Enabling the Future of TV. Enter Netgem s Connected Home

Enabling the Future of TV E n t e r N e t g e m ’s C o n n e c t e d H o m e A new era for TV consumption With the multiplication of tablets, PCs, ...
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Enabling the Future of TV

E n t e r N e t g e m ’s C o n n e c t e d H o m e

A new era for TV consumption With the multiplication of tablets, PCs, smartphones and flat screen TVs in every households, more content is consumed, but complexity and lack of consistency across devices create increasing frustration. Over-the-Top means a simplified access to content and, for operators, the opportunity to reach new customers outside of their traditional footprint. For end-users, it also means an increased control over what they watch and when they watch it, thanks to Catch-Up or VoD. It is Netgem’s mission to simplify the users’ experience and to propose the most innovative technologies to operators.



billion dollars Pay-OTT revenues by 2017 (forecast)

Increasing number of connected devices worldwide Netgem, leader in Solutions & Technologies for the Connected Home Netgem provides its hybrid OTT solutions - set-top boxes, software and middleware - to multi-service operators, enabling them to enrich their offer with value-added entertainment and connected home services.


screens per household (France)


million iPads sold in Q2'12


billion connected devices by 2016

Sources: IMS Research, recently acquired by IHS Inc. (NYSE:IHS)/ Informa 2012

Connecting the Home:

Complete solutions:

OTT and Multi-screen with the nCloud

Software, Middleware and Hardware for the best Connected Experience

Netgem meets end-users’ expectations with its hybrid products for a seamless and consistent blend of live and non-live content. With the nCloud software suite, a secure, simple and cost-effective multi-screen solution is ready to be deployed to fit 1Live 2 the needs of multi-service operators. Advantages/Benefits Price: Performance: Privacy: ExPerience:

Netgem products integrate a wide range of technologies from digital Pay-TV, Internet, home networking and computing domains to provide advanced TV solutions and a simple, fast and immersive consumer experience. On demand


Lower total cost of ownership Local streaming & Bandwidth optimization Personal content kept at home Unified Consumer experience on Multi-screen

Push to store: save your mobile content into home NAS

1 3 Personal datas

World-Class Hybrid Hardware Products: Cost-optimized, robust and evolutive products

N5200 OTT Adapter

N7700 Hybrid STB Available


Award-winning Middleware: Give access to all content on all screens in a fluid and consistent manner

Continuity of service: start on mobile, continue on TV


Share: UPnP rendering

Control: use smartphone as advanced remote

Whole-home TV: re-stream live and PVR content to mobile and tablets

N8200 Media Center

Advanced User Interfaces: Application store and great features for on-demand content and LiveTV

Software Development Kit: Enabling third parties to build up IPTV 2.0 open architecture

The Wobe: a Mobile Box for automatic off-loading A personal hotspot that speeds-up Mobile Internet The Wobe is the first mobile connectivity device for automatic off-loading between mobile data (3G/4G) and WiFi networks.

Optimized network selection •Automatic selection of the best network (3G/4G, WiFi) •Lower cost or higher bandwidth Any WiFi device •Laptop, MacBook©, Netbook©, iPad©, iPod touch©, Nintendo DS©, Sony PSP© Easy to Use •Pocket size, high autonomy •Switch-it on and Wobe connects !

Our Mission Provide multi-service operators with the best advanced OTT and IPTV solutions to secure, develop and enrich their subscribers base. Since 1995, Netgem serves operators around the world, including great names of the industry:

2.8 Million boxes One of the World's largest IPTV offer deployed

Hybrid Cable Operator in Switzerland

Hybrid OTT box for Pay-TV reach extension in the Nordics

Upgrade to IPTV 2.0 in Slovenia

First Hybrid OTT deployed in the World in Australia

And also: Globecast, Iusacell/Totalplay in Mexico, Netia in Poland, Elisa in Finland, H1 in Croatia…

Netgem provides connected home solutions and technologies enriching the entertainment experience with the power of the Internet


years of innovation



Number IPTV STB in Europe millions IP Set-top Boxes and number 3 in 15 countries worldwide (Screen Digest 2010) IPTV STB in Europe


Number IPTV middleware globally (MRG Inc 2011)



CSI award at IBC IP&TV award for for Best IPTV Best TV Service Innovation for T-Box technology or service


IP&TV award for Best Middleware


persons around the world dedicated to achieve the best performing and most user-friendly IPTV software and STB

Listed on NYSE Euronext Paris

Twitter: @netgem e-mail: [email protected]


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