Purchasing Card Training

Purchasing Card Training P-Card Training Forms and Definitions • Single Transaction Limit: – $500 – All other users or lower depending on supervis...
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Purchasing Card Training

P-Card Training

Forms and Definitions • Single Transaction Limit:

– $500 – All other users or lower depending on supervisor’s discretion – $1,000 – Principals and Supervisors – Any Transaction over these levels must have a Purchase Order(P/O) prior to the purchase

• Assignee Agreements:

– Building agreements for “Checking-Out” P-cards – Only Employees of the District will be allowed use of a P-Card – Generic Use Letter • Use this when situation may warrant

– To be used if Assignee has difficultly showing proof they are entitled to use the P-Card for a specific transaction

P-Card Training

Forms and Definitions • Payroll Deduction Form

– Employees must sign this form before using a District P-Card – Employee only has to sign one form per School Year, when applicable – Form helps create accountability for: • • •

No Personal purchases Loss of Original Receipts P-Cards are government funds and should be spend in accordance with District Policy and Adopted Budget

• Personal Reimbursement Statement

– This is a statement testifying the P-Card user will not obtain any personal reward from making purchases for the District – Employees must sign this form each time a purchase is made with the P-Card in conjunction with a Rewards Number – Form helps District employees become aware of the following: • •

Ethic Laws and penalties from the State of Oregon are applied to the Individual, not the District Employees become aware of some items that are considered Personal Benefits –

For example: Travel Miles, Gas Discounts, Rebates, and Hotel Points

The District will apply penalties for each transaction containing Personal Benefit, when applicable

P-Card Training

Purchase Card Lost/Stolen Card


Report to Business office immediately

Notify Business Office - 2 weeks before Travel - to increase “Single Purchase Limits”

Supplies Purchase Attach all Original, Itemized Receipts

Use District Travel Agent (Peak Travel) whenever possible

Assignee Agreements

Have Form signed each time P-Card is Checked-Out.

When P-Card is returned – Assignee must sign they returned it

Team Travel Notify Business Office - 2 weeks before Travel - to increase “Single Purchase Limits”

Follow “Assignee Agreements” Flow chart

Collect all Original, Itemized Receipts for all Transactions that were processed while card was signed out

Assignee Form must be remitted to Business Office with all Original Signatures

Remit to Business Office Every Week

Remit to Business Office Every Week

Remit to Business Office Every Week

P-Card Training

• Question: When should I use a P/O? • Answer: – For any transaction that is over the “Single transaction limit” – For all Technology and Software Purchases • Unless IT department has given prior approval

– For all Grant Funded Purchases • Unless Grant Administrator has given prior approval

P-Card Training

Items to Remember BEFORE purchase is made:

– Never have your P-Card number saved to any Website (unless you have a private login for the site)

• For Example: Amazon, Office Depot, or Costco • If this occurs – the security of your card is not in accordance to the District Purchasing Policy

– – – – – – –

No Software or Technology Purchases No Gratuity over 20% Original Itemized Receipts Required No Splitting Single Transactions No Alcoholic beverages No Personal Item purchases No Personal gasoline purchases

P-Card Training

Steps to Remember AFTER purchase is made: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Allocate Transactions on access.usbank.com


If transaction had a P/O created prior to purchase – remember to put the P/O number in the “Comments” when completing allocation on website

Follow “P-Card Dates Reporting Schedule” Print Transaction Detail Report Turn Transaction Detail Report to District Office – Accounts Payable

1. 2.

Attached original itemized receipts If you are missing an original receipt – you must request a duplicate from the vendor

At Year End – the Month of June – start remitting packing slips along with your Transaction Detail Reports


This is only for June purchases

Steps if there is a fraudulent charge on your P-Card: 1. 2. 3.

Verify this is truly a fraudulent charge Notify the District Office so they can dispute this charge If necessary the District Office will close and reissue a new P-Card Reports remitted prior to “P-Card Dates Reporting Schedule” are always welcome!!

P-Card Training 1. Can I save my P-Card to my favorite Websites?

 Only if you, as the Cardholder, have complete control of your card number. • If others can access this account to order items – this is no longer secure, and should not be save to the website

2. Can I purchase Technology or Software with the P-Card?

 Only with a purchase order in place. • All technology and software purchase must have prior approval from the IT Department

3. Can I use my P-Card for meals when on Staff Travel?  Yes – but the maximum daily Per Diem rate still applies. If Per Diem was over expended, this overage will be deducted from your next payroll check. If it is under expended, you forego the difference. 4. What do I do if I lose the Original Receipt?

 If the original receipt is lost you must get a request a duplicate from the Vendor.

5. What if there is a Charge on my P-Card account that is not mine?

 Verify this is not your charge. If this is not your charge, contact the Business Office so they can dispute the charge as fraud

Thank you for completing the Purchasing Card Training!