KEYLIOS TM C o m p l e t e c a b l e s o l u t i o n s a n d s e r v i c e s t o c o n n e c t p h o t o v o l t a i c p r o j e c t s

KEYLIOSTM Complete cable solutions and services to connect photovoltaic projects Schneider Electric Cellino San Marco, Italy Project description: • ...
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KEYLIOSTM Complete cable solutions and services to connect photovoltaic projects

Schneider Electric Cellino San Marco, Italy Project description: • Construction by Schneider Electric of a 43 MW solar photovoltaic (PV) facility in the Puglia region in Italy • The Cellino San Marco (CSM) project, comprising 580,000 panels, is the largest solar PV project in Italy Customer challenges: • Cables that offer reliability, durability and high performance in-field connections between the PV panels and the inverters Schneider Electric - Cellino San Marco - Italy

• Tight delivery schedule (2 ½ months) Nexans solutions: • Ability to provide a fast response to meet tight delivery deadlines • 1,000 km of KEYLIOS™cables: ENERGYFLEX® PV cables (standard and One Stripe) providing high performance, easy installation, reliability and easy end-of-life recyclability

Siemens Les Mées, France Project description: • Construction in 2011 of a 66 square hectares photovoltaic plant by Siemens on the “Plateau de la colle des Mées” in southeastern France • 110,000 solar panels supplying 12,100 households with power through 650 km of cables Customer challenges: • Turnkey contract, reliable installation • Meeting delivery deadlines • Technical expertise • Difficult access: logistics management Siemens - Les Mées - France

Nexans solutions: •Very fast manufacturing • Nexans: a true partner with compre- hensive KEYLIOS™offer, manufacturing plant visits to answer Siemens’ questions and expectations • Photovoltaic ENERGYFLEX ONE STRIPE™: quick phase identification saving time along with UV-resistant low-voltage cables •Logistics: streamlined drum packaging, alerts on cable handling procedures resources, provision of unloading resources during deliveries •Return of unused cables

Enerparc, Mockritz, Germany Project description: • Construction in 2012 of a 3 MW photovoltaic plant by Enerparc in the East of Germany • Need for over 340 km of 8 different cable types Customer challenges: • Meeting short delivery deadlines • Technical expertise and quality proven cables • Difficult access: logistics management

Enerparc - Mockritz - Germany

Nexans solutions: • Delivery of 330 km of cables from Nexans KEYLIOS™offer. 4 different types of cable: Energyflex TÜV approved photovoltaic cable, VDE approved low - and medium-voltage cables • Cables delivered in a very short delivery time from several Nexans production plants • Logistics: from a very ambitious delivery schedule, 300 km of cables delivered 2 weeks following the order: production, packing and sending of over 600 drums from Andrézieux (France) to the East of Germany

Enbridge Sarnia Solar Farm Southwestern Ontario, Canada Project description: • Construction of a 380 square hectares photovoltaic facility by Enbridge and First Solar in Sarnia, Southwestern Ontario, Canada • 330,000 solar panels, 80 MW of output supplying 12,800 homes through 150 km of cables Customer challenges: • Canada’s largest solar farm • Canadian cable was specified, resistant to harsh climate conditions • Extremely tight time constraints: 2 months delivery deadline requested • Turnkey contract

Nexans solutions: • KEYLIOS™range including medium- voltage cables and RWU building wire cables, resistant to sunlight and low temperatures • For several weeks, Nexans dedicated most of its production capacity to this project in order to produce and deliver the long-length reels of cable on time • Through constant communications, Nexans and its distributor-partner successfully met the delivery schedules to satisfy customer requirements

Enbridge Sarnia Solar Farm - Southwestern Ontario - Canada

Solairedirect Esparron-de-Verdon, France Project description: • Construction in 2011 of a photovoltaic plant (certified ISO 14001) in Esparron de-Verdon, France, by project developer Solairedirect • 27 square hectares, 57,000 panels, production of 13,6 MW, equivalent to the consumption of 12,500 people annually Customer challenges: • Low-voltage cables cut to length • On-site unloading to be managed by cable supplier

Solairedirect - Esparron-de-Verdon - France

Nexans solutions: • KEYLIOS™ range including 266 km of ENERGYFLEX® and ENERGYFLEX ONE STRIPE™photovoltaic cables cut to length, and U-1000 AR2V low-voltage cables • Advanced supply-chain management: production and delivery within 3 weeks • Reliable ENERGYFLEX ONE STRIPE™ photovoltaic cables offer durability and high performance during the plant’s lifetime • Easy identification of cables saves time during installation and avoids the risk of faulty connections • Planning management

At the core of performance As an expert in the photovoltaic field, you need higher performance cable solutions and services to acquire a profitable place in the sun. That is why Nexans created Keylios®, cable solutions to outfit a complete solar installation and assuring full compatibility. Nexans’ contribution to photovoltaic applications results from years of research to offer you quality products combining longterm performance, monitoring and security. These initiatives place you and us at the core of a sustainable future. - [email protected]

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