13th January 2017 BEESTON CASTLE AUCTION 332 CALVES TO £420 47 STORES TO £950 114 BARREN COWS 160ppkg 415 DAIRY CATTLE TO £2300 SALES & TIMES Every F...
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13th January 2017


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332 REARING CALVES (Not for export) Auctioneers: Jonny Dymond 07703 676227 and Jonty Cliffe 07595 453306 WHAT A TRADE!!! An absolute pleasure to sell today with trade on fire, some superb calves on offer but it was the medium and small continental bulls which look the best trade on the whole. A top call of £420 for Continentals but the Highlight of the day was a run of 17 Strong Angus and Hereford Calves from John and Fran Hockenell whose “once in a lifetime” Hereford Heifer sold for a remarkable £370. 77 Continental Bulls Not a vintage show in terms of quality but each and every bull sold on a rapid trade whatever shape or size, top call was £420 for Alan Shallcross’s Blue, Closely followed at £388 for JH Wynn, Simmentals topped by Rob Butterworth at £378, Limousin’s to £330 for Allen Family Farm. Though these are the Highest prices they are not the best sold, some young 10-21 day old middling blues today absolutely on fire selling for £260-£290, they were exceptional. You could not wish for a better trade. 46 Continental Heifers A wonderful trade for heifers today, as it is every week!! V P Challenors young Blue heifer out of a montbeliarde cow was the pick of the bunch, 28 days old selling for £350. Other blues from JR Ward & MJ & DA Coar £345. Medium heifers from £220-£280 with a higher proportion of very young calves selling around £180. 49 Native Bulls The Top Angus’s dominated by JR & FJ Hockenhull, there run desires all the plaudits, with Angus bulls to £322, £300, £288. Hereford to £270 for Dodd Bros. Best Natives £240+, mediums £200+ small native bulls which would benefit from another week £150+ 42 Native Heifers The Star of the Show a 2 month Old Hereford Heifer from JR & FJ Hockenhull, a wonderful calf which cruised to £370, their angus heifers realised £230. Nice heifers under 42 days old today £180’s for both breeds. Plenty of competition insuring every calf made its money! 118 Dairy Bulls ave £60 Dairy bulls are getting dearer every week, as the number gets tighter the auction is the most favourable place to sell these black and whites! Top call £148 for CB Davies, £134 for BJ & GM Williams. Holstein bulls to £122 for C W Wildman with the plainer or smaller rearers from £60-£90. Young Dairy bulls under 14 days specifically sought today selling for £45 time after time today. More needed next week. Processing calves less on size.


29 BEEF CATTLE Auctioneer: Simon Lamb 07815 188125 Steers to 210p or £1291 Heifers to 195p or £1192 Added numbers this week, easily absorbed with a firm trade throughout. Several purchasers in attendance all pleased to see more stock, with a couple of corking bullocks in the ranks. Topping the day was a Charolais steer from regular vendor A T Williamson with the hammer falling at 210ppk, 20mo and weighing 615kg. This was closely followed by his neighbour J Johnson at 208ppk for their 540kg Limousin. Best native steers to 186ppk for PJ & S Cheers or £1207. Once again P Studley showed some lovely young Blue heifers ranging from 195p-186p, and R W Walker sold some quality None Assured Simental heifers to average £860. More needed week on week to fulfil demand as many buyers leaving the ring unable to meet orders. Thanks to all vendors for you custom and support, please don’t keep them too long, as anything up to or over age much harder to sell!! Please REMEMBER they do not have to be TB tested to sell in the Beef Cattle Section. Don’t hesitate to contact Simon for FREE marketing and on farm inspection. 07815 188125 Top Prices Steers 210p 208p 193p 186p 183p 169p


615kg 540kg 645kg 625kg 660kg 650kg

20mo 20mo 29mo 26mo 24mo 28mo

A T Williamson J Johnson PJ & S Cheers PJ & S Cheers PJ & S Cheers D P Mounfield

565kg 540kg 505kg 475kg 480kg 440kg

21mo 21mo 19mo 20mo 21mo 23mo

P Studley & Sons P Studley & Sons P Studley & Sons P Studley & Sons P Studley & Sons R W Walker

Top Prices Heifers 195p 189p 189p 186p 186p 185p


45 Store Cattle Auctioneer Jonathan Farrall A very mixed bag of stores, lacking any real superstars it has to be said, but we are grateful for everything and we have the buyers to ensure a very fast trade throughout. The majority of today’s entry was “Black & White”! Top call went to Messrs Lister with framey steers to £890, the best of Peter Whitby’s Friesians to £810. Longer keep ‘improvers’ were mostly around the mid £600’s but it would have been lovely to see one or two more Continentals – can you help? A huge shortage of heifers, especially Continental types. Hereford x from Messrs Hale selling to £950, anything longer keep was generally mid £600’s once again. Please consider testing and selling a few stores now instead of waiting for that herd test, quite often the trade is NO BETTER come grass day than it is now, phone JF anytime to discuss your marketing requirements 07796 952948. Steers Hol BBx Hol Hol Fries Hol Hol

26m 33m 21m 21m 28m 26m 21m

£890 £855 £810 £785 £685 £670 £665

Farndon Picton Bickley x4 Bickley x3 Little Budworth Little Budworth Picton x2

Heifers Herx Herx BBx AAx Hol

17m 17m 33m 16m 18m

£950 £695 £620 £570 £410

Shocklach Shocklach Picton Hargreave x4 Farndon x2

AAx Bull




Please keep the numbers coming, if you need any assistance with Store Cattle marketing at Beeston or Chelford don’t hesitate to get in touch 07796 952948 or 01625 861122.

114 CULL COWS 10.00am Auctioneer: Simon Lamb 07815 188125 Topping at 160.0p or £1048 CONSIDERING THE TRADE, THERE SHOULD BE DOUBLE! Trade kicked of today as we finished last week. Best meated black and whites continue to be a premium with Holstein cows to £1048 for C Lister. However the half meat or steaking cows were particularly dear on the day, with those cows from 90p to early 100’s looking better sold than anything else. Please inform us of pre movement test dates, with a real premium for clean feeding types. Numbers were down, however following a massive Mid Month Sale earlier in the week many regular supporters were unable to attend due to six day standstill. More cattle required next week please, trade has to be seen to be believed with a large company of buyers in attendance, not just one man’s word over the phone. Leading prices include: £1048 (HOL)C Lister; £1032 (BB)(Cheshire Vendor); £1028 (LIM) (Cheshire Vendor); £1015 (HOL)J E Brown; £1007 (HOL)DP & DA Jones; £981 (HOL)PB & D Hockenhull; £944 (BB) G & A Lamb; £943 (HOL)CR & GE Pym; £929 (HOL) T Okell; £917 (BB) G & A Lamb; £912 (HOL) J G Bebington & Co………. Guaranteed payment on the day if you collect!! We’re here to help whenever we can, call Simon on 07815 188125. Today’s market average (mostly black and white), coming in at 100.48ppk or £640.41 per head. (Everything in, including the lean, mean, lame and loopy!) Dairies bred cows averaging 99.35 pence or £633.25 per life. Black and white cows traded throughout the day at 110p to 130p for meated cows(130p to 155p younger models), 90p to 105p for steakers, 70p to 85p for stronger plain cows and 50p to 70p there after! Continentals peaked at 160p or £1032 and dairy bred to 155p or £1048. PAYMENT ON THE DAY FOR ALL LIVESTOCK SOLD AT OUR WEEKLY SALES! MORE CATTLE NEEDED EACH WEEK, DON’T MISS THE TRADE. Contact SIMON LAMB for further details on marketing your cattle. TOP PRICES Price Weight Breed Vendor 160p 645 BB (Cheshire Vendor) 155p 650 HOL DP & DA Jones 152p 690 HOL C Lister 151p 650 HOL PB & D Hockenhull 151p 625 HOL CR & GE Pym 148p 695 LIM (Cheshire Vendor) 145p 700 HOL J E Brown 141p 600 HOL T M Woodcock & Partners 138p 550 HOL CR & GE Pym 134p 705 BB G & A Lamb 132p 550 BB G & A Lamb

100% CLEARANCE FOR MASSIVE ENTRY AT MID MONTH DAIRY SALE AT BEESTON HEIFERS TO £2300 AND COWS TO £2190 The opening Mid Month Focus Milk Dairy Sale for 2017 got off to a flying start for the year with a catalogued entry of 415 head in all sections and 391 forward on the day. There was a 100% clearance in the dairy ring with all 295 animals finding new homes, there was a great atmosphere reflecting a growing confidence about the immediate future of milk production in the UK. MILKERS Yes all 295 milking cattle found a new home but as was expected following the absolutely scintillating trade experienced at the last sale in December, those price levels could not be sustained. But quality was not in the same street with a much higher proportion of plainer heifers and cows forward than we normally have at Beeston and yet there was plenty of bidding from start to finish. Bearing this in mind and comparing like with like trade would be back about £150 on the month and there were lots of buyers about from all over with 21 going to a farm in Cumbria, two lots of ten going to farms in Carmarthenshire, 14 going to Anglesey as well as a huge number purchased by farmers in Cheshire, Staffordshire and Shropshire For the second month running the top price went to an entry from Jeremy Platt’s noted Lachstone Herd at Lach Dennis, Northwich for his Lachstone Camelot Jasper, a 24 month old heifer by Larcrest Camelot which sold for £2300 to Ferney Lees Farm Ltd,who also purchased Lachstone Kody Saba by Hammer-Creek Oman Kody for £2250 from the same home. Another Lachstone heifer by Bakombre sold for £2200 to D & HE Colclough & Son of with three others each selling for £2050 all going to different purchasers; in all the 12 heifers consigned from this great herd achieved an average of £1912. This month there was another great consignment from the Rowarton herd of the Sutton family at Astbury, Congleton and they topped at £2220 for a daughter of Premier Kerndt sailing giving 35 kg and going to David Colclough who also purchased a Seagull-Bay Diamond daughter from Tomkinson Farms of Gnosall for £2080. A lovely heifer by Altaiota from the Oakshore Herd of the Shepherd family of Ledsham was snapped up Dave Green for £2200 whilst Balcurvie Holsteins of Windygates, Fife sold an Alta-avalon daughter for £2100 to Brian Parker of Haughton, Stafford and John Lomas of Gawsworth sold a striking Gone-Gold daughter for £2080. Cows met a really fast trade for the best and the top cow was a second calf Wyman from Andrew Shakeshaft which sold for £2190 to the Colclough’s. At just a tenner less Graham Dimelow of Malpas sold a GP83-2yr Garrett for £2180 to JF Owen & Son of Overton-on-Dee. Grantchester Farms of Audlem are selling their cows as they calve and topped at £2020 for a superbly bred third calver by Crackholm Secure Red from the Belle family with others from the Golda and Farrah families at £1950 and £1900. Hilltop Farming of Northwich also had a Xacobeo second calver at £1950 and David and James Tomlinson of Preston sold an Altaiota second calver from the Laurie Sheik family at £1900. Finally, Alan and Wendy Vernon of Ash, Whitchurch commenced the dispersal of their unregistered milk recorded herd and got off to a flyer particularly with their cows and topped at £1950 for a second calf daughter of Woodmarsh Asterix with five others from £1800 to £1900. SERVED HEIFERS A great selection of 62 pedigree in-calf and served heifers were presented for sale and topped at £1620 for a homebred daughter of Sandy Valley Bolton from Terry Goldstraw of Audlem which was due towards the end of February to an Angus. Lots of other February calvers, principally from JK & DJ Astbury of Church Minshull and EG Bulman of Northallerton selling between £1300 and £1460 MAIDEN HEIFERS A nice entry of 27 forward sold on a fast trade for a Pine-tree Sid daughter from Paul and Dee Bradbury of Whixall. HEIFER CALVES Just six forward and these sold to £220 for a Mr. Migule daughter. AVERAGES: (All Breeds, All qualities) 86 Cows £1310.11; 209 Milking Heifers £1495.54; 62 Served Heifers £1145.29; 27 Maiden Heifers £637.78; 6 Heifer Calves £190.00

NEW YEAR IN WITH A BANG AS TEXEL CHAMPION LEADS CHELFORD FEMALE SALE AT 5000 Gns It was Super-Saturday at Chelford last Saturday, as Wright Marshall’s Annual Show and Sale of Texel and Beltex females, on behalf of members of the North-West Texel Breeders Club and The Beltex Society, attracted a wonderful quality entry from all over the U.K. Potential buyers were registered from N. Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Holland and France, as well as from all parts of England, Scotland and Wales.

TEXEL A wonderful pen of in-lamb gimmers sired by the 145,000 gns Knap Vicious Sid, from the Sportsmans flock of Boden and Davies, Stockport took the top honours, as the Show Champion, picked out by this year’s judge, Richard Wilson of Appleby, Cumbria, topped the sale at 5000gns. Her genetics, being out of a homebred ewe by Milnbank Special One, and carrying twins to Strathbogie Whiplash, attracted a number of breeders, culminating in some fierce bidding before the winning call came from the Morrison family, Girvan, Ayrshire. Texel Champion from Sportsmans 5000gns An ET sister, again carrying twins to Whiplash, also attracted lively bidding, before a final call of 3700 gns took her home to Washingley, Peterborough, with Mrs P. Castle; whilst yet another ET sister, this time carrying twins to Knock Will.I.Am, made 2000 gns, this time to Chris Asher, Railford, Derby. Other leading prices included a bid of 2600 gns for the best of a pen from the Bradleys flock of Robert and Ryan Bradley, Barnoldswick. This gimmer, by Tophill Union Jack, out of a homebred ewe by Anglezarke Uno and in-lamb to Bryn-y-Coed Yogi Bear, went home to Anglesey with Richard Hughes; whilst Gordon and David Gray’s Ettrick flock saw their annual consignment to the Chelford sale peak at 2400 gns for an Ettrick Sir Alan sired gimmer, out of a ewe by Glenside Razzle Fazzle, and in-lamb to Hallrig Y Not. The Reserve Champion came from Peter and Rose Woof’s Stainton flock. By Anglezarke Uno, out of a ewe by Sportsmans Tremendous, and in-lamb to Hexel Wildcard, she made 1800gns to G. Morrison, Banff, Aberdeen, who also pounced for another from the same pen, at 1900 gns, this time sired by Sportsmans Tremendous out of a ewe by Stainton Ricochet and again in-lamb to Hexel Wildcard. Best of the older Ewes was a Sportsmans Tremendous daughter from Richard Wilson’s Eden Valley flock. |Sold in-lamb to Anglezarke Uno, she made 1500 gns, going home to Great Ayton, Yorkshire with J Howard.

A super show of Ewe lambs was headed by the best of a pen from Ben Vernon’s Charben flock, from Rocester, Staffs. Place first in her class, she is by Stainton Vigilante, out of a homebred ewe by Strathbogie Thunder, and made 1000 gns to S Delaney, County Roscommon, Ireland. Another lamb from this pen, by Brackenridge Woody out of a ewe by Castlecairn SAS Commander, made 900 gns to Sam Furness, Tideswell . Averages In-Lamb TEXEL Ewes £422.33 In-Lamb TEXEL Shearlings £798.47 TEXEL Ewe Lambs £ 523.54

BELTEX A packed ringside provided a fantastic atmosphere and lively trade throughout, as all sheep on offer made far more than their vendors expectations. Long-distance traveller Stuart Wood from Skene, Aberdeen took the top price at 1700gns, and saw his load of 28 sheep from his Woodies flock averaging £1127. But it was the consistency of trade throughout which was most pleasing, the ring being full right to the end as breeders and commercial producers sought to tap into some of the excellent bloodlines on offer. The top bid of 1700 gns came for Stuart Wood’s imported gimmer, which stood Reserve Champion in the show under the eye of John Harbinson from N.Ireland. Sold in-lamb to The Lad, she went home to Anglesey with Richard Hughes. A homebred gimmer from the same pen, this time by Todhall Sumo out of an imported ewe and sold carrying twins to Double O Seven, made 1600 gns to A. Wood, Preston.

The Show Champion came from a pen from the Mortons flock, of Andrew Morton, Stirling. By Mortons Wi-Fi, out of a ewe by Thingymajig and in-lamb to the show-winning Beachy Norman, she returned to Scotland after a winning bid of 1500 gns from G Carroll, Huntly, Aberdeen. Ewes peaked at 1050 gns for the best of a pen of imported ewes from the Wilodge flock of Paul Tippets and Christine Williams. The top-priced ewe, a 2014-born 2-shear by Pacman and sold in-lamb to Kingledores Braveheart, went home to Lampeter with Geraint Williams and family, who added another ewe from the same pen, 2010-born and also in-lamb to Braveheart, for 1000 gns. A selection of ewes from the Rathbone flock of Messrs Davies, Lancaster, peaked at 900 gns, when Jonathan Watson, Berwick-upon-Tweed took a fancy to a 2011-born Dooley Nissan daughter sold carrying twins.

There was a super trade for some quality, show potential Ewe lambs on offer, peaking at 1250 gns for Woodies Bumble Bee, by the 11000 gns Ardstewart Lord Almighty and out of an imported ewe, travelling home to Launceston, Cornwall with Lorna Gregory. Woodies Big Bird, a Double O Seven daughter out of a ewe by Kingledores Rascal, made 1100 gns to to J Jones, Llanfechell, Anglesy, whilst an Airyolland Weapon daughter, Woodies Babe out of one of the flock’s show ewes, made 1000gns, returning to Aberdeenshire with G Carroll, Huntly. Several recipient Ewes were offered for sale, carrying pedigree Beltex embryos, and met a fantastic trade, with, in particular, breeders new to the Beltex breed looking for top-quality genetics. Top of 2300gns was paid by the Boden family for a ewe carrying a single embryo by Glenkeen Sanders, the only embryo to be offered for sale out of one of Stuart Wood’s best ewes; and the Boden’s were in again at 1900 gns for another ewe carrying twin embryos by Todhall Sumo out of another exceptional ewe, dam of the 11000 gns Woodies Audi. AVERAGES In-Lamb BELTEX Ewes £577.50 In-Lamb BELTEX Shearlings £801.50 BELTEX Ewe Lambs £638.22 Recipients carrying BELTEX embryos £1417.50

FORTHCOMING SALES TUESDAY 24th JANUARY - 11.00 AM 304 PEDIGREE HOLSTEINS Dispersal of the entire, highly respected and prize winning GALASTAR herd the property of Galastar Holsteins Ltd (Ian and Philomena Scarisbrick) and removed from Valley Farm, Mill Lane, Goostrey, Cheshire to Beeston Castle Auction for Sale convenience and comprising 166 Cows and Milking Heifers, 42 Served Heifers, 36 Maiden Heifers and 60 Heifer Calves born since 1 st March. This is a wonderful herd of cattle and is currently the Premier Championship winning herd in the Cheshire Herds Competition and what a herd of cows it is!! and probably one of the best for overall merit - type, production and pedigree – to come onto the market for sometime. The cattle are in fine form - they are strong, wide but still dairy with great tops, legs and feet and superb udders. 18 are (EX), 65(VG) and 37(GP) with over 40 not yet scored. It is also really young, with 130 in their 1 st, 2nd, 3rd lacts including 55 milking heifers. All year round calving with a bias from June to December with some 75% calving in this period. Super cow families represented - COCOA, FAWN, FINESSE, ROLLS, LICORICE, MELODY, MIRA, PAPOOSE, RHAPSODY, ROSINA, ROXY TRACY, COSMOPOLITAN, GYPSY GRAND but the Largest family are the incredible OLA’S who have 49 members catalogued including 16 VG/EX milkers and from which GALASTAR BLUESKY one of the best proven sires in recent years stems from. Top Sires dominate in all age groups Hayden Jeeves, Seaver, Lauthority, Sudan, Dorcy, Gerard, Sid, Doorman, Doberman, Rustler Red, History in the milkers plus Impression, Galaxy, Lemust, Numero Uno, Brekem, Josuper, Pesky Trix, Mogul and Wickham in the Youngstock. They are fed grass/maize silage at the barrier with nothing else added plus concentrates in parlour(flat rate) and out-of-parlour feeder. Cubicles. Herd average 10062 kg 3.99% 3.20%. CC 144. CI 411. Av daily yield currently 32.1 kg. Vaccinations: All monitored (via milk) IBR, BVD, Lepto - but no longer vaccinated. Johne’s individually screened – every cow in herd is ‘Green’ and never had a ‘Red’. All Youngstock treated with Huskvac.

FRIDAY 27th JANUARY “THE MONTH END FOCUS MILK” DAIRY SALE OF COMMERCIAL AND PEDIGREE HOLSTEIN DAIRY CATTLE Supported by the Western Holstein Club. Including Commercial and Pedigree dairy cattle from leading UK herds. (Open to all Dairy breeds). Entries for cataloguing close: FRIDAY, 13th JANUARY.

FRIDAY 3RD FEBRUARY MONTHLY CATALOGUED WEANLING SALE Entries coming thick and fast for the monthly weanling sale with 30 Continental x Bullocks and Heifers, 10 Angus x Heifers 25 Sungle Suckled Autumn born Limousin Calves, Further entries are always welcomed contact Jonny Dymond 07703 676227


A substantial family home offering generously sized accommodation with 5 bedrooms, 4 reception rooms, double garage, outbuildings together with 4.712 acres of Land. For Sale by Private Treaty. Guide Price £595,000. Enquiries to Whitchurch Office on 01948 662281.

TB RESTRICTED?? Holstein/Dairy Bulls sold last week for processing from £20-£70. If you have TB do not hesitate to get in touch if we can help we will. Contact Jonny Dymond 07703 676227

500 Round Bales of Silage Wrexham Area Contact Andrew Wallace 01829 262100