Connected Students Bring Your Own Laptop Program

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Connected Students Bring Your Own Laptop Program

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The Connected Students BYO Laptop Program is an opportunity for all students to bring their own laptop to school from the beginning of 2016. This new approach to technology in classrooms allows students to have more individualised learning, using the software and hardware they are familiar with. It will provide access to their own device throughout the school day, enabling more effective use of online textbooks as well as all their digital work whether they are at school or home. To maximise student use of their machines, we have implemented a strong and robust system which will provide school network access not only for internet use but also enable printing at school.

Who should join? Senior students (Years 10 through to 12) are strongly encouraged to be part of this program to ensure they are working in an environment which is most reflective of current work practices and that they are adequately prepared for life after school. Junior students are encouraged to participate.

Is a tablet or iPad ok? No, we are not allowing tablets or iPads as part of our BYO program. We as a school, have decided to implement a laptop program as we believe laptops will be more: Compatible with programs on the school system, including ensuring the ability to print and utilise USBs. Robust and able to stand up to accidental bumps. Effectively utilised by students to complete tasks rather than simply access apps / games. Ergonomic in their use, that is, students will be more likely to sit at a desk to use their laptops, rather than be lounging with them resulting in poor posture.

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Cost of BYO Laptop and Participation: Families provide their own laptop, and pay $20 per semester ($40/yr) for connection. Parents and students will be covering the full cost of any laptop they wish to use here at school as it will be purchased outside of the school (or is already owned by the family). Note - there are minimum specifications for a laptop to be part of this program, please see below for details. These requirements are to ensure the computer can ‘talk’ with the school system and support the relevant software packages. We strongly recommend parents take options of accidental damage insurance and extended warranty if purchasing a new machine, however, this is a personal choice. In order to connect BYO laptops to the network, thus enabling students access to network drives, printers and the internet, the school has undertaken considerable infrastructure investment which ensures the school network remains secure and viruses cannot be transferred from student machines to each other or our network. Part of this infrastructure is an ongoing fee of $20 per semester which covers the cost of the software licence which is loaded on the BYO Laptop. This software enables this secure connection and access to school resources (printers, internet and network). It is because of this, parents do not have to have the added expense of a 3G laptop, it simply has to be able to connect to a wireless network.

What software is needed? All students need to have Microsoft Office installed on their machines. This is available free as a student of a Queensland Government state school. How to download Microsoft Office instructions are on the school website, home page QuickLinks section. Additional software may be required and is outlined in the specifications listed below.

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What if I can’t afford a laptop? MNBSHS has laptops which will be available for students to use. Availability of a computer day-loan is dependent upon availability each day. Teachers will continue to book laptop trolleys for their classes as they have done previously. However as the uptake of the BYO Program increases, it is likely that we will move to a daily hire arrangement which will allow students to book a laptop out in their name; either for a number of lessons or a whole school day. School laptops will not be allowed off the school grounds (cannot be taken home), therefore students will need to be able to access a computer or laptop at home in order to fully engage in their education.

What if the laptop is damaged whilst at school? Students are responsible for the safety of their laptop and consequently any damage which occurs to it at school or on the trip to or from school. To assist with the safe storage and use of their laptop, we strongly recommend the following minimum protective measures. Each laptop should be: Kept in a protective case when out of their school bag; Stored within a padded section of the student’s school bag; Purchased with accidental damage insurance. Students will not be allowed to share their laptop with other students. We will also be educating students about how to treat their school bags in an effort to minimise the possibility of damage. It is reassuring that of the laptops we have had at MNBSHS for three years, we have experienced very little damage. If a Connected Students BYO Laptop Program participant is without a laptop for a short period of time, eg screen is being replaced, they will be able to access school laptop resources.

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What type of laptop is required? BYO Laptop Device Minimum Specifications: Machine Type



PC or Macs

Screen size*

Between 10” & 16” – 14” or 15” preferred


Intel i3 or higher or equivalent


4GB or higher – 8GB preferred

Hard drive

64GB or higher

Operating System

Windows 7, 8 or 8.1. For Macs 0.S 10.10


802.11n or higher


1 x USB port minimum, audio in/out, in-built microphone, VGA or HDMI (or adapter), Camera (plus ideally SD or Micro SD)

Battery life

6+ hours (6+ cell or higher)


Microsoft Office (free download for active students of State Schools. How to sheets are on the school website, home page QuickLinks: ) Virus protection


Physical Keyboard Mouse (optional) We also recommend you have: Protective Case Accidental damage, loss & theft insurance Warranty – recommended to be extended for 3 years

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If you intend to study Computer, Media, Art or Graphic subjects in Years 11 and 12, the following specifications are recommended: Screen size

Between 14” to 16”


i5 processor




Yr 10: Intro to IPT; Practical Computing, Media Yr 11/12: IPT; Film, TV & New Media; Music; Visual Art require: Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master Collection (available at school, a $25/year fee applies.)

Yr 10: Industrial Technology and Design; Graphics Yr 11 /12: Graphics requires: Autodesk “C.A.D.” software (available for free by download, student registration required, school will provide details) Other


If you study any of these subjects with a laptop not up to these additional specifications, operation of the additional programs will be slow and with limited programs able to run at the same time.

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Expectations of Participants: Access to the school network and resources via a BYO Laptop will only occur once payment of $20 per semester has been made in full. Students should exercise extreme care for the laptop, both in use and security of it. Theft or malicious damage of the laptop is at the Participant’s Expense. Every effort will be made to investigate instances of theft or malicious damage here at school, however, ultimately it is a student’s responsibility to care and protect their laptop. Laptops should be bought to school every day, fully charged. Charger needs to be left at home. When the laptop is not in use, including when traveling to and from school, it is recommended the laptop be stored within a carry bag and then within the school bag. The laptop’s primary purpose is for educational enhancement therefore any additional legal programs, music or photos added to the laptop outside of school should be age appropriate, not cause offence and adhere to Copyright legislation. Adequate storage for educational programs and documents should be maintained for school. It is the responsibility of the student to back-up data on the laptop (eg school files on their school H:drive, use of a back-up USB). Failure to submit assessment due to technical issues is NOT an acceptable reason for non-submission (as per QCAA guidelines for all senior subjects). Students must not bypass or attempt to bypass any security features/settings on the network or install any software or use any process that may adversely affect the operation of the Education Queensland computer network. Students should be aware that Internet browsing at school is filtered the same as it is on all EQ machines including emails. No attempt to bypass this filter should be made. This filter does not apply at home, therefore parents should also actively supervise their student’s internet activity when at home. Students should take all steps to protect the BYO laptop and the department’s computer network from virus attacks including never disabling the installed antivirus software.

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MNBSHS ICT guidelines should always be followed in accordance with the completed and signed ICT Agreement (signed on enrolment and annually in the student GoldBook), including that the laptop will only be used for educational purposes when at school. During school hours including lunch breaks, students will only use the laptops when teacher approval has been given, and to complete educational tasks as instructed by the teacher. MNBSHS will provide technical support to: o Enable satisfactory connectivity to the MNBSHS network for internet access, network drives (eg Common drive, H:\My Documents drive) and printing; o Store laptops under warranty claims if arrangements have been made for a technician (arranged by a parent) to come to the school to service the machine. (For example, Dell have on-site service if a parent purchases through Dell’s MNBSHS portal – see attached details – thus we can store the laptop to save the parent posting it back to Dell.) If security of the school network is deemed to be at risk, a student’s access account will be disabled. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that the laptop is adequately secured when not in use, including close monitoring of it during lunch breaks (do not leave your bag unattended). MNBSHS takes no responsibility for theft, loss, vandalism or unauthorised access to the laptops. The laptop must not be left unattended for any reason, or at any time. Authorisation/naming labels affixed to the laptop must remain intact as evidence that the laptop has been authorised for use at MNBSHS. A replacement label must be obtained from Technical Support if it becomes unreadable or removed from the laptop. MNBSHS and Education Department reserves the right to restrict access and use of any laptop used at MNBSHS. Access to the school network and permission to use the laptop at MNBSHS can be withdrawn as a consequence of any inappropriate use and or security breach.

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Initial Connection of Device: Provided the first payment of $20 has been received in full by MNBSHS Administration, a BYO laptop account will be prepared. At the commencement of each Semester, induction sessions will be scheduled for all new participants to attend. During induction, we will: Confirm minimum specification requirements. Install software to enable the connection. This is the only software that will be installed on the student’s laptop by / at the school. Remind students of the expectations of them as responsible IT users. A sticker will be placed externally on the laptop lid which identifies the owner of the laptop and that it is an approved BYO Laptop able to be used at MNBSHS.

End of each year: At the end of each year, students and parents are encouraged to make payments of their School Resource Scheme (SRS). At this point in time, we will include the following year’s BYO Licence fee in the total amount payable, thus limiting the number of payments parents need to remember and pay. At the commencement of each semester, we will check that full payment of that semester’s BYO Licence has been paid and students will continue connectivity. If a semester payment has not been made, their licence will be disable until payment is made.

End of Year 12 or Leaving MNBSHS: Any full semester payments that have been made and yet to be commenced can be refunded. If a semester has commenced, unfortunately a refund for that semester cannot occur as we will have incurred the licence fee. As a student is marked left, their BYO Licence will be disabled. It is then up the student to uninstall the software from their machine if they wish. Please note, it is a relatively small program thus will not take up much memory if it is left on the machine.

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How to join the Connected Students BYO Laptop

Program? 1. Own a laptop which meets minimum specifications and have parental permission to bring it to school given all responsibility for its care lies with the student participant. 2. Read and agree to the Connected Students BYO Laptop Program Participation Agreement – The agreement is available from the school office or on the school website – QuickLinks section. It must be returned, signed to the office. 3. Pay the semester log on fee of $20 per semester which covers the cost of the software allowing full access to the network, internet and printers – paid to the office. 4. Participate in an Induction session where they will be stepped through the installation of the connection software.

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