We are.. Marillac Clinic 2012 Annual Report

We are... Marillac Clinic 2012 Annual Report 2013 Marillac Board of Directors Kay Ramachandran Executive Director Marillac Clinic Jan Rohr Preside...
Author: Pearl Howard
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We are... Marillac Clinic 2012 Annual Report

2013 Marillac Board of Directors

Kay Ramachandran Executive Director Marillac Clinic

Jan Rohr President David Dodero Vice President

Dear Friends and Supporters of Marillac Clinic:

Norma Pike Treasurer

The year 2012 marked our 24th year of uninterrupted service to the Grand Junction community. Since

Lee Gaglione, DDS Secretary

our inception in 1988, the Clinic has provided affordable healthcare services to Mesa County’s low-tomiddle income uninsured and under insured residents. As you may know, the services we offer include

Dan Prinster Past President

primary medical integrated with behavioral health, dental, optical and medication assistance. It is truly a

Terry Armstrong

In Mesa County, we are fortunate to be part of a healthcare community that embraces a value-driven,

Nicole Bernal-Ruiz Shane Haas Justin Hall

"one-stop shop" of integrated services with a focus on providing quality outcomes for all of our patients.

coordinated system that provides essential primary care to all of its residents, regardless of financial status. In a PBS documentary released in February 2012, correspondent T.R. Reed illuminated this unique s system, which includes Marillac Clinic, noting the national recognition the model has received.

Judy Hegge David S. Herr, MD

While Marillac’s staff and Board of Directors remain clear about our mission and values, we are very aware

Joanna Little

that the arrival of healthcare reform in 2014 will bring many changes to our way of doing business.

Carol Murphy

Planning for these changes began in 2012, evidenced by our acceptance of Medicaid as a payer source

Nancy Paregien

for all of our services. Proactive planning for the Affordable Care Act will continue in the Clinic through

John Schmidt

2013. Although there are many unknowns about how the Affordable Care Act will impact Marillac, we do know that these changes will make our strategic relationships and community partnerships even more important. Continuing to serve our patients in a medical-home model will be the mainstay of our work. We would like to take the occasion of the 2012 Annual Report to express deep appreciation to our healthcare partners and the generous donors and volunteers, without whom we could not sustain our ability to serve the poor and vulnerable. And last but not least, we say a heartfelt thank you to our staff. Their hard work and dedication makes Marillac the gem it is. As we celebrate our 25th Anniversary of service to the community, Marillac is working hard to continue as Mesa County’s health care provider of choice for the population we serve. Please take a moment to read this report and share in the spirit of love and caring, which will carry our mission forward.

Kay Ramachandran Executive Director

C ARIN G . . . Remember When These events took place during the 1st quarter of 2013, our Anniversary year...


For 25 years Marillac Clinic has been providing medical services to patients from every walk of life right here in the Valley. Some patients are between jobs, many patients have jobs that do not provide health care benefits. All are deserving. Nearly all of the Clinic’s patients are the “working poor.” In 2000, Marillac initiated a ground-breaking program called Integrated Care. By combining mental health services with medical care, the Clinic has been at the forefront of delivering effective and efficient health care services that has gained national recognition as a “best practice.” This one-stop, patient-centered approach is now recognized to be one of the best ways to deliver health care, and many clinics around the country are adopting the approach which Marillac helped pioneer. Low-income families and individuals have special challenges that often present as

Recognition Breakfast & Memorial Candlelight Service January 24, 2013 Celebration sponsors, community officials, the Board of Directors, community volunteers, donors and staff attended a breakfast buffet where they were recognized for their relationship with Marillac. The event included a Memorial candlelight service to recognize those associated with Marillac who are now deceased. The service also celebrated the spiritual aspect of the Clinic’s mission.

psychological factors. Integrated Care is especially effective in addressing these issues and that leads to better outcomes. Studies show that Marillac patients are far less likely to end up in local Emergency Rooms which helps keep health care costs lower for all of us! Every year, thousands of our local citizens find help and compassionate care at Marillac. None of this would be possible without the vision and commitment of the community leaders who founded the Clinic all those years ago. When you support Marillac, you become a vital part of that caring tradition and an integral part of a unique hometown success story. If they could meet you in person they would just want to say “THANK YOU!”

“Gifts from the Heart” Fundraiser February 13-14, 2013 Marillac Clinic held its 3rd annual fundraising event, selling pre-ordered, prepaid boxes of gourmet cupcakes with a 25th anniversary theme throughout the community.

LIVING . . . What About Now? These events took place during the 2nd quarter of 2013, our Anniversary year...


Marillac Clinic did not offer dental services when it was first founded, but in 1991, in response to the overwhelming evidence of the importance of oral health to the overall health of patients of every age, Marillac began to offer dental care to its patients. At Marillac we place a special emphasis on good oral health for children. In 2003, the Clinic began an aggressive outreach for at-risk children in our community. Studies show that dental disease is the single most untreated condition among school-age children, and poor children typically have had little or no access to good dental care. Over the last decade we have seen thousands of kids in schools all across our community, providing education and preventative screenings as well as follow up for those who need additional care. In 2008, the clinic added a full-time dedicated Pediatric Dentist, Dr. Kate Hart,

Anniversary Celebration (May 4, 2013) Marillac Clinic hosted a 25th anniversary celebration dinner. The evening began with a cocktail reception followed by a dinner. Activities were complemented by music, an entertaining program and recognition of the celebration partners, organizations, and individuals who have made contributions to Marillac Clinic. Inspirational /motivational speaker, Vallie Collins, a survivor of “Miracle on the Hudson” spoke to the dinner guests.

who sees dozens of our youngest patients every week. In 2013, thanks to donor gifts and a grant from The Bruce Dixon Fund at the Western Colorado Community Foundation, Dr. Hart will see young dental patients through the Children’s Dental Collaborative Project, at Western Colorado Pediatric Associates, a division of Primary Care Partners, PC. Our older citizens also find help at the Clinic. The Old Age Pension (OAP) Dental Assistance Program provides low-income seniors with exams, x-rays, cleanings, dentures and much more. The program is funded by the state of Colorado and the Dental Clinic’s Director, Dr. Tom Lavery, says it makes a real difference in the quality of life and the health of the Clinic’s older patients.

25th Anniversary Fundraising Initiative May – December, 2013 A special fundraising initiative was introduced and promoted at the Anniversary Dinner. The fundraising goal was “25 in 25” – a goal of $25,000 in 25 days.

LOVIN G . . . Looking Forward to the next 25 Years


Marillac Clinic added a full service Optical Clinic in 2006. The Clinic offers complete medical eye exams as well as low-cost fashionable eyewear. In addition to

These events are scheduled for the 3rd quarter of 2013, our Anniversary year... Moonlight Walk (September 21, 2013) A free Riverfront Trail walk

dispensing and repair of eyewear, we assist in the coordination of referrals to special-

will be hosted by Marillac

ists, when more serious eye problems are diagnosed. For some of our patients it is the

Clinic celebrating the 25th

first time in their lives that thay have truly been able to see properly.

Anniversary and highlighting our Celebration

Good vision makes such a difference in the lives of our patients. We hear stories all the time about children who are suddenly excelling at school because they can finally see! These everyday miracles are part of what happens because 25 years ago a determined group of visionary citizens made a commitment to their community.


Farmers’ Market (June – September 2013, one Thursday per month) Marillac Clinic will host a


The Medication Assistance Program (MAP) provides assistance for eligible patients to apply for low cost to no cost ongoing prescription medications. For other patients, reduced prices are available on medications through partnerships with local pharmacies.

table at the popular Thursday night market to educate the public on Marillac Clinic and to promote the Clinic‘s programs.

Palisade Clinic and Farmworkers’ Dinner (August 2013) A dinner event will focus on our satellite clinic in

Medication Assistance is just another

Palisade and their service

way that Marillac addresses the needs

with the farmworkers of

of deserving hardworking families right here in the Valley.

our community.

GIVING . . . Thank You Everyone These events are scheduled for the 4th quarter of 2013, our Anniversary year... Holiday Reception (December 2013) Celebration partners, the Board of Directors, donors and staff will be invited to a holiday reception at the Clinic. This will be the final


event to close the 25th

Marillac Clinic opened its doors in May of 1988. That first year, three full-time staff

year and to begin the focus

members registered 2,982 medical visits. Since then the Clinic has had more than

on the next 25 years of

400,000 patient visits.

service to the community.

In 1991 dental services were added.

Patient Packets (December 2013)

In 1992 El Pomar Foundation awarded its prestigious “Award for Excellence” to the Clinic.

Anniversary Celebration

In 2000 Marillac created an integrated health care program that seamlessly integrated mental health into the primary care setting, a model that has received national recognition for effectiveness.

During the month of

In 2003 Marillac completed a successful capital development of the main Clinic building and added a new state of the art on-site Dental Clinic.

distributed to Marillac

In 2005 Marillac became the sole provider of Farmworker Health Services for farm workers and their families . In 2006 A full-fledged satellite clinic opened in Palisade. Optical services were expanded with a full-service, on-site Optical Clinic. In 2013 the Clinic celebrates 25 years of compassionate, forward-looking medical care for thousands of uninsured and underserved. A lot has changed in 25 years, but one thing that remains constant is our mission to serve the poor. Without 25 years of loyal and committed support from our community, none of this would have been possible. Thank You for a great 25 years!

December, packets of health care items will be patients.

Our fundraising project - $25,000 in 25 days – reached its goal in just 10 days! This project funds Marillac’s collaboration with Western Colorado Pediatric Associates to become the first site for integrated dental care in a pediatric medical setting.



2012 Audited Financial Highlights Unrestricted Revenue, gains and other support Net patient service revenue


In-Kind Contributions from Related Orgs *


Other Operating Revenue **


Net Assets Released from Restriction ***


Investment Income


Gain (loss) on disposal of fixed assets


Total Revenue



Marillac Clinic has a well deserved reputation for responsible stewardship. When you choose to support the work of the Clinic, you can be sure that your gift will be honored and used in the way you intended. Volunteers play an important role in the everyday operations of the Clinic. Last year they logged in over 5,529 hours in virtually every area of operations. That amounts to more than $171,941 of in-kind donations. The Clinic could not function as it does without this generous assistance from our fellow citizens. It's just another great example of a local response to a national problem and how, with help from the community it serves, Marillac is realizing its mission every day! A special thanks to the Board of Trustees of St. Mary’s Hospital and Community Hospital for offering affordable access to lab and radiological services for our patients.

Salaries and Wages


Employee Benefits




Other Operating Expenses****


Depreciation and Amortization


Total Expenses


Increase (Decrease) in unrestricted assets


Marillac Clinic continues to receive generous support from the community and especially the unwavering support from our Board of Directors, St. Mary’s Hospital and SCL Health System. *In-kind contributions and benefits from St. Mary’s Hospital and SCL Health System ** Unrestricted grants, pledges, and donations received from individuals, businesses, faith-based, and health care facilities. ***Grants, pledges and other restricted income that has been released in this fiscal year. ****Includes facilities, purchased services and other operating expenses

2012 PATIENT HIGHLIGHTS Unduplicated Patient Count:


Medication Assistance Medications:


Value of MAP Medications: Total Direct Patient Care Visits:

$5,502.027 22,985

Medical & Mental Health :






2012 Marillac Clinic Donors Anonymous (10) Thomas Acker Robert and Patricia Adams Shirley Adams Dag and Deanne Adamson Doug Aden and Lorraine Jensen Aetna Foundation, Inc. Greg and Phyllis Aggeler Shari Agson Aldrich Law LLC ALJ TEX, LLC Ivan Alkes, MD Penny Alleman Lawrence and Ruthmary Allison Robert Alstatt Douglas and Kathryn Ames Steve and Karen Ammentorp Nancy Anderies Cherry Anderson Mark and Leslie Anema Mark and Michelle Angelo John Anglim / ReSource Design Teresa Anson George and Orlinda Aragon Valerie Aragon-Troth ARC Thrift Store Dorothy Archer Edward and Terry Armstrong John and Frances Arnhold Kelly Arnold Peggy Arnold Michael and Callie Ash Liliana Asplund The Atrium of Grand Valley George Atteburn Nona Backlund Bacon Family Foundation Herbert and Laura May Bacon Charles and Velda Bailey Gary Baker Florence Balbier Martha Banker Travis and Sarah Bargsten Robert Barker Mark and Laura Barslund Anya Bates Marie Beauregard R. and Barbara Beaver Robert Becker Sharon Becker Larry and Winona Beckner Orrin and Margaret Beckner Russell and Eleanor Beecham Catherine Beeman Amy Beeson Robin Begalle Scott Beilfuss Sally Bellacqua Ingir Beman Cyndia Benedict Benge’s Joe Benge James and Penny Bennett Harlan and Alice Bensley Char Benton Donna Bergman Frank and Gretchen Bering Alan Bershenyi Donna Bettencourt Douglas and Maureen Beyer Fred and Irene Binggeli William and Elinore Birney Kate Blackburn Dean Blair Nicholas and Lisa Blanchard June Blease Charity Blumenthal Blythe Group + co

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REFERRAL SPECIALISTS & VOLUNTEERS Allergy/Asthma Toni Davison, PA William Scott, MD Cardiology Maria Anderson, MD Charlie Brunson, MD Daniel Duffey, MD Richard Garmany, MD Marcus Howell, MD William Miller, MD Eric Muller, MD Paul Oupadia, MD Donald Pacini, MD

Kurt Spriggs, DO Jacob Webel, MD

Barry Sobel, MD Alamdew Yisfalem, MD

Cardiovascular James Narrod, MD Sara Pereira, MD

Neurology Joel Dean, DO Neal Gilman, MD Seth Kareus, MD Logan McDaneld, MD

Chiropractor Dean Younker, DC Counselors Center for Enriched Communication Center For Independence Colorado West Mental Health Latimer House Summit View Treatment Center Dermatology Maida Burrow, MD Matthew Deeths, MD Mathew Donaldson, MD Lewis Kirkegaard, MD Amy Paul, MD Arthur Weber, MD Dietician St. Mary’s Nutrition Services Endocrinology Carol M. Greenlee, MD Joseph Maruca, MD Markus Wettstein, MD ENT Amy Bronson, PA Mark Griffin, MD Michael Hanson, PA-C Duane Hartshorn, MD Valerie McElroy, PA-C James Merrell, MD Michael Trowbridge, MD Gastroenterology Eugene Crafton, MD Masi Khaja, MD Brent Prosser, MD Steven Seagren, MD Peter Walsh, DO Jon Allison, PA Linda Evans, NP Serena Evans, NP General Surgery Stuart Ackley, MD Craig Andersen, MD Brad Baldwin, DO Michael Bradshaw, MD Eric Hanly, MD James Hanosh, MD Andrew Morse, DO Steven O’Dell, DO Joel Schaefer, MD Daniela Schupp, MD Joyce Sekharan, MD Teyen Shiao, MD Christopher Wibbelsman, MD Gynecology/Obstetrics Laurel Bartholomay, MD William Ellinwood, MD Robert Hackett, MD E. Lee Hardin, MD Paul Jones, MD Carrie Noriega, MD Joshua Pearson, DO Traci Simms, MD Infectious Disease William Lockwood, MD Sheila Neese, MD Nephrology Matthew Cyphers, MD Joseph Harawi, MD

Neurosurgery Robert Fox, MD Susan Hemley, MD, PhD John Lopez, MD Larry Tice, MD Brian Witwer, MD Oncology & Radiation Oncology St. Mary’s Advanced Medicine Pavilion Regional Cancer Center Ophthalmology Allen Grey, MD W. Jay Hoffman, MD Randy Rottman, MD Robert Rigg, MD Orthopaedic Kirk Clifford, MD Chris Copeland, DO M. Larry Copeland, DO Mitchell Copeland, DO Mary Beth Deering, MD Michael Dohm, MD Michael Dolecki, MD James Gebhard, MD Steven Heil, MD Michael Huang, MD Waqqar Khan-Farooqn, MD Richard Knackendoffel, DO Mark Luker, MD Dilaawar Mistry, MD Jeffrey Nakano, MD Michael Reeder, DO Michael Rooks, MD Kennan Vance, DO Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Phillip Thos Rajadas, MD Daniel Slater, MD Physical Therapist Christine Wolcott, PT Plastic Surgery Stephen Cotlar, MD William Merkel, MD Podiatry Edward Behen, DPM Psychiatry Colorado West Mental Health Pulmonary Joel Bechtel, MD David James, MD William Kelley, MD Garry Lambert, DO David Patz, MD Joann Piburn, RN, FNP James Thompson, MD Andrea Thornton, MD Radiology Anthony Bullard, MD J. Reed Bumgarner, MD C. Joe Cruz, MD Roy Erb, MD Sally Gaglione, MD Randall Gehl, MD Eric Gerson, MD Todd Hegstrom, MD

Michael Holt, MD Craig Lastine, MD Mark Mountford, MD Michael Neste, MD Michael Welling, MD Retina Specialist William Waterhouse, MD Rheumatology Bruce Faber, DO Wensh Yu, MD Urology Laurel Bartholomay, MD Amir Beshai, MD Gary Blunk, PA-C Renae Morel, NP Michael Murray, MD Mark Nishiya, MD Traci Qualls, NP Caleb Stepan, MD Gregory Tarman, MD Additional Referral Partners Charles Breaux, Jr., MD Community Hospital Lab Family Health West Grand Junction Pathologists, PC St. Mary’s Family Medicine St. Mary’s Hospital Wellness Center The Pathology GroupCommunity Hospital Western Colorado Pediatric Associates Western Medical AssociatesDeb Twardowski, RN, ANP Volunteers Sharon Anable, DC Julie Boone, RDH Page Dine, RDH Troy Griffiths, DPM Shelley Hodgson, RDH Diane Houck, RDH Dale Jones, DDS Jim Kellogg Rachel Kemp, MA Carl Malito, MD Jeff McCloskey, DC Robert Scribner, MD Wes Sheader, DC Sr. Mary Denise Sternitzke David Summers, DDS Rita Taylor, RDH Elizabeth Waters, MD Kathleen Wilson, RN Earl Young, DDS Joshua Baleztena, Interpreter Amy Beeson, Interpreter George Tompkins, Interpreter CMU Nursing Program professors, students Intellitec Colleges medical assistant students Northwestern Colorado Community College dental hygiene students

THANK YOU! Without the loyal and generous spirit of our donors and the referral specialists who see our patients, Marillac Clinic could not achieve what we do or serve the thousands of deserving patients who come to us every year. It is with deep and heartfelt appreciation that all of us at the Clinic extend a big thank you to everyone who makes our mission possible. You are truly the heart and soul of this work!

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