬϮ 8 Allegro 9 Adagio 10 Thema con variazioni. Andantino mosso 11 Rondo. Allegro ƵĞƚŝŶŵĂũŽƌ͕ŽƉ͘ϵ 12 Adagio 13 Pollonese 14 Allegro ĨƌŽŵ͗ƵĞƚŝŶŵĂũŽƌ͕ŽƉ͘ϳͬϭϭϱĚĂŐŝŽ


FORQUERAY: Pièces de viole avec la basse continuë Paolo Pandolfo, Guido Balestracci, Rolf Lislevand Eduardo Egüez, Guido Morini Marin Marais and Antoine Forqueray represent the two leading figures from the world of the French viola da gamba with – in the opinion of a contemporary in Hubert Le Blanc – the former playing like an angel and the latter like a devil. Fiendishly difficult to play, of course, are many of the pieces brought together in the volume prepared by Jean-Baptiste Forqueray (“le fils”) in 1747, two years after the death of his father, and drawn from sketches and memories. Glossa is now bringing back into circulation – in a newly-prepared edition – the recording which introduced Paolo Pandolfo to the label, where he was joined by a starry group of fellow performers in Guido Balestracci, Rolf Lislevand, Eduardo Egüez and Guido Morini. A legendary album, one which confirmed Pandolfo, now some 20 years ago, as one of the greatest viola da gambists of our own present times.

Label: Glossa File Under: Classical/Instrumental Catalogue No: GCDC80412 Barcode: 8424562804128 MID Price Format: 2 CDV Packaging: digipack Paolo Pandolfo [viola da gamba] Guido Balestracci [viola da gamba] Rolf Lislevand [theorbo & Baroque guitar] Eduardo Egüez [theorbo & Baroque guitar] Guido Morini [harpsichord]

Antoine Forqueray (1671-1745) [Jean-Baptiste Forqueray (1699-1782)] CDI Première Suite 1 Allemande. La Laborde 2 La Forqueray 3 La Cottin 4 La Bellemont 5 La Portugaise 6 La Couperin Deuxième Suite 7 La Bouron 8 La Mandoline 9 La Dubreüil 10 La Leclair 11 Chaconne. La Buisson Quatrième Suite 12 La Marella 13 La Clement 14 Sarabande. La D’Aubonne 15 La Bournonville 16 La Sainscy 17 Le Carillon de Passy 18 La Latour 19 Le Carillon de Passy  CD II Troisième Suite 1 La Ferrand 2 La Regente 3 La Tronchin 4 La Angrave 5 La Du Vaucel 6 La Eynaud 7 Chaconne. La Morangis ou La Plissay Cinquième Suite 8 La Rameau 9 La Guignon 10 La Léon. Sarabande 11 La Boisson 12 La Montigni 13 La Silva 14 Jupiter


Mozart & contemporaries: music for basset horn trio Stadler Trio MOZART: Divertimento no. 2 (KV 439b) SALIERI: (from Palmira, Regina di Persia) Palmira, Marcia di Camelo STADLER: Allemante, Masur, Allegretto DRUSCHETZKY: Allegro moderato, Menuetto (Allegretto), Andante, Allegretto (Scherzando), Allegro MARTIN Y SOLER: (from Una cosa rara) O quanto un sì bel giubilo, Consola le pene, Un briccone senza core MOZART:Adagio for clarinet and three basset horns (KV 580a) Vojtech NUDERA (c.1748-1811): Divertimento

Label: Glossa File Under: Classical/Chamber music Catalogue No: GCDC80603 Barcode: 8424562806030 MID Price Format: 1 CD Packaging: digipack Stadler Trio: Eric Hoeprich [basset horn &clarinet] Carles Riera [basset horn] Albert Gumí [basset horn]

As well as being one of the key members of the Orchestra of the 18th Century practically from its outset, clarinettist Erich Hoeprich became one of the first artists to join the Glossa label in the 1990s; with his ensembles Nachtmusique and the Stadler Trio he has provided a handful of valuable recordings predominantly concentrating on music from the Classical era. One of these discs, now being reissued, sees Hoeprich and his Catalonian colleagues from the Stadler Trio (Albert Gumí and the sadly departed Carles Riera) perform a selection of pieces by Mozart and other composers from the time, such as Salieri and Martín y Soler, playing on original instruments by the legendary woodwind maker Theodor Lotz.


TELEMANN: Chamber music with flute Wilbert Hazelzet, Jaap ter Linden Konrad Junghänel, Jacques Ogg The frequently undervalued Georg Philip Telemann - a prolific composer who has still not been completely forgiven for having been in his lifetime more famous than Johann Sebastian Bach - is nonetheless the composer of works of great beauty, rich in musical value. Capable, as few others were, of depicting the aesthetic ideal of the time - Les goûts réunis with elements of the Italian, French, English and even Polish styles, he also positioned the recorder in its rightful place; this provides the starting point for this recording the eminent Wilbert Hazelzet made in December 1997 alongside his old friends and colleagues: cellist Jaap ter Linden, harpsichordist Jacques Ogg and lutenist Konrad Junghänel.

Label: Glossa File Under: Classical/Chamber music Catalogue No: GCDC80803 Barcode: 8424562808034 MID Price Format: 1 CD Packaging: digipack Wilbert Hazelzet [traverso] Jaap ter Linden [cello] Konrad Junghänel [lute] Jacques Ogg harpsichord]

TELEMANN: Capriccio (G major) for flute and basso continuo, Konzert II (G minor) for harpsichord, flute, violoncello and lute Dolce (G major) for flute and violoncello, Largo e misurato (E minor) for flute and violoncello Konzert VI (A minor) for harpsichord, flute, violoncello and lute Fantasia III (B minor) for flute, Solo (B minor) for flute and basso continuo Fantasia X (F sharp minor) for flute Sinfonie à la françoise (B minor) for flute and basso continuo, Gayment (B minor) for flute and basso continuo 1:46 Konzert V (B minor) for harpsichord, flute and violoncello


G A BRESCIANELLO: Concerti, Sinfonie,Ouverture La Cetra Barockorchester Basel Václav Luks This recording, drawn from the series made in conjunction with the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis and released first on harmonia mundi (2002) and then on Glossa (2011), places the spotlight on another unfairly neglected figure from the late Baroque, Giuseppe Antonio Brescianello, an Italian who worked extensively in the German courts. The concertos and sinfonias (and one chacona) included here reflect the composer’s mastery of music from his own country (echoes of Vivaldi can be heard) and of the French orchestral language as practised by the German composers at this time. David Plantier and Václav Luks lead the La Cetra orchestra from Basle in a recording full of vitality.

Label: Glossa File Under: Classical/Orchestral Catalogue No: GCDC82506 Barcode: 8424562825062 MID Price Format: 1 CD Packaging: digipack La Cetra Barockorchester Basel David Plantier & Václav Luks [direction]

Sinfonia in F major Concerto in E minor Ouverture in G minor Sinfonia in D major Concerto in B flat major Chaconne in A major