The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program

6A The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program Hauppauge High School BOE Presentation February 2016 IB Program Overview • IB is an internationa...
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The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program Hauppauge High School BOE Presentation February 2016

IB Program Overview • IB is an internationally recognized program that connects academic disciplines and focuses on college and career readiness. • It provides students an opportunity to design a comprehensive program of study focused on his/her strengths. Example-Provides options in business, film, art, theater and music • It provides students with the opportunity to receive an internationally recognized level of distinction for taking a challenging and rigorous program of study. • The curriculum and assessments are designed to align with college and career readiness skills such as analytical thinking, writing and metacognition. • IB is a two-year program that begins in grade 11.

IB CoreEnglish: Curriculum Language and Literature HL Social Studies: History of the Americas HL

LOTE: Spanish, French German SL

Business Management SL & HL

Mathematics: Mathematics SL Mathematical Studies SL

Science: Physics HL Biology HL Chemistry SL Environmental Systems SL The Arts: Music, Theater, Visual Arts, Film SL or HL

• IB diploma candidates must choose IB courses in each of the following five areas: English, Social Studies, Math, Science and LOTE. • IB diploma candidates must also take an IB course in the Arts (Music, Theater, Visual Arts, Film) or take an additional course in one of the other five areas.

The IB Diploma Program Courses Three Higher Level (HL) Courses • IB Language and Literature • IB History of the Americas • One Additional HL Choice • Physics, Biology • Business Management • Film, Visual Arts, Theatre, Music

Three Standard Level (SL) Courses • IB LOTE (French, German or Spanish) • IB Math or Math Studies • One Additional SL Choice • Environmental, Chemistry • Business Management • Film, Visual Arts, Theatre, Music

Theory of Knowledge Alternating day course that connects all areas of the IB curriculum model. Focuses on critical thinking and application of knowledge

The IB Diploma Program Additional Components Extended Essay In-depth independent research on a focused IB course topic of student’s choice; 4000 word essay (10-15 pages) completed during a two year period

Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) A range of activities accompanied by a project that encourage personal development in an area of choice such as the arts, sports, or community service

The Diploma Program Grading/Points In addition to the course requirements, Extended Essay and CAS, 24 points are required to obtain an IB Diploma (45 max pts) • Each course is awarded points on a scale of 1-7 by IB • A score of 4 or higher is considered “passing” • Points are earned through a combination of assessments-not just a single exam in May. • 3 additional points can be earned through TOK/Extended Essay

IB Assessments • IB scores are a combination of multiple assessments rather than the result of one exam in May. • IB focuses on assessing what a student knows rather than on what they don't know. Students are provided choice in how they demonstrate their knowledge. • Assessments have a strong alignment to skills needed for college and career readiness in the 21st century such as analytical thinking, writing and metacognition. • Assessments provide students with a great deal of choice regarding how they demonstrate their knowledge.

IB Enrollment Data • 2013-14 ➢ 13/23 Diploma Candidates received the diploma ➢ 121 students took a total of 381 IB classes

• 2014-15 ➢ 9/18 Diploma Candidates received the diploma ➢ 248 students took a total of 695 IB classes

• 2015-16 ➢ 51 Diploma Candidates (319 in cohort) ➢ 273 students are taking a total of 804 IB classes

• 2016-17 ➢ 33 Diploma Candidates (301 in cohort)

AP Overview • AP courses are a series of courses offered through College Board. • AP exams can be taken even if a student is not enrolled in the class. • AP exams are scored on a scale of 1-5-a score of 3 or higher is considered “passing”. • AP scores are derived from one exam administered in May. • Students can receive designation as AP scholars if they receive a score of 3 or higher on 3+ exams.

AP Enrollment Data • 2013-14 ➢ 476 students took a total of 984 exams

• 2014-15 ➢ 415 students took a total of 907 exams

• 2015-16 ➢ 373 students are registered for 680 exams

Combined IB/AP Enrollment Data

• 542 students are taking a total of 1543 AP and/or IB classes.

Common Misconceptions & Concerns • • • •

College Recognition Credit for SL level classes Will IB classes replace AP classes? Does IB create more stress than AP?

What do College Admissions Offices say? • The IB program is widely recognized and highly respected by top colleges and universities.

Example: Binghamton University recognizes schools offering the International Baccalaureate program. The International Baccalaureate curriculum is the most challenging and comprehensive curriculum available and IB participation is recommended, taken into account and considered during the application process.

Colleges Attended by IB Diploma Candidates 2015


Adelphi University Hunter College of the CUNY Pennsylvania State University State University of New York at Albany Stony Brook University Suffolk County Community College (2) SUNY Farmingdale (2) SUNY College at Cortland SUNY College at Geneseo Temple University (2) Universite Bordeaux I, II, III University of Maryland University of Massachusetts, Boston University of Rochester University of Virginia

American University Baruch College of the CUNY Clark University Cornell University Fashion Institute of Technology Georgia Southern University Ithaca College Johns Hopkins University (2) Marist College Northeastern University Northwestern University Providence College Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute State University of New York at New Paltz Stony Brook University SUNY College at Old Westbury SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry SUNY Farmingdale (2) SUNY-University at Buffalo Taylor University University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Current IB & AP Course Offerings Department English

IB Course Offerings IB Language & Literature HL

Social Studies

IB History of the Americas HL


IB Business HL & SL


IB Mathematics SL IB Math Studies SL

AP Calculus AP Statistics


IB Biology HL (two year course) IB Physics HL (two year course) IB Environmental Systems and Societies SL IB Chemistry SL

AP Biology (usually 10th grade) AP Physics Year 1 (one year course) AP Physics C AP Chemistry


IB Spanish SL * IB French SL * IB German SL * IB Visual Art HL & SL IB Music HL & SL IB Theater HL & SL IB Film SL

AP Spanish AP French AP German AP Studio in Art AP Music Theory

The Arts

AP Course Offerings AP Literature & Composition AP Language & Composition AP World History I & II AP US History & Government AP US Government & Politics

Available Support • • • • • • • • •

Guidance Counselors Instructional Support Team (IST) LMC Writing Center NHS Extra Help SAS IB Coordinator Theory of Knowledge (TOK) class IB Student Registry IB Alumni Network

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