The Eternal Return Pilgrimage. St Gilles Way (via Regordane)

The Eternal Return Pilgrimage 7 days, 7 temples, 7 alchemical meditations on starting points on the Saint James Way in France and/or St Gilles Way (v...
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The Eternal Return Pilgrimage 7 days, 7 temples, 7 alchemical meditations on starting points on the Saint James Way in France and/or

St Gilles Way (via Regordane) 13 days walking pilgrimage from Le Puy en Velay to St Gilles de Gard and then to meet the new sun at Saintes Maries de la Mer

with Karin Sörvik May 28th – June 3rd , 2010 June 3rd – June 16th , 2010 (Only 12 spaces) The Tao - The way, a way to live our practice in daily meditation on different sacred sites. There is something magical that happens when the teachings are presented this way, it seems casual because we are travelling and at the same time the environment adds a deeper meaning, something arises from the land and we tap into a source of undying knowledge. Our ancestors understood that the Earth had a certain path called “the voivre” and wherever there is a sacred site it’s where this energy is present and arises. The masterbuilders made it so that, as we enter the Temple, it rises through us to meet the Heavenly force. The purpose of this 7/13/20 days journey is to become spiritual seekers. To connect with the land the Great Goddess in all her manifestations: Black Madonnas, Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalene, and St Anne. Also with the megalithic builders, the Celtic druids, the Holy Grail and the Templars. Every morning at 7:00am we’ll meet for I Ching reading of the day and morning Chi Kung. 8am breakfast and at 9:30am we’ll be ready to jump into the car to our next adventure. We’ll stop along the way or go direct to our sacred site depending on the day. There will be time after the practice to visit and have down

time. After dinner we’ll gather to share the day and talk about the Inner Alchemy and the different stages of alchemical transformation that we will be going through in our sacred journey

Pilgrims at the bottom of the ladder-Notre Dame Paris

ITINERARY This is the schedule I have in mind after I did my scouting trip last fall. It has some information and will give you a rough idea. I will send detailed information later on for those that are interested.

The Eternal Return May 28: Meet at 7:30 am at St Jaques Tour in Paris to start our pilgrimage and drive to Chartres. Group meeting before we enter the Cathedral to do our first alchemical transformation: Calcination. (Walk the Labyrinth, the three Roses, Lady of the Pillar (BlackVirgin) and the Victorious Blue Virgin) Visit the crypt and well, afternoon free. Night at Chartres May 29: Morning practice and drive to Vezelay, Midday Mass with polyphonic chanting. Lunch Second alchemical transformation: Dissolution in the crypt by Mary Magdalene’s bones. Free. time, dinner and night at Vezelay May 30: Morning practice, sightseeing along the way Fontaines Salées, Abbey of Fontenay, St Thibault, drive through Burgundy stopping at Clos de Vougeot and reach Beaume for our third alchemical transformation: Separation at Hotel Dieu. Dinner and night at Beaume May 31: Morning practice Drive to the medieval market of Nolay, Tournus (BV). Visit the caves at Azé with its inner river and reach Des Moines Chapel at Berze la Ville for our fourth alchemical transformation: Conjunction at the Des Moines Chapel in Berze la Ville. Celebrate with a medieval dinner and at Cluny. June 1: Morning practice and drive along the way to see begin our fermentation process by contemplating several Black Madonnas: La Picaurdiere, Vichy, Thuret, Marsat and reach Clermont Ferrand for our fifth alchemical transformation: Fermentation, free time and spend the night there June 2: Morning practice and continue with our Black Madonnas: Orcival, Vassivière, St Nectaire, Mayres and La Chapelle Geneste. Drive to Le Puy de Dome up the mountain for our sixth alchemical transformation: Distillation. Arriving at the outskirts of Le Puy en Velay for a panoramic view and spend the night there. June 3: Morning practice and visit the temples of Diana/St Clair and St Michael in Aiguilhe and end at Le Puy en Velay Cathedral four of seventh and final alchemical transformation: Coagulation on the magical stone/dolmen. Give thanks to Notre Dame Le Puy (BV). Lunch and end of the first stage. We say good bye to those that finish here and we welcome the new arrivals.

The Victorious-Chartres

St Gilles Way June 4: 7am blessings at the Cathedral and we start our walk. to Costaros 20km 5:40hrs Finding our own rhythm of walking, stepping into sacred pace, our body as a temple of moving meditation. Stopping along the way to recharge, enjoy the view and yin time to absorb the atmosphere. We meet for dinner, share the experience and talk about the goal and places of interest for the next day, an evening meditation, Tao yin or star gazing. Same schedule for each day June 5: Pradelles 21 km 6:00hrs June 6: La Bastide 27 km 8:00hrs June 7: Villefort 21km 6:00 hrs June 8: Genolhac 14 km 4:00hrs June9: Portes 14 km 4 hrs June 10: Ales 22 km 6:30 hrs June 11: Vezenobles 13 km 4:00 hrs June 12: La Calmete 24 km 6:40hrs June 13: Caissergues 22km 6:15 hrs June 14: St Gilles 21 km 6:00 hrs June 15: Saintes-Marie-de –la-mer 29 km 8:30 hrs June 16: Saintes Marie de la Mer we meet the new sun and give thanks to the Maries and Sarah Kali (end of pilgrimage)

Sarah Kali-Saintes Maries de la Mer

TRANSPORTATION AND LANDSCAPE The first stage of the pilgrimage we will drive two minivans which allows us to go through the small roads and have the opportunity to see beautiful landscapes along the way. The daily drive from site to site will be between 1 to 2:30 hours with stops along the way either for their beauty, sacred site or do to our practice. GROUP There are only 12 spaces available so there can be personal attention with focus on the internal practice on sacred sites and to be able to move at ease and enjoy. PREPARING FOR THE JOURNEY The practice of pilgrimage has been present in every single culture for time immemorial and it’s a journey into a different stage of our lives where we prepare to “travel light” in all senses. The pilgrimage starts at home the moment we make the decision to do it. Therefore after making your reservation you will receive instructions on the practice and a list with suggested reading to help you get ready for the amazing adventure of spiritual development that pilgrimage offers. STARTING AND FINISHING DATES AND PLACES Journey starts: Friday May 28th at 7:30 am in Paris, France 1st stage ends: Thursday June 3rd at 3:00 pm in Le Puy en Velay (there is a train back to Paris) 2nd stage starts: June 3rd at 3:00 pm in Le Puy en Velay Journey ends; Tuesday June 16th at Noon in Saintes Marie de La Mer (Montpellier is the closest Airport) HOTELS AND ACCOMMODATIONS All accommodations will be very comfortable, nice and clean, mostly in really beautiful settings. The price is for double rooms with a private bathroom. Some single rooms are available for most nights if previously arranged (extra fee of 150 euros only on the first stage of the trip), but due to the nature of the places it’s sometimes limited to just two single rooms.

Morning I Ching- Cluny

COST: 1100 Euros First Stage 1200 Euros Second Stage 2300 Euros Total Included First Stage - 6 hotel nights in double occupancy bedrooms with private bathroom. - Tuition for 7 days of classes and practices. - Transportation in 2 minivans from Paris to Le Puy en Velay. - Breakfasts and one meal per day for 7 days (either lunch or dinner). - Entrances to sites that require a fee for group visits. - Basic insurance provided by the car rental company on van passengers. Not included: - Airfare/Trainfare to France and back to your destination. - Transportation back from Le Puy en Velay to your destination after the class. - Hotels for the night of May 27th in Paris and June 3rd in Le Puy en Velay. (Recommendations will be provided). - Medical insurance. - Tips at hotels and restaurants. Included Second Stage - 13 hotel nights in rural countryside double occupancy and sometimes more depending on the village with private bathroom or not. - Breakfasts and dinner per day for 13 days - Evening gathering and teachings Not included:- Airfare and/or Trainfare to Le Puy en Velay. - Transportation back from Saintes Marie de la Mer to your destination after the pilgrimage is over. - Hotels for the night June 16th in Saintes Marie de la Mer . (Recommendations will be provided). - Medical insurance. - Tips at hotels and restaurants.

Nun at crypt-Vezelay

PAYMENTS It’s suggested to pay in full as soon as possible. Credit cards are accepted, US checks or transfer to UK bank account (fees are to be paid by the sender)

- Reservation fee: 400 Euros first stage or second stage (non-refundable). 800 Euros for the both stages (non-refundable) - 2 payments of 305 Euros due by March 1st and April 29th for those doing only the first stage - 2 payments of 400 Euros for those doing only the second stage and - 2 payments of 750 Euros for those doing the whole thing. . For payment plan option, payment will be scheduled and charged on the due date to the credit card number provided. REFUND POLICY If after you reserve your space you need to cancel your participation in the class, this is the policy: Reservation fee is Non-Refundable. Before March 1st: we will refund credit card or wire money back to you for the amount you have paid until then, minus bank fees for transaction and non-refundable reservation fee. After March 1st: No refunds. There´s the possibility though that another person you know might come in your place, if they are fit for the journey. In the very unlike case that we have to cancel the journey from our end or because there were not enough participants, you will receive a full refund for any amount you have paid, including the reservation fee. CONTACT INFORMATION:

Karin Sörvik The Healing Tao Society

Karin Sörvik The Healing Tao Society

1 Union Sq W #715 NY, NY 10003 USA +1 212 209-1551 [email protected]

16 Willow Road London NW3 1TJ UK +44 (0) 203 286 7175 [email protected]

Looking forward to share the road…

Temple of Diana/St Clair and St Michael-Aiguilhe