Best New Features of SharePoint

Best New Features of SharePoint 2016 About Gig Werks Be it in the Cloud with Office 365 or on premise, Gig Werks has delivered aw...
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Best New Features of SharePoint 2016

About Gig Werks Be it in the Cloud with Office 365 or on premise, Gig Werks has delivered award winning targeted and focused business solutions for departments and industries, built on Microsoft SharePoint. Microsoft Awards and Recognition • Microsoft Gold Partner since the firm’s beginning in 2001 • Virtual Technology Specialists for the Microsoft New York Enterprise Group • 5 Time Microsoft SharePoint Technical Excellence Partner Award Winner • Approved Vendor of Microsoft Legal and Corporate Affairs Group (LCA) • Invited into the Partner Evidence Program for SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013 & 2016 Solution Expertise for Full Microsoft Stack: • Office 365, SharePoint, Cloud Applications, Business Intelligence Industry Business Solution Expertise in: • Legal Firms & Departments, Architecture/Engineering/Construction AEC, Facilities Management, Financial Services, Healthcare/Pharmaceutical & Professional Services ProjectReady™ Business Solution Software for SharePoint & Office 365 • Software as a Service solution built for the business • Integrates with SharePoint & The Microsoft Cloud • Drives Control, Visibility, Reporting & Collaboration across all data & projects

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Microsoft SharePoint

Durable Links • Resource-based URLs now retain links when documents are renamed or moved in SharePoint. • When using Durable Links when a user selects a link to a specific document, SharePoint Server 2016 IT Preview looks up the file by the resource Id and opens it in Office Online Server Preview. • Durable Links allow documents to be moved and renamed without affecting the integrity of the linking Url associated with a document.

Expanded Filename Support • Expanded support for special characters • SharePoint has historically blocked file names that included the &, ~, {, and } characters, file names that contained a GUID, file names with leading dots, and file names longer than 128 characters. These restrictions are removed in SharePoint Server 2016 and are now available to use.

• Restricted characters such as % and # are still not allowed in file names.

Large File Support • Previous versions of SharePoint did not support uploading or downloading files larger than 2,047 MB. SharePoint 2016 now allows you to upload or download larger files. • You can configure the desired maximum file-size limit on a perweb application basis in your SharePoint farm.

Business Intelligence Support SharePoint 2016 Supports SQL 2016 CTP Business intelligence features including:

• Power Pivot Gallery • Scheduled Data Refresh • Workbooks as a Data Source

• Power Pivot Management Dashboard • Power View reports • Power View Subscriptions • Report Alerting

Sharing Improvements • See who a folder is shared with when viewing a folder • Improved Invitation E-mail • One-click email to approve or deny a request for access

• Improved version history allows you to view or go back to earlier drafts of your documents so that you can edit and share your documents with confidence. • Version history may be maintained for documents stored on OneDrive for Business or SharePoint.

Enhanced Search • Now supports indexing of up to 500 million items • In SharePoint Server 2016 when you post images and videos to a document library, you can see a preview by hovering the mouse over the image or video, or by clicking on them.

Sensitive Content Search • Search for sensitive content across SharePoint Server 2016, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business. • Leverage 51 built-in sensitive information types (credit cards, passport numbers, Social Security numbers, and more).

2016 Compliance Features • Document Deletion Policy Center allows easy control of how documents are deleted or retained • Allow site owners to choose from policies that you centrally create and manage. You can also allow site owners to opt out altogether if they decide a policy does not apply to their content. • Enforce a single mandatory policy on all sites in a site collection, such as all OneDrive for Business sites, or even enforce a policy on all site collections created from a specific site collection template, such as the Team Site template. • Provide a default policy with a default rule that will be automatically applied without any action required by site owners.

• Create a policy that includes several deletion rules that a site owner can choose from.

Data Loss Prevention • Use DLP Queries from the eDiscovery site collection to discover sensitive content relating to common industry regulations from the SharePoint eDiscovery Center, identify offending documents, and export a report. • Turn on DLP Policies from the Compliance Policy Center site collection to notify end users and administrators when documents with sensitive information are stored in SharePoint and automatically protect the documents from improper sharing.

Information Rights Management • Encrypting and securing information on SharePoint libraries with OneDrive for Business • Secure your information by encrypting it and applying an intelligent policy so that only specified internal and/or external people can “act” on your information.

• Allow recipients to edit and print, but restrict them from forwarding to others. This policy is attached to the document, so it is applied no matter where your document lives—whether it’s in transit, on your laptop or a mobile device, or is a USB key— • IRM lets you assign policies to email, SharePoint Online libraries, individual Office documents and other file types.

Minroles • Only deploy what you need such as Front-End, App Server, or Single-Server Farm • SharePoint automatically configures the services on each server based on the server role, optimizing the performance of the farm based on that topology. There are six predefined server roles that are available, as shown in the following table. Front-end

Service applications, services, and components that serve user requests belong on front-end web servers. These servers are optimized for low latency.


Service applications, services, and components that serve back-end requests, such as background jobs or search crawl requests, belong on Application servers. These servers are optimized for high throughput.

Distributed Cache

Service applications, services, and components that are required for a distributed cache belong on Distributed Cache servers.


Service applications, services, and components that are required for search belong on Search servers.


Custom service applications, services, and components that do not integrate with MinRole belong on Custom servers. The farm administrator has full control over which service instances can run on servers assigned to the Custom role. MinRole does not control which service instances are provisioned on this role.

Single-Server Farm

Service applications, services, and components required for a single-machine farm belong on a Single-Server Farm. A Single-Server Farm is meant for development, testing, and very limited production use. A SharePoint farm with the Single-Server Farm role cannot have more than one SharePoint server in the farm.

Hybrid Features • OneDrive Redirection • Users can sync files with Office 365 and share them with others. • Users can access their files directly through Office 365 from any device. • "Follow Sites" from both SharePoint Online and On-Premises • Users can follow SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online sites, and see them consolidated in a single list. • Users have a single profile in Office 365, where all of their profile information is stored.

Hybrid Features • Hybrid Cloud Search - search results show both Online and On Premises Results from SharePoint Online • You index all of your crawled content, including on-premises content, to your search index in Office 365. You can set up the crawler in SharePoint Server 2016 to crawl the same content sources and use the same search connectors in Office SharePoint Server 2007, SharePoint Server 2010, and SharePoint Server 2013. • When users query your search index in Office 365, they get unified search results from both onpremises and Office 365 content.

Site Folder View in OneDrive • Site Folders view from OneDrive that takes you directly to document libraries of sites you’re following. • Get to sites you’re following fast, right from OneDrive for Business

Project Server Deployment • Project Server is now deployed as part of SharePoint Server 2016 rather than being a separate installation • Project Server 2016 runs as a service application in SharePoint Server 2016 Enterprise • The Enterprise version of SharePoint Server 2016 is required to enable Project Server 2016. Project Server 2016 cannot be enabled on SharePoint Server 2016 with a Standard license.

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