Checkpoint security solutions for today and tomorrow

Checkpoint security solutions for today and tomorrow Security is a matter of trust Challenges for security checks – today a...
Author: Shona Pitts
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Checkpoint security solutions for today and tomorrow

Security is a matter of trust Challenges for security checks – today and tomorrow Air traffic passenger numbers are constantly rising and security is becoming an even greater focus. Major international airports, in particular, face a serious challenge in terms of maintaining the highest security standards while at the same time organising passenger and baggage checks in an efficient and flexible way. In the medium-term, conventional inspection areas will find themselves at full capacity. In contrast, the checkpoint of the future will rely on innovative technologies which will adapt to the characteristics of their purpose – with the potential for further development. With this in mind, Smiths Detection provides powerful turnkey solutions including the required infrastructure, planning and training, supported by rapid, specialised service. By using smarter security technologies airports will be in the position to work more efficiently in the future, regardless of ever-rising passenger numbers. Flexible solutions will pave the way for future changes in operating procedures or the approach to security. Passengers, in turn, benefit from a new experience through reduced queueing and waiting times, smooth flows and new services such as automated baggage drops. Smiths Detection is prepared to integrate innovative sensor technologies seamlessly within the checkpoint of tomorrow, and supplies impressive, space-saving solutions for maximum security supporting high passenger throughput.

Innovation structure for the checkpoint of the future

No other issue is more important to air travel than the

As pioneers in future checkpoint technologies, Smiths

safety of passengers. This is increasingly reflected in the

Detection systems allow the aviation industry to

changes in security regulations that must be carried out

implement the latest technology to support greater

by airport operators.

productivity and efficiency. An important component of

Pioneering technologies to deliver the highest levels of security for future requirements

of its technology and product development, resulting in

At the same time, airports tread a sensitive path between the pressures of changing regulations, progressively greater demands for efficiency and the expectation of passengers for increased travelling comfort. Smiths Detection puts all of these requirements at the centre sustainable solutions for customers, both now and in the future. For example, holistic checkpoint solutions which are customer focused to contribute towards optimum configuration of the checkpoint. This includes the best possible utilisation of space for rapid and smooth checking processes. Whether for baggage scanning with X-ray equipment, or sensors for liquid detection, or passenger screening with safe millimetre-wave


technology, Smiths Detection offers the most advanced

sensors • conventional & liquid explosives • prohibited items

range of threat detection products. Smiths Detection

and Advanced Recheck. The system captures data from the X-ray and transmits it to a remote workstation for image analysis. If the operator there is satisfied that the bag contents pose no risk, the luggage is allowed to pass through the screening process without interruption. If a potential risk is identified, this can be marked and sent back to a monitor that can be directly viewed by the operator at the re-check workstation. In this way, Smiths Detection is working to ensure that the checkpoint of the future becomes a reality. Smiths Detection‘s advanced solutions: • Advanced X-ray Screening • Advanced Recheck


the HI-SCAN 6040-2is X-ray scanner, which

• Connectivity and Networking • Explosives Trace Detection

offers an outstanding price/performance

• People Screening

ratio, contributing to checkpoint efficiency

• Modular Checkpoint Conveyor Systems

with its compact dimensions and excellent throughput. Operators carry the responsibility

lane design • Smiths Detection iLane • third parties

processes. The optimum solution is Remote Screening

with its range of modular solutions that perfectly


for security. To serve their needs, our priorities TRAY HANDLING

that are vital in ensuring rapid and smooth checking

• Remote Screening


complement existing systems. One example is

analysis & reporting • real time monitoring • historical analysis & reports


networking • data & image distribution • remote screening • advanced recheck

X-ray systems and sensors, to capture data and statistics




this is the networking of different systems, including

therefore include the continuous improvement of the work area and enhanced image quality, for easier detection of security hazards.







Versatile products to meet global demands for efficiency and safety Smiths Detection is a market leader in providing security systems for the aviation sector. Airport operators globally appreciate the comprehensive range which offers solutions for a broad variety of requirements and, at the same time, proactively reflects future developments and regulations.

ECAC LEDS 2/C ECAC LEDS (Liquid Explosives Detection System) Standard 2 Type C

HI-SCAN 6040aTiX*

HI-SCAN 6040-2is HR*

This superior multi-view X-ray system for automatic detection of solid and liquid explosives in carry-on baggage uses two high-resolution views. aTiX systems in service world-wide have demonstrated a high detection rate and high reliability throughout the entire life cycle. The system is approved for LEDS under ECAC Standard 2 Type C and has been developed to meet future security standards.

This dual-view X-ray system was developed for the automatic detection of explosives in carry-on baggage. It supports the operators with a new, ergonomic interface to enable easy and smooth inspection. Characterised by compact dimensions, reduced weight and an attractive design, it is ideally suited for security checkpoints with limited space. The high resolution version is approved for LEDS under ECAC Standard 3 Type C.








HI-SCAN 7555aTiX* This is a real all-rounder. Just like HI-SCAN 6040aTiX it is EU approved for the screening of LAGs (Liquids, Aerosols and Gels). Thanks to larger tunnel dimensions and indivudual algorithms, it also qualifies for checked baggage screening in compliance with EU EDS Standard 2. The increased conveyor load capacity makes it suitable for screening oversized baggage and small and medium-sized air cargo. ECAC LEDS 2/C






ECAC SC 2 ECAC SC (Security Scanners) Standard 2 QPL TSA QPL (Qualified Products List) ACSTL TSA ACSTL (Qualified Air Cargo Screening Technology List) DfT LEDS 2 DfT LEDS (Liquid Explosives Detection System) Standard 2 DfT SC 2 DfT SC (Security Scanners) Standard 2 ACBX DfT ACBX (Advanced Cabin Baggage X-ray) STAC LEDS STAC LEDS (Liquid Explosives Detection System) STAC SC STAC SC (Security Scanners) * with HI-SCAN 6040i and HI-SCAN 6046si ECAC European Civial Aviation Conference • DfT British Department for Transport STAC French Service technique de l’Aviation civile • TSA Transportation Security Administration

HI-SCAN 7555si Where liquid detection is not required, the proven HI-SCAN 7555si X-ray system is the ideal solution. This single-view system generates detailed X-ray images in high resolution and features automatic material discrimination. HI-SCAN 7555si comes with a larger tunnel size and therefore is capable of screening oversized baggage that exceeds the standards for hand luggage in civil aviation. ACSTL

ECAC EDS 2 ECAC EDS (Explosives Detection System) Standard 2

* Smiths Detection also offers solutions to upgrade existing X-ray systems to comply with EU rules for the detection of liquid explosives, for example the OptoScreener.



Checkpoint.Evo’s modular design enables customers to create their own individual checkpoint, to ensure the best use of space, whether replacing or enhancing existing checkpoint areas. Semi-automated checkpoints can easily be created by using up to 5 motorised conveyors. To blend with its operating environment and improve the passenger experience, the checkpoint cladding can be designed to meet customers’ requirements.

iLane.evo represents the most advanced checkpoint conveyor, offering a high degree of automation. Combined with enhanced operations and functionality, such as automatic tray return, directed search and remote screening, it supports a faster and more efficient inspection process at security checkpoints and will allow the integration of additional technologies and networking. To blend with its operating environment and improve the passenger experience, the checkpoint cladding can be designed to meet customers’ requirements.

Checkpoint.Evo is an intelligent software and hardware solution, providing images and data from all checkpoint sensors for image evaluation, re-inspection and report creation. As a management tool, Checkpoint. Evo enables the efficient operation of the security checkpoint, including the optimal use of personnel. Its design will allow the inclusion of additional technologies to meet future challenges at the checkpoint.


eqo eqo is an innovative people screening solution based on millimeter wave technology. It automatically detects objects such as weapons and explosives concealed on a person, highlighting areas of interest on a generic body outline to preserve individual privacy . With a small footprint, eqo easily integrates into any existing checkpoint. Its flat panel open plan design supports the communication between passenger and operator, thus allowing a faster inspection process and a higher throughput. ECAC SC 2

DfT SC 2


The IONSCAN 600 is a next generation trace detector based on nonradioactive Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS). Based on swab samples, it detects and identifies the smallest trace amounts of explosives in less than 10 seconds. IONSCAN 600 is ideally suited to the re-inspection of carry-on baggage where fast and reliable checks for potential explosives threats are required.

Making the world a safer place Since 1997, Smiths Detection has brought together global technology leaders serving key markets, to create a worldclass business. Names such as Heimann in X-ray technology to scan baggage and freight, Barringer in trace detection instruments for drugs and explosives detection, and Graseby, pioneers in chemical agent detection, are now united as Smiths Detection. Continuous investment in Research & Development to provide advanced solutions plus the highest quality manufacturing standards provide the basis for customer confidence in Smiths Detection. In-house scientists and engineers provide skill levels which cover the entire R&D spectrum, from basic development to the integration of complex systems, supported by the expertise of leading academic institutions and government research establishments. Smiths Detection stands for pioneering innovation, high quality products and advanced technologies, offering entire solutions from one source, to fulfil today’s and tomorrow’s requirements. Looking ahead, smart technologies will allow passengers to walk through the checkpoint without the need to divest their coats; security checks will be integrated with customs and immigration formalities. Smiths Detection, as a partner for security, will be at the forefront in facilitating such innovation, driven by a passion for advanced security technologies to make the world a safer place.

For product information, sales or service, please go to HI-SCAN and IONSCAN are trademarks of Smiths Detection Group Ltd.