Learn How To Use Facebook To Market Your Embroidery Business!

Learn How To Use Facebook To Market Your Embroidery Business! Are you using Facebook for your business or do you just have a personal profile page? In...
Author: Joan Horton
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Learn How To Use Facebook To Market Your Embroidery Business! Are you using Facebook for your business or do you just have a personal profile page? In today’s world it is very important to stay connected to your friends and followers and using Facebook is the place to start! Facebook experienced a 37% growth in 2011 and that is unheard of for most companies especially in today’s world of economics. They went from 585 million to over 800 million is just one year! That is huge! They average 7 new registrations per second! Tonight is going to be the beginning of 3 webinars that I am going to be doing on Facebook. There is far too much to cover in 1 session and I would rather do it shorter sessions so that you can go through, create what you need to do and then you will be ready for the next step. In this Facebook webinar series, I am going to be talking about the new look of Facebook, the changes that are being made, what you need to do to get ready for the changes, how to get traffic to your page by promoting your page and then we will talk about selling on Facebook. Tonight we are going to go over:     

The new look of Facebook What you need to do to be ready for all of the changes The new rules that you must follow The Basic Do’s and Don’ts very important!

There are 2 types of pages that you can create on Facebook. Profile Page-Individual page – Used to communicate with family and friends. Fan Pages or Business Pages - Used to communicate with customers and fans. Fan or Business pages have their own identity. You do not have to list the name of the owner on that page as it is done in many large companies.


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For our presentation tonight we are going to be talking only about the Fan or Business Pages. If you do not already have a page, it is very important that you start a Business Page. I had to make some changes in my presentation for tonight because of the new changes that Facebook has decided to make in what our pages are going to look light and the new rules that they are imposing upon us but we will go over that later! Creating A Page    

Anyone can create one It’s FREE Takes only minutes to set it up But before you go ahead and set one up, you must have in mind the…

CORRECT STRATEGY! First, What’s Your Purpose?    

Brand Building List Building Direct Sales Usually it’s a combination of the above.

The process to start creating a page  Go to http://facebook.com/pages  Click on the “+Create Page” button at the top right corner of the page  Start the process There’s a few things to consider first which we need to go over and reasons why to create a page     

Titles Is this page for a … Business? Product? Person?


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     

Advertising? This makes a difference when choosing the title of the page You cannot change the page title of the page after you have 25 likes You page title will be the HEADLINE of your ads that you will be running In other words, the title will determine your click through rate, so choose wisely. Remember…



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To Get Started:    

Title Image Content That’s it to get started, we’ll add other things later to your page

There is only ONE image you’ll need. Your Profile Image! It must be 180 pixels by 180 pixels. This is entirely different in the new look on Facebook than what the old Profile Image was. You cannot make it any smaller than that, it will not show up when you are posting your content. I am told that it is best to use a Logo for your Profile image on Business pages rather than a photo of yourself. You can create one using an artwork program or you can have one created for you. Free program – http://www/pixlr.com Have one created – http://Fiverr.com – Usually about $5.00 • • • • • •

I suggest you start with about 10 posts “Item’s of Interest” that your audience is or will be interested in. Then Post related content Videos-I do not post enough videos, it is rare and I need to get better at that. Pictures- I also do not post enough pictures, but I am going to be changing that. Short posts-3 lines or less!

• DON’T SELL ANYTHING! This is very important when you are first starting out. If you have been on my page or followed me for any length of time, you will notice that I do not try to sell very often. I use my page to give out tips and for teaching. Every now and then I will throw in a promotion. I have been told many times that the ratio is about 4 posts with value driven content in them for 1 post with a promotion in it. I do not adhere to that rule. I have a lot more content than I do promotions. In the new changes that Facebook has brought about this will be even more important. I will show you the old look which is what we have today and then I will show you


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what the new look will be by the end of March, 2012. If you have watching this on a video, you may not even have seen the old look. My profile picture has changed in the past few days because I have been working on page with the new look. There have been many changes made to Facebook and they have now what they call a Timeline. I have not yet created a time line. I will be doing this. I do think that this is something that can be to your benefit in telling your story about how you began your business. The only issue here is that you must have a picture with each entry. As we see the new look you will notice that there is a large picture at the top of the page. This is called a Cover. This is an excerpt that I took right out of the Facebook Rules. “Use a unique image that represents your Page. This might be a photo of a popular menu item, album artwork or a picture of people using your product. Be creative and experiment with images your audience responds well to. Cover images must be at least 399 pixels wide and may not contain:    

Price or purchase information, such as "40% off" or "Download it at our website" Contact information, such as web address, email, mailing address or other information intended for your Page's About section References to user interface elements, such as Like or Share, or any other Facebook site features Calls to action, such as "Get it now" or "Tell your friends"

All cover images are public, which means anyone visiting your Page will be able to see the image you choose. Covers must not be false, deceptive or misleading, and must not infringe on third parties' intellectual property. You may not encourage or incentivize people to upload your cover image to their personal timelines. Cover photos are 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall. If you upload an image that's smaller than these dimensions, it will get stretched to this larger size. The image you upload must be at least 399 pixels wide.”

Creating Your Cover Image – If you want them to know that they are dealing with a person, put your picture on your cover image. Leave it off if you do not want to be associated personally with the business. I also put pictures on the image that represented the different areas that I offer in my business or at least I tried to portray that. It was not easy. I also added “The Embroidery Coach” along with some wording


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that I am hoping that I will be able to get away with that part. I may have to remove it, but I will not know that until I get the page published. I was told by one of my business coaches not to publish the page until at least the middle of the month. Facebook may make some more changes and then you are spending time having to make changes again. I do not want to do that! Also keep in mind where the Profile picture shows up on your Cover image. You have not control over that. I had to remove my logo that is in front of The Embroidery Coach because it interfered with the profile picture.

Icons Under Cover Image

This is where all of your Aps will be • Subpages • Store • Photos • Videos There are several program out there that you can get to create your subpages but I have not found any of them to be 100% user friendly. I also found one that is FREE and it is just as good as any of the others, however you need to create your page in another application and copy the HTML code over into the window of the interface and I will show you that window. Do a search for Static HTML iFrames Tab in Facebook and you will the App for it. You can just click on it to download it into your Facebook page.


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That is what it looks like when I press the preview button. Only the admins of the page see the HTML view. Everyone else just sees the results are. As you can see I have a call to action on this page. That is OK. You just cannot have it on the header or Cover image. This is what my original Welcome tab was when they clicked on my Facebook page. Tina Kleppe gave me a link to another program that she uses to create her subpages in. You will find it at http://www.lujure.com I am going to download it and give it a try. In our next Module I am going to show you how to Promote your page using Ads, some are Free, some are Internal Ads and some are External Ads. There are several ways to create ads and I will be going through that process and showing you just exactly how to do it. For your homework, I want you to get your page ready, create your cover image and add some content to your page. That way you will be ready to start promoting it. Joyce Jagger


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