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Philips Lighting Solutions Integrated solutions for your business Philips Lighting Canada Your integrated lighting solutions partner. Philips leads...
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Philips Lighting Solutions Integrated solutions for your business

Philips Lighting Canada

Your integrated lighting solutions partner. Philips leads the global lighting market as a pacesetter in the industry and as a responsible corporate citizen contributing to the sustainability of society at large. Through our recognized expertise in the development, manufacturing, and application of meaningful lighting solutions, Philips has pioneered many key breakthroughs in lighting over the past 100 years. We pride ourselves on producing tomorrow’s products today and value lighting solutions that are flexible enough to fit the needs of each unique user, while sustaining the environment.

Many people are aware that state-of-theart lighting is much more energy-efficient than traditional lighting, but it can also contribute to your business performance and success in more ways than you might imagine. Today’s top lighting technologies can increase operational efficiency, make a building or brand stand out of the crowd, and enhance productivity. With Philips as your lighting solutions partner, you can easily start benefiting from the dramatic difference that lighting can make.

Empowering Success How Philips adds value to your organization Lower cost of ownership Our energy-efficient technologies, logistical expertise, and national distributor partnerships will all help stretch your lighting dollar.

Unparalleled support Specialized National Accounts Team provide application, service and field support. Work with distributors and maintenance partners to deliver seamlessly.

Investment in the future Philips continues to invest in the future to offer a comprehensive range of lighting solutions.


Transform your business via advanced lighting solutions Whether its building store traffic, improving productivity and safety, or providing healing and comfortable environments, our track record of industry firsts assures you innovate solutions to transform your business.

Commited to sustainability At Philips, we are committed to providing leading ecofriendly solutions that reduce waste, and educate on effective energy-related compliance measures.

Philips was ranked as one of the top 100 Global Innovators of 2011 by Thomson Reuters. Thomson Reuters Top 100 Global Innovator program is an initiative that analyzes patent data and related metrics in a proprietary methodology to identify the companies and institutions that lead the world in innovation activity.


All your lighting needs in one place

Philips Lighting is the world’s largest and most technologically advanced providers of light solutions. Only Philips delivers a full portfolio of integrated lighting solutions – from components and modules, to lamps, luminaires, and integrated systems - providing our customers the luxury and flexibility that comes with choice, and the confidence that comes from partnering with an industry innovator.

LED Solutions Traditional Lamps





One partner, many solutions. Understanding your needs

Customized Results

Ongoing research has given Philips insight into the impact that the use of lighting can have in retail, commercial, heathcare, hospitality and public lighting sectors. On this basis, Philips offers specific solutions that effectively address a variety of these sector’s most pressing lighting needs including operational efficiency, sustainability, enhanced safety, and corporate image.

Great partnerships encourage great results. We are committed to working together with you to create sustainable environments. Whether you’re planning an entirely new lighting design or need an audit of your existing property, our team of application lighting experts will work with you to create a solution that is tailored to your unique needs.

Lighting benefit cycle To be a leader in today’s competitive environment, property owners and facility executives need to understand the importance of choosing the right lighting solutions to achieve the desired mix of ambiance, well-being and sustainability. Lighting can support these three key factors to help address the critical issues of productivity and safety, corporate image, and bottom-line profitability - helping you to transform your facility in meaningful and innovative ways.








Matching our strengths to your needs Whether you need on-site “try-before-you-buy” testing, energy audits, product demonstrations, or extensive technical and application assistance, our integrated support capabilities make a lighting system transition easy. At local, regional and national levels, Philips provides a network of market specialists and alliance partners to support the following business channels. From initial specification to installation, you can depend on coordinated teams of professionals with expertise to smooth your implementation process. Whether you simply want to upgrade an existing system or commission a totally new one, the results and advantages will be immediate, measurable, and highly sustainable. And however large the scope of your lighting project, you can monitor and manage every single aspect of it by contacting your Philips Lighting representative.


Solution bundles tailored to your needs. Support from start to finish Your Philips National Account Team is your personal key to Philips. With just one point of contact, our customer-centric team will go the extra step to provide the support you require to meet your business objectives. Your National Account Manager becomes your eyes and ears in the field, ensuring that your business keeps pace with the market by feeding information on trends back to you, continually recommending new ways to optimize your business. Some of our supporting services are available individually, but they can also be combined into a tailor-made turnkey package that delivers complete project design and execution – from start to finish.

Philips Lighting Capital We offer a transparent, hassle-free and cash flow friendly payment program that makes it possible to acquire an outstanding lighting solution right away – even on a restricted budget. Our payment program covers all project costs except lifecycle services, with payment spread over time in line with your carefully precalculated energy savings and/or cashflow profile. The goal is to help you achieve a positive cash flow, starting from day one!

Support Services Through our network of full-service national distributors, your National Account Team can create a supply plan designed around your unique business needs—and provide on-time deliveries, consistent rollouts to multiple sites, fewer shipping problems and better fill rates. Additional alliances with lighting maintenance contractors and energy service companies (ESCOs) eliminate administrative headaches and reduce operating costs. A visit to one of Philips Lighting Application Centers can bring lighting solutions to life. We also offer the opportunity to have a professional tour of any of our North American manufacturing plants, providing further insight into the art and science of lighting technologies. Philips offers various lighting webinars on topics that will assist customers in maintaining good lighting designs, staying up to date on the latest technologies, and providing guidance through changes in lighting legislation.


Advisory Services Advisory Services give customers clear insight into their current lighting situation, as well as into the possibilities and benefits that new lighting systems could offer in terms of energy efficiency, productivity, beautification and sustainability. The services include Energy Audits at a variety of different levels and Solution Design to make potential new solutions clear, concrete and achievable.

Tailor-made solution packages Lifecycle Services Whether you are building a new facility, simply want to upgrade an existing lighting system, or commission a totally new one, the results and advantages will be immediate, measurable, and highly sustainable. We are with you every step of the way. With customized easy-order lamp and fixture guides for maintaining your lighting specification, and a notification service when it’s the optimal time for you to reap the benefits of a group relamp, Philips is your partner for the life of your building. We aim to ensure that by investing in outstanding, high performance lighting solutions, they stay that way for many years to come. Philips prides itself on product quality, and as a result we offer the most competitive warranties in the business. With one point of contact for all Philips products, we are the only lighting manufacturer to offer a nationwide, system warranty for lamps, electronics, controls, and fixtures. We also have the flexibility to create a customized warranty solution to best fit the needs of our end users.


Leaders in sustainable development. Philips Lighting is committed to providing lighting solutions that improve people’s lives and are environmentally sound. This philosophy is a cornerstone of our sustainability policy, which balances social, environmental and economic action. Environmental responsibility. With a tradition of sound environmental policy, Philips is guided by the basic principle that prevention is better than cure. We work continuously to minimize the impact of products, processes and services.

Social responsibility. We put people at the center, focusing on the needs of our customers, employees and the people in the communities we serve around the world.

Economic responsibility. We have long been integrating economic prosperity, environmental quality and social equity, balancing these sometimes competing demands with a clear view on sustainable value creation.

Driving sustainability throughout our product portfolio. Philips green products can reduce costs, energy consumption, and CO2 emmissions. Whether it’s our Alto II technology with the lowest mercury content on the market, or our state of the art LED technology that will reduce your energy consumption.

Philips was recognized as a Top 50 Green Brand by Interbrand in 2011. Recognizing that energy efficiency is one essential answer to climate change, we have made a serious commitment to develop, promote and market more energy-efficient solutions for people in all markets.

Green focal areas offer customers, users, and society a significant environmental improvement (at least 10%) in one or more of the Philips green focal areas:


Working together for sustainability With a world-leading portfolio of Sustainable Lighting Solutions, Philips is a valuable partner in your environmental leadership efforts. Our products, service and expertise can help you achieve a sustainable, high performance organization through: • Lowering operating costs through long-life, energy efficient lighting solutions • Reducing carbon footprint • Minimizing hazardous waste • Helping you meet LEED-EB certification standards for ‘green’ environments • Helping you comply with regulatory guidelines • Providing customized education programs on the latest solutions, lighting trends, legislation and rebate opportunities • Innovative calculator tools to provide financial and environmental benefits • Helping to promote your environmental stewardship and enhanced corporate image (Philips PEAK Award)


Innovative lighting solutions. Philips Lighting Company’s commitment to research and development as well as dedication to market leadership continues to drive the creation of leading edge, eco-friendly lighting solutions that can deliver energy savings, reduced maintenance costs and improved lamp system performance. Here is a selection of our most recent innovations.

Philips EnduraLED retrofit LED lamps

Widelite Aeroscape LED area light for outdoor applications

EnduraLED retrofit LEd lamps are designed as simple replacements of existing inefficient technology, with the promise to provide the best in light quality at truly remarkable savings. Philips’ leading research and design in the realm of LED technology addresses the critical issues of colour consistency, thermal management and optics, to ensure reliable and consistent performance that easily meets today’s standards.

Bridging modern design with cuttingedge technology to provide a complete outdoor lighting solution that enhances the architectural environment. Featuring Philips LedGine platform for future proof designs that enhance upgrades and simplify replacements while offering energy savings of up to 76% over a 400W pulse start metal halide system.


Philips Lumec SoleCity, a complete collection of LED outdoor lighting products and urban furniture Going beyond decorative functional outdoor lighting to help you create a unique, stunning and harmonious look for any public space. SoleCity offers a comprehensive line of high efficiency, outdoor LED lighting solutions with a complementary line of modern urban furniture.

Driving innovation through education Philips is committed to helping engineers, architects, designers, distributors and contractors fulfill their lighting education needs through extensive lighting training via customized programs delivered at one of our state of the art lighting centres. Our centers host demonstrations and workshops where customers can acquaint themselves with the latest in lighting technologies.

Lighting Concept Centre - Toronto, ON

Lighting Application Centre - Markham, On

Color Kinetics ArchiPoint iColor Powercore facade luminaire

Ledalite ArcForm LED recessed luminaire with MesoOptics

Philips Omega SOL6 LED ceiling, adjustable and pendant luminaire

ArchiPoint iColor Powercore is a daylight-visible, exterior-rated LED point of light ideally suited for a range of direct-view and beacon applications, as well as for accent applications such as path and marker lighting.

Inspired by the classic curve, this luminous architectural form is a natural fit for offices, schools, libraries, and healthcare environments. ArcForm delivers an innovating 3D lighting distribution to provide exceptional performance and energy savings.

SOL6 is a precision lighting instrument with contemporary styling that blends with the architecture of a space, allowing visual components of the luminaire to be a subtle surprise to the eye. Available as a recessed, semirecessed, and pendant luminaire the SOL6 offers unmatched quality, performance, and efficiency.


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