How to Market to the Mobile Consumer

How to Market to the Mobile Consumer Instructor: Marci James Thursday, September 24, 2015 1:20 – 2:20 • • • • • You will receive one hour of continu...
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How to Market to the Mobile Consumer Instructor: Marci James Thursday, September 24, 2015 1:20 – 2:20

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It’s Time to Create a Mobile Marketing Strategy Presented by Marci James

Mobile Usage WorldWide


More Mobile STATS • Seventy-seven percent of mobile searches happen at home or work — even if a PC is readily available (Search Engine Land) • Over half of all mobile searches lead to a purchase (Rocket Post). • It is forecast that mobile network speeds will increase by more than 200% by 2019. (Sources: Cisco, SiliconRepublic) • Seventy percent of mobile searchers call a business directly from the search results (Search Engine Watch). • 75% of Americans have used their phones in the bathroom. The other 25% are obviously just not willing to admit it. (11Mark) • It takes 26 hours for the average person to report a lost wallet. It takes 68 minutes for them to report a lost phone.

Home Buyer Stats • 89% of new home shoppers use a mobile search engine at the onset and throughout their research • 98% considered it a valuable tool, with 46 percent claiming it as “essential” and 52 percent stating it as “helpful.” • 68% said they contacted a real estate professional to view a home based on their mobile search. • 28% contacted at Broker • 21% found a listing agent • 21% used mobile to read reviews and help in selection of agent

But Wait, There’s More! Higher Conversion Rates! Evidence shows that consumers are more likely to call or email an agent about a listing from a mobile device than from a laptop or desktop. says that 25 and 45% of it’s traffic during weekends is mobile: • iPad users are 160 % more likely to contact an agent • iPhone users are 300% more likely to contact an agent


Where to Start? • Optimize yourself for mobile local search • Optimize your website for mobile • Create mobile friendly emails • Dive into mobile advertising • Go mobile social

Local Search

Local mobile searches (85.9 billion in 2013) are projected to exceed desktop searches (84 billion) for the first time in 2015 (eMarketer).

How Consumers Research Local That 80% of local searches convert to a sale should be enough to make marketers sit up and pay attention.


Local Search - Yelp Create a Yelp account for your business Whenever an iPhone or iPad user searches for a local business using Siri, the results are powered by Yelp!

Local Search – Google+ Local Pages Create a Google+ Local Page for your business Whenever an Android user searches for a local business using Voice, the results are powered by Google+ Local Pages! In addition, Google + Local Pages are indexed by: • Google Search • Google Maps • Google+

How Consumers Research Local That 80% of local searches convert to a sale should be enough to make marketers sit up and pay attention.


Top Local Search Apps 2015 1.Yelp! Mobile 2.Yelp for Business 3.Trip Advisor 4.AroundMe 5.Yahoo! Search 6.Superpages Local Search 7.Google Maps (indexes local pages) 8.YP – Yellow Pages Local Search 9.Angie’s List 10.Citysearch

Mobile Websites 79% of users who don't like what they find on a mobile site will go look for the information they need on another site. And never return. (Google)

Optimize Your Website! What are your choices for Websites? 1. Update Your Current Site with a responsive template 2. Build a new Responsive Design Website. A site that responds and resizes itself based on the device being uses. DEMO 3. Redirect Mobile Visitors to a Mobile Site. This is a separate site created just for mobile users. When a mobile user visits your site, they are redirected to the mobile site.


A Mobile Site A Mobile Site is going to be the easiest way to get started with a mobile presence. In fact, you can build it yourself! 1. MobDis 2. goMobi 3. MoFuse

Responsive Design • Regardless of device, consumer is experiencing the same site, the same content is a consistent manner. • It’s “Future Friendly” • You build it once and your done. • Better for SEO! No redirecting.

Optimize Your Website! Optimize PageSpeed 1. Google RANK is partially determined by page load speed. 2. Optimize images. Make them smaller so they load faster. 3. Use JavaScript sparingly 4. Use caching plugins


Test Your Website! • Mobile Friendly Tester • Google Search Console

What Mobile Users Want? • Location: 76% of users want to get location • Click to Call: 61% of users want to be able to click-to-call • Email: 54% are looking to send an email • An App: 53% of users want to download an app • Social Links: 48% of users want to be able to access a company's social networks • Video: 41% of users want to be able to play a video (and video converts!) • Touch Screen Friendly: 69% of users called for bigger buttons • Clean: 74% of users want mobile sites to look clean and efficient • Easy to Navigate: 78% of users want to be able to find what they're looking for in just one or two clicks.

Mobile Friendly Email


Mobile Friendly Email

Mobile Friendly Email

Mobile Advertising


Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising • Video ads on mobile phones will become increasingly popular as the screen size and quality of the phones get bigger and better. • User engagement and acquisition can be taken to a higher level if the ads are interactive. • When compared to other forms of ads, interactive ads have been found to be more effective in driving sales. • Video accounts for 55% of mobile data usage – that’s 50 million people watching in the US. • Try Facebook!!!

What are the best times of day?


Mobile Text Marketing • It takes 90 minutes for the average person to respond to an email. It takes 90 seconds for the average person to respond to a text message. • 70% of consumers feel using SMS/Text messaging is a good way for a business to get their attentions (Source SAP) • 64% of consumers subscribed to mobile marketing indicate they have made a purchase as a result of a text message.

Mobile Text Marketing TIPS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Make sure you have PERMISSION SEGMENT your lists Provide VALUE QUALITY over quantity Great for EVENT promotion (Open Houses!)

Go Social Mobile-First Networks Are Taking Over Social Media! • In 2014, Instagram was the fast growing network! • 71 percent of top brands are now on Instagram. • Engagement on Instagram (likes and comments) has jumped 350% since last year. • Snapchat is the 4th most popular free iPhone app


Instagram Instagram is the best platform for brands, according to a new study that reviewed all brands on social with over 25 fans on each on: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Fan/follower engagement is nearly three times that of other networks studied!!!

Vine Vine lets users take up to 6-second videos then share them via Twitter or the app itself.

SnapChat Snap a photo or a video, add a caption, and send it to a friend (or maybe a few).


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