BioInnovate Medical Device Innovation Fellowship BioInnovate Medical Device Innovation Fellowship Medical Technology Industry in Ireland • Ireland is home to a significant medic...
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BioInnovate Medical Device Innovation Fellowship

Medical Technology Industry in Ireland • Ireland is home to a significant medical device industry cluster (11 of top 13 Medical Device Companies are located in Ireland) • Approx. 250 Med Tech companies in Irl (50% indigenous), 25,000 people • Exports of over €8 billion annually (8% of Total Irish Exports)

BioInnovate Ireland Programme • Medical Device Innovation Training Programme – Modelled on Stanford Biodesign • BioInnovate Ireland is a consortia of 4 Universities (NUI Galway, UL, UCC, DCU) • Sponsors : Enterprise Ireland, Boston Sci, Medtronic, Creganna Tactx, Lake Region Medical, Steripack, Zeus • Activity: • Fellowship: • Taught Modules / Workshops + Project • 2011-2012 Clinical Focus – CV Disease • 2012-2013 Clinical Focus – Urology / Radiation Therapy • 2013-2014 Gastroenterology / Orthopaedics

GALWAY Limerick



BioInnovate Ireland Fellows

2011 Fellows – CV Disease

2012 Fellows – Urology / Radiation Oncology

BioInnovate Ireland Fellowship • 10 month fellowship programme for medical device innovation • Based on Stanford Biodesign programme: Identify – Invent – Implement • Active partnership between Academia, Industry and Clinicians • Building on existing strengths and activities in the MedTech Ecosystem • Clinical Immersion - Provide an environment for Needs Identification • Accessing Research centres • Introduction to a Network of Leaders • Mentorship from Industry, Clinicians, VCs Learning by Doing!

BioInnovate Fellowship Programme Timeline

Phase Description

5 Wk

Intensive Introduction “Bootcamp”


Primary Outputs Identify


200-300 “Needs” Distil to

8 Wk

Clinical Immersion Needs Identification & Verification



12-16 “ Needs Statements”


8 Wk

Needs Screening


8 - 12 Proposed Concepts

12- 16 Wk

Solution Refinement




Implement 2-4 Evolved Concepts

The Big Questions Funding









Clinical Strategy

BioInnovate Classes BioInnovate I • Identifying Problems Needs Validation, Needs Filtering • Inventing Solutions Concept Generation, Concept Selection

BioInnovate II • Implementation Project development strategies and planning

Outcomes to date • 17 Fellows, 32 graduate students and 22 industry professionals trained in the ‘Process of Med Tech Innovation’ • Accessed 10 Hospitals, 60+ attending Physicians / Surgeons • 600+ unmet / under-met clinical needs identified Detailed market research , concepts developed for 20+ ‘needs’ • • • •

Project on ‘Vascular Embolisation’ received €435k funding Project on ‘AV Fistual Maturation’ received €470k funding 3 Projects from Year 2 looking to progress Broader outputs (Divisa Medical, Flynn O’Driscoll)

• International network of entrepreneurs, clinicians, VCs and industry

Impact on MedTech Ecosystem  Help generate a culture of innovation Generation of highly skilled graduates for the Irish MedTech Sector  Increase in collaboration between Industry, Academia and the Clinic Connectivity ● MedTech Cluster Sustainability ● ● Increased MedTech Value ● International Competitiveness

INDUSTR Y Academia Graduate Education Structured PhD Translational Research Specialist Training

Industry Workforce Skills R&D capability Connectivity for Innovation

Clinic Patient-care HCPs Healthcare Collaboration

Innovators leading to Innovations • • • • • •

Projects: VETEX – Deep Vein Thrombosis Extraction Vascular Embolisation AV Fistula Access Catheter Acute Pancreatitis (in collaboration with Mayo Clinic, US) Stress Urinary Incontinence Benign Prostate Hyperplasia

Collaborations: • Over Active Bladder • Chronic Pulmonary Disease (Boston Scientific) • Clinical needs being accessed by Industry

For more information:

Dr. Mark Bruzzi [email protected]

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