Emory University Purchasing Card Training

Emory University Purchasing Card Training Training Objectives • Provide a brief overview of the authorized buying methods at Emory University • Revi...
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Emory University Purchasing Card Training

Training Objectives • Provide a brief overview of the authorized buying methods at Emory University • Review the Emory University policies related to the usage of a Purchasing Card (“P-Card”) • Detail the procedures for obtaining and using a P-Card • Demonstrate the PaymentNet system for reviewing transactions

• Quiz validating what you have learned

Authorized Buying Methods at Emory University

The Decision to Buy • For an overview on making specific types of purchases, visit the Procure & Pay section of the Finance Division website:

http://www.finance.emory.edu • Always use contracted suppliers, when possible. • If you need assistance with a purchase, contact Procurement Customer Care at (404)727-5400 or [email protected]

The Decision to Buy • Emory University has multiple authorized tools for buying goods and services. • Each buying tool is used for specific types of purchases. Different benefits and restrictions apply to each. • Faculty/staff must refer to the Emory Commodity Matrix to determine which tool to use before making purchases.

Authorized Buying Methods Emory Commodity Matrix: A reference tool for determining the authorized method for purchasing various goods and services

 Finance Division website  Procure & Pay  Purchasing Methods To Use at Emory University

Authorized Buying Methods Emory University buying tools include: • Emory Express (online) • VISA Corporate Card • VISA Purchasing Card Note: These buying tools are for Emory University ONLY and are not to be used for Emory Healthcare purchases.

Authorized Buying Methods What is Emory Express? • SciQuest e-Procurement software that is also used by major universities and corporations • Integrates into Compass (Peoplesoft Financials)

• Allows authorized users to enter orders and pay invoices to suppliers, as well as check order and payment status • Provides departmental online approvals for purchases

Authorized Buying Methods When to use the Corporate Card? • Travel-related expenses • Business meals • Conference Registration • Professional association memberships (for individuals only) • Books and periodicals (for individuals only) Note: Refer to the Emory Commodity Matrix and Emory Corporate Card training for details.

Authorized Buying Methods When to use the P-Card? • One time purchases that cannot be found via Emory contracted suppliers in Emory Express • Reoccurring departmental expenses of certain goods and services valued at < $1,499

• As listed in the Emory Commodity Matrix • The P-Card Manual can be found on the Division of Finance website.

About the P-Card • The P-Card is a means of limiting University and employee liability when used according to the Cardholder agreement.

• Cardholders must conduct their card activity in accordance with Emory policy and their own School or Department guidelines. • School/Department approval, an application, and training are required. • Integrates into Compass and PaymentNet

PaymentNet PaymentNet is the on-line purchasing card management system for Emory University’s Purchasing Card Program. Features of PaymentNet include: • • • • •

Review transactions and upload receipts online Transaction approval workflow Self-service statements and reports Online transaction disputes Management inquiry capabilities

Authorized Buying Tools Examples of P-Card Usage: • • • • • • • • •

Association Memberships Coffee, Water, & Tea Service Conference Calls Courier Service Floral Arrangements Linen Rental Picture Frames & Awards Medical Gas Cylinder Rental Subscriptions

Changes Effective in 2013 • Business Meals: Local business meals should be placed on a Corporate card. • Gift Cards: Utilize the National Gift Card punch-out in Emory Express. • Catering: Utilize the Emory Catering or America To Go punch-out in Emory Express. • Alcohol (Wine & Spirits): All alcohol for meals should be placed on the Corporate Card. Preauthorization must be granted for use of the P-Card for purchase of alcohol for events.

Emory University Policies on P-Card Usage

P-Card Policies

All Purchasing Card Program policies can be found on the Division of Finance website: http://policies.emory.edu/2.23 In addition to University policies, your School or Department may have specific additional requirements. Please be sure to check with your Chief Business Officer for details.

Who Can Make Transactions • All P-Card transactions must be made by the individual to whom the P-Card is issued. • All P-Card transactions must be made for the sole use and benefit of Emory University. • Personal purchases are not permitted under any circumstances, as per the terms and conditions of the Cardholder Agreement.

P-Card Spend Limits • The standard Purchasing Card monthly cumulative spending limit is $5,000. • The standard single transaction limit is $1,499. • Purchases over $1,499 may not be separated into multiple charges. • Each Cardholder’s specific spend limit can be viewed in PaymentNet.

P-Card Limit Increases • Requests to increase the standard monthly spend or single transaction limit must be approved by the appropriate Chief Business Officer and must include an explanation of the business purpose for the request. • The request must then be forwarded by the Chief Business Officer to the P-Card Program Administrator for final review and approval.

Restricted Purchases P-Cards cannot be used for purchases of restricted commodities and/or purchases from restricted suppliers. Examples include:

• • • • • • • •

Animals Radioactive Materials Hazardous Chemicals Controlled Substances Prescription Drugs Pharmaceuticals Research Grade Alcohol Payments to Individuals

• • • • • •

Travel Expenses Capital Equipment Weapons & Ammunition Items for Personal Use Local Business Meals Purchases Exceeding $1,499

Tax Exemption • Purchases of tangible goods and services for educational purposes are exempt of Georgia Sales & Use Tax. • The Cardholder is responsible for ensuring the proper use of the University’s sales tax exemption number. • The sales tax exemption number is located on the front of the P-Card.

Compliance • Procurement Services is authorized to review P-Card purchasing activity to ensure compliance with this policy. • Discrepancies will be brought to the attention of the Cardholder and the Chief Business Officer. • Procurement Services is authorized to suspend the Purchasing Card privileges of any Cardholder who is deemed to be in violation of P-Card polices.

Violation of P-Card Policies • Violation of P-Card policy and/or the duties and responsibilities listed in the P-Card Training program may lead to termination. • Fraudulent use of the Purchasing Card will result in actions being taken in accordance with the procedures established in the Cardholder Agreement form. • Any misuse of a P-Card should be immediately reported to the P-Card Administrator.

P-Card Assistance The Emory University P-Card Administrator can assist with activities including: • Reporting a lost or stolen card • Reporting misuse of a card • Canceling a card • Employee transfer to another School or Department P-Card Administrator Contact Information:

Email: [email protected] Phone: (404)727-0252

Procedures for Obtaining and Using a P-Card

Obtaining a P-Card • The appropriate Chief Business Officer must approve all requests to obtain a new P-Card. • The Cardholder must successfully complete the required training, complete the P-Card application, and sign the terms and conditions of the Purchasing Card Cardholder Agreement prior to receiving a P-Card. • Cardholders must also complete a bi-annual refresher training course in order to retain use of their P-Cards.

Receiving Your P-Card • Upon completion of the application process and required training, the P-Card Program Administrator will notify you via email when your card has arrived. • You or your departmental business administrator may pick up your card from the receptionist at 1599 Clifton Road. • You will be required to sign, date, and supply a valid Emory ID to pick up a P-card.

Activating Your P-Card • To activate your P-Card, call the phone number provided on the sticker on the front of the card. • The last 4 digits of your Social Security Number will also be required for card activation.

Making Purchases All purchases must have proper documentation. At the time of purchase, be sure to obtain documentation including one or more of the following: • • • •

Original Invoices Original Itemized Receipts Packing Lists Email Confirmations

Note: Documentation will need to be scanned and uploaded during the Online Transaction Review process.

Required Documentation • Documentation must answer these questions:     

Who made the purchase? What was purchased? When was the purchase made? Where was the purchase made? How much did the purchase cost?

• Be prepared to provide the business purpose for the purchase, as well as the appropriate smartkey and account code.

Online Transaction Review • The Cardholder is responsible for Online Transaction Review and uploading documentation. • Ensure all documentation has been scanned legibly and is ready to attach to the transaction(s). • Do not submit a transaction for approval without uploading supporting documentation. • All purchases should be reviewed and allocated within 5 days of the post date. • If transactions have not been reviewed within 20 days, the P-card is subject to suspension.

Statements and Documentation • VISA P-Card statements are electronic and maintained online in PaymentNet. • Cardholders will not receive a paper copy of the statement. • Through the Online Transaction Review process, all required documentation is scanned and stored online in PaymentNet. • Maintain all paper receipts until the proper approval is granted in PaymentNet.

Legacy Document Retention • American Express P-Card paper statements and supporting documentation are to be stored in the department. • American Express P-Card documentation should be retained as follows:  Non Grant-related: 7 years  Grant-related: 3 years after the grant/award has ended or final audit has occurred

Return Purchases • The Cardholder is responsible for item returns. • Request that the merchant credits the amount back to the P-Card and obtain documentation. • Verify that the credit appears on the statement in PaymentNet. Note: If the credit does not appear on the statement, the original charge should be disputed within PaymentNet.

Dispute Charges • The Cardholder is responsible for disputing any charges that incorrectly appear on the statement. • First, attempt to resolve the issue directly with the merchant. • If an agreement cannot be reached, disputes can be submitted online within PaymentNet. • Cardholders have 60 days from the statement date to dispute charges with J.P. Morgan Chase.

Reporting a Lost/Stolen Card Steps to report a lost/stolen card are: 1) Immediately call J.P. Morgan Chase at: 1(800)270-7760 2) Send an email to the Emory University P-Card Administrator as soon as possible at:

[email protected] Note: You may be required to complete an affidavit for any fraudulent charges.

Cardholder Responsibilities Recap • Comply with Emory University policies, as well as School and Department polices for use • Confirm that the P-Card is an authorized buying method for the purchase • Ensure card security • Immediately report a lost/stolen card • Contact the P-Card Administrator with questions regarding the P-Card

Cardholder Responsibilities Recap • Provide tax exemption information to the merchant at the time of purchase • Maintain proper documentation from all purchases • Review transactions using PaymentNet within 5 days of purchase • Resolve disputes related to purchases