JOHN I. CLARK Curriculum Vitae EDUCATION B.A., Physical Chemistry, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH, 1968 Ph.D., Biological Structure, University of Washington, School of Medicine, Seattle, WA, 1974 PRESENT POSITION Professor, Department of Biological Structure and Professor (Adjunct) Department of Ophthalmology, University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle, WA, 1990-present Chairman, Department of Biological Structure, 2004-present PREVIOUS POSITIONS Research Fellow in Anatomy, Dept of Anatomy, Harvard Medical School, Boston, and Research Associate, Dept of Chemistry, University of Massachusetts, Boston, 1974 - 1976 Instructor, Human Anatomy, Harvard Medical School, 1976 Research Associate, Dept of Physics, MIT, Cambridge, MA, 1976-1982 Assistant Professor, Harvard University/MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology, Cambridge, MA, and Dept of Anatomy, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, 1979-1982 Assistant Professor, Dept of Biological Structure, University of Washington, School of Medicine, Seattle, Washington, 1982-1986 Associate Professor, Dept of Biological Structure and Associate Professor (Adjunct), Dept of Ophthalmology, University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle, WA, 1986-1990 Acting Chairman, Department of Biological Structure, January, 2001- 2003 HONORS AND SPECIAL APPOINTMENTS FELLOW. American Association of Anatomy (AAA) 2015 President Elect, 2014-15 Association for Research in Vision & Ophthalmology (ARVO) FARVO::ARVO Fellow. 2009; GOLD;2014 Acting Director, Willed Body Program. 2013 – present. Delegate on Medical Education, Governor’s Trade Mission to China. November 2013. Representative for Washington State to Bio China Conference, Beijing,China. November 2013. Board of Trustees,Association for Research in Vision & Ophthalmology(ARVO) 2011 to present Board of Directors, Institute for Simulations and Interprofessional Studies (ISIS) 2009 to present National Eye Institute Audacious Goals Program Delegate. February 2013. National Eye Institute Scientific Program Planning Panel, 2011 President, Association of Anatomy, Cell Biology & Neurobiology Chairs, 2011-2012 President Elect, Association of Anatomy, Cell Biology & Neurobiology Chairs. 2010-2011. Professor of the Year, Medical School First Year Class, Honorable Mention, 2011. Erica Goldstein Award for Dedication to Medical Education, Honorable Mention. 2010. Erica Goldstein Award for Dedication to Medical Education. 2009. Visiting Scholar, Vision Sciences Research Center, Univ of Alabama Birmingham. March 2009 National Selection Committee, NFER Cataract Research Award. 1998-2008. National Foundation for Eye Research, Board of Trustees. 1997-2008. Organizer, US-Japan CCRG Meeting. Dec 1-5, 2007. The Hope Heart Program at the Benaroya Research Institute, Affiliate Scientist, 2000-2008. Washington Middle School, Outstanding Parent Service Award, 2001-2002 National Institutes of Health – Research Award, 1982-present E-2006 Medical Class Award for Excellence in Teaching, Fall Quarter, 2006 MAY 2015

John I. Clark

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HONORS AND SPECIAL APPOINTMENTS (Cont’d) E-2004 Medical Class Award for Excellence in Teaching, Fall Quarter, 2004 Board of Scientific Counselors National Eye Institute, 1995, 2005 Programme Reviewer, Medical Research Council of the United Kingdom, 2003-2005. National Foundation for Eye Research, Scientific Advisory Committee, Chair, 1997-2003. Scientific Advisory Board, Biomed Comm, Inc. 1996-2002 Board of Directors, Biomed Comm, 1996-2000. E-2001 Medical Class Award for Excellence in Teaching, Fall quarter 2001 Scientific Advisory Board, VisioGene Corporation, 2000-2002 ICOGEN Corporation, Advisory Committtee, 2000-2002 National Center for Research Resources Advisory Group, Videodiscovery, 2000-2001 Award for Excellence in Research in Ophthalmology, Dokkyo Univ School of Medicine, 1996 FELLOW. American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) 1995 N.E.I. Special Consultant to Lens/Cataract Program for Vision Research Planning,1990-1993 Senju-CCRG International Award for Research on Lens and Cataract, 1987 Scientific Advisory Board, Oculon Corportation, 1987-1994 Board of Directors, Oculon Corporation for Prevention of Cataracts, 1987-1992 Founder, Oculon Corporation for Prevention of Cataracts, 1987 Visiting Scientist, Department of Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1982-83, 1987-1992. Science in Medicine Lecturer, University of Washington, School of Medicine, Seattle, WA, 1987 Award for Excellence in Teaching, University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle, WA, 1984-1985 Visiting Scientist, Laboratoire de Physique des Solides, Universite Paris-SUD, Orsay, FRANCE, 1981-85 NSF-CNRS International Collaborative-Research Award, 1982-1985 Whitaker Health Sciences Foundation - Faculty Research Award, 1980-81 Pharmaceutical Manufacturer's Association Foundation, Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, 1974-1976 National Institutes of Health - Predoctoral Fellowship, 1968-1969, 1972-1974 PROFESSIONAL SOCIETIES Association of Anatomy, Cell Biology, Neurobiology Chairpersons (AACBNC) American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) New York Academy of Sciences American Association of Anatomists American Society for Cell Biology Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology International Society for Eye Research American Chemical Society Laser Institute of America I.E.E.E.Computer Graphics and Applications

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EDITORIAL RESPONSIBILITIES Ad hocReviewer: EMBO Journal; Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences; Science; Biochemistry; Biophysical Journal; Biopolymers; Journal of Biological Chemistry; Journal of Molecular Biology; Biochemical Journal; Protein Science; PLoS One; PLoS Genetics; Current Eye Research; Experimental Eye Research; European Journal of Biochemistry; FEBS Journal; Human Genetics; Biochimica Biophysica Acta; Proteins; Anatomical Record; Development; Developmental Dynamics; Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society; Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications; Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences; Journal of Biomedical Optics, Journal of Histochemistry & Cytochemistry; Journal of Cell Science; Journal of Cellular Biochemistry; Journal of Cellular Physiology; Journal of Structural Biology; Journal of Theoretical Biology; American Journal of Human Genetics; Annals of Biomedical Engineering; Microvascular Research; Oncogene; Molecular Vision; Protein Science, Reviews of Emerging Therapeutic Targets; Optometry &Vision Sciences; Reviewer: Mosby-Year Book Inc., 1992-1996 Reviewer: Walters, Kluwer/Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins, 2009 SERVICE National and International ARVO Advocacy Council. 2013-present Carver College of Medicine, Anatomy & Cell Biology, Univ of Iowa, External Reviewer, 2014 Organizer: Session Veterans TBI and Vision. ARVO Seattle. 2013 University of Chicago, Anatomy & Cell Biology. External Reviewer, 2013 FASEB Washington DC Advocacy Day 2013. Georgia Health Science University: Cell Biology & Anatomy. External Reviewer 2012 Session Chair: Innovation in Vision. American Association of Anatomist (FASEB/EB) 2012 Session co-Chair: Lens and Neurodegeneration. ARVO. 2012 FASEB. Washington DC Advocacy Day. 2012 International Conference on Lens Biology, co-organizer, 2012 American Anatomy, Cell Biology, Neurobiology Chairs Conference, organizer, 2012 Fight For Sight, United Kingdom, Reviewer 2010 Natural Sciences & Engineering Research Council of Canada, Reviewer 2010 Reviewer, Medical College of Georgia, Dept of Anatomy & Cell Biology, 2009 Consultant, Neuroptix Corporation, 2004-2007 National Foundation for Eye Research, Trustee, 2003-2008 U.S. Japan Cooperative Cataract Research Group, Meeting co-Organizer, 2003-2007 U.S.-Japan Cooperative Cataract Research Group 1980-2008. Reviewer: The Wellcome Trust, London, 1997-2001, 2003, 2008 N.E.I. Training Grant Study Section, 2002-2004 Reviewer: Israel Science Foundation, 1999-2001, 2003 N.E.I. ZRG1-VISA(2A) SBIR and STTR Study Section, 2000-2007 N.I.H. Study Section Reviewer, 1981-1982, 1984, 1986-1990, 1995-1997, 1999- to present Nathan Shock Center for Excellence, Reviewer 2000-2002 Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, reviewer 2002 State of South Carolina Commission on Higher Education, Reviewer for Research Initiative Grants, 2000-2001 N.I.H. GM Study Section (ad hoc) 2000-2001 N.E.I. VISC Study Section (ad hoc) 1996, 1999 N.E.I. Research Planning Panel, 1997 Organizer, Lens section, International Society for Eye Research, 1994-1996

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N.E.I. VISA-1 Study Section member, 1990-1994 Scientific Advisory Board, Oculon Corporation, 1987-1992 Co-Chairman and Organizer of "Computer Graphics in Biomedicine", Symposium, American Association of Anatomists Meeting, Seattle, 1984 Scientific Advisory Board, Biomedical Explorations, L.L.C. 1994-1996 Consultant to Cataract Panel of the National Eye Institute Consultant to Neuroptix Corporation Consultant, Oculon Corporation Consultant, Allergan Corporation Consultant, Hoffman-LaRoche Corporation Consultant, Taiho Pharmaceutical Company Consultant, Hill, Kirby and Washing Partners Consultant, Patterson, Belknap, Webb and Tyler Associates Consultant, Tooze, Marshal, Shenker, Holloway and Duden Associates University and School of Medicine Director, Vision Training Grant, 1999-present MCB Steering Committee, 1996-present MSEC Steering Committee 2006 –present 1st Year Curriculum Committee 1999 – present Neurobiology & Behavior Program, Steering Committee, 2001 – present Co-Director, Cell Biology Module, Vision Core Grant, 2011- 2012 Search Committee, Biomedical Informatics and Medical Education, 2012 Pharmacology Department, Graduate Program Review, 2012 Chair Review, Physiology & Biophysics, 2010-2011. Alumni Assoc Science Presentation: “Paws on Science”, Seattle Center 8-10 Apr.2011 UWSOM Council for Academic Affairs 2006-2009 Department of Biochemistry, Graduate Program Review, 2008 Department of Oral Biology Review Committee, 1994, 2005 Search Committee for Chair of Family Medicine, 2007-2009 Special Committee on Student Grading Evaluation and Professionalism, 2006-2007 Search Committee for Chair of Rehabilitative Medicine, 2006-2007 Search Committee for Chair of Ophthalmology, 2003-2007 University of Washington School of Medicine, Research Planning Committee, 2002-present Committee to review Basic Science Teaching 2004-05 WWAMI Director Search, Alaska, 2002-2004 UW Investigation of Scientific and Scholarly Misconduct, co-Chair, 2003-2004 Steering Committee, Vision Training Grant, 1986-1999 Medical Scientist Training Program Admissions, 1992-2004 UW School of Dentistry, Accreditation Meeting, 2002. Medical School Curriculum Review & Implementation, 1999-2001 Faculty Mentoring Program, Session Leader, March, 2003. UWSOM Accreditation Committee, 2001. Council for Appointments and Promotions, School of Medicine, 1997-2002 Royalty Research Fund Reviewer, 1995-2002 Implementation of Curriculum Review Recommendations, A&P subcommittee, 2002 Committee on Technology Transfer and Industrial Relations, 2000-2001 MCB Admissions Committee, 1989-1996, 1999-2001 Nomination Committee – Faculty Councils, 2000 Ophthalmology Faculty Search Committee, 1998-1999

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Bishop Professor Search Committee, 1998-1999 Hill Endowed Chair Search Committee, 1999 UWEB, Department of Bioengineering Faculty Search Committee, 1997-1999 Vision Core Committee, Department of Ophthalmology, 1985-1996 Vision Training Grant, Seminar Committee, 1987-1995 Committee on Clinical Research, 1993-1994 Technology Transfer & Washington Research Foundation, Director Search, 1993Committee on Conflict of Interest, 1991-1993 Science Facilities Planning Committee, 1991 Biological Sciences Research Building Committee, 1990-1992 Diabetes Core, Veteran's Administration Hospital, 1985-1987 Radiation Biology Committee, Department of Radiation Oncology, 1984-1987 Medical Student Research Committee: UW School of Medicine, 1983-1987


Departmental Search Committees, Department of Biological Structure: member, chairman: 1987-89;1996-98. Departmental Examination Committee, University of Washington Department of Biological Structure, chairman, 1988-1997 Graduate Affairs Committee, 1986-1997 Faculty Development Committee, 1992-1998 Space Utilization Committee, 1995-1997 Graduate Admissions, 1990-1996 BSTR 556, Chairman, 1992-1994 Departmental Training Grant, 1991- 1994 Research Task Force, 1992-1994 Seminar Committee, 1986-1994 Computer Graphics Committee, 1984-1989 NMR/X-ray Spectroscopy Committee, with Department of Chemistry, 1984-1988 Graphics Instrumentation Committee, 1986-1989 Vision in Diabetes Committee, 1985-1989 K-12 Education Pacific Crest Elementary School. Introduction to Human Anatomy. 2014 Lowell Elementary School: Anatomy of the Heart, 1998; Anatomy of the Lower Limb, 1999; Anatomy of the Heart; Development of the Heart and Lungs, 2000, 2001. Madrona Elementary School: Math Club Assistant, 1996-1999; Eye and Vision, 1995-1999; Human Anatomy, 1994, 1996. UW Outreach to K-12 education, 1995-2001 Team Photographer: Montlake Lions 1995-1998; Montlake Wildcats, 1995-1998; Capital Hill Geoducks, 1994-1998; Capital Hill Sharks, 1994-1998; Capital Hill Crickets, 1994-1999; Montlake Cardinals, 1998; Capitol Hill Juventus, 1998-2000; Eastside FC, 2000-2001; FC Defiance, 2001-2002. Assistant Coach: Montlake Falcons Girls Basketball Team, City Finalists, 1998 Assistant Coach: Montlake Falcons Girls Basketball Team, City Champions, 1997 MILITARY SERVICE U.S. Army Viet Nam, 1969-1971 PREDOCTORAL EMPLOYMENT Teaching Assistant, University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle, WA, 1969, 1972-74 Research Assistant with Dr. W. T. Jackson, Dept of Biology, Dartmouth, Hanover, NH, 1966-1968

John I. Clark

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Research Assistant with Dr. A.G. Szent-Gyorgyi and Dr. R. E. Stephens, Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA, 1968 Laboratory Assistant to Dr. H. Marquardt, CIBA Pharmaceutical Co., Chemical Development Department, Basel, 1967 Research Assistant with Dr. S. Inoue and Dr. H. Sato, Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA, 1966 Laboratory Assistant with Dr. J. W. Hastings, Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA, 1965 Laboratory Assistant with Dr. R. Meyer, Langnese-Iglo G.m.b.H., Heppenheim, Germany, 1964 EDUCATIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES Human Anatomy and Embryology for medical, dental and graduate students Cytology and Histology for medical, dental and nursing students Human Anatomy for undergraduates Developmental and Systemic Cell Biology for graduate students Topics in Ophthalmology for Residents in Ophthalmology Cell Biology for Graduate Students Scaling, Fractals and Chaos Undergraduate Seminars in Vision Biomolecular Structure & Design Journal Club U.W. Outreach Program Mini-Medical School GRADUATE STUDENTS AND POST DOCTORAL TRAINEES (and year degree awarded) Scott Delbecq. Biochemistry. Function of the alphaB crystallin fold, an NMR study. PhD candidate Trond Nilson. Engineering.Novel 3D visualization & Intelligent Tutoring in Anatomical Education. PhD candidate Alipi Naydenov. NeuBeh MD/PhD (2014) Dysfunction & therapeutic potential of endocannabinoid system in Huntington Disease Spiny neuron. Mary Nivison. NeuBeh PhD(2013). Mitochondrial dysfunction and glaucoma. Zhizhi Wang, BMSD, Biological Structure, PhD (2012) WWE Domain/PAR Complex and PARG Structural and biochemical studies of protein poly(ADP-ribosyl)ation Ryan O. Emerson, Genome Sciences, PhD (2011) Molecular Evolution of Zinc Finger Transcription Factors. Timothy Quinn Crawford, Molec.Cell Biology PhD (2010) Neural Tube Inductive Patterning to Sonic Hedgehog, Retinoic Acid & Notch in Embryonic Stem Cell Derived Embryoid Bodies. Teri Seeberger-Greiling, Biological Structure, MD/PhD (PhD 2009) Early Development and Maturation of the Lens in 3D (thesis advisor). Allen D. Taylor. (2008) Chemical Engineering, PhD, Surface Plasmon Resonance of proteinprotein interactions. Jin Liu, Biological Structure, PhD, (2008) Structural Studies of key components in the wnt Pathway. M. Jeanette Stein, Bioengineering PhD (2008). Surface modification and protein deposition. Uhnsoo Cho, Biological Structure, PhD (2007) Structure of PP2A and beta catenin complexes. Nori Gotoh, MD, (2004-2006) Research Fellow, Regulation of LEC migration in vivo. Joy G. Ghosh, Biological Structure. α-crystallin structure and function. Ph.D. (2006) (thesis advisor)

John I. Clark

- 7

Mari DeMarco, Medicinal Chemistry Ph.D. (2006) Folding of Prion proteins. Yan Chen, Chemistry, Ph.D. (2005). Development of microsequential injection methods for enzyme analyses. Kim Firestone, Chemistry. Ph.D. (2005) Nonlinear optical characterization, hyper Rayleigh scattering and photonic bandgap materials, Christie Fong, MS (2005) Structural Informatics. Novel Database for Biological Imaging Thomas Graham, Ph.D., Biological Structure. (2003) Structure of β-catenin complexes. Robert Nielsen, Chemistry. Ph.D. (2003) Time Domain EPR. Gloria Surh, .D.(2003) University of Waterloo Ontario, Canada. Laser capture microdissection (LCM) of lens. Irene Yuk Man Kung, Chemistry. Ph.D. (2002) Synthesis of metal sulfide nanostructures using mutant glutamine synthase as a scaffold. Gretchen Wahl, Bioengineering, Ph.D. (2001) The Role of mechanical tension in fibronectin matrix assembly. Michel Gooden, M.S. (2000), Cellular functions of SPARC. (thesis advisor– with E.H. Sage, PhD) Wendy Minke, Ph.D. (2000) Structure based inhibitor design: cholera toxin and heat labile enterotoxin. Scott Williams, Chemistry, Ph.D (2000) Jeff Shearstone, Bioengineering, M.S., (1999) Paul J. Muchowski, Ph.D. (1998) Structural and functional characterization of human αBcrystallin, a small heat shock protein and molecular chaperone (thesis advisor) Angela Hales, Ph.D. (1997), Anatomy, U of Sydney faculty of Medicine Sydney, Australia David Li, Ph.D. (1997) Carole Trenga, Ph.D. (1997) Lorel Colgin (1997) Michael L. Cunningham, M.D., Ph.D. (1996) Elizabeth D. Kaplan, Ph.D. (1996) (thesis advisor) Tracy Hinsen, M.D. (1996). Studies on lens metabolism. Hsaioli Chen, Ph.D. (1994) Joan Tupper, Ph.D. (1994) Regulatory sequences of retrovirus. Rebecca Hartley, Ph.D. (1992) Myoblast differentiation. Tom Osgood, M.D. (1992) U of Wisconsin. Phase separation agents as anti-cataract agents. Chinpan Chen, Ph.D. (1992) NMR of enzyme inhibitors. R. Knight, Ph.D. (1992) Psychology. Shahram Vaezy, Ph.D. (1991) Fourier transform scanning electron microscopy. (thesis advisor) F.Geissler, M.D., Ph.D. (1990) Cellular metabolism of antibodies (thesis advisor – with Oliver Press, MD/PhD). John Crites, M.D. (1990) Metabolic pathways and lens transparency. Lee Miyasoto, M.D. (1990) Arachidonic acid metabolism. Manuel Indrogo, M.D. (1990) Inhibitors of D.T.H. Abhik Biswas, M.D. (1990) Lens tubulin. Margo Gisselberg, M.S. (1990) Quantitative analysis of transparent structures (thesis advisor). Chris Beaulieu, M.D./Ph.D. (1989) N.M.R. Evaluation of lens transparency (thesis advisor). Barbara Brewitt, Ph.D.(1989) Development of lens transparency (thesis advisor). Chuck Kissinger, Ph.D. (1989) Crystal structure of cataract inhibitors and their receptor site. M. Villalon, Ph.D. (1988) Role of calcium regulation of cilia. Stacia Smith, M.D. (1988) Immunoregulatory agents.

John I. Clark

- 8

Margie Orth, M.D. (1988) Metabolism and cytoplasmic swelling. Sara J. Trask, M.D. (1988) University of Wisconsin. Phase separation inhibitors. Scott Eccarius, M.D. (1987) S Dakota Medical School. Aspirin and vitamin effects on phase separation. Dave Battaglia, Ph.D. (1986) Surface changes during fertilization. UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS Scott A. Houck (2003-2007) sHSP functional activity Tyler Clark (2005-2008) Analysis of microscopic images Anath Shenoy (2003-2007) Crystallization of selected lens proteins Julia Mattson (2002-2006) Lens protein proteolysis – Mary Gates Scholar 2004,2006. Ryan Emerson (2003-2006) Chaperone activity of SPARC - Mary Gates Scholar 2005,2006 Joseph Huang (2002-2003) Recombinant expression of crystallin Michelle Fleck (2001-2004), Cytoskeletal Proteins Jamie Harcourt (2001-2002), Expression of Human Crystallin Milim Kim (1999-2000) Medicinal Chemistry Melissa Valdez (1996-2000) Biology, STAR (Stipends Toward Aspiring Research) Program for Minority Students. Expression of human crystallin proteins. Jason Ilano (1999-2000) Computer Sciences, Digital imaging of cataracts in vivo. Ha Ngo (1997-1999) Zoology, αβ Crystallin mutations and function. Carene Izumi (1998) Biology, Howard Hughes Research Program, Enhanced Chaperone Activity of αβ-Crystallin. Adam Chu (1998-1999) Engineering, Quantitation of angiogenesis Katherine Elliott (1997-1998) Engineering, Quantitation of angiogenesis Haruko Kurata (1997) Engineering, Quantitation of angiogenesis Mong Che Yang (1997) Electrical engineering, Quantitation of angiogenesis Biakhre Lwai (1997) Electrical engineering, Fractal analysis of angiogenesis Amy Martin (1997) Chemical Engineering undergraduate. Modulation of Chaperone Activity. Jennifer Borth, M.D. (1997) Phase separation inhibitors. Becky Davis (1993) Dartmouth undergraduate student. pH effects on P.S.I. activity. Lisette Lambregts (1992) Visiting Undergraduate Student from MIT. Phase separation inhibitors. Anne Schmidt, Independent Study. 3-D modeling of tissues and cells. Pat Frymire, Independent Study. Technical writing. Ami Cannon, Undergraduate Student. Receptor initiated response. INVITED PRESENTATIONS Symposium on Ageing of the Lens, EURAGE, Bonn, Germany, May, 1983 U.S.-EURAGE Meeting on Lens, Rochester, Michigan, October, 1983 U.S.-Japan Conference on Aldose Reductase, Honolulu, Hawaii, November, 1984 Pharmaceutical Manufacturer's Association Foundation, December, 1984 U.S.-Japan CCRG Meeting, Honolulu, Hawaii, (Session Chairman), December, 1985 International Society for Eye Research, Symposium on Lens, Nagoya, Japan, September, 1986 Physics Department, M.I.T., Cambridge, Massachusetts, January, 1987 Allergan Pharmaceutical Co., Irvine, California, July, 1987 Alcon Pharmaceutical Co., Dallas, Texas, August, 1987 Houston Biotechnology, Houston, Texas, August, 1987 Conference on Biochemistry of the Eye, Rochester, MI, September, 1987

John I. Clark

- 9

Science in Medicine Lecture, University of Washington Medical School, November, 1987 U.S.-Japan Conference on Cataract, Honolulu, HI, December, 1987 Perkins Coie Conference on Prevention of Cataract, January, 1988 Western Eye Research Conference, Los Angeles, California, February, 1988 Olympic Partners Conference on Prevention of Cataract, February, 1988 Hill, Kirby, Washing Conference on Technology Transfer, Boulder, CO, February, 1988 Rothschild Conference on Cataract, New York, NY, March, 1988 International Congress on Eye Research, San Francisco, CA, September, 1988 Conference on Ocular Lens, Detroit, Michigan, October, 1988 Washington Exhibition of Science and Technology, Seattle, October, 1988 U.S. - Japan Conference on Lens, Kanazawa, Japan, November, 1989 Osaka University, Osaka, Japan. November, 1989. Washington State Biotechnology Series, Seattle, WA, January, 1990. International Congress of Eye Research, Helsinki, Finland, August, 1990. VI Meeting of Japan IOL Society and 30th Congress of Japanese Society for Cataract Research, Utsunomiya, Japan, June, 1991. Conference on Phase Separation and Lens Transparency, NEI, Bethesda, MD Sept, 1991 Conference on Biochemistry of the Eye, Rochester, MI, October, 1991 Conference on Eye Disease, Allergan Corporation, Irvine, CA, February, 1992 International Congress of Eye Research, Stresa, Italy, September, 1992 American Academy of Optometry, Orlando,FL, December, 1992 University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD, February, 1993 Research to Prevent Blindness Foundation, Los Angeles, CA, April, 1993 Gordon Conference on Proteins, Tilton, NH, June, 1993 Jules Stein Eye Institute, UCLA, Los Angeles,CA, July, 1993 Eye Research Institute, Rochester, MI, October, 1993 U.S.-Japan C.C.R.G., Washington, D.C., November, 1993 International Conference on Aldose Reductase, Kona, Hawaii, February, 1994 Benedek Symposium on Biophysics, M.I.T., Cambridge, MA, May, 1994 IX Meeting of Japan Ophthalmological Society and 33rd Congress of Japanese Society for Cataract Research, Tokyo, Japan, June 1994 Dokkyo University, Tochigi, Japan, June 1994 Koshigaya Hospital, Koshigaya, Japan, June 1994 International Congress on Eye Research, New Delhi, India, November, 1994 Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth - Biotechnology in 1994, December, 1994 Last Lecture Series, University of Washington, January, 1995 United States-Japan CCRG, Kona, Hawaii, November, 1995 Boston Lens Forum, Boston, MA, January, 1996 Conference on Protein Sequence and Structural Function: the Eye Lens Crystallins as a Model System. Daresbury, United Kingdom, June,1996 Department of Structural Analysis, Osaka University , Osaka, Japan, September, 1996. Santen Research Center, Nara, Japan, September, 1996. Dokkyo University School of Medicine, Tochigi, Japan, October, 1996. Research to Prevent Blindness Conference on Lens and Cataract, Washington D.C., April, 1997. Boston Lens Forum II, Boston, MA, April. 1997. Association for Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Bethesda, MD, October, 1997. Clinical Research Seminars, F.H.C.R.C., Seattle, WA, October, 1997. EMBO Workshop on Protein folding and misfolding inside & outside the cell. St Catherine's College,Oxford University, United Kingdom. March 1998. International Congress for Eye Research, Paris, France, July, 1998. Nuffield Laboratory, Oxford University, Oxford, U.K., August, 1998.

John I. Clark

- 10

Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA, August, 1998. 28th Cambridge Ophthalmological Symposium, St. John's College, Cambridge University, United Kingdom, September 1998. International Symposium in Honor of Venkat Reddy, Warrenton, VA, November 1998. Association for Ocular Therapeutics, Irvine, CA, January, 1999. Opthalmology Grand Rounds, University of Washington, Seattle, 1999. Department of Anatomy, Morehouse School of Medicine, June 1999. Co-Chairman, Session on Cataract Formation, US-Japan Cooperative Cataract Research Meetings, Kona, HI, November, 1999. th 4 University of Washington Engineered Biomaterials (UWEB) Industrial Symposium, Seattle, WA, December, 1999. UWEB Seminar Series, University of Washington, June 2000. Ophthalmology Grand Rounds, University of Washington, Seattle, October 2000. XIV International Congress for Eye Research, Sante Fe, NM, October 2000. III Asian Cataract Research Conference, Session Chair, Hong Kong, November, 2000. XV International Congress for Eye Research, Geneva, Switzerland, October 2002. Experimental Biology 2003 & American Association of Anatomy, San Diego, CA.April 2003 American & European Association of Clinical Anatomy, Graz, Austria, July 2003. Special Symposium honoring Dr. Abraham Spector, Harkness Vision Center, Columbia University, New York, October, 2003. European Vision and Eye Research Society, Alicante, Spain, October, 2003. XV International Congress for Eye Research, Sydney, Australia, August, 2004. Co-Chairman, Session on Lens Transparency. US-Japan Cooperative Cataract Research Meetings, Kona, HI, November, 2005 Washington University Ophthalmology & Vision Research Program, St Louis, MO, June, 2006. XVI International Congress for Eye Research. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Oct 2006. Stony Brook Medical Center, Dept of Physiology & Biphysics. Stony Brook, NY. Nov 2006 State University of New York, Dept of Chemistry, Albany, NY, March 2007 Conference on Peace through Mind & Brain Research, Hamamatsu City, Japan, February 2008 Inha Medical School Conference on Meeting Medical Education Needs in the 21st Century, Incheon, Korea, December 2008 Vision Sciences Research Center, University of Alabama, Birmingham, March 2009 Vision Sciences Retreat, Seattle, WA. May 2010 ARVO Symposium on Functions of alpha Crystallins, Ft. Lauderdale, FL. May 2010 ACRC Conference: Session Chair, HangZhou, China, June 2010 Asian Cataract Research Conference (ACRC) Keynote Speaker, Hangzhou, China, June 2010 University of Texas Health Sciences, Dept of Biochemistry. San Antonio. February 2011 Imaging Protein Structure and Function. Session Chair, Biophysical Sciences Institute, Durham University, Durham, U.K. July 2011 VISTAKON. Conference on Presbyopia. St. Louis, MO. December 2011 EB 2012. Novel Views of the Eye. San Diego, CA, April 2012 ARVO 2012. Neurodegeneration and the Eye. Ft. Lauderdale, FLA. May 2012 International Conference on Eye Research. Berlin, Germany July 2012 Science Café, St, Martin’s University, Olympia, WA. December 2012 Univ.of New Mexico, School of Medicine, Dept of Cell Biology& Anatomy. Albuquerque, NM. December 2012 Visual Sciences Research Center, Case Western Reserve University. Cleveland, Ohio, November 2014 ARVO Asia, Lens Development, Yokohama, Japan, January 2015

John I. Clark

- 11

JOHN I. CLARK Publications (* indicates student or postdoctoral co-author) DA Albertini & JI Clark (1975) Membrane-microtubule interactions:Concanavalin-A capping induced redistribution of cytoplasmic microtubules and colchicine binding proteins. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA 72: 4976-4980. JI Clark & DA Albertini (1976) Filaments, microtubules and colchicine receptors in capped ovarian granulosa cells. Cold Spring Harbor Symposium on Cell Motility, pp. 323-331. JI Clark & D Garland (1978) Fluorescein colchicine: synthesis purification & biological activity. J Cell Biol. 76: 619-627. GB Benedek, JI Clark, E Serrallach, C Young, L Mengel, T Sauke, A Bagg, & K Benedek (1979) Light scattering & reversible cataracts in calf and human lenses. Phil Trans Roy Soc (Lond.) Ser. A 293: 329-340. GB Benedek & JI Clark (1980) Light scattering in the lens: phase transition and opacification. In: Developments in Biochemistry, Vol. 9, Red Blood Cell and Lens Metabolism. SK Srivastava, Ed. pp. 431-435. JI Clark and TN Margulis(1980) Structure of colchicoside: X-ray analysis of thiocolchicoside, the sulfur analogue of the glucoside of colchicine. Life Sciences 26: 833-837. JI Clark, L Mengel, A.Bagg & GB Benedek (1980) Cortical opacity, calcium concentration & fiber membrane structure in the calf lens. Exp Eye Res 31: 399-410. JI Clark, L Mengel & GB Benedek (1980) Scanning electron microscopy of opaque and transparent states in reversible calf lens cataracts. Ophthal. Res. 12: 16-33. JI Clark & GB Benedek (1980) Phase diagram for cell cytoplasm. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Comm. 95: 482-489. JI Clark & GB Benedek (1980) The effects of glycols, aldehydes & acrylamide on phase separation & opacification in the calf lens. Invest Ophthal 19: 771-776. DA Albertini & JI Clark (1981) Visualization of assembled and disassembled microtubule protein by double label fluorescence microscopy. Cell Biol. Int. Rep. 5:387-397. JI Clark, M Delaye & GB Benedek (1981) Laser light scattering &cataract. In: Proceedings of the Technical Conference on Electro-Optics &Lasers. Industrial & Scientific Conference Pubs, Chicago, IL, p365-370. MA Delaye, JI Clark&GB Benedek (1981) Coexistence curves for phase separation in the calf lens cytoplasm. Biochem Biophys Res Comm 100:908-914. M Delaye, JI Clark & GB Benedek (1981) Light Scattering studies of cataracts. In: Scattering Techniques Applied to Supramolecular & Non-Equilibrium Systems. SH Chen, B Chu & R Nossal, Eds., Plenum Press, NY, pp. 879-885. JI Clark, M Delaye, P Hammer & L Mengel (1982) Preparation and characterization of native lens cell cytoplasm. Curr Eye Res. 1:695-704. JI Clark, FJ Giblin, VN Reddy & GB Benedek (1982) Phase separation in X-irradiated lenses of the rabbit. Invest Ophthal 22:186-190. M Delaye, JI Clark & GB Benedek (1982) Identification of scattering elements responsible for lens opacification in cold cataracts. Biophys J 37:647-656. JI Clark, JR Neuringer* & GB Benedek (1983) Phase separation and lens cell age. J. Gerontol. 38: 287-292. I Nishio, JN Weiss, T Tanaka, JI Clark, FJ Giblin, VN Reddy & GB Benedek (1984) In vivo observation of lens protein diffusivity in normal and X-irradiated rabbit lenses. Exp. Eye Res. 39: 61-69.

John I. Clark

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John I. Clark

- 13

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John I. Clark

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John I. Clark

- 15

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John I. Clark

- 16

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John I. Clark

- 17

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John I. Clark

- 18

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- 19

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