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CISMA Call Agenda 1:30pm Introductions  Rose Godfrey & Sherry Williams 1:35pm Technical Presentation  National Association of Plant Councils: A Council’s Tale – Sherry Williams 1:55pm CISMA Update  Florida CISMAs – Everglades CISMA – Dennis Giardina 2:10pm Shoutouts  4th Fall HalloWeed Count, EDDMaps Verifiers, Fall FISP Meeting, EDRR emails, FLEPPC CISMA Session topics, CISMA call topic suggestions

 Polls 2:30pm Adjourn

Introducing the New FISP Co-Chairs • Sherry Williams – Seminole County Natural Resources Program Coordinator for the Seminole County Greenways and Natural Lands Division – [email protected]

• Samantha Yuan – FWC, Invasive Plant Management Section (IPMS) Research and Outreach Manager – [email protected]

Technical Presentation

National Association of Plant Councils: A Council’s Tale Presented by Sherry Williams

Sherry Williams Vice Chair NAIPC Natural Resources Program Coordinator Seminole County Natural Lands Program [email protected]

National Association of Invasive Plant Councils A coalition of state and regional Exotic Pest Plant Councils (EPPCs) and Invasive Plant Councils (IPCs) representing professional natural resource managers, scientists and others with an interest in invasive plant management. Promoting effective management of invasive plants in natural areas and wildlands

History • Established by MOU in 1995 between the first four Exotic Pest Plant Councils • FL-EPPC, Cal-IPC, TN-EPPC, PNW-EPPC • Power in organization, strength in numbers, some problems are national in scope and better addressed by national organization

• Membership consists of state and regional invasive and exotic pest plant councils who share the similar mission.

• Open to all non-profit organizations whose primary mission addresses issues of invasive exotic pest plants in natural areas

• Governed by a board of directors consisting of the presidents and chairs of the member EPPCs and IPCs. • Name changed from NAEPPC to NAIPC in 2014.

State Councils Alabama Invasive Plant Council California Invasive Plant Council Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council Georgia Exotic Pest Plant Council Kentucky Exotic Pest Plant Council New Jersey Invasive Species Strike Force North Carolina Invasive Plant Council Ohio Invasive Plant Council Oklahoma Invasive Plant Council South Carolina Exotic Pest Plant Council Tennessee Invasive Plant Council Texas Invasive Plant and Pest Council Invasive Plants Association of Wisconsin

Regional Councils Mid-Atlantic Invasive Plant Council Midwest Invasive Plant Council Northern Rockies Invasive Plant Council Pacific Northwest Invasive Plant Council Southeast Exotic Pest Plant Council Southwest Vegetation Management Association

NAIPC Goals To facilitate communication between EPPCs especially regarding issues and policies of national importance on invasive plants that threaten natural areas and wildlands To communicate and represent the interests of EPPCs on these issues and policies

To support the formation and growth of EPPCs, and to provide a forum for all EPPCs to share in and benefit from the information generated by each EPPC and this association; To provide support for the implementation of national invasive species initiatives and other activities of national importance.

IPC and EPPC Priorities Developing and maintaining state invasive plant lists Conferences and Workdays Public Outreach (websites, newsletters, brochures, bulletins) Mapping and EDRR (EDDMapS) Grants supporting local research and outreach efforts and graduate students (travel grants, awards at conferences)

CWMA/CISMA development and support Advocacy Conduit between academia, green industry, natural resource professionals, local, State and Federal agencies

Invasive Plant Listing Most IPCs and EPPCs maintain and periodically update invasive plant lists … little consistency though NAIPC was involved with an effort to develop a national standard for plant listing through ASTM Evolved into …. Checklist for Invasive Plant Listing by State and Regional Invasive Plant Councils • Goal of checklist is to ensure that listing is done with: • highest standards for scientific rigor and ecological expertise • transparent procedures and clear documentation • opportunity for public review • consistent, objective methodology to assure comparability across lists

NAIPC Webinars

CWMA Support and Development

Facebook Page

CISMA Update

Everglades CISMA Presented by – Dennis Giardina

2017 Everglades CISMA Update

CISMA Partners MOU Signatories South Florida Water Management District Miami-Dade County US Fish and Wildlife Service US National Park Service Army Corps of Engineers Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Partners Broward County, The Nature Conservancy, University of Florida, Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, U.S. Geological Survey, Florida Department of Transportation, Florida Power and Light, Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida, Seminole Tribe of Florida, U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Department of the Interior, Florida Department of Transportation, Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, Kampong Tropical Botanic Garden, the Everglades Foundation, Auburn University, Palm Beach County


verglades CISMA Organizational Chart

Operations Subcommittee

Plant Team

Animal Team

Steering Committee

FOE Inc.

Outreach Subcommittee

Rapid Response Subcommittee Strike Team (FISST)

Grant from Miccosukee Tribe for Invasive Animal Outreach

Exotic Removal/Native Planting - ECWMA Recreational Area, US 27

Seaside Mahoe Out, Native Butterfly Garden In!

Neyraudia Infested Site at Zoo Miami Before…

Pine Rockland Restoration, During And After!

2017 Fish Slam

2017 Fish Slam, Big Cypress National Preserve

Detector Dog Team and Training Python Contractors

Pet Amnesty Day, Miami Zoo and FWC booth, Coconut Creek

Monitor Lizard Control

SFWMD Python Contractor Program

Exotic Mangroves Bruguiera and Lumnitzera

Crocosmia Control Workday at Mauna Ka’ala Preserve - O’ahu, Hawai’i

Andrew Derksen, USDA – APHIS - PPQ

South West Florida Python Team, Jamie, Ian B and Ian

Protecting Native Wildlife From Engulfment Since 2013

Outreach The Next Generation – Pet Supermarket, Coconut Creek

2017 Partner of the Year Award

2017 Partner of the Year

Carrie Beeler-Kanderski

ECISMA Tony Pernas (NPS) and Dennis Giardina (FWC)

October - Shout Outs FISP/ CISMA



Category Outreach Workshop Outreach Workshop Outreach Workshop

Outreach SixRivers Workshop




Workday Workday

Outreach Heartland Workshop

Activitiy/Name of Event/Title



CF/Osceola/EC FL CISMA Grass/Sedge Wekiwa Springs State Park 10/5/2017 (Youth Camp). Workshop CF/Osceola/EC FL CISMA Grass/Sedge Wekiwa Springs State Park 10/5/2017 (Youth Camp). Workshop Postponted: Herbicide Windley Key Fossil Reef 10/6/2017 Geological State Park Workshop Navarre Visitors Center, EDDMapS HalloWeed Santa Rosa County 10/10/2017 Extension Office Training Lauderdale Research and Education Center Complex ECISMA Steering in the FAU Davie West Committee Meeting 10/11/2017 Building, Room 203 Nature Coast Workday 10/11/2017 Crystal River State Preserve 10/12/2017 Cancelled: Workday CANCELLED: Ludwigia ID and Aquatic Grass 10/13/2017 Circle B Bar Ranch ID workshops

October - Shout Outs: Continued FISP/ CISMA


SixRivers Workday Outreach SixRivers Workshop



Outreach Suncoast Workshop

Outreach TC Tabling Outreach SixRivers Workshop Outreach FISP Other Outreach SWFL Tabling



Activitiy/Name of Event/Title

work day EDDMapS HalloWeed Training Osceola CISMA meeting Suncoast Upland Habitat Restoration Workshop Jonathan Dickinson State Park’s Fire Fest event this Saturday Oct. 21st EDDMapS HalloWeed Training October CISMA call Cancelled: Wiggins Pass Nature Fest, Etoniah Rosemary Census HalloWeed Event



Chimney Park Escambia County Extension 10/17/2017 Office Disney Wilderness Preserve, 2700 Scrub Jay 10/19/2017 Trail Poinciana. 10/13/2017


Jonathan Dickinson State 10/21/2017 Park Escambia County Extension 10/24/2017 Office 10/25/2017


Delnor-Wiggins State Park Etoniah Creek State Forest 390 Holloway Rd 10/31/2017 Florahome, FL 32140 10/28/2017

FLEPPC 2018 April 4, 2018 9am-12pm Crowne Plaza Melbourne – Oceanfront Topics Needed • It’s never too early to start planning!

FLEPPC 2018 FLEPPC Grants: • FLEPPC & FISP CISMA Grant • Kathy Craddock Burk Education Grant • Julia Morton Research Grant

HalloWeed Count • Fourth Annual Fall HalloWeed Count – October 27, 2017 through November 5, 2017 New dates – Two Weekends. One Week. – The goal is to collect more credible invasive plant observation data into EDDMapS (i.e. invasive plant occurrence recorded and verified as correct).

HalloWeed Count • Focusing on partnering with the Florida Native Plant Society – If you already have a strong relationship with your local chapters please look into giving a brief presentation on the Fall HalloWeed count/EDDMapS or having a joint event.

HalloWeed Count Listed below are the 2017 Fall HalloWeed events that I am aware of: • • • •

• •

ARSA CISMA - November 4, 2017 St. Vincent NWR 'Hallow-weed' event with FSU's Strike Team and The Nature Conservancy Big Scrub CISMA - November 2, 2017 Ben Gugliotti and Tracy Hauserman, Lake County Water Authority will be hosting the public and homeschool students at Hidden Waters Preserve for Ceasarweed and Rosary Pea round-up. Big Scrub CISMA - November 3, 2017 Wendy Poag, Lake County Parks and Trails will be hosting some college students at Lake Louisa State Park, Clermont. Big Scrub CISMA - Tracy Hauserman and Marc Crail, Lake County Water Authority will be hosting 4-H club in partnership with UF/IFAS at Hickory Point Park to do waterway clean-up and aquatics & upland invasive IDs. ECF CISMA - October 31, 2017 Etoniah Rosemary Census & HalloWeed Event SWFL CISMA - November 4, 2017- Florida Panther Festival- Naples Zoo Naples, FL

EDDMapS Local Plant Verifiers Needed!!! • Folks knowledgeable about invasive plants in the following counties: – Baker, Bradford, Charlotte, Clay, Collier, Columbia, Dixie, Gilchrist, Glades, Hamilton, Hendry, Lee, Levy, Madison, Nassau, Taylor • A single verifier can cover several counties and still have only a few records per month to review. • Site inspections are typically not required – we rely on photographs, local expertise, online herbarium records, communicating with observer, etc. • Contact Dexter Sowell for more information ([email protected])

EDRR Emails –Helpful? –Or just another email?

Reporting Method

–Google Form! • To be emailed & embedded on FISP Success Stories page. • Automatically fills a spreadsheet! • So easy it can be done while talking on the phone ;-)

CISMA Calendars

Next Month’s Call November 22,2017 • CANCELLED

December 27, 2017 • CANCELLED

January 24, 2018 • FWC’s Nonative Wildlife Responder Network – Jenny Novak • Florida Keys Iinvasive Species Task Force – Beth Bergh

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Halloween Thanksgiving Hanukkah Kwanza Festivus Winter Solstice Christmas New Year’s Eve

2018 Bi-annual CISMA Call Agenda January - May

Suggestions Needed!

Florida Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area (CISMA) Monthly Call – Hosted by the Florida Invasive Species Partnership (FISP) participation is voluntary, we promise it will only last 1 hour, and we can guarantee that you will enjoy the conversations

4th Wednesday of Every Month at 1:30pm Except November and December Join the listserv to receive announcements at: floridainvasives.org

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