Choosing a College

Colleges and how to choose

What’s a College? Your College is your base for the time you’re at Cambridge. It’s where you live (see also p20-1), eat, do a lot of socialising, receive academic and pastoral support, and where you often (though not always) have your supervisions (see p11). In your UCAS application, as well as listing Cambridge (institution code CAM C05) as one of your options in the ‘Choices’ section, you need to enter a College (campus) code. You can either choose a particular College or, if you don’t have a preference, you can make an

Once you’ve decided we offer a course that you’d like to study, you need to consider College choice.

In both cases, your UCAS application is sent to a College and that College assesses it. Are some Colleges better for certain subjects? Regardless of their College, all students on the same course attend the same lectures, seminars and practicals, and sit the same exams (see p5).

How do I choose a College?


There’s no single answer to this – everyone’s reasons for choosing their College differ. Some Colleges don’t take students in all subjects (listed in the course and College fact files) so check availability for your course first. Otherwise, we suggest that you think of choosing a College in terms of where you’d like to live; you may want to consider the following points (see also p116):

The membership of each College is a mixture of students, academic Fellows and staff. Most undergraduates value the strong community atmosphere they feel part of within their College.

•  your age – four Colleges are exclusively for students aged 21 or older (mature students, see p32-3) and their facilities are geared accordingly

This section introduces each College. Once you’ve read the College profiles you may wish to:

•  your gender – three Colleges consider applications from female students only

2. look at their websites to get more detailed information

The Cambridge Advantage: Our Colleges At Cambridge, as well as being a member of the University, you’re also a member of a College (see p5).

‘open’ application (see p116) and accept the allocation made by a computer program.1

Accommodation The 29 undergraduate Colleges provide accommodation for most students for at least three years.

•  size – number of students •  appearance and type of accommodation (eg on-site or College-owned houses) •  particular facilities (eg for certain sports, performing arts etc)

Location Colleges are located across the city and all are within walking or cycling distance of the city centre and the academic faculties and departments.

1. shortlist around half a dozen 3. get in touch with College admissions offices if you have any questions 4. visit a few Colleges so you can meet current students and see for yourself what it might be like to live and study there

•  personal instinct – many students can’t explain why they were drawn to their College other than it just ‘felt right’ for them

1 You  can only submit one application to the University in a year, either choosing a preference College or an open application, and once you’ve submitted

your UCAS application this choice can’t be changed.


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Choosing a College

• Applications statistics – choosing a College that attracts fewer applications or making an open application won’t increase your chance of receiving an offer. •  Travelling time – Cambridge is a compact (and fairly flat!) city so wherever you are, getting between your College and your department (on foot, or by bike or bus) isn’t difficult. • Age of the College – your student experience isn’t dependent on the age (or youth!) of a College. They all provide the facilities and support you’d expect and each has its own traditions and history. •  Specialisms of College Fellows – the research specialisms of a College’s Fellows won’t dictate what you can study or guarantee you’ll be supervised by them. You’ll attend supervisions at another College if that’s where the relevant subject expert is based.

Christ’s College In the heart of Cambridge, Christ’s is a medium-sized College with a vibrant academic and social community. It has a long tradition of academic excellence with something to offer everyone: you will very soon feel at home whatever your background.

Further information

What’s an open application?

Don’t agonise over choosing a College. They have many more similarities than differences, and students quickly settle in and really enjoy their College, wherever they end up! • It’s the University (not your College) which determines course content and students from all Colleges study together in the University’s academic faculties and departments (see p5). •  Indicating a College preference or not (an ‘open’ application, see right) doesn’t affect your chances of being made an offer. Interviewers can’t see whether you made an open application or selected a preferred College, and each year around 900 applicants are made an offer through the pool system (see p8) by a different College to the one they originally applied/were allocated to. That’s about 20-25 per cent of all offers made.

If, having looked at the different Colleges, you don’t mind which you attend then you don’t have to choose – you could make an open application instead. •  After the closing date (15 October), a computer program allocates each open applicant to a College. •  The basis of the allocation is to even out the distribution of applicants for each course across the Colleges. •  Once allocated to a College, your application is treated exactly the same as any other application. •  For equally well-qualified UK/EU applicants, making an open application or indicating a preference College makes no difference to your chance of being made an offer. If you’re an applicant with unusual qualifications (eg a non-standard choice of A Levels for your subject), a mobility and/or sensory impairment, or have other considerations that require particular guidance/support, then it’s advisable to apply to a specific College having sought advice about your circumstances at an early stage, rather than make an open application. Before you submit an open application, be sure that you’ll be quite happy whatever the outcome: we can’t change it once it’s done. If you decide to make an open application, you should select ‘9’ as the campus code in your UCAS application. See p6-9 and the website ( for information about the application process.


Christ’s College

More photos at:

How NOT to choose a College

Christ’s offers you the best of both worlds – a central location that provides instant access to everything that Cambridge has to offer but with comfortable accommodation and tranquil courts that allow you to work in peace and quiet. A list of our alumni, from Charles Darwin and John Milton to Sacha Baron Cohen and Simon Schama, shows there is no typical Christ’s student: anyone who is bright and hardworking can flourish in our nurturing community where they will form close and rewarding

working relationships with their Director of Studies and supervisors. Our students come from across the UK and the world, from all types of schools and backgrounds.

are nearby too. Our students take full advantage, with successful sports teams, theatre, music and film societies, and numerous other student-run clubs and activities.

All of our undergraduate accommodation, of which an impressive 40 per cent is en suite, is on the main College site (in either our beautiful medieval buildings or more modern buildings in other courts) or adjacent streets. Everyone is within five minutes’ walk of our catering facilities which provide good quality food every day.

For more information please visit our website or email: [email protected]

Facilities for academic study and extra-curricular activities are excellent: the library is open 24/7, all rooms have fibre-optic broadband, there’s a theatre, gym, squash court, outdoor swimming pool, music practice rooms and much more besides. The well-equipped boathouse and sports grounds

Life at Christ’s is friendly and buzzing – there’s always something going on! It’s very easy to settle in and feel at home here. The location is fantastic and there’s a close-knit community of people – I can’t imagine myself anywhere else.

Fact file

Senior Tutor Dr Robert Hunt

UCAS campus code A

Open days 2016 See the College website for information and booking Arts 1 September Sciences 31 August Mathematics 30 April

Courses available All courses except Veterinary Medicine Student numbers 400 undergraduates c125 admitted each year 200 postgraduates Admissions Tutor Dr Andrew Spencer

With everything that Christ’s has to offer, we hope you will agree that there is no need to look any further down the list!


See also Cambridge Open Days p151 Location Map reference 1 (see p156-7) St Andrew’s Street, Cambridge CB2 3BU

01223 763983 [email protected]


More photos at:

Clare College

Churchill College

More photos at:

Churchill College

Clare College

Churchill’s motto is ‘Forward’. We look to the future, not the past. Our students achieve superlative exam results amidst some of Cambridge’s best accommodation and facilities, sited on the largest College campus.

Clare is a forward-looking College with a tradition of academic achievement and a strong reputation for its friendly, unpretentious student community. College life centres on the elegant seventeenth-century Old Court, set by the river in central Cambridge.

All undergraduate rooms are on-site. Quality is exceptional: rooms are modern, spacious and light, with free wireless internet. Many are en suite. Rents are set bearing in mind the objective of affordability. Facilities for disabled people are excellent. Our founder, Winston Churchill, envisaged a sciences-focused community, but our large size means that arts students are as numerous here as in many other Colleges. Today we are distinguished not just by our academic reputation but also by our diversity. Encouraging social mobility and internationalism is integral to our mission of excellence and of reaching out to the wider world. Churchill has among Cambridge’s finest student accommodation.

Fact file UCAS campus code B Courses available All courses except Land Economy, and Theology, Religion, and Philosophy of Religion Student numbers 475 undergraduates c140 admitted each year 310 postgraduates Admissions Tutors Dr Sally Boss (sciences) Professor Colm-cille Caulfield (sciences)


The College’s leafy site is close to the West Cambridge science campus and within easy reach of the University Library and arts/ humanities faculties. We are near enough to central Cambridge to enjoy a city location, but far enough out to enjoy the benefits of space, quiet and greenery. Facilities include an all-day bar/coffee shop; on-site sports pitches, courts and a gym; a 300-seat theatre/cinema; music rehearsal, performance and recording facilities; and an art studio. All this constitutes a vibrant hub of activity.

Clubs and societies, coupled with a calendar of social events, provide many opportunities to meet people and make lasting friendships. When looking at undergraduate admissions we strongly prioritise academic results while actively encouraging applicants from a wide range of backgrounds. If you are among the brightest, hardest-working and highest-achieving students in your school or college, you are likely to be a serious applicant. We urge you to consider applying.

I have absolutely loved my time at Churchill. There is so much on offer – in sport, music, drama or politics. Plus there is a great community among both students and academics. Jenny

Dr Nick Cutler (all subjects) Dr Jonathan Padley (arts) Senior Tutor Dr Sally Boss

Location Map reference 2 (see p156-7) Storey’s Way, Cambridge CB3 0DS

Staff and students work closely together to achieve a supportive egalitarian community, and student representatives have voting rights on all major College committees.

Senior Tutor Dr Patricia Fara

UCAS campus code C

Open days 2016 See the College website for information and booking All subjects 30 June, 1 July, 24 September Mathematics 7 May

All courses

Student numbers 496 undergraduates c140 admitted each year 297 postgraduates 01223 336202 [email protected]

Just across the river, directly opposite the University Library, lies the Memorial Court complex, where all first-year students are housed in spacious accommodation, most of it en suite. Most of the arts and sciences faculties are only five minutes’ walk away, and Clare has one of the University’s best stocked libraries.

Fact file

Courses available

Open days 2016 See the College website for information and booking All subjects 30 June, 1 July, 23 September Arts 5 April Sciences 4 April Mathematics 7 May See also Cambridge Open Days p151

At Clare, diversity is important and we accept students from all educational backgrounds. Applicants come to us with very varied educational experiences and we assess them individually, looking for academic ability and intellectual potential combined with enthusiasm and commitment.

With its large and active teaching Fellowship, Clare is the College for students who enjoy the challenge of hard work, want to stretch themselves to their fullest abilities, make friends and develop their extra-curricular interests. As well as its thriving societies for politics, sports, comedy, drama and much else, Clare has a strong musical tradition: the choir has achieved international acclaim, while the crypt is a favourite venue for live music.

Admissions Tutors Professor Jonathan Goodman (sciences) Dr Kirsty McDougall (arts)

To find out more, come to an open day to meet students and Fellows. Online booking forms can be found on the website. Alternatively, contact the Schools Liaison Officers ([email protected]) to arrange a visit to your school or a group trip to the College.

What a wonderful community Clare has been over these past four years! How lucky we’ve been to be surrounded and supported by such friendly and caring people! Eve

See also Cambridge Open Days p151 Location Map reference 3 (see p156-7) Trinity Lane, Cambridge CB2 1TL 01223 333246 [email protected]


More photos at:

Corpus Christi College

Downing College

Situated across two sites, Corpus features medieval buildings in the heart of Cambridge as well as expansive facilities at nearby Leckhampton. Our dynamic student community fosters academic excellence and a rich and inclusive social life.

Founded in 1800, Downing is both the newest of the ‘old’ Colleges and the oldest of the ‘new’. We take academic study and research extremely seriously and strive to provide a friendly and supportive environment in which our students can flourish.

holdings. The splendid New Court houses the Parker Library, a famous collection of ancient manuscripts that draws scholars and students from around the world.

It’s hard to beat the location and setting of Corpus. Founded in 1352, our main site is in the centre of town, close to lecture halls, libraries and student facilities. At Corpus, the ancient and modern sit side by side. Our Old Court is possibly the oldest surviving court in Cambridge and has housed students for more than 650 years. The adjacent court, however, is home to the Taylor Library, a modern 24 hour library with wi-fi access and extensive

Our graduate site at Leckhampton is a 10-minute walk away and is regularly used by our undergraduates. Here you find large playing fields, tennis courts, a gym, pool and extensive gardens. As a Corpus undergraduate, you’re guaranteed accommodation for the duration of your course in single-occupancy rooms, in or close to the main College site. Our students come from a wide range of social and educational backgrounds and we value each student’s academic potential while providing the resources to flourish in Cambridge – excellent teaching by cutting-edge researchers,

fantastic student facilities and first-rate pastoral support. Students enjoy our lively social and cultural life, with a dynamic music scene featuring a flourishing choir, and our unique stand-alone studio theatre, the Corpus Playroom. You can find useful information about admissions and facilities on our website. Better yet, visit us on one of our open days to tour the historic buildings and meet our students and Fellows.

Corpus is a great place to call home – I love the history and the heritage, and I find it the perfect size. It’s easy to get to know everyone in your year and become involved in College societies. Sheenagh

with physical or sensory impairments. We provide all undergraduates with accommodation for up to four years. The College also has an up-to-date library with impressive IT facilities.

Although in close proximity to many University faculties and departments, Downing College’s tranquillity and spaciousness are striking. The beautiful Neo-Classical buildings, set in a landscape of lawns, trees and gardens, provide a calming oasis in the middle of a busy city. Accommodation is of a very high standard: all rooms are single occupancy and internet connected. Over half have en suite facilities and several are adapted for students

Music at Downing is very strong, with a flourishing Chapel choir and frequent concerts and recitals. The Howard Theatre provides a stunning venue for drama and music. The College’s sporting facilities are also exceptional, including a sports ground, a boathouse and a gym, as well as tennis and basketball/netball courts. The large, tree-lined Paddock is a relaxing recreational space that’s available for all to enjoy. Downing provides a friendly and sociable academic community for students studying all subjects offered at Cambridge. We welcome

Fact file

Senior Tutor Dr Marina Frasca-Spada

Fact file

Senior Tutor Dr Guy Williams

UCAS campus code Z

Open days 2016 See the College website for information and booking All subjects 16 April, 10 September Mathematics 30 April

UCAS campus code D

Open days 2016 See the College website for information and booking All subjects 23 April, 3 September, 9 September English, Modern and Medieval Languages TBC Mathematics 7 May

Courses available All courses except Architecture, Education, Land Economy and Veterinary Medicine Student numbers 280 undergraduates c90 admitted each year 220 postgraduates Admissions Tutor Dr Michael Sutherland


Courses available All courses Student numbers 425 undergraduates c130 admitted each year 258 postgraduates

See also Cambridge Open Days p151 Location Map reference 4 (see p156-7) Trumpington Street, Cambridge CB2 1RH 01223 338056 [email protected]

Admissions Tutors Dr Marta Correia Dr Marcus Tomalin

Downing College

Corpus Christi College

More photos at:

talented and committed applicants irrespective of school type, gender, ethnicity, sexuality or religion. We seek applications from all who have the academic capability and potential to make the most of the opportunities that Cambridge has to offer. Visit us on one of our open days to tour the College and to meet students and Fellows.

Wide open spaces, beautiful buildings, great accommodation, fantastic facilities, a lively and friendly student body, and a world class education. What more could you ask for? Dan

See also Cambridge Open Days p151 Location Map reference 5 (see p156-7) Regent Street, Cambridge CB2 1DQ

01223 334826 [email protected]


More photos at:

Emmanuel College

Fitzwilliam College

The reputation of Emmanuel as ‘the friendly College’ has grown over the years. This reputation, like the College’s excellent record of academic achievement, is primarily due to our students.

Fitzwilliam College combines the best of Cambridge tradition with a friendly, forward-thinking approach. Our active and diverse student community lives surrounded by some of the most beautiful gardens in Cambridge.

Emmanuel is a community that lives by principles of mutual support and collective responsibility. Part of the reason for our success, besides the more formal collegiate supervision system, is the striking supportive relationship that has grown up between students in different years of their courses and which persists as one group graduates and another group of freshers arrives. The result of this is that Emmanuel’s students continue to excel in their

Fact file UCAS campus code E Courses available All courses except Land Economy and the Education track Education, English, Drama and the Arts Student numbers 460 undergraduates c145 admitted each year 220 postgraduates Admissions Tutors Dr Carolin Crawford (sciences) Dr Robert Henderson (sciences)


exams, their sport and their music, while still finding time to enjoy an active and inclusive social life. The College provides the framework – excellent facilities for sport, computing and music; terrific teachers; a recently rebuilt library and with one of the best reading rooms in Cambridge; a student-run bar and so on – but the students do the rest.

summer, the swimming pool and the large grass area known as the Paddock, are there for all members of the College to enjoy. However, the grass in Front Court is sacrosanct: only ducks and Dons, and snowmen that appear mysteriously in the middle of the night, are allowed on it.

Emmanuel is first and foremost an intellectual community in which individuals can develop to their full potential. It’s also aesthetically pleasing: the spaciousness and quiet architectural beauty of the grounds and buildings, in the very centre of Cambridge, surprise everyone who enters. The Head Gardener believes that gardens are to be used, so the two ponds, with their ducks and moorhens, the tennis courts in

The inclusive environment of Emma is one of the most important aspects of the College – you feel accepted and ‘at home’ whatever your background or beliefs. Nicola

Our location – between the main arts and science sites – is ideal for taking advantage of everything Cambridge has to offer. The setting,

Dr Philip Howell (arts) Dr Corinna Russell (arts) Senior Tutor Dr Robert Henderson

Senior Tutor Dr Paul Chirico

UCAS campus code F

Open days 2016 See the College website for information and booking All subjects 23 April, 3 September Mathematics 30 April

All courses

Student numbers 440 undergraduates c140 admitted each year 335 postgraduates

See also Cambridge Open Days p151 01223 334290 [email protected]

Fitzwilliam has a strong reputation for music, thriving drama and sport, and a varied range of other College societies. There are music practice rooms, allotments, an art studio, the radio studio of CamFM, a new gym and squash courts on-site and playing fields nearby. Students participate fully in our key College

Fact file

Courses available

Open days 2016 See the College website for information and booking All subjects 21 June (afternoon), 28 September (afternoon) Mathematics 30 April

Location Map reference 6 (see p156-7) St Andrew’s Street, Cambridge CB2 3AP

Fitzwilliam was founded in 1869 to broaden access to the University, and we’re proud of our history. We admit students from all backgrounds strictly on the basis of ability and promise. Our intellectually stimulating environment together with strong pastoral and academic support enable our students to reach their full potential.

around the extensive gardens of a Georgian estate, combines ‘the best of the old and the new’. The Regency house at the heart of the College was once home to Darwin’s widow. More recent buildings include our auditorium (a venue for plays, concerts, debates and lectures) and new, superbly equipped 24/7 library. Students live in rooms in College (many en suite) or in College houses very nearby for all three (or four) years. Our beautiful gardens are there for all – everyone can walk on our grass!

Admissions Tutors Dr Holly Canuto (sciences) Dr Sara Owen (arts)

Fitzwilliam College

Emmanuel College

More photos at:

committees. Our lovely café/bar symbolises the open and welcoming nature of the College: it’s an informal space where students, staff and teaching Fellows meet over coffee and homemade cake. Come and see for yourself! Explore Fitzwilliam with our students at an open day, or email: [email protected] with questions or to book a visit.

Fitz dispels every myth you’ve heard about Cambridge. It’s a down-to-earth and welcoming College, full of friendly faces. What makes Fitz special is our sense of community; students have so many opportunities to get involved in College life. Sophie

See also Cambridge Open Days p151 Location Map reference 7 (see p156-7) Storey’s Way, Cambridge CB3 0DG 01223 332030 [email protected]


More photos at:

Gonville and Caius College

Girton College

More photos at:

Girton College

Gonville and Caius College

Set in more than 50 acres of beautiful parkland and gardens just outside the city centre, Girton College’s setting matches its open and informal atmosphere.

Caius is a large, friendly College based around three beautiful courts in the very centre of Cambridge. Founded in 1348, the College is known for its diverse and energetic student body, its academic ambition, and its strong sense of community.

and leisure facilities in the University. These include football, rugby and cricket pitches; squash and basketball courts; a new gym and, uniquely, a recently refurbished indoor heated swimming pool.

Founded on values of equality and diversity, Girton offers every student superb facilities in which to live and learn. One of the larger Cambridge Colleges, we offer a friendly community where no-one is anonymous. Whatever your subject, you receive top-class tuition, excellent support and an opportunity to exceed your expectations. Girton is a home from home, where you can experience all that’s best about being at Cambridge. The College has some of the best on-site sporting

There is a wide range of student-run clubs and societies, from the allotment society to the amateur dramatics society, and some of the best facilities for music in the University. Girton offers accommodation for all of our students for three years, ranging from Victorian rooms in the original building to modern en suite facilities in our new Ash Court Wing. As well as spacious living accommodation, we have a state-of-the-art library, well-equipped computer rooms, and internet connections across all accommodation. We maintain roughly equal numbers of men

and women amongst our Fellowship and student body. The relationship between Fellows, students and staff is friendly, lively and supportive. In addition to the main College site, Girton also boasts Wolfson Court – a second building about 10 minutes’ walk from the University departments in the city centre and near to the West Cambridge Site. Both College sites have self-service cafeterias which provide lunches and evening meals and are open to all Girton students.

Were I to choose again, I wouldn’t apply anywhere else. There’s a togetherness like at no other College – always a friendly face and staff are approachable. One of the unrecognised gems of Cambridge Colleges.

We admit students solely on the basis of academic potential. This potential can be demonstrated in different ways and each applicant is considered as an individual. Our students come from every type of school and social background and are of many different nationalities. To help you settle in, we operate a full freshers’ programme and a ‘parenting scheme’ to welcome new students into the College community.

Caius has more than 100 Fellows, including Stephen Hawking, and many have international reputations. The range of teaching and research interests within the College is huge and all subjects are supported at the highest level. Our students are able to form close working relationships with their teachers. Many subjects have their own societies within the College, bringing together students and Fellows for social events, discussions and lectures. Accommodation is provided for all students throughout their time at Cambridge. We encourage students to eat together in the College Hall but all accommodation provides cooking facilities. All first years have a modern en suite study bedroom. Students in other years ballot for rooms in the medieval Old Courts,


Senior Tutor Dr Sandra Fulton

Fact file

Senior Tutor Dr David Holburn

UCAS campus code G

Open days 2016 See the College website for information and booking All subjects 17 September Mathematics 7 May

UCAS campus code Y

Open days 2016 See the College website for information and booking All subjects 30 June, 1 July Mathematics 30 April

Student numbers 500 undergraduates c140 admitted each year 280 postgraduates Admissions Tutors Dr Stuart Davis (arts) Dr Julia Riley (sciences)


Maybe what’s most impressive about the societies at Caius is the general atmosphere of inclusion, development and achievement. This ensures that any time spent doing something extra-curricular at Caius is time well spent. Jack

Fact file

Courses available All courses except Education and History of Art

or in city-centre College-owned houses. We have an extremely impressive library, containing over 100,000 books and journals. We also offer excellent music, art and sporting facilities, including our own large, central sports ground and a gym. In addition, the College supports a wide range of very successful clubs and societies – if you want to do it, you can do it here. Feel free to visit us to see the College for yourself.

Courses available All courses Student numbers 560 undergraduates c160 admitted each year 250 postgraduates

See also Cambridge Open Days p151 Location Map reference 8 (see p156-7) Huntingdon Road, Cambridge CB3 0JG 01223 338972 [email protected]

Admissions Tutor Dr Paul Wingfield

See also Cambridge Open Days p151 Location Map reference 9 (see p156-7) Trinity Street, Cambridge CB2 1TA 01223 332413 [email protected]


More photos at:

Hughes Hall

Homerton College

More photos at:

Homerton College

Hughes Hall

Homerton has been in Cambridge for well over 100 years and yet is the newest College of the University, the largest and one of the most diverse.

Hughes Hall admits mature undergraduates (over 21) and affiliate students (who already have a good Honours degree from another university). The College is the oldest graduate College in the University, founded in 1885 to train graduate women teachers.

mixture of old and new, with a fine Victorian building at the College’s heart. Our study bedrooms have en suite bathrooms and all the necessary links that technology allows. All undergraduates can be accommodated on-site throughout their studies. At Homerton, we blend a few long-established traditions with a modern forward-thinking approach. Each new generation of students helps to build our academic community, enhancing what’s already one of the most vibrant, open and inclusive places for living and learning in the University. Homerton is a green oasis on the south side of the city, with spacious grounds through which all College members can roam (even walking on the grass!). Our buildings are a

Living in College is overwhelmingly popular, not just for the comfortable rooms but for the full social and intellectual life that Homerton offers. We have the usual facilities: a large modern and well-stocked library, a theatre, music rooms, and, more unusually, a dance studio and sports grounds on-site. Our students take full advantage of these to play hard and work hard. Homerton has always been a welcoming place; somewhere to become what you want to be. Whatever your background and

interests there will be others who share them. Our students participate fully in the life of the College, taking part in its decision-making through the Students’ Union and enriching the local and wider society with their multitude of interests, skills and enthusiasms. We’re an evolving community, committed to remaining a place where doors are open, where nobody’s too grand to talk to you, and where each student can develop their full potential in supportive and beautiful surroundings.

It’s just the most buzzing, lively, friendly atmosphere – and I love being a part of it! Sandy

In summary, Hughes Hall offers you:

Hughes Hall is a lively and cosmopolitan community of 550 graduate and mature undergraduate students studying for nearly all degrees offered by the University. We welcome applications from students of all backgrounds: A Levels, Open University, Access and similar qualifications. Applicants must be able to demonstrate their potential to succeed on a Cambridge course, and evidence of recent study at the relevant level is important.

Fact file

Senior Tutor Dr Penny Barton

Fact file

UCAS campus code H

Open days 2016 See the College website for information and booking All subjects 30 June, 1 July, 10 September Mathematics 7 May

UCAS campus code 7

Courses available All courses except Architecture and Veterinary Medicine Student numbers 580 undergraduates c175 admitted each year 500 postgraduates (including 200 PGCE) Admissions Tutors Dr Paul Elliott (sciences) Mr Steve Watts (arts)


Courses available All courses except Architecture, Medicine (other than the Graduate Course) and Veterinary Medicine

See also Cambridge Open Days p151 Location Map reference 10 (see p156-7) Hills Road, Cambridge CB2 8PH 01223 747252 [email protected]

Student numbers 100 mature undergraduates c35 admitted each year 450 postgraduates For students aged 21 and over

• dedicated and experienced Tutors attuned to the needs of our students • a distinguished academic reputation, with Fellows and senior members of the College representing many University departments and disciplines • a friendly atmosphere promoting academic and extra-curricular aspirations for all students • first-class on-site accommodation available to all single undergraduate and affiliate students throughout their course • attractive buildings (including two accommodation blocks, one due to open in October 2016, and large dining hall/common room overlooking Fenner’s cricket ground) and quiet, relaxing gardens

• a central location close to many of the University’s and city’s facilities • a distinguished sporting reputation, with active College sports teams and many other clubs and societies • a programme of concerts, seminars, talks and formal dinners, fostering a friendly College community • an innovative Learning Resource Centre with modern library, computer and study facilities • a cosmopolitan community, supportive of overseas students

The key thing about Hughes Hall is diversity. It’s packed with students from varying cultures, countries and backgrounds forming a unique community in which to enjoy the social and intellectual joys of study. John

Admissions Tutor Dr Michael J Franklin Senior Tutor Dr Philip S Johnston Open days 2016 See the College website for information and booking All subjects 30 June, 1 July See also Cambridge Open Days p151 Location Map reference 11 (see p156-7) Wollaston Road, Cambridge CB1 2EW

01223 761805 / 334897 [email protected]


More photos at:

King’s College

Jesus College

More photos at:

Jesus College

King’s College

Our students say the best things about Jesus College are the great accommodation, the fantastic grounds, the good social mix and the relaxed atmosphere.

King’s has a long history of intellectual, artistic and social innovation. We were among the first of the historically male Colleges to admit women, and we have played a leading role in attracting ethnic minorities and state-educated students to Cambridge.

We say the best things about Jesus students are their diversity, their strong sense of community and their capacity for hard work.

All of our undergraduates are offered accommodation either in the main College buildings or in College-owned houses just across the road. The mix of rooms enables individual needs and preferences to be catered for. The College grounds are exceptionally spacious, situated in a tranquil setting away from the main tourist routes but only five minutes’ walk from the city centre. Unusually for a Cambridge College, our playing fields are all on the main site.

We admit about 145 undergraduates a year, across all subjects studied at the University, with roughly equal numbers of arts and sciences students. We welcome applicants from all types of school and background – all are considered for admission as individuals on their own academic merits.

Our students are encouraged to excel in all walks of life, and this leads to a good mix of academic excellence with music, sports and the arts. We’re particularly proud of our award-winning library which provides a superb working environment, our commitment to music of all sorts (ranging from

two Chapel choirs to dedicated spaces for student-run events), and our strong support for the visual arts, especially sculpture. There are plenty of opportunities to relax and unwind too, with newly refurbished facilities including a bar, café and common room all opening in 2016. You’re very welcome to come and see the College for yourself – attend an open day or contact us to arrange an informal visit.

There’s a family atmosphere which extends beyond your three or four years here: ‘Once a Jesuan, always a Jesuan’. Alice

The College offers good computer facilities and an excellent library, with many welcoming places to work.

King’s is a vibrant, diverse and tolerant community. The College actively encourages applications from continental Europe and overseas. The College has a high ratio of teaching Fellows to undergraduates, and relations between members of the College are traditionally informal. Our academic standards are high and we take intellectual life seriously. King’s makes every effort to support students in their academic work and their experience of living and enjoying themselves at the University.

King’s stands in the centre of Cambridge, with its splendid grounds and buildings stretching to the River Cam and beyond. There’s a wide choice of accommodation. Meals are offered in our cafeteria, but you take your tray into the grand College Hall. King’s has a welcoming bar and a coffee shop. We offer sports facilities, punts and kayaks, music practice rooms, a dark room, clubs and societies, student-run club nights and an Art Centre running classes. Our students are represented on College committees and fully engaged in the College’s rich intellectual and social life. King’s is renowned for its music and Chapel. In addition to our celebrated

Fact file

Senior Tutor Dr Geoff Parks

Fact file

Senior Tutor Dr Perveez Mody

UCAS campus code J

Open days 2016 See the College website for information and booking All subjects 24 September Sciences 5 March Computer Science, Mathematics 7 May

UCAS campus code K

Open days 2016 See the College website for information and booking All subjects 20 September Mathematics 30 April

Courses available All courses Student numbers 510 undergraduates c145 admitted each year 380 postgraduates Admissions Tutors Dr Christopher Burlinson Dr Brechtje Post Dr Noel Rutter


Courses available All courses except Education, Land Economy and Veterinary Medicine Student numbers 430 undergraduates c120 admitted each year 280 postgraduates

See also Cambridge Open Days p151 Location Map reference 12 (see p156-7) Jesus Lane, Cambridge CB5 8BL

01223 339455 undergraduate-admissions

male-voice choir, there’s King’s Voices (a mixed choir), a student orchestra and musical society, and countless other groups for different tastes and styles. The College bar also has popular open mic nights. At King’s, students from any background can fulfil their personal and intellectual potential. We admit strictly on academic promise, and welcome applicants from any type of school or region of the world.

What struck me when I arrived was how very normal everyone is. But at King’s there’s also a sense that being ‘different’ (be it in terms of interests, race, sexuality or politics) is something to be respected. Rachel

See also Cambridge Open Days p151 Location Map reference 13 (see p156-7) King’s Parade, Cambridge CB2 1ST

Admissions Tutor Dr Felipe Hernández

01223 331255 undergraduate.admissions undergraduate


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Lucy Cavendish College

Magdalene College

When Lucy Cavendish was founded in 1965, newspapers called it ‘the College without towers, turrets or gatehouse’. We’re still as informal and as open-minded today.

Magdalene College has the advantage of an attractive and convenient location, on the banks of the River Cam, less than five minutes’ walk from the city centre.

Lucy Cavendish is one of the smaller Cambridge Colleges, and one of the most diverse: our 370 students come from more than 60 countries, and include many affiliate students alongside first-time undergraduates with a wide range of interests, experience and qualifications. The College lies close to the city centre, in tranquil grounds featuring a wildflower meadow, pond and music pavilion as well as our cluster of Victorian and 1990s buildings. The library is unusually spacious,

with a collection designed to encourage reading for pleasure, not just academic study. Students also enjoy a well-equipped gym and interconnecting common room, bar, games room and conservatory. The sunny dining hall opens onto an al fresco eating area and our chefs pride themselves on using seasonal, local produce. On-site accommodation is offered to all single undergraduates; most rooms are en suite, with a smaller number of twin ‘sets’ sharing a bathroom and kitchenette. Our new Histon Road complex includes one- and two-bedroom flats, increasing the options available to couples and families.

We are known for preparing women for the professions but Lucy Cavendish students have excelled across the arts and sciences. The College has a growing profile in sport, and values creativity as a complement to scholarship: we run an annual fiction prize, and recent students have included novelists, filmmakers and theatre directors.

Lucy Cavendish creates a special type of friendship. We have at the College a group of incredibly bright, articulate, funny, supportive women who really changed my life. Sam

The ratio of staff to undergraduates is low, making for close-knit, non-hierarchical relations; social events involve the whole College.

account both potential and track record. At Magdalene, we want our students to fulfil every gram of their potential and our Directors of Studies are on hand to help you achieve at the highest possible level.

With buildings that are both beautiful and welcoming, libraries providing everything from first-year textbooks to medieval manuscripts, committed teaching staff and a vibrant community, Magdalene College is a perfect environment in which to live and study. Magdalene typically admits around 105 undergraduates a year and encourages applicants from all educational and social backgrounds. Every applicant is assessed on his or her own merits and we take into

If you come to study here, you’ll receive a warm welcome as soon as you arrive in Magdalene: there are plenty of activities in the first week and beyond to help you settle in, meet new people and feel at home. We’re able to accommodate all our students, and a good choice and mix of housing is available; from the formality of First Court, through to the Magdalene village (ranging from medieval study bedrooms to modern sets) and Cripps Court, with its handsome garden and en suite rooms.

Fact file

Senior Tutor Dr Leigh Stoeber

Fact file

Senior Tutor Dr Stuart Martin

UCAS campus code L

Open days 2016 See the College website for dates, information and booking All subjects 30 June

UCAS campus code M

Open days 2016 See the College website for information and booking All subjects 29 June, 30 June, 1 July AMES, Classics, Linguistics, MML 14 March Mathematics 30 April

Courses available All courses Student numbers 150 mature undergraduates c50 admitted each year 220 postgraduates For female students aged 21 and over Admissions Director Dr Emily Tomlinson


Courses available All courses

See also Cambridge Open Days p151

Student numbers 347 undergraduates c105 admitted each year 202 postgraduates

Location Map reference 14 (see p156-7) Lady Margaret Road, Cambridge CB3 0BU 01223 330280 [email protected]

Admissions Tutors Dr Stuart Martin (post-offer) Dr John Munns (post-application) Dr Emily So (recruitment)

Magdalene College

Lucy Cavendish College

More photos at:

College tradition is maintained with candlelit dinners in Hall, though many students also use the informal cafeteria and cooking facilities in the numerous staircase kitchens. Why not take a look at our website and download the Magdalene prospectus?

All the students appreciate Magdalene’s close-knit, diverse and friendly community. The College has the work-life balance spot-on and offers me everything I want both academically and recreationally. Formal hall seven days a week is also a definite positive. Paul

See also Cambridge Open Days p151 Location Map reference 15 (see p156-7) Magdalene Street, Cambridge CB3 0AG

01223 332135 [email protected]


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Murray Edwards College

Newnham College

Murray Edwards College is welcoming and ambitious, providing exciting opportunities for outstanding young women within an open, friendly and aspirational atmosphere.

Newnham is located in the heart of Cambridge. Run by and for women, we’ve been educating exceptional students for nearly 150 years. If you have academic potential, we could be the College for you.

interdisciplinary Gateway Programme, incorporating academic development sessions, career workshops and an internship initiative. We foster creativity and ambition, with a dedicated fund supporting students in challenges of their choice.

Our distinctive skyline and light, bright buildings are a short walk from both central Cambridge and the West Cambridge Site departments. With flowers to pick, a ‘walk on the grass’ policy and even two hammocks, our informal gardens also set Murray Edwards apart. We encourage students to achieve their best academically and in their wider pursuits. We provide educational support through experienced academics and complement this with our unique

We are an inclusive community and students participate in policy-defining College committees. We have a well-stocked library, a gym, squash and tennis courts, and modern accommodation, much of which is en suite. Our environment is enlivened by a world class collection of women’s art. Our cafeteria is highly regarded, with Saturday brunch a particular draw for students from other Colleges. The salad bar regularly features our own garden produce. Much has changed since the College was founded as New Hall in 1954,

but the confidence and individuality of our first students remains central. Recent students have described the College as ‘inspiring’, ‘open’ and ‘progressive’ but primarily it remains what the women who choose to come here make it. We are proud to put the interests of women first; we are also enriched by the contributions of the male students and academics who share in the daily life of the College. Students who visit often tell us the College has a special character: come and see for yourself.

Murray Edwards combines real academic excellence with strong pastoral support, as well as being a place where you can feel at home. Magdalen

prioritises the achievement, needs and potential of women.

Our students come from all types of background, and we welcome the diversity and fun that brings. There’s a lively social, sporting and cultural life, and everyone can make lasting friends here; we’re proud of our unpretentious and democratic community. Your education won’t be single-sex; you’ll get the same mixed education and social opportunities as at other Colleges, but you also have the advantage of being part of a College that

Newnham’s extensive site, with its beautiful Victorian architecture and truly stunning gardens, lies opposite the main arts departments and is a five-minute cycle from the science faculties and the city centre. All students are accommodated on-site in bedrooms with highspeed internet access, and guests are welcome. Many of our rooms have antique furniture and lovely views. Student kitchens are well-equipped for self-catering, and we provide daily meals in our stylish modern Buttery and weekly formal dinners in College Hall. Our library has more than 90,000 books, including many by famous Newnham authors, and we host recitals and theatrical performances

Fact file

Senior Tutor Dr Juliet Foster

Fact file

Senior Tutor Professor Liba Taub

UCAS campus code O

Open days 2016 See the College website for information and booking All subjects 30 June, 10 September Mathematics 30 April

UCAS campus code N

Open days 2016 See the College website for information and booking All subjects 29 June, 10 September Mathematics 30 April Teachers’ open day 4 March

Courses available All courses except Education and Philosophy Student numbers 360 undergraduates c105 admitted each year 170 postgraduates For female students Admissions Tutor Dr Hilarie Bateman


Courses available All courses except Education Student numbers 360 undergraduates c110 admitted each year 290 postgraduates

See also Cambridge Open Days p151 Location Map reference 16 (see p156-7) Huntingdon Road, Cambridge CB3 0DF 01223 762229 admissions

For female students Admissions Tutor Dr Sam Lucy

Newnham College

Murray Edwards College

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in our Old Labs venue. We have on-site sports fields, tennis and netball courts, and Newnham Boat Club is one of the best in Cambridge. We’re proud of our students’ academic, sporting and artistic achievements, and we believe in supporting women to realise their potential. Many of our graduates take an active interest in current students, offering career advice through regular workshops. If you have questions, do get in touch with our approachable Admissions Team, or come to an open day.

Newnham is a friendly and vibrant College, which takes a real interest in individual students. Becky

See also Cambridge Open Days p151 Location Map reference 17 (see p156-7) Sidgwick Avenue, Cambridge CB3 9DF

01223 335783 [email protected]


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Pembroke College


Centrally located in Cambridge, Pembroke is a stone’s throw from many departments. Our supportive, diverse community, with its strong reputation for academic excellence, is one in which the most able students from all backgrounds thrive.

Just five minutes’ walk from the town centre, Peterhouse is an exciting and friendly place to live. It’s perfectly situated for student life in Cambridge – close to the arts, engineering and science faculties, but just off the tourist trail.

At the heart of a bustling city, the College is an oasis, with spacious gardens and a large site. Pembroke students live on the main site or in nearby College-owned houses throughout their undergraduate studies, and accommodation ranges from the old to the new. Our food is renowned for its quality, with lots of choice and flexibility. Students can also catch up with friends or work at Café Pembroke, which serves hot and cold food and drink throughout the day.

We have a library, computer room, bar, gym, music practice rooms and more on site, and sports fields a short cycle ride away. There are numerous opportunities for students to explore their wider interests, however seriously (or otherwise!) they want to take them. Pembroke students flourish, and we do everything we can to offer the support they deserve. Members of Pembroke are united by a deep interest in their subject, their intellectual curiosity and their commitment to fulfilling their academic potential, but at the same time they respect one another’s right to be different within the College’s inclusive and friendly ethos. Tutors, Directors of Studies and academic supervisors are dedicated to supporting and inspiring students to develop their existing talents so that they achieve

highly in readiness for their careers and lives beyond university. In assessing applications, we place a great deal of emphasis on academic achievement, and we encourage the brightest and most interested students, whatever your background, to consider us. We particularly encourage those students whose school or college has little experience of Cambridge to think about applying to us.

Pembroke is a wonderful, open, friendly environment in which to live and study. All the students and staff here are approachable and friendly. It doesn’t take very long to settle in and feel part of it. Victoria

Peterhouse’s size (we are the smallest College, admitting about 75 freshers a year) promotes plenty of individual attention for students. It is a supportive community where students quickly make friends and feel at home. Both lively and inclusive, Peterhouse welcomes students with wide-ranging backgrounds, interests and opinions. The only things all our students have in common are high academic ability, dedication to their subject and a willingness to work hard.

Fact file

Senior Tutor Dr Mark Wormald

Fact file

UCAS campus code P

Open days 2016 See the College website for information and booking All subjects 24 September Arts 7 April, 30 June Sciences 8 April, 1 July Law 29 June Mathematics 7 May

UCAS campus code U

Courses available All courses except Education and Geography Student numbers 430 undergraduates c130 admitted each year 275 postgraduates Admissions Tutor Dr Caroline Burt


Courses available All courses except Education, Geography, Land Economy, Psychological and Behavioural Sciences, and Veterinary Medicine

See also Cambridge Open Days p151 Location Map reference 18 (see p156-7) Trumpington Street, Cambridge CB2 1RF

01223 338154 [email protected]

Student numbers 241 undergraduates c75 admitted each year 163 postgraduates Admissions Tutors Dr Sophie Jackson (sciences)

The College provides accommodation in central Cambridge for all undergraduates for the duration of their course, as well as great food eaten in the candlelit thirteenth-century Hall, the oldest in Cambridge. The College has excellent facilities for study, sport and social events. These include a spacious and well-stocked library, as well as a theatre, bar, computer room, gym, boathouse and sports grounds. The beautiful and tranquil Deer Park provides a large space for students to escape the hustle and bustle of city life to relax and meet friends. Admitting students solely on the basis of academic achievement and potential, Peterhouse is committed to offering places to the most able, regardless of school or background.


Pembroke College

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To find out more about Peterhouse, why not come to an open day and meet our students and staff? If you’re unable to attend one of these, individual visits can usually be arranged with the Admissions Team, who are always happy to advise you and answer any questions you may have.

I didn’t expect to have friends from so many different subjects and years, but Peterhouse is a really close and friendly community. Jess

Mr Scott Mandelbrote (arts) Dr András Zsák (sciences) Senior Tutor The Reverend Dr Stephen Hampton Open days 2016 See the College website for information and booking All subjects 17 September Mathematics 30 April See also Cambridge Open Days p151 Location Map reference 19 (see p156-7) Trumpington Street, Cambridge CB2 1RD

01223 338223 [email protected]


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Queens’ College

Robinson College

Queens’ is a large, centrally located College. It is characterised by openness and informality, making it modern, welcoming and comfortable.

Founded in 1979, Robinson is one of the most modern and ambitious Cambridge Colleges. Famed for its strong sense of community and relaxed atmosphere, there’s nowhere better to pursue your studies and interests.

All rooms enjoy internet access and wi-fi is available throughout the site. Queens’ provides superb facilities for the arts. There are also squash courts, a gym and punt hire within College, and the sports ground and boathouse are nearby.

We want our students to pursue their academic interests and achieve their full potential. Queens’ has been in the heart of Cambridge for more than five centuries, and today it supports a thriving academic community of undergraduates, graduates and academics. Queens’ undergraduates are guaranteed accommodation on the main College site for three years. We offer a full catering service but each landing has a kitchenette for those who want to self-cater. Room pricing is transparent.

The sole condition for admission to Queens’ is academic potential. We welcome applicants from schools with no prior history of application to Cambridge. We will work hard to ensure that no applicant is prevented from studying here because of a disability or social or financial disadvantage. We take particular care in selecting students. Applicants are interviewed sympathetically by experienced Fellows who want you to show us your strengths. Achieving a place at Queens’ brings responsibilities. There’s a firm expectation at Queens’ that every student will work hard to fulfil their

academic potential and maintain our reputation for academic excellence. We have a detailed programme of support to help first-year students make the transition from school to university. You’re welcome to contact the Admissions Office directly, to look on the web or attend an open day to find out more.

Queens’ has been such a friendly and inclusive community from the day I started. The College performs really well academically, has a central location and does a great brunch, as well as being sociable and fun. Lizzie

There are students on most Cambridge courses, and a community of scholars with varied academic interests who are keen to help students with their work.

Robinson is perfectly located for life in Cambridge – directly opposite the University Library and extremely close to the arts and sciences departments. A short walk or bike ride takes you directly into the city centre. The magnificent College gardens are much loved by students and academics alike. At Robinson, the student body is truly diverse, coming from all backgrounds and from all over the world. They have the very best academic and pastoral support, allowing them to achieve at the highest levels.

Robinson accommodation is outstanding and all undergraduates live within the College grounds throughout their original course. Around half is en suite and the remaining generally has one or two bathrooms between two or three individuals (no bedrooms are shared). Facilities are exceptional: no matter what your interests, there are opportunities to pursue them here. Our library is accessible 24 hours and boasts a comprehensive collection of books. Robinson also has some of the best College food in Cambridge, whether in the cafeteria-style Garden Restaurant or the optional twice-weekly formal dinners in the Hall.

Fact file

Senior Tutor Dr James Kelly

Fact file

Senior Tutor Dr Bill Nolan

UCAS campus code Q

Open days 2016 See the College website for information and booking All subjects 15 April Mathematics 7 May

UCAS campus code R

Open days 2016 See the College website for information and booking All subjects 30 June, 1 July Question and answer sessions 12 March, 23 September Mathematics 30 April

Courses available All courses Student numbers 490 undergraduates c150 admitted each year 450 postgraduates Admissions Tutor Dr Andrew Thompson


Courses available All courses except History of Art Student numbers 386 undergraduates c120 admitted each year 172 postgraduates

See also Cambridge Open Days p151 Location Map reference 20 (see p156-7) Silver Street, Cambridge CB3 9ET 01223 335540 [email protected]

Admissions Tutor Dr David Woodman

Robinson College

Queens’ College

More photos at:

A copy of the College prospectus and a video about College life can be found on our website. Our open events in March, April, June, July and September are good times to visit, but we also welcome individuals or school groups throughout the year. If you have any questions or wish to arrange a visit, please contact Keisha Sharp in the College Admissions Office.

All Robinson undergrads live in College or in one of the houses on the main site, which is great as it means we’re often friends with people in different year groups. Anna

See also Cambridge Open Days p151 Location Map reference 21 (see p156-7) Grange Road, Cambridge CB3 9AN

01223 339143 [email protected]


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St Catharine’s College

St Edmund’s College

St Catharine’s is a welcoming, medium-size College for men and women, situated right in the centre of town. A lively and diverse community, we have earned a reputation for friendliness and academic success.

St Edmund’s has an international and multidisciplinary flavour. Half of our student body are from overseas, with almost 80 countries represented.

from the widest possible range of students, regardless of educational background. We interview most applicants, and will do everything we can to make the admissions process as positive as possible.

Founded in 1473, St Catharine’s is an extremely supportive College, with a strong community spirit between students and staff. We’ve gathered a dedicated and approachable team of teaching staff committed to helping our students realise their academic potential, and excellent pastoral support staff. Our admissions decisions are based solely on applicants’ academic ability – proven and potential – and we strongly encourage applications

All students are accommodated for three (or often four) years – first- and third-year students live on the main site, while second-years live in an attractive setting still only a short walk from the heart of the University. The College offers excellent facilities for study and recreation. Our two libraries are among the best in Cambridge, there are well-maintained computing facilities, and all student rooms have high-speed internet access. The College has a small auditorium as well as a larger venue and a new student bar. Our sports facilities include extensive playing

fields; squash, badminton and tennis courts; a gym; an all-weather AstroTurf hockey pitch; and an extensively refurbished boathouse. Our active choir records and tours regularly. We were also proud to be the first College to be awarded Fair Trade status. Our Admissions Office is happy to receive enquiries from and arrange visits to St Catharine’s for any prospective applicants. Further detailed and up-to-date information can be found on our website.

My time at Catz has left me with a wide circle of close friends in many different walks of life, and even after graduating College still feels as familiar and welcoming whenever I return. James

St Edmund’s student community includes 122 mature undergraduates (aged 21 or over), including affiliate students (who already have a degree from another university). Many students are studying for a degree after a break from full-time education. The College sits in six acres of parkland and is conveniently placed for the arts faculties, the West Cambridge Site, the Veterinary School, the University Library and the city centre. The College buildings currently house 218 single

students (some en suite). All rooms are centrally heated and connected to the internet, and some are suitable for students with physical disabilities. Six maisonettes and seven apartments are suitable for families. Our library building includes a large reception/lecture room, a library, teaching rooms, a gym and a music practice room. Scholars and Fellows of St Edmund’s form a single community with the student body led by a lively executive committee that runs the Combination Room with its bar, pool table and a host of social events. The College kitchen offers up to three meals a day as well as formal meals at least once a week during term time. The numerous College clubs and societies include the choir and those for law, sports and music. Many College members participate in their field at University and national level.

Fact file

Senior Tutor Dr Paul Hartle

Fact file

Senior Tutor Dr Judith Bunbury

UCAS campus code S

Open days 2016 See the College website for information and booking All subjects 29 June, 2 July, 10 September, 17 September Mathematics 30 April Medicine 28 June

UCAS campus code I

Open days 2016 See the College website for information and booking All subjects 30 June, 1 July

Courses available All courses except Architecture, Education, History of Art and Linguistics Student numbers 436 undergraduates c135 admitted each year 220 postgraduates Admissions Tutors Dr David Bainbridge (sciences) Dr Miranda Griffin (arts)


Courses available All courses Student numbers 122 mature undergraduates c40 admitted each year 419 postgraduates

See also Cambridge Open Days p151 Location Map reference 22 (see p156-7) Trumpington Street, Cambridge CB2 1RL

01223 338319 undergraduate.admissions

For students aged 21 and over Admissions Tutors Dr Matthew Cole (Deputy) Dr Michele Gemelos

St Edmund’s College

St Catharine’s College

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The Chapel reflects the Catholic heritage of the College and is open to other Christian bodies. It’s also open to all members of the College as a place of quiet prayer and contemplation. The Von Hügel and Faraday Institutes enrich the life of the College in the areas of social justice and the interconnection of science and religion, respectively.

St Edmund’s offers a supportive environment where Fellows, staff and students work together to make it an enjoyable place to study and socialise. The collective community spirit makes for a welcoming and enriching environment. Stephen

See also Cambridge Open Days p151 Location Map reference 23 (see p156-7) Mount Pleasant, Cambridge CB3 0BN 01223 336086 [email protected]


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St John’s College

Selwyn College

St John’s offers a beautiful and stimulating environment with a friendly and diverse community. The College has been helping students to realise their potential for more than 500 years.

Selwyn College provides an environment in which students can excel academically and achieve their full potential while at the same time enjoying student life to the full.

The atmosphere at St John’s is lively, challenging and inspiring. We’re committed to providing a world class education in an exciting multicultural environment where you can thrive and exceed your own expectations. Our central riverside grounds provide easy access to University facilities. We accommodate all undergraduates on-site, promoting a strong sense of community. The many student-run clubs and societies provide a great way to get involved in College life; whether you

want to watch a film, discuss politics, make music, dance, play sport or take a College punt on the river.

‘I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my first year, there’s always something going on around College.’ Sameena

One of the most important experiences we offer is the chance to be part of a group that achieves distinction at the highest level. Whether at a concert, in the library, or in conversation over dinner, you’re immersed in a world where the exchange of ideas is enthusiastic, unpretentious and motivating.

One of the best ways to experience what the College has to offer is to come and see for yourself. Dr Helen Watson, the Admissions Tutor, and the Admissions and Access Team are happy to offer advice or arrange visits for individuals and schools.

‘There’s a huge diversity of people at College which makes it a really fun place to be, with fantastic facilities for whatever you want to do. The food is also really good and the accommodation is fantastic.’ Saffiya ‘Many people where I come from thought it was far away and socially exclusive. The reality is that people from all sorts of backgrounds come here to live and study.’ Tom

Coming here has been a fantastic journey and I’m grateful for all the opportunities that the College has given me as a student. It’s inspired me to encourage teenagers from all sorts of backgrounds to follow their dreams and consider applying. Michael

of accommodation, 70 per cent of which is en suite, and can house all of our undergraduates on-site for the three or four years of their course. Having everyone living together makes for a strong sense of community and a vibrant social life.

The Fellows of Selwyn College are committed teachers who take a keen interest in the academic progress of their students and provide an exceptionally supportive environment. The College is noted for its high standards, strong sense of community and the lively participation of its students in university life. The College is only a few minutes’ walk from the city centre and comprises a single spacious site with beautiful gardens. We have a range

Selwyn is adjacent to the Sidgwick Site, which houses most of the arts faculties, and is also close to the West Cambridge Site where several of the large science departments are located. None of the other University departments are more than a few minutes away. Student life in Selwyn is busy and varied. Our students are enthusiastic participants in many College and University clubs and societies, and Selwyn enjoys a strong reputation in both drama and music, as well as having an excellent Chapel choir. Many students enjoy participating

Fact file

Senior Tutor Dr Matthias Dörrzapf

Fact file

Senior Tutor Dr Mike Sewell

UCAS campus code X

Open days 2016 See the College website for information and booking All subjects 20 June Mathematics 30 April, 7 May

UCAS campus code V

Open days 2016 See the College website for information and booking All subjects 17 September (afternoon) Mathematics 7 May

Courses available All courses Student numbers 569 undergraduates c170 admitted each year 351 postgraduates Admissions Tutor Dr Helen Watson


Courses available All courses Student numbers 400 undergraduates c125 admitted each year 200 postgraduates

See also Cambridge Open Days p151 Location Map reference 24 (see p156-7) St John’s Street, Cambridge CB2 1TP 01223 338703 [email protected]

Admissions Tutors Dr James Keeler (sciences) Dr Mike Sewell (arts)

Selwyn College

St John’s College

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in College sport, and the teams have enjoyed notable success. Selwyn seeks to admit the very best students, regardless of background, on the basis of academic excellence and potential to thrive on our demanding courses. We invite you to visit our website or contact us to find out more; we would also be pleased to see you in person at an open day, a school visit or by appointment.

My time at Selwyn has been not only academically stimulating but immensely enjoyable. From great facilities to supportive supervisors, I couldn’t have asked for a better place to make the most of university and prepare me for the future. Cath

See also Cambridge Open Days p151 Location Map reference 25 (see p156-7) Grange Road, Cambridge CB3 9DQ 01223 335896 [email protected]


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Sidney Sussex College

Trinity College

Founded in 1596, Sidney Sussex College is a diverse, inclusive and forward-looking community set among elegant buildings and tranquil gardens in the heart of Cambridge.

Trinity provides a large and diverse community in which to live, work and play. We offer high-quality accommodation, a central location on the river, excellent meals in Hall and extensive sports facilities.

Sidney Sussex’s small size fosters genuine inclusion. There’s no such thing as a typical student, and undergraduates come from every background and from all over the world. We encourage applicants from all school types, and admission is based solely on academic merit and potential. Most of our Fellows teach and supervise undergraduates, and we’re committed to providing all the support you need. We also offer a well-stocked library with 24-hour

access, a range of study skills support sessions and a large welfare team including a College nurse and pastoral dean.

Arts Festival is a highlight. The choir has made critically-acclaimed recordings, and tours regularly in the UK and overseas.

There’s a variety of accommodation, including rooms with shared facilities, en suites, traditional study and bedroom ‘sets’ and College-owned houses. Rooms are refurbished regularly, and all have internet points and access to kitchen facilities. Meals are also available in our beautiful eighteenth-century Hall. Sidney is known for the quality of its food and our candlelit formal halls are always popular.

One of the College’s greatest assets is its strong community spirit, with a friendly and supportive relationship between students, Fellows and College staff. The best way to experience this is by visiting us yourself: to arrange a visit, please contact the Admissions Office.

Being at Sidney Sussex isn’t only about studying – our students manage to combine academic achievement with busy social lives. Our sports facilities (including a gym) see enthusiastic use, and there are College teams for all major sports. Music and drama are also popular, and our biennial

Sidney is so much more than just a place to work. Its small size means it’s really easy to get to know everyone and get involved with all sorts of opportunities. The atmosphere is incredibly inclusive and friendly. Charlotte

the Chapel (home to our outstanding choir), the Hall, Nevile’s Court, the Wren Library – but there are also fine modern buildings, including an attractive development at Burrell’s Field, a short walk away through the beautiful College gardens.

There’s a lively Students’ Union that organises a wide variety of social events, and a popular student centre with common rooms and a bar. Undergraduates can live in College throughout the full length of their course, and all rooms have internet connections. We pride ourselves on being both traditional and progressive, and this is reflected in our buildings. There is some magnificent architecture at the heart of the College – Great Court,

Fact file

Senior Tutor Mr Massimo Beber

Fact file

UCAS campus code 3

Open days 2016 See the College website for information and booking All subjects 10 September, 17 September Mathematics 30 April, 7 May

UCAS campus code T

Courses available All courses except Education Student numbers 350 undergraduates c105 admitted each year 275 postgraduates Admissions Director Dr Kirsten Dickers


Courses available All courses except Education, Psychological and Behavioural Sciences, and Veterinary Medicine

See also Cambridge Open Days p151 Location Map reference 26 (see p156-7) Sidney Street, Cambridge CB2 3HU 01223 338872 [email protected]

Student numbers 695 undergraduates c200 admitted each year 350 postgraduates Admissions Tutors Dr Malte Grosche (Assistant)

Trinity has a long tradition of academic excellence. We welcome all those who have the ability and determination to succeed, whatever their background. We engage extensively in visiting schools, in hosting residential and other visits to the College, and working with educational charities. Along with other Cambridge Colleges, we are actively committed to widening participation, while emphasising that admission to Trinity is based solely on academic merit and potential.

Trinity College

Sidney Sussex College

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You can learn more about Trinity by booking a place on an open day, or just by visiting the College informally to have a look round. Our website contains comprehensive information and the Admissions Office is happy to deal with further enquiries.

The best thing about life at Trinity is the way it gives students from a huge range of backgrounds one common identity. Julie

Professor Adrian Poole Dr Glen Rangwala (Assistant) Senior Tutor Professor Catherine Barnard Open days 2016 See the College website for information and booking Arts 20 June Sciences 21 June Mathematics 30 April, 7 May See also Cambridge Open Days p151 Location Map reference 27 (see p156-7) Trinity Street, Cambridge CB2 1TQ

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Trinity Hall

Wolfson College

The first thing you’ll notice about Trinity Hall is its vibrant community atmosphere. There’s a sense of vitality and youth among its members, making it a fun and informal place to live and study.

Wolfson is one of the most cosmopolitan Colleges in Cambridge, with typically 470 mature undergraduate and graduate student members.

gardens back onto the river, making a relaxed environment in which to work and unwind. The Aula Bar and Coffee Shop provide a cosy setting in which to grab a drink and catch up with friends, play pool or watch TV.

Take a walk from one end of Trinity Hall to the other and you’re bound to meet a friendly face along the way, whether it’s a smiling Porter at the front desk, a group of students sitting on the lawn, or a Fellow on their way to give a lecture. Trinity Hall is ideally situated for student life in Cambridge, located within easy walking distance of lecture halls, labs, libraries, clubs, pubs and shops. The College library and picturesque

Accommodation is available for all undergraduates for at least three years and varies between atmospheric buildings steeped in history to contemporary housing with en suite facilities. As well as maintaining a tradition of academic excellence, our students make significant contributions to College and university life through numerous clubs, societies and sports. Trinity Hall students have the use of a free gym, squash courts, tennis courts, playing fields, a boathouse and a music room with grand piano and drum kit.

More than just a collection of beautiful buildings, Trinity Hall is a dynamic community of people from all over the world. We encourage applications from all school types, including those with little or no tradition of applying to Cambridge. To find out more about Trinity Hall, please visit our website or attend one of our open days. Our Admissions Officer is always happy to answer any queries you might have.

The best bit about College? Standing in the middle of Front Court for hours chatting to whoever comes through – there’s always a friendly face! Madeleine

internationalism is fostered by students from more than 70 countries. A wide range of subject specialisms is represented among Fellows and the breadth of membership is further extended by distinguished academic visitors who come to Wolfson for periods of research. We take mature undergraduates as well as affiliate students with a previous Honours degree. Most of our undergraduates tend to be in their early 20s but we warmly welcome applicants of all ages (21 or older). Wolfson is one of three Colleges that admit students for the Graduate Course in Medicine. The College has a lively, friendly atmosphere and a unique character, as all of our students bring a richness of experience which benefits their academic work. Wolfson’s

The relationship between senior and junior members is informal, with common rooms and social facilities open equally to both. We offer a gym and various sports clubs and societies, including Zumba, football, rowing, yoga and salsa dancing. The humanities and science societies host a series of termly lectures, and a lunchtime seminar attracts speakers from across disciplines. Spouses and partners of students actively participate in College life.

Wolfson College

Trinity Hall

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Wolfson accommodates all students who wish to live in College. The main College buildings orbit attractive garden courts; all rooms have central heating, telephone and computer sockets, and access to well-equipped kitchens for self-catering. Most are single study bedrooms, some share facilities and others are en suite. There is also accommodation for couples and families. Our spacious library is open 24 hours a day. The College is close to the University Library, and most faculties and the city centre are a few minutes away by bicycle.

The unique thing about Wolfson is not only that you work with people from different academic backgrounds and levels, but also people from all over the world. James

Fact file UCAS campus code 4 Courses available All courses except Education Student numbers 374 undergraduates c110 admitted each year 243 postgraduates Admissions Tutors Dr Isabelle McNeill (arts) Dr Andrew Murray (sciences)

Fact file

Open days 2016 See the College website for information and booking All subjects 16 September Arts 15 March Sciences 14 March Law 27 June Mathematics 30 April Modern and Medieval Languages 21 April

UCAS campus code W

Courses available All courses except Economics, Mathematics and the combination of Computer Science with Mathematics

See also Cambridge Open Days p151 Location Map reference 28 (see p156-7) Trinity Lane, Cambridge CB2 1TJ

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Student numbers 168 mature undergraduates c50 admitted each year 300 postgraduates For students aged 21 and over

Admissions Tutors Dr Michael Hrebeniak (arts) Dr Lesley MacVinish (sciences) Senior Tutor Dr Jane McLarty Open days 2016 See the College website for information and booking All subjects 30 June, 1 July See also Cambridge Open Days p151 Location Map reference 29 (see p156-7) Barton Road, Cambridge CB3 9BB

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Senior Tutor Dr Clare Jackson