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Asset | Econometrics Magazine Volume 18, first edition, November 2009 The mother of... New Section! Per Capita Prenucleolus Tr iangel Millennium Pr...
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Asset | Econometrics Magazine Volume 18, first edition, November 2009

The mother of... New Section!

Per Capita Prenucleolus Tr iangel

Millennium Prize Problems Special

Summer Contest


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COLOPHON Nekst is the quarterly magazine of Asset | Econometrics © 2009

We consider teamwork as the cornerstone of our business approach. Teamwork allows us to capture opportunities for the group as a whole. And in doing so to move beyond our individual boundaries. If you see yourself as an ambitious team player we would like to hear from you. For our Analyst Program, NIBC is looking for university graduates who share our enthusiasm for teamwork. Personal and professional development are the key-elements of the Program: in-company training in co-operation with the Amsterdam Institute of Finance; working side-by-side with professionals at all levels and in every financial discipline as part of learning on the job. We employ top talent from diverse university backgrounds, ranging from economics and business administration, to law and technology. If you have just graduated with aboveaverage grades and think you belong to that exceptional class of top talent, apply today. Joining NIBC’s Analyst Program might be the most important career decision you ever make! Want to know more? Surf to www.careeratnibc.com.

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Let me tell you something about people who talk about their experiences all the time. Whenever they tell their stories, I wonder how exciting their life would be, since I usually conclude they have done almost anything you can imagine. Would it not be great to take on new challenges every now and then? By now, you are probably expecting a story about my experiences as the new editor-inchief of Nekst. But that is exactly what I mean: I would like to avoid stories about myself. Therefore, this preface will be mostly about you, since you are the one person I care for the most. Besides the editorial board of course, because I owe them big time. Learn more about these lovely volunteers in the introduction section. They spent a lot of time and effort on this edition of Nekst in order to create an interesting magazine for you. And you are, as you have probably guessed, the reader of this magazine. You are most likely an econometrician, but you can also be a recruiter for a company, Pascal’s mother – get to know her in this edition – or someone who just found this magazine in the train. You are extremely important to any editor of Nekst. We write for you and most important: about you! Do you realise that, without you, there would be no Nekst at all? We do not need our own stories, as I mentioned before, we need to know your stories! You can already read a lot of stories in this edition. Please, keep informing the editorial board of the activities you attend, your greatest passion and your favourite teacher. Nonetheless, how could I ever tell anything about my own experiences? I just started in my function as editor-in-chief. Fortunately, I have the advantage of years of dedication to Nekst of my predecessors, varying from great editors to even greater columnists. Therefore, I would like to take the opportunity to thank the previous editorial board along with the last editor-in-chief, Emile van Elen, and all the people who contributed to Nekst in the past years. Hopefully, you are also willing to share your stories with someone of the editorial board of Nekst in the future. Because with your help, I promise we will do our utmost to make Nekst to an even greater success this year!

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Interested? Please contact us: NIBC Human Resources, Frouke Röben, [email protected] For further information see www.careeratnibc.com. NIBC is a Dutch bank that offers integrated solutions to mid-market clients in the Benelux and Germany. We believe ambition, teamwork, and professionalism are important assets in everything we do. 7+(+$*8(f/21'21f%5866(/6f)5$1.)857f1(:

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