SWINDONS CYCLING REVOLUTION Get cycling Swindon! Your guide to what’s on, where to cycle and who to cycle with in 2014 Get back on your bike Welco...
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Get cycling Swindon! Your guide to what’s on, where to cycle and who to cycle with in 2014

Get back on your bike

Welcome to Swindon’s Cycling Revolution!

There’s something for everyone in the Swindon’s Cycling Revolution brochure. Whether tempting you to get your bike out of the shed for the first time in years, discover what’s on offer locally on two wheels with family and friends (you’d be surprised!), or take your cycling to a new level, this is for you. Within these pages you’ll find information from all of the local cycling organisations, clubs and groups, as well as tips to safety check your bike and ensure your helmet is correctly adjusted. Section One – Get back on your bike

For the novice and returning bike rider, the blue pages are packed with opportunities designed for you to get out and ride. Rediscover the simple pleasure of cycling alone or with like-minded others in a variety of ways. After all, that’s what it’s all about.

If you’re already active on your bike and are looking to maintain or get more out of cycling, here you’ll find what our local bodies and clubs have to offer you. On or off-road, there’s plenty to choose from to suit your appetite. Refreshment stops included!



MB Swindon


Swindon Bicycle User Group (BUG)


Swindon Road Club


Cycling for All


Swindon Wheelers




Triathalon Club


Tri Active Project & Skyride


Swindon CTC


The Salvation Army Recycles


Swindon Travel Choices

12 Swindon Sustrans Rangers 13 Active Swindon Challenge 13 Calendar of Events Whatever type of bike you ride and however often… we hope to help you get the most from it.

Happy cycling!

Sustrans FREE Travel information packs and £100 prize draw We can offer free tailor-made maps and information to make it easier for you to travel by foot, bike and public transport in Swindon. To claim your free pack complete the short online form at: survey.sustrans.org.uk/swindon_your_journeys

Section Two – Become a better cyclist


10 Bicycle Safety

Get back on your bike




Servicing & repairs





FREE Family Cycle Orienteering and Wildlife Treasure Hunt Packs Bust school holiday boredom and get active with these great activities. Free packs will be available during Easter (5th to 21st April) and summer (25th July to 31st August). Collect from local leisure centres and libraries, or email us to request a pack by post: [email protected]

Schools ‘Bike It Plus’ Officer Sustrans is working with primary and secondary schools in Swindon to encourage children to walk and cycle more. For more information, and to find out if your school is involved, contact the local Bike It Plus Officer: [email protected]

‘Tour de Swindon’ Celebrate the world’s most famous cycle race with a series of free local events between 5th and 27th July. There will be free bike breakfasts, led cycle rides, a Grand Finale and more! For full event listings, visit www.sustrans.org.uk/events.

For more info

www.sustrans.org.uk /SustransSwindon


[email protected] 01793 600 720

Sustrans is the charity that’s enabling people to travel by foot, bike or public transport for more of the journeys we make every day.


Get back on your bike

Get back on your bike

Swindon Bicycle User Group (BUG) Swindon BUG is a forum to represent and be a ‘voice’ for the views and concerns of cyclists of all abilities and everyone interested in cycling in the borough, seeking representation at a strategic level within Swindon BC. We are a ‘hub’ to link cycling groups together with the aim of creating an environment which will encourage more people to cycle in the borough of Swindon for leisure, sport or commuting.

Cycling is one of Britain’s fastest growing leisure activities and it is available to all. Bikes have now been developed to give one an opportunity to experience the wind in their hair whilst on a bike ride. We will provide the bikes, the helmets and qualified instructors. All you have to do it turn up and be prepared to have a go. Swindon Borough Council’s Cycle for Health sessions are for adults of all ages/abilities and are held on the athletics track at the County Ground. You can bring your own bike and helmet but if you don’t have your own, we can provide them for you!


Mission S tatemen

Working in partnership with public, private and voluntary sector organisations, we will contribute to increasing the number of people cycling in the borough of Swindon. How will we do it? 1. By raising the profile of the importance of cycling for health and the environment. 2. By campaigning for the improvement of existing routes and infrastructures and the provision of new routes and opportunities to develop cycling. 3. By educating and informing Swindon residents about the benefits of cycling. 4. By supporting existing cycling programmes to develop e.g. Sustrans Bike it programme, Disability/Cycling for health programme, Cycling training, Travel Choices, Access to Stations and by liaising with other organisations such as Sustrans, British Cycling, CTC and local Cycling clubs.


Cycling for All

We hold about two meetings a year when we invite local cyclists to hear from cyclings movers and shakers about new developments and to participate in discussion about current and future issues.

For more info


We have bikes and trikes, some you pedal by foot, some by hand, some have seats for two people, side by side, and one behind. We even have a bike that enable wheelchair users to be given the bike ride thrill, and if 3 wheels aren’t enough for you, we have some with 4 making these all-inclusive sessions suitable for those with disabilities The sessions are ‘pay-and-play’ so no need to book, just turn up (Swindon Leisurecard prices apply).

For more info

www.leisureinswindon.co.uk/ healthy-living/cycling [email protected] 01793 864 934 07557 197 228


Get back on your bike

Get back on your bike

Breeze Ladies, fancy feeling fit and healthy without having to slog away and spend lots of money at the gym?

Run, Cycle, Swim - that’s what the Swindon Tri-Active project is all about! Staying active is important in maintaining and developing good health and well-being. Tri-Active will help you achieve a more active and healthier lifestyle. The project is developing new opportunities in Swindon with our partners the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA), British Cycling and Run England.

Breeze bike rides are Free and the perfect way to feel confident and healthy this year. British Cycling’s Breeze network provides women-only bike rides for all ages and abilities and are organised by local trained Breeze champions.

The cycling element of the project will be delivered in partnership with British Cycling. Swindon now has a number of new Ride Leaders and Route Planners – this team will deliver Sky Rides. Sky Ride Local rides are guided by friendly British Cycling Ride Leaders along scenic planned routes. With different levels, there’s something for everyone – whether you’re building your confidence or already comfortable on a bike and looking for a challenge.

Champions organise rides of varying levels which are advertised via the Facebook page and bookable through the national Breeze website.  

Regular Events - Rat Trap Roadies 28 mile relatively flat route, run Saturday mornings fortnightly (weather permitting) - Swindon Rounds 7 mile cycle path route, run monthly - Dame Cycling Breeze Rides 9.30am - Improvers ride 11.30am - Beginners ride Contact to book on 07718 585000

Tri Active Project & Skyride Rides are all free and are grouped in levels to suit everyone from beginners to experienced cyclists. Whichever you choose, you’ll be riding on safe routes, in good company Find a ride now at www.goskyride.com or register your interest by contacting Ben Humphrey, the Tri-Active Project Co-ordinator. By registering you will also be entered into a prize draw to win an Annual Leisure Membership which will give you a choice of a wide variety of activities at any of Swindon Borough Council’s 7 leisure centres.

For more info

www.leisureinswindon.co.uk/tri-active www.facebook.com/swindontriactive [email protected] 01793 465 404

For more info


www.facebook.com/BreezeSwindon @BreezeNetwork

The rides are run at a relaxed pace, set by the slowest rider, and are a great way to meet other female cyclists.


www.twitter.com/BreezeNetwork [email protected]


Get back on your bike

Get back on your bike

Salvation Army Recycles

Swindon Travel Choices

Looking for a bike you can afford? In Swindon the Salvation Army Lifehouse at Booth House provides accommodation for up to 50 homeless men and women. As well as providing accommodation we are developing businesses which allow people to discover new and existing skills, gain confidence and qualifications ready to move on to employment and independence.

Ride Swindon

Recycles, fronting Princes Street provides a meeting place and resource centre for people that share an enthusiasm for all things related to cycling. The team can professionally repair or service bikes at a competitive price or sell a quality refurbished model ready to go. Our mechanics are Cytech qualified and all bikes sold are safety checked.

The day will consist of 3 rides:

Residents refurbish donated bikes as part of a training programme which includes nationally recognised qualifications (including Cytech) and support with finding work. Brian Gibbs Regional Manager sums up the benefits; “Recycles helps people rebuild their lives whilst providing a service and resource to the community. We show people a way back into work and let them realise their full potential. By giving them self confidence and a belief in their future we see individuals grow, develop, feel valued and contribute to their local community again.”

Our event will be held on Sunday 3rd August 2014 and is the inaugural event for Peloton Marketing Services, Recycles Swindon


A 5 mile family fun ride


A 50 mile ride, for the keen amateur cyclist


100 mile ride that will be more demanding under the leadership of experienced cyclists to ensure safety and enjoyment.

For more information and bookings, please visit www.rideswindon.com

- The Swindon Cycle Map shows where all the cycle tracks are – on road and off road

- Free backpacks and Slapwraps, plus high visability gadgets and clothing to win

- Home bike maintenance courses to teach you the basics in keeping your bike in tip top condition

- Two town centre undercover bike lock ups for the public to use

- The Swindon Rounds – 7 mile circular leisure routes

- Free breakfast for people to cycle to work in June

- “Borrow a bike scheme” to try cycling to work -

The Western Flyer – A 2 mile cycle route connecting West Swindon to the town centre


Reduced price bike locks

- Bike skills training on request

- Active Swindon challenge – Log the bike miles and win prizes! - Cycle journey planner

www.swindontravelchoices.org.uk facebook.com/swindontravelchoices

For more info







When it comes to bikes, whether you’re a complete beginner, or needing to enhance your cycling skills, Swindon Travel Choices has a variety of free resources available for you.

For more info

Can you help? Have you got an unwanted bike you can donate or can you volunteer to restore bikes.

01793 401 834

Swindon Travel Choices is a Government funded project helping Swindon residents and workers to travel around without a car.



Get back on your bike

Get back on your bike

Bicycle Safety How to wear your helmet

T he M Check

BRAKES - Do the brakes lock the wheels firmly? - Are all components tight? - Are any cables frayed? - Do the blocks rub against the wheel rims? - Do the levers pull too far?

Follow the strokes of the M to make sure you don’t miss anything!

- Can fingers reach the levers easily?

HANDLEBARS - Are they aligned with the front fork


- Are all bolts tightened?

- Is saddle tight on post? - Is post tight into frame?

- Do lights and belt (if fitted) work?

- Is saddle correct height? - Check minimum insertion

FORKS & FRAMES - Are the forks loose at the point that they enter the frame (the headset)?

GEARS (if fitted)

- The helmet sits level on the head - The straps form a V shape under the ear - The strap is not too tight under the neck - The helmet fits - not too big or too small, with padding inside.

- Check that derailiuers do not clash with wheel spokes

- Is there any rust?

- Can all gears be selected?

- Does anything look bent?

- Do gears slip? - Are sprockets and cogs worn?

TYRES - Check condition - Check inflation

CHAIN - Does chain remain on chain wheels amd sprockets? - Is the chain slack? - Any signs of rust or stiff links?


- Is the paintwork wrinkled?

WHEELS - Are wheel nuts and quick-release tight? - Is wheel central in frame? - Are there loose or missing spokes? - Are bearings tight? - Are rims worn down?

PEDALS - Are they stable on the cranks?

Cycling facts - On average, cyclists live 2 years longer than non cyclists - Cycling firms the thighs and can even help tone tummy muscles - Regular cyclists are as fit as an average person 10 years young-er - 58% of car trips are under 5 miles and 25% are under 2 miles, distances that can be made for free by cycling!

- Do they spin round easily? - Wiggling the cranks into and away from the bike will tell you if your bottom bracket is loose


Become Get backaon better yourcyclist bike

Get back a onbetter your cyclist bike Become

Swindon Sustrans Rangers

Get pedalling, walking and using public transport this Summer for your chance to win an iPad!

The National Cycle Network (NCN) is a series of safe, traffic-free lanes and quiet on-road routes that connect to every major city and passes within a mile of 55 per cent of UK homes. It now stretches 14,000 miles across the length and breadth of the UK.

The Active Swindon Challenge is a free competition for individuals, teams and families running from Monday 5th May to Monday 25th August. Everyone who registers and completes one journey will receive a FREE water bottle. The Challenge is open to everyone of all abilities, so whether you’re giving cycling, walking and public transport a try for the very first time or see yourself as a commuting pro, sign up and keep logging journeys to be in with a chance to win some great prizes, including an iPad and cinema vouchers!

Swindon’s section of the NCN, known as Route 45, stretches from the Marlborough and Pewsey area, north through Swindon, and onto Cricklade, South Cerney and Cirencester. Much of Route 45 follows the route of old Midland and South West Junction Railway which closed in the early sixties.

Register at www.activeswindonchallenge.org.uk to log your journeys and join in the challenge!

Calendar of Events

Swindon’s Sustrans rangers are a team of local volunteers whose objectives include:   1. Promoting awareness and use of the National Cycle Network to local people. 2. Promoting cycling and walking for health and environmental benefits. 3. Helping keep Route 45 open and accessible. 4. Helping organise bike rides over the cycle network.

For more info

www.sustrans.org.uk/volunteer [email protected]


Active Swindon Challenge

You can help us by becoming a volunteer ranger and by: - regularly walking or riding Route 45 to ensure it is safe and attractive to use; - helping on a few work days a year to replace signs, repair hedges, cut back vegetation such as brambles and nettles. - helping at public events to publicise the cycle network locally. We also need volunteers to help us with publicity, applying for funding, keeping our small accounts. Or why not join us on one of our public rides. These will take place on Wednesday evenings in the summer months. See www.swindonbug.co.uk/events for timings and start locations.



Cycling for All Cycling for Health Level 1, 10 - 11am, all abilities, 16yrs+ - page 5

Swindon Road Club - mixture of regular rides available - page 15

Tuesday Swindon Road Club fast chain gang training ride (summer only) and Development Ride (summer only) - page 15 Wednesday

Swindon Wheelers advanced rides - page 16 Swindon CTC Saturday Runs - intermediate - page 13 North Wilts RC Weekly Saturday Ride (seasonal), 9.30am. Contact [email protected] for more information.

North Wilts RC Weekly Ride, 6-8pm. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Breeze fortnightly morning Rat Trap Roadies rides - page 6

Swindon Sustrans Rangers weekly ride (Summer only) - page 12


Thursday Swindon Triathlon Club indoor bike session (Winter to Spring) - page 17 Cycling for All Cycling for Health Level 1, 10 - 11am, all abilities, 16yrs+ - page 5 Friday MB Swindon, Croft Trail social ride for all abilities 7 - 9pm - page 14

Swindon Road Club long ride, 70+ miles - page 15 Swindon Wheelers Advanced ride - page 16 North Wilts RC Weekly Sunday Ride (seasonal), 9am. Contact [email protected] for more information. Dame Cycling Breeze rides, 9.30am - Improvers ride, 11.30am - Beginners ride. Contact to book on 07718 585000 - page 6 Swindon Triathlon Club Rides (seasonal) - page 17


Become a better cyclist

Become a better cyclist

MB Swindon MBSwindon is a friendly and non-competitive club, affiliated to British Cycling and CTC; with recognition from Swindon Borough Council. The aim of the Club is to promote mountain biking, training and fitness to members via our website and organised events. The club caters for all abilities, and we make sure that no one gets left behind on our rides. We also run training days and “Novice Friendly” events for new riders. The club also has links with local mountain bike clubs around the country. The club also manages the Croft Trail, overseeing all the hard work that goes on there as well as pursuing other areas of funding for the trail (which has relied mainly on donations from riders, club fees and some advertising on the website).

Regular Events With regular mountain bike rides at varying levels of difficulty the club advertises them on the website mbswindon.co.uk/events and within the Facebook group.   The club also provides training for those wishing to improve or hone their mountain biking skills. Course details can be found on the website mbswindon.co.uk/training A social orientated ride around the Croft Trail happens every Friday night throughout the year; with the odd bbq and visit to the local pub sometimes happening. Further details available on the website www.mbswindon.co.uk/croft-trail

For more info



@mbswindon www.twitter.com/mbswindon [email protected]


Swindon Road Club Swindon Road Club is the largest club in the area for the aspiring, serious or sporting road cyclist. A comprehensive programme of club rides is at the heart of what we do, which cater for those wanting to start cycling in a club, develop or just ride. Whether these rides are a new experience, social, fitness building or training is up to you. Some club members also compete in road racing and time trialling. Cyclocross and mountain biking are also represented.

Regular Events Our full programme of rides is updated on our website. It includes our Saturday Development Ride to Cirencester for new club riders and beginners “Come and Try” Time Trials.

If you want to come and try a club ride, please take a look at our website which will tell you all you need to know, or get in touch. Through our members’ online forum you also have the opportunity to seek out or organise something informal with fellow members to suit your particular needs, from an ad-hoc ride to a training session with specific goals. We are affiliated to the major bodies, both nationally and locally, supporting organisations that campaign for and promote events for cyclists, including British Cycling, CTC – The National Cycling Charity and Cycling Time Trials.

For more info

www.swindon-rc.co.uk Email via website


Become a better cyclist

Become a better cyclist

Swindon Wheelers The Swindon Wheelers are one the towns oldest clubs being established in 1923. We have almost 70 members with a wide range of abilities and ages in the club from 25 to 80, both male and female. Members participate in a range of activities including time trials, sportives and audax rides with recent trips including the French Alps and the Pyrenees. The club is also affiliated to both British Cycling and Cycling Time Trials. We have a number of regular runs both at the weekends and midweek and new members are always welcome to join us. Rides are normally about 50 to 60 miles with a café stop. In the summer there are also evening rides usually on a Tuesday. To find out more please explore the website and Facebook pages. If you have any queries contact us by phone, email or via the website contact page. You don’t have to be a club member, you are always welcome to just come along for a spin!

Regular Events Saturday

Triathlon Club Swindon Tri Club run sessions for people of all abilities with the aim of helping members improve in all aspects of Triathlon. We always welcome first timers to the world of Swim Bike Run!

Meet at the Freke Arms on the B4019 between Blunsdon and Highworth. Normal start time is either 09.00 or 09.30 and is usually the longest of our rides being about 60 miles.

Regular Events Through winter & early spring we run an indoor bike Session every Thursday 19.15 - 20.15 at the Link Centre, Swindon SN5 7DN.

Sunday Starting at 09.00 at Casa Paolo, Common Platt, SN5 5JX, this is a shorter easier ride.

These are coached by Justin Robbins an experienced Triathlete & level 2 BTF Coach.

Regular Midweek Ride

Members also organise Club Rides most Sundays - contact the club for details.

A social ride usually on a Tuesday or Wednesday of about 50 miles with a café stop.

For those wishing to take part in Swim Training we hold the following coached sessions:

The start time and place of all three rides can vary so it is best to check the website or Facebook page which will be updated the evening before a ride.

Monday (21.00 - 22.00) at the Link Centre Thursday (20.30 - 22.00) at the Link Centre Saturday (16.30 - 17.30) at Milton Road

For more info



For more info


For those wishing to take part in Run Training we hold a Wednesday night coached session - contact the club for venue & times.  

[email protected]

[email protected]



Become a better cyclist

Become a better cyclist

Swindon CTC

Bike Repairs and Service

The Swindon CTC, was reformed at an inaugural meeting in 1982, and is part of the Cyclist Touring Club.

at Home or Work

We offer rides on a Saturday afternoon starting at 1.00pm, and one ride a month which is an all day ride also on a Saturday, starting from 4 start points in Swindon. These rides cover approximately 30-40 miles depending on the season and the all day rides covers about 50-80 miles depending on the season, stops are included for tea and lunch. Rides are open to anyone who wishes to join us you do not have to be a member of the CTC to come along, but you may wish to join the CTC to gain the benefits from this national cycling club. If you are under the age of 16 you must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Helmets are not compulsory to be worn during club rides. We also offer an all day Wednesday ride affectionately known as the TWERPS these rides are easy paced and a stop is included for lunch usually in a pub or some riders will bring a drink and sandwiches. The ride usually covers 30-60 miles in the summer, and 30-40 miles in the winter months.


Call 07962 118849

150x105_emotion_Swindon Travel Choices_ad_artwork.pdf

We also run club competitions, including an hill climb and freewheel competition which add a bit of fun to club rides. We also run a Hot Pot Ride and a Lardy Tea Ride, included in the yearly events is an Easter Tour.

For more info

www.ctcwest.org.uk/swindon [email protected]


Qualified Mechanic, Cycling Instructor and Ride Leader

Serving Swindon & local villages




Let’s Ride Enjoy free guided rides in your area. For all abilities, from easy to challenging. Sign up at


Advertise re henext year

Contact Lime Media on 01793 833 469 or [email protected] for more information