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Chapter Dispatch Your Vote Matters WWW .CMSA. ORG F EB 2011 Please give five minutes of your time to complete your ballot in CMSA's 2011/12 Board...
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Your Vote Matters


F EB 2011

Please give five minutes of your time to complete your ballot in CMSA's 2011/12 Board of Directors election! By doing so you will have a say in who will lead the case management association in the year ahead! Don't miss your chance to let your voice be heard! Ballots were delivered to your inbox on February 15 which included a personal registration code and a web-address. Deadline to cast your ballot is March 15, 2011. If you have any questions about the election process, please contact Randall Van Den Berghe ([email protected])

21st Annual Conference Hurry!

Registration is Now Open for CMSA's 21st Annual Conference & Expo Early Bird Discount Ends The topics are HOT ... And CMSA's 21st Annual Conference & Expo will be so COOL! March 31 Make plans now to take advantage of all of the inspiring educational, networking, and opportunities at the leading case management conference event in the nation — SAN ANTONIO 2011. Visit to learn about the CEs, sessions, keynote speakers, opening night event at Knibbe Ranch, Annual Meeting, and so much more waiting for you in the Lone Star State. Register early to ensure you get all the sessions you want. And don't forget to enter our fun online Trivia Quiz to win one of the great prizes!

Spring Member Get-A-Member The 2011 Spring Member-Get-A-Member Membership began February 1, 2011 and will run through April 30, 2011. Recruiting new members is an opportunity to share your enthusiasm and excitement for your organization with non-members. If you are excited, it will be contagious and others will want to join CMSA. Tell them about all of the wonderful benefits of being a CMSA Member. You’ll find several tools at to assist in your recruiting efforts. Don’t forget to make sure your name is included on the new members application in order to receive credit for recruiting.

Chapter Leader Call March 2, 2010 2:00-3:00 CST Join CPC Representative Connie Keene and CMI’s staff on this month’s Chapter leader call. The Topic will be Treasurer Responsibilities. On this call we will discuss Required Forms/Documents and Due Dates, Chapter Dues Checks, How to download remittance reports, ect. Please make plans to join in on the call it will be very informative. Also, there will be an certified accountant on call to answer any questions you may have pertaining to your chapter’s financials. The call in information is: Conference Number: 1-218-632-3026, Passcode: 373967#

Chapter Presidents Council Representative Now is the time to consider if you would like to run for the position. This Director position is the voice for the chapter leaders to the National Board and shares industry issues, requests, needs, and solutions related to chapters. This position is elected by the Chapter Presidents in March 2011. The Term of Office will begin June 2011 during CMSA's Annual Conference. As The CPC Representative the person elected will serve on the National Board of Directors. The following minimum criteria apply: A member in good standing by the date of election (March 15, 2011). CMSA member for two (2) years by the date of election (March 15, 2011) Individual must be serving as President or Pres-Elect of a fully affiliated chapter and be in office of President on the day of election (March 15th). Nomination of a Vice President will be accepted if this office that assumes the presidency as of March 15th. The newly elected CPC Representative will close the CPC Meeting at the Annual Conference with a five minute overview of goals for the upcoming year. Feel free to contact our current CPC Representative Connie Keene at [email protected] or Nikki Jackson [email protected] with any questions about the position and the responsibilities.

The deadline to submit for this position is March 11, 2011 5pm CST.

CMOY & AOSE Take a moment to nominate your peer, or your chapters local CMOY for Case Manager of the Year (CMOY) award or Award of Service Excellence (AOSE). The deadline has been extended to February 28, 2011. Each year at the annual conference, CMSA presents these two prestigious awards to members whose case management careers elevate professional standards, enhance individual and leadership performance, and exemplify merit and distinctions. Visit to download an application for submission. That special case manager deserves an award, so why not help recognize a deserving CMSA member who has significantly impacted the field of case management. Contact Awards Committee Staff Liaison Michele Lee at [email protected] (501)225-2229 ext 1120.

CMSA's Case Management Practice Improvement & Research Awards CMSA’s Award for Case Management Research and Award for Case Management Practice Improvement recognize an individual, group, or organization that uses findings from a research or quality/performance improvement (QI/PI) project for innovation in the advancement of case management practice and/or improved client outcomes. To apply for either of these two awards, please download and complete the application, providing completed answers and information regarding your research and/or practice improvement project. Visit to download an application. Return completed application to [email protected] by the April 1, 2011 deadline.

New Membership Recruitment Tools The why join brochures has been updated to reflect the most current benefits. Please make sure your board and your membership is equipped with the latest collateral in their recruitment efforts. Also please, make sure your chapter’s website has the most recent application available for download. Visit to download a printed application. Each chapter will be receiving a mailing of updated brochures and applications. If you do not receive your, please contact [email protected]

Public Policy Summit On April 5-6, 2011, fellow case management professionals from across the country will visit Washington, DC to educate Congress on the importance of case management to the effective delivery of health care. This Summit teaches case managers how to use their local grassroots networks for legislative success and network with CMSA’s Public Policy leaders. The event is open to all CMSA members, staff, volunteers, and case management professionals who are passionate about association issues and want to make a difference by meeting and networking with fellow advocates from across the country. The Summit Fee is $299 plus an additional $25 if you want to attend the optional Tuesday evening Reception. Visit to register today or to get more information. Have questions about the event? Contact CMSA's Government Relations Department at [email protected]

Officer Update Form

Please be sure to get the names, titles and email addresses of your chapters newly elected officers, board members and committee chairs to CMSA National to update the Leadership Database. This information is used to determine who to include on correspondence, access to the chapter portal, chapter dues checks disbursement, chapter contact information, etc…. For the official Officer Update Form, please e-mail [email protected] Please complete and mail, email or fax to 501 -221-9068.

CM Week 2011 And the winner is…. Brenda Kitchens of the Central Virginia Chapter. Her slogan, Case Management-The

GPS for Quality Health Care, was chosen the amongst the 53 entries for the 2011 CM Week Slogan Contest. It was a tough competition but the decision was unanimous. Congratulations Brenda! Your slogan will be used for all of the various promotional products that will be used to get the word out about Case Management. Remember CM Week is October 9-15, start planning your event soon!

Using the Chapter Portal Some of you are already accessing the new tool to download your own membership lists, the new/ renewing, current, and expired/expiring. All Presidents, Pres. Elects, VP’s, membership chairs, secretaries, executive directors, and treasures are now chapter administrator’s and can access the reports in the chapter portal. Please view the screens below for directions . It is important that you and your fellow chapter leaders utilize this tool for your chapters convenience. National does not send out the chapter roster, the dues remittance reports and the other various reports on a monthly basis.

Log into the chapter Portal

Once y logge ou are d menu in this shou screen ld ap pear.

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If you do not see these options on the menu screen when you log-in either you have not been selected as a chapter administrator or, your officer listing for your chapter has expired in our database and needs to be updated. Please send an email to [email protected] if you are experiencing any of these problems.

Chapter President Council Representative

Another reminder for new board members to turn in your chapter Officer Update form by contacting Nikki Jackson at [email protected] or [email protected] Most of you have heard the exciting news about our new publication, “CMSA Today”. Please check out this link for additional information at We did have some technical difficulty with our CPC Forum on February 9, 2011 at 3pm EST with topic, “Treasurer Training/ Financial Reports”. We have re-scheduled this event for March 2, 2:00 CST. Again, we will have our National CMSA financial staff on the call to provide their expert advice at this event. Chapter presidents please invite your treasurer to participate on the event too. Prior to the event it would be a benefit for all of you to review, “Chapter Treasurer Guide”. This guide is located on the national CMSA website under Chapter’s Tools and Resources. Public Policy Summit is coming soon, April 5-6, 2011 in Washington D.C. With the theme, “Raising the Importance of Quality Care from the Hill Through Education for Case Managers and Legislators”. It is a very exciting time for case managers and we need to share our voice. Join the CMSA board at this event you can sign up on the CMSA website at Many of you have most likely received information already for our annual conference this year. If not, check our website because registration has begun. Again, there are discounts available that are time sensitive along with other discount options. The 21st Annual Conference & Expo June 14–17, 2011, at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, San Antonio Texas. Also, write a quick article and share in the chapter dispatch what your chapter is doing that is unique or something that could bring ideas for other chapters. Submit your article to Nikki Jackson by the 16th of every month to [email protected]

Thank you!

Connie Keene CPC Representative

Chapter Highlights Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo, MI January 2011 established the beginning of a new year with positive momentum for the Greater Grand Rapids Kalamazoo CMSA Chapter! Board members have successfully preparing Chapter Excellence and Innovation Awards submissions for activities completed last year. On January 19 , 2011 an educational presentation on "Case Management: A Journey with Older Adults and Medicare," by Sallie Prins, RN, BSN, CPHQ and Sarah Bolter, LMSW was well received by 85 attendees. The education presentation provided an increased awareness of the health care needs for an aging population with Medicare and key components to discharge planning. Also, the new and returning chapter board members were introduced to membership during this education meeting. A strong focus on communication to membership continues. The chapter website enhancement is moving forward. The Winter 2011 newsletter is being developed. Additionally, frequent educational opportunities are e-mailed to membership. The chapter has developed the goal of gaining increased involvement from chapter members. Volunteer community events, education presentations, board committee support, National CMSA annual meeting attendance and newsletter articles are areas focused on this involvement. Karen Sjoerdsma, who serves on the chapter Board of Directors and the Public Policy chairperson, will be attending the 2011 Public Policy Summit in Washington, DC. A CCM Case Management Prep Course will be offered on March 5, 2011 in Grand Rapids, MI. B.K. Kizziar will be presenting this course. She is a Registered Nurse, Board Certified Nurse Case Manager and Certified Case Manager. B.K. was named Case Manager of the Year. She is very active in case management education. She speaks frequently on case management at regional and national levels, published in professional journals, sits on the Editorial Advisory Board of "Case Management Advisor" and is completing a case management text book. On March 15, 2011 an education presentation is planned on "Psychoneuroimmunology: How Thoughts Affect Health," by Dr. Jim R. Sylvain, DO at the Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center in East Lansing, MI. Dr. Sylvain is a physiatrist and an Associate Professor at Michigan State University. He is the Medical Director of Inpatient Neurorehabilitation at Sparrow Hospital. This presentation will address the psychoneuroimmunology as scientific investigation of the mind-body: the bi-directional communication of the nervous system, the endocrine system and the immune system. Additionally, it will address how health professional can use this knowledge to improve health.

Dallas, TX A SPECIAL INVITATION FOR YOUR CHAPTER! The DFW Chapter is extending one free registration to every CMSA Chapter for the Annual Educational Conference March 23-25. That's a $250 value! Any member of the Chapter may attend. The Chapter President must contact the meeting planner by email to give the name of the individual taking advantage of this tremendous offer. The attendee then completes the registration form and adds "comped registration _____ Chapter" and that's all there is to it. The registration includes the actual conference dates of March 24 & 25. The pre-conference seminars and CCM Prep Class are not included in this offer but may be paid by the attendee. Over 12 CEU's are available for the 2 day free registration. Nationally known speakers will present great topics such as Health Care Reform, Hospital and Worker's Comp case management, Leadership and Professional growth. Glen Hiemstra, the nationally recognized healthcare futurist, will give a glimpse into what's next for case management in this every changing environment. Check out the Chapter website for all the details and to download the conference brochure. Give one of your Chapter members the opportunity to attend one of the largest case management conferences in the country. Website: meeting planner: [email protected] Cathy Campbell, Chapter President, will represent the DFW Chapter at the Public Policy Summit in Washington DC in April. She has long been involved with legislative reform as it relates to healthcare and will meet with policy makers to give voice to the concerns of case managers. The DFW Chapter is looking forward to the "Pin Exchange" at the national CMSA conference in June. The Chapter has recently designed and ordered the first official Chapter pin. It is in the likeness of the Chapter logo with the great state of Texas in gold covering a royal blue background with a red heart over the Dallas Ft Worth area. "CMSA" is emblazened on the state of Texas with "DFW" inside the heart. Everyone attending the national conference will be to recognize the DFW Chapter members and supporters. BK Kizziar was the "covergirl" on the latest issue of Texas Case Management. The cover story highlighted her career in case management and volunteer work with Horses for Heroes and Hippotherapy programs for children and adults with physical and mental challenges. The publication is free to case managers and funded through healthcare advertising. Check out the story at

Is your chapter doing something that you want to share with others? Put it in the Chapter dispatch! The Dispatch is designed to allow chapter leaders share idea of events, recruitment tools, best practices, ect.. If you have any detailed information about a successful membership drive, a conference, an outstanding member, or anything your chapter would like to share, you may send them in at any time to [email protected] Please submit your articles in complete sentences. Also, the article should be typed and written in the third person (use “they” instead of “we”). Feel free to submit pictures as well. **Note that information submitted that is simply information on an up-coming event it will not be put into the Dispatch.


Q: What is the single most important thing you need when taking over the responsibility of being a Treasurer for a non-profit group? A: A System! A way of organizing your paperwork so that you have everything you need at your fingertips. Our Treasurer Bin Checklist will give you some idea of the types of supplies you will want to have handy. The other part of the process is to have somewhere to store the day-to-day records of your organization for the current fiscal year. In our experience, the best way to collect this information is in a 3-inch 3 ring binder. As you are going to be going in and out of this binder a lot, this is no time to scrimp. The D-ring binders with the rings mounted on the back cover, not on the spine, are by far the most durable and easiest to deal with. So here is your shopping list: One 3 inch, 3-ring binder, D-ring style with the rings on the back cover 12 sheet protectors 12 dividers – one for each month of the year Sticky labels and a marking pen To setup your binder, affix a sticky label to the top right hand corner of each sheet protector and write the month on it. If your dividers came with the month name printed on them, you are set, otherwise write the month names on the inserts and insert them into the dividers. Start with the sheet protector and divider that represent the first month of your financial year, for example, January. Insert the January Sheet protector in your binder. In the sheet protector put all the awkward little things for that month that tend to get lost: letters from the bank, stubs from a check you have deposited, etc. Next put in your Check Request Forms (see our resource titled Reimbursement Forms). Oldest, that is the first one you wrote, that is the lowest number, on the bottom. So on the right side of your binder from the bottom up you would have your January Sheet Protector, then check request form (with the invoice or receipt or whatever TAPED to the back) for check #2021, then check request for check #2022, etc. See how easy this is? Every time you have a new check, you just open your binder and its record goes right on top of the pile. No flipping all those pages over every time. We recommend taping the receipt to the Check Request Form. Otherwise all those staples on the left side of the page make your files a lot thicker than they need to be. Tape keeps them secure and tidy and you can fit a lot more into the same binder. Be sure to file your check images here too, taped to a check request form in the right order. Then there will be no question about whether a check was voided or if it just disappeared. When all your check records have been filed for the month, you can add the bank statement and your reconciliation report and your Treasurer’s Report for the month. Now it’s time to put in the next month’s Sheet Protector ON TOP, followed by the checks for the next month and so on. At any point during the year you now have an organized collection of paperwork that will enable you to find information about any of the transactions that occurred during the year. And at the end of the year the job of turning over your records to the Audit Committee, or to the next Treasurer, will be much easier. Retrieved February 2011

Below are is some key information that should be considered for board orientation. It is recommended providing the following information to any new board member… General Organizational Information Bylaws and other founding documents Mission and Vision Statements Strategic Plan and other supporting documents Board Information Job Description for Board Members, with expectations and responsibilities Board Structure, with job descriptions for positions and committees Contact list for all Board Members, including position, term length, and preferred communication Meeting minutes from the six months Scheduling Information Upcoming dates, times, and locations for board meetings Important dates for the organization, including special events, press conferences, etc. Financial Information Financial reports from (at least) the last twelve months Most recent audited financial statements Financial policies, covering budgeting, auditing, investing, and other financial activities Other Critical Information Any and all executive policies, approved (or pending approval) by the Board Sample of marketing materials (including brochures, donor/volunteer correspondence, media coverage, etc.) General Nonprofit Information Concise explanation of your chapter Incorporation status Brief overview of nonprofit sector Identification of other nonprofits that are relevant to the organization’s activities List of free resources about nonprofits This is an excerpt from Jessica Journey’s blog post on December 16, 2009 titled Avoiding a False Start.

Client Services Contacts: 6301 Ranch DR Little Rock, AR 72223 Phone: (501) 225-2229 Fax: (501) 221-9068 Website:

email: [email protected] Nikki Jackson 501-673-1121 [email protected] Toni Sullivan 501-673-1110 [email protected]

Michele Lee 501-673-1120 [email protected]

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