BROOKE HEAD OF MAJOR RELATIONSHIPS Introduction to Brooke We are an unusual international charity. We work to improve the lives of working horses, d...
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Introduction to Brooke We are an unusual international charity. We work to improve the lives of working horses, donkeys and mules in the poorest communities around the world - through community development programmes and advocacy. These animals are the engines that power the world’s poorest communities. 100 million of them labour on country roads, tracks, fields, farms, factories and city centres - transporting people, produce, food, water and building materials. It is estimated that these animals support the livelihoods of 600 million people in the developing world. Millions suffer due to the scale of their workloads and inadequate care and services. What makes Brooke especially distinctive is that our work not only improves the lives of the animals, it also contributes to improvements in the livelihood of owners and their families.


The development of the Brooke in recent years The last five years have been a season of growth and evolution for the Brooke. We have worked hard to realise the goal we set ourselves in 2011 to reach 2 million animals by 2016 and more than 12m people who depend on them. We have achieved this by engaging with local communities – supporting them with training on better welfare, treatment and veterinary services - and through the successful lobbying of key global players to change policy and practice. At the same time, we have been evolving from a purely animal welfare charity into a highly regarded and innovative development charity. We have done this by: Recruiting some of the best people from the human development sector who have introduced development best practice to our programme, policy and advocacy work. Strengthening the link between our work and the livelihoods of the animals owners through for example stronger monitoring and evaluation systems. Developing relationships with human development NGOs and institutional funding partners. For instance, we have already run successful research or delivery programmes with other NGOs including Practical Action, Sendacow and Concern International. Extending the use of technology and social media. From communications to service delivery to fundraising, digital is increasingly impacting every area of our organisation. For instance, we have successfully piloted an online learning system that trains our vets around the world. We have also introduced a monitoring app which is used by our impact measurement team around the world. This shift is opening up new opportunities for us in institutional funders like DFID and Gates as well as with thoughtful major donors and trusts seeking a high value social return on their philanthropy.


Context to this appointment We are now seeking a Head of Major Relationships replacing a very successful predecessor who took an embryonic department and built into a team of seven that this year will generate £1.5m. There are robust donor management systems in place, including developing processes for identifying new prospects and maintaining and developing existing relationships. The role has three direct reports, a Major Donor Manager (defined as gifts of >£5K), a Trusts and Foundations Manager and a Prospect Researcher who is responsible for identifying projects that can be developed into propositions to put to major donors. For instance, the team have just won significant multi-year funding for a project supporting the owners of horses, mules and donkeys working in 35 coal mines in Pakistan. It has been a carefully researched programme with very clear impact measurements that show major donors clear evidence of the difference their gifts are making. The Head of Major Relationships will be supported by Petra Ingram, CEO (formerly Finance Director at Sightsavers) who loves meeting prospective donors, Jasvir Kaur, International Director of Fundraising and Communications (formerly, Director of Fundraising and communications at Freedom from Torture) to whom this role reports and an engaged and supportive board.

The Challenge There is significant potential for further growth. We expect our income from the Major Relationships team to grow to £4m by 2021. This will be achieved by maximising the value of the supporter base of 80,000 donors, embedding a culture of fundraising at Board and Senior Management Team level and galvanising the community of key supporters to recruit other donors. To this end, we are seeking a talented major gift or relationship management leader who sees the value of helping working horses, donkeys and mules and the families they support.


The Major Relationships Team This team is responsible for raising income in the UK from high net worth individuals, trusts and foundations, companies and key institutional funders to support Brooke’s international projects.

Purpose of role To lead Brooke’s Major Relationships team which is responsible for generating income/building Brooke profile through major gifts. This area covers a range of income streams/activities: Major donors; middle donors, trusts & foundations; corporate, Institutional funders and a research function. Strategy development in all areas. President/Patron/Ambassador management. To contribute to the development of the departmental planning/processes and, in the Major Relationships Team, to ensure there is effective planning, monitoring and evaluation in place across all income streams. To lead on the development of fundraising strategy in the Major Relationships Team for all income streams within this function and contribute to wider fundraising and communications strategic development. To work in collaboration with the Head of Grants to mainstream restricted funding processes and secure growth in major grants & institutional funders. To maximise Brooke’s income in line with short, medium and long term goals and budgets at Fundraising & Communications Department level. Leading on this for the Major Relationships Team. To optimise staff performance, motivation and retention for the Major Relationship Team. To optimise Brooke’s PR/profile building. To be an effective member of the Fundraising & Communications Senior Management Team and the wider Brooke Management Team.


Key tasks and responsibilities Income Generation To ensure that the targets for the team are met. To ensure that a viable and robust pipeline of prospects for this function is maintained, including the identification and development of new income opportunities.

Strategy To contribute to the development of Brooke’s fundraising and income diversification strategy, with a particular focus on the development of income from the areas that fall into this team’s remit.

Relationship Management To build relationships with individuals, corporates and charitable foundations and grant makers with the aim of developing long-term commitments to the work of Brooke. To develop and lead on excellent levels of donor care & stewardship.

Management Line management responsibility for team and engaging consultants, project managers and volunteers, as appropriate. Manage the Major Relationships Team, including planning, supervision, team meetings and communications, and Performance & Development Reviews as necessary. Guide staff development and take prompt and appropriate action to address performance issues. Develop and maintain systems of management which facilitate open, effective and timely communication. Ensure cross-organisational team working within the Fundraising department and other departments. Ensure teams achieve the effective and efficient delivery of objectives.


Teamwork and high performance, positive culture Work closely with staff across the team and the wider Fundraising and Communications department to review and improve practices and procedures, implementing positive changes and improving efficiency. Contribute to the achievement of department objectives through cross departmental working, being an effective team player, being solution focussed and working in a positive, can-do way. To actively participate in and contribute to regular department, cross department and team meetings and discussions to maximise input into Brooke’s wider organisation goals. Be a convincing ambassador and advocate for the organisation and its mission, actively promoting the aims and activities of Brooke to external audiences. To regularly update the Director of Fundraising and Communications on targets and plans. Perform such additional tasks as may reasonably be requested by the Director of Fundraising and Communications.

Miscellaneous Remain up to date with the activities of the Brooke in the countries of operation. Keep up to date with information on fundraising across the charity sector. Recognise fundraising opportunities and promote them amongst our supporters. Follow the Brooke’s equal opportunities statement. Perform such additional tasks as may reasonably be requested from time to time by the Director of Fundraising and Communications.


Person Specification The skills, abilities, experience and knowledge outlined below provide a summary of what is required to carry out this job effectively. They also form the selection criteria on which the decision on who to appoint will be made. Please ensure that you show how you meet the criteria outlined below in your application.

Knowledge and experience 1

Income Generation: significant experience and a demonstrable track record in fundraising from high net worth individuals (middle & major donors), together with experience of trusts, foundations, Institutional funders and corporate fundraising, and a track record in identifying and developing new income streams/ opportunities


Restricted funds: significant experience of working with restricted funds, including the management of programme proposals, funding and Impact reporting


Strategy: solid experience in strategic planning and development in a fundraising department


Project planning, management and development: Excellent project management experience and skills, with a rigorous approach to planning and delivery, and change management experience


Relationship Management: Excellent and significant experience of working with donors both inside and outside of the UK to develop lasting and committed relationships


Staff Performance: A successful track record in recruiting, developing, monitoring and driving up performance of fundraising staff


Senior Management: significant experience and a successful track record of working in a senior management team within a fundraising department


Income Growth: strong track record of growing and developing new income streams


Budgeting: significant experience of producing budgets, reporting variances against the plan and re-forecasting.


IT: A good understanding and experience of working with databases, and Microsoft Office, Powerpoint


Skills and abilities 1

Project Management: able to develop and implement detailed project management plans


Change management and internal communications: Able to persuade internal stakeholders of the need for change, and to generate momentum and commitment to desired change internally


Process development: skilled in developing and implementing new organisational processes, defining roles and responsibilities clearly and persuasively and ensuring the new processes are followed and implemented


Numerate: Excellent experience of working with Excel spreadsheets and providing strategic and tactical analysis of income and expenditure performance/forecasts


Writing: substantial experience of writing fundraising, PR and marketing materials and internal documents in a clear, motivating and concise way.


Verbal Communications: Excellent speaking skills, involving public speaking, presentations, speaking to individual donors, etc


Celebrity/VIP care: skilled in developing and maintaining effective working relationships with high profile individuals to ensure they make a contribution to an organisation’s fundraising and profile building strategies


Travel: Willingness and ability to travel within the UK and to work weekends and evenings as appropriate. Willingness to travel overseas where appropriate.


This permanent role will be based at the Brooke Head Office in Central London and require occasional overseas travel (likely two to four trips a year). Standard hours are 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday though due to the nature of the work of Brooke and this post in particular, it may be necessary to vary these hours when the work load demands. It will be paid £58,800 per annum and receive staff benefits which include 25 days annual leave, contributory pension and life assurance.

How to Apply Applications should be sent by email to Mark Powys-Smith at [email protected] The closing date for applications is Monday 5th December.

Your application should comprise of: a full CV, including educational and professional qualifications, a full employment history showing the more significant positions, responsibilities held, relevant achievements and latest remuneration including any benefits; a covering note of not more than 1.5 pages (total) summarising your motivation and interest in the role and your experience of major gifts fundraising or relationship management with clear evidence of meeting and/or exceeding ambitious income goals and line management daytime, evening and/or mobile telephone numbers (to be used with discretion).

Process Process Macaulay Search has been engaged as the executive search advisor on this appointment. A selection of candidates will be invited to a first round of interviews on either the morning of Monday 19th December or the morning of Tuesday 20th December. A second round of interviews is planned for early January. You can expect to hear from us on 13th December. This job description is a written statement of the key aspects of the above job. This document details the main responsibilities, tasks and includes a note of the skills, knowledge and experience required for a satisfactory level of performance. A job description is not intended to be an exhaustive account of all aspects of the duties involved. 


APPENDIX 1 Who we are Brooke is an international animal welfare organisation with over 80 years’ experience dedicated to improving the lives of working horses, donkeys and mules.

What we do Brooke protects and improves the lives of working horses, donkeys and mules which fundamentally underpin the livelihoods of some of the world’s poorest communities.

Why we do it 12 milllion working horses, donkeys and mules provide invaluable support to daily life for an estimated 600 million people in some of the poorest places in the world, through haulage, transportation and production. Healthy working horses, donkeys and mules help to put food on their tables, send their children to school and build better futures for themselves and their families. We are proud to deliver significant and lasting change.

How we do it – our Theory of Change Animals can’t change their welfare, but people can. Our work builds on this in three ways: Community engagement: providing communities with the skills and support to unlock their compassion for animals and to feel the benefit that brings to their livelihoods. Service Provision: working with local health services and farriers to strengthen their skills so owners can get their animals the help they need when they need it. Advocacy: working with governments to provide support and prevent abuse for practical and long lasting change.

Our Strategic Goals for 2021 Global Impact: To reach more working animals in need in more places around the world. Sustainable Improvement: To make lasting change by working with a wide range of people and organisations that can directly or indirectly improve the lives of working animals.

Global impact Working directly and in partnership as well as collaborating effectively with a diverse range of stakeholders, including at local level, the Brooke will lead the way in mobilising and coordinating on a global scale through local, national and international advocacy, linking with our work on the ground to enhance our ability to bring about positive change. Like many other international development agencies, we recognise the role, for example, of women and children in achieving necessary change in practices and we work to influence policies that affect working animals. Within this broader development agenda, the Brooke has recently been selected as a member of a working group set up by the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), which is leading a pioneering project to develop the first International Standards for the Welfare of Working Equids, which are expected to be adopted by 2016. This initiative is a major step towards promoting action within the sector and ensuring that working horses, donkeys and mules are taken into account by policy-makers.


Sustainable development The Brooke will deliver high-quality sustainable programmes that involve owners, service providers and a wide range of advocates in order to make a lasting change. The Brooke will overcome welfare problems in challenging situations around the world and will allocate resources according to the positive impact that can be achieved. We would like to see our approach widely adopted across the sector, enabling and catalysing others to permanently improve the health and wellbeing of the vast numbers of working horses, donkeys and mules around the world and therefore the lives of millions of people across the world’s poorest communities.

Our Global Network The Brooke (and its affiliates) employs around 1,000 staff world-wide, including veterinary surgeons, community animal health workers and development specialists. Our networks include the Brooke teams in India, Pakistan, Egypt, East Africa, Ethiopia, West Africa, Afghanistan, Nepal, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Jordan. Additionally Brooke Netherlands and Brooke USA raise awareness about working equine animal welfare and raise vital funds for the Brooke’s programmes. The Brooke’s international office is based in the UK and the Brooke is a Charity registered in England and Wales. More information on the Brooke and the work we do can be found here:


APPENDIX 2 Brooke Competencies

Skills & Abilities


Taking responsibility for own actions, behaviours and outcomes


Taking responsibility for own learning and fostering growth and development in others

Relationship Building

Creating and maintaining harmonious and constructive working relationships with others internally and/or externally

Planning and Organising

Ensuring that time and resources are utilised to best effect for the achievement of the Brooke’s goals and our mission and that others are committed to agreed courses of action

Effective Decision Making

Making clear, informed and timely decisions that lead to effective outcomes in line with the Brooke’s mission.

Change and Improvement

Seeking out and developing new ideas and approaches, responding positively and constructively to change and fostering a culture of continuous improvement

Collaboration and Cooperation

Working respectfully, effectively and collaboratively with others in your team, across the organisation and externally to deliver effective outcomes

Communication & Influence

Communicating clearly, concisely and compellingly in a manner that is appropriate to the audience. Engaging respectfully with others both internally and/or externally to persuade them to adopt courses of action that are in the best interests of the organisation and the animals.


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