5 Ways To Make Money with. (Training-As-A-Service)

5 Ways To Make Money with “TaaS” (Training-As-A-Service) Affiliate  Program  (Easiest)   1.  Sign  up  under  the  “Affiliate”  link  at  www.bigger-­‐b...
Author: Randell Harris
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5 Ways To Make Money with “TaaS” (Training-As-A-Service)

Affiliate  Program  (Easiest)   1.  Sign  up  under  the  “Affiliate”  link  at  www.bigger-­‐brains.com   2.  Choose  banner  ads  or  text  ads  to  use  on  your  websites,  social   media,  and  client  emails.     3.  (OpEonal)  Purchase  your  own     membership  at  a  discount.     4.  Use  our  markeEng  templates     to  send  out  promoEonal     emails  &  flyers  .     5.  Whenever  someone  asks     “I  wish  I  knew  how  to…”,     point  them  to  your  link.     6.  Earn  a  10%  commission  on     all  sales  made  via  your     Affiliate  links  for  the  life  of  that  customer.    

Reseller  Program  (Flexible)   1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.  7. 

Apply  under  the  “Reseller”  link  at   www.bigger-­‐brains.com   When  approved,  choose  banner  ads  or  text  ads  to  use   on  your  websites,  social  media,  and  client  emails.     (OpEonal)  Purchase  your  own  membership  at  a   discount.     Use  our  markeEng  templates  to  send  out  emails  &   flyers  promoEng  the  service  offering.     Sign  up  clients  directly.     Purchase  memberships  (on  demand)  at  a  20%   wholesale  discount.   Set  your  own  pricing  to  the  end-­‐user.    

Bundle  to  Close  High-­‐Ticket  Sales   1.  2. 

Become  a  Bigger  Brains  Reseller  (#2)   Bundle  Bigger  Brains  with  your  top-­‐ end  Managed  Service  Plans.     – 


“At  this  level  we  include  over  50  hours  of   online  business  training  from  Bigger   Brains,  that’s  a  $179  value  per   employee.”  

Use  as  a  Deal-­‐Closer.   –  “Normally  I  can’t  do  this,  but  we’ve   partnered  with  Bigger  Brains  online   business  training,  and  if  you  can  sign  up  for    before  the  end  of  the   month  I  can  include  their  $179   membership,  with  over  50  hours  of   business  training  you  can  use  for  12   months,  for  free”   –  Note:  Your  cost  right  now  for  that  is  ~  $79     –  AlternaEve:  Include  one  month  ($14  cost)   or  three  months  ($42  cost)  

Use  Training  To  Generate  Demand   1. 


3.  4. 

5.  “I  watched  a  course  on  something  called  a   ‘BDR’  last  night.  Why  don’t  we  have  this  yet?”  


Use  for  Complex  Sales  (BDR,  VoIP,  Video   Conferencing,  Managed  Services,  Cloud   CompuEng,  etc)   Trojan  Horse  sales:  Client  buys  training   for  Microsoj  Office  &  Business  Soj   Skills.    Also  gets  courses  showing  the   benefits  of  complex  soluEons.     Planned  for  2012:     Office  365  &  Google  Apps.     Possible  for  2013:     Managed  Services,  Hosted  Exchange,   Online  Backup,  Hosted  VoIP,  &  more.     OrganizaEons  can  add  or  commission   their  own  specific  soluEon  courses.     Side  Benefit:  Users  need  less  support   ajer  they  purchase  complex  soluEons!  

Improve  Your  Own  Skills!   •  Learn  skills  that  can   help  you  in  business,   including  sales,   markeEng,   presentaEon  skills,   Eme  management,   and  more.    

It’s  “Act  Now…”  Time   •  BONUS  #1:     Sign  up  as  a  Reseller  or   Affiliate  by  October  30   and  receive  your  own   customized  version  of   our  Windows  8  Training   video,  to  use  on  your   website,  social  media,  or   other  client  outreach   programs.    

It’s  “Act  Now…”  Time   •  BONUS  #2:     Purchase  or  Sell  TWO   memberships  by  November   30  (either  as  a  Reseller  or   an  Affiliate)  and  receive  the   online-­‐only  version  of   ENTREPRENEURING:  Three   Keys  To  Business  Success,   with  content  from  Michael   Gerber,  Brian  Tracy,  Tom   Hopkins,  and  Chip  Reaves  

So….How  Much  $€£¥  Can  I  Make?   List  Pricing  for  Core  Courses:  

 $17/month  or  $99/year  

 (special  startup  pricing,  normally  $179/year)    

•  Affiliate  Program  (10%):  

–  Your  Profit:     $1.70/month  or  $9.90/year   per  user.     –  10  Users  =  $17/month     –  100  Users  =  $170/month   –  500  Users  =  $850/month  

•  Reseller  Program  (20%):  

–  Your  Profit:  $3.40/month   or  $19.80/year  per  user   –  10  Users  =  $34/month     –  100  Users  =  $340/month   –  500  Users  =  $1700/month  

PLUS:    AddiEonal  PotenEal  Sales  from  free  Windows   8  video,  “Trojan  Horse”  courses,  and  MSP  bundling.  

What  Does  The  Client  Get?   •  Core  Courses:   –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  – 

Microsoj  Word   Microsoj  Excel   Microsoj  PowerPoint   Power  Up  PowerPoint   Windows  7   Windows  8   Time  Management   EffecEve  Listening   Top  5  MarkeEng  Mistakes   Businesses  Make   Internet  MarkeEng  101   Secrets  Of  The  Web   Sales  101:  Gexng  Appointments   &  Handling  ObjecEons   More  Added  Monthly  

•  Premium  Courses:  

–  Entrepreneuring,  3  Keys  To   Business  Success  ($99)  

What  Does  The  Client  Get?   •  Plus….   –  Courses  Provided  By   Resellers  &  Master  Agents   –  The  Ability  To  Add  Courses   from  our  14,000  Title     3rd  Party  Program   –  Employee  ReporEng   –  Mobile-­‐Friendly   (Smartphone,  iPad,  etc)     –  The  Ability  To  Add  Their   Own  Content*    

“It’s  a  Cloud-­‐Based  Learning   Management  System,  Pre-­‐ Populated  With  Great  Courses!”  

Next  Steps….   •  Choose  Affiliate  or   Reseller  Program   •  Sign  up  at   www.bigger-­‐brains.com   •  Purchase  Your  Own   Membership   •  Promote  it  to  Your  Clients   •  Make  Money   •  Receive  Compliments   from  Happy  Clients.    

Deadlines:   •  Bonus  #1:  October  30   •  Bonus  #2:  November  30