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Bikes not Barriers Get Cycling is a Community Interest Company based in York. Our aim is to get people cycling – whatever their ability. We do this by offering a choice of over 80 different cycles, with around 50 demonstrator models available to try out. For many customers a regular bicycle is often the best answer, perhaps with a simple adjustment such as moving the brakes to be operable with only one hand. Short cranks, ‘pendulum’ cranks and super low-step frames help those with restricted joint articulation. Then there are tricycles for better stability, perhaps with torso support, harness or specialised footplates. We also have side-by-side sociable tandems, steer-from-rear tandem trikes: the list is a long one! Whether you are a school needing to buy a fleet of cycles or an individual with very precise needs we’ll help you find the right solution. It’s what we do.

This brochure shows a fraction of what we have. Our website is the place to find upto-date information on our full range of new bikes, trikes quads and specialist products.

Adult stabilizers convert your existing bike

TRICYCLES We have a huge range of upright tricycles with models and sizes to suit our smallest to our very oldest customers. It’s really a matter of ticking the right boxes. Low step-thru frames offer easy access. Folding frames help with transportation and storage. Fixed wheel transmissions and extra low gears can help those with poor muscle tone or limited strength. Some trikes can even be equipped with a reverse gear. Accessories include various pedals for keeping feet in place, torso supports and grip aids. Almost all trikes can be fitted with electric assist – to get you home if you run out of puff. Not everyone has the space to store a trike in their house or garden shed. If you have a suitable outside area we can supply you with a ground anchor which can be set in concrete and used with a high security D-Lock. We can even supply a purpose made water-proof cover for your trike. Over the page – Recumbent trikes aren’t specifically designed as disability products, but they can still be the right choice for all sorts of disabilities. The most obvious feature is the wonderfully supportive seat which delivers superior comfort mile after mile. A lower centre of gravity delivers greater stability (and handling fun if that’s your thing!) Top:

Trailer bikes can ‘tandemise’ a regular bicycle

Musketeer kid’s trike – also with parent steering handle

Middle: Pashley Tri-1 – British made folding trike available in two models Bottom: Pfiff Elegance – Super low step-thru trike from Germany

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TRICYCLES (continued)


Designed to be suitable for kids and young adults with all kinds of disabilities, the GC Rear Steer tricycle is one of our best sellers. It’s available in a range sizes and has fixed wheel drive, foot sandals with straps and adjustable seat, handlebars and torso support.

Handcycles are the answer for people whose arms are stronger than their legs.

The Rear Steer handle allows mum, dad or carer to control the direction – and it has its own brake lever so it’s easy to control the speed. The quick release nature of the components allows it to be very easily adjusted or broken down for transporting if necessary. Main pic:

GC RS 20

Bottom left:

GC Delta semi-recumbent trike

Bottom right: KMX recumbent trike

Just like regular pedal-cycles they come in many forms depending on the type of cycling that you want to do. At one end of the scale are the high performance race machines – we sometimes have these as refurbished cycles, but in our general range we concentrate on entry level and mid-price points: delivering decent performance for street, road or playground with maximum value for money. Handcycles come with either front or rear wheel drive. All have a range of gears – either derailleur or internal hub – and plenty of options to fine-tune the specification to your exact needs. As with everything we sell, a range of tyres is available to match your treads to the type of terrain you’ll be riding. Puncture-proof tyres are a popular option and self sealing tubes can be added to deliver 100% peace of mind. Some handcycles separate into two parts for ease of storage and transportation. But, if they don’t come apart, all of our handcycles will fit on our tow-ball mounted Heavy Duty Tricycle Rack – so you can simply hang it on the back of your car.


GC Delta hand-cycle rear wheel drive and 21 gears for long distance riding

Middle: GC Dexter 24 hand-cycle – front wheel drive and 7 speeds Bottom: Pfiff Agile – high quality multi-feature hand-cycle from Germany

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MULTI-SEATERS Multi-seaters come in all shapes and sizes – and we offer them all! The traditional tandem bicycle (with ‘Captain’ in front and ‘Stoker’ behind) is the most popular option, but not suitable for everyone. If the Captain wants to be able to keep an eye on her Stoker then a rear steer tandem is the thing. And if a Stoker requires assistance to get aboard then consider a tricycle for its superior stability – it can stand alone while everyone clambers aboard. A rear steer tandem trike? That’s what you see on the cover of this brochure, ridden by Get Cycling’s Sally and son Joseph. For many people a ‘sociable’ tandem is the best choice. Our favourite one has four wheels and a pair of semi-recumbent seats. And of course, any of these may be fitted with extra support, multi-point harnesses, toe clips and straps, etc. This page: Top: Middle: Bottom:

Wheelchair Tandems (our own brand shown bottom left) consist of a robust, road-going wheelchair onto which is attached a propulsion unit much like the back end of a regular bike. At your destination the bike part comes off leaving a fully functional wheelchair. These cycles are lighter and smaller than a wheelchair transporter, and are more suitable where only one person is the regular passenger: perhaps a family member. Wheelchair Transporters carry the passenger, wheelchair and all, on a large front platform equipped with a ramp. They are more suitable where many people will want to ride as passenger, such as a school or try-out centre. These are bigger and more robust than wheelchair tandems.

Onderwater rear steer tandem bicycle Nijland NandoToo rear steer tandem tricycle GC Alvina recumbent front tandem tricycle

Facing page: Top left: GC ROAM TwinBike Sociable tandem quad Bottom left: GC Companion separable wheelchair tandem Right: Nihola Flex wheelchair transporter

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Refurbished bikes... and more We buy in, or part-exchange, used disability bikes of all kinds. Our team of experienced mechanics service them and refurbish them to a high standard and they are offered with a one-year warranty. Naturally our stock varies greatly, so get in touch to discover if we have something for your needs at a fraction of the cost of a new machine. And if you’re looking to sell us your used bike we can promise to find it a good home. Sometimes people come to us with special requirements for which no product yet exists. Don’t be disheartened if what you need isn’t in the brochure or on our website. Our manufacturers are as enthusiastic as we are about enabling

people to Get Cycling. We can make special parts if we can’t find them. We’ll even make you a machine if that’s what you need. Even though we’re a small company we cover the whole of the UK. Our Events Department delivers Disability Try-Out Road Shows to schools and local authorities from Land’s End to John O’Groats. Check our website for upcoming events. Or you can visit us! We’d love to see you at our Try-Out Centre here in York - but do let us know when you’d like to come so we can ensure that the machines you want to see are available.


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