Dungeon Siege - The Legends of Aranna

Dungeon Siege - The Legends of Aranna Walkthrough © Ian (Themisive) Gregory Dec. 2003 TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Characters for Hire Map Set Ite...
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Dungeon Siege - The Legends of Aranna Walkthrough © Ian (Themisive) Gregory Dec. 2003


Introduction Characters for Hire Map Set Items Cheat Codes Legal Stuff WALKTHROUGH Chapter 1 - Shadows of the Past 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6)

Hero’s Farm Arhok Arhok Storage Caves The Frozen Lake The Spider Caves Halls of the Lost

Chapter 2 - The Island of Legends 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8)


Beach Bluffs Illicor Dark Jungle Dig Site Underground City Fen of the Frozen Mountain of the Dead 1) Exterior 2) Interior Lair of Cicatrix


Chapter 3 – The Crown and the Cut 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)

Ruined Ziggurats Ruined City Demlock’s Cut Demlock’s Ravine Tower of Kmethket

Chapter 4 – Pilgrimage of Redemption 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6)

Xot’s Pass Xot’s Badlands Cliff City Healing Well Ramparts Stronghold

Chapter 5 – The Countdown 1) 2) 3) 4)

Prelude The Last Shop The Great Clock Secret Room


INTRODUCTION You’ve heard stories of great adventures in years gone by, of the heroes who crusaded across the Kingdom of Ehb, battling the stubborn Krug, the poisonous mucosae, horrifying zombies and legions of skeletons (Dungeon Siege). You’ve longed for adventures yourself, while spending your youth sharpening your skills in the quiet little garrison town of Arhok. Piecing together a strange story from an old tattered journal, you discover that your mother and father were also heroes, known for adventures throughout the continent of Aranna. The journal sends you on a journey to the mysterious Island of Utrae, a place brimming with thousands of years of history. Here you’ll encounter strange primordial creatures such as the magically gifted Utraeans, the saurian Zaurask, and the feline Hassat - each of which species have long been at each others’ throats. As well as several species which are familiar to the original game of “Dungeon Siege”, such as the various types of spider, the mucosae, the skeleton hordes and the zombies. As you read through this, although you will notice that in the main, I tell you what direction to take, I DO NOT say what monsters or loot are there, if I did, this walkthrough would be at least twice as long as this is! Some people will also see that I have included path directions – unfortunately, I felt this was necessary, as; to put it mildly; most of the sections are VERY convoluted indeed. CHARACTERS FOR HIRE Jondar I thank you, stranger, for fighting your way here! My name is Jondar. I was tasked to guard the Staff of Stars, and I was travelling with the trade caravan of Khale Fenstor, who is, I am sad to say, no longer among the living. We were ambushed several days ago by an army of creatures, whose leader is a thing of massive size, a giant to be sure. We fought hard, but many fell and were devoured on the spot. Worse, as the monsters attacked the caravan, a dark, skeletal creature appeared as from nowhere and destroyed the cart where the Staff was stored. It stole the artifact and fled into the woods. Those who survived the attack were dragged into the recesses of the cave. I managed to escape only moments ago. Allow me to join you and help recover the staff! Statistics: Attributes: Strength 10; Dexterity 10; Intelligence 10. Skills: Melee 0; Ranged 0; Combat Magic 0; Nature Magic 1. Equipment: Boots; Crude Leather; Normal or Magic Sword; Normal or Magic Bow. Spellbook: Spell: Zap; Spell: Healing Hands Location: the Snowy Canyon He has some nature magic, and should be classed as a very low level Nature Mage. Lyssa Stand back! If you be with the evil of this place, you will soon lie dead at my feet! Oh, I’m sorry! I mistook you for one of those foul creatures. I am Lyssa, an adventurer, and I was on my way to Arhok to visit my brother and his family. While making my way through the woods I saw a dark, skeletal figure scrambling through the brush, clutching something in its claw-like hands. I followed it to the mouth of this cave only to be set upon by spiders and undead creatures.


The walking corpses slavered about serving the Lost Queen, whom I can only assume is the monster behind their twisted resurrection. Apparently the Lost Queen has nested and is spawning vile offspring. She may be easier to destroy if the dark spawning can be stopped. If you need help in clearing this cave of the creatures and the monster which spawned them, or following the dark creature that preceded them, I offer you my bow. Statistics: Attributes: Strength 10; Dexterity 13; Intelligence 10. Skills: Melee 0; Ranged 2; Combat Magic 0; Nature Magic 0. Equipment: Normal Boots; Short Recurve; Riveted Leather. Location: the Frozen Lake She has some evident experience in ranged combat, and is classed as an archer. Najj Greetings, small one, you’re not from the island, are you? My name is Najj and I am of the Arammar – The Children of the Mountain. My people came to this island long ago. You seek a dark, skeletal creature? Indeed, such a creature passed by here not more than a few hours ago. If you would take me along, I could show you to Illicor, the City of Wizards. The Utraeans may know more of this creature. And then perhaps you will aid me with a task as well. I have travelled much, and had decided to return to my people with the bounty of my adventures. Last night, my ship was overtaken by an unseasonably violent storm and was wrecked. Now I am lost, as is all my gold. In your search for this dark creature, could you help me find my way to my people? I would be most grateful. Statistics: Attributes: Strength 13; Dexterity 11; Intelligence 10. Skills: Melee 5; Ranged 0; Combat Magic 0; Nature Magic 0. Equipment: Najj’s Clamshell Axe; Light Boots. Spellbook. Location: the Island Beach He is by nature a half-giant, and is used to fighting with melee weapons. Nardulo I greet you with honour and would speak with you plainly, outlander. My name is Nardulo, an artist and singer of songs. Now I seek another path. The Zaurask have gone too far, and killed my beloved Teeza. Now I seek their deaths. I have spent my time studying the ancient tomes and magics of my people and to you I will grant this knowledge in exchange for the chance to journey with you. What say you? Will you take me as a member of your company in your adventure? Statistics: Attributes: Strength 11; Dexterity 12; Intelligence 15. Skills: Melee 0; Ranged 3; Combat Magic 8; Nature Magic 0. Equipment: Normal Boots (power: 10-20); Magic Staff (power: 10-20); Magic Bow (power: 5-12); Magic Armour (power 30-40). Spellbook of the Flame: 5 Random Combat Magic Spells; Spell: Firespray; Spell: Revive. Location: Illicor Nardulo is by his own admission, a combat mage. 4

Kraal Yellowtalon I thank ye fer yer aid, though I was sure to finish them off. Don’t take me rough look fer one who be a simpleton, friend. I choose this look. It has saved me on more than one occasion from the vicious creatures that roam these woods. My name be Kraal. I have lived here among these beasts for nigh on ten year now, since me ship was lost on the rocks on the south coast of the island. You seek the Dark One who leads the Zaurask, eh? Aye, ‘tis sure he was the one that passed by here no more than a half day ago, he and that big brute Nosirrom, the Zaurask King. I ain’t much fer company, but if what you say is true, then I must ask ta join ye. Statistics: Attributes: Strength 15; Dexterity 12; Intelligence 10. Skills: Melee 9; Ranged 0; Combat Magic 0; Nature Magic 0. Equipment: Leather Armour; Normal Boots (power: 6-10); Knife; Short Recurve. Location: the Dark Jungle Kraal is basically a melee fighter. . Algher Mhankur Did that crazy old ditch-digger send you down after me? Figures - I knew he wouldn't come down here himself. I had the Stone of Lhaoc in my hands! My partner Jharmaya and I were jumped by these relentless Hassat. They must have taken the stone. After we discovered the Shadowjumper and his minions down here, Jharmaya quit! She said she was going on ahead to The Ruined City. She was going to find the Staff of Stars, and “set things right”. You should find her; she’s very wise and may know more about how to stop the Shadowjumper. As long as you are going after her, do you need a hand? I’ve had it with all this digging and excavating! Besides, it’s about time that my people try to repair some of the damage that has been done! Statistics: Attributes: Strength 15; Dexterity 14; Intelligence 11. Skills: Melee 8; Ranged 8; Combat Magic 0; Nature Magic 0. Equipment: Hassat Skin Robe; Hammer; Short Recurve. Spellbook Location: the Inner Dig Algher wants to come along, and could be used either in melee fighting or ranged combat. Mheagan Well, what have we here? An adventurer. It’s about time something interesting happened around here. While my sister Jaelyan is quite content with a trader’s life - I am not! My arm is strong, my mind clear. Listen - I’m bored to tears living here. Take me along, will you? I’m handy with a bow, the best you've seen. Maybe we’ll even make it back to the mainland! Statistics: Attributes: Strength 12; Dexterity 16; Intelligence 11. Skills: Melee 0; Ranged 11; Combat Magic 0; Nature Magic 0. Equipment: Normal Boots; Torn Leather; Bow. 3 Random Nature Magic Spells; Spell: Resurrect; Scroll: Resurrect. Location: the Trader Camp She is by her own admission, very good as an archer, in ranged combat. 5

Konus Quiet, fool! Do you want the whole Mount of the Dead down on our heads!? Who be you then? Ah, an adventurer is it? Then we are of one mind. I am Konus, warrior mage and sworn enemy to any thing that creeps or crawls from its hallowed resting place. It is my sole task to rid the world of these unholy abominations. I have journeyed here from Aranna seeking to kill the Lord of the Dead, so that the world will be cleansed of its presence. If you are of the same mind, why not join forces? I would not mind having a few strong fellows to aid me. Join with me, and I will aid you in your task. A mutual bond, eh? Statistics: Attributes: Strength 13; Dexterity 12; Intelligence 16. Skills: Melee 4; Ranged 0; Combat Magic 12; Nature Magic 0. Equipment: Magic Misting Staff; Spidersilk Hauberk; Magic Boots; Coiled Cap. Magic Item (power: 30-45); 9 Random Combat Magic Spells; Spell: Orb of Acid; Spell: Summon Gargoyle; Spell: Firespray. Location: The Mountain of the Dead: Interior Konus has some melee fighting experience, but by far and away is a very good combat mage. Jharmaya Greetings wayward friends, I am Jharmaya and I am more of a friend than you know! I followed the Hassat who carried the Stone of Lhaoc here, but I was thwarted by the Shadowed minions. I did spy the Shadowjumper himself; he fled toward the old Transportation Centre, deep under the heart of the Ruined City. Unlike most of my fellows I am not content to sit and wait for our end to arrive. We must repair the damage that our ancestors have done. We must stop the Shadowjumper! Take me with you, so I may lend my strength to this end. Statistics: Attributes: Strength 11; Dexterity 12; Intelligence 20. Skills: Melee 0; Ranged 0; Combat Magic 0; Nature Magic 14. Equipment: Woven Shoes; Magic Staff; Magic Boots of Lightning. Magic Shimmering Spellbook: 5 Random Nature Magic Spells; Spell: Shock; Spell: Orb of Lightning. Location: the Walls of Jherkal’s Crown Jharmaya complements her friend Algher, in that she is a very good nature mage. Packmule Another character that you may add to your party is the pack mule. They can be bought at any mule dealership if you have the right amount of gold, and serve the sole purpose of hauling around your stuff. They will automatically hang back away from your party to avoid danger, but they will invariably be attacked while you are in the middle of a large battle. This can get annoying, as mules can’t use potions. The only solutions are to either: a) Bring your party back towards the mule, which also has the side effect of dragging enemies with you, or you can b) Have your mule come towards the party, which is a better solution, but not always possible. 6

As a last resort you can c) Let the mule die, then resurrect it later. Tragg

This is a new pack animal that delivers powerful attacks and can carry almost as much loot as a packmule. Traggs rapidly become attached to their owners and will rush into battle to gore any monster that threatens the party. Unlike packmules, you can order traggs to attack enemies. MAP This is the map used in the entire expansion, and you will note that the Kingdom of Ehb is partly shown in the bottom left of the map. However, all of the action is around Arhok, and on the Island of the Utraeans.

To cover any really long distances, or to cross lakes or seas, an old Utraean transport system – the displacer system - is used. Set Items There are effectively two sets of set items, one is available for both single and multiplayer games, and the other for multiplayer games only. As this walkthrough is primarily for Single Player, I have only put in those sets that are found in Single Player games. There are multiplayer sets, but I have not included them as these sets appear at random throughout the game, whilst the single player sets are fixed, in either single or multiplayer games. 7

Item sets are special collections of items that confer magical bonuses when worn together. Each set item you equip enhances the attributes of the other equipped items in the set. Set bonuses increase based on the number of items equipped. The value for each number of equipped items starting from the number of required items is listed in each description. 1) 2) 3)

Air of Illicor Arhok's Lot Clockwork Posture

4) 5) 6)

Demlock's Compendium Kit of Kajj Solov's Inventions

Air of Illicor

Illicor’s Ring Type: ring Queen) Requires: 1 Item Equipped Requires: 2 Items Equipped

Requires: INT 12

Location: Halls of the Lost (near Spider

Adds 10, 17, 31, 59, 115 to Mana Adds 5, 10, 15, 20 to Armour

Illicor’s Amulet Type: amulet Requires: INT 15 Location: Dark Jungle Requires: 1 Item Equipped Adds 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 to Max Nature Magic Damage Illicor’s Beaded Hauberk Type: armour Defence: 30 Requires: INT 18 Location: Mountain of the Dead (near Jherkal’s Crown entrance) Requires: 1 Item Equipped, 6, 9, 13.5, 20% Chance to Cast Zap on Taking Damage Adds 5, 10, 20, 35, 55 to Armour Illicor’s Staff Type: staff Damage: 60-80 Grip: 2-handed Innate: 10% Chance to Block Melee Attack Requires: INT 20 Location: Walls of Ruined City Requires: 1 Item Equipped Adds 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 to Nature Magic Skill Illicor’s Spellbook Type: spellbook Requires: INT 24 Location: Kmethket Tower Requires: 1 Item Equipped Increases Nature Magic Spell Damage by 1, 2, 3, 4, 5%


Arhok’s Lot

Arhok’s Leather Type: armour Defence: 10 Location: Hero’s Basement in Arhok Requires: 1 Item Equipped Adds 1, 16, 32, 48 to Armour. Requires: 3 Items Equipped, 10% Chance to Cast Fireshot on Taking Damage Arhok’s Short Bow Type: bow Damage: 11-20 Grip: 2-handed Range: 12 Reload Delay: 0.15 Location: Spider Caves Requires: 1 Item Equipped Adds 5, 10, 20, 40 to Health Requires: 2 Items Equipped Adds 4, 12, 20 to Ranged Damage Min Adds 4, 12, 20 to Ranged Damage Max Arhok’s Shield Type: shield Defence: 8 Innate: 20% Chance to Block Melee Attack, 10% Chance to Block Ranged Attack Location: Tidal Caves (near to Iloran) Requires: 1 Item Equipped 1, 2, 3, 4% Chance to Block Melee Attack. Requires: 3 Items Equipped Adds 2, 6 to Armour Arhok’s Long Sword Requires: STR 12 Requires: 1 Item Equipped

Type: sword Damage: 25-35 Location: the Dig Adds 1, 2, 5, 10 Health per Hit

Grip: 1-handed

Clockwork Posture

Clockwork Crossbow Type: crossbow Damage: 75-85 Range: 15 Reload Delay: 0.7 Requires: DEX 22 Location: Halls of the Great Clock (A9, R2) Requires: 1 Item Equipped Adds 5, 10, 15, 20 to Ranged Damage Adds 5, 10, 15, 20 to Ranged Damage Max Requires: 2 Items Equipped, 4, 6 Health Stolen Per Hit 9

Grip: 2-handed


Clockwork Boots Location: Cliff City Requires: 1 Item Equipped

Type: boots

Defence: 10

Requires: DEX 24

Clockwork Staff Range: 0.5 Requires: 1 Item Equipped

Type: polearm Damage: 90-110 Grip: 2-handed Requires: DEX 24 Location: Stronghold Caverns (A8, R3) Adds 1, 1.6, 2.2, 2.8 to Ranged Skill

Clockwork Amulet Location: Inner Stronghold Requires: 1 Item Equipped

Type: amulet

Adds 1, 2, 3, 4 to Dexterity

Requires: DEX 25

Add 15, 20, 30, 50 to Health

Demlock’s Compendium

Demlock’s Ring Location: Stronghold Tunnel Requires: 1 Item Equipped Requires: 2 Items Equipped Demlock’s Amulet Location: Xot’s Pass Badlands Requires: 1 Item Equipped

Type: ring

Requires: INT 22

Adds 1, 2, 3 to Intelligence Add 30, 65 to Health Type: amulet Requires: INT 24 Adds 1, 2, 3 to Combat Magic Skill

Demlock’s Spellbook Type: spellbook Requires: INT 23 Location: (quest reward given by Lhuk Torath for killing the Rune Guardian) Requires: 1 Item Equipped Increases Combat Magic Spell Damage by 1, 2, 3%

Kit of Kajj

Kajj's Breastplate Type: armour Defence: 80 Requires: STR 18 Location: Dungeons of the Dead Requires: 1 Item Equipped Adds 1, 2, 3, 4 to Strength Adds 5, 10, 25, 50 to Armour Requires: 2 Items Equipped, 4, 6% Chance to Dodge Attacks Kajj's Gauntlets Type: gloves Defence: 6 Location: Ruins of Jherkal’s Crown Requires: 1 Item Equipped Adds 5, 10, 15, 20 to Armour


Requires: STR 18

Kajj's Helm Location: Demlock’s Cut Requires: 1 Item Equipped

Type: helmet

Defence: 8

Requires: STR 20

Adds 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 to Melee Skill

Claws of Kajj Type: dagger Damage: 53-73 Range: 0.5 Requires: STR 22 Location: Cliff City Gate Requires: 1 Item Equipped, 4, 7, 12 Health Stolen Per Hit

Grip: 1-handed

Solov's Inventions

Solov’s Ward Type: shield Defence: 8 Requires: INT 20 Location: Walls of Jherkal’s Crown (near entrance to Ruined City) Requires: 1 Item Equipped, 10, 20% Chance to Cast Fireball (35-40 damage) on Taking Damage Adds 1, 2.5, 4 to Intelligence Solov’s Bow Range: 12 Location: Demlock’s Cut Requires: 1 Item Equipped Solov’s Spellbook Location: Jherkal’s Crown Prison Requires: 1 Item Equipped

Type: bow Reload Delay: 0.15

Damage: 65-75

Grip: 2-handed Requires: INT 20

Adds 4, 6, 8 to Max Combat Magic Damage Type: spellbook

Requires: INT 20

Reduces the cost of Fire Spells in this spellbook by 10, 20, 40%


Cheat Codes Any time during single player gameplay, press the ENTER key and type any of the following: (+ before the code turns the code on, and – before the code turns it off: please note that in some cases the code CANNOT be disabled once enabled) Code


sniper potionaholic Faetehbadger zool checksinthemail drdeath loefervision xrayvision sixdemonbag Maxjooky Minjooky

100 meter range for ranged weapons 3 Super Health and Super Mana Potions Full Set of Newbie Gear Invincible (needs to be entered after every cutscene) Max gold Max out all stats No Fog No Textures Powerful summon spells Very Big Character Very Small Character

Legal Stuff This document is copyright to Ian “Themisive” Gregory ©; it is free of charge with the following provisos: This notice and the author’s name MUST accompany all copies of this document - “Dungeon Siege – Legends of Aranna” is copyrighted © 2004 to Ian Gregory, all rights are reserved. This document must NOT be modified in any form or manner with out prior permission of the author; this includes a ban on cutting it into smaller parcels or adding you site name. No charge is to be made for its distribution, and it MUST NOT be offered for sale under any circumstances. Should you use any material from this walkthrough, please acknowledge the source. If you wish to contact me with regard to content or other queries, you may do so here.

WALKTHROUGH CHAPTER 1 - Shadows of the Past Hero’s Farm Here, we have a cutscene showing the hero on his farm, being contacted by one of the elders of the village. He asks the hero to get his equipment from the cellar, and to go to the Mages Guild in Arhok. After this cutscene, the hero goes to his cellar, gets his equipment (armour and sword) then he journeys to Arhok. 12

Arhok Outside the Mages guild store (the magic shop), he speaks to the mayor, who asks him to go to the storage caves north of the village, as the caves have been overrun by some creatures (QUEST 1), who are guarding the displacer there. You are asked to kill them, and also to try to find out what has happened to a trade caravan that was believed to be on the road passing near the caves. He also tells you that the East gate is open for you when you are ready. You gear up – go to the smithy for weaponry, other armour and a shield; then back to the Mages guild for potions, spells, magic books and a backpack. This last item increases you inventory capacity by about a third, but nullifies ALL the weight! Very useful (you could also buy some extra armour, cap and weaponry for the character that joins you later), in addition, go to Kron’s hut, to receive another quest (QUEST 2). When you are ready, go to the East gate, go through it, then on up the trial, I turned left, then when I had got to the section of path which was blocked, I retraced my steps, only I passed the East gate and continued up the canyon trail. At the top of the canyon just over a suspension bridge, you meet Jondar, who joins up with you for free, in order to get revenge on the ones who killed the caravan and his friends. QUEST 1: THE FIRST TRIAL QUEST 2: TRAPPER QUEST Arhok Storage Caves Just behind him, go left, down the rock slope, clear out this section including Yelloweye the bear (equip a bow while you take out Yelloweye), then go back and clean out the right hand side before continuing to the storage caves. Go into the caves, and kill the Yetis, ice monsters and the giant, then ride the displacer back to Arhok. Speak again to the mayor and tell him about the cave (QUEST 1: COMPLETED), he then gives you another quest (QUEST 4), some other equipment (a helmet and a backpack) and tells you that the West gate is now open for you. Also, go back to Kron’s hut; he’ll give you a reward for killing Yelloweye (QUEST 2: COMPLETED). Get plenty of extra potions, sell anything you don’t need, but get some more potions – you’ll have another character joining you soon. QUEST 1: COMPLETED: THE FIRST TRIAL QUEST 2: COMPLETED: TRAPPER QUEST QUEST 4: FIND THE STAFF OF STARS The Frozen Lake As you approach the West gate, go to the right-hand guard tower. Go up, and the guard there (Reynard) will tell you about his sister Lyssa who was coming to visit, but she’s a week overdue, and asks you to look out for her, then gives you her bow – a family heirloom (QUEST 3). As you go out of the gate, turn to your left, and follow the trail downhill (you go up a little first), at the bottom you will find two things, one is a shack, go in and talk to the man inside – he’ll 13

tell you about “Arhok’s Lot”. As you go out, you’ll see a displacer, but it’s not active. Go along this path (prepare to have quite a few fights). At the end, turn back and go up the rock slope in front of you. As you pass the West gate, you’ll see on you left, a suspension bridge, this will take you over the frozen lake to the entrance to the Spider Caves, here you’ll find Lyssa (QUEST 3: COMPLETED), give her her family’s bow that Reynard gave you. After here, you journey on (don’t forget extra armour, potions, spells and a backpack from Arhok for Lyssa), if necessary, take her back to us to get a backpack and other necessary items. QUEST 3: SEARCH FOR LYSSA QUEST 3: COMPLETED: SEARCH FOR LYSSA The Spider Caves These caverns are fairly complex, with several routes. There are at least four types of spider, small green ones, larger pinkish white ones, mucosae and vile mucosae; in addition, you will also come across zombies and skeletons. There is quite a lot of loot down here, but as you’re limited to only three members in your party, only pick up the best of it. A short distance into the caves, you come to a T-junction in the pathway, the right hand path is a cul-de-sac – you will also see a note saying “Arhok’s Lot”, this turns out to be a section of diary which was kept by you mother, and this is at the beginning of the left hand passage - (though there’s a lot of loot in it as well as monsters), however, at the end is a giant spider with Arhok’s Bow in an illuminated chest behind it, the right hand path is the correct one, this ends in a smallish area with a lift at the end though there are a lot of spiders, skeletons and such before you get there – again, be choosy about the loot you take. This leads down to a lower level, again, there’s quite a lot of loot, but choose carefully what you want. Monsters in these caves include zombies, skeletons and mucosae, also some vile mucosae. This ends with an earthen ramp leading to the Halls of the Lost. NOTE: If you or one of you party have a transmute spell, this can be used on unwanted items to get more gold. Halls of the Lost This is a very interesting area, and quite a long one at that, as far as monsters are concerned there’s a lot of spiders and various other monsters such as zombies and skeletons, but the best of all is at the end of this level, is a convicted woman who has, by some form of magic, been turned into a sort of evil spider queen. At first you go down a ramp from the spider caves into a tunnel, turn left and go farther down, (investigate all the side rooms and so on). As you continue, the passage widens into an ante chamber with two doors facing you, on the left which is closed, and one on the right, that is open. Go through the closed door, and you find yourself in a smallish room with a few spiders and suchlike in it, there is also a document on the floor, pick it up. Go out of this room and through the open door into the passage beyond, this passage also has some spiders in it and there are four doors one immediately facing you, on the right and two on the left. The door facing, and the one on the right lead to sub chambers, whilst the two doors on the left lead to a communal hall. There are several doors off the left and right hand sides of this hall and all are inter-connected. There are three ways into the corridor beyond this communal hall, one from the inter-connected rooms on the left, another through the inter-connected rooms on the right and one from the doorway 14

leading from the bottom of the communal hall. Next you will arrive in long series of rooms – again with side rooms (mainly bedrooms) on each side. The last side room on the right is almost like an antechamber, with a bedroom beyond. In here you will find a document prepared by an apprentice at the time of the convicted woman’s conversion (her name is Ashish), pick it up. Go back into the main corridor, then go down to the end of a corridor lined with columns, there is a right-angle turn here to the left, with two doors in front of you, one on the left and one on the right. It doesn’t matter which you take, since you end up in the same room (another communal dining room) on the other side of them, At the bottom of the room is a doorway leading to a T junction. If you turn left here, you come into another room, this one with two switches, one on the right wall and one on the left wall, each switch with a pipe next to it, which at present has no water coming from it. Pull the switches, four things now happen, water begins to come from each pipe, and two doors open. Go through these doors and prepare to fight, as there are quite a few spiders in here. After you’ve finished them off you’ll see three large chests on the floor, with one on a raised plinth in the middle of the room – there’s a light shining on this chest, open it you will also find Illicor’s Ring in here, in one the centre chest. Leave this room, and proceed straight down this passage to either of the doors facing you (again they join up at the other side). This passage only goes a short way then it turns right, and is the entranceway to a small underground canal, there are several mucosae here. Unfortunately, you can’t walk along the canal banks, so you’ll have to go down into the water and wade. This leads you to the left (the right hand side has collapsed), then out and up some stairs. In front is another door, go through and you find yourself in a chamber containing three pits – be prepared for a quite a fight here, (I had all three of my characters equip bows for it), and then went on. There are quite a few mucosae in here, with some being borne from the spider queen. Kill the ordinary mucosae, then run your whole party to the queen’s head, and keep on firing at her until you’ve killed her, kill any of her mucosae offspring, and you’ll now notice that a door has opened by her side. Now take the time to investigate some of the side rooms. As you face the passage to the restaurant there is one door, this leads into a pantry, the next on the left has set of notes in it relating to experiments which were conducted into artificial mutation, pick it up. Go through the door that has opened by the spider queen’s head, and you will find two displacers, one of them will take you back to Arhok (a good idea if you have weapons, armour or potions to sell, or if you need anything like that), the other is marked “Isle of Legends”, and takes you to just above the beach on the Island of Utrae. CHAPTER 2 – The Island of Legends Beach The displacer from the Halls of the Lost brings you to some underground rooms just above the beach, watch out – there are some more spiders to fight. As you make you way to the surface, there’re more of them, but relax, there are only two rooms and some staircases leading upwards. After you leave here, you find yourself on a bluff overlooking a beach; it appears there was a storm and shipwreck. Standing on the beach, is a half-giant named Najj – if you talk to him, it appears there was an unseasonable storm the night before, which wrecked his ship. At the same time, he lost all of his wealth, and is far from his homeland. He would like to travel with you and will join up for free; he merely asks you return him to his people (QUEST 5). The best thing here is to take him back to Arhok via the displacers to get him kitted out before starting any trek. 15

QUEST 5: RETURN NAJJ TO HIS PEOPLE Bluffs As you and you band follow the beach around, only going inland when you have to, you will eventually come to some bluffs and two cave entrances. Don’t worry; there are plenty of monsters to fight. On this section, I found the best tactic was to use a triangular formation, with follow-mode turned on. In the lead was Najj using melee weapons, with Lyssa and myself on each side as archers or melee fighters as needed, Jondar in follow mode using nature magic to heal the party as necessary. When you get to the bluffs, you find a cave entrance on the left, and one on the right, with a lot of monsters in between. Go to the left, and keep going left, through a small ravine, to a cove. Here you will find Iloran, talk to him, he says he was attacked by the slingers and lost his amulet. He asks you to find it for him (QUEST 6), kill all the monsters, going down to the cove on the right, here you will find the boss Slinger, he has Iloran’s amulet, (QUEST 6: COMPLETED). Kill him and all the rest of his band of slingers, and then go back to the left hand cove. After Ilorn has his amulet back, he will trade quite a lot of his goods to you, outfitting you as necessary. In the cave on the left, you will find another chest, illuminated from above, beside a wooden sarcophagus. You will also find another set of pages from your mother’s diary about Arhok’s Lot on the floor, telling of Arhok’s Shield, which is in the chest. Go out of this cave, and around into the next set of caves, there are in fact three complete sets, more or less after each other, as far as you are concerned, equip the shield, armour and bow, but try to keep in the configuration mentioned in the second paragraph of this section. QUEST 6: RECOVER ILORAN’S AMULET QUEST 6: COMPLETED: RECOVER ILORAN’S AMULET Illicor When you leave the cave systems, there is a small section of jungle that opens onto a bridge leading to the magician city of Illicor. You know that you have reached Illicor because of the stone heads floating on force fields around and throughout the city. The first bridge takes you to a peak on which there is a small guard post, here you will encounter several of the Zaurask. After you have defeated them, cross the next bridge, again you will have to cross the next bridge into the centre of the city, where Quayhdar gives you another quest (QUEST 7); this is to rid the city of Illicor of the Zaurask besiegers. This is reinforced by several traders that refuse to trade with you until the threat of the Zaurask siege has been lifted. As you go through Illicor, you will come across Nardulo, speak to him and he says “The Zaurask have gone too far, and killed my beloved Teeza”, the he asks you if he may join your band. Continue around Illicor – you will easily be able to see if you have missed any bridges, as lights come on after you have crossed any portion of them and stay on! When you have finally got rid of the Zaurask, you will get an update in your journal, and the various traders will offer you their 16

wares, (QUEST 7: COMPLETED). However you are given another quest, this time by Ezmera (QUEST 8). Whilst I did get more armour and weaponry – also potions where necessary, I did not get a pack animal, as at the moment my party consists as follows: Najj in the lead as melee fighter, Lyssa and myself on each side as melee fighters or archers as required, and in follow mode, Jondar as Nature Mage (Healing Hands) and Nardulo as Combat Mage (Soul Lance). QUEST 7: RID ILLICOR OF THE ZAURASK BESIEGERS QUEST 7: COMPLETED: RID ILLICOR OF THE ZAURASK BESIEGERS QUEST 8: RESCUE ALGHER MHANKER Dark Jungle When you leave Illicor, head into the Dark Jungle, and only a short distance in you meet Kraal Yellowtalon, who is fighting some of the Hassat. Join in and help him defeat them, and then accept his offer to join up with you. As he’s a melee fighter, keep him that way, so now you party is as follows: Najj in the lead, Kraal and yourself on either side (all three of you are melee fighters), Lyssa with ranged weapons (her bow or a crossbow), and in follow mode, Jondar as nature mage using the Healing Hands spell and Nardulo as combat mage using the Soul Lance spell. As far as formation goes, use an octagonal one, so that Lyssa is in the rear. Since you are close to Illicor, it will make good sense to return there to equip Kraal, weapons, armour and potions, as well as a spellbook and spells if necessary. This is a wise precaution, as you will have to negotiate quite an area before you reach the next objective. However, the path is well marked, but you do have quite a few enemies to fight, in the main, the Hassat, some spiders, forest trolls and skeletons. The true path is marked with short pillars, a short way into the forest, the path turns right, then dips into a small valley, on the other side of the valley, the path continues as before, then turns a sharp left, and goes uphill. At this point, go straight on (the path here is marked with small pyramids), and into a set of caves. Kill all the monsters here, and at the end, you will see a path going uphill. Follow this and you will find yourself on a dead-end ledge, at the end is another of those illuminated chests; this one has Illicor’s Amulet in it. Go back to where the paths join, but go up the small hill this time. Again, follow the true path (marked with short pillars), you will find that the path turns to the left. About 25 yards or so, there are some ruins on the left, with a pathway going up the cliff. Go up here, and at the top you will find a telescope named “Itane’s Eye”, there’s quite a bit of loot up here, as well as some more monsters. Now go back down, and carry on along the path, it goes down through a little dip some way farther on. Just before the path goes down into the dip, there is a bridge off to the left hand side – it consists of two spans, the second of which is broken, at the centre though there is a chest with some goodies in it. Back now to the path, as you go along, you will eventually come to a plateau area with some scorpions on it, kill these then go down the ramp. At the bottom, the path goes off to the right, past “The Well of the Spirits”. Just past here, there is another ramp to climb, more scorpions to kill, then up again, more scorpions to kill, then down a ramp, to some ruins below. At the bottom of this ramp, turn right, past the “Shrine of Galantea”, then up the ramp facing. Kill the monsters at the top of here; then up yet another ramp, past the “Statue of Lor”, then down a ramp. Continue down the pathway, you will see a ramp going up, however, the path forks here, take the right fork; this leads to the “Temple of Lor” and stops there. Go back to the fork, take the left fork (going uphill) and down the ramp on the other side. The path bends round to the right here, then to the left, and down yet another ramp to the “City of Splendours” – the dig site. 17

Dig Site At the dig site, you meet Therg, who, it appears is willing to top up your inventories. He explains that this is due to the fact that people will leave armour, weapons, potions, spells and such littered all over the landscape, all he does is collect them and sell them! Thus after replenishing and /or renewing your inventories, go down the stairs, turning right at the bottom. In here, the true path is marked either by statues or by hanging baskets of meat. Just a little way up, there is a crossroads, the left and right turns cannot be made as the corridors have collapsed. But just in front is the door to the “Hall of Records”, with Therg standing inside. He gives you a new quest (QUEST 9). QUEST 9: THE STONE OF LHAOC Underground City Then take the elevator and take your party down to the lower Hall of Records. There are 4 doors out of here, North, South, East and West. Both the North and the South doors are blocked, the West door leads into a corridor that is also collapsed, whilst the East door leads into one room, with an exit to the North exit has a room with an altar in it. In the East wall is another doorway, which leads to the “Relaxation Pool”. Unfortunately, this is a dead end, so retrace your steps to the main room. There is a set of stairs leading down in the South East corner, go down, there is a landing with more stairs going on down. On the left hand side of this passage is a door leading into a “Meditation Chamber”, if you turn to your right, you will see an ordinary chest, but on your left is another of those illuminated chests, this is Arhok’s Lot item 4. On the other side of the passage is the door into the Relaxation Pool Lower Level; it however is also a dead end, so go back into the main passage and down two more sets of stairs into a cave passage, follow the hanging baskets, turn immediate left then there is a cutscene, turn left and go on to the end of this passage. The door at the end here leads you to a large room with a pool in it; also some robots. Dispose of the robots; then go through the West door, back into a cave passage. This turns to the West and into another corridor. Go out the West door in the cave passage, turn right, right again down into some water. Go up the ramp opposite and out of the East door. There is a door facing, to your right and just down the corridor, go through it. Turn left, the door at the end of the corridor is blocked, so turn right; down into some water and up the facing ramp, turn right down into more water here, go to your left up a ramp, there are two shadowjumpers at the top waiting for you. Kill them; check the baskets and then go through the door facing East. You will now face another three shadowjumpers. After you’ve killed them, go through the door in the South Eastern corner. Turn left into a corridor (don’t bother going to the end of this corridor as it’s blocked at the other end), then right to the doorway almost across from you. Go to the South for a little while, until you come to a T shaped plinth; the passage now turns East, but on the plinth, you find Algher Mhankur, (QUEST 8: COMPLETED). He explains that he had the Stone of Lhaoc but when he and his assistant Jharmaya were attacked by the shadowjumper, she (Jharmaya) fled in pursuit. Alger asks if he could join the party. Accept him. Go to the end of the cave and there you will find another corridor facing, this almost immediately turns North, and goes up some stairs, until you come to another crossroads, the East and West corridors are blocked, so continue North, bear East then North again, upstairs and outside. QUEST 8: COMPLETED: RESCUE ALGHER MHANKER 18

Fen of the Frozen With the exit to the Underground City behind you, follow the path North West - at one place, there are four torches, at this point the path bends to the North past a displacer, to the Hill Giants tribe encampment, here you are able to get Mheagan, who is a god archer, so I disbanded Najj (QUEST 5: COMPLETED), keeping myself, Kraal and Algher (all melee fighters); with Lyssa and Mheagan (both archers) in the main group, in follow mode, are Jondar – Healing Hands and Nardulo – Soul Lance. The headman, Kirr, gives you another quest, (QUEST 10) From the encampment, the path goes East over a bridge to an island, then turns South to a hut, just after the hut, you can leave the path, going West, for a few yards, to get some more loot. Now go back to the path, and continue South until you come to another hut. NOTE: at this point, the true path through the Fen of the Frozen is marked by a series of statues. From the hut the path leads Southwest to another bridge, however, I decided to explore a little. Continue South, following the island’s coast as it bends West, you come to another bridge, with a fork in it to the left, you can’t use this as the bridge is broken, but the main bridge takes you to yet another hut. Go back now to the island, continue West bending to the North. In this way you will come back to the first hut. Then turn South to the second hut, then Southwest to the bridge. Cross the bridge and follow the path West, ignore the first bridge (this is the other end of the broken bridge found earlier). There is a hut a little farther West, on the ground nearby are instructions and details about what the Kit of Kajj is. Pick them up. At the hut, go South over the bridge, and at the end, follow the path Southwest. Since the path follows the shape of the fen, it bends more and more to the West. When the path is due West, the land opens out on the left, there is a cabin that has been burnt down here; this is the home of the Dark Acolytes. Kill them all, (QUEST 10: COMPLETED), at the same time collect various bits and pieces of goodies, as I found the best thing here is to go back to the trader’s camp, restock, and sell any extra goodies I had before proceeding. Now all these have been sorted out, go back to the point where you exterminated the Dark Acolytes, nearby is a bridge leading North, there’s a T junction in it, the left side goes to a cabin, whilst the right is the correct path, and goes to an island. When you get to the island, you are actually on the Mountain of the Dead! QUEST 5: COMPLETED: RETURN NAJJ TO HIS PEOPLE QUEST 10: THE DARK ACOLYTES QUEST 10: COMPLETED: THE DARK ACOLYTES Mountain of the Dead Exterior Check the island base, first round behind the hut, as far as you can go, then the other way – again as far as you can go, disposing of enemies on the way. These comprise zombies, ghosts, skeleton hordes and the odd bear or two. Now go back to those blue lights, you’ll see there is a ramp up between them, go up, the path runs Northeast, gradually bending to the North. At the top of the hill there is a rock bridge going to the Northwest, cross it. The path leads Northwest from here, then West up a ramp. It continues North-North-West up yet another ramp, then the path swings Easterly up yet another ramp. At the top, the path goes slightly 19

West of North, bending to the North. The path now runs Northwest uphill; then continues West uphill. At this point, look around, the path actually runs uphill to the West, it also forks here, with a short section leading uphill to a small graveyard to the Southwest, and a short section downhill to yet another small graveyard to the South. After you have disposed of these, take the uphill fork to the West; here you will find a large skull (the entrance to the Mountain of the Dead – Interior), there are also several graveyards scattered about – be prepared for a very tough fight indeed. After this, go to the skull, there are steps leading down inside. Interior Go down these stairs, Konus is at the bottom, he will also give you another quest (QUEST 11); the best thing here is to accept his offer to team up with you, as he is a combat mage, then take your whole party BACK to the Half Giant’s camp to restock where necessary, just use the exterior pathway in reverse, but at the bottom, go directly Northeast through the waters of the fen to the camp, instead of walking all around the shore. After you have restocking - and kitted out Konus, go back to the entrance to the Mountain of the Dead – Interior. At the bottom of the stairs is a closed door to the south; go though it. This leads you into a room with an elevator in it. Get all your party on it; then go down, at the bottom, clear this room out, as well. The exit from here is through the door to the North. When you enter this next corridor, you will note that it runs to the north, there is a room off to the East a few yards down, go in there, and you find you are in some sort of crypt. After you have investigated this crypt thoroughly go back into the corridor, heading South, at the bottom of this corridor is another door, leading to the East, and just a few yards before that is a door leading to the West. Go through the door leading to the East, investigate this room; then go back out and through the door to the West. This leads you into a sort of T junction, it doesn’t matter which end you choose, as both doors lead into the same room! You will find that this is another crypt, clean it out, and then look at possible exits. There are two doors, one in the centre of the room facing East, and the other to the North end of the room, facing – obviously North. Go through the East door, you find this is another burial room. Go no to the North door, and through it, you find yourself in a corridor, go down some stairs, the corridor bends to the Northeast, then at the bottom, there is a door to the North. On the other side, there is a large room, with a pit sunken in the centre; the exit from here is on the right hand side of the room, to the South. When you go through this door, you find yourself in a small room that has two exits, one to the South and one to the East. Go through the Southern door first, you find yourself in yet another burial room. Now go through the Eastern door, you are now in what appears to be some sort of dungeon, with the exit again to the East. The corridor you are now in runs South; turns after few yards, then after another few yards turns South again, down some stairs to the exit which is a South facing door. As you go through here, you find that you are in some sort of ante-room, there are two doors facing you in the South wall. Go through the left hand door, and you find yourself in a short corridor with a couple of dungeons off the left hand side of it. Now go back, go through the right hand door, NOW you’re in a short corridor with a couple of dungeons off the right hand side of it. Both these short corridors run South, and they connect via an open archway onto another corridor, also running South. There are 20

three doors in this corridor, one to the East, one to the West, and one at the end of the corridor, to the South. Go into the West room first, as there’s no door. It appears to be some sort of dungeon, the room across the corridor is a torture room, whilst the other door, to the South; you enter the final room before the lava tunnels. QUEST 11: THE SCOURGE OF CICATRIX Lair of Cicatrix In this final room, you are again confronted by a large pit, and on the other side, there is another of those illuminated chests; and beyond that, there is the first of the lava tunnels. In the chest is the first item in the Kit of Kajj, Kajj’s Breastplate. Go down this lava tunnel, East down the slope, along the lava tunnel then down the slope, going East all the while. At the bottom, turn North, for a few yards (this is a dead end), get your loot; then return South to the bottom of the slope. If you want more loot, go East along the lava then go back to the bottom of the slope. Next, look to the South, you will see a passage, go down it. After a short while, it will turn to the East down another slope, veering slightly to the North. Keep on until you reach two lights, one on each side of the tunnel. Here, turn East uphill. At the top you have three choices, one is to turn South uphill and then turn East, as this is also a dead end, go back and this time, keep to the side of the lava, you should be able to get most of the way round the pool. The other way is to go East along the side of the pool; then down a slope, the tunnel now turns North past three sarcophagi, down at the end, turn West then South to another pair of lights, you should now turn West again, and facing you is an island with some columns on it in the middle of a lava pool. This is the lair of Cicatrix. After he has been defeated, (QUEST 11: COMPLETED) go West then South. Look North and uphill, keep going North, and you will find more goodies at the end of this tunnel. Now go back across Cicatrix’s island, then South at the lights, keep going to the corner, and turn West to the end. Here turn South into another lava tunnel, then North up the slope to a displacer. At his point, I collected all my party together and got them onto the displacer, as this goes back to the Half Giant’s camp. Here, sell all unnecessary items, stock up on other items. Return to the displacer, and then to the lava tunnels. From here, go West up a slope, the North up another slope. At the top, turn East for the exit, to another room with an elevator in it. Again, get everyone on it, then go up it and out of the only exit door in the room. This leads onto stairs going up. At the top you are now back on the Mountain of the Dead. From this exit, the path runs downhill Easterly then North Easterly then Northerly. Just after you come to the second bear you will see two things, one is a set of steps leading underground – this is the entrance to Jerkhal’s Crown – and also another of those illuminated chests – this contains the Illicor Beaded Hauberk. QUEST 11: COMPLETED: THE SCOURGE OF CICATRIX CHAPTER 3 - The Crown and the Cut Ruined Ziggurats Go North down the steps into Jerkhal’s Crown, then turn East into a dead end. In actual fact, there’s quite a bit of loot around. Go back West to the foot of the stairs, then West down some more stairs to a partially flooded corridor. Turn North along this corridor, then East upstairs. You are in another dead end, but there is an exit near the end into some cave passages. Turn North into these passages a short way; what looks like a rock bridge to the North is in actual fact a dead end, the passage goes Southeast veering South downhill; after this, go West down into a pool, (there’s a few goodies in here). After you’ve finished, go back up onto the path again, and up some more 21

stairs to the South. Go on through the arch into a corridor, immediately opposite, is a small room. There’re quite a few goodies in here, but also there’s a man called Nirr, who asks you to deliver a letter to his son Jaff (QUEST 12). Go back into the corridor; follow it East, then North and upstairs. Now you go outdoors, the path from Jerkhal's Crown goes North from the exit, the, turn West down a ramp, turning North again at the foot of it. From here to the first of the Ziggurats is not far, and is due North, however, when you come to paved section, a cutscene will play. This first Ziggurat is the astronomical society, and at the top of here is another of those illuminated chests, this one holding Kajj's Gauntlets, in addition, there is the guardian of the displacers, and he gives you another quest (QUEST 13). From here, cross the river via the bridge on the astronomical society’s Ziggurat, (there’s only one remaining intact), then when you’ve mopped up a bit at the bottom, you find, on having a good look around, that there’s another Ziggurat not far away, to your right, East North East. Once you’ve cleared all the various spiders and other monsters away, collected what loot you need, and so on, go back to bottom of the astronomical society’s Ziggurat. From here, the path goes due North through a ravine, this opens out a little at the end, but quarter of this width is filled in on each side by stone walls, the gap on the middle has no gates though, and this is the entrance to the Ruined City. QUEST 12: SPECIAL DELIVERY QUEST 13: THE SACRED GUARDIAN Ruined City At the gate, there are two clobber monsters, boy are these tough! Just through the gate on the left is another Ziggurat – it might be some form of watchtower though. On top of this Ziggurat is another of those illuminated chests, this one hold Illicor’s Staff. At the gate, the path is North past the Ziggurat, then it turns Northeast then north again, and up another slope in front. At the top of this second slope is the actual Ruined City. Here the path runs Northwest into the ruins, and inside the wall is something like a long low building, or another description, a long low and wide wall. At this point the path splits into three directions. 1) 2) 3)

This first way goes West then back South to get outside the wall, then turns North uphill. The second way continues over the other side of this wall or building, goes North, and then turns East. The third direction is over the other side of this wall or building goes North; then turns West.

Using the first way, it is quickly discovered that whilst this does indeed take you to a higher section of walls, it is a dead end. The second way again has more loot in it, but again is just a dead end. The third way takes you West down two slopes, where it opens out a little to the left hand side. At the bottom of the second slope, the path again splits into three, these are: 1) 2)

Turn immediately left, to the South keeping a ravine to the right hand side of your party. Another left turn, also to the South, this time keeping that ravine on your party’s left hand side. 3) The other option is a right turn to the East, down another slope. Option 1; this is the true path; there’s quite a bit of opposition here, and a lot of loot. Go down this path, it’s South all the way, then you come to a stone wall with a gateway in it. Through that gate, 22

the path continues, now in a ravine, still to the South. At the end of this ravine, you meet up with Jharmaya; at this point it’s worth disbanding Jondar, in favour of Jharmaya, as she is a much better Nature Mage than Jondar. In front of you is a circular structure with steps leading down – this is the true entrance to the Ruined City. However, before heading down, it would be a good idea to check the other path options. Option 2; go back to the bottom of the second slope, then turn south, keeping the ravine on your left, whilst there’s some loot, the route isn’t very long, and you soon come to the dead end. Option 3; go back to the bottom of the second slope again, go forwards a little, until you are able to turn East down another slope. This leads down into water, there are a couple of giant spiders here, kill them, behind them is a sort of small cave opening in the rock wall, and in it is an illuminated jar, which hold Solov’s Ward, this is a special shield. Now it is time to go back to the entrance to the Ruined City, go down the steps, and you find yourself in a chamber with a glass ball in the centre, this is sending out a welcome, the only problem is that it is NOT running properly, first it is too fast, then too slow, then it runs at normal speed! After clearing up in here, you see there are two doors facing you; both are facing south, so go through the left hand door first. This room is L shaped; it also has three giant spiders in it. Kill them, and you should be able to concentrate on the other things in the room, like doors. There are three doors to this room, other than the one you entered by the first is on the right hand wall, facing West, the second is directly facing you, South, and the third is in the bottom left hand corner of the room, facing East. Go through the West facing door first, this leads you into another L shaped room, with another three giant spiders! Kill these, then look around, you see that like the other room, this one is also L shaped, but as you came in at the side, on your left, facing South is another door, on your right, facing North, yet another door, and at the bottom right hand corner of the room, facing West is another door. It turns out that the North door leads back to the foot of the entrance stairs, and is in fact the right hand South facing door. Now, go back to the first room, and then go through the South facing door. You find that this leads into a dining room cum rest room, it isn’t too big, and there are only two doors in it, both facing North, since you came in through one of those doors, it is only logical to correctly deduce that the South facing door in the other room, MUST be the other North door, - it is. Again, go back into the first room go now to the East facing door in the corner. You find yourself in a small square room, with only two doors in it, the one you have just come through, and another at the other end, to the South. Go through this, and you find yourself at the top of some stairs, and another of those crazy recordings plays. Carry on down these stairs to the South, and you come out in another square room, this one has two doors leading from it, one is open. As you face South into the room, on the right hand wall, about half way along, there is an open door facing East, and at the bottom left hand corner of the room, is a closed door leading West, by the side of this is a small pyramid with the legend “Zaurask Handlers Only”. Go through this door, and two things happen, one is that you find yourself in a short passage leading East, the other is that a security recording starts to play, asking you to return to the concourse, and that security have been notified. At the end of this passage is a door in the side, leading North, go in and you’re now in a room with an elevator in the middle. Get on the elevator and go down, and you end up in a small room with one door out to the North. This leads to yet another room; this one has two doors in it, one leading East and the other to the North. Go through the East door first, this turns out to be one of the Zaurask cells. Now go back out, and through the North door. This door leads into a passage running East for a few yards, then North. There are three doors from this passage, one is in the middle of the right hand wall, leading East, and two doors facing, one left hand and one right hand, both facing North. Go through the East facing door first, you’re in a room with two shadowjumpers, kill them. 23

Go back out into the passage; and through either of the North facing doors – open one of them and both open! This turns out to be the Zaurask Prison! There are 10 cells, but in the middle of the room is a large pit, in the middle of which is a raised section, about on a level with the surrounding walkways. In the left hand wall, there are 3 cells, in the bottom wall there are 4, and in the right hand wall there are another 3. All that inhabits any of the cells – if anything – are giant rats, though in the first cell on the left hand wall you do find the body of a man called Dhald. Go to the bottom wall, and in the second cell from the left hand wall, you find not only another of these giant rats, but also another illuminated jar, this one holds Solov’s Spellbook. Check out all the other cells, and then return to the small room with the pyramid in it. Now we go through the West door, and down the stairs, and you see you’re in a small T shaped room, with 4 doors. One, facing directly West, is open, and through it you can see stairs going up. There are 3 other doors, one on the left leads South, and has a statue of a lion on each side of it. On the right, facing north are two doors, whilst in the middle of the room are two other objects, one is a statue of a man, and the other is a rectangular column. This column turns out to be the Utraeans “Magical Automated Store” or MAS. It’s also a very good place to restock and re-equip where necessary. After restocking, go through the door facing you to the West, and up those stairs, at the top, you see you’re in a small room with another door leading to the North. When you go through this, you find yourself confronted by another set of stairs, and again, you find yourself in another small room, the door from this room leads East. Big surprise, remember those two L shaped rooms you started out from? Well, you went down all that way, then crossed over and climbed back up again, and then find you’ve come in a circle! Go back to the room with the MAS in it. Restock as necessary; then go to one of the North facing doors. These each lead into an L shaped room; that has a connection with the other, so go back out again, but this time, go to the south door. Now you’re in a wide passage (another crazy message plays, something about friendly Zaurask porters and no need to tip them), there are columns on each side, and there’s a channel in the middle, going South; follow the channel as far as the statue, then turn West, follow the channel – and the room – to the door at the end, facing West. On the other side of this door is a large room, there’s a pit in the middle, but even so, it looks more like a waiting room than anything else, anyway, before you do anything else, go back to the MAS and restock, then return here. From the waiting room, through the West door, this door opens into a roughly triangular shaped room, with another door to the West at the end. Go through this door, and you now find yourself in a room roughly shaped like a squat letter U, with a north facing door at the top of each short arm. I don’t think it matters too much which of these doors you open, as they booth open into the same room, and they do open together. At the bottom left hand of the room, there is a door facing West, whilst at the bottom right hand, there is a door facing East. Go through the East door first, you immediately turn left, or North, up some stairs, now go back to the room below, and take the West door, this time you immediately turn right, going North up some stairs. There appears to be a large square passage at the top of the stairs – at the top of the stairs from the West door, you face immediately North, then the passage turns East, with a North facing door in it, at the top of the East stairs, again you are faced with a North passage, this time it turns West, with a North facing door in it. At the same time, there is a connecting corridor between both stairwells! Go through the Northeast North door first, (it turns out that both North doors come into the same room and that they open together), you are now in a quite large room; there is only one item of any interest, a displacer. Next to the displacer is a “Dark Generator” crystal, this has to be destroyed before you can use it (QUEST 13: COMPLETED). QUEST 13: COMPLETED: THE SACRED GUARDIAN


Demlock’s Cut The displacer actually takes you to Demlock’s Cut, the path to the West by the cliff is not very long, and is a dead end. However, the path also crosses a bridge to the East; then you just follow the path, South, West South again and then West downhill. At this point you have two choices, either left, or right. Taking the left route is South, then East, North and then East again – it is not a very long route, as it is a dead end. If you take the right turn, cross the first bridge, then again you have two choices, either go left, and check it all out, then back to the second bridge, cross that, and this time, follow the river round, keeping it on the left all the time. When you get to the end, turn around and follow the river back until you reach the point where the path goes in a Westerly direction, downhill. At the bottom, the path goes to the North, veering to the East to the river bridge. After crossing the river, investigate the settlement on the other side, then return to the bridge. From here, the path runs Northwest downhill, at the bottom, it veers North the Northwest then Westerly. There is another settlement here, investigate it; then you see the path crosses a rock bridge to the Southwest, cross it. This bridge turns slightly Westerly in the middle, and at the end, the path towards a torch at the top of slope, which goes downhill to the South. At the top of the slope, and at the point where the path turns, is a statue of Demlock. Carry on along the path to the South, down another small slope, and keeping a ravine on your left hand side, towards a camp. At this camp, the paths turns West and after only a few yards, North downhill, keep going down the second slope, until you reach a bridge going North-North-West. Standing in front of this bridge is Bran Torath, who gives you a new quest (QUEST 14), as he tells you that the Rune Casters have captured his son Lhuk, and he asks you to free him. Go across the bridge, and if you go right here, towards the waterfall, you will find, behind the waterfall, another of those illuminated jars, this one contains Solov’s Bow. Go back to the bridge, from here, the path goes Northwest down hill, then it turns Northeast, the it runs East through a cutting, at the end of the cutting, the path turns left, to the North, through the Rune Caster’s camp. One of the monsters you defeat – the Rune Master - possesses a unique weapon, The Scythe of Ahok, pick it up (QUEST 14: COMPLETED). In front of you is a suspension bridge taking the path to the West. Cross it. At the other side, you find Lhuk, who gives you Demlock’s Spellbook, and allows you to buy goods from him. On the left hand side of him is another displacer; (non working). Here, follow the path, that goes downhill West-North-West, the path is still going downhill, but turns West as you go down the hill still farther. You come to a large rocky cliff in your path, and at this point, the path turns North downhill, and then runs to the West. As you carry on along here, you find two chests, and just after you pass the second chest, the path turns East over a rock bridge. When you have crossed this rock bridge, you see that the path now turns Northeast. NOTE: If you don’t want to cross that rock bridge, you could follow the ledge round the cliff as it brings you to the same place. QUEST 14: THE HORROR OF THE RUNE MASTER QUEST 14: COMPLETED: THE HORROR OF THE RUNE MASTER Demlock’s Ravine The path now turns back to the East, this time with a ravine on the right. Go along this path to the East, about 50 yards, the path now turns Northeast, then after a few yards, back to East. There is a bridge across the river here, and the path goes North over the bridge. Instead of going this way though, continue East, with the river on the left hand side, and a bluff on the right. When you come to the end of the bluff; turn downhill to the East, and the downhill again to the West. More or less 25

in front of you is another of those illuminated chests – this one holds The Helm of Kajj. Cross the bridge, and follow the path to the North, through another rune caster’s camp, then North and uphill. At the top, the path turns West, up yet another hill, follow this, then go straight ahead to halfway up the next slope, where the path now turns just East of North and continues uphill. At the top, the path goes East-North-East down a slope to the Tower of Kmethket. At the bottom, you meet Therg again (last seen at The Dig), he has a new quest for you; he wants you to go into the Tower of Kmethket and kill all the clones and other monsters (QUEST 15). QUEST 15: THE SUNKEN TOWER Tower of Kmethket As you descend the steps East into the tower, you find a book called Demlock’s Compendium; continue down to the bottom of the steps, the corridor turns West. Go through this door, and onto the elevator. When you get to the bottom, you find you are inside an L shaped room, and that there are two doors leading from it, one to the North and the other to the South; also, by a chest in the middle of the room is something called the Codex of Krell. Go through the North door first, this is only short, the only route from here has collapsed, so retrace your steps and try that South door. On the other side of the door, the passage swings around left to the East, you find that you are now in a small square room, and the only exit is to the East, in front of you. When you go through this door, you find that you are in an even smaller room; again, you have no choice but to go on. At the next room however, there are two exits, one leads East, but though open, has collapsed, the other leads to the North. Go through this door, and you find that there are two exits from this room; one on the left, through a door going West, and on the right is a cave passage going East, but turning North very quickly. This cave passage doesn’t go very far and is a dead end, so now, go through the Western door. This room has two exits, one is straight ahead, it is open and blocked, whilst the other is to the right and down some stairs leading North and at the bottom is a T junction like corridor, running from East to West, with a door at each end. If you go through the East door you find yourself in a small room, with another door to the East on the other side. Go through here, and you find yourself in a fairly large room, but with no exit. However, if you go through the West door, you will find yourself in another L shaped room, There are three exits to this room, two of them are on the right hand side, and are open and blocked, whilst the other is on the left hand side, leading South. Go through this door, and you find yourself in a corridor that runs South Westerly into another fairly large room, the exit from which runs in a South Easterly direction, with a door at the top that faces South. Go through this door and you will find yourself in another L shaped room, and again there is only one exit, this one facing to the East again. This leads into another room, and the only exit is a cave passage, again heading East, turning South, and then almost immediately East under an archway. About 25 yards on to the East, the passage forks, left hand to the South for about 50 yards, then West – another dead end; but the main passage runs to the East. After a while, the passage swings round to the South, and you end up by going along a very wide ledge, the passage veers to the South Southwest downhill, then Westerly and downhill to the bottom. Here the passage turns North veering North-North-east down a slope. The passage now goes North again to a corridor, which runs from West to East. In the East, the corridor has collapsed, and just to the Northeast is an oblong building, this appears to be a sunken temple, and has a couple of rooms in it also there is an information point behind it. The path now goes down the corridor to the West. Go down the passage, and you come out in a large room, in the centre of which there is a large pit of


some description. There are two more information points here, on the left hand side of the pit, the other on the right hand side. On the other side of the room, there are two arches, both facing West, and the continuation of the corridor, also to the West. The two arches turn out to be arches leading into one room, no reason is given as to what it is, (it could be some form of waiting room for the sunken temple), leading North from this room is another arch, this brings you into the outgoing Westerly corridor (facing North); [see diagram for better details on this area] on the other side of the corridor is another archway, also leading North, this leads into a more modest sized room, also with a pit in the centre. As you look Northwest, there is an empty room there; there is another archway, this one to the North-North-West, in there you will find an altar – a mana altar, unfortunately, it doesn’t work! At this point, turn down the corridor to the right (to the North), you com across several Arches into other rooms. Thee first is the next arch, on the left had side, There is another information point here, this appears to be a school for swordsmanship, whereas the next room on the left is an empty room,, the next one along, also on the left, is a mages school. From the door of the school, and looking Northeast, there is another arch, unfortunately, it is blocked. However, here the corridor opens into a small room, with two exits to the North and one to the West. As you go through the Western arch, you find the corridor turns right immediately, then runs North downstairs This has been blocked and flooded, go back through the arch, and through either of the arches to the North, These both go into the same small room, and at the bottom right is another arch leading North Go through this arch and you find yourself in yet another room, this time you entered at the top right, and the path continues through either one of two arches that are set in the wall facing you to the North. Go though here and you find yourself with another set of stairs on the left, going down to the West, these are blocked and flooded, but facing you to the North is another arch, this leads onto a landing of a set of stairs, one flight, going down to the North is blocked and flooded, whilst the other flight, also leading North goes uphill, and is the correct path. At the top, you come to yet another arch leading North, this opens into an East – West corridor, at the bottom right is another arch, leading North, in the middle of the East wall is another information point, whilst to the left in the West wall, are two arches, both facing West. The two West facing arches open on to a ledge above a ravine, the information point gives us details that lead us to conclude this was some sort of biological engineering facility. However, the North arch is the correct path. This opens onto a set of stairs going North, downhill, it is flooded at the bottom, and curves around to lead to a corridor running North – South. There are five arches leading from here, one in the South wall, two in the West wall and one in the North wall, these are all blocked, there is also one other in the East wall that is open, and thus the correct path. You now find yourself in a short corridor running West, with an arch to the West at the end, go through. This next room is diamond shaped, with the exit also to the West, opposite; again, go through and up a short flight of stairs to the West, at the top of here, go through another arch into a room shaped like a right angle triangle, with the right angle to the left. The corridor turns right here, to the South. A few yards down, on the left is a corridor that has been blocked, in a few more yards, you encounter a wall, with the corridor now running East and West. If you turn to the West, you soon realise that you are in some form of temple complex, and that the East corridor, that turns South after a few yards, actually runs right around the complex, though there are stairs to the temple a few yards down this corridor, on the right. Investigate this complex thoroughly; then leave the complex by the South facing corridor at the other end. It then turns East, a few yards down this corridor there is another passage on the left that is blocked. A little farther on, there are two arches, one to the North, and another to the South. The Southern arch leads to what was probably some sort of ante room, though the arch going farther South is blocked. The Northern arch leads into a small diamond shaped room. Go back into the corridor and continue East to a small square room, the exit from which is down a cave passage to the East-South-East.


Go down this passage, after a few yards it turns South, and opens into a small room. The exit is through an arch to the south, and down some stairs to the South to a square room at the bottom, at the bottom left is another of those illuminated chests, this one has in it Illicor’s Spellbook. The exit from this room is through another arch to the South, though this has a carved stone door. On the other side of the door, you find yourself in another square room, at the bottom left hand side is a displacer (tis one works) – this goes back to Lhuk at Demlock’s Cut – any unwanted goods could be collected and taken to him for sale. The exit is through another cave passage to the Southeast. After only a short distance, this passage turns South under a rock arch, then slightly to the East, turning back to a Southerly direction. Just after this, it turns to just South of West, under another Rock arch, and the exit to Xot’s Pass, (QUEST 15: COMPLETED). QUEST 15: COMPLETED: THE SUNKEN TOWER CHAPTER 4 – Pilgrimage of Redemption Xot’s Pass As you leave the Tower of Kmethket, you see the path goes forward to the South; then turns to the West. However, it is advisable to explore this section of coast first, before taking that West path. As you go on to the Western path, you see that after a few yard it splits into two, the main path carries on the West, and the side path goes South; then it turns Southeast uphill. At this point go uphill and you fid yourself in another Hassat camp, and are able to recover the Stone of Lhaoc (QUEST 9: COMPLETED). Now, go back down the hill, and onto the path, going West. In front of you, there is a slope going uphill, at the top and after that, another Westerly slope, also uphill, after these slopes, the path runs Southeast to a ruined tower, where it turns Southeast. Also at the tower, there is a lady named Uelda, who gives you another quest (QUEST 16), she tells you that she, her husband Umberteen, and her children were on a pilgrimage of redemption when the droc attacked; whilst she was able to protect her children, the droc captured Umberteen, and she asks you to find him. Now go Southeast, Southwest then East; then down hill to the East. Just past the bottom of this slope, the path turns South. Just in front is a bluff (or Mesa), the path actually runs to your right here, to the West, but in actual fact, you are able to go around this bluff in ether the Easterly or Westerly direction! From here of course, you now move into another area, Xot’s Badlands. QUEST 9: COMPLETED: THE STONE OF LHAOC QUEST 16: FREE UMBERTEEN Xot’s Badlands Now the path goes to the West, then swings South again, this is repeated twice more, each time there are these bluffs – or mesas – until you come to one point where there are three cave openings in the right hand rock wall, all these openings are actually connected internally, and at the last mesa, just before the river bridge, you see the path is actually going South at this point, however, if you leave the path, keeping the river on your left, past the last mesa, and under a rock bridge, you will eventually come to another of those illuminated chests, this one contains Demlock’s Amulet. Go back to the bridge; you note that it runs in a South Easterly direction, though at the other side of the river, the path runs in a Southerly direction, between yet another mesa and a rock face. Cross the bridge, but then leave the path, going to the waterfall. Now, keeping the river on your left, follow it down to where it enters the rock in its own tunnel. Explore this area thoroughly; then go back to the river bridge. As has been mentioned, the path goes in a Southerly direction, and again, we have 28

three cave openings in the rock wall to the right, again these are all connected to each other inside. At the second cave opening – the one marked by two torches, the path turns in an Easterly direction. After a little while, you come to a slope going East, downhill go down, the path now turns Northwest. As you go along the path, you come to a Droc camp, and at the cooking pot, the path now turns to slightly North of East, through the lake. The actual start of the path is marked my two torches on the land, whilst the route through the lake is marked by single torches. Just before you come to a rock face, the path forks, the true path now runs to slightly East of South, whereas the other fork is more North-North-East. It is also guarded by a Giant Krakbone, and some of her children, small krakbones. I recommend killing the Giant Krakbone first, and then the surviving children; otherwise, if you go for the smaller ones first, she tends to give birth to more! After you have despatched these, go North-North-East into the Droc camp, lower level, then North East uphill to the upper level. Now go back across the lake to the slightly East of South exit. When you get onto land, the path now tends to run in a generally Easterly direction through a canyon running mainly East-South-East. Just a little way down, the path forks, one fork goes to the North, into a cave mouth, and the other, the main path continues to the East. Go into the cave, then turn East across some water to an island, you find Umberteen in a cage here, free him, (QUEST 16: COMPLETED); he now asks you to find his brother Ghage in the Cliff City of Xulphae’s Cove, (QUEST 17). Go back out of the cave, and turn East down the path, after about 25 yards, the path and canyon turn South. After about 50 yards, the canyon ends and the enclosed space opens on to a large beach; this is the start of the Cliff City area. QUEST 16: COMPLETED: RESCUE UMBERTEEN QUEST 17: REUNION Cliff City The path still runs South, but now there is a beach to the left, and on the right is the rock face housing the Cliff City of Xulphae’s Cove. Go down the beach, and at the Droc camp the path turns to the West-South-West uphill, then West up another slope. A few yards farther on, the path turns North, go to the end of this channel, and you will note that the path breaks into two, to the East, flanked by two posts with fires or beacons on top, is the entrance to Xulphae’s Cove, whilst to the West is another slope, leading to Xulphae’s Cove top. Go to the East, and the first door on the left is Ghage’s room, he can hardly believe his brother and his wife are still alive, (QUEST 17: COMPLETED), now he gives you a new quest, he says that you must find and defeat Nosirrom, the Zaurask leader, (QUEST 18). Now go back into the passage, continue to the East for a few yards, then turn North along a ledge. At the end of this ledge is another doorway, go through here, speak to the woman there, she runs a shop where you can restock, do so, and don’t forget to sell any surplus equipment as well. Go back to those posts, but this time, go up the West slope, turning to the North and slightly to the East. Clear this area, and then return towards the North facing slope, but this time go North up the slope, then South up the next slope. At the top, you find that the path now runs North for a short distance, and then turns East up another slope. At the top, turn North again, in front of you is a rock bridge, and it’s broken, also on it is another of those illuminated chests – this one contains the Claws of Kajj. Now, go back to the shop, restock as necessary, but this time, continue into the shop, then turn North up a slope into another chamber. Go through the doorway and turn North along a ledge. After a few yards, you have two choices, either to the West or continue North along the ledge. It doesn’t matter which way you go, as they both lead you to the same chamber, in here, you find a 29

woman named Eradi, who asks you to remove the Zaurask tainting the healing well (QUEST 19). As you go out of the chamber, there are three possible routes, left, to the South, right, to the North, or West down a fairly large canyon. The South route is blocked, and the North route is another chamber. The true path goes down the West route into this fairly wide canyon. A bit farther on, the canyon opens into what seems to be a large square area, with watchtowers, a bunkhouse and a water tower. At the other side of this area, the path turns South. Here the path then turns to the West, and through a short tunnel, this is the entrance to the Healing Well. QUEST 17: COMPLETED: REUNION QUEST 18: NOSIRROM’S FALL QUEST 19: THE HEALING WELL

Healing Well Follow the path as it runs in a general Westerly direction. Shortly after this, the passage veers to just North of West, it goes on for a little, then runs Northwest along a ledge then West over a rock bridge. You are now confronted by a ledge that runs North to South; the North end is a dead end, so going back, and down to the South, we find that the path now turns to run West-South-West and then South over another rock bridge. As you leave this bridge, the path turns Southeast and then south over another bridge. At the end of this is another rock bridge, this one leads to the North, at the end of this is a sort of Zaurask camp, and from there you go over another rock bridge, just West of North, and come to the first of the ruins of the temple of the Healing Well. Now the path runs to the West, however, just a little way down the passage it turns North; and North up a ramp, at the top of which the passage turns to the East and up another slope, then Northeast up another slope. At the top, you come to another passage – this one running from East to West. Go East, and just a little way down the passage is a standard, here the passage turns South and is a dead end. Go back to Northeast ramp then go West down the passage and West down two slopes, at the bottom, the passage runs south down two more slopes, and a few yards farther on is another standard, the ruins just here are the actual ruins of the temple complex for the Healing Well. The route to the exit is to go just East of South as far as the Healing Well, then West as far as an empty pit; the passage now turns Northwest then West and South. Go along this south route a little way, and the exit to the Ramparts should now be visible on the left, leading to the West. In order to complete this quest, you must kill any and all of the Zaurask you encounter in here (QUEST 19: COMPLETED). NOTE: In the temple ruins at the Healing well you will see another illuminated chest, this contains the Clockwork Boots. QUEST 19: COMPLETED: THE HEALING WELL Ramparts Go West out of the Healing Well caves, and up the slopes in front of you, just ahead there is a slope, slightly to the South of West, but continue West and then turn North to investigate the lower level, just after this North turn, you will have to turn East, going up three slopes in front of you. At the top of the last slope, the path splits into three directions, straight ahead (East). Left (North) and right (South). Straight ahead is a dead end, but there are some more Zaurask to kill here. To the right, you go South up a slope, and across a longish suspension bridge and through a rock arch. To the left, you go across short suspension bridge, and come to the top of a slope looking down over the stronghold of Nosirrom. 30

After cleaning out the Zaurask ahead, go to the right, across that suspension bridge, and through the rock arch. After you go through the rock arch, turn West, go up the slope facing you and through the arch facing you, then turn North. This is a dead end, so now go back to the bottom of that West slope, turn to the right again, and you will see another, square arch to the South, go through and down the slope, and through another square arch. Now turn to the West, and then just West of North. Now that the lower levels have been investigated and “pest control” having been carried out, it is time to head back to the stronghold. Since you are down on the lower level now, I found it quicker (and not as easy to get lost) by retracing some of my earlier steps to that three way junction. This time, go to the left, as you get to the top of the slope leading down to the stronghold, a cutscene will play, it’s that Nosirrom again (Ugh he’s ugly). After the cutscene, go down the ramp conducting Zaurask pest control where necessary. At the bottom of the slope, turn West,, continue past the stronghold until you come to a ravine, there’s a bridge across, but someone’s broken it, ah well, to the left, there’s a slope going uphill, just West of North. At the top turn to the North and down another slope to a ledge. There’s a cave towards the end of this ledge, go just past that, then Southeast down the slope. At the bottom, turn North-North-West to the main cave opening, and when you get there, turn North. Just inside this cave, you meet Jaff, who tells you that he is the only survivor of the party who went to try to reason with Nosirrom. Give him the letter from his father (QUEST 12: COMPLETED). The tunnel continues North for a short distance, then turns Northwest then West. At this point, the path turns Southwest here, up a slope, and at the top resumes its Westerly direction, shortly afterwards, it veers through North to Northeast. The passage now widens and in front, to the North, there is a slope leading downhill. Just behind you is a cave with another of those illuminated chests in it, this one contains Demlock’s Ring. Go down the slope, and along the passage, as it turns North-North-East. The passage turns just South of East here, but the path is Southeast up a ramp, then South of East at the top, turning South after a few yards to a stone door leading South. This is the entrance to the stronghold. QUEST 12: COMPLETED: SPECIAL DELIVERY Stronghold Go in through this South door from the tunnel, you’ll find yourself in a small square room, there is only one exit, this is in the East wall. Go through here and you will find yourself in another slightly larger square room, this one has two exits, one in the bottom right corner to the East, and the other in the top right corner to the South. Go South, now you’re in a short corridor with a door to the South in front of you, go through this, and you find yourself in a room, most of which is a pit, but there is a bit of a walkway from the door you entered by, to its only exit, to the East. This next room is again really just a short corridor to a door leading to the East in front of you. You now enter a fairly large room with three exits, one in each of the corresponding walls; North, East and South. Try the North exit first, this leads into a small L shaped room, at the end of which is a door facing West, go through here, and again you are in a short corridor with a door facing you. This next room is a small square room with an exit to the West in the bottom left corner. Go through here and find yourself in a short corridor with a door facing you again. Go through here and guess what, you’ve come round in a circle. Make your way back to that room with three exits, now try the East exit, not good it opens into a passage, but the floor has subsided and you can’t go up it. You’ve now got Hobson’s choice – the South door. Again this is a short corridor, but with a difference, it is a staircase going down to the South, with a door facing you, go through, and you find yourself in an oblong room, there are two exits from here, one at the bottom left and one at the bottom right, both facing South. Go through 31

the door in the bottom left, you are now in a large oblong room with three exits, one in each of the following walls East West and South, the doors in the West wall are huge, so try the East door first, you are now in a short corridor the exit is to the East. Go into the next room, and the exit here is to the North, go through here and straight ahead upstairs. You now find yourself in a large room, most of which is sunken in the centre; there are two sarcophagi here, and a note about the occupants – your parents. From this room, there are two exits, one to the North and one to the East. Against the door to the North is a sign, carved in stone saying Neener’s Emporium – see the picture below. Go through this door, and you find yourself in an L shaped passage, one arm runs North, with a door at the end, the other runs West, and is blocked (this is the East exit from that room where you found the floor to have subsided before). Go North and you now find yourself in a T shaped room, with three shadowservants that attack you on sight. Defeat these, then have a look around, you will see that there is only one other door, this is also facing North in the leg of the T, and is made of carved stone. THIS is the entrance to Neener’s Emporium! As you need to restock, and sell surplus items, go in, guess what, Neener is a goblin! Never mind, he’s all business. He asks you to destroy the four Crystal Guardians (QUEST 20). Go back now then to the room with the sarcophagi. This time, go through the pit, up the other side and out of the East door. This is the stronghold prison, first kill all the guards, then any cell inhabitants; when you look around afterwards, you see that there is on exit, at the bottom left, also facing East. Go through this door, and you will see that the corridor, though a dead end to the East; also turns to the North, this is the way down to the caverns under the stronghold. Go back now, either restock, or go back to West. When you get to the room with a small door in the East and West wall, and a large double door in the South, go through the West door. You are now in a short corridor, with a door facing you, to the West; go through and you will find yourself in an oblong hall, as it’s a dead end, prepare now to return to those large double doors. When you get to them, go through and prepare to do battle, as this is Nosirrom’s sanctum. Be careful, this is where those magicians really help, whilst you and your companions do battle, healing you and such. It turns out – though you inferred as much from the cutscene earlier, that Nosirrom killed you parents, now it’s your turn to kill him! You are going to have to kill all of his minions as well, but at least it will make the world a better place (QUEST 18: COMPLETED). Apart from these large doors you entered by; there is a smaller door, on left hand side of the central grill opening and is facing south, Unfortunately, you cannot go in here, the door won’t open. Go back to Neener's Emporium to restock, then back and through the prison, then down the East corridor, this turns West, then North and West again, to a West facing door. Through here we have an oblong room, though that isn’t apparent at first, since there are two dark generators in here, one to the South and one to the North, destroy them. If you now go to the North wall and face East. You will see the exit from this room, facing East. Go through this door, and immediately turn North down a staircase, through a North facing door at the bottom. In here are three dark generators, destroy them all. From here there are three exits one is to the West, one to the East – both at the top of some stairs, and the cave entrance. Go up the stairs to the exit on the East wall, go in here; then after you have finished here, got to the West room and sort that one out as well. There is another illuminated chest in here - this one contains the Clockwork Amulet. Everyone has their inventories completely full, so go back, restock then come back to this cave entrance. Enter the caves at the bottom of the passage, go North over the suspension bridge to the standard. Go across the bridge, then to the other end, where you will find the first of the Crystal Guardians. From here, go West over another rock bridge, and at the other end there is another banner, from here, turn North downhill then go West downhill – just here, watch out for a couple of lava spirits – after you’ve killed these, carry on along the path which runs East downhill to the torch and then slightly South of East to the corner. At the corner, turn South for a few yards you will then come to another rock bridge, this time to the East. At the other end, there is another banner, and down the slope to the 32

North is a giant crystal. However, the second Crystal Guardian is to the Southeast. After you’ve killed this, go back to where the giant crystal was (when the second Guardian was killed, the giant crystal was also destroyed) and then go North West down the slope – at the bottom is another banner. At this banner, turn North to the rock wall, then West down the passage (the route Southwest to the torch is a dead end). At the end of the passage, carry on West up the first slope; then turn West-North-West uphill to the next torch. However, before you get to that next torch, you will find a slope to the North, go up it. At the top of that slope, the path runs slightly North of East; then at the rock wall, you then turn Southeast to a rock bridge. Here, the path goes South over the rock bridge then south over the suspension bridge where it now goes to the East, then South again over the suspension bridge. When you get to the end of the bridge, the path goes in two directions, East of South and West. First go East of South; this is a dead end; so go back and now go West. At this point, you note that the path runs first West, then South to a rock bridge running South of West, with the third Crystal Guardian at the end of the bridge. Now the path goes to the West of South, up a slope, again you have two directions, one is South of East up the slope, and the other is East along the ledge, choose South of East first, this is a dead end, but in the cave at the end is a lot of loot. Now go back to the foot of the slope, and take the East route. To put it mildly, this twists a lot! First you start off East; then swing Northeast then Southeast, East, Northeast, North along a passage. At the end of this is the last Crystal Guardian, destroy this (QUEST 20: COMPLETED) after this go to the North-North-West – this is a dead end; now return to the start of this passage, the path now runs downhill, first to the East of North now turn North of East, also downhill. At the foot of here is a displacer, a lot of loot, and another illuminated chest – this contains the Clockwork Staff. As you – and you’re party have accumulated a lot of loot, I would recommend going back to Neener to dispose of the loot as I’m not sure when the next (and last) shop shows up, then return to the displacer, now you’ve done this, get back to the displacer and get to the next chapter. QUEST 18: COMPLETED: NOSIRROM’S FALL QUEST 20: THE CRYSTAL GUARDIANS QUEST 20: COMPLETED: THE CRYSTAL GUARDIANS CHAPTER 5 – The Countdown Prelude Right, you’ve ridden the displacer to here, wherever “here” is, Also you see Therg - that guy doesn’t half get around! Then you have several choices open to you. You can either go North or East. The North junction though is a dead end; if you retrace your steps to the displacer, then go East to the pillars, go through the pillars, when you do this you will see a ball of light appear exactly as the bridge piers at Illicor! Here you have three choices, one is to go on ahead, to the East past the mound this is the correct path, At the top of the mound however, if you now turn Northwest, you find another dead end, and you see that the path now runs East-North-East downhill. At the bottom of this slope, you have two more choices, one is to turn back, to the West along a ledge, this opens out quite a lot, but is another dead end; the other is to turn North downhill. Again, there’s quite a bit of loot here, and it’s also a dead end. Go back up to the first set of pillars, then East to the mound, carry on going East here, and East into the canyon. Lo and behold, another set of pillars, go through them, as it’s obvious where the true path runs. After you’ve gone through them, the path runs East-South-East through a short canyon, them East-North-East. You now come to a fork in the path, either South of East downhill or East along a ledge that skirts the mountain. Follow this ledge to the East, you don’t get very far as it’s a dead end, turn back and this time choose South of East downhill. At the bottom, to the East is another pair of pillars. The path forks here, one branch runs behind you to the West, whilst the other runs Northeast, down and around the mountain. 33

Firstly, go to the West; this is really only very short, and turns out to be a dead end, now go back to the foot of the slope, choose the Northeast route, after a few yards, this path ALSO splits, this time, Northeast downhill or North around the mountain. I chose the Northeast route, at a Phrak nest, the path veers East of North, and then follows a cliff around to the Southeast; but eventually this is also a dead end; so go back to the fork, and this time choose the North route, investigating the surroundings all the time. As you go North –following the mountain on your left, you come to another set of pillars facing to the North of West; the other route is to the South of West. If you go to the South of West, veering South, you find yourself in a dead end, so now go back to those pillars. This time, go through them to the North of West; the path now goes to the West, since the path forks here both to the West and the , go to the West first, veering Northwest, then West, this is a dead end. Now go back to those pillars, these lead you to the North, go through them, again you find the path forks, there is a slope going uphill to the East, followed by a second slope to the East. At the top of the first slope is a ledge running off to the West – unfortunately it doesn’t go very far, it’s just another dead end, back to these slopes and up the next one. At the top, basically, you find the same sort of thing as the ledge below, so go back down to the pillars. At these pillars, go East, veering South-South-East - however the canyon is a dead end, so go back to the pillars; this time go through them to the East of North uphill, then North-North-East for a few yards. Here it now turns West and again after a few yards and then continues West up a slope; however, before doing so, it would be a good idea to investigate this area. Whilst doing so, you see that the path actually forks at the foot of the West slope, continuing West, on a level surface for a few yards, then turning North again for a few yards. Then the path turns West up a mound, on the top of this mound it runs South uphill, to fairly wide ledge, that Western Slope also comes up to this ledge. Now go slightly East of South to the foot of another slope, again running uphill, at the top of here, if you turn East, you find yourself in a dead end, but the path runs uphill here again to the South. Go up this slope, about half way, the path veers West of South, and then Southwest. At the top, the path now runs South-South-West to some pillars, in between which is a metal bridge leading South. At the end of here is a flat topped mountain, from here there are two bridges, there is a metal bridge to the South, but this is broken, and to the East there is a rock bridge, leading to a small flat topped mountain at the Eastern end of which there is another rock bridge to another flat topped mountain. Here, the path forks, one to the North and one to the South. Take the North facing metal bridge, when you get to the other side, you are on a flattish topped mountain, with a crane on it, as the metal bridge on the other side has been broken and is under repair. Go back now to the last mountaintop and this time take the South facing metal bridge; at the end of this are two more pillars, the bridge ends on what appears to be a very wide mountain ledge, and again the path forks, one, to the West over a rock bridge that goes South of West, and the other to the East of South in a tunnel. However, before you go either way, investigate this area. Try the rock bridge to the South of West first, you are now on another mountain ledge, turn North and follow this along, at the end you find another metal bridge going North, unfortunately this is broken so now you’ve no choice but to retrace your steps and go through that tunnel. The Last Shop Just through the tunnel, you find yourself in more Goblin Caves, the path is marked by things that look like tall candelabras for a single candle, there’s a ring around it near the top, and a large blue flame coming out of it. As you come out of the tunnel, you see one of the markers directly in front of you – to the West, at the top of a set of stairs, go down these, the first flight is to the West, then at the landing, turn to the North. At the bottom, turn West again, though you will see some stairs leading UP roughly about West-North-West from you, unfortunately, there are some baddies down here, and before you can climb those stairs, you’ve got to clean them out. After you’ve sorted them out, go to the foot of the second set of stairs, go North upstairs, turn West and up more stairs, carry on West, turn south, back to West, then North to the end of the bridge. The path forks here, one 34

branch goes to the North, uphill, and to a door that is closed – it remains so until you’ve killed the Shadowjumper – and the other goes to the West-North-West to a metal bridge going West. This bridge ends at a rock saddle, with another metal bridge leading to the West from the other side. On the right here are some stairs, but the path actually goes on to the West, through a rock archway. If you go up the stairs to check things out, they actually also run up to the West; turning to the North at the top. There’s not much here, so go back down and through that arch, after a few yards, the path now runs to the South-South-West downhill, at the bottom of which is a stone doorway going South. Go through and you will see that in front of you to the South, is a wooden staging, there are two set of steps leading down, one runs down to the South, this is the start of the Shadowjumper area, and the other leads down to the East, the final shop is an automated one, and is at the bottom. Now go back up the stairs to the West, at the landing, turn South. Go down the South flight of stairs; then at the bottom right, there is another flight of stairs going down to the South, go down these. The section in front of you, to the South is a dead end; and you will find there is another flight of stairs to the West, going up, go this way, in front to the West is a ledge, this though it is a dead end needs to be checked out. Then, go back to the stairs, only this time, take the flight of stairs that goes up to the South to the next landing, now turn East upstairs, then turn South up to the next landing. Here you have two choices, one is another flight of stairs going up to the East or you can carry on South down a flight of stairs. Take the South route for now. At the foot of these stairs, the path splits into three ways, one each East, South and West. To the East, there is a bridge, unfortunately it is broken, to the West the path goes to a dead end however though, there are stairs leading down to the North from here, unfortunately this is another dead end. Go back to that three exit platform this time choose the South path. In front of you is another door in a stone wall – this is the route of the true path. There are still some areas to check out here though, go North, up the stairs from that three exit platform, the turn East upstairs to the top. As it turns out that all these are dead ends except for that Southern route, detail one or two (maybe three) to collect any excess loot and take it back to the automat, then when they return set out for that South facing door. Go through it; this is weird, the corridor leads South from the door, but a little way in, at some building materials, it suddenly (and without turning) goes East! Also, at this point is a concealed opening on the right hand side, and a little farther on is another doorway, this time going North. This East - West corridor is now just a dead end. The true path runs down the other corridor to the North, watch out though, just through that North facing door are two concealed openings, one on the right and one on the left. At the end of here is another flight of stairs, this one goes down to the North, whilst at the bottom of these, you have two choices to make, either go North-North-East to another flight of stairs going down to the North, or West of North to another flight of stairs also going North, but upstairs. For now, go North-North-East, then North downstairs. Dispose of the baddies at the bottom; then you can either go East across to the other side then South up another flight of stairs. This platform is a dead end, and a dead end though, in the North-Eastern corner there is another illuminated chest – this one contains the Clockwork Crossbow. Time now to head back to the lower level, this time to investigate the South facing section, whilst this is a dead end also, there are two more of those concealed openings, again one on the right and one on the left. Now go up the stairs and onto the middle level, now take the North Stairs to the West of North, remember, there is another concealed opening, this time on the left, not far after this, turn East, then South. After a few yards, you find a door that faces to the East; this is the true path; continue South and investigate this dead end. Delegate one the party to take any surplus items back to the automat for sale, and to stock up on any other necessities, such as potions, then go through that East facing door. On each side, you are now faced with concealed openings, then the corridor halves in width, and the right hand side is merely railed off. Just a bit down this corridor, just after the railed off section starts, there is a corridor to the left, this leads to a broken bridge, back to the main corridor; as it continues East, on the left is a 35

set of stairs leading down, to the East, whilst on the right you have another concealed opening and then the corridor continues on, and turns North, this is just a dead end, so go back to that set of stairs. Go down them, and turn North at the bottom, as you go on, you will come to a bridge above you (there’s some baddies on it shooting at you). At this point, the path splits into two, to the left (West) is another broken bridge, so carry on North. Here you are faced with three choices you now have another flight of stairs going upstairs to the North, another flight of stairs going down to the right (East) or you can stay on the level, going slightly West of North, then West and South. If you decided to go down the West stairs, at the bottom you will have to turn South, and continue, it looks like a dead end, but it isn’t, since almost at the bottom end, on the left, is another flight of stairs going up to the North. Go up these, and then turn East. NOW you’re in a dead end. Backtrack now and go either up those other North stairs, or to the West of North; it doesn’t really matter which way you go, since they both come to the same point. Assume for a moment you choose to go up those North facing stairs, at the top, just turn West, then South; here you see stairs that go down to the South, and a bridge that turns to the East. However, should you decide on the West of North route, with those North facing stairs on your right, go to the wall, turn West, then South, then West then South again. Now there is a broken bridge on your left (East) and turning right around, stirs leading up to the North, you now have another bridge leading to the West. Follow this bridge, turning South, East, South, East and then North again into a corridor, with a short bridge at the end. At the end of this bridge you see you are on a large paved area which goes East to West with a door at the East, this is the exit from this section. If you’ve picked up a fair amount of loot, you’ll have to go back to the automat to restock, otherwise, go through this door. Now you’re going East into the corridor; hen turn south into a rock passage going downhill to the North-North-East, then turning East along the main path; at this point though, you can go to the Northeast uphill, and along a ledge that overlooks the main path. From here, veer Southeast, then South; here the passage runs South, but there is access up an Eastern slope to a ledge overlooking this passage. You can either continue along the ledge or go back into the passage, as the ledge has a Northwest slope downhill into it. From here, go West-South-West uphill, then South of West down another passage, this opens into another room, the exit to the West is blocked by a roof-fall, on the right is a well and on the left is another elevator. Go up it, and you find yourself now in a square room, with the only other exit to the bottom left, facing South. The Great Clock All doors after this are actually massive cogwheels with a hole cut in them! Turn North out of here then take the second door. Turn to the left and go Northwest down the grill to the door facing West. Turn to the West, go through. You are now in the Air Elemental chamber. Air Elemental - In this chamber, you face the air elementals, after they have been defeated, you see a chest towards the rear of the room, when I did it; the chest contained four spellbooks, now leave by the next door on the right, which is to the East. You now go to the next East facing door, then left onto more grillwork. Go down here to the Northeast and through the door facing North, turn south then North again, to a North facing door. This leads you into the Fire Elemental Chamber. Fire Elemental - This I think is the hardest of the four chambers, whilst there are only two elementals; you have what is effectively a bridge over lava! After you kill the elementals, the chest yields four more items, next continue to the door t the South, and through the next South facing door, turn left here (to the Southeast) onto the grill, then to the end where you turn left again, this time to go East. Turn North then East. You are now in the Water Elemental Chambers. Water Elemental - This is another awkward one – it can be if you don’t get it right, there’s one major water elemental and two minor ones attacking you, again afterwards, get the items in the chest then leave this area via the South door to the Earth Elemental Chambers. Earth Elemental - Again you’re attacked by two minor and one major elemental. Defeat them and you will be able to get the another four items from the chest,


but now go out by the West door, again turning West-South-West. Half way along here, there is a set of stairs leading down to the Shadow Jumper. Shadowjumper It doesn’t matter which way round you go, so long as you kill all his lieutenants and destroy the dark generators here, there are three of each of them. When you kill Shadow Jumper (QUEST 4: COMPLETE), a previously sealed door will open; this is the door to the displacer back to Arhok. However as you have accumulated quite a lot of extra loot because of the four elemental chambers, and you wish to go to the secret room, a trip back to the automat is in order. QUEST 4: COMPLETE: FIND THE STAFF OF STARS Secret Room When you get here, sell all the surplus items – including any extra potions you have, you won’t need them, them, go back and through the arch as if you are going back to that entrance tunnel. Just before the stairs (now going to the South) turn to the North, going uphill. You soon come to the locked door you saw earlier. This door now stands wide open, enter, and you find yourself in a small room, in the centre of which is an elevator. Get on it and ride it down This takes you to another room below, it’s a disco! Remember those Krug in Dungeon Siege? Well the Master of Ceremonies is called the Disco Krug! Four others are people enjoying the disco; these are Love Machine, Moochie, Starr, and Kendra Blue. The other person is Tom Collins, he’s the DJ here. As far as loot is concerned, there are only two items to be collected here, the Mad Doc Cap and Bubberjack’s Orb Now go back to the automat, again, sell any surplus items; then take all your party back to the Great Clock. After you’ve gone through the four elemental chambers, instead of going down to the clock, continue along the grill, and turn left to a South facing door. In here is a displacer that will take your party back to the pad just above the frozen lake outside Arhok, from here, go into the town and give the Staff of Stars to the Mayor.