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Not sure which gift to give to that someone special? Too many choices? Not enough information? How many candy gifts are there? Homemade candy gift or purchase one? This short, easy-to-follow ebook will help you guide you to make the best choice. Whether the gift is for your girlfriend/ wife, boyfriend/ husband, a teacher, client or grandparent, “How to Choose Candy Gifts” will help you.

How to Choose Candy Gifts INTRODUCTION Looking for the right gift? Thinking about choosing a candy gift? Everyone likes sweets, some more than others, but everyone has a favorite. Sweets are both appealing to look at and are music to our taste buds. Whether your favorite sweet is cookie dough ice cream topped with melted caramel sauce, cherry cheesecake with pretzel crumb crust, chocolate covered pretzels, white chocolate rice crispy treats shaped like animals, gourmet chocolate candy with cherry fillings or icing coated sugar cookies for Halloween or Christmas, everyone has a favorite. OK, so these are my favorites. So we all agree that candy gifts make a smart choice for a present, but “Which one should you choose?” you ask. There are just so many! It’s just like that moment when you are standing in front of the vending machine staring at all the options, you only have a dollar, but everything looks so good. Here are some of the things to consider when looking for a candy gift.        

Chocolate vs Fruity Gourmet vs Regular Type of Gift Packaging Sweet, Sour, Tart or Combinations Delivery Method Homemade vs Purchased Various Gifts or One Big One How much money to spend?

There are many ideas, but we first must start from the beginning. Who is the recipient/s? What makes them who they are? What’s the occasion? Is this for a surprise? And many more questions must be answered before making the final decision. My name is Rick and I am the creator of the website and my ebook, “How to Choose Candy Gifts: by Occasion, Person or Item” will help ease the process of choosing the gifts that make the most sense to get for your special person/s. Use this guide as a reference. In other words, please do not feel you need to read it like a novel from cover to cover. Skip over the sections that do not pertain to your situation and go straight to the ones that do. If you prefer to print your ebook then feel free to make circles, checkmarks or take notes on the pages, but it would be better to read it from the screen since there are links that open new windows with additional helpful information, product options and tips. When finished studying the information I’ve presented blend all of your mental or written notes in order to fill out the worksheet at the end. I have also placed links back to my website so you can read more in-depth information and recommendations on that particular topic. Just hover over the link to see the link’s address. Some of the information will overlap since it naturally can be discussed in different places. I hope you enjoy it! For more candy gift ideas check out my site.

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How to Choose Candy Gifts I.

OCCASION First, start with the event or moment for giving your gift. Do any of the following apply to your gift-giving situation? Scan through them, they are in alphabetical order. Traditional Gift Giving Occasions:                           

Anniversary: wedding, company, dating, personal triumph (beating a disease), winning an award, achieving a major accomplishment… Bridal Shower Birthday Bon Voyage Bridal Shower Condolence Congratulations! Encouragement Get Well Soon /Feel Better Good Luck Graduation: Pre-School, Kindergarten, Grammar/Elementary School, Middle School, High School, College, Graduate School, Technical School Hello Holiday: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc. Housewarming I'm sorry I miss you Love you! New Baby Religious: First Communion, Baptism, Bar Mitzvah, Bah Mitzvah Retirement Season/Time of the Year Surprise Gift Sympathy Thank You Thinking about you Welcome Back Welcome Home

Is this for a milestone? First, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, 30th Looking for some new occasions? Here are a few ideas to get you started. Unique Gift Giving Occasions:   

College Acceptance Contestant Winner First Business Page | 3

How to Choose Candy Gifts                  

First Car First Cat First Dog First Grandson First Job from the Tooth Fairy Goal Reached Made the Team Off to College New Driver New Job Personal Achievement Personal Triumph Promotion Straight A's Successful Surgery Unbirthday Won the Championship

Once you have chosen the occasion, ask yourself, “What do I want to accomplish?” Let’s face it. If you are a real estate agent and just helped one of your clients move into a new expensive home, you may want do something gourmet like a wooden box of gourmet Your Intended Result

Here are some other things to consider too. 

 

Showing appreciation or thanks for something recipient has done for you o Helped you move to a new home o A client purchased from you o For house-sitting or babysitting o Doing you any kind of favor Developing a relationship that just began o New girlfriend/ boyfriend o New prospect/ client o New patient o New teacher o New business partner… Reoccurring occasion to express admiration or love, recipient expects a gift o Valentine’s Day o Anniversary: any type where recipient has received gifts from you before related to a positive or sad event o Birthday Surprise to bring unexpected smile Encouragement to stay strong Page | 4

How to Choose Candy Gifts  

Congratulate for an accomplishment To improve a bad situation

Knowing why you are giving them a gift will help you ultimately choose the gift in the end. Here are some more things to think about before moving to the next part of the process. Other important considerations:  

Is this a complementary gift to another bigger gift? Will they eat their candy gift immediately, carry it during travel, store it for later or will it be for display? o Immediate consumption: caramel apple, funnel cake (delivered fresh), small amount of cookies or cupcakes, piece of cake, homemade ice cream o For travel: bag of gourmet chocolate covered nuts or coffee beans, gourmet jelly beans, gourmet licorice, box of nostalgic candy, etc (these could be for storage too) o Storage: tin of caramel popcorn, large chocolate chip cookie cake, large amount of cookies, birthday cake, gourmet chocolates o Ornamental: gift basket, tin of retro candy, cookie jar full of cookies, wooden box of gourmet chocolates, bouquet of swirly lollipops or chocolate lollipops, chocolate roses in red tin foil, gumball machine

If ornamental where will it go? If the gift is for someone’s office a large swirl gumball machine would not work. Will this be a shared gift for a big party or an individual gift? If for one person will you mix up various small gifts or one big gift? What will be the delivery method; through the mail or in-person?

  


PERSON How well do you know the recipient? Will the gift be for a girlfriend you’ve dated for a while or for your husband, a long-term client or for someone you just met or barely know? You must either know something about the person or learn more about them. If not then how will you make the right impression? Here are some things to consider about the recipient when deciding on your candy gifts. 

Hobbies/ Interests: Do they like sports, history, technology, music, outdoors, traveling, crafts, cars, tools, gardening, art, languages, sea animals, astronomy, etc. Consider customizing a candy gift around their interests or hobbies. Cupcakes decorated like marine mammals for your 10 year-old son’s birthday, sugar cookies with Spanish words piped on top for your daughter’s Spanish class party, rice crispy lollipops decorated like musical instruments for your new girlfriend’s birthday or chocolates made into stars, planets and moons for your father on Father’s Day. Occupation/Business: What type of business are they in? What type of business do they own? You could also customize candy gifts around their careers.

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How to Choose Candy Gifts 

 

  


Favorite Colors: Do they like bright colors, pastel, dark ones? This is a very important factor when decorating your desserts or candy gifts or which gifts you choose to purchase. Just how important are colors to people? Very important, perhaps the number one criteria when considering what clothes to wear, car to buy, how are bedrooms look or how to paint our houses. Favorite Sports Teams: Another great area to focus on for customized candy gifts. You can customize just about any candy or dessert from cookies and cakes to even gumballs and gumball machines. Cool, huh? Style/Dress: How do they dress? Simple and conservative, with suit and tie or do they spend a lot of time and money in keeping up with the newest styles? This could be an indication if they like gourmet or classic candy like chocolates in a wooden box or more colorful, vibrant candy like a variety of shapes and flavors of hard-to-find gummy candy or a bouquet of lollipops. Allergies: What do you need to avoid? Nuts, dairy products, sugar, etc? Are they vegetarian? Some candies contain animal bone morrow like marshmallows or gelatin. Inside Joke or Story: Do you have any stories or jokes you share with them? Any nicknames or reoccurring situations that come up from time to time? This a great point to focus on for customized gifts and gift messages. Party or Individual: Are you looking for themed items in bulk for many people at a birthday party, graduation party or bridal shower? If you need to purchase themed party favors then you will need to find items that are economical, but still fit the theme. If you have the ability to make your own homemade party favors then sugar cookies are a good economical choice, but a little time consuming. Just plan ahead and start early.

Item If you know the recipient very well you might just skip right to this section. Usually you would need to combine at least two of the three, but the most thorough way to choose the best gift would be to use all three sections; Occasion, Person and Item, at least to take it more slowly in order to review their interests and personal characteristics. There are so many types of desserts and candy gifts you could make a list miles long. That’s the main reason I designed this ebook. Here are some ideas to help you filter down which dessert or candy makes the perfect fit for your special person or people. At this point you probably have already gone through the first two sections and are starting to get a better idea of how to combine all your thoughts. 

Homemade vs Purchased: How are your abilities to bake or as a candy maker? What do you like making the most? How much time are you looking to invest in this gift? Some candy and desserts take a lot of work, while some much less time, but still produce great looking and tasting results like white chocolate covered rice crispy treat lollipops. How much money are you looking to spend? Chocolate covered apples or strawberries purchased anywhere either online or at a store could be pretty expensive, although Shari’s Berries has a pretty good deal at their site for just $19.99. If you are a decent cook or can bake a little, you could easily learn to make homemade chocolate covered sweets, but if you have no supplies to speak of then it could get expensive. So you’d better plan on making many gifts in the future to make it worth your while. Page | 6

How to Choose Candy Gifts 

Flavors: Sweet, sour, tart, acidic or a combination. Chocolate could have mint-flavored fillings or cherries. You can even add flavors to chocolate to enhance their taste. Salt and chocolate go well together as in chocolate covered pretzels or salty and tart like in pretzel crusted cherry cheesecake. Do they prefer fruity flavors? There are loads of fruit-flavored sweets and desserts, gourmet and regular alike; salt water toffee, licorice, gummy, lollipops, gumballs, hard candy, key lime cheesecake, lemon meringue pie, cranberry oatmeal cookies and more. Do they drink a lot of coffee? If so is it flavored or regular? There are many desserts and candy that contain coffee. Loads in fact. Fudge, brownies, cookies, cakes, cupcakes and you could never go wrong with chocolate covered coffee beans. Many children, and adults for that matter, absolutely love sour flavored candy, usually either gummy or hard candy.

Chocolate: Are they chocolate lovers? What’s their favorite? Milk, dark or white chocolate? Let’s say it’s Father’s Day and your father or grandfather loves golf. You could make or purchase golf shaped chocolates in a decorative box. Or as a special surprise on your girlfriend’s “unbirthday” you could purchase chocolates shaped like musical instruments, mixing all three types of chocolate. A tin of gourmet hot chocolate would make a great gift for a client in a cold weather climate in the fall season. Of course you can purchase or learn how to make your own gourmet chocolate candies.

Gourmet: Only for those with the finest taste for candy. Gourmet candy makes for some of the best gifts. Most gourmet items will be some kind of chocolate from candy bars to chocolate lollipops shaped like your daughter’s favorite characters to even elaborate sea shell shaped white chocolate . Maybe your best friend is going on a long business trip and you just want to give them a snack type candy gifts that they could easily carry with them and eat for a few days. If they like gourmet then gourmet jelly beans or chocolate covered pecans could work.

Nostalgic/Retro Candy: Remember the candy you ate as a child? Many adults love their childhood candy treasures for gifts. You can find many different nostalgic candy brands online from all different decades from the 70s, 80s, 90s, etc. Select by replica original packaging or gift baskets. This would make a great surprise gift since they probably wouldn’t be expecting it. In order to find out what their favorite kind was you would have to conspicuously ask. Start a conversation about candy they ate as a kid.

Gumball Machine and Gumballs: This is one of the coolest candy gifts you could get someone. They come in all sizes, so space is not an issue. Whether you’re looking for a tabletop gumball machine or big spiral gumball machine they’ll spruce up the décor of any office, den or game room. The spiral gumball machine is the kind with the spiral track underneath the big plastic globe where the 1-inch gumball drops down then rolls down toward the chute. Spiral machines typically range from anywhere around 3 feet in height to 5 feet. You can buy them used through places like or through local classified ads or you can buy them brand new online. Page | 7

How to Choose Candy Gifts You can buy an assortment of mixed-colored gumballs at a local wholesale store like Sam’s Club or BJ’s, but for boxes of all the same flavor you need to search online. You’ll find all kinds of flavors and unique gumballs like fruit-shaped, baseball stamped, smiley face and you can even find companies that customize any logo or even pictures onto gumballs. Make sure to research which size gumballs your machine require. The spiral machines take 1-inch gumballs. If you’re buying for someone that is a sports fan you can even find machines that are decorated after their favorite teams. There are antique gas pump decorated machines, rocket ship, pinball and other crazy looking styles too. That brings us to another fun option for you candy gifts… 

Customized Candy: Chocolate lollipops with personalized wrappers, picture cakes of your loved ones imprinted on top with edible ink, cookie cakes with icing messages, sugar cookies with their name on them. Just about any type of candy or dessert can be customized. The more confident you are in your baking and decorating abilities the more options you will have. Although many customizing options are available for purchase online. If you have any questions about personalizing your candy gifts please contact me, Rick, by filling out the form with your questions at Many good customized candy options can also be found at /customizedcandy.html.

Chocolate Covered: These are the crème de la crème of all gourmet candy. Choose between chocolate covered fruit (strawberries, apples, cherries, apricots, dried fruits, pears, etc.) or nuts (peanuts, pecans, soy beans, almonds, etc) and coffee beans or even double dipped malt balls. Some can even be decorated around themes like Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas chocolate covered apples or bride and groom chocolate covered strawberries. Learn to make these treats homemade and you will never run short of good candy gifts, but you can also purchase them online.

Cookies: My favorite dessert! Sugar cookies are extremely versatile. They can be shaped into thousands of different themes with the right cookie cutters or learn how to make sugar cookies without cookie cutters. Besides sugar cookies the combination of flavors is endless, peanut butter, cranberry oatmeal, no-bake cookies (of all kinds), triple chocolate, mint chocolate chip, jelly filled, and on and on. Either stick with the classics or go crazy with other delicious kinds found at the best bakeries. Become an expert of a few recipes and you’ll make a lot of your friends happy and even meet new ones.

Pies: Lemon meringue, Fruit-filled, Pumpkin, Key Lime, Caramel, Chocolate. These are great just for surprise, unexpected occasions. Learn to make these homemade, the ones at the stores are too common and not very unique.

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How to Choose Candy Gifts 

Cakes: The obvious choice of dessert gift so I won’t cover too much here. They are perfect for congratulatory or encouraging situations or present a cake as a complement to another gift. Learn to make some of the best decorated cakes and you will be famous amongst your friends or just stick to tasty cake flavors. You could even be creative and make red velvet cake balls covered in chocolate.

Cupcakes: Just like cookies these universally loved treats can be personalized in so many different ways. In fact the key to great cupcakes is customization, your ability to decorate or at least find someone who can decorate them for you. Great for parties since everyone would get their own little personal cake, but great for surprises for individuals. Be the talk of the party by decorating some eye-catching Spider Web Cupcakes for a Halloween party or a Beach Bear Cupcake for a child’s birthday party.

Other Gourmet Candy Items: Toffee, Lollipops, Licorice, Truffles, Fudge, Salt Water Taffy, Gift Baskets mixed with gourmet chocolate bars and coffee/hot chocolate, Hot Chocolate with a variety of added flavors or caramels.

Gift Packaging and Delivery Don’t think people judge gifts by their “covers”? Well, they do. Gift packaging will enhance the appeal of your gift ten-fold. Gift bag or gift box? This will depend on your item and in some cases both will work well. Cookies, for example, go great in either gift bags (clear cellophane or paper) or a window gift box. Homemade chocolate covered coffee beans or nuts go great in paper gift bags while chocolate covered apples do well in cellophane bags with a bow on top. Gold or silver colored window gift boxes are perfect for gourmet chocolates. Then place the chocolates in individual wax paper cups. There is a large variety of gift boxes and gift bags. They come in all different sizes, shapes, material and colors. Gift tins are even a bigger enhancement for your packages. These are great for cookies, especially for holiday gifts. Delivery Surprise or expected? The answer to this question goes back to what I mentioned earlier about your intended result. If you wish to improve a bad situation, maybe you said something you didn’t mean to say or maybe you forgot to do something really important and now you are in the dog house. Perhaps your relationship has stalled and gotten a little boring or you’ve just been to busy with work. Or you might not have checked in to say “hello” for a while. These situations are perfect for surprise. Showing up to your girlfriend’s workplace to drop off your gift maybe the perfect time to break her boring routine, unless the rules of employer do not permit it. You could instead drop them off at security and have her pick them up. Cover them completely and do not allow her to know who the fit is from until she reads the gift message.

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How to Choose Candy Gifts Mailing the package or paying for local delivery is another option if time and distance are not permitting. A package with a surprise hidden inside is like a treasure. Tension and excitement will build up inside not knowing what it is or who it’s from. But then again if it is an expected occasion then surprise will not play a part. The gift itself will be plenty good enough to make that special person smile. There is a variety of different couriers that will delivery your candy gifts for you. Here in the US the regular USPS (United States Postal Service) has the most reasonable prices and can get your item there fast. If you are delivering something that can melt during the hot months of the year then you will have to spend a little more on ice packs of some type. At this point Federal Express or UPS can help provide tips on how to best package these more delicate items or even package it for you, but get a price quote before letting them begin to do the work for you. For more packaging and delivery tips check out

Gift Message Romantic, charming or humorous? This is the final touch, the cherry on top. Gift packaging is important, but it cannot express your personality like the gift message. Keep them short and sweet, do not get too wordy or you will lose the recipient’s attention. Place them on decorative cards or stationary. Purchasing your gift online? Most online retailers allow an option to add a gift message to be delivered with your package. Here are some ideas: Romantic   

“These cookies are very sweet, but not as sweet as the kiss I will give you tonight.” “Nibble on these yummy chocolate covered nuts I made for you. It’ll be good practice for nibbling on my lips and ears while you are away.” “Just want to remind you how much I love you. Tell me how these chocolate covered strawberries taste. Then later tonight tell me how my lips taste.”

I’m sorry   

“I can’t believe I said that. Place your favorite mint chocolate chip cookies in your mouth while I place my feet in mine.” “Some things are just meant not to be said. So just eat this yummy key lime pie I made for you. I’m sorry for what I told you.” “I’m sorry to be so distant this past month with all my work. Flowers aren’t good enough so here are two of your favorites in one, chocolate roses.”

Thank You 

“Home sweet home! Congratulations on your house! It was a pleasure doing business with you both. Now here’s a sweet gift to show my appreciation.” Page | 10

How to Choose Candy Gifts  

“Thank you mom for watching the kids for a while last Saturday. Hope these homemade peanut butter no-bake cookies last you a while too. Enjoy!” “Thank you for standing by my side during these tough times. Hope these chocolate lollipop favors “stick out” at your daughter’s birthday party and impress all her friends.”

Get Well   

“I know you’ve felt so down while recuperating. Hope these chocolate covered rice crispy treats pick you up a bit.” “I know it’s seemed like a long time since you’ve been away recovering. Maybe this 80’s retro candy gift basket will take you back a long time. Enjoy and get well soon.” “You feeling under the weather makes me feel down too, but not enough to make you these yummy fall season caramel apples, and the hot cocoa to go with them. Get well soon.”

For more gift messages and gift message ideas check out

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How to Choose Candy Gifts Candy Gift Worksheet Here’s where it comes all together. Print this page off and take down notes to help you make your final decision on which candy gift you will make or purchase. Directions: Write down one or more option onto the lines from each section. When finished with all sections follow the next set of instructions on how to customize the gift to your exact needs. Have fun! I.


What’s the occasion or occasions? Check the list again from pages (x). Write down one to three that may apply to your situation. 1.__________________________________________________________________________________ 2.__________________________________________________________________________________ 3. __________________________________________________________________________________

What’s your intended result/s? 1.__________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ 2. __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ 3. __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________

Other Considerations   

Is this a complementary gift or the main gift? Will the gift be for immediate consumption, saved for later consumption or ornamental?___________________________________________________________________ If ornamental where will it be stored? ______________________________________________________________________________ Is this for a party o one person? ______________________________________________________________________________

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How to Choose Candy Gifts


Person What’s the character “DNA” of the recipient or celebrant of the party? Jot down one to three of each. Their Hobbies/Interests 1. ______________________________________________________________________________ 2. ______________________________________________________________________________ 3. ______________________________________________________________________________ Do they have a favorite sports team? Which ones? 1. ______________________________________________________________________________ 2. ______________________________________________________________________________ 3. ______________________________________________________________________________

What are their favorite colors? 1. ______________________________________________________________________________ 2. ______________________________________________________________________________ 3. ______________________________________________________________________________

How do they like to dress? What types of clothes, apparels, items do they like to wear? 1. ______________________________________________________________________________ 2. ______________________________________________________________________________ 3. ______________________________________________________________________________

What allergies do they have to food? _____________________________________________________________________________

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How to Choose Candy Gifts What inside jokes, stories or nicknames do you share with them? 1. ______________________________________________________________________________ 2. ______________________________________________________________________________ 3. ______________________________________________________________________________


Item This is where you take notes on what type of candy or dessert lover they are.

Will you make a homemade gift or purchase one? ______________________________

What are their favorite flavors? Fruit flavors, butterscotch, chocolate, caramel, mint, etc? 1. ___________________________________________________________________________ 2. ___________________________________________________________________________ 3. ___________________________________________________________________________ 4. ___________________________________________________________________________ 5. ___________________________________________________________________________

Are they a chocolate lover? And what type of chocolate do they like best? What are some of their favorite candy bars? 1. ___________________________________________________________________________ 2. ___________________________________________________________________________ 3. ___________________________________________________________________________

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How to Choose Candy Gifts

Will you choose a gourmet gift? Do they have a rich taste for food, always, sometimes or never? Are they celebrating a special occasion? Which one? Notes: ________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________

Might they like any retro/ nostalgic candy? Do you know any candy they liked as a child? Notes: _________________________________________________________________________

Do they have a good spot for a gumball machine? A tabletop sized machine or big machine? Notes: _________________________________________________________________________

Do you wish to make or purchase a customized candy gift? Which type of dessert or candy would they like the most? Cookies, chocolates, cupcakes, candy bars, gum, etc. (If you would like to take the extra step to customize a gift then you will blend many different ideas from all of your notes on this worksheet. There are examples at the end.) Notes: _________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________

What type of chocolate covered candy do they like or might they like? Would you deliver a chocolate covered candy gift in person or through the mail? (If it is a hot time of the year then factor in more expensive shipping costs. Get a quote.) Notes: _________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________

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How to Choose Candy Gifts Do you know how to make and decorate any desserts or candy gifts? Which ones? 1. ___________________________________________________________________________ 2. ___________________________________________________________________________ 3. ___________________________________________________________________________

What candy gifts ideas do you like most so far? 1. ___________________________________________________________________________ 2. ___________________________________________________________________________ 3. ___________________________________________________________________________


Gift Packaging Choose your candy gift first. What are some packaging ideas you like most? Gift bags, boxes or tins? How would you like to decorate the packages? Writing, bows, labels, etc? (How big of an impression would you like to make for this occasion?) 1. ___________________________________________________________________________ 2. ___________________________________________________________________________ 3. ___________________________________________________________________________


Delivery Do they live far away or can you delivery the gift in person? Do you have a limit for shipping costs? If so you may have to choose a different candy gift. Notes: ________________________________________________________________________

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How to Choose Candy Gifts VI.

Gift Message What type of gift message do you want to write? Romantic, humorous, thankful, regretful, charming, etc. Consider the recipient’s personality, the occasion and your intended result, then write out some gift message ideas. 1. __________________________________________________________________________ 2. __________________________________________________________________________ 3. __________________________________________________________________________


Customizing Your Candy Gift- Bringing It All Together If you are interested in customizing a homemade candy gift then combine several points from each section of your notes. Design some creative ideas from the combinations. Example 1: Important Points: o

The recipient is your niece, it’s around Halloween, you’d like to give a surprise gift, you share an inside story or joke about “rocket ships”

Customized Candy Gift Idea: o

Homemade sugar cookies shaped like rocket ships decorated in Halloween colors designed with bats and jack ‘o lanterns, packaged in a Halloween designed, window gift box

Example 2: Important Points: o

The recipient is your boyfriend, he just passed a big test or just got a new job, he loves gummy candies, his favorite color is blue, he also loves chocolate cupcakes

Customized Candy Gift Idea: o

Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting, create the words “Good Job!” out of his favorite gummy candy (one letter per cupcake) and use blue paper cupcake holders.

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How to Choose Candy Gifts Create some customized candy gift ideas. Idea 1 o

Important Points:_____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________


Customized Candy Gift Idea:_____________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________

Idea 2 o

Important Points:_____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________


Customized Candy Gift Idea:_____________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________

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