C  &  F  APARTMENTS  INC.       Lease  Agreement       This  Lease  Agreement  entered  into  this  __________  day  of  ____________________,  2...
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Lease  Agreement  

    This  Lease  Agreement  entered  into  this  __________  day  of  ____________________,  2_________   By  and  between  C  &  F  APARTMENTS,  INC.  as  lessors,  and  _______________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   As  lessee,  do  as  hereinafter  stated,  hereby  enter  in  a  Lease  Agreement  for  the   following  described  premises  upon  terms  and  conditions  as  provided  for  herein:     DESCRIPTION  OF  LEASED  PREMISES:    1128  4th  Street,  Apt.  #______________.     LEASE  TERM:    The  lease  shall  commence  _________________________,  2___________.     The  lease  shall  terminate  ___________________________,  2____________.     RENTAL  PAYMENT:    Lessee  agrees  to  pay  the  Lessors  the  total  sum  of   $_____________________  for  the  entire  term  of  this  lease,  payable  in  advance  monthly   installments  to  be  deposited  with  the  lessor  at  the  time  of  lease  signing  in  the  form   of  $______________  equal  checks  each  one  dated  on  the  first  (1st)  of  each  month  for   the  duration  of    the  lease.    Payment  may  also  be  made  in  two  equal  payments  one  at   the  time  of  signing  for  one  half  the  amount  due  and  the  other  to  be  deposited  with   the  lessor  in  the  form  of  a  check  dated  on  the  mid  term  of  the  lease  for  the  remaining   half  of  the  amount  due.    Cash,  check  or  money  order,  payable  to  C  &  F  APARTMENTS,   INC.  will  be  acceptable.     LESSEE  AND  LESSORS  HEREBY  FURTHER  AGREE  AS  FOLLOWS:     1. The  premises  shall  be  occupied  and  used  by  Lessee  for  residence  purposes   only.    No  subletting  will  be  permitted  and  no  person  other  than  the  Lessee   shall  occupy  the  premises  without  written  consent  of  Lessors.     2. The  Lessee  shall  pay  when  due  all  charges  incurred  for  utilities  and  services   not  expressly  to  be  paid  by  the  Lessors.       3. A  Security  Deposit  in  the  amount  of  $______________  will  be  paid  to  Lessors   prior  to  occupancy  and  possession  by  the  Lessee  to  guarantee  the   performance  of  the  terms  of  this  lease  by  the  Lessee  it  being  expressly   understood  that  this  deposit  will  be  returned  to  Lessee  with  (30)  days  after   the  lease  termination  date.    The  security  deposit  refund  shall  be  decreased  in   the  amount  of  any  damages  to  the  premises  incurred  during  the  term  of  the   lease  excepting  fair  and  reasonable  wear  and  usage.    The  Lessee  will  leave   the  premises  neat  and  clean.    The  Lessee  shall  be  required  to  clean  the  leased     1  

premises.    Additional  cleaning  that  must  be  done  by  the  Lessors  shall  be   charged  to  the  Lessee  at  the  rate  of  $30.00  per  hour  plus  materials.    All   cleaning  charges  shall  be  construed  as  damages  and  shall  decrease  the   amount  of  security  deposit  returned  to  the  Lessee.    The  Lessee  shall  remain   liable  for  any  damages  in  excess  of  the  security  deposit.    Unpaid  utility  bills   shall  be  damages  in  the  amount  owed  plus  $20.00  as  a  handling  charge.     Default  or  breech  of  any  terms  of  the  lease  shall  also  be  construed  to  be   damages  and  shall  result  in  forfeiture  of  the  entire  security  deposit.    It  is   expressly  agreed  between  Lessee  and  Lessor  in  any  and  all  other  remedies   that  Lessors  may  have  by  terms  of  this  agreement  or  under  the  law  to   recover  damages  against  Lessee  for  any  breach  or  default  in  the  terms  of  this   lease,  and  that  the  damage  items  stated  herein  shall  not  be  construed  to  in   any  way  limit  other  damage  claims.    The  security  deposit  shall  not  be  used   in  lieu  of  the  last  month’s  rent  payment.    The  Lessee  shall  have  three  days   after  occupying  premises  to  notify  Lessors’  of  any  preexisting  problems.     4. In  the  event  of  a  default  or  breach  by  Lessee  in  any  of  the  terms  of  this  lease,   Lessors  may,  at  Lessors  option,  terminate  this  lease  upon  ten  (10)  days   written  notice  to  Lessee  delivered  to  the  premises,  addressed  to  Lessee,   Notifying  Lessee  of  Lessees’  default  in  the  terms  of  this  lease,  and  ten  (10)   days  after  such  notice  is  delivered  to  premises,  Lessors,  or  its  legal  agent  or   representative,  shall  have  the  lawful  right  to  enter  into  the  premises,  or  any   part  thereof,  either  with  or  without  process  of  law,  to  re-­enter  and   repossess  the  same,  and  to  detain  and  take  possession  of  any  personal   property  located  therein  for  security  for  any  rent  or  damages  that  may   be  due,  and  after  thirty  (30)  days  sell  such  repossession,  therein  for   offsetting  and  all  damages  to  Lessors  (or  breach  in  the  terms  of  this  lease  by   Lessee).    



5. In  the  event  that  the  leased  premises  shall  be  vacated  during  said  term  of   lease  by  Lessee,  Lessors  may  take  immediate  possession  there  of  for  the   remainder  of  the  term  and  in  Lessors’  discretion  re-­‐let  the  same  and  apply   the  proceeds  of  the  amounts  due  from  Lessee,  and  Lessee  to  remain  liable  for   the  unpaid  balance  of  the  rent  not  recovered  by  subletting  after  payment  of   reasonable  expenses  incurred  in  such  subletting  by  Lessors  (advertising   expenses,  utility  bills,  realtor  fees,  etc.).   6. In  the  event  the  leased  premises  shall  be  rendered  untenantable  by  fire  or   other  casualty,  Lessors  may  at  Lessors’  option  terminate  this  lease  or  repair   said  premises  with  thirty  (30)  days  and  failing  so  to  do,  or  upon  the   destruction  of  said  premises  by  fire  or  other  casualty,  the  terms  of  this  lease   hereof  shall  cease  and  terminate  at  no  further  liability  to  Lessee  or  Lessors.   7. Lessee  shall  not  alter  or  reconstruct  or  make  improvements  on  the  premises   without  written  consent  of  Lessors  and  shall  not  contract  any  repairs  to  the   premises  or  its  equipment  and  fixtures  and  furnishings  without  prior  written   consent  of  the  Lessors  or  their  agent.  



8. It  is  mutually  agreed  between  the  parties  that  this  lease  is  made  subject  to   the  terms  of  all  mortgages  now  or  hereinafter  placed  upon  the  leased   premises.    The  Lessee  agrees  to  keep  the  property  especially  neat  and  clean   and  available  for  showing  by  the  Lessors  or  their  agent.    






9. Time  is  of  the  essence  of  this  agreement  and  the  terms  thereof.    Late  payment   of  rent  shall  result  in  a  delinquency  charge  of  the  additional  sum  of  ten   dollars  ($10.00)  for  each  and  every  day  after  the  day  rent  is  due  until   such  time  as  paid  in  full  on  a  current  basis.    This  late  charge  provision   however,  shall  in  no  way  restrict  Lessors’  option  to  declare  a  default  and   proceed  as  otherwise  provided  for  herein.    In  the  event  that  payment  is  made   with  worthless  or  otherwise  dishonored  (bad)  check,  an  additional  fee  of   twenty-­five  dollars  ($25.00)  shall  become  due  in  addition  to  the  late   charges  that  accrue  until  such  time  as  the  worthless  check  is  made  good.   10. The  Lessee  agrees  to  pay  the  Lessors  reasonable  attorney  fees  incurred  in  the   enforcement  of  this  lease  or  in  the  collection  of  damages  under  this  lease   additional  as  liquidated  damages,  to  be  included  on  any  judgment  that  may   be  rendered  on  this  lease.   11. Ninety  (90)  days  prior  to  this  Lease’s  expiration  date,  the  Lessee  agrees  to   inform  the  Lessors  in  writing  of  their  intentions  to  re-­‐lease  or  move  from  the   premises.    Failure  to  do  so  shall  result  in  the  Lessors  retainment  of  one  half   (50%)  of  security  deposit.   12. The  Lessee  agrees  to  vacate  the  property  before  or  upon  the  expiration  date   of  the  lease.    If  the  premises  are  not  vacated  by  or  before  the  expiration  date,   the  Lessee  agrees  to  pay  rent  of  a  prorated  basis  of  150%  of  the  base  rent   plus  damages.   13. Lessee  agrees  to  maintain  a  minimum  temperature  of  65  degrees  Fahrenheit   at  all  ties  during  the  heating  season  in  all  parts  of  the  premises.    At  no  time   will  the  electric  service  be  disconnected  during  the  heating  season.    Lessee   shall  be  responsible  for  any  and  all  damages  that  are  caused  by  the  loss  of   heat  to  the  leased  premises.   14. A  fifteen-­‐dollar  ($15.00)  charge  per  key  will  be  assessed  for  any  keys  lost  or   not  returned  to  Lessors  at  vacation  of  the  premises.  




15. A  seventy-­‐five  dollar  ($75.00)  charge  per  loss  of  key  during  this  agreement,   which  requires  Lessors  to  purchase  and  make  new  keys  and  deliver  to   Lessee.   16. Any  personal  property  left  in  or  on  the  leased  premises  will  be  disposed  of  or   sold  by  the  Lessors  or  their  agent  thirty  (30)  days  after  vacation  of  the   premises.    Any  proceeds  realized  from  the  disposal  or  sale  of  such  abandoned   property  will  go  to  the  Lessors.    Lessee  shall  remain  liable  for  any  disposal   fees  incurred  in  such  disposal.   3  

17. Lessee  agrees  that  the  smoke  detector  was  operational  when  occupancy   occurred  and  that  the  Lessee  will  replace  battery(s)  as  required  during  the   Term  of  Lease.    Lessee  shall  also  be  required  to  notify  Lessors  in  the  event  of   malfunction  requiring  replacement  of  smoke  detector.    


18. Lessors  and  Lessee  agree  that  the  rules  and  regulations  relating  to  the  use   and  occupancy  of  premises  by  Lessee  that  are  included  herein  and  by  this   reference  incorporated  herein  are  reasonable.   19. Lessors  shall  be  responsible  for  all  garbage  service  and  lawn  care.  

    TENANT  REGULATIONS     1. Rent  is  due  the  first  (1st)  day  of  each  month  or  as  specified  in  this  lease  by   cash,  check  or  money  order,  made  payable  to:     C  &  F  APARTMENTS  INC   19524  E.  County  Road,  330N   Charleston,  IL    61920     Phone:    217.549.3737        217.273.7453     2. The  tenants  are  expected  to  keep  the  premises  clean  and  damage  free.     Owners  reserve  the  right  to  make  periodic  inspections  of  the  premises.     3. All  motor  vehicles  shall  be  parked  on  the  tenants’  driveway  or  parking  area   at  all  times.    Tenants  shall  instruct  visitors  to  park  their  vehicles  in  their   spaces  or  on  the  street.    No  vehicles  shall  be  permitted  at  any  time  on  the   lawn.     4. No  pets  shall  be  allowed  or  kept  on  the  premises.     5. No  waterbeds  shall  be  allowed  or  kept  on  the  premises.     6. No  beer  kegs  shall  be  allowed  or  permitted  on  the  premises.     7. No  drugs  or  controlled  substances  shall  be  allowed  or  permitted  on  the   premises.     8. No  loud  parties  to  the  extent  of  disturbing  neighbors  will  be  allowed  or   permitted  on  the  premises.    If  such  occurs  it  will  be  cause  for  immediate   eviction.    No  tenant  misbehavior  will  be  tolerated.    This,  to,  is  cause  for   eviction.     9. The  premises  shall  be  made  available  to  Lessors  and  or  their  agent  for   showing  to  re-­‐let  or  sell.    The  Lessee  agrees  to  keep  the  premises  especially   neat  and  clean  during  the  time  of  showings.     4  


10. NO  SMOKING  inside  building,  apartments,  laundry  room,  or  any  other  hall  or   space.    

  WITNESS  OUR  SIGNATURES  AND  EXECUTION  OF  THIS  LEASE  AGREEMENT  OF  THE   DATE  FIRST  ABOVE  WRITTEN.     LESSORS  (or  it’s  authorized  agent(s):     LESSEE       ________________________________________     ________________________________________   Printed  Name           Printed  Name       ________________________________________     ________________________________________   Signature           Signature       OR  ONE  OF  THEIR  AGENTS:     ________________________________________     ________________________________________   Print  Name           Print  Name     ________________________________________     ________________________________________   Signature           Signature        

IN  CASE  OF  EMERGENCY     PARENT  (or)  EMERGENCY  CONTACT:  ______________________________________________     PHONE(s)  #:  ____________________________________________________________________________           LESSEE  Drivers  License  #:  ______________________________________________     MAKE  &  MODEL  OF  CAR:    ______________________________________________     PHONE(s)  #:  __________________________________________________________