understand the power in our own words, even though the Bible is VERY clear about it

Discussion question: When a person is healed, sometimes the symptoms return. Did the person 'lose' their healing? Is it just the enemy trying to decei...
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Discussion question: When a person is healed, sometimes the symptoms return. Did the person 'lose' their healing? Is it just the enemy trying to deceive them? Is there some further work that needs to be done? Is it an attempt to suppress their testimony? How can we prevent this from happening? (Praying Medic's Facebook note) Comments received are as follows: • Andi Trout Reese I had this happen to me. I had a prolapsed valve in my heart. It was very painful. I had prayer and I knew God healed me. Over the course of the following year the symptoms would hit me and I would immediately begin praising God for my healing, calling the devil a liar and commanding him to take his hands off of me. I was VERY careful with what came out of my mouth! A year later I went in for a check up and they wanted to do an echocardiogram. When the results came in it proved that the valve that had been deformed since birht, was perfectly healed and functioning normally. On the way home the revelation hit me that the enemy can place lying symptoms on our bodies, in an attempt to get us to accept them and confess with our own mouths the illness he is trying to perpetuate. The power of life and death is in the tongue! Proverbs 18:21. It REALLY is! • Samantha Shreve When Satan comes back to you lying to you about Gods ability to heal it is then up to us to stand up in FAITH and NOT believe what Satan is saying and praise and thank the Lord for the healing He ALREADY GAVE US!!! Satan is QUICK to make us think we can "lose" a healing, you find a place in the Bible where someone who was healed lost it.....there isn't one! God loves us so much, He WANTS to heal us......it's up to us to step out on Faith! My friends, cancer and STD's and other diseases aren't from God.....He's waiting for you to realize that so you can embrace the power you have in the NAME OF JESUS! Praise God for He is ABUNDANT in his love for us! • Praying Medic @ Andi - I had a similar experience. I've suspected that often times, we are in fact healed, but the enemy brings back the symptoms, making us think were aren't. • Andi Trout Reese That is so true! I think it is true also for when we have followed biblical instruction to have hands laid on us, even if we don't "feel" anything has taken place. By faith it has! I think sometimes in the area of healing we do a disservice to people when we teach them how to receive healing, but we don't spend equal time or even more time teaching them how to keep it! I had the priviledge of going to a week of Healing School at Rhema in Broken Arrow, OK. and that intense teaching series really focused more on keeping your healing once you got it. I think people's mouths nix it for them. I have prayed for people and felt the fire of God in my hands, and they have felt it too, and within 1 minute of praying for them, they are talking about their sickness and how much they hurt, etc. . . I am dumbfounded! We really don't

understand the power in our own words, even though the Bible is VERY clear about it. • Shelley Ryan-Hovind Focus, focus, focus on Jesus . . I have realized that it is a deception from the enemy. Maybe further works does need to be done but it is definitely an attempt of the enemy to oppress and destroy. The Lord has already been victorious. We must focus on this victory and on the fact that our bodies must now come in align with our spirit. We cannot lose our healing if we don't relinquish it or forfeit the victory. We must march forward in becoming even closer to Him. I think sometimes we become arrogant in healing, somewhat like Hezekiah and then we "forget" temporarily the Lord in our lives. Not on purpose, of course, but because of all the distractions the enemy will place in our way. If the enemy succeeds in these distractions, perhaps we didn't "lose" our healing but we don't continue drive deeper into His love and mercy, scripture . . It is okay though . . just turn back, get up again. His mercy stands forever. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. 2 Cor. 4:18. This was a recent learning curve for me . . thanks to the warriors that go before me in their learning and not judging me for my immaturity for reminding me of this truth and that His works have been, will be completed for evermore in my life. Praise His Holy name!!! • Debra Crowley I prayed for someone's arm..pain left then the pain came back moving from arm to arm...I shared we need to stand in our healing because sometime the enemy will try to put it back on us. She did and the pain left= 100% healed...Go God I have seen supernatural fast never to come back healing too Thank you God it's your goodness mercy and love that heals us • Roger Sapp @Praying Medic. We used to have quite a few people "lose their healing" probably 25% or maybe more so within a couple of days. I prayed about this matter and felt that the Lord told me that because I was getting them healed on the basis of my faith rather than their faith, this was creating this situation. In other words, I knew how to stand in faith and receive a healing for them but they didn't know how to stand in faith to keep it. Whatever is received by faith in Christ, must be maintained by faith in Christ. When a symptom arose, they quickly doubted that they were healed and didnt maintain it. So today, we spend more time getting them to believe for themselves, helping them deal with their doubts and teaching them what to do if a symptom returns... which is to do the same thing that they did to receive the healing. They had to believe that the healing belong to them before they received it. They had to believe that Christ had purchased it for them at the cross. Nothing has changed if they have a symptom, they must believe that the healing still belongs to them despite a symptom because of what Christ has done. What causes

someone to receive... faith in Christ as Healer... is what causes them to maintain. Today, I think that we have a lot fewer people losing their healing. • Michelle Christine Fisher I can speak from personal experience...I was healed (and deliverd) of this problem with my stomach. My stomach was always upset and in knots...everyday for as long as I could remember. The moment I was free, I could FEEL the FREEDOM. My stomach was NORMAL...no upset, no knots...it was an odd feeling for me as it was "normal" for me to have this sensattion. Then, after my healing and deliverance, my stomach was upset...and I cried out to God, I said God, Oh NO, whats wrong with me? God said to me...Michelle, youre hungry...this is NORMAL hunger pangs. WOW, Satan COULD of fooled me HAD I GONE WITH FEAR and doubt...instead I ran to God. I AM healed. It took me a lil while to get used to the NORMAL stomach feelings people have. GOD IS SO GOOD • Gerald Pynch Parable of the sower. the enemy will come to steal the seed. I've prayed for people and seen the Lord heal people from marriages to cancer. I have also seen that unattended crop (blessing) get ravaged by predators. A nickels worth of doubt can kill a dollars worth of faith. Go to a Psychic fair sometime. When you start praying for someone, others will come out of the woodwork to talk that person out of getting prayer. • Judy Campbell Well said Andi! I have had that experience also. I have had instant healings and healing that I had to hold onto! Actually, I am battling it again right now with my knee. I am healed, but the enemy would try to convince me I am not. He is a liar, and it is the Truth that sets me free! Thank You Jesus! • Praying Medic My sister in law was healed of blood clots and vascular disease in her leg. Her foot had been cold for years. But the next day her foot was cold again and she was afraid she was fooled into believing something that didn't happen. I prayed over her leg again and the circulation returned. I told her about how the enemy will try discourage her and make her believe she wasn't healed. I told her all she needed to do was continue to believe she was healed and rebuke the enemy if he tried to tell her she wasn't. She hasn't had any symptoms return since that day in November. • Diane Troup YOU have to believe that you are healed/set free/ and the Word of God is not a lie..We are only the vessels..a connection of our faith in the Lord..A person can be

healed..and drop dead 3 weeks later..why..who knows but God and His Will..Most times I think it is "doubt" believe and receive..doubt and go without..There could be a person healed..but when they leave the church..everyone around them is a nonbeliever.waiting to plan a funeral instead of life..we could look back at Daniel..the Angel was dispatched..why did it take 21 days for the angel to reach him??? • Sherry Evans I have also had questions about this. I have struggled with whether I should tell people what to do if the symptoms return. I have an evangelist friend who handles that by giving out a teaching CD which speaks about how to walk in healing in general. As Roger S. said, then the process becomes the same as receiving a healing by one's own faith. • Diane Troup Oh yeah..symptoms will return to make you ( decieve you) that the Lord wont heal you..sometimes its not an overnight process..it could take daily "speaking" the Word ..till it is Gods timing..your miracle is based on the amount of faith you have... • Sherry Evans I had a situation very recently in which a woman in our church injured her back very badly. She could barely walk or bend over. When I prayed for her on Sunday morning, the pain totally left and she regained total mobility. By Tuesday, some of the pain was back. I told her to speak to that herself to go, but what she did, was she simply said,"By His stripes I am healed." The pain again left. She said she had to do it twice and then the pain never came back. • Jasmine Ellis Just continue to declare and walk in our healing and let the devil know he is a liar whenever he brings back the symptoms, thats all he can do so he tries to trick us into believing we were not healed. Our Lord did not receive those stripes in vain, by them we have been healed, not maybe but have been, halellujah!!!healing is the children's bread and we are the children of the living God, its our Godgiven right!!! • April DeKnikker Luna @Andi & PM....I too have had similar experience. Two years ago, I developed a pulmonary Embolism after SVT for 6 hours. I had an extra electrical branch on my heart cauterized, and the SVT which I had experienced since birth stopped, but the pain from the embolism was constant for months. I was functioning, but miserable, weak, in pain and not right physically. I was at a service in which an evangelist was teaching on the gifts, and asking for people to come up for healing. I was singing at the time and praying for others. One woman in particular was being prayed for, and I felt an urgency for her. While I was praying and believing God for HER healing, I felt a MIGHTY FORCE move through my body, and I felt the infirmity leave. It was SO powerful, that there is NO way to justly describe it! That night I was HEALED by GOD! Since that time, I will have times of recurring symptoms of the embolism

on several occasions, and continue to thank God and praise HIM for my healing and it usually will flee!. If symptoms persist, I inform my husband Paul Luna, and he then Prays, and it LEAVES! OUR GOD IS SOO GOOD! • Angela Langley I think you can get people healed but not delivered. Jesus did both. More and more I'm thinking that illness simply involves the physical manifestations of an internal condition. Sin, such as unforgiveness, resentment, fear, etc., and even genetic curses can open the door for illness. Unless we address these conditions, I'm not sure if we really heal them. We take away their symptoms (which is relatively easy) but the door is still open. Jesus closed that door by addressing the soul - "Go and sin no more." How many of us are willing to go there? • Michelle Greene Hotchkiss It's easy to make comments about why people lose their healing if you have never had a serious, life threatening illness and haven't had to go through the mental battle as well as the physical battles of the disease/symptoms racking a person's body even after someone has declared them healed. It truly is a hard, difficult place to be, when you KNOW the truth and BELIEVE the truth but your body doesn't. It's brought me on my face before God many, many times, questioning and searching. As someone stated above - sin - Did I committ an unknown sin which is causing me to lose my healing? What can I do, what should I do, what shouldn't I be doing...oh my God, have mercy, because the mind games can be overwhelming. Be careful not to judge the person too quickly because there are things they may be going through which you cannot know or understand and even the "life and death is in the power of the tongue" can become a trap because people can get so afraid of saying the wrong thing and that they won't even tell anyone what is really going on or even ask for prayer. How can you know how to pray for something when the person won't even talk about it because of that? There has to be some sort of balance somewhere. • Roger Sapp @Sherry. I understand the struggle. When we suggest to someone that they might still have a problem after they are healed, it does seem that this might undermine faith in Christ. However, it does not seem to do that in practice because theemphasis is still on Christ's completed work to receive the healing and to maintain the healing. In fact, some people seem relieved at knowing what to do if everything is not "perfect" with their healing after prayer. It is the equipping side of doing ministry. We equip them to receive from the Lord and they are not so dependent upon us afterward. I always want to be working myself out of the job of doing it for them. I want them to be able to do what they need, to receive what they need from the Lord without me eventually.

• Christian Duro "MY PEOPLE PERISH FOR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE" WE KNOW THAT SATAN COMES TO KILL STEAL AND DESTROY WE KNOW THAT THE PARABLE OF THE SEED AND SOWER THAT THE EMENY COMES TO SOME AND PLUCKS AWAY THE WORD. FROM ADAM AND EVE THE DEVIL COMES TO TEMPT US WITH DOUBT. "You don't really believe your healed do you?" "ooh, you didn't see it so 'it' didn't work" or "God didn't want you healed" blah blah blah. FACT: none of us are 100% (works in progress...amen??) FACT: you have what you believe so the previous statment bout the enemy vs faith is important but not final and Jesus did say unclean spirits can return.. ALSO: Matt 17, God/Jesus rebuked His disciples for lack of faith! FACT: sometimes there is just power...if your raised from the dead you don't say after 3 weeks, naw, Im not alive OR if your broken arm is healed by the Holy Spirit it don't go back to being broken...amen? Good question Bro! • Roger Sapp I think that the only option is to prepare the people better to stand in faith because we can't be there with them when they are facing the devil's attack. • Diane Troup @ Roger...AMEN...you really have to work in the gift of healing to understand how that gift works...anybody can have that gift..but it is not thier "main" gift... • Roger Sapp @Michelle. I believe that the idea that someone loses their healing because they sinned is wrong. Healing comes as a grace from Christ and is not based on our behavior good or bad. Jesus healed the good and the bad in the multitudes without discrimination. God does not withdraw His gifts. However, some may not be prepared to hold on by faith because of such ideas. If they have sinned and have been taught that sin will cause them to lose their healing, then they will fail to maintain their faith in Christ as Healer. We need to know that we qualify for healing because of the cross and not because of our behavior good or bad. God isnt healing us because we are good. He isn't going to withdraw healing because we are bad. He heals us because of what Jesus has done and that's were we need to keep our focus to maintain a healing and not let our focus slide back to us and our behavior. • Gerald Pynch I witness to that Roger. I see no where in the bible saying that Jesus left someone back to enforce the blessings and fight the doubt. The change has to come from the heart. I always ask Jesus to heal the heart first, because out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. • Diane Troup woo hoo..GLORY TO GOD..amen...I too also ask the Lord to clear my heart first..and I also have the "receiver" clear their heart..unforgiveness..everything..before I lay hands and speak the Word...

• Roger Sapp There are all kinds of methods to doing ministry today. Many seem to work okay. What we need to ask ourselves is "Is this what Jesus taught His disciples to do?" and "If this methodology something that Peter, James, John or Mary would recognise as what Christ taught them to do?" Without asking these questions, we might actually be doing things in a way that Christ and His apostles would not recognize as "Christian". Just because it seems to work doesn't necesary make it the best thing to do. Everything should be evaluated in the light of the Son of God. • Praying Medic @ Roger, I think your position is very sound theologically. The only issue I have is that the enemy must be factored in somehow. Healing and deliverance are between God and us. It's an act of His mercy and grace toward us - and if it's by grace, we can't earn it. But there's that pesky reality that the enemy is prowling around looking to devour us. There is the one passage in which Jesus warned the man (at the pool of Bethesda) "Go your way and sin no more, lest something worse come upon you." There's a subtle suggestion that sin is still crouching at the door, waiting to take advantage of us. I experienced repeated healing and recurrence of neck & shoulder pain, until a woman asked if I held bitterness toward anyone. As she prayed for me I closed my eyes. I saw my wife and her boss in a vision and knew I was holding some bitterness toward her boss for how she was being treated at work. I released the bitterness and the neck pain immediately left. It hasn't returned. I've heard of many similar testimonies of healing that comes after bitterness and anger are repented of. Which leads me to believe that perhaps repentance from sin is just as much a part of healing as it is salvation. • Diane Troup We could discuss this for ten pages, lol..Jesus left us authority to heal the sick..period..greater things shall we do, because He goes to the Father for us..FAITH is the key..being obedient to His command is our reasonable service..We have done what He asked..and the rest is up to HIM..He has all power. • Ana Rosa Colon Prayer medic, you know i have read everyones opinion and forgive me for what i am going tosay.. Michelle spoke exactly what i am going threw at this moment..everything.it may sound weird i have been preaching and i see what the lord has done for people and i have a battle. I have congestive heart failure class#4 in one year of a pacemakerimplant i have been operated 3x an soon for another with complications .when i come out of the hosp.with bandage and all i keep goin but ppl have prayed and declare healing or say oh sis ur time will soon end and others blahblah...and the only thing that i say is lord im in your hands.theres days i can move a mountain and theres days i cant. But i say god have everything undercontroll its like michelle said the battle is hard and most of the time one is alone fighting....Gbu..all • Michael Menge I have a theory about this...

Faith is devided into 3 groups/steps... Faith i to want something, to act according to that will, and to trust in results... So when you freed smothing, you "willed" it, so only you can stop/break or cancel it...! But the measure of your will and trust determans the power in the flow... So sometimes your will, is cancelled out by the other persons' will/faith... (like if they believe they are still sick, or that it is God's will to be sick) So the flow of damadge is more than the flow of healing... Like medicine, it can be in the body, but when the virus adapts to it, it does not help, eventhough ,technically, the medicine i there, and healing still occurs... So when you pray again, you just attack harder, will harder and expect more... So i believe when praying for someone you need to explain this to them: that it helps when they believe with you, that they must know, as long as there is trust and "want" there will be flow... So the best way for me to do this i get the person excited, when a person is ecxited they already excepted the end result, ending up with boosting their faith... But don't bond them and tell them that if they do not trust there will be no flow, this will just decreace their faith, remember, you are the "giver" (the one making free) in His name, so it's your faith that is important... I believe this is something that can happen, but other/different demons can also come, with just the same symptoms, but totaly different "beings"/demons... So what it comes down to i just never quit... :D amen? Amen! • Roger Sapp @Praying. Christ does not reveal in His ministry to the multitudes the need for dealing with all the issues of forgiveness. We get a very high percentage of people healed by pointing them to Christ and His completed work without dealing with anything else. However, it is clear that if we, as Christ's disciples, fail to deal with those issues such as forgiveness, we are not going to contain the grace that Father gives us in Christ. Matthew Chapter 18 seems to teach that pretty clearly. We receive it by faith through the work of Christ on our behalf... pure grace. However, if we don't let grace change us into the image of Christ, then we will be the wrong kind of vessel to maintain that grace. • Michael Menge I also think that it is important to explain that there sins i paid for, even as unbelievers, and telling them/freeing them by saying "in Jesus name your sins are forgiven and you are free" • Michelle Greene Hotchkiss When the battle is ongoing ( and I do have faith - I know the truth, I believe - I have gone thorough dealing with unforgiveness, bitterness and have been healed of so much internal junk while going through this..it's almost like a total seperation of the "old man" - my physical body - and the new man - my spirit/soul. If you judge I have a lack of faith based on the status of my physical body, you are in error) the questioning of every little issue comes into play, even if a person doens't necessarily accept that teaching - such as sin causing healing to be lost. It has taken me to a place of total, extensive self examination and willing to throw myself at the feet of God and say "teach me, I give up all my ideas and beliefs and all of my self to know YOUR truth because what I'm doing/believing isn't working". A honest, total

exposure of oneself, from the deepest, ickest , nothing hidden or denied, all laid out exposed to God because I know He will clean it up. A person can't do that without faith and trust in who God is and His love for us. • Sharon Peart Many are still believing without being healed.... That to me is a miracle!!! • Ana Rosa Colon Yes, roger and micheal but its sad that sometimes the vessels uses there gift wrong lte me explain.On jan 11,11 i had surgurey a wire from the pcmaker malfunction i had complications when i gotout the hosp.that weekend i had apart in a revival.. I went to excuse myself.and like u used roger we will be the wrong vessel i know before i took the part i prson said"oh sis u dont have any faith u still w/more operations u must fix urself withthe lord u will never recieve healin" this is coming out of the mouth of a minister. I didnt say a word when they gave me thepart i felt like singong one special song in spanish.. So i did.. That night the alter was full people crying etc.. Inside i felf destroyed totally i meanit.. But i finished the song then i excused mysf and sat to hear the message but seriouly i couldnt..since that night all i do is wept.. And waitng on God... • Michelle Greene Hotchkiss I am still believing becasue I know the truth - oh God, where would I be without God? Honestly, without God, I might as wll just say Goodbye to the world and end it. Because I know the truth, I know it is NOT God's will for me to be suffering like this. It is not. God brings good things out of bad, and there have been some wonderful thing and internal healing but the reality is that this is not God's will. There is no way I will ever accept that it is His will. • Roger Sapp On Judgiing Others. No one knows their own heart or the heart of another. God alone know this. Therefore, it makes little sense to judge ourselves or others either negatively or positively. We can be negative about ourselves or others judging ourselves or others lacking faith. Or even maybe a more subtle deceptive thing can occur... we can be positive about ourselves and others and again judge ourselves to be where we need to be in faith. In both cases, the problem is self-righteousness. Our focus is on self rather than on Christ. It is a common problem to get people who are focusing upon themselves, either in a positive or negative way, to change that focus to Christ. I have often heard people proclaim their faith in healing situations and not receive anything from the Lord. Why? Because they are focused upon themselves and are seeing something inside themselves that they are calling "faith". Real faith does not talk about itself. It talks about Jesus, His love, His faithfulness, what He has accomplished at the cross. A person with real faith doesn't talk about "their faith", they talk about Jesus.

Sometimes people will judge others to be full of faith but they really don't know. God alone sees the heart. In my experience, people are deep pools full of lots of things... faith, doubt, fear, condemnation and a variety of other things that they do not often reveal openly. Lets not judge anyone either positively or negatively. Instead lets point them to Jesus. • Craig Adams 28 years ago, my son was born crippled. His feet were badly curved, and his knees and hips were malformed. Twenty-six years ago, he was healed in a moment. You’ve no idea how exhilarating it was to watch Holy Spirit straighten his feet in amoment, hear the joints pop, and feel his thigh bones move as he was healed. (At the building in Rainier with the rough hewn siding many of us are familiar with.) The next morning, when I went in to get him out of bed, his feet were curved and his legs twisted again. Not believing my eyes, I felt his feet…and I could feel their curvature as well. It was real. But it was not true. When anyone else looked at his feet, they were straight. But I saw them twisted, ass they had been before he was healed. I continually said, “He is healed. You stupid demon, you were there and saw it too. Jesus healed him.” This continued for five or six days, until the morning after the doctor at Shriner;s Hospital in Portland wrote in his med record, “Mother states that during a prayer session his feet were seen to correct, and indeed this appears to be so…” The next morning, and every morning after, they appeared as they were, and had been all along: whole and healed. I learned form that that a symptom can be real and not be true; that we can experience thing that are very real when in fact we are healthy. I asked Papa what had been going on for those several days. He said, “ Mike is only two and doesn’t have authority over his body yet. You do.” With that statement came the understanding that had I relented and said he wasn’t healed, it would have manifest that way not only in my experience, but his and everyone else’s. Not saying this what happens every time, nor am I saying what you should do. I am just relating what happened. About ten years ago I ruptured a disc in my spine (L5/S). Not fun. Mucho pain. It, too was healed—at SeaTac Worship Center (Now Riverglory [Hi, Joe & Dani!]) For several years after the healing, the pain would occasionally try to manifest again. I’d find something very heavy (often a footlocker full of books) bend over and as I lifted it it, say, “I’m not that stupid, demon. I am healed. You were there, you saw it. But just to remind you, “ and then I’d lift the footlocker, and the pain would go away as I did. He must have finally gotten a clue…this hasn’t happened in years. From this, my conclusions are:

1. A spirit of affliction will try to take back what he lost, but the truth defeats him. (eg, reminding him that the healing happened and is real.) 2. No matter how real they are, our experiences are not always true. 3. It is challenging to learn to walk in the truth when experience seems to contradict it, but the work necessary to do so is worth the effort. a. Truth trumps experience I also believe that if you are healed, but don’t remove what caused the affliction in the first place, that you are just silly to expect that you won’t get the same result form the cause as before (eg, PM’s account of needing to forgive) • Sharon Peart I am thankful that GOD uses my weakness to show HIS strength... I believe and have been believing for healing for hearing loss and noises in my ears... Almost completely deaf and it stops alot of communication... But it does not stop me using face book and talking to anyone on here!! I know GOD heals but I know in this world we also have troubles.. I overcome because JESUS has already overcome.. I rest in HIS finished work... I look at JESUS alone this is where my help comes from... "Lean not upon our own understanding, but in all our ways acknowledge him and he will direct you steps" rings in my ears. Most people think there are hoops and obstacles. Mark 16:17(NKJV) "And these signs will follow those who believe: InMy name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues; 18 they will take up serpents; and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.” We pray God heals. I was praying in the Spirit for a man that was flat lined at a hospital in the room next to my (15yr old at the time) son. The doctor pronounced the time of death. After a minute went by of quiet My son that was watching TV yelled "We said Amen" and the heart started to beat and the man woke up. We pray God heals. Keep praying. •

Judy Campbell @Craig, I love that "Truth trumps experience"! • Roger Sapp @Craig. Cool story. Great points. We do have to keep our eyes on Jesus because what we see in the flesh is not the reality. :) • @Debra. In our "Christ Centered Healing Ministry Seminar" we tell people that pain moving from one place to another is never natural pain but is demonic in nature and should be dispelled (quietly so not to give the devil any attention) in the name of Jesus. Usually works immediately. • Craig Adams @Ana Rosa Colon,Many people say such silly things as the minister said to you out of their ignorance. I expect that they truly believe what they say. However, BOTH of the healings I related occurred while under a Doctor's care, following their instructions. I have witnessed and also been part of MANY, MANY healings in which the person God healed were under a doctor's care, getting operations, on

medication, etc. Just this last few weeks we prayed for a diabetic woman whose blood sugar levels were fluctuating wildly and was on meds. The second week she came she reported symptoms gone, blood sugar level stable at around 87. Jesus rules, diabetes discovered that when we declared Chemung county off limits to diabetes heaven backs it up. While the woman was on meds. Experience DOES trump superstition and bad theology! • Gerald Pynch @Craig, I could have a pentecostal benefit over that. • Roger Sapp @Lori. We teach focus on Christ in a variety of ways including creating some materials to help develop that focus.. for instance, we have 3 different decks of Christian Meditation cards. As far as understanding the power of focus... you will probably like this note: Spiritual Focus: Keeping Our Eyes Fixed on Jesus http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=178009478881786 • Roger Sapp @Craig & Ana Rosa Colon. I have been involved in helping a few doctors get Christcentered healing happening. All are having good results in their practices. I get emails from a couple of them monthly where they will report the supenatural healings in their practice. • Craig Adams That makes sense Roger. I've heard of an EMT who has good success with prayer while people are under his care... • Roger Sapp @Lori. John Wesley was known to get lame horses healed. Those who knew this wouldn't shoot their horse if Wesley was coming. I don't advertise it because I don't want to be known for ministering healing to pets but I have had a few dogs and cats healed in my minist but I refuse to give the details and I will deny that I told you that. LOL

• Roger Sapp @Craig. LOL I get it. • Praying Medic @ Michelle and Anna, there is no place for judging others and their faith by looking at their physical condition. I apologize if it seemed we were dong that. Most of the people I know who heal others are still suffering from their own disabilities, including myself. @ Roger - dead on! True faith never looks at self, but Jesus. I like the fact that you get people acquainted with and relying on Jesus, instead of the one who prayed with them. That's one of the problems I'm struggling with now. I receive many prayer requests - some are from friends who continue to battle with the same thing. Not knowing what else to do, they come back to me. I need to point them to Jesus and allow them to work it out. Great advice • Michelle Greene Hotchkiss Thank you, PM. I have heard so much conflicting things from people, from it's their fault if a person they pray for isn't healed, to it's my fault, to hidden sin, to unforgiveness, to you name it....but interestingly enough I have never heard one person ever say that it is Satan's fault. I don't know if that is significant or not. It gets to the point where I HAVE to stop reading books and stuff on FB. And I have even had to stop praying at times and just laid at Christ's feet, if you know what I mean. Like I just have to shut it all out and rest spiritually. Sickness definitely causes a person to be self focused but, like for myself, when I've examined all I can examine, my only option is to go back to God and focus on Him. When people also tell someone that they are lacking faith, that can also cause a person to become self-focused, especially for someone who truly is seeking, to start questioning themselves, their actions, their words, their relationship with Christ, Christ's relationship with them. Self examination isn't always a bad thing. • Jule Bedford check if you have any correlating 'soul wounds' that would grant the enemy a 'legal right' to return and torment? Sometimes unforgiveness & bitterness & resentment will provide the enemy a foot hold to try to un-do the healing • Roger Sapp @Medic. One of the things about healing ministry that those who don't do it don't understand is that we don't get to know the majority of folks who receive their healings quickly. They just move out of our lives rather quickly and we often don't hear from them until they have another healing need. Instead, we get to know well those people who are struggling with receiving healing. This is one of the reasons that I have developed these meditation cards because meditation on Christ... focus on Him changes that inner chemistry of those people who are struggling and they often receive. Sometimes I get pressure from these people to analyze what is wrong and I could tell them because sometimes it is clear to me. However, knowing what is wrong does not fix what is wrong because it is the wrong focus. It is a focus on ourselves again. Only Jesus by His Spirit can fix those problems and He can do it when we focus on Him. Therefore, a focus on ourselves and analysis does nothing to fix the problem. Focus on Jesus and the problem will get fixed by Him. • Michelle Greene Hotchkiss I guess I should clarify that self examination isn't really the same as self focus. Self examination, at least for me, has lead to seeing where I end and I need Christ to begin, my weakness which requires

His strength and so on. It starts with myself but has always ended up focusing on Him. • Sharon Stricklen what if you have been saved,born again and you fall illand pass away? • Praying Medic you're in eternity...again. • Michelle Greene Hotchkiss Then you will never be sick or in pain ever again :) It is hard on the people still living here on earth, because they will be sad but we will be in Glory and that can be a great comfort to them. But we are not meant to life a life of sickness and disease. Just a thought on the sources of sickness - sometimes it is due to bittereness, unforgiveness, sin, ect. But sometimes I think it is just due to the Fall. Animals don't sin, yet they get sick. Plants dont sin but they can have virus, plagues and blights. Following that logic, it is possible for people to get sick just because Satan hates us and wants to destroy us. For Part 2 of this note go here: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?saved&¬e_id=192626784109151

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