ANTIQUE & ART AUCTION 3rd December 2013 Recent Auction Highlights A good George III Siegley patented plow plane, tortoiseshell bowfront tea type 7...
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3rd December 2013

Recent Auction Highlights

A good George III Siegley patented plow plane, tortoiseshell bowfront tea type 7, Stanley #10¼ rabbet A vintage Patek Philippe caddy 18ct. white gold, plane, Stanley #9 type 2 Achieved $2,000 Achieved $475, $300, $2,200 diamond and sapphire An impressive Royal set lady’s wristwatch Doulton Burslem Achieved $7,000 exhibition ‘Titanian’ vase A good old ManAn impressive Achieved $17,000 gaia, Cook Islands c.1800 French Ruatangaeo ‘Lyre’ ormolu and (ceremonial turret marble mantel hafted adze) clock A good modern Achieved $1,800 Achieved $9,750 An 18ct. white Charlie Wilson gold lady’s estate carved greenstone Douglas Badcock, Hill 2.85ct. diamond double sided hei tiki Country Farm Buildings solitaire ring Achieved $4,200 A Chinese Hotan Achieved $1,500 Achieved $10,100 pale jade sculpture of a goat. A good 19thC Achieved $80,000 Maori carved whalebone kotiate Achieved $2,650 A rare Peter Hutson & Co. pottery commemA good New Zeaorative Boer War jug land woods William Achieved $8,000 Seuffert glove box. Achieved $7,900 An early 19th century The WWII medal skeletonized gold group awarded to automaton watch A museum quality Achieved $8,900 large and impressive George Albert Dust Achieved $2,100 Japanese ivory ornately carved tusk section. Achieved $19,000

A rare and exceptional Japanese Meiji era carved ivory lobster by Sakurai Munetaka. Achieved $21,000

A lady’s 2.33cts. diamond solitaire ring Achieved $16,500

An impressive Japanese Buddhist giltwood Senju Kannon (Kuanyin) statue Achieved $5,300

A rare Charles II silver Porringer. A rare and early Len Castle salt glaze Achieved $7,750 pottery lamp base Achieved $3,900

A Royal Doulton Maori teapot. Achieved $2,600

Invest in the future

A good early George III silver lidded tankard Achieved $6,500

A Liberty of An 18th/19th century London oak Arts Chinese rhinoceros & Crafts cheval horn libation cup mirror Achieved $66,000 Achieved $6,000

A George II large silver coffee pot. Achieved $3,250 Peter McIntyre, ‘The Ice Breaker U.S.S.Glacier in Antarctica During Operation Deep Freeze’ Achieved $17,000

recycle the past.

A Chinese Zitan wood brush pot Achieved $3,100

A 1951 Francis-Barnett ‘Merlin’ 122cc motorcycle Achieved $4,100

Ferdinando Vichi (18751945 Italian) fine 19thC Italian carved Carrara white marble sculpture Achieved $16,500

NOTE: Hammer prices shown excluding premium.

An impressive large emerald and two diamond lady’s dress ring Achieved $26,000

An early 18thC Dutch marquetry fold-over top games table Achieved $9,500

Antique & Art Catalogue Christmas shopping at Cordys. Our last auction of the year is overflowing with 888 lots of magnificent gifts and stocking fillers. We start the sale with the second half of a lifetime’s tool collection of Stanley, Mathieson, Marples, Rabone planes, chisels, plum bobs, hammers, clamps, gouges, screwdrivers and levels. We have a whole section for the girls; Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci and Chanel handbags, most as new. Decoy ducks, jewellery boxes, writing slopes, papier-mâché tea caddies watchmaker’s lathe, carved ivory, books, bronze figures, games boxes, shells, polished kauri gum, dolls, taxidermy, kitchenalia, large amethyst geode, samplers, Gallè, Etling, Kosta Boda, Waterford, Lalique, Cranberry epergne and glasses, Paul Dibble sculpture, R.P. Moore photos, Jane Brenkley box, Scott Parker and Charlie Wilson carved jade and whalebone pieces, Wharetana ware, Pacific Island items, Lladro, Royal Worcester, Clarice Cliff, a good selection of Royal Doulton Maori Art china, Kia Ora jardinière, Beswick, Moorcroft, Battersea enamel, Limoges, a superb Japanese ivory carving of a samurai, Imari, Satsuma, ivory fan, good Japanese swords, Chinese jade, ivory carved tusks, puzzle ball, famille rose, carved soapstone, bronze figures, a superb Chinese rock crystal censer, cloisonné, Chinese silver teaset, boxes, Victorian and Edwardian gold chains, precious stone pendants, lockets, bracelets, brooches, earrings, an impressive Art Deco diamond ring, estate diamond rings, a very good amber necklace, opal rings, pearls, varied selection of gent’s wristwatches including a Rolex, Vacheron and Constantin, pocket watches, carriage clocks, an 1800 French Ormolu Portico clock, silver pin cushions, salvers, cutlery, 1731 silver milk jug, James I seal top spoon, a superb 1790 large silver basket, silver tankards, silver coffee pot, teapot, sauce boat, fish slice, Russian silver vodka cup, Persian, Turkoman, Afghan carpets and runners, foot stools, country stools, Admiral Fitzroy barometer, Georgian decanter stand, Georgian and Victorian chests of drawers, sideboards, sofa tables, desk, library table, chairs, walnut parlour couch, bookcases, a colonial painted kauri box, French furniture, antique Chappell baby grand piano, lamps, chandeliers, including a deer antler light , 2 rocking horses, bird baths, garden seal fountain and chimney pots, art includes works by Ruskin, Cyril Whiteoaks, a beautiful 19thC oil painting portrait, aboriginal paintings, Lance O’Gorman, Minnie White, Peter McIntyre, Hilda Wiseman, George Chance, Trevor Lloyd, Ida Carey and more. The last sale of the year must be viewed, stock up for Christmas..

Tuesday 3rd December 2013 at 9.30am

Tools Miscellaneous Glass & Crystal

Tribal, Artefacts & NZ Historical China & Porcelain Oriental

1 - 107 110 - 234A 235 - 249 250 - 292 293 - 400 401 - 500

Tuesday 3rd December 2013 at 5.00pm


510 - 593

Clocks & Watches Silver Rugs Furniture

594 - 627 628 - 708 709 - 734 735 - 814

Prints & Paintings

815 - 888

The sale may be viewed at the following times: Friday 29th November Sunday 1st December Monday 2nd December

9.00am - 5.00pm 11.00am - 3.00pm 9.00am - 5.00pm

CATALOGUES $12 A 12.5% percent buyers premium applies to this sale plus G.S.T. on premium = all up 14.375% Catalogue also online at FRONT COVER: Lots 277, 653, 575, 372, 627


FINE ART AUCTIONEERS AND APPRAISERS 180 Great South Road, Remuera, Auckland 1051, New Zealand P.O. Box 74071 Market Road Phone (09)523-1049 Fax (09)520-7186 Email [email protected] Website 1

The Catalogue

The figures given along side each lot are guide prices only. Measurements throughout are given in millimetres width x depth x height.


1 Two Stanley No. 75 bullnose planes, one a type 1. $70 2 A Sargent No. 207 block plane. $50 3 A Sargent No. 206 block plane. $50 4 A Record No. 722 Router plane, most blue paint finish remaining. $50 5 A Sargent No. 75 bullnose plane. $50 6 A Stanley No. 93 plane, nickel plated. $60 7 A Stanley No. 110 block plane. See page 5. $50 8 A Stanley No. 112 scraper plane, most black japanning remaining. See page 5. $180 9 A Stanley No. 278 rabbet plane, some parts absent, as found. $150 10 A Stanley No. 120 block plane. $50 11 A Stanley No. 102 block plane. $50 12 Two Stanley No. 81 scraper planes, one complete, the other missing blade and keeper. $50 13 A Stanley No. 289 fillister and rabbet plane, original maker’s named decal to handle. $300 14 Four gauges, includes; one rosewood with brass fittings, one slitter and other with brass face. $60 15 Three wooden planes, includes; a Stanley No. 27 and two chamfer planes, one by Preston & Sons, the other C. Norris. $70 16 Three Record planes; No. 10 rebate, No. 4½ and No. 05. $70 17 Three Stanley planes, includes; No. 604 bedrock plane, Patent date April 2/95, No. 4 and No. 3. $60 18 Two Stanley No. 78 planes. $60 19 A Woden No. 4½ English plane. $40 20 Four various metal body planes, includes a Record No. 730, a Carter No. C71 Australian router, a Carter No. 54 power plane, etc. $50 21 A Stanley No. 8 large plane, corrugated foot, most original black paint remaining. $60 22 A 19thC mahogany infill and steel shoulder plane. See page 5. $120 23 A 19thC G. Miller rosewood bullnose infill plane, gunmetal (brass) body with steel foot. See page 5. $180


24 A 19thC mahogany infill smoother plane, gunmetal body and keeper. See page 5. $120 25 A 19thC mahogany infill jack plane, steel body. See page 5. $120 26 A 19thC rosewood infill steel bodied shoulder plane. See page 5. $220 27 A 19thC mahogany infill steel shoulder plane. $180 28 A 19thC Mathieson rosewood infill smoother plane, steel body. See page 5. $360 29 A 19thC rosewood Spiers infill smoother plane, steel body. See page 5. $360 30 A 19thC mahogany infill gunmetal joiner plane, repaired crack to handle. See page 5. $500 32 Three vintage pattern-maker’s gouges, two by Mathieson, one by Howarth, as above. $80 33 Four vintage mortice chisels, various makers. $50 34 Six screwdrivers, all steel with pinned wooden grips. $50 35 Five shipwright’s tools, includes a corking mallet and four Marples corking chisels. $100 36 Stanley No. 72, two slide marking double gauge. $50 37 A rare Stanley No. 70½” cutting gauge. $300 38 Three C. Whitehouse & Son brace bits, with unique cutters named and stamped with ‘Inventors’. $50 39 Five various screwdrivers, some named, smaller sizes. $50 40 Three personal name punches, steel with individual names to each end for the naming of personal tools. $50 41 One depth gauge and three saw sets; the ‘Preston’ depth gauge named; the saw sets by various makers. $50 42 Two screw boxes; one beech wood by Mathieson, the other boxwood, maker unknown and with no taps. $50 43 W. Marples & Sons screw box with tap. $50 44 Bleckmaan ½” screw box, with tap, no keeper. $50 45 Ten various wood working chisels, steel blades, turned wooden handles, various makers including Marples. $110 46 Eleven various chisels, steel blades, turned wooden handles, various makers. $110

47 Ten various chisels, similar to above. $110 48 Eight various chisels, similar to above. $80 49 Eleven various chisels, similar to above. $110 50 Five old Marples gouges, curved steel blades, turned wooden handles. $70 51 Eleven various chisels, similar to above. $110 52 Six various chisels. $60 53 A boxed Stanley No. 45 plane, complete with boxed set of cutters and booklet, good original condition. $120 54 A Stanley No. 78 metal woodworking plane, in original box, in as new condition, complete with fence. $70 55 A Stanley No. 55 Universal plane, rosewood handles, complete with four sets of ‘Cutter Box’ blades, No.’s 1 to 4. See page 5. $300 56 A Stanley No. 55 Universal plane, complete with four boxes of cutters, as above. $300 57 Three Record planes No.’s 4, 44 and 43, all in boxes, one with no lid. $110 58 A Record Multi-Plane No. 405, in original pine box complete with boxed set of cutters, instruction book, etc. $160 59 A Record No. 50 Improved Combination plane, in original packing box with sliding lid, boxed set of cutters, ‘Cutter Clamping Bracket’, booklet, etc. $110 60 Two boxed Record planes, No.’s 78 & 050C, both with instruction booklets and extras. $100 61 Four Rabone four-fold rulers, includes No.’s 1122, 2 x 1161 and 1202. $110 62 Seven Rabone wooden folding rulers, includes; a No. 1530 of five pivoting sections, a No. 1377 of four folding 6” sections and five four-fold boxwood and brass rulers of 9” sections. $120 63 Two old rulers, includes; a W. Marples to measure rope, wire and hemp with sliding calliper extension, with small chip to side, and a Rabone four-fold boxwood and brass No. 1190. $70 64 An early example Rabone two-fold boxwood rule with brass fittings and cased level, 24”. $85 65 Two Rabone four-fold boxwood rulers, includes an earlier example in 6” sections with brass cased level and fittings No. 1190, and another. $90 66 A cased set of draughtsman’s instruments, including ivory handled and steel instruments in a rosewood case. $125

67 An ivory four-fold 2 foot rule, by J. Rabone & Sons, Birmingham, with white metal mounts. See page 5. $275 68 An ivory four-fold 1 foot rule, by Rabone & Son, with brass metal mounts. See page 5. $150 69 A 19thC ivory 6” folding ruler, single hinge, narrow form with single scale markings. See page 5. $120 70 A c.1900 Hatter’s (hat makers) ivory and ebony ruler by J. Tree of London, the ebony body with single ivory slide, white metal fittings, single marked scale from 5” to 9”. Length extended 9”, maker’s name to side. See page 5. $150 71 A c.1900 ivory 12” folding sector ruler, with single hinge, a number of scales inscribed to both sides which facilitate various mathematical calculations. See page 5. $180 72 An early 20thC Rabone ivory fourfold ruler, white metal hinges, various scales, extending to 24”, detailed with maker’s name. See page 5. $250 73 A 19thC ivory handled dental cleaning tool, the plain square section ivory handle with turned steel fitting receiving three various scraping steel ends, each with turned detail and screw thread for fitting to the handle. $120 74 Four old glass cutting tools, three with turned rosewood handles, one all brass, two by A. Shaw & Son, London; one Millers Falls, U.S.A., and one ‘British Made’. $70 75 Two silver and M.O.P. pocket fruit knives and eight other pocket knives, includes horn handled, various whisky advertising, etc. $120 76 Three vintage brass plumb bobs, two of pointed tapered ovoid form with steel ends, the other larger and of cylindrical form with one turned end. See page 5. $90 77 Three brass plumb bobs, similar to above. See page 5. $90 78 Three brass plumb bobs, similar to above, one cylindrical with fine turned bands. $90 79 Three antique brass plumb bobs, one of acorn form with punched ‘T.A.’, another of spinning top form named ‘W. Marples & Sons’ and another smaller with cylindrical body named ‘Taylor Rolph. London.’ See page 5. $110 80 A 19thC lancet bloodletting folding knife, the brass case with horn face plates, the three hinged blades of various sizes offering a selection to the phlebotomist, a further blade fitted to the handle, named ‘J. & R. Elliot’. Length extended 153. $120 81 A Stanley No. 51 and 52 Chute board and plane, heavy cast iron construction, the plane with most black japanning remaining, mahogany handle. See page 5. $1600

82 An Ajax large boring machine, 2” auger bit, the folding top with double revolving arm mechanism operating the adjustable height bit, the steel fittings with most black japanning remaining, mahogany frame. Maker’s name to top. See page 5. $200 83 A 19thC Millers Falls, Langdon Mitre Box Co. mitre box, with patent date for Sept. 10. 1882, red paint remaining to the arched recesses, twin blades to the plane, the bed of approx. 29½”. See page 5. $1100 84 Four King Dick spanner/clamps, various sizes. $50 85 Three King Dick spanner/clamps. $50 86 An 8” draw knife, stamped maker’s details for C.E. Jennings, tapered mahogany handles. $60 87 Eight various scrapers, wooden handles, various forms. $60 88 Two Rabone boxwood and brass squares, 2’ at the longest length. $70 89 J. Beatty, 3” hand forged slick chisel, the wide long blade with maker’s name, turned black walnut handle to the socket fitting. Length 820. See page 5. $300 90 A 19thC J. Beatty 1¼” hand forged steel chisel, the blade with maker’s name of Chester, Pennsylvania, the black walnut handle fitted to the steel socket. Length 620. See page 5. $220 91 Six old hand tools, mainly hammers, various heads, most double ended, includes one hatchet, wooden handles. See page 5. $120 92 Six various spokeshaves, includes a Stanley No. 65 chamfer spokeshave, No. 66, No. 67 Gothic twin blade, etc. $100 93 Five vintage steel plumb bobs, various forms. $80 94 Five vintage plumb bobs, two brass and three steel. $90 95 Two old brass and wood plow planes, both impressed with original owners names. $150 96 A Record No. 073 shoulder rabbet plane, all steel. See page 5. $80 97 Eight various vintage tools, includes three planes, a square, a Stanley No. 18 bevel and three wooden forming tools. $80 98 Eight vintage hand saws, mostly small, includes hacksaws, tenon, etc. $80 99 Assorted clamps etc., includes: a Disston No. 4, two Stanley No. 203s, and other parts. $70 100 Five vintage adjustable bevels, rosewood handle, brass fittings, steel blades. $80 101 Three boxed smaller Stanley tools; Stanley level sights No. 1, block plane

No. 60½, Dowling jig No. 59, and saw set No. 42. $60 102 Five Stanley tools, four boxed, includes: P No. 79, 75, 90J x 2 and 110. $80 103 Nine vintage squares, includes four Stanley, mostly rosewood handles, brass fittings, steel blades. $110 104 Nine squares similar to above. $110 105 A quantity of plow plane blades and four depth gauges, includes Stanley No. 98, etc. $70 106 Three Stanley tools, includes; No. 48 plane, No. 194 fibre board bevelling plane, boxed and No. 4 smooth plane, boxed. $70 107 Five old tenon saws, all with bar-form backs; three brass, beech wood handles. $90


110 Seven vintage N.Z. military pennants (small flags), includes; ‘4th N.Z. Division’, ‘N.Z.T.C. Waiouru’, ‘Papakura’, ‘R.N.Z.A.F. Air Crew’ etc., and a collection of old military whitewashed spats. $160 111 Seven vintage pennants (small flags), includes; ‘N.Z. Centenary 1940’, ‘N.Z. Transport, Awapuni’, and five Pacific Islands, (Fiji x 2, Suva, Tonga, Samoa). $160 112 14 vintage pennants, some with Auckland maker’s labels to reverse, includes Guadalcanal, Espiritu Santo, Tulaci, New Caledonia, New Hebrides, etc. $160 113 A vintage travel poster, ‘South Africa, Fly There by Qantas’, with image of a lion, bright yellow banner to the base with Qantas and printer’s details. 110 x 635. $200 114 A Staff Sergeant’s baton, the mildly tapered kauri shaft of two joined sections, brass 50 calibre cartridge case handle and brass bullet tipped end. Length 770. $130 115 A set of W.W.I medals and ribbons, belonging to Corp. A. Flower, East Kent Regiment, consisting of the 191415 Star, British War medal and Victory medal. $120 116 A watchmaker’s lathe by Lorch, Schmidt & Co. 200mm bed with headstock, T-rest and tailstock along with numerous accessories in original walnut case, the case inscribed ‘bought from Rbt. Pringle & Sons, London, Oct. 24th 1912’. See page 5. $300 117 A watchmaker’s lathe by Lorch, Schmidt & Co. 245mm bed with driven end and adjustable plateau, belt driven from a multiple geared bed and from a ⅛HP electric motor. $200 118 A set of 19thC German Holtzapffel lathe tools, a brass mounted turned wood handle and 11 steel blades of various shapes and sizes. Maker’s mark Holtzapffel, founded


by the German immigrant, John Jacob Holtzapffel in 1793, the firm specialised in lathes for ornamental turning, something that was a popular leisure occupation for gentlemen at that time. Many ornamental lathes were bought by the aristocracy, and those made by Holtzapffel & Co. were considered the best. $250 119 A good 19thC brass binocular microscope, by Horne & Thornthwaite, 416 Strand, London. In fitted mahogany case complete with nine lenses, bulls-eye magnifier on stand and two drawers containing slides etc. See page 5. $1200 120 A late Victorian period gilt metal pocket barometer in original Morocco leather case. Bale absent. W. Littlejohn & Son Ltd, Wellington. Diameter 50. See page 8. $100 121 An Ericsson skeleton desk telephone, the open cast iron base supports the bells beneath and cradles the Bakelite handled handset with brass mouthpiece and earpiece connected with original plaited cord, with brass side-winding handle. See page 5. $500 122 A Victorian mahogany travelling apothecary box, recessed brass fittings, the hinged lid revealing a red velvet lined interior showing some distress, divisions absent, the base drawer with a recessed military type brass handle, with key. 188 x 122 x 180. See page 8. $200 123 A 19thC brass-bound mahogany writing slope, with recessed handles to the sides, brass framed escutcheon and matching plaque to the top, opening to reveal a gilt-tooled green leather interior. 405 x 265 x 180. $250 124 A small vintage shop display cabinet, in walnut and beech, the sides, front and top with bevelled glazed panels, the back with a mirrored hinged door enclosing three glass shelves, the whole raised on a tapering plinth base. 285 x 270 x 520. See page 5. $400 125 A French Art Deco bronzed statuette of an archer, modelled kneeling with stretched bow of simulated ivory raised before him, supported on a rectangular black marble plinth base. Width 550, height 510. See page 5. $650 126 A large bronze figure of a running stag, 12 point antlers, on bronze stylised wood base with red mottled platform. Length 700. $350 127 A large classical bronze sculpture of ‘The Discus Thrower’, modelled naked with right arm raised holding, discus, oval base, good variable dark patina. Height 645. See page 5. $400 128 A pair of 19thC Australian railway station lamps, with zinc plated paraffin burners suspended beneath white enamel and black painted covers each mounted with labels ‘Kempthorne Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Aust.’. Height 360. $325 129 A set of deer antlers with a portion of


the skull, attached to a tree ‘slice’, still with bark attached, seven points. $120 130 A set of caribou antlers, the antlers still attached to small portion of head with fur and mounted to a piece of wood. $250 131 An old elephant ivory tusk, with patina of age, the weight painted to base. Weight 9.3 kilos. Length from end to end 1600. See page 5. $5500 132 A pair of old elephant ivory tusks, patina of age and some surface cracking, game park numbers impressed to both. Weight approx. 8 kilos each. Length of both from end to end 1700. See page 5. $9500 133 A taxidermy pheasant, the male bird in standing position on a heavy plaster base painted and formed to simulate rock. Height 430. $200 134 A taxidermy male pheasant, mounted on an old wood section, with sculpted fungi decoration. $180 135 A zebra skin rug, the natural unbacked hide complete with mane and head, with markings of the plains species. Length 2800, width 1550. $850 136 A pair of 9” Mallard carved wooden and painted duck decoys, smaller size, each carved from a single block of wood, stamped to the base ‘Tonelli Decoy, Spring Val...’, c.1950, inset glass eyes. See page 8. $180 137 A 13” stained and carved Canadian redwood duck decoy, glass inset eyes, wide body, repair to beak, c.1960. $180 138 A 14” carved wooden and painted vintage duck decoy, the original old brown paint showing some distress, glass eyes, swivel head and with lead weighted wooden keel, c.1950. See page 8. $200 139 A large 16½” Mallard drake cedar duck decoy, well detailed and finely painted, the head held down in feeding pose, large wooden keel, glass eyes, c.1950. See page 8. $280 140 A vintage Hardy Bros. Ltd 3¼” ‘Duplicated Mark II’ reel, aluminium body with three graduated circular piercings to the face plate, named, in Hardy Bros. soft case. $120 141 An ivory African elephant tusk, one face carved with a story board with a procession of leopard, lion, rhinoceros, elephants, through to African tribal figures and huts. Length 840, weight 3.7kgs. $2250 142 A whalebone walking stick, the tapering shaft surmounted by a section of Malacca cane with silver metal ferrules and fixed with an ivory handle. Length 935. See page 8. $550 143 Two walking sticks of various tropical hardwoods, one of various sections surmounted by a burr handle, the other of dark wood with an inlaid knob handle. $100

144 A good New Zealand woods colonial inlaid trinket box, rectangular form, all-over geometric inlays of various woods, the lid with a star enclosed within a circle flanked by matching panels, this similar design repeated to all sides, raised on small button form feet, original dark purple velvet lined interior, good original condition. 300 x 150 x 100. See page 8. $650 145 A 19thC turned and carved bone chest set in mahogany box, red stained and natural, some minor repair and losses. Height of kings 115. See page 8. $360 146 A burr walnut and silver cased set of playing cards and gaming chips, the hinged lid set with an embossed silver plaque depicting a sailing ship. Italian maker’s marks. Width 315. $125 147 A rare Victorian fitted mahogany games box, the hinged lid and double opening front revealing a fitted interior with shelves, containing red stained and white bone chess set, cribbage board, draught set, bone domino set, lead horses, cards etc. 330 x 220 x 180. See page 5. $2000 148 A 19thC circular papier mâché lidded box, painted with a portrait of a bearded gent wearing a large green and gold robe. Diameter 80. See page 8. $200 149 A 19thC banded agate, silver and wood page turner, the large tapered cylindrical banded agate handle with embossed silver cap end and single collared band hallmarked London 1891 to the spatulate blade end. Length 492. See page 5. $250 150 A Staunton pattern chess set, of red stained and natural ivory, in a Chinese brass box. See page 5. $400 151 An 18thC papier mâché table snuff, circular shape, the top decorated with an engraving caricaturing ‘La Danse Savoyarde’ (a dance of the Savoie area of France. Diameter 89. See page 8. $250 152 An old stereoscope, together with stereoscope cards dating from the 1890s and showing many humorous scenes, British royalty, railway, South Africa, China, Japan and Scenic Tours from Europe and America, in a fitted velvet lined oak box. 340 x 400 x 140. $350 153 An Adams style tea caddy, of lozenge section, light veneer with darker oval inlaid panels and shaded columns to the canted corners, the interior divided with two compartments. 275 x 100 x 110. See page 5. $400 154 A fine Victorian papier mâché Victorian jewel box, of cube shape with hinged lid and hinged front, both painted with bouquets of roses and summer flowers framed by decorative gilt pen work, the black japanned sides with further floral painting framed by gilt borders. The lid and front open to reveal compartments fitted for jewellery and



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watches and with three small drawers with mother-of-pearl handles. All raised on a plinth base with spreading square bracket feet. 180 x 155 x 190. See page 5. $500 155 A Victorian papier mâché box, of rectangular shape, the hinged lid with serpentine outline, inset with pearl shell decoration, the front with similar decoration and painted with flowers. 170 x 110 x 120. See page 5. $140 156 An Edwardian Sheraton Revival three bottle tantalus, the mahogany frame with satinwood fan inlays, silver plate top section, lock and handle, unlocking and swivelling to release the three square section decanters with cushion cut detail and faceted ball stoppers, minor chipping. See page 5. $475 157 Two McWilliam’s Cream Sherry’ calendars 1969 to 1972, one illustrated with a young boy in workshop with hammer and nail, the other with young boy and girl with puppies, printed in colours by John Sands Pty Ltd. 990 x 560. $220 158 Five Cassell’s chromolithograph prints of dogs, within card mounts, unframed. Each 170 x 220. $200 159 A good vintage N.Z. tin sign for D.H. Brown & Son, Brookfield Roller Mills, Christchurch, lithographically printed in colours with the business name above, an image of their five storey brick building and associated ‘Grain Store’, steam train with carriages and tall smoking chimney, all further above relief pressed image of two women wearing white aprons displaying a large sack of ‘Peerless Flour’, the base detailed with the maker’s name ‘Geo. Hadfield, Advertising Contractor, Wellington, N.Z.’, some minor rusting to the base. Overall in very good condition. 740 x 510. See page 8. $350 160 A Victorian tortoiseshell carved case, the lid with a large rectangular mother-of-pearl panel, finely engraved, the push-button release revealing an ivory framed interior with watered silk fitted lining, minor attention required. See page 5. $150 161 A Regency period samovar, with copper urn shaped body raised on a quatrefoil plinth base with brass feet, handles issue from the side of the urn with turned ivory insets, fitted with a brass spigot tap. Height 400. $150 162 A large old silver plated samovar, urn shape, raised on a square plinth base with paw feet, handles issue from the side of the urn fitted with turned wooden sections and a spigot tap issues from the lower body. $150 163 A French violin, along with two bows, cased. The violin labelled ‘Le Lorrain’. $175 164 A silver plated saxophone, the mouthpiece engraved ‘Weltklang’, in a black cloth covered case. $350 165 Three vintage copper pots; two saucepans and one fish pan. $120


166 A large 19thC copper kitchen pot, cylindrical with fitted lid and steel swing handle, of approximately 27 gallon capacity, the lid with loop handle stamped ‘14’. Diameter 355, height 350. See page 8. $275 167 An early 20thC un-named fretless banjo, silver plate fittings, the ebony faced neck with engraved silver inlay , fittings for five strings. $350 . 168 A vintage cameo shell lamp, raised on bronze feet in the form of winged mythical beasts, the shell carved with the Three Graces. Height 220. $120 169 A vintage cameo shell lamp, raised on three bronze feet in the form of winged mythical beasts, the shell carved with the ‘Three Graces’. Height 210. $90 170 A selection of various shells, including Helmet Shell, Scotch Bonnet and many more. $150 171 A selection of shells, similar to above. $150 172 An old piece of good clear kauri gum, the irregular shape with old polish now in semi-matt finish. 180 x 120 x 60 approx. $160 173 An old polished kauri gum nugget, similar to above. See page 5. $160 174 An old kauri gum nugget similar to above. See page 5. $160 175 Two c.1900 ship painted large pearl shells, each with a single ship, one a steam ship with two masts, under sail, khaki painted hull, the other a sailing ship under full sail. Approx. 200 x 170. $250 176 A pair of c.1900 oil painted large pearl shells, each painted with a floral bouquet including roses and a panel including a rocky island, one entitled ‘Pitcairn’, the other ‘St Paul’s Rock, Pitcairn’. Approx. 175 x 170. $140 177 The book ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’; or ‘Life Among the Lowly’ by Harriet Beecher Stowe. Illustrated Edition. Complete in One Volume. 1853, the green leather covers decorated in gold, rebound. $300 178 The book ‘The Uncollected Works of Aubrey Beardsley’, John Lane, London, 1925. Hardcover. First Edition, some colour, mostly black and white, Ltd. Ed. 7/110, original gilt decorated and lettered beige basket weave cloth boards. Rebound See page 8. $500 179 Mrs Beeton’s ‘Book of Household Management’, binding distressed. $80 180 A Folio Society Publication, ‘The History of the Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire’, eight volumes in two slip cases. $125 181 28 Volumes of ‘Te Ao Hou The New World’, published quarterly for the Maori Purposes Fund Board by the Maori Affairs Department’,

c.1950s/60s, an incomplete run from Vol. No. 22 April 1958 to No. 66 MarchMay 1969. $90 182 A copy of Culpeper’s ‘English Physician & Complete Herbal’, this has been rebound with a letter dated 1946 stating that this is a 1794 edition that belonged to her father. The ‘Complete Herbal’ was originally published in 1653. $100 183 An early Victorian sampler, embroidered with the alphabet, flowers in pots, animals and ‘Eliza Peters is my Name 1884 and with my needle I do the same, that all the world may plainly see what care my parents took with me’. Under glass in old oak frame. 65 x 200. $150 184 An early Victorian alphabet sampler, the small sampler by Ellen Giblin, August 8, 1837, in blue on linen ground, in later gold frame. 95 x 125. $100 185 An old French tapestry cushion, pink and red roses on a pastel green ground, with bobble tassel trim. 360 x 330. $100 186 A brass paperweight set with a compass and mounted with a small sun dial, by Ross of London, 90 x 55. $100 187 A Maling china terrine mould, oval shape with fluted walls and moulded to produce a fish to the top of the dish; along with a jelly mould of fluted oval shape. $100 188 A 19thC French gilt metal table jardinière, of oval section with goat mask handles issuing from either side, the body decorated with neoclassical elements including masks and moulded acanthus scrolls, raised on lion’s paw feet. Fitted with a copper liner. Width 390. See page 5. $300 189 A Keswick School of Industrial Art stainless steel bowl, hand beaten with scalloped rim and floral decoration to the centre. The school was founded in 1884 as an evening class of Repoussé Metalwork, prospered and developed into an award winning school. It closed in 1984. Diameter 210. $100 190 A Kayserzinn German Jugendstil (Art Nouveau) large pewter wine cooler, panelled tapered cylindrical form with swollen top, relief decoration of the fable of the fox and the grapes, the thin form handles with open section, moulded mark to base and numbered 4497. c.1904. Ref: Bröhan, K.H., Metal Art Bröhan Museum, Berlin, 1990, fig. 360 p.323. Height 298. See page 8. $650 191 An early 20thC Japanese silver on copper decorative jewel box, the lid with a large chrysanthemum and panel of a coastal scene with boats, stalks and thatched buildings, conforming decoration to the sides, the hinged lid revealing a pink silk lined interior, with key. 180 x 135 x 65. $120 192 A Regency rosewood writing slope, mother-of-pearl strung and inlaid detail, the narrow top lid revealing a partially fitted interior, the slope

lid revealing a beige lined writing surface with a further hinged compartment. 417 x 250 x 88. $275 193 A bronze medallion, by Dhruva Mistry, ‘India/Britain (1959)’; ‘Maya Medallion: The Dark One’, bronze, c.1989, signed, dated and inscribed on medallion, issued by The British Art Medal Society. Diameter 125. $100 194 A white marble statuette of the goddess Hebe, after the statue by Antonio Kanova, the figure modelled standing with a raised libation cup and jug, bare-breasted, wearing a diadem in her hair, a diaphanous robe gathered about her waist. Height 865. See page 8. $800 194A A German Art Nouveau terra cotta bust of a young woman, manufactured by Reps & Trinte of Magdeburg, Saxony after a sculpture by Alfredo Neri, the woman is portrayed with her hair tied back and wearing a ribbon of laurel leaves and berries as a diadem. Small losses. Height 305. See page 8. $250 195 Two Dutch small oil portraits, signed and dated ‘26, on board, unframed. Each 210 x 180). $100 196 A fine late 19thC European porcelain plaque, after Raphael’s ‘Madonna Della Sedia’ of 1513-14, on green velvet backing within a circular turned mahogany frame. Diameter 100. See page 8. $220 197 A 19thC silhouette of a gent, he wears a classical black jacket, gilded highlights to his hair, the rosewood frame with gilt slip. 155 x 130. See page 8. $280 198 A Victorian china baby doll, together with dolls clothes and a christening gown. $80 199 A 19thC German doll, the small doll with bisque head and jointed composite body, in original fairy clothes, with wings, long blond hair, sleeping blue eyes, impressed marks to head, no. 390, length 220. $100 200 A Victorian Simon & Halbig doll, bisque head, jointed composite body, long platinum blonde hair, sleepy blue eyes and pierced ears, impressed marks to head, no. 6½, length 440. $150 201 A Victorian mahogany doll’s bed, turned posts, decorative ends, with antique bed linen, 260 x 420. $80 202 An early 20thC German child’s building game, ‘Der Praktische Wagendauer’ (The Practical Wagonbuilder), the pine box encloses multiple parts including cast steel wheels and wooden components to make a model wagon. $175 203 Two large steel dressmaker’s shears, both marked with American manufacturer’s details. Length 350 and 370. See page 8. $200 204 An early original boxed set of ‘Ping Pong’ (or Gossima), including two bats, net and net brackets and six balls. $120

205 An Art Deco chrome yacht model, highly polished with sails raised, on oval pale wood base. Height 500. $110 206 A small bronze bust of a Roman, in the classical manner, raised on small socle base. Height 140. $150 207 A rare J. Speight & Coy. (Powley & Keast) ‘The Moa Bottling .’ two gallon stoneware keg, professional restoration to the top. Height 400. See page 8. $650 208 A ‘Remington’ bronze of a rodeo rider, the bucking horse standing on its hind legs, the rider bent over holding his hat with his right hand. Inscribed marks to base. Height 530. $400 209 An impressive amethyst geode, the large portion of crystal boulder open and showing deep purple formation of amethyst crystals. 20 x 230 x 210. See page 8. $300 210 An old European carved pale wood food trough, bold form with parallel sides and applied metal fittings to the rounded ends. Length 1060. $90 211 An old European pine baker’s preparation board, with eight tapered square cut-outs, old iron repairs. 1580 x 210. $100 212 A Louis Vuitton small monogram Vernis Tilleul case, the top flap with gilt button latch, two stitched fittings to the back support the long natural pale tan leather handle, complete with dust case. 130 x 65, pale lime/ yellow tone. $150 213 A Louis Vuitton Noir (black) Damier Vernis Ange PM small shoulder bag, traditional gloss and textured panel checkered finish, silvered metal fittings, cube form latch and shoulder length carry chain handle, complete with dust bag and box, as new condition. $250 214 A Louis Vuitton Khaki Graffiti Speedy 30 bag, complete with Louis Vuitton dust bag, from Stephen Sprouse 2001 Collection, made of the classic Louis Vuitton monogram leather background with khaki green print, natural cowhide leather double handles and fittings, in as new condition. See page 8. $500 215 A Louis Vuitton Epi lilac Soufflot handbag purse, near cylindrical form with double conforming strap handles, the zip extending into the plain finished side panels, the interior enclosing a matching small purse, Model No. 5222B, complete with dust bag, all as new. See page 8. $350 216 A Louis Vuitton Monogram Mini Lin Josephine PM Satchel, the lightweight canvas with navy, traditional monogram, leather detail to the double handles and zip framing, as new complete with dust bag. See page 8. $350 217 A Louis Vuitton Epi Concorde Noir black handbag, rectangular form with frontal V-flap, polished brass

press lock opening to a partitioned leather interior with two zipped sections, the black leather top handle with brass links, as new condition with dust bag. See page 8. $400 218 Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 monogram brown Boston hand bag, tan leather twin handles, zip pull and fittings, with dust bag, the handles still with original covers, as new. See page 8. $220 219 A Louis Vuitton monogram toilet bag, the lining showing some distress. Length 280. $80 220 A Louis Vuitton monogram satin small evening bag, black leather handle, concave form to the top, silvered metal fittings, complete with dust bag, as new condition. $200 221 A Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Centenaire monogram 1896-1996 Romeo Gigli backpack style sling bag, drawstring top closure, L.V. monogram canvas and cowhide leather trim, dark brown canvas lining, golden hardware, with attached tags with various details. Note: many famous designers contributed to the ‘Centenaire’ editions, ‘this bag style is particularly created by the highly respected designer Romeo Gigli and became an overnight success’. Complete with dust bag, as new condition. $350 222 A Louis Vuitton (Sarah) Menthe (green) Epi leather wallet, long rectangular form, the large front flap opening to reveal a two-section interior, as new condition. 180 x 190. $100 223 A Louis Vuitton lilac Epi leather demilune shoulder pochette bag, L.V. stamped to the front right corner, smooth leather strap, microfibre lining with single internal compartment, complete with dust bag, as new condition. $250 224 Louis Vuitton Reade MM purple monogram Vernis leather tote handbag, tan leather straps, interior zippered compartment. With dust bag. $250 225 A Givenchy monogram canvas shoulder bag, of two stepped compartments, the taller with two zippers to the top, enclosing various compartments, adjustable shoulder carry handle. In as new condition, still with label attached, complete with dust bag. 225 x 185. $150 226 A modern Chanel handbag, black caviar leather, the shoulder length black leather handles with gilt metal chain fittings supported to the bag through four gilt metal ring fittings, the central zippered top section flanked by two open compartments, complete in original box with dust bag. The bag approximately 330 x 225. See page 8. $350 227 A Prada Milan applique tote bag, canvas and leather construction with applied waves, seahorse, fish, etc. Internal named lining. $150 228 A Prada Mordore Vitello Daino leather bag, ‘Fumo’ (faded smoke) colour, rounded top, the double zipper










178 138


216 120





159 122








209 240 238


267 265





641 268 270 194A





266 255

292 142







enclosing various compartments, small zippered compartment to the exterior front, complete with Prada Certificate card. 380 x 280. $150 229 A Prada zebra stripe calf hair clutch bag, black and white print, two leather handles, silver metal hardware, as new condition. Complete with dust bag. 300 x 240. See page 8. $150 230 A Prada Vitello Daino gold (Piombo) shoulder bag, Model #BR3593, concave shaped top, large silvered metal catch with double knob fittings, complete with Prada certificate dated 12 Jun. 2007, complete with dust bag. $150 231 A Prada ‘St. Vienna Fifty’ black (Nero) clutch bag, the shaped flap cover with stitched bow, the two compartment interior with further zipped compartment, overhead handles, complete with Prada certificate dated 18 Dec. ‘03. As new, complete with dust bag. 245 x 155. $150 232 A Prada soft black leather lady’s handbag with large silvered metal ring form handles, pleated drawstring top revealing named lining and single zipped compartment, various certificates. Complete with dust bag. $250 233 A Gucci monogram dark brown suede lady’s handbag, stitched dark leather trim and double overhead handle, full length, side exterior pouch with magnetic catch, matching catch for the main bag revealing Gucci horse-bit green and red print with single zipped compartment, complete with dust bag, as new condition. $200 234 A Gucci floral print canvas handbag, dark brown/black leather fittings and double overhead handles, the magnetic clasp revealing the beige linen/ canvas interior with single zipped compartment and smaller open compartment. Complete with dust bag, as new. $200 234A A Christian Dior deer skin hand bag c.2001, as new, stitched mirror scroll detail, square form, the top with Velcro opening revealing zippered and other compartments, woven leather handles. With dust bag and authenticity card dated 2001. 290 x 290. See page 8. $350


235 Twelve old cranberry wine glasses, facet cut clear stems on round spreading foot. See page 13. $150 236 A Victorian cranberry glass epergne, with six trumpets issuing from a support at the centre of a circular bowl with scalloped rim. Height 350. $225 237 A Victorian turquoise and milk glass epergne centrepiece, with four trumpets (one absent issuing from a central bowl with scalloped rim, along with three additional clear glass wands. $225 238 A good Gallè c.1900 cameo glass

atomiser scent bottle, the tall tapered ovoid body with single purple overlay on a frosted clear ground, finely carved with floral and leaf designs, cameo cut signature, the gilt metal fitted top mount stamped ‘Made in France’ and with original internal long glass tube, woven gold fabric cover to the external atomiser connection, tassel fringe. Height 162. See page 8. $2500 239 A 1920s French Etling opalescent glass three fish vase, the fish entwined standing upon their tails, mouths open, moulded mark and with paper label ‘Made in France’. Height 212. See page 13. $850 240 A cut crystal eight-branch table chandelier, each of the eight scrolling branches with crystal nozzles and drip pans hung with faceted drops and joined by swags of cut crystals raised on a central baluster column from a domed circular foot. Height 470. See page 8. $350 241 A Waterford cut crystal Tramore pattern decanter, the tapered cylindrical body with diamond and linial cut decoration, flared foot, tapered spire type stopper. Acid etched maker’s mark. Height 325. See page 8. $220 242 A pair of cut crystal mallet bodied decanters, with fluted mushroom shaped stoppers. Minor frits to stoppers. Height 260. $200 243 An early 20thC cut crystal scent bottle, mallet bodied form, the silver covered stopper with dimpled effect. See page 8. $80 244 A good cut crystal large ovoid vase, the fluted top above a band of hobnail diamond panels alternating with circular cut panels, long fluted panels to the base. Unmarked. Height 205. See page 8. $160 245 An Edinburgh cut crystal rose bowl, squat circular shape raised on a heavy circular foot. Diameter 200. $125 246 A set of eight Waterford crystal ‘Colleen’ wine glasses, raised on short faceted knopped stems. Height 120. See page 13. $280 247 Two Kosta Boda Bertil Vallien ‘Rainbow’ vases, one of flattened disc form, the other of cylindrical oval section, both with fine mottled white over clear highlighted with fine applied ‘Rainbow’ threads, c.1970s, engraved signature and #48227 to each. Heights 142 and 185. $160 248 A Vicki Lindstrand for Kosta Boda thick walled art glass vase, ovoid form with white and aubergine thread pattern included, ground pontil, engraved and etched with artist’s and maker’s marks, c.1955-56. Height 130. $160 249 A René Lalique ‘Roscoff’ opalescent glass fish and bubbles large dish, circular shallow flared form with various sized ‘bubbles’ framed by 20 fish, their heads towards the exterior rim,

engraved signature ‘R. Lalique. France’ to the centre, c.1932, Model 10-383. Diameter 356. See page 13. $1200


250 A New Britain stone headed club, the tapering shaft with a flaring terminal end mounted with a pierced stone disc, the other end with a tapering spike finial. Length 1170. $250 251 A Solomon Islands long club, lanceolate shape, the blade with medial rib of dark brown wood. Length 1210. $125 252 A large Trobriand Islands wood lime spatula with traditional carved and pierced decoration. Length 680. $140 253 An Easter Island carved wood Birdman ‘Tangata-Manu’ figure, the figure incorporates the Moai kava kava male body with distended ribs accompanied by a face with large bird’s beak. Carved in light-coloured timber. Height 510. Along with a tribal coil-woven vase shaped basket, the basket with plaited thong carrying handle fixed to the shoulder. Height 380. $150 254 A Polynesian wooden adze haft, with simple shaft and heel notched to accept a lashing to affix a stone blade. Length 425. $400 254A A West African, Yoruba, Ife bust of a woman, possibly the Oni’s head wife, portrayed wearing a traditional headdress. Raised on ebonised square plinth base. Height 410. See page 8. $400 255 A New Zealand colonial woods inlaid jewel box, rectangular form, the lid inlaid with central star form within a multi-banded border enclosing a green velvet lined interior, the two panelled front doors opening to reveal a false drawer above a further green velvet lined drawer, woods include kauri, rewarewa, burr kauri, etc., panelled sides and back. 340 x 215 x 170. See page 8. $550 256 R.P. Moore, vintage black and white panoramic photograph, inscribed ‘Puke Tiro’, signed and inscribed within the plate, ‘Extensive View of Wanganui’, showing colonial homestead above the river and city. 1130 x 257. $150 257 R.P. Moore, vintage black and white panoramic photograph, ‘Girls High School, Palmerston Nth, 5.6.’23’, signed and entitled within the plate. 1100 x 250, unframed. $150 258 R.P. Moore, vintage black and white panoramic photograph ‘Hawera N.Z. 1923’, named and entitled within the plate. Unframed, short tear at one end. 1130 x 250. $150 259 R.P. Moore, two vintage black and white panoramic photos; ‘Artificial Lake, Wanganui Racecourse, N.Z., 9.4.1923’, 1130 x 250, unframed, and other of old homestead with garden


and out building, some damage and loss to right bottom corner. $200 260 R.P. Moore, vintage black and white panoramic photograph, ‘Panorama of Palmerston North’ named and entitled in the plate. 1130 x 250, unframed. $150 261 A chromolithograph portrait, ‘Maori Maidens’, after the photograph by Denton. 265 x 165. $200 262 A carved nephrite (greenstone) hei tiki by Scott Parker, traditional form with chin to left shoulder, paua inset ring eyes, hands to thighs, good dark green colourway. The nephrite toggle with the carver’s initials. Height 92. See page 8. $750 263 A nephrite carved hei tiki, the head on an angle turned to the left, notch detail paua inset ring eyes, one hand clasped to the fat belly, the other to the left thigh. Dark green with mottled paler highlights. Carver’s initials to the nephrite toggle. Height 75. See page 8. $650 264 A good sperm whale tooth hei tiki carved by Charlie Wilson, traditional form with head tilted, chin above the right shoulder, one hand to chest, the other to the right thigh, fine detail, inset notched carved paua ring eyes, the carver’s mark to reverse, contemporary cord attached with marine ivory toggle. Length 98. See page 8. $1100 265 A nephrite hei tiki carved by Charlie Wilson, unusual form as a cross between a hei tiki and a hei matau with two manaia heads on a wide single body, overall triangular form, paua inset ring eyes. Length 68. This hei tiki is based on the only known old example held in the collection of the British Museum, ‘Given by Ngapuhi Chief Titore to Capt. F.W.L Sadler of HNS Buffalo in 1933’. Illustrated Colour Plate 13 ‘Taonga Maori in the British Museum’ by Starzeca Neich & Pendergrast , Te Papa Press, 2010. See page 8. $850 266 A stag antler hei tiki carved by Steve Funaki, finely modelled with slanted head, turned with chin above right shoulder, one hand clasped to the fat belly, the other to the right thigh, notched carved paua inset ring eyes. See page 8. $380 267 A good nephrite carved pekapeka by Anthony Jenner, traditional form with two outward facing stylised heads, large open central section, mid to pale green colourway, notched inset ring eyes. It is believed that the overall pekapeka form represents that of the native bat (pekapeka). Width 73, height 51. See page 8. $650 268 A good John Moore carved stag antler tuatara, naturalistically and finely detailed showing scales, ridged back, curved tail, small black bead inset eyes, etc., mounted on a polished greenstone cobble. Length 135. See page 8. $380 269 An N.Z. contemporary carved nephrite


disc, flattened circular form with double ‘button-hole’ opening to the centre, pale toned, presented in a turned totara lidded box, the box made by G.R. Parker, the woven cord necklace with nephrite toggle. Diameter of pendant 60. See page 8. $400 270 A modern Maori patu onewa (stone hand club), made by Paul Toa, traditional spatulate blade narrowing at the grip, ‘Hour-glass’ suspension hole, the tapered butt with five finely incised bands. Smooth overall finish, labelled ‘Made from Argillite sourced from D’urville Island’. Length 385. See page 8. $850 271 A modern Maori carved wooden putorino (flute), of long tapered form with relief stylised figure towards the narrow tapered end, paua insert covers to the playing holes, a wide band of stylised carving to the centre, the three bands of fine fibre lashing with red pigment casing. Made by John Moore. Length 535. $350 272 A Maori decorated shell trumpet made by John Moore, the cylindrical tapered carved wooden mouthpiece with single stylised mask, curved linial ground, paua inset eyes, fitted to the shell with a wide tapered band of fibre lashing with brown pigment casing. Length 410. $350 273 An old Maori koauau (flute), mid-brown wood, cylindrical, tapering at either end and with a small elevated medial rib pierced for a suspension cord, a koruru head carved in high relief near one end, the eyes inset with paua shell. The oral provenance from the owner of this koauau ascertains that it was a gift from Hongi Hika to the chief Te Rauparaha in exchange for a wife. Then by gifting to the owner’s great-great-grandfather Hector (Hec) McDonald, whaler/trader based at Kapiti Island, north of Wellington. At an unknown date Hector McDonald married Te Rauparaha’s niece Te Kobi, it is believed she died giving birth to their son Hugh, born 1848. Length 160. See page 8. $600 274 A Shane MacIntosh whalebone carved koru pendant, circular form with internal spiral highlighted with carved scroll and notch detail. In fitted rimu turned box with paua shell ring inlay detail. Diameter 57. See page 8. $250 275 A vintage bronze kiwi flat back panel, the standing kiwi above green enamelled ferns, rope-twist blue and yellow enamelled base border. 180 x 180. See page 8. $150 276 Lorna Ellis (attrib.) plaster bust of ‘Jack Fagg, Wellington’, mounted to an ebonised block base, labelled on reverse. Height of bust 355, height on stand 495 $220 277 Paul Dibble, ‘Devil & Rabbit Dancing’, bronze, 2007 from an edition of 13, dark patina, signed. Height 365. See front cover. $2500 278 A Jane Brenkley carved wood ‘Friendship’ box, the hinged lid

and walls carved with lizards on a background of Maori inspired motifs and tree boughs, the interior with epithet and inscription ‘To Alan from Ma, October 7th 1964’. 480 x 220 x 170. See page 8. $1600 279 A velvet fire screen attributed to Jane Brenkley, painted in oils with a lake scene with figures in a waka, a whare on the shoreline. 710 x 830. $120 280 An oil painting on silk, attributed to Jane Brenkley, orchids and butterflies. Framed and glazed. 670 x 590. $120 281 A Crown Lynn hand potted beaker vase, white, tapering conical shape with ridged detail at the rim and raised on a spreading circular foot. Height 125. See page 13. $130 282 A Crown Lynn Wharetana ‘Maori Art Pottery’ ‘Hei Tiki’ ashtray, shape #1001, rectangular sloping form, the front moulded with the face of a hei tiki, the upper rim with detailed scroll and notch type carving, brown glaze, green to the well. Impressed number to base. 120 x 80 x 37. See page 13. $600 283 A Crown Lynn Wharetana ‘Maori Art Pottery’ ashtray, shape # 1012, ‘Rauponga & Manaia’ detail to the top rim, circular form, green glaze, impressed shape no. to base, hair crack to rim showing some glaze fritting. Diameter 140. $300 284 A Crown Lynn ‘Hand Potted’ large vase by Ernest Shufflebottom, shape 24, matt white glaze. Tiki mark and incised number. Height 230. $500 285 A Crown Lynn Hand Potted beaker vase, attributed to Daniel Steenstra, tapering conical shape with brown glaze and three bands of white line and dot patterns. Height 120. $175 286 A Parker Pottery wine bottle in the manner of Wharetana for Lincoln Wines, hexagonal section, the sides decorated with tiki and manaia figures on a kowhaiwhai patterned ground, caramel coloured glaze. Height 205. $100 287 A Parker Pottery wine bottle as above. $100 288 A Ti-toki liqueur bottle, mottled green glazes, with original stopper and labelling. Height 300. $100 289 A Ti-toki liqueur bottle, as above, caramel glazes. $100 290 A large shallow dish by Carl Vendelbosch, the centre glazed in blue and green framed by a dark brown border with viscous red trickle glazed dashes. Diameter 390. $200 291 A Feltex rug, ‘Mt Egmont, N.Z.’, depicting the mountain viewed across a pastoral landscape, a depiction of Maui capturing the sun above the mountain. 1400 x 680. $500 292 An English 12 gauge double barrelled shotgun, with Maori carved stock and fore-end, the stock with simple Man-

gopare kowhaiwhai-type pattern to both sides, Rauponga notching to the grip, the fore-end carved with a tiki figure with hands clasped to abdomen. The 30” side-by-side double barrel with engraved top-rib marked ‘Co-op. Rabbiter’ marked ‘Full and Modified Choke’, all with matching serial numbers to other parts, open hammer action. Licence required. See page 8. $800


293 A large Lladro figurine, ‘What a Day!’, sculpted by Francisco Polope, c.1990. 230 x 380. $200 294 A large and impressive Lladro porcelain figure group ‘The Flirt’, sculpted by Julio Fernández, circa 1970. Height 440. See page 13. $250 295 An 18thC English cream-ware plate, decorated with a chinoiserie landscape, multiple frits to the rim. Diameter 245. $80 296 A Dresden trembleuse cup and cover, the two handled cup of lozenge section, decorated in panels with romantic couples alternating with canary yellow panels decorated with flowers, the saucer and cover of conforming lozenge shape. $120 297 A Royal Dux large figure group, ‘Tea Party’, the figure of a gentleman and woman raised on a plateau base. Considerable repairs to base. Width 400. $125 298 A pair of early Derby spill vases, along with a Rockingham-style spill vase; the former decorated with neoclassical designs, each with decoration asymmetrically placed to the other, hairline to rim of one; the latter decorated with a floral panel reserved on blue and gilt ground, repaired at base. $110 299 A New Hall hard paste porcelain teapot and stand, c.1800, of serpentine lozenge section, hand painted with sprigs and bouquets of summer flowers, each piece numbered No. 241; along with a Barr, Flight & Barr, Worcester coffee can decorated with seashells and monogram. Puce mark c.1808. See page 13. $500 300 A small enamel dish, circular with flaring walls pierced with simple diamond designs, the well decorated with playing cards, the walls decorated with floral sprigs, an old hand-written label underneath ‘Battersea’. Distressed. Diameter 115. See page 13. $100 301 A Chelsea-style hard paste model of a goat; along with five other models of animals including a Staffordshire Sheep spill vase; and an early 19thC china model of Judas Iscariot, some faults. See page 13. $200 302 A Rockingham style china two handled vase, the baluster body painted with summer flowers reserved in panels on a bleu de roi ground, the handles

and foot moulded as grasses and coloured soft yellow highlighted with gilding. Small faults. Height 215. $100 303 A small Meissen lozenge shaped dish, decorated in puce with floral sprays to the finely moulded interior, underglaze blue crossed sword mark. 175 x 135. $100 304 An English 19thC porcelain fruit plate, rectangular shape with serpentine outline, decorated with exotic flowers framed by a camel coloured and gilt enriched border, Royal Warrant mark to base; along with an oval shallow dish marked with a Chelsea style red anchor. $100 305 A pair of decorative tin glazed wall plaques, each circular with a child wrapped in swaddling clothes in high relief on a blue background. Diameter 320. $175 306 A Staffordshire money box in the form of a three storey house. 130 x 170. $100 307 A Limoges pâte-sur-pâte porcelain plaque, depicting a young woman and wolf hound, signed A. Barriere, framed. 200 x 140 (excluding frame). See page 13. $625 308 A Jackfield cow creamer, black glaze with decorative gilt sprigs painted to its body and with highlighting to horns and head, raised on an oval plinth base. Length 180. $175 309 A Royal Hereford fine china hand painted caddy, oblong shape with fluted corners and with domed lid, painted by Rick Lewis with peaches, grapes and cherries on a mossy ground to all side and the cover and detailed with gilding to the rim and handle. Signed. Height 125. See page 13. $225 310 A Royal Worcester porcelain potpourri and cover, hand painted with peaches and cherries to the ovoid body, signed Roberts, gilded to the shoulder and pierced cover, shape H175, black mark, date code for 1955. Height 115. $250 311 A Royal Worcester miniature cabinet cup, saucer and plate, hand painted by Roberts with apples, peaches, grapes and cherries, each piece signed, black mark with date code for 1951. See page 13. $225 312 A pair of Royal Worcester miniature cabinet cups and saucers, hand painted by Roberts and Freeman with apples, peaches, pears, grapes, blackberries and cherries, each piece signed, black mark with date codes for 1950/54. See page 13. $300 313 A pair of Royal Worcester miniature cabinet cups and saucers, hand painted with autumn leaves, cherry blossom and blackberries, by Kitty Blake, the cup interiors gilded, puce marks and date codes for 1927/28, one saucer signed, hairlines to cups. See page 13. $100 314 A Royal Worcester cream jug, staved barrel shape, hand painted by Hilda Everett with kingfishers, signed, green

mark with date code for 1922. See page 13. $150 315 A Royal Worcester plate, handed painted with pheasants and signed Jas Stinton. $150 316 A Royal Worcester cabinet plate, hand coloured with a floral medallion within a broad border of gilt fern tendrils and green stylised floral border. Puce mark, date code for 1930. Diameter 225. $100 317 A Royal Worcester porcelain figure group, ‘Charlotte & Jane’ a limited edition from the ‘Victorian Series’ by Ronald van Ruyckevelt. $350 318 A Royal Worcester two-handled vase, ovoid shape with trumpet neck, two handles high on the shoulder, raised on circular spreading foot, the white body decorated with summer flowers, the neck, handles and foot detailed in shades of green and gilding. Puce mark, Shape 1766, date code 1903. Height 200. See page 13. $375 319 A Royal Worcester potpourri and cover, fluted ovoid shape with quatrefoil cover pierced with petal design, the body hand painted with rose blossoms and buds, the cover highlighted with gilding. Puce mark, shape 1314, date code 1914. Height 140. See page 13. $375 320 A Royal Worcester potpourri and cover, painted by Harry Stinton, fluted ovoid shape with panelling to the shoulder, the body painted with Highland cattle in a misty landscape, signed by the artist, the pierced cover and shoulder highlighted with gilding. Green mark, shape 1H175, date code 1912. Height 125. $1500 321 A Royal Worcester potpourri jar, fluted ovoid shape with gilt panelled shoulder, cover absent, restoration to rim, painted with yachts by R. Rushton. Green mark, shape H291, date code c.1910. Height 90. $300 322 A Royal Worcester small vase, painted by M. Miller with blackberry blossoms, leaves and fruit. Black mark, shape 2491, date code 1954. Height 115. $225 323 A Royal Worcester small vase, painted by Kitty Blake, ovoid shape, painted with blackberry blossom, leaves and fruit. Puce mark, shape G461, date code 1930. Height 100. See page 13. $375 324 A Royal Worcester posy vase painted with roses, tapering conical shape with scalloped rim, green mark and Union Jack, shape G957, date code 1914. Height 80. $225 325 A Royal Worcester posy vase, painted by Freeman, squat circular shape, painted with summer flowers, signed by the artist. Black mark, shape 2491. Date code 1950. Height 75. $225 326 A Royal Worcester toothpick holder, painted by Roberts, oval section with flaring rim, painted with apples and


grapes on a mossy ground, signed by the artist. Black mark, date code 1956. Height 60. $150 327 A Royal Worcester small circular dish, painted by L. Maybury, with apples and green grapes on a mossy ground. Black mark, date code 1950. Diameter 110. $175 328 A Royal Worcester miniature cabinet cup and saucer, painted by Harry Stinton, the cup interior and saucer painted with Highland cattle in misty landscapes, the cup exterior entirely gilded, hairline crack to cup. Both pieces signed by the artist. Puce mark, date code 1919. $400 329 A Royal Worcester potpourri, inverted baluster form, decorated with wild roses, further gold and blue embellishments in relief, lid missing, date mark for 1911. $200 330 A Royal Worcester porcelain plaque painted with slipper orchids by E.R. Booth, oval shape within a giltwood frame, signed by the artist. 225 x 170 (excluding frame). See page 13. $425 331 A Royal Worcester cabinet plate, painted by R. Austin with moths, hairline crack; along with a hand painted Worcester cabinet plate decorated with chrysanthemums, wear to surfaces. Diameter of both 230. $120 332 Two Worcester sugar bowls, decorated in the 18thC manner with blue floral prints; along with a Worcester ‘Dragons in Compartments’ shallow dish (faulted). $120 333 A Royal Worcester porcelain cabinet plate, ‘Raglan Castle’, hand coloured, signed Nichols. Diameter 270. See page 13. $200 334 A Royal Worcester large potpourri jar and cover, the ovoid jar with panelled walls decorated with exotic birds and floral sprigs sectioned between each panel with relief moulding, two stylised dragon scroll handles sit high on the shoulder beside the short neck patterned with a moulded scroll motif, the shallow domed cover pierced with a floral pattern and with a bud finial highlighted with restrained gilding. Green mark, date code 1909. Height 265. See page 13. $600 335 A Royal Worcester bottle vase, baluster shape with slender fluted trumpet neck, gilded open scroll handles issue from the shoulder, decorated with bouquets of summer flowers on a blush ivory ground. Puce mark, shape 1761, date code 1909. Height 250. See page 13. $400 336 A mid-20thC Royal Worcester Highland Cattle vase, by H. Stinton, the front painted with two cattle in traditional landscape scene, signed, the reverse with vignette of a mountain valley, gilded domed lid, finial, handles and foot. Date marks to base for 1952. Height 174. See page 13. $850 337 A large Royal Worcester hand painted cabinet plate, painted by E.


Barker with a medallion of summer flowers within a broad powder blue border enhanced with gilt swags and ‘Jewelling’ all framed by an etched gold rim. Gilt factory mark, date code 1926. Diameter 270. $325 338 A Hadleys Worcester small vase, the squat spherical vase on footed base, hand painted with wild roses and decorative embellishments, in relief, 100 x 80. See page 13. $220 339 A Hadley Worcester vase, the four recessed panels hand painted with wild roses against a misty ground, further decorative embellishments in relief, 90 x 80. $180 340 A Royal Worcester cabinet plate ‘Lichfield Cathedral’ by R. Rushton, signed, blue mark, date code for 1938. Diameter 230. See page 13. $160 341 A 19thC English Imari lidded cache-pot, squat baluster form with two handles issuing from the shoulder, highlighted with gilt, the broad flaring mouth holds a simple flat cover, all decorated in the Imari pallet of iron red, cobalt blue and gilt. Height 120. $175 342 A part Royal Crown Derby ‘Posies’ dinner set, eight dinner plates, eight luncheon plates, eight saucer dishes and eight twohandled soup coupes. $300 342A A Crown Derby bottle vase, in the Persian manner, decorated in iron red, salmon and cobalt blue overlaid with gilt and tubeline decoration of chrysanthemums. Factory date code mark for 1887. Height 250. See page 16. $150 343 A small William Moorcroft Pansy pattern vase, ovoid shape, impressed marks and facsimile signature, circa 1928-49. Height 80. See page 13. $100 344 A Moorcroft bowl in the Hibiscus pattern, green ground, impressed factory marks and paper label. Diameter 160. See page 13. $200 345 A William Moorcroft vase, baluster form with trumpet rim in the pomegranate pattern, signature and impressed marks to base. Height 160. See page 13. $450 346 A William Moorcroft vase, tapering cylindrical form, decorated in the pomegranate pattern, signature and impressed marks to base. Height 100. See page 13. $250 347 A Royal Doulton character jug, ‘Frankenstein’s Monste’, Ltd. Ed. No. 1010/2500, with certificate, large size. $150 348 A Royal Doulton character jug, ‘Hamlet’ from the Shakespearean Collection. Large sizeSee page 13. $120 349 A Royal Doulton character jug, ‘Henry V’ from the Shakespearean Collection, large size. $120 350 A Royal Doulton character jug, ‘Charlie Chaplin’, Ltd. Ed. No. 456/5000, large size, with certificate. See page 13. $150

351 A Royal Doulton character jug, ‘Albert Einstein’, large size. $120 352 A Royal Doulton character jug, ‘Glenn Miller’, large size. $120 353 A Royal Doulton character jug, ‘Tchaikovsky’, modelled by S.J. Taylor, 1995. Height 175. $120 354 A Royal Doulton character jug, ‘Mad Hatter’ D6598. Height 195. See page 13. $120 355 A large Royal Doulton Coaching scene punch bowl, the four horse drawn carriage with five figures associated, traditional colours, flared spreading base. Some crazing. Diameter 368. Height 210. $450 356 A Royal Doulton Coaching scene jardinière, mid-size, the four horse drawn carriage with five associated figures, footed base. Diameter 205, height 160. See page 13. $320 357 A Doulton Lambeth bottle vase, ovoid shape with slender neck, mottled cobalt blue glaze. Height 190. See page 13. $100 358 A Royal Doulton ‘Titanian’ beaker vase, tapering conical shape, mottled cobalt blue glaze. Height 110. See page 13. $100 359 A Doulton ‘Silicon’ small vase, decorated with white and turquoise coloured moulded designs to the shoulder on a beige and brown ground. Height 90. $90 360 A Doulton ‘Silicon’ jug, decorated with sprigged and incised decoration. Height 145. $90 361 A Doulton ‘Slater’s’ small table jardiniere. $80 362 Three sets of Royal Doulton ‘Maori Art’ cups, saucers and plates, decorated with a kowhaiwhai design adapted by Augustus Hamilton for Doulton. $1200 363 A Royal Doulton Maori Art kowhaiwhai patterned cup, saucer and plate. $300 364 A Royal Doulton trio as above. See page 16. $300 365 A Royal Doulton cup and saucer as above. $200 366 A Royal Doulton cup and saucer as above. $200 367 A Royal Doulton saucer, as above. $50 368 A Royal Doulton Maori Art milk jug, as above. $200 369 Two Royal Doulton ‘Maori Art’ cups, saucers and plates, hairline cracks to cups and chip to one saucer. $300 370 A Royal Doulton ‘Maori Art’ cake plate and side plate. Diameter of cake plate 220. See page 16. $500 371 A Royal Doulton ‘Maori Art’ milk jug and sugar basin. See page 16. $600

300 319







336 395





235 334



333 246 645

307 323





387 346


392 375 388










344 350


389 348 373

386 281


282 374


372 A Royal Doulton stoneware ‘Kia Ora’ large jardinière, decorated with a tiki, masks, spiral motifs and ‘Kia Ora’ plaques on a pale mottled blue band, the lower section of the body decorated in darker blue. Diameter 210, height 165. See front cover. $2200 373 A small Royal Doulton ‘Kia Ora’ jardinière, decorated with tiki, masks, spiral motifs and ‘Kia Ora’ plaques on a mottled blue ground, a small band of darker blue encircles the foot. Diameter 160. Height 115. See page 13. $1800 374 A Royal Doulton stoneware Maori motif jug, squat circular shape, decorated with applied kowhaiwhai motifs, masks and spirals in green on the natural tanned coloured ground. Height 115. See page 13. $800 375 A rare Royal Doulton ‘Chinese Jade’ figure group, designed by Charles Noke and Harry Nixon, c.1930, the figure of a woman in hooded robe seated with a small child beside her in front of a fire, the fire highlighted with gilt detail. Script mark, Noke’s signature and HN monogram along with factory mark under the base. Hairline crack under the base and typical fine glaze cracks to the sculpture. Width 115, height 100. See page 13. $475 376 A very unusual and rare Royal Doulton experimental flambé vase, the tapering conical shaped vase (Shape #770) c.1913 probably the work of Harry Nixon, decorated in a vibrant range of bright enamels including burnt orange, lime green, bright yellow and cobalt/black veining. Unmarked but with paper label affixed under the base inscribed in ink ‘Royal Doulton Rouge Flambé T.P., possibly for Tanfield Potter. Height 155. See page 13. $600 377 A Royal Doulton flambé vase, inverted baluster form and decorated in a desert scene. Height 140. See page 16. $150 378 A late Victorian Doulton Burslem urn vase, the two handled vase decorated in blue, gold and white in the Iris pattern, on square foot, base and neck decorated with gold flowers on blue ground. Height 265. See page 13. $200 379 A large Doulton Burslem jug, decorated in underglaze blue with peonies and butterfly on a sponged gilt ground. Height 165. See page 13. $100 380 A Royal Doulton ‘Blue Children’ vase, of spherical form with pinched neck decorated with the scene of two children peeking into the tree. Height 140. See page 13. $150 381 A set of four Royal Doulton cabinet plates, hand painted by Val Sylvester with bird specimens; ‘Ruffed Grouse’, ‘Mountain Partridge’, ‘Canvas Back Duck’ and ‘Clapper Rail’. Diameter 230. $440 382 A Royal Doulton cabinet plate,


painted by F. Hodkinson, with a rural English village scene, entitled to reverse ‘Amberley, Sussex’. Diameter 260. $150 383 A Royal Worcester cabinet plate, signed ‘C. Hart’, decorated with a rural English scene, entitled to the reverse ‘The Inn, Willington, Sussex’. Diameter 265. $150 384 A Royal Doulton ‘The Artful Dodger’ rack plate, D2973 designed by Noke. Diameter 270. $110 385 An oversized Spode blue and white tea kettle, decorated in the Italian pattern. See page 13. $275 386 A Newport Pottery Fairy & Gnome decorated biscuit barrel, decorated with a polychrome floral garden, a silhouette band to the top of dancing fairies, gnomes and toadstools, silver plate mounts, printed marks to base. See page 13. $140 387 A good Shelley Foley ‘Intarsio’ comport, designed by Walter Slater in a striking Art Nouveau design of stylised scrolls and panels, brown, dark and mid-blue and various greens, the pedestal base with three shaped leg supports to the spreading foot, everted top rim, printed marks and no.’s 388 and 3567, c.1911. Literature: Watkins, Harvey, Senft, ‘Shelley Potteries’, Barrie & Jenkins, 1994. Pge 60. Diameter 200, height 170. See page 13. $850 388 A relief moulded hunting scene jug, of porcelaineous-stoneware in the manner of John Turner c.1805, the buff coloured body decorated with huntsmen and hounds beneath a border of a fruiting vine, a bamboo pattern encircles the base, the neck and handle with bright blue enamel glazing, moulded mark under the base. Height 145. See page 13. $100 389 An Art Deco Carlton Ware bowl, decorated with the fighting cockerel pattern, lustre orange ground, shallow conical form and raised on three blade feet. Diameter 235, height 90. See page 13. $400 390 A pair of Art Deco Carlton Ware bookends, of asymmetrical pattern, one angular with sharp edges, the other similarly angular but with rounded edges, both cobalt glazed with gilt highlights. Height 150. See page 13. $225 391 A Royal Copenhagen large beaker vase, decorated with magnolia flowers on a cobalt ground. Factory marks c.1957. Height 230. $125 392 A Clarice Cliff green glazed boar sculpture, produced in 1936 for Wilkinsons Ltd, Art Deco stylised form on a tapered curved base, the variable green glaze with pale matt and midgreen gloss sections. 240 x 67 x 175. Illustrated in Howard & Pat Watson’s book ‘collecting Art Deco Ceramics’, Kevin Francis Publishers, London, 1993, page 84. See page 13. $400 393 A pair of Cauldon ‘Arcadian’ chinoiserie decorated vases, of square section

with canted corners and flaring foot and mouth, decorated with gilded Chinese landscape scenes on a bleu-du-roi ground. Height 140. See page 16. $175 394 A Keith Murray large shoulder vase, of traditional lathe patterned tapering form in the Straw glaze, impressed and stamped marks to base, professional restoration to rim. 210 x 280. See page 13. $850 395 A Poole ‘Aegean’ charger, designed by D. Brogan and decorated with a stylised mask in brown and yellow ochre. Diameter 350. See page 13. $120 396 A Booths ‘Real Old Willow’ dinner service, principally a 12 place setting, including dinner, luncheon and salad plates, teacups, saucers and cake plates, soup coupes, dessert bowls, and fruit bowls (not all complete 12 place settings), along with coffee and teapots, milk jug and sugar basin, tureen, vegetable dishes, ashettes, gravy boat and other additional pieces. See page 16. $1000 397 A Beswick ‘Jersey Calf’, Model 1249D. Length 80. $140 398 A Beswick ‘Highland Calf’, Model 1827D. Length 100. $110 399 A Beswick model ‘Guernsey Cow’, Model 1248B. Length 165. $260 400 A large Falcon Ware ginger jar, decorated in the misty morn. pattern (ducks in flight), the terminal to lid as a ferocious dog type creature. Height 140. $120


401 A 19thC Chinese famille rose tall floor vase, two main panels of decoration including scenes from the Beijing Opera and an interior scene with courtesans, the other of theatrical battling figures on horseback, the ground with various florals and exotic birds, twin shishi handles, applied salamanders decorate the shoulder, the overhanging flared frilled rim with some chipping. Height 610. See page 16. $350 402 A Chinese export Canton famille rose shrimp serving dish, finely decorated with birds, insects and florals on a celadon ground, the rust red shaped handle to one end with gilt decoration. 265 x 240. $500 403 An old Chinese lozenge form famille rose footed dish, the exterior decorated with a military training scene including women, the interior sparsely decorated with blossom and bird motifs, conforming mildly tapered foot. 250 x 150 x 90. $420 404 A set of three old Chinese famille rose lozenge shaped sweetmeat dishes, overall diamond form with conforming large foot to each, famille rose decoration, decorated with various fruits and florals. Lengths from 135 to 225. $400 405 A Chinese porcelain vase decorated

in famille rose, tall ovoid shape with flaring mouth and incipient dragon handles to the sides, decorated in panels with figures and birds. Height 300, on wooden stand. $100 406 A large old famille rose ashette, decorated with panels of florals, birds, courtiers and outdoor scenes, in traditional colour tonings. Chip to one edge. Length 465. See page 16. $350 407 An old famille rose ashette, similar to above, slightly smaller. Length 420. See page 16. $300 408 A large Chinese famille rose vase, bottle form, decorated in polychrome flowers, peaches and bats. Height 500. $200 409 An old Chinese rock crystal censer, the compressed circular body raised on three lion mask and paw feet, taotie mask and ring handles issue from the shoulder, the domed lid with shishi finial and three small elephant head captured ring handles, good clear colour with very few inclusions, chip to top rim, raised on conforming hardwood stand. Ex. the collection of the estate of E.D. Willis, Auckland. The censer 150 x 110 x 130. See page 16. $1850 410 A good Chinese three piece silver tea-set, the compressed spherical bodies with a fine hand beaten finish highlighted with a sinuous dragon in relief to each piece, the vacant circular cartouche representing the mystic pearl, short angular bamboo sections as finials to the teapot and lidded sugar bowl, stamped maker’s initials to the base for Tuck, Chang & Co., late 19th/early 20thC. Total weight 1106gms. See page 16. $1400 411 An early 20thC Chinese silver circular lidded box, finely hand beaten with dragons in relief, the base stamped ‘STERLING’ and ‘YOKSANG’. Weight 193gms. Diameter 90. See page 16. $275 412 An early 20thC Chinese silver lidded box, circular form, the ground decorated with a fine hand beaten effect, a single sinuous dragon in relief decorates the lid and body, gilded interior, the base stamped ‘NANKING’. Weight 193gms. Diameter 110. See page 16. $275 413 An early 20thC Chinese silver lidded box, circular form, similar to above, the base stamped with maker’s mark ‘YOKSANG’. Weight 180gms. Diameter 95. See page 16. $275 414 A Chinese early 20thC silver hand mirror, the ground with fine hand beaten effect, decorated with a sinuous relief dragon, the circular cartouche with monogram representing the mystic pearl, the bevel edged circular mirror showing some distress. Stamped to the side with maker’s mark ‘YOKSANG’. Length 267. $150 415 A Chinese vibrant and pale green jade handling piece, carved with a monkey upon a fruit, fine branches and leaves in relief and to the recesses, overall

oval form, some pierced detail. 57 x 40. See page 24. $1000 416 Two carved jade small handling pieces, variable colours from pale to mid-green to dark amber tones, animals and fruit to one, dragons and pearls to the other. $110 417 A heavy jade sculpture, in the form of a peach surrounded by smaller peaches hanging from the tree branches, a bat flying over the peaches, on a jade style stone stand. Height on stand 310, width 260. $380 418 Two Chinese carved jade dragons, each modelled crouching, their heads detailed with open mouths, beards and single horns. Longest 145. $140 419 A Chinese jade carving of a three legged toad, the mythical beast holds a cash coin in its mouth. Length 120. $120 420 A Chinese soapstone semi-jade carved figure, the seated Buddha with a fine engraved detailed robe, he holds a fruit to his left hand, pale/mid-green colourway with red mottled highlights. Height 135. See page 16. $1200 421 A Chinese carved ivory figure of the goddess Kuanyin, she stands holding a ruyi sceptre in her right hand, her left hand raised in a mudra gesture. Height 310. See page 16. $650 422 A 17thC style bronze statuette of the goddess Kuanyin, with rich green patination, the goddess is depicted seated upon the back of a stylised elephant, one hand holding a furled scroll, the other raised in a mudra gesture. Height 220. See page 16. $450 423 A pair of Chinese carved ivory elephant tusks, the tusk tips carved with figures of sages, equestrian warriors, noblemen and attendants, climbing rocky paths to the wooded pinnacles of the tusks. Old repair to one tusk tip. Both raised on carved black wood stands. Height 275. See page 16. $1500 424 A Chinese carved ivory puzzle ball on stand, the 64mm diameter ball of approx. eight concentric spheres carved with sinuous dragons to the outside level, raised on a cylindrical column stand carved and pierced with figures on a diaper pattern pierced ground. Slight faults. Overall height 180. See page 16. $450 425 An ornate Chinese carved ivory elephant tusk, fully carved and pierced along its length with landscapes, pagodas and temples along with numerous figures; the roofs and structures of two of the buildings emphasised with the addition of two large affixed flags. Mounted on a carved wooden stand. Length of tusk 725. See page 16. $2750 426 Two mid-20thC quality hardwood vase stands; one of circular form with a solid burr timber panel in a rosewood frame and five scroll legs with cross stretchers, shaped apron, all carved as bamboo; the other of

rectangular form with shaped frieze and stretchers. $180 427 A Chinese carved Zitan wood seated governor figure, he wears a cylindrical hat and long flowing robe, his long beard tapers to a point, good dark colour and patina. Height 160. See page 21. $400 428 A Chinese carved bamboo brush pot, the full encircling band of figures in a coastal landscape with pine trees, clouds and various florals, of good proportion. 120 x 112 x 158. See page 16. $600 429 An old Chinese black lacquered brush pot of tapered cylindrical form, mildly tapered at the top, highlighted in gilt with an imperial figured courtyard scene, attendant and figure on horseback to reverse, highlighted with foliage and a floral repeating decorated border, twin character mark to the base. Height 170, diameter 140. See page 16. $550 430 A Chinese finely carved wooden figure of a travelling monk, standing with a gnarly branch over his shoulder, coiffured beard, exposed ribs, long flowing robe, pale mid-tone with good patina. Height 220. See page 16. $220 431 A Chinese hardwood boxed set of 12 Zodiac sign red ink stones, the rectangular lidded box opening to reveal 12 various shaped red ink stones, representing the 12 animal signs, variously shaped with matching shaped cut-out to the base, gilt and dark painted highlights. 310 x 205. See page 16. $850 432 A Chinese rectangular ink stone slab, a small circular well to one end, a carved panel to the other with central coin motif framed by flying cranes amongst clouds, various calligraphy to the front and back, the dark colourway with mid green mottling. 295 x 195. See page 21. $750 433 A Chinese Zitan wood boxed ink stone, rounded oval form, the lid with mother-of-pearl inlay and coral highlights revealing the conforming shaped ink stone with circular shallow inkwell, the flat surface dominated with rows of calligraphy. Further calligraphy to the reverse, the base with short small lug feet. 205 x 160 x 60. See page 21. $700 434 A Chinese Zitan wood ruyi sceptre, plain traditional curved form with scroll end, the raised end set with a pale green jade tablet carved in shallow relief with a figure riding an elephant. Length 360. See page 21. $550 435 An old Chinese black lacquer lidded box of oblong octagonal form, entirely decorated with panels of figures in various scenes, coastal landscapes, walled gardens, etc., gilded and heightened with white, plain interior. 290 x 210 x 155. See page 16. $300 436 A Chinese porcelain shallow bowl, decorated with branches of peaches and flying bats on a white ground.


407 406


396 342A 496 421


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409 420




470 429









428 430

479 487




Character marks to base. Diameter 210. $70 437 A large Chinese streaky glazed vase of accentuated baluster form, five full relief stylised bats decorate the shoulder, tones of streaky blue, red, green and paler tones, the open flared top with a white glaze. Height 460. $120 438 A Chinese Y-Ping porcelain vase of Ku shape with profuse polychrome enamelled decoration of flowers, leaves and scrolls, the borders with angular scroll designs. Height 220, painted seal mark. $120 439 A Chinese porcelain baluster vase, polychrome enamelled, the spherical body with a wide band of flowering basket decoration highlighted with butterflies and ribbons, floral and stylised panelled borders, stylised gilded handles, underglaze blue character marks to the base. Height 260. $120 440 A fine Chinese polychrome porcelain bowl with profuse enamel decoration of trailing leaves and flowers, circular shape on short foot with green glazed interior. Tiny rim frit and hairline crack. A Ch’ien Lung museum copy. Diameter 185. $140 441 A Chinese porcelain Museum copy vase, ovoid shape, decorated with peaches and Wisteria on a crackle duck egg blue glaze ground, four character mark associated with the mother of the Emperor Guangxu under the base. Height 305. $200 442 A large Chinese blue and white vase, baluster form with wide spreading rim, decorated with fish, water lilies, lotus plants, and other floral motifs. Height 445. $240 443 A good quality Chinese porcelain shallow bowl of circular shape with short foot and flat rim, enamelled decoration of Shao medallions, bats, peaches, symbols and with a Greek Key patterned border. Guangxu character marks on base. Diameter 255. $400 444 A large impressive Chinese porcelain wine ewer with dragon spout and handle, baluster shape with polychrome enamel decoration of phoenix birds, flowers, dragons, symbols and leaves, the borders richly gilded, the domed cover with kylin finial. Height 380, character mark on base. $400 445 A Chinese porcelain vase, octagonal faceted baluster shape, decorated with four panels of sinuous dragons in polychrome enamels framed by foliate arabesques and with stiff leaf design to the neck. Ming Xuande mark in underglaze blue to the side. Height 470. $160 446 A Chinese porcelain rice bowl, a small peach to the centre of the interior, the exterior decorated with little plump Chinese boys climbing over a peach tree and picking the peaches, calligraphy to one side, character marks to base. Diameter 110, height 50. $120 447 A pair of Chinese blue and white hex-

agonal lidded jars, painted with five clawed dragons amidst cloud forms and flames. Height 350. $650 448 A Chinese ovoid lidded celadon vase, decorated in mild relief with figures within a walled garden, hand painted blue and white on the pale celadon glaze, the conforming small lid with three bat motifs and ‘tear-drop’ finial. Height 245. $150 449 A Chinese celadon vase, baluster shape, with swollen lotus mouth, mask and ring handles to the shoulder, the body decorated with lotus tendrils in low relief under the celadon glaze. Six character Yongzheng mark over the base. $500 450 A group of seven 18thC Chinese export-ware porcelain pieces, including a pair of shallow bowls, a tea bowl and deep saucer and three tea bowls; each piece painted with a scene of a young family attending to an elderly man outside a house, the scene framed by a border painted in black, iron red and gilt depicting various birds and landscapes. Slight faults to some pieces. See page 16. $500 451 A pair of large Chinese porcelain jars, inverse baluster shape, decorated to the body with ducks and water plants in an encircling river, Ming dynasty mark painted in this panel, decoration of mystic beasts in polychrome on a blue and white background of waves decorate the shoulder and similarly the foot. Height 435. $450 452 A fine quality Chinese Imperial lotus form porcelain dish, with finely enamelled floral designs in famille rose colours on an apple green ground, raised on four low lug feet, the rim richly gilded. Chia Ch’ing character mark on base. Tiny rim frit. Length 150. See page 21. $7000 453 A Chinese Huang Huali wood plain large brush pot of cylindrical form, mildly waisted, the base with an inserted circular plug. Diameter 178, height 182. See page 21. $1000 454 A Chinese ovoid lustre decorated polychrome vase, the entire body with a full encircling band of mythical beasts on an aubergine scrolling ground, a leaf decorated band to the shoulder. Old underglaze blue coin type mark to the base. Height 170. See page 21. $350 455 A Chinese blue and white circular bowl, mildly flared form, ring foot, decorated with an encircling band of travelling figures, a chevron band to the border, underglaze blue mark to base. Dragon to the interior well with linked circle design to the interior rim. In the Ming style. Diameter 235. See page 21. $300 456 A fine Chinese porcelain square section brush pot, each panel decorated with rows of fine calligraphic poetry in black enamel, over-glaze, framed within tablet forms and with red seal marks to each panel, the frames decorated with underglaze blue foliate tendrils, heightened

with gilt, raised on four small gilded bracket feet , underglaze character marks to base. 65 x 65 x 101. See page 21. $15,000 457 A Chinese green glazed grotto type sculpture, half rounded form, decorated with an image of Shou Lao, the god of longevity, classically represented with long staff, deer and attendant children with peaches, a curved panel behind. 255 x 70 x 145. $700 458 A pair of Chinese cloisonné and bronze figures of riders on mules, each figure wearing a hat and long robe with mid-blue ground highlighted with red, dark blue and ivory florals and scrolling tendrils, each to a saddle removable from each mule, minor damage. See Christie’s sale 1495, lot 404, for a similar pair. 290 x 130 x 375. See page 21. $2000 459 A 19thC Chinese bronze pan iron, circular flared form with shaped rim, geometric scroll type decoration to the panels on a repeating diamond trellis ground, stylised mask form to the handle, old turned ivory tumbler attached, with coin base, semipolished base to the pan. Diameter 122, length 215. $250 460 A small old Chinese bronze model of a seated kylin, on rectangular plinth with calligraphic inscription, further raised on a stand of hexagonal tile engraved type forms. 75 x 58 x 97. See page 21. $160 461 A pair of old Japanese bronze Hotei figured inkwells, he stands with his corpulent belly exposed, laughing, his large sack open to his left side as the inkwell, engraved details to his flowing robe, fitted to a square stepped plinth with bracket feet. Good old dark patina. Height 125 ea. See page 21. $260 462 A Chinese bronze rectangular censer, the slightly angled sides decorated with a cast pattern of scrolls, raised on four scrolling legs. 450 x 305 x 125. $350 463 An old Chinese gilded and painted white metal figure, he wears a decorated rounded square hat, coiffured beard, his hands clasped to his chest holding a short staff, long flowing robes tied at the centre, remnants of gilt and old paint, calligraphy to the back panel. Height 255. See page 16. $700 464 A Chinese bronze lidded urn, square section baluster form, finely decorated with bands of scrolling wave decoration, stylised mask decoration to each side, the conforming lid with four raised scrolls, various calligraphic inscription, green patination. Height 380. See page 16. $2000 465 An old fine quality Chinese red and white Peking overlay glass circular bowl on short stem, decorated with figures, willow tree, fishermen, prunus trees and mountains. On wood stand. Diameter 175. See page 21. $800 466 A large Chinese ivory carved figure of a sage, depicted standing grasping


a staff in his right hand and a furled scroll in his left, he wears a robe patterned with foliate tendril designs to the hem and cuffs. Ming character marks under the base. Height 340. See page 16. $600 467 A blue ground cloisonné vase, ovoid shape, decorated with flowers in polychrome, height 220; along with a black ground cloisonné lidded urn of goblet shape, decorated with fine tendrils over all surfaces. Height 215. See page 21. $120 468 A vintage Mah Jong set, the bone and bamboo tiles in a five drawer ebonised wood case, brass fittings and handles. $250 469 An old Oriental square section bottle vase, the walls decorated in coloured glazes with birds and flowering boughs, the corners and shoulders in chocolate brown glaze, the short neck glazed in speckled blue. Height 180. $200 470 A Chinese tortoiseshell circular lidded box, the lid finely decorated and pierced with entwined foliage highlighted with butterflies and fruits, the borders with a double geometric repeating scroll band. Diameter 110. See page 16. $220 471 Four Bonhams Oriental Arts auction catalogues. $100 472 Twelve Oriental Arts auction catalogues and exhibition catalogues. $100 473 A Japanese Zitan wood plain rectangular small open box, with dovetailed corners, cut-away open oval handles, good dark colour and patina, panelled base. 220 x 160 x 70. $150 474 A Japanese Zitan wood box, square section, dovetailed corners, panelled base, open cut-out handles to the sides with square scroll detailed carving. 165 x 165 x 85. $200 475 A rare Japanese 17thC katana sword, with a two body cutting test, the sword has been shortened and the signature lost. The sword has an attribution to ‘Shimosaka’ from the Japanese Sword Preservation Society (NBTHK), the NBTHK papers also refer to the two body cutting test. ‘Shimosaka’ were a respected group of swordsmiths which also included Yasutsugu who later became a personal favourite of the first Tokugawa shogun. The sword is in full polish with a high quality Shirasaya. See page 21. $12,000 476 A good Japanese wakizashi attributed to Yoshimitsu, the partial signature of the smith has been identified by a Japanese collector as being by Yoshimitsu, the five smiths using this kanji working from around 1392 to 1547, this sword is in full polish and exhibits workmanship of a highly rated smith, tight flawless forging, etc. In Shirasaya, with a fine Edo period koshirae, the fittings are of water dragons, plants and insects, the iron tsuba of basketweave pattern with water dragons, further details available of this fine sword. See page 21. $7500


477 An unsigned 19thC Japanese katana sword, possibly from the Aizu Kanesada line of smiths. The Koshirae has 19thC menuki, fuchi and tsuba, the handle and saya are newly made for Iaido practice from traditional Japanese materials. Other fittings are carved from horn. See page 21. $7000 478 A 17thC Japanese wakizashi sword, unsigned, in WWII mounts, the tsuba is older and made from copper with brass rope effect applied to the rim. The blade is clean showing all of the work in the steel, temper and forging pattern. See page 21. $1600 479 An exceptionally fine Japanese Meiji period carved ivory figure of a seated Samurai warrior in full formal dress with Tanto (short sword) to his belt, the finest carved detail to all aspects, he sits cross legged upon an ebonised carved stand with bamboo type frame which supports three separate objects including his long katana sword, finely woven helmet and side table, all of carved ivory, the figure signed ‘Mitsukazu’ to the reverse in characters, the stand labelled to the base ‘this carving is from ‘The Hodgson Collection’ and is numbered 4692 in the catalogue of (the) same and has the following description:- ‘Carved ivory figure of Masatsune writing a farewell letter before attempting suicide which was frustrated by his wise mother, long sword rests on the table before him’. Signed ‘Mitsukazu’. Height of figure 137. Provenance: Ex. the estate collection of H.G.Wells’ only daughter, Anna Jane Kennard, who died at age 100 years (31/12/1909 26/10/2010) in New Plymouth. She was the illegitimate daughter of H.G. Wells and Amber Reeves (the daughter of The Hon. William Pember Reeves, N.Z. statesman, historian and poet). See page 16. $8000 480 A small old Japanese four-fold screen with carved pierced decoration, decorated with applied shell in designs of birds and flowers. Height 950, width of each panel 275. Some losses. $175 481 Two carved Chinese gilt-wood panels, tall rectangular shape, each carved and pierced in high relief with numerous figures in gardens and pavilions, tea houses and landscapes. Deep red ochre painted frames. Each 990 x 375. $300 482 A Japanese ukiyo-e woodblock print, by Toyokuni III depicting a samurai warrior wearing a green and floral patterned robe. 350 x 230. See page 21. $175 483 A Japanese ukiyo-e woodblock print by Kunichika, depicting two kubuki actors in costume as a geisha and samurai. 350 x 230. $175 484 A Japanese ukiyo-e woodblock by Kunisada, depicting a sumo wrestler. Signed and with publisher’s mark and date mark in the plate. 365 x 250. See page 21. $400 485 A pair of c.1920 Japanese Satsuma vases, baluster form, figure within

landscape decoration, gilt highlights, cobalt ground, the base with Bizan mark under the Shimazu family crest. Height 185. $240 486 A Satsuma earthenware teapot, ovoid shape, the handle finial and spout moulded as sinuous dragons, the body decorated with portraits. Seal mark under the base. Height 190. $200 487 A Japanese Satsuma earthenware double gourd vase, a dragon entwines the body, decorated in panels with portraits on a gilt diaper pattern ground. Seal mark under the base. Height 170. See page 16. $500 488 A Satsuma earthenware vase, tall ovoid shape, decorated with flowers and birds in flight in gilt and colours on an ivory ground. Two character mark under the base. Height 150. See page 21. $150 489 A pair of 19thC Japanese Kutani porcelain vases, ovoid shape with wide tapering conical mouth, each decorated with butterflies, praying mantises, frogs, snails and beetles on a ‘sandy’ ground, diaper and foliate tendrils in iron red and gilt decorate the neck and base. Six character mark under the base of each, factory fault at foot of one. Height 345. See page 21. $950 490 An old Japanese earthenware circular lidded jar with tube-lined decoration of lotus leaves in ivory on a rich deep purple ground, the centre of the cover decorated with a longevity symbol. Impressed character marks on base. Old oniwa-yaki ware, late Edo/Tokugawa period (1603-1867), made exclusively for a daimyo or warlord, within the walls of his castle or residence. On wood stand. Diameter 150. See page 21. $450 491 Two ivory Japanese netsukes, one in the form of a horse, the other in the form of a long tailed shishi, both with maker’s mark. $120 492 Two ivory Japanese netsukes, one in the form of a scented sage reading from a scroll, the other a water buffalo atop a large land tortoise, both with maker’s marks. $120 493 An early 20thC Japanese Imari square form dish, the central panel with a flowering basket, floral panels to the flared border with shaped rim, cobalt ground, circular ring foot. 255 x 255. See page 16. $120 494 A large Japanese Imari lidded urn on stand, traditional ovoid bodied form with tall domed lid and large ovoid finial, panel decoration of exotic birds and blossoms and figures in landscape, traditional tones with gilt highlights, raised on conforming stand, 20thC. Height 1110. $550 495 A Japanese Imari large octagonal shallow bowl, decorated to the centre with a basket of flowers, the angled walls decorated in panels with mythical beasts and birds in flight amongst flowers, in traditional colours

of copper red, cobalt blue and gilt. Diameter 325. See page 21. $225 496 A large Japanese Imari porcelain charger, circular shape with scalloped rim, decorated to the centre with a bottle vase from which a profusion of flowers issue, framed by a broad border decorated with flowers and song birds along with sections of diaper pattern madoe panels and stylised mon. All in typical colours of iron red, cobalt blue and gilt, the back with three sprays of prunus blossom. Diameter 415. See page 16. $350 497 A Japanese porcelain tall bottle vase, baluster shape, decorated in polychrome, the neck and cover restored. With wooden stand. Height 375. $100 498 A large Japanese Arita porcelain vase, shouldered shape, the trumpet mouth with scalloped rim, the body decorated in underglaze blue with flowering prunus and chrysanthemum, a collar around the neck decorated with stylised chrysanthemum, the interior and exterior of the mouth decorated with flowers, a stylised lappet border encircles the foot. Small hairline at rim. Height 630. See page 16. $300 499 Two Japanese bronze tsuba, mildly oval form, one with relief decoration of a mythical figure being released from an oil bottle, highlighted with gilt, signed, the other with devilish and other figure in a river landscape, highlighted with gilt, signed. See page 21. $300 500 A fine late 19thC Chinese carved ivory fan, carved in relief with figures, buildings and trees. No ribbon. Length 192. $200


510 An Edwardian 9ct gold pendant/ brooch, the frame of flowers and leaves set with seed pearls and peridots, on later fine 9ct. gold chain. See page 24. $200 511 An estate 9ct gold and opal pendant, the fine cut oval cabochon opal with a good rolling flash of colours, set within a gold backed mount with rope edge decoration, on gold bale suspension. $350 512 A 9ct gold spider pendant, the small spider with a facet cut pink stone as the body suspended from a tapering gold bar, with gold bale and fine gold chain. $150 513 A vintage carved ivory pendant, in the form of a heart with leaves and berries carved to the front, with an ivorine chain of delicate pierced links. See page 24. $250 514 An impressive Victorian 15ct gold and amethyst pendant, in Etruscan style, scalloped eight point star form with gold ball to each point, applied

decoration to frame with an oval facet cut amethyst in the centre, a looped chain and small decorated gold pendant suspended from base, with matching suspension bale for chain. See page 24. $700 515 A Victorian mourning locket, of oval form, with seed pearl and turquoise set monogram, the reverse with glazed panel. Minor attention required. See page 24. $150 516 A 9ct. yellow gold Edwardian pendant on chain, bow form with two drops, set with seed pearls and three aquamarines, gold plated fine chain. $140 517 An Edwardian 9ct. yellow gold pendant on chain, open leaf and floral form set with seed pearls and a central oval faceted almandine garnet, on fine link 9ct. gold chain. $220 518 An early 20thC 9ct. rose gold mounted banded agate pendant, good striated deep red/orange and white tones. See page 24. $90 519 A good c.1900 18ct. yellow gold, amethyst and seed pearl pendant on chain, the facet cushion cut deep coloured amethyst in bead rub-over mount above a seed pearl set bow, on a fine 9ct. yellow gold chain. See page 24. $260 520 An Edwardian 15ct. yellow gold and enamel pendant, single stylised flower-head form with central green stone on a radiating silver enamelled ground, the applied green enamel shaped border band with gilt highlights, on conforming suspension loop. See page 24. $180 521 A Victorian silver and enamel oval locket, the front with a wide band in relief of bird amongst reeds highlighted with enamels in green, yellow, amber/ brown and black, engraved flanking ivy detail, loop suspension to top. Hallmarked Birmingham 1882, minor losses. Length 41. See page 24. $260 522 A good late Victorian 15ct. yellow gold and seed pearl pendant/ brooch, open circular form with central ten petal flower-head framed by nine bell form flowers all entirely set with seed pearls, one missing, conforming pendant mount to top and removable brooch mount to reverse. Weight 9.1gms. Diameter 27. See page 24. $220 523 An Edwardian 9ct yellow gold amethyst, peridot and seed pearl necklace, the open heart pendant drop supported from two chains to a small single flower-head suspension, fine link chain. $220 524 A silver gilt and enamel lidded pendant/ charm, the oval cover with enamelled image of a horse and rider, a small gilt baby to the interior. Length 22. $80 525 An early 20thC 9ct. yellow gold mounted rock crystal pendant, the rock crystal heart form with gold coronet mount, the cruciform top with suspension loop attached. See page 24. $110

526 An Edwardian 9ct yellow gold and seed pearl starburst pendant, suspension loop to top. See page 24. $90 527 A c.1900 9ct. gold double-sided locket on 9ct. rose gold chain, the locket with all-over scrolling leaf design on a faceted Belcher link chain. See page 24. $160 528 An Edwardian Art Nouveau 9ct. gold pendant, the round delicate frame set with gold and pearl leaves and three aquamarine flowers, a small round facet cut aquamarine suspended from gold bar to base, with a gold chain. $250 529 An Edwardian sterling silver and Ruskin ceramic brooch, the lilac pendant of heart form, in rope edge frame with a bow to the top, with silver chain. $180 530 An Edwardian Art Nouveau 9ct. gold ruby and pearl pendant, the scrolling heart form frame set with seed pearls and three small facet cut rubies to the centre, seed pearl to bale, on fine gold chain. $250 531 A 14ct gold bee pendant with a later 9ct. gold chain. This is a copy of the famous Minoan pendant found in a cemetery at the Minoan Palace of Malia on the island of Crete, the original is in the Heraklion Museum. $150 532 An early 20thC 9ct. yellow gold lady’s muff chain, double ridged, repeating oval links, single ‘dog-clip’ clasp. Weight 15.6gms. Length 1420. See page 24. $380 533 A late 19thC 15ct. engraved yellow gold Maltese Cross pendant locket, the hinged circular central cover revealing a double glazed interior, ball highlights. Suspension loop to top. $260 534 A Victorian 18ct. gold tassel on a fine 9ct. yellow gold chain, the tassel with five fine link drops terminating with ball ends issuing from a fancy mount. $220 535 An 18ct. yellow gold mounted cabochon emerald and seed pearl necklace, four oval emerald cabochons, one suspended from the central stone separated by three rows of seed pearls, two further rows connect towards the gold clasp. See page 24. $550 536 A large black pearl pendant, a gold ring set to the base of the pearl, the top with 9ct gold bale, together with a fine 9ct. gold chain. $150 537 An opera length pearl necklace, the single strand of 94 semi-baroque 7mm. cultured pearls with a 9ct. gold, pearl and garnet clasp. Length 77cm (30”). See page 24. $150 538 A Victorian 9ct. rose gold muff chain, the plain links interspersed with six decorative twisted knots set with small cabochon turquoise beads. Valuation available. Weight 19.46gms. Length 1450. See page 24. $450 539 A pair of single strand freshwater pearl


necklaces, the round 10mm pearls of varying pink, deep cream and lavender tones, knotted between each, with silver ball and push clasp. Length 460. See page 24. $180 540 A lapis lazuli and pearl necklace, the large rondel shaped lapis beads of uniform size with a large cultured pearl at the base, silver jump ring clasp. $150 541 A Victorian 9ct. rose gold locket, set with oval double target forms with blue and white enamel, a seed pearl to the centre opening to reveal a photo and lock of hair; together with a pair of Victorian silver gilt earrings, each with a cabochon glass bead and a tiny opal to the centre. $220 542 An Edwardian 9ct. yellow gold fancy neck chain, plain beads decorate the circular links, push-in clasp. Weight 5.9gms. Length 440. $120 543 A Victorian 15ct. gilded yellow gold fancy ‘gloved hand’ muff chain clasp, the glove with applied leaf and floral forms, the red stone ring to the hand, a small suspension ring held between the fingers. Weight 2.8gms. $150 544 A good long clear Baltic amber necklace, the graduated rounded oval beads with screw in clasp. Length 775. $500 545 A strand of graduated jade beads, of dark colour, spherical form, gold ring catch. Length 460. $140 546 An Edwardian 9ct. yellow gold pendant on chain, open three circle scrolling form including an oval panel set with blue stone and single ivy leaf, on fine gold chain. $150 547 A c.1925 European .800 silver and enamel Egyptian Revival propelling pencil/pendant on chain, formed as a mummy on fine link chain. See page 24. $150 548 An Edwardian 9ct. yellow gold aquamarine and seed pearl necklace, the central oval facet cut aquamarine framed by six seed pearls and an open six loop curved frame, suspended from a fine link neck chain. See page 24. $120 549 A 9ct. and diamond lady’s bracelet, the serpentine branch and leaf shaped links each set with five small diamonds (totalling 65), push-in tongue clasp. $240 550 A 9ct. yellow gold late Victorian fancy bracelet, the scrolling wire links spaced by five circular facet cut smoky quartz stones, each set with a central gold mounted seed pearl, original push-in clasp with safety chain. See page 24. $460 551 A heavy early 1900s 15ct. rose gold bangle, in the form of a twining snake, the eyes set with tiny rubies, engraved Auckland, NZ and stamped 15ct. at the head and tail. The snake symbolised eternal undying love. Weight 71gms. See page 24. $1800


552 An Edwardian 9ct rose gold bracelet, the top set with nine oval facet cut pale garnets with small seed pearls to each corner, hinged with push clasp and safety chain. See page 24. $375 553 A 9ct gold and amethyst bracelet, the seven oval facet cut amethysts claw set between ‘bow’ style links, push clasp with safety catch and chain. $350 554 A Victorian silver engraved hinged bangle, wide flat form, half engraved with a repeating fine leaf pattern, push-in clasp. Hallmarked Chester 1885. Width 25. $140 555 An Edwardian 9ct. rose gold and multi-moonstone bracelet, the eleven graduated oval cabochon moonstones each in a hinged rubover mount, eight rectangular bars connect to the push-in clasp. See page 24. $120 556 A mid-20thC wide silver half engraved hinged bangle, scrolling leaf and floral design, push-in tongue clasp, with safety chain. Birmingham 1953, the Coronation year and mark, by Smith & Pepper Ltd, specialist bangle makers. $240 557 An opal and 18ct. gold brooch, the large polished black opal with good flashes of gold, blue and green fire, in an 18ct. yellow gold rub-over mount. Length 30. See page 24. $450 558 An early 1900s hand painted portrait miniature brooch, the miniature of a French lady in court dress, hand painted on ivory or ivorine, in silver gilt frame, with suspension bale for wearing as a pendant. $130 559 A Victorian 9ct. yellow gold and turquoise brooch, of circular form with geometric scroll decoration to the four triangular form panels, a central domed cluster of small turquoise beads sits above a fine wire and bead border. Weight 9.7gms. See page 24. $160 560 A vintage silver and marcasite rickshaw brooch, the attendant in running pose, the passenger with umbrella, the pin with keeper and safety chain. See page 24. $120 561 A Victorian 15ct gold Etruscan style brooch, the ornate frame set with a central oval jet panel and white hardstone cameo. See page 24. $150 562 An estate 9ct gold cameo suite, the brooch with carved cameo shell depicting the Three Graces, in scrolling gold frame, with matching screw on earrings. $180 563 An estate 9ct. gold, pearl and amethyst brooch/pendant, the large oval facet cut amethyst surrounded by two rows of seed pearls, in a 9ct. rose gold frame. See page 24. $250 564 An impressive Victorian 9ct gold cameo brooch, the shell cameo carved with two Greek or Roman girls under a crescent moon and stars, an eagle with outspread wings to the base, ornate scrolling 9ct rose gold

frame with rope edge decoration. See page 24. $200 565 An 18ct. yellow gold and jade dress ring, the vibrant green oval jade cabochon held in four claws, bow and leaf decorated shoulders. See page 24. $250 566 A late Victorian gold small brooch set with a central faceted pale stone framed by seed pearls, testing as 9ct. gold or higher. See page 24. $80 567 An Art Deco 15ct. yellow gold, opal and diamond bar brooch, the central circular cabochon opal framed by two small diamonds in rub-over mounts, white gold front to the yellow gold bar. $120 568 A good c.1900 gold framed cameo brooch, the classical profile of a woman carved in a pinkish toned shell, rope edge decoration to gold mount. $150 569 A 9ct. rose gold mounted tiger’s claw brooch, the top strap mount connects to the tip. See page 24. $110 570 A 9ct. rose gold Art Nouveau brooch, open stylised shield form with floral decoration framing the triple central bars set with single almandine garnet. See page 24. $120 571 A good Edwardian 9ct. gold, seed pearl and amethyst stick pin/brooch, the stylised floral form head with central facet cut amethyst above the long narrow tapered body. See page 24. $120 572 An Edwardian 9ct. rose gold, aquamarine and seed pearl brooch and earring set; the brooch with open central oval panel enclosing the claw set large oval facet cut aquamarine highlighted with six seed pearls; the earrings with conforming circular drops from long straight bars, fittings for pierced ears. See page 24. $180 573 An estate 18ct. gold diamond set ring, the three round brilliant cut diamonds claw set in a platinum Rex style mount with applied chenier supported engraved shoulders, the central stone of 0.25 carat with a small diamond on each side, valuation available. $550 574 An early 1900s 14ct. gold and silver necklace, the highly ornate scrolling frame set with 22 rose cut diamonds and 20 uncut diamond chips, the centre of the frame with four oval facet cut pyrandine garnets in engraved gold rub-over mounts, a further pear shaped garnet suspended from the base. The frame itself comprises silver to the front, the base in 14ct. gold, two swivelling S-form diamond set links to each side, with a modern silver snake link chain. Length of diamond and garnet set frame 120 mm., Gemologist’s report available. $800 575 An impressive Art Deco platinum and diamond ring, in the form of a five row diamond set head with peaks to the centre, the central row containing four Old European cut diamonds of good colour, the other four rows containing 26 bead set Old European

465 452







434 499

488 455





458 456 489






478 484


cut diamonds, with tapered flat shank with high-walled sides that flow up to the head. T.D.W. 2.30 cts., valuation available. See front cover and page 24.. $7000 576 An 18ct. gold lady’s estate sapphire and diamond cluster ring, the large oval facet cut pale blue sapphire in a rub-over mount framed by 14 old cut diamonds in a basket mount. See page 24. $550 577 An estate 18ct. gold and 9ct. gold wedding ring set, the central ring with an oval facet cut sapphire surrounded by 10 small round brilliant cut diamonds, the two outer 18ct gold bands each set with six small round brilliant cut diamonds, with raised shoulders, to form an outer ring of diamonds. $500 578 An estate 18ct. gold and diamond ring, of five graduated size old cut diamonds claw set in a decorative scrolling mount flanked by small diamond chips, some absent. Total diamond weight 1.50cts. Old valuation available. See page 24. $750 579 An estate 18ct. gold and diamond ring, the central 0.45ct. old brilliant cut diamond claw set with two smaller diamonds to either side, decorative scrolling mount with engraved shoulders. Hallmarked for Chester 1904. See page 24. $800 580 An estate 18ct. gold, diamond and sapphire ring, of three old round brilliant cut diamonds claw set with two facet cut cornflower blue sapphires. $550 581 An estate 18ct gold opal and diamond ring, the 2.78cts natural oval cabochon opal displays an impressive amount of blue, green, turquoise and red flags in a rolling flash play of colour, surrounded by 21 old single cut diamonds, T.D.W. 0.47carats, shank with split shoulders, valuation available. See page 24. $1100. 582 An estate 14ct gold and opal ring, the oval cabochon natural opal of predominantly green flash with slight red and blue colours, claw set in an open ring mount, the split shoulders with added decoration; together with a pair of cabochon opal earrings with screw fittings. See page 24. $300 583 A vintage 9ct gold cameo suite, the brooch with carved cameo shell depicting the Three Graces, in a gold mount with rope edge decoration, with screw on drop cameo earrings and a 9ct gold ring set with classical woman’s head in profile. $180 584 An Edwardian 18ct. yellow gold and opal bridge ring, set with five graduated cabochon opals in a row spaced by four pairs of small old mine cut diamonds. Hallmarked Birmingham 1907. See page 24. $280 585 A modern 14ct. yellow gold baroque and diamond cluster ring, the three irregular shaped pearls with good nacre, framed by 20 small facet cut diamonds, the sculpted shoulders with bark like effect. See page 24. $275


586 An early 20thC 18ct yellow gold and black opal ring, the large oval flat top black opal in claw setting, narrow shank. $120 587 An Art Deco 18ct. yellow gold, diamond and sapphire panelled ring, the square panel with five old brilliant cut diamonds set in a cross with four square cut sapphires at the corners. See page 24. $300 588 A 19thC 9ct. rose gold and multicameo lava carved ring, the nine small portrait relief cameos in various coloured lava, each in an oval rubover mount. See page 24. $150 589 A 9ct. yellow gold and opal Arts & Crafts ring, the central oval cabochon opal in rub-over mount framed by relief sculpted leaf design. See page 24. $120 590 An Edwardian gold plated sovereign case, traditional form with profuse engraved decoration to front and back, push button release and suspension ring. See page 24. $150 591 A Victorian 9ct gold and carnelian seal, the unmarked gold frame in the form of a fish swallowing its tail, suspension loop, the seal not engraved. $150 592 A Victorian gold plated carnelian seal, the ornate frame set with a carnelian carved with initials surrounded by hop swags. See page 24. $150 593 A pair of 14ct. yellow gold cufflinks, of oblong form, with machine decoration matching the base piece, stamped 585, in original box. Weight 8gms. $250


594 A 1940’s Pierpont lady’s 18ct. yellow gold wristwatch, circular motherof-pearl dial with Arabic numerals, working. Weight 24.2gms. $425 595 A 1920s 14ct. yellow gold, emerald and diamond Waltham lapel watch, circular form, the gilded dial with Arabic numerals framed by eight small diamonds and four small diamond cut emeralds, stem wind, the movement marked ‘Waltham Bracelet’. Weight 14.8gms. $220 596 A lady’s Rolex ‘Oyster Perpetual’ 18K gold and stainless steel wristwatch, the gold dial set with a diamond to each hour, original Rolex Jubilee link bracelet, good working order, with original box and outer packing box. See page 29. $4400 597 A vintage Cyma ‘Cymaflex’ braille wristwatch, plain chrome case, the push-button release cover revealing the face with raised beads to identify the hours, also with Arabic numerals, manual wind, leather strap. Working. See page 29. $275 598 A vintage Omega 600 ‘Seamaster’ gent’s wristwatch, the circular stainless

steel case with champagne coloured dial, batons to the hours, named and model details to face, seconds sweep hand, leather strap, manual wind. Working. See page 29. $600 599 A Jean Perret, Genève gent’s gold plated wristwatch, quartz movement, tinted dial with slender gold hands and gold batons, date aperture, alligator leather strap. $300 600 A Baume & Mercier, Genève gent’s automatic wristwatch, steel 35mm diameter case, silvered dial with trellis chapter ring, Arabic numerals at quarters and batons indicating other hours, Dauphine luminous hands and sweep seconds. 17 jewel Bidynator calibre 690 movement. Black leather strap. See page 29. $450 601 An Omega ‘Seamaster’ gent’s wristwatch, stainless steel 35mm diameter case, with original bracelet. 17 jewel, caliber 285 manual chronograph movement, silvered dial with Dauphine hands and sweep second hand. See page 29. $800 602 A Universal, Genève ‘Uni-Compax’ chronograph wristwatch, steel 35mm diameter case, champagne tinted dial with Arabic numerals, sweep seconds and tachymeter; along with two subsidiary dials. Leather strap. See page 29. $2000 603 A gent’s gold and steel Rolex ‘Oyster’ Chronometer wristwatch, original bracelet, the blue dial marked: ‘Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified’, 14K yellow gold and stainless steel Jubilee band and 14K bezel, good original working condition with original box, pamphlets and outer packing box. See page 29. $5400 604 A 1970s Vacheron & Constantin 18ct. yellow gold watch and bracelet, the named rectangular silvered dial with batons to the hours, on fine mesh 18ct. yellow gold original bracelet. Manual wind, working. Total weight 72.7gms. See page 29. $7750 605 A late Georgian silver pair cased pocket watch, Birmingham 1822 by Robert Wiggan, white enamel face (faulted), with Roman numerals. gold hands, subsidiary seconds dial at VI, fusée movement, working. See page 29. $500 606 A silver hunter cased pocket watch, verge movement, white enamel dial with Roman numerals and gold hands. London 1824 by Samuel Fuller. $500 607 A silver cased centre second chronograph pocket watch, the white enamel dial with Roman numerals, railtrack minutes, 300 division, blued steel centre second hand and gold hands. Birmingham 1892. See page 29. $475 608 An eight day Goliath centre seconds pocket watch by the Octidi Watch Co., c.1910, white enamel dial with Roman numerals, blued hands including centre seconds, railtrack minutes. $525

609 A Smith’s ‘skeletal’ pocket watch, the movement visible at the centre of the silvered face, the chapter ring with Roman numerals, filigree hands and sweep seconds, 17 jewels, gold plated case. See page 29. $200 610 An Ernest Borel, Versailles ‘Goliath’ gilt metal cased alarm pocket watch. $200 611 An 18ct. gold pair cased pocket watch, the fusée movement engraved ‘Hunter & Son’, Fenchurch Street, London, No. A3736, with intricate pierced balanced bridge with single jewel, further engraved converted by G. Coats & Co., Christchurch, N.Z. The cases hallmarked for London 1803, the back of the outer case engraved with a crest of a demi-arm clasping a terrestrial globe encircled by a buckled belt engraved ‘Spes Mea In Deo’. Numerous watchmaker’s paper discs in the case. See page 29. $2500 613 A Swiss made leather cased travel clock with brass bezel, white enamel dial, Arabic numerals, subsidiary seconds dial at 12, the case folding to make a stand. $220 614 A French brass cased carriage clock, corniche shaped case embellished with ornate filigree scrolls to the upper and lower sections, the swing handle of simplified scroll form, the white enamel chapter ring with Arabic numerals, set within a face of filigree gilt floral tendrils and centred by a gilt metal filigree rondel. Mechanism requires attention. Complete with original leather travelling case with double hinged front opening doors. See page 29. $900 615 A good 19thC brass cased carriage clock, bevelled glass panels, the enamel dial with Roman numerals and blue steel hands, eight day movement, striking on the hour, recently overhauled and in good working order. Back plate engraved for Charles Frodshan, London. 110 x 85 x 150. See page 29. $1650 616 A 19thC French rococo style mantel clock, the ormolu case decoratively cast with acanthus scrolls, surmounted by a putto, the circular white enamel face with Arabic numerals within gilt cartouches, a floral medallion to the centre, signed ‘Servel Fres. Montpellier’, above a hand painted porcelain panel in the base depicting lovers and putti. Bell striking mechanism. Height 410. See page 29. $650 617 An Art Nouveau cloisonné cased mantel clock, the curved walled and arched case enamelled on copper with a Japanese geisha and floral racemes on a gold foil ground, set with a circular time piece. Height 170. See page 29. $200 618 An Edwardian black slate mantel clock, the architectural case set with a circular dial with a white enamel chapter ring with Roman numerals surrounding a Brocot-type escapement and with Breguet-type hands, the case set with a silver presentation plaque. Width 450. $300

619 A small proportion 19thC black and red marble mantel clock, the white enamel dial with Roman numerals. Square architectural case. Height 235. $125 620 A black and red marble cased 19thC mantel clock, the mechanism housed within a cylindrical case raised upon an architectural plinth base, the base and supports decorated with foliate tendrils detailed with gilding, the clock’s white enamel dial with Roman numerals and exposed Brocot type escapement and Breguet type hands. Width 345. $175 621 A French gilt metal clock garniture of Louis XV style, lavishly decorated with scrolls and pierced lattice work detail, the circular dial with Roman numerals, the pendulum movement striking on a bell. With an accompanying pair of three branch, four light candelabra. Height 430. $1400 622 A mystery clock, the mechanism supported from the raised arm of a standing figure of a knight in armour, the cast metal figure with gold and silver painted finish to his armour with details highlighted in red. He stands on a circular plinth base, the mystery clock supported from his raised arm, modelled as a blue enamel sphere with brass Roman numerals and filigree hands, the bob of conforming blue enamel suspended from rods of polished steel and brass. Height 520. See front cover. $1200 623 A large French spelter mantel clock, the mechanism housed within an architectural case raised on a substantial neo-classical ornamented base incorporating griffins and a caryatid, the clock surmounted by a sculptural figure of a man writing upon a tablet. Height 590. See page 29. $900 624 A large decorative spelter bronze mantel clock, the timepiece housed in an architectural case beside a large statuette figure of Christopher Columbus, raised on a plinth base decorated with a bas relief panel of putti. The clock with white enamel dial, Roman numerals, Breguet-type hands, striking on a bell. Width 630. See page 29. $900 625 A Regency period mahogany cased bracket clock, the lancet case inlaid and mounted with brass, lion mask handles to the sides above the conforming shape gilded grilles, the circular cream enamel dial named J. Walker, London, the fusée movement with hour and half hour bell striking, raised on adjustable brass ball feet. 285 x 180 x 476. See page 29. $2800 626 A 19th century French gilt metal mantel clock, the case surmounted by a figure emblematic of Love, accompanied by two doves, the porcelain dial painted with a figure of Cupid, a further Limoges style porcelain plaque inset to the plinth base surrounded by decorative neoclassical embellishments. Height 395. See page 29. $1400 627 A c.1800 French Empire black and

white marble and ormolu Portico clock, the circular ormolu cased movement with white enamel dial and Roman numerals suspended between the two tapered white marble columns on square section black marble stands, further ormolu adornments, eagle pediment to the case, the movement with silk suspension, striking to the hour and half hour upon a bell, the rectangular white marble stand with adjustable ormolu feet, c.1800. Valuation available. $4500


628 A George III silver vinaigrette, rectangular form, fine machine repeating engraving, remains of allover gilding, the interior with ornate pierced and engraved grille. London 1814 by Christopher John Buckler. See page 32. $275 629 An Edwardian silver sovereign case, traditional engraved circular form with push-button release revealing sprung interior. Birmingham 1906 by Dennison Watch Case Co. See page 32. $160 630 A late Victorian silver sovereign case, leaf scroll engraved, of extra deep size, the push-button release revealing a traditional fitted and sprung interior. Birmingham 1897 by William Neale. $200 631 A sterling silver and enamel pill box, the lid with white enamelling and decorated with rose wreaths and bows in blues, greens and pinks, the interior with original gilding. Birmingham 1920. Length 60. See page 32. $280 632 An antique Old Sheffield Plate snuff box, rectangular shape, machine engraved hinged lid, ribbed sides, remnants of gilding to interior. See page 32. $110 633 A late Victorian silver vanity box, rectangular form, ornately embossed with floral, leaf and scroll decoration. Minor attention required. Birmingham 1896. 100 x 50. $120 635 An Edwardian miniature silver pin cushion, in the form of a donkey. Birmingham 1909. See page 29. $100 636 An Edwardian miniature silver pin cushion, in the form of a swan. Birmingham 1909. See page 29. $100 637 An Edwardian silver pin cushion, in the form of a boot. London 1902 by Levi & Solomon. See page 29. $110 638 An Edwardian silver nib wipe, in the form of a pig. Birmingham 1905 by Miller Bros. See page 29. $250 639 A silver Art Nouveau William Haseler enamelled cigarette case, rectangular form, shaped for the hip, the raised swirling rondel with part blue and green enamel, push-button release revealing a gilded interior. Birmingham 1913 by W.H. Haseler Ltd. Weight 64.8gms. 88 x 60. See page 32. $320 640 An unusual silver handled ivorine



559 552 518




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590 548 521 515

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585 578 581 579 589 584 565 538



576 582


571 588 537






bladed page turner, the handle embossed with portraits of King George and Queen Mary. Birmingham 1910 by Deakin and Francis. Length 350. See page 5. $125 641 An Edwardian Art Nouveau small silver purse, both sides with embossed Nouveau decoration of florals and leaves, the interior lined with green silk and three small compartments, chain handle. Birmingham 1907. See page 8. $200 642 A French silver model of a poodle, sporting a show-ring ‘lion’ cut. Marked: Sterling 925. 55 x 85. See page 29. $150 643 An Edwardian silver and crystal smelling salts bottle, the cylindrical hobnail decorated body with original stopper and profusely engraved top. Chester 1907. See page 8. $120 644 A pair of silver trophy wine goblets, modelled after early Georgian examples, the bell bowls engraved with crest and inscription ‘The Honourable Society of the Middle Temple’, ‘Benchers Challenge Cup’. London 1933 by H.H. Plante. Total weight 476gms. Height 145. $325 645 A ruby glass claret jug, the ovoid body mounted with a silver plated collar, acanthus capped scroll handle and hinged cover with bud finial. Height 250. See page 13. $225 646 A cut crystal and silver plate claret jug, the tapering conical body with all-over cut pattern, mounted with a silver plated collar, acanthus moulded handle and domed hinged cover with bud finial. Height 285. See page 29. $375 647 A Victorian silver salver, pie crust rim with husk and scroll border, raised on three cast scroll feet. London 1898 by Edward Barnard & Sons Ltd. Weight 625. Diameter 265. See page 32. $675 648 A large Edwardian silver salver, with pie crust rim, floral and husk border, engraved with foliate cartouche to the centre, raised on four cast scroll feet . Sheffield 1912 by Walker & Hall. Weight 925gms. Diameter 320. See page 29. $850 649 A George III silver teapot, the plain oval cylinder body with bead rims, top and bottom, the flat lid with flattened bun finial, ivory heat rings to the handle and finial, scrolling engraved monogram to the front. London 1777 by William Vincent. Weight 597gms. $1000 650 A pair of rare Scottish silver provincial basting spoons, oar pattern (Scottish shoulderless fiddle pattern), initialled, Dumfries 1810-1841 by David Gray 1810 - 1841. Length 290. See page 32. $1250 651 A rare early George II silver milk jug, wide baluster form and of good gauge, the heraldic crest showing some wear, a small bead decorates the base of the spout, heavy rolled foot, plain scroll tapered handle,

evidence of original hand beating to interior. London 1731 by Thomas Mason. Weight 520gms. Height 102, diameter 106. See page 32. $2400 652 An impressive early George III silver lidded tankard/jug, of plain baluster form with a fine reeded band to the body, spreading circular foot, the domed hinged cover with scrolling thumb piece, the double scroll handle with ivory heat rings and matching detail, top and base, fancy scroll framed shield armorial, the lid and base with matched hallmarks for London 1760, by William Grundy, a noted tankard maker. Weight 990. Height 210. See page 32. $2600 653 A George II silver coffee pot, mildly tapering form on round spreading foot, ebonised wood handle, restrained decoration to spout. London 1741 by William Kidney. Height 235. See front cover. $2500 654 A rare James I silver seal top spoon, the baluster finial with unengraved top and traces of original gilding, mildly tapered rounded rectangular section handle, wide ovoid bowl crested with a dog’s head stamped with maker’s mark, a pair of clubs in saltire, see Jackson’s page 108. London 1640. Length 165. See page 29. $3100 655 An early Victorian silver tankard, one quart, plain traditional form with acanthus leaf thumb piece, Spencer family armorial to the front. Sheffield 1856 by Henry Wilkinson. Weight 814gms. Height 210. See page 32. $4500 656 An impressive George III silver basket, Adams style, the batwing shaped borders with superb pierced and engraved bright-cut decoration, reeded loop handle and rim, with engraved armorial to the centre, London 1790 by Henry Chawner, 900gms, 250 x 400. See page 32. $7000 657 An American ‘International’ sterling silver cutlery set in canteen. The part 12 place set of 63 pieces includes nine dinner knives, 12 dinner forks, six dessert spoons, 12 dessert forks, etc. Total weight of silver excluding knives 1790gms. In fitted canteen. $1800 658 A pair of Reuben Watts N.Z. Arts & Crafts silver knife rests, each end of open entwined Art Nouveau form with hand beaten effect and central raised heart form blue enamel plaque with green speckled highlights, rubover mounts, the connecting bars of wrythen form. Embossed maker’s signature mark and ‘STERLING’. Length 90. See page 32. $1450 659 A Victorian silver teapot of squat spherical form, embossed and engraved floral and scroll decoration, crested, the lid with singular flower and leaf finial, the scroll handle with ivory heat rings. London 1854 by Joseph & Albert Savory. Weight 622gms. $480 660 A silver Georgian Revival coffee pot of ovoid shape, raised on four scroll and shell feet with gadroon rim, ebony finial and scroll handle.

Sheffield 1946 by Walker & Hall. Weight 680gms. See page 32. $400 661 A silver Georgian Revival hot water pot, the cylindrical body raised on short stem from a circular flaring foot, echinus moulding at the rim, the hinged lid with wooden finial, scroll handled. Chester 1938 by Jay, Richard Attenborough Co. Ltd. Weight 410gms. Height 210. $200 662 A George silver teapot, square form with ebonised wood handle, pressed to both sides, on four ball feet. London 1806 by William Barrett. Length 260., height 150. See page 32. $450 663 A George III silver bottom marked tablespoon, Hanoverian pattern, Edinburgh 1763 by Ker & Dempster. See page 29. $160 664 A William IV silver King’s type pattern salt spoon, shell back oval gilded bowl. London 1834 by John Henry & Charles Lias. $90 665 Two English provincial silver teaspoons, Jersey Assay, by Jacques Quesnel, c.1830/40. $150 666 A George III soup ladle, Old English pattern with scalloped bowl. London 1791, possibly by William Ealy and William Fearn. Weight 145gms. See page 32. $275 667 An Irish silver tablespoon, with bright cut decoration, Dublin 1766 by Michael Keating. See page 29. $110 668 Two cased sets of Danish silver and enamel cocktail forks and mocha spoons, in various bright enamels and silver gilt. $150 669 A George II silver tablespoon, Hanoverian pattern, bottom marked. London 1753 by Ebenezer Coker. Length 210. See page 29. $140 670 A George III silver tablespoon, Hanoverian pattern, bottom marked. London 1767 by William Tent. Length 210. See page 29. $150 671 A George III silver tablespoon, Old English pattern. London 1807 by Peter & William Bateman. Length 210. See page 29. $130 672 An ornate Dutch silver compote spoon, pierced and cast relief decorated with an outdoor tavern scene, hallmarked with date mark instinct. Length 200. $120 673 A Georgian silver caddy spoon. London 1802. Maker’s mark ‘EN’, the handle monogrammed ‘H’. See page 29. $120 674 A set of 22 Garrard & Co. Ltd silver handled knives, in the Adam style, includes 11 table knives and 11 entrée knives, all with named steel ‘Rustless’ blades, minor attention required to two. $160 675 A Victorian silver plate and glass sugar box, decorated with Egyptian Revival motifs, the tapering conical


glass box etched with sphinxes and papyrus, the galleried base raised on three feet modelled as pharaoh’s masks. The base with maker’s marks and registration diamonds c.1870. Diameter 165. $150 676 An ornate Victorian silver plate biscuit barrel, silver over copper in Adams style, pierced decoration with swags and flowers, scrolling handles, liner missing, 60 x 90. $150 677 A George III silver cream jug, of oval panelled form with reeded rim and flared ring base. London 1805, possibly by Solomon Hougham. See page 32. $225 678 A pair of Irish Victorian fiddle pattern sugar tongs, Dublin 1850; along with a pair of plain Georgian silver sugar tongs. $85 679 A pair of Victorian silver Queen’s pattern sugar tongs, London 1879 by George Angel; along with a pair of small Edwardian silver shell bowled sugar tongs, Sheffield 1901. $85 680 A Georgian Revival silver cream jug and sugar basin, Chester 1903; along with a pair of small silver bonbon dishes of oval shape with pierced walls. Birmingham 1904. $125 681 A George III silver cream jug, helmet shape, decorated with a band of stiff leaves alternating with ovals along with a vacant shield cartouche, reeded at the rim and to the square scroll handle. London 1806, probably by John Merry. See page 32. $220 682 A George IV/William IV silver barrel form cream jug, the plain body with fine ribbed bands to each border and single central band, elegant tapered scroll handle. The base only bearing London maker’s mark for Benjamin Preston (1828-1845), the other marks absent. Presumably this was a commissioned item, unmarked to avoid duty. Weight 129gms. Height 91. See page 32. $360 683 A George III silver pedestal cream jug, the bowl of long helmeted form, brightcut engraved bands, reeded rims, wreath framed scripted initials, spreading circular base to the square foot, reeded handle. London 1795 by Duncan Urquhart & Naphtali Hart. Weight 125, height 143. See page 32. $460 684 An Edwardian silver two handled sugar basin, oval fluted shape raised on four scroll feet. Birmingham 1908 by Williams Ltd. $100 685 A Victorian silver sugar sifter, fiddle pattern, the circular bowl pierced with an attractive foliate design. London 1869 by H. J. Lias & Son. See page 29. $150 686 A Victorian silver fiddle, thread and husk pattern sauce ladle. London 1844 by George Angel, crested with a sturgeon’s head. See page 29. $175 687 A silver plated tureen and cover, squat circular shape raised on four


scroll feet and with scroll handles issuing from the sides, the rim decorated with a foliate border, the domed cover with a ring handle. Diameter 210. $300 688 A large Edwardian period hip flask, the flattened glass body with a silver plated removable cover to act as a cup, the upper body covered with close fitting leather sleeve with cutout slot to show the level of contents, the mouth with hinged bayonet cover. Height 180. See page 29. $200 688A A similar glass flask with silver plate and leather cover as above. Height 155. See page 29. $150 689 A pair of George III cauldron salt cellars, squat circular shape, raised on three pad feet, beaded rims. London 1783 by Benjamin Mountigue; along with a pair of bright cut salt spoons, c.1789. See page 32. $160 690 An early 20thC quality silver mustard pot of oval barrel form, the domed lid with baluster finial, floral and leaf scroll engraved bands to the borders and upper raised band, original blue glass liner. London 1911 by Thomas of New Bond Street; together with a George III Old English crested mustard spoon, gilded bowl. London 1807 by William Ealy and William Fearn. See page 32. $550 691 A silver cauldron salt cellar, squat circular shape with gadrooned rim, raised on three pad feet. Sheffield 1926 by James Dixon & Sons. $60 692 An Edwardian silver fruit bowl, circular with flaring rim, the deep rim decoratively pierced with acanthus scrolls on an open trellis ground and further detailed with a gadrooned edge, raised on three scroll feet. Sheffield 1911 by John Dixon & Sons for Harrods of London. Weight 320gms. Diameter 205. See page 32. $300 693 Five various silver napkin rings, three with foliate engraving, two with linial engraving, all of similar wide dimension. Birmingham 1908-1920. Total weight 165gms. $125 694 A pair of Victorian silver King’s pattern sugar tongs, London 1839; along with a silver napkin ring. $100 695 A pair of good 19thC Tibetan turned hardwood and silver Jha-Phor (tea bowls), the turned knotted burl timber of open flared fitted form with a silver lined interior and ring foot with fine bead detail to base border. Diameter 107, height 46. See page 32. $500 696 A good heavy George III silver wine taster’s cup, the borders with a relief band of fruiting grape vines, the handle as a double entwined snake with the heads parting at the rim, remains of gilding to the interior. London 1809 by Rebecca Emes & Edward Barnard I. Weight 232, height 81. See page 32. $750 697 A pair of George III silver bottle tickets, ‘MADEIRA’ and ‘SHERRY’, elongated octagonal form with double ribbed

edge. Original chain suspension. London 1800 by Elizabeth Morley. $220 698 A Dutch silver wine bottle pourer, the exterior decorated with a violin player and a dancing couple. Length 75. $100 699 An Edwardian silver porringer, the plain bowl on round spreading foot with angular handles. London 1905 by Butt & Co. Diameter 85. $150 700 A Russian silver and enamel vodka cup, with enamelled florals and scrolls in blue, white and red marks for Moscow 1897, Anatoly Apollonovich Artsybashev, the Assay Master’s mark, maker’s mark CK, possibly for Stepan Levin. Diameter 40, height 35. See page 32. $150 701 An Edwardian silver swing handle basket, oval form with decorative pierced bands and engraved scroll, leaf and swag decoration, fine beaded rim, conforming bead band to the handle and oval spreading foot. London 1908 by Haseler Bros. Weight 147gms. Length 68. See page 32. $380 702 A good George III silver sauce boat, crested with a stylised eagle head, fat bellied, shaped rim, flying scroll handle, raised on three pad feet. London 1761 by Henry Corry. Weight 240gms. Length 175, width 90. See page 32. $850 703 A George III silver fish slice, with ivory handle and decoratively pierced blade. London 1808 by Thomas Walls. Length 285. See page 5. $150 704 A George III silver cream jug, boat shape with central lined girdle pattern and half lobed decoration to the base. Sheffield 1800 by George Ashworth & Co. Height 120. See page 32. $280 705 A George II silver tablespoon, Old English pattern, with fleur-de-lis crest to handle, bottom marked. London 1735 by Richard Pargeter. Length 200. See page 29. $160 706 A Danish silver vase, of twisted wrythen form, the body with hand beaten snakeskin effect, the stepped round spreading foot with restrained shell decoration, hallmarked for 1917 by Christian F. Heise. Weight 312gms. 125 x 170. See page 32. $220 707 Two WMF silver plate items; an Art Nouveau decorated cream jug and small oval tray with open grape leaf and bunch decorated handles, both pieces with maker’s marks. $90 708 A pair of bone and silver plate knife rests, the bone turned sections supported on pedestals of stacked spheres of graduated sizes. See page 32. $120


709 An old hand knotted Baluchi rug, of traditional design and decoration, the field with three rows of small geometric medallions, multiple narrow border guards with one wide

guard, in typical colours of rich red, dark blue and ivory. Some wear. 900 x 1760. $150 710 A small hand knotted Persian mat, the field with three diamond medallions, two wide border guards, in colours of red, blue, green and old ivory. 450 x 800. $80 711 A small hand knotted Persian rug, the field decorated with two geometric medallions and star designs, two wide border guards, in colours of dark blue, rich red, green, brown and ivory. 560 x 115. $80 712 A small hand knotted Persian rug, the field decorated with two geometric medallions and star designs, one wide border guard, in colours of dark blue, rich red, green, brown and ivory. Width 500, length 1050. $80 713 A hand knotted Persian Karaj rug, the field with a large central medallion and geometric plant motifs, three border guards with central wide guard in colours of rich dark red, dark blue, green, brown, mustard and old ivory. 1060 x 1670. $250 714 A hand knotted Persian Hamadan rug, the field with a large central medallion and four corner designs, floral motifs, three border guards with central wide guard in colours of red, rose pink, light and dark blue, green, brown and ivory. 1260 x 2030. $250 715 A hand knotted Turkish Kula rug, the field with a small central diamond shaped medallion and stylised floral motifs, five border guards with central wide herati guard, in colours of pale green, brown, soft salmon, mustard and old ivory, all wool. Western Anatolia. Has always been displayed as a wall hanging and has the wood rod and fittings. 1370 x 2000. $300 716 A hand knotted Persian rug, of traditional design with floral decoration and three border guards, in colours of red, blue, ochre and ivory on a terracotta ground. 2000 x 1220. $350 717 A hand knotted Persian Mir runner, the field decorated with rows of boteh motifs, three narrow border guards, in colours of dark blue, rich red, turquoise, rose pink and ochre. 100 x 3040. $400 718 A hand knotted Persian runner, the field decorated with intricate rows of small boteh motifs, three border guards with central wide guard in colours of dark and light blue, red, green, rose pink and old ivory. 1100 x 3300. $350 719 A Turkoman hand knotted wool on cotton runner, the field with three rows of repeating guls, the five border guards with wider central guard with alternating repeating gul motifs, traditional tones of red, indigo and ivory. 4560 x 930. $400 720 An early 20thC Isfahan rug, fine wool pile on cotton foundation. Decorated with a central floral medallion with conjoined palmette medallions, reserved on a

faded plum ground, similar palmette designs decorate the quadrants, all framed by a floral meander border outlined with simple meander guards. Some wear commensurate with age. 1570 x 980. $350 721 A hand knotted Persian Gabbeh runner, the mottled blue ground with a bold red band and small stylised plant, animal and figure motifs. 1160 x 3500. $400 722 A fine old large Japanese machine made carpet, the field with all-over pattern of stylised flowerheads and trailing leaves, three border guards of Greek Key pattern, in shades of blue, green and brown. Meiji period c.1900. 2860 x 3200. $400 723 An Afghan Turkoman wool on cotton runner rug, the central repeating cruciform row of guls flanked by rows of octagonal guls, multi-banded border, traditional tones. 3000 x 800. $550 724 An Afghan Turkoman wool on cotton runner rug, the field with seven octagonal traditional guls, triple banded border, traditional tones. 3000 x 800. $550 725 A hand knotted Turkoman rug, the field decorated with rows of typical geometric medallions, multiple narrow border guards with one wide central guard, in colours of rich red and dark blue on an old ivory field. 1870 x 2320. $700 726 A hand knotted Persian Sennah rug, the field decorated with rows of large boteh motifs, three border guards with central guard of serrated leaf patterns, in colours of red, blue, green and ivory. 1500 x 2420. $650 727 A hand knotted Afghan runner, the field decorated with a single row of stylised floral medallions, multiple narrow border guards of rosettes and geometric designs, in typical colours of rich dark red and dark blue. 3000 x 800. $600 728 An old hand knotted Persian Hamadan runner, the field decorated with stylised floral designs and boteh motifs, three border guards, in colours of rich dark red, dark blue, green and old ivory. Honourable wear. 1030 x 4100. $500 729 An old Tabriz wool pile carpet decorated with a floral medallion and tendrils on a russet ground within a shaped field, reserved on an ivory ground, further decorated with flowering tendrils, framed by multiple meander borders. 2200 x 1560. $800 730 An Afghan Turkoman all wool carpet, good sturdy construction, the field with three rows of six octagonal elephant foot guls, multi-banded border, traditional tones. 2800 x 2000. $900 731 An Afghan Turkoman wool on cotton rug, the field with two rows of five octagonal guls on a field with small black linial motifs, multi-banded border. 2400 x 1700. $800

732 A large vintage tapestry wall hanging, decorated in the French Chateau manner, with flowers and a large central medallion, in muted pastel tones, requires some cleaning. 3450 x 4560. $1000 733 An Afghan Turkoman wool on cotton carpet, the field decorated with fine rows of alternating small octagonal and cruciform guls, multi-banded border, traditional tones of red, indigo and ivory, wool on cotton construction. 3500 x 2500. $1600 734 A large Persian Afghan Turkoman carpet, wool on cotton, the rectangular field with two small repeating guls in alternating rows, octagonal and cruciform, the wide border of nine bands displaying various mainly diamond form guls, red and indigo dominant tones with ivory highlights. 3500 x 2500. $1200


735 A pair of Victorian period walnut bun foot stools, decorated with Berlin bead work tapestries of dog’s head and swallow, each on original white china feet. Diameter 275. $250 736 A Victorian footstool, the top upholstered with a tapestry of flowers in red, white, pink and green, green velvet sides with wooden base on four small casters. Diameter 360. $150 737 A pair of oak Jacobean style small stools, on four turned legs, stretcher base, with scalloped and shaped aprons. Pegged construction. 450 x 125 x 360. $450 738 A Victorian walnut cased ‘Admiral Fitzroys’ barometer, with ‘Gothic’ style case, the mercury barometer, alcohol thermometer and atmospheric tube backed by a printed card with descriptive details and scales. Height 1060. $575 739 An old elm three legged milking stool, the circular dished top with three pegged hewn tapering legs. $100 740 A Georgian mahogany decanter stand, the lid opens to reveal spaces for decanters, a bottle and various sized glasses. One small drawer to one side, on slender tapering legs with china casters. 410 x 390 x 210. $550 741 A Victorian mahogany ship’s toilet seat with elaborate wrought iron supports, brass hinges and fittings and original brass plate ‘Toilet’. Height 550. $200 742 A Victorian cast iron based side table, the mahogany plank top with thumb moulded edge, the cast iron base with two supports with scroll detail, conforming stretcher, painted white and gold. By James Yates of Birmingham. 1060 x 450 x 760. $200 743 A Georgian period mahogany flaptop card table on four tapering square section legs with spade feet, the crossbanded oblong top with rounded


front corners, the interior lined with green baize. 900 x 430 x 740. $650 744 A Victorian period burr elm and walnut combination music Canterbury/ whatnot, the base with three divisions and carved and pierced panelled sides, the top with ebonised banding and inlay decoration, turned column supports and single drawer in base. 600 x 370 x 930. $400 745 An Edwardian period ebonised table vitrine, of French style with serpentine top, four elegant cabriole legs and platform base, with gilt metal embellishments and beading. 630 x 490 x 760. $350 746 A Regency mahogany music stand, the top with two areas with four turned uprights, the three curved top rails with restrained slats, the lower half of stand with space for more storage, on four brass casters with caster cups. 470 x 230 x 740. $250 747 A small Georgian side table, one single drawer, chamfered shaped legs, brass swan neck handles. 760 x 470 x 730. $450 748 A Georgian period oak country corner cabinet, the panelled cupboard door with star inlay and cross-banded border, brass H-hinges and dentil mouldings beneath the top edge. The interior with three serpentine shelves. 680 x 380 x 1000. See inside back cover. $400 749 A Victorian period mahogany serpentine twin pedestal sideboard with three panelled breakfront drawers and two cupboard doors. Requires restoration, originally had a mirrored back. 2200 x 700 x 945. $450 750 A Victorian mahogany twin pedestal sideboard, the plain top with three bombe breakfront drawers, the arched panelled pedestals with ornate carved and pierced corbels and plinth bases. 1830 x 580 x 920. $650 751 A Victorian mahogany bookcase cabinet, the base with two panelled cupboard doors, the top section with two glazed doors and adjustable shelves, ornate carved leaf and scroll decoration, stepped pediment, plinth base. Requires some attention. 1720 x 520 x 2500. $2500 752 A Victorian small marble topped mahogany bookcase, barley twist columns to each side, arched glazed doors, plinth base, one shelf to interior, repair to marble top. 1123 x 440 x 910. $450 753 A small Victorian mahogany sideboard, three drawers over two cupboard doors, with figured mahogany shield front, half acanthus type decoration with corbels to each side, the top with a shelf on turned uprights, decoratively carved scrolling back. Attention required. 1510 x 60 x 2440. $400 754 An Edwardian mahogany Sheraton Revival writing table, cross-banded and satinwood strung detail, two frieze drawers, brass swing handles, tapered


square section legs with lower shelf to the base, raised on original brown porcelain casters. 1400 x 520 x 770. $425 755 A George III oak drop-side table, the oval top raised on a bobbin turned gate leg base, the legs united by square section stretchers. 1000 x 1330 x 710 (open). $300 756 An Edwardian period oak pedestal desk, three drawers across the top, three drawers in one pedestal and a cupboard in the other with dummy drawer fronts, the top with green leatherette insert, the drawers with metal cup handles. 1360 x 750 x 765. $750 757 A Regency elm sofa table, the rectangular top with pronounced grain, the drop flaps with curved corners, single frieze drawer with fine beaded lower rim, raised on a cylindrical quatrefoil section column to the parcel gilt mount, four-way concave platform base with moulded raised detail, all on four restrained scroll legs with short brass casters. Later glass top. 1280 x 595 x 755. $2250 758 A good Regency flame mahogany sofa table, the rectangular top with oval radiating flame mahogany panelled inlay, cross banded detail to the top and drop sides, two frieze drawers, raised on octagonal columns with tapered lobed mount with spreading octagonal lower mount to the concave four way platform base with restrained scrolling legs. 1650 x 680 x 745. $3250 759 A Victorian mahogany library table, the top with four green leather inserts, the two middle sections lift up to reveal a storage compartment, two side drawers to each side, turned legs and on white porcelain casters. 1400 x 1210 x 180. $850 760 A set of six vintage oak and leather barley twist dining chairs of English Tudor style with stretcher bases and studded red leather seats and backs. Honourable wear. $550 761 A fine quality Victorian period rosewood prie-dieu chair, the cabriole front legs with scroll feet, finely turned and fluted columns supporting the back with beautifully carved acanthus leaf terminals, original floral needlework tapestry covers and original brass casters. Fabric worn. $350 762 A set of eight English oak Arts & Crafts dining chairs, six singles and two carvers, ribbon carved top rails, triple vase shaped splats, stretcher bases and floral machine tapestry covers. $720 763 Five antique English beech and elm country spindle back single chairs, of typical 18thC style with turned front stretchers and pad feet, three with rush seats, two with sea-grass. Some distress. $350 764 A good vintage brown leather wingback armchair, fully upholstered with a single loose cushion, copper studded detail to the arms and back,

raised on square section legs with stretcher support. Height 1070. $750 765 An early 19thC elm and beech bow smoker’s chair, the horse-shoe back with spindle supports and flared upper central section, shaped feet, turned legs and stretchers. $280 766 A Victorian carved walnut triple cameo backed parlour settee, carved walnut frame with traditional scrolls and oval panels, open arms, turned legs, terminating in brass casters with brown porcelain wheels. Minor attention required. $750 767 A 19thC elm and beech rail back carver chair, the shaped seat raised on ring turned slender baluster legs, the back rail with a shaped panel flanked by ring turned sections. $175 768 A rare N.Z. Northern Steamship Co. Ltd ship’s tall cedar washstand cabinet, the top section with a mirrored door and fitted interior, the central folddown compartment with original porcelain basin, soap dish and tap, the base with two hinged cupboard doors. 540 x 250 x 1820. $450 769 A N.Z. colonial golden kauri hall table, the plain top with thumbnail moulded edge and rounded front corners, two drawers across the front, large cabriole front supports with concave platform base. 1030 x 550 x 750. $350 770 A colonial cedar Scotch chest, with full column mouldings either side, central top hat drawer with two small drawers on one side and deep drawer with dummy fronts on the other, three full width drawers below, turned wood handles, thumb nail top edge. Minor attention required. 1150 x 520 x 1220. $750 771 A N.Z. colonial kauri twin pedestal dressing table, of ‘Adam’ Revival style, the base with nine drawers and brass bale handles, the top with central swing mirror with architectural pediment supports between two pillared cabinets, each with mirrored backs, star inlay and two small drawers with burr totara fronts and moulded glass handles. 1220 x 550 x 1650. $450 772 A good N.Z. colonial kauri and burr timber bookcase sideboard, the bookcase top with double glazed doors enclosing adjustable shelves, stepped moulded pediment, scroll and carved corbels and plain burr timber panels, the conforming base with two panelled doors and shaped bracket plinth. 1410 x 1345 x 2235. $2000 773 An impressive colonial kauri painted box, the exterior painted with Maori kowhaiwhai designs in traditional red/ black/white tones, the painting is contemporary with the age of trunk, iron side handles, plinth base, the interior painted deep cream with two candle boxes, with original key. 930 x 530 x 560. See inside back cover. $1550 774 A French mahogany Louis Philippe style side table, the top of four panels within an outer frame, stretcher base,




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the legs fluted and decoratively carved. 1500 x 800. $650 775 A 19thC Scandinavian faux wood grain painted bookcase sideboard, the flared pediment above two panelled doors enclosing two fitted shelves, the base with two ogee drawers with iron ring handles above two panelled doors enclosing one fitted shelf, the platform base raised on bracket feet. 1385 x 480 x 2340. $950 776 A 19thC Scandinavian painted marriage chest, the distressed green painted ground highlighted with an ochre frame, two floral painted panels decorate the front and sides, large iron swing handles, raised on compressed bun feet. 1140 x 630 x 745. $250 777 A c.1885 German hand painted large pine trunk, the front with a painted shield panel, named and dated 1885 flanked by two arched painted panels including flowering plants, further painted detail, hinged lid and bracket feet. 1320 x 590 x 575. $300 778 A contemporary four-fold screen, painted in the ‘Old Master’ style with still life of fruit, each panel 1830 x 400. $350 779 A decorative late 19thC French ebonised circular Gueridon side table, with ornate metal mounts, the dished top set with porcelain tablets decorated with scenes of lovers and flowers, the turned vase shaped pedestal support rising from a tripod base decorated with figures. Diameter 550, height 760. $500 780 A pair of Louis XVI style giltwood fauteuils, the square backs with ribbon carved outline surmounted by a floral carving, the arm scrolls and fronts carved with acanthus leaves, raised on tapering fluted legs, upholstered in cream striped brocade. See inside back cover. $2000 781 A pair of Louis XV style giltwood occasional tables, with white marble inset tops, the tables with four cabriole legs carved with small floral detail, united by X-stretcher bases. 480 x 410 x 510. See inside back cover. $800 782 A pair of Louis XVI style giltwood and red marble side tables, the square tops with carved and ribbon moulded edges inset with red and white veined marble panels, raised on tapering fluted legs united by scalloped stretchers with a central finial to the centre. 440 x 440 x 760. See inside back cover. $1150 783 A pair of French Louis XVI style giltwood fauteuil chairs, the oval backs with ribbon carved frames with floral carving at the top, the arms, scrolls and fronts carved with stylised acanthus, raised on tapering fluted legs, upholstered in dusky pink floral patterned brocade. See inside back cover. $600 784 A George III oak flat front chest of drawers, two half drawers over four full width, fine brass handles with oval back plate, inlaid decoration to the front above the smaller drawers, panelled sides, on bracket feet, cockbeaded


edged drawers, two plank top, requires some attention. 1240 x 520 x 2360. $ 750 785 A 19thC English mahogany bowfront chest of five drawers, two across the top with three graduated full width drawers below, the turned ebony handles with mother-of-pearl inlay, oak linings, thumb bun feet. Some attention required. 1060 x 530 x 1000. $650 786 A good Victorian period walnut grandmother chair, with Omega back, serpentine front, cabriole front legs and deep buttoned green fabric covers. See inside back cover. $250 787 A small Sri Lankan teak coffer, for the Dutch market, the hinged lidded top with filigree and embossed brass decoration and studs, the fascia similarly decorated and with two heavy brass handles to the sides. The whole raised on squat bun feet. 625 x 290 x 360. See inside back cover. $475 788 A good quality Chinese teak drinks cabinet, the hinged top lifting to reveal the interior tantalus, the front, sides and corner cabinets opening to reveal storage for glasses, spirits bottles, decanters and accessories, restrained carved decoration of bamboo and junks. Gifted to the vendor by the previous owners, Capt. Eric and Mrs Dorothy Milroy of Bucklands Beach. It is believed that Capt. Milroy who originated from Troon in Scotland and had served with the British Merchant Navy during WWII, may have been presented with the cabinet in the early 1950s as a mark of gratitude and respect from merchants in Eastern Indo-China. He plied trading -ships in the area during the 1950s-60s for a Mr Rosenfeld of Sydney, Australia. 790 x 430 x 1020. $450 789 A 19thC Dutch marquetry side table, the oblong top decoratively inlaid with a foliate design in rosewood and boxwood, framed by a border of alternating ebony and bone sections, a single drawer concealed in the frieze, raised on four barley twist ebony legs from an X-stretcher base with ebony and bone edging conforming to the top, on bun feet. 540 x 810 x 710. See inside back cover. $1500 790 A large 17thC English oak coffer, double plank top, with some old repairs, the four panel front with notched and reeded detail, square peg construction, original internal candle box with original pinned hinged lid, raised on stile feet, old iron lock. 1840 x 770 x 820. $1450 791 A mid-20thC Chappell & Co. Ltd of London baby grand piano, the rosewood case with quality brass fittings, iron frame, raised on three square section tapered legs terminating in brass caps and casters, still holding good tone. Provenance: Ex. the home of a private Pukekohe gentleman held in his possession for many years. $2850 792 A quality Oriental teak display cabinet, tapered glazed side panels, the pair of doors incorporating six glazed panels, all panels with

bevelled edges, ornately gilded with sinuous floral and bird decoration, two short drawers to the scrolling base. 840 x 420 x 1200, complete with brass lock. $550 793 A dark stained Korean standing cabinet, the four levels each enclosed with a pair of doors, each door with nine carved and gilded calligraphic symbols, gourd form hinges, decorative lock plates, raised on short stretchered feet. 665 x 350 x 1355. $400 794 A good early 20thC Anglo-Indian side table, the circular revolving top with profuse fine carved wide border detail of encircling animals, figures and leafy scrolls, undecorated central section, revolving on a six scrolling leg base, ornately carved conforming to the top, each leg terminating in a dragon mask. Diameter 740, height 610. $350 795 A William IV flame mahogany toilet swing mirror, the rectangular mirror in a plain frame with carved scroll and leaf supports to the rectangular box base with three frieze drawers, restrained acanthus leaf carved detail. 675 x 290 x 830. $280 796 A decorative Blackamoor lamp, floor standing on a colourful tripod base, dressed in traditional manner, holding a gilt seven light electric candelabra, height 1900. See inside back cover. $800 797 A 1930s chinoiserie decorated standard lamp, with tall slender baluster column issuing from a circular dished foot and supporting a saucer top above a fine ring turned knop, decorated in attractive ‘old gold’ with decorative Chinese elements in coloured enamels. Height 1620 including electric fitting. See inside back cover. $450 798 A large wooden framed mirror, the fruitwood carved frame with a panel of carved leaves and flowers to each corner. 400 x 1000. $200 799 A pair 19thC French crystal and metal table chandeliers, a crystal column to the centre with facet cut terminal, three candle sconces with many metal branches festooned with plain and faceted drops, on round stepped base. 280 x 500. $550 800 A pair of 19thC French marble and metal candelabra, the ornate Rococo style bronzed five branch candelabra on a shaped black marble base with paw feet to the front. Some damage. Height 670. $450 801 A pair of old French carved pricket candlesticks, ornate carved stands on paw feet with floral metal tops. Height 470. $150 802 A deer antler chandelier, the three wide antlers each set with one bulb, three chains attached to each and leading to two smaller antler pieces that would hang from ceiling. Diameter 830. $250 803 A cut crystal three light chandelier, the central section supporting three scrolling arms with large pans

festooned with faceted drops and joined between each with swags of cut crystals. Diameter 500. $300 804 A cut crystal five-light chandelier, the five scrolling arms issuing from a central knopped baluster column joined with multiple crystal faceted swags and with crystal drops. Diameter 570. See inside back cover. $500 805 A cut crystal basket chandelier, of hemispherical bowl shape comprising a trellis of faceted crystals, the upper section enclosed by a ‘waterfall’ of similar crystals. Height 630. See inside back cover. $500 806 A Venetian five branch chandelier, in clear glass with bell shaped shades on arched branches with upright and arching glass feathers alternating in the interstices. Height 500, diameter 600. $380 807 A pair of old French wooden wall plaques, in the form of fruit and sheaths of wheat, in various colours. Height 890. See inside back cover. $200 808 An old rocking horse, the body covered in pony-hide and straw/sawdust stuffed. With leather saddle and trappings, raised on green painted rocking base. Width 1550. Considerable distress. See inside back cover. $240 809 A fine Victorian style rocking horse, the grey dappled mare with natural horse hair mane and tail, complete with stitched leather saddle and bridle. Length 1510. See inside back cover. $850 810 A Watcombe Torquay earthenware jardinière on stand, the stand of tapering conical shape raised on a domed foot moulded with acanthus, the jardinière of squat circular shape with scalloped rim, both painted in verdant green and with storks in a lily pond. Hair line crack to jardinière. Height 925. See inside back cover. $350 811 A vintage concrete bird bath, the octagonal form pedestal with stepped base supporting the circular shallow bowled top set with mosaic tiled sections. Height 970, diameter 650. $200 811A A vintage large concrete garden seal fountain, he sits upright on his extended flippers with curved tail and snout raised, a pipe connects through the sculpture, remains of black paint. Height 910. $650 811B A large vintage concrete garden shell ornament tapered spiralling fluted form. Length 660. $160 811C A vintage concrete garden bird bath, the fish base standing on its head with tail raised supporting the shell form top, square platform base. $250 812 A vintage decorative concrete bird bath, the circular bowl with gadroon border, the interior of mosaic tile sections, yellow, powder blue, white and tan, raised on a substantial base of three lions, baluster form terminating in three wide spread lion’s feet,

octagonal platform base, painted white. Diameter 650, height 800. $250 813 An impressive large vintage classical garden concrete swan, white painted, modelled with raised wings, the long neck curved with beak touching the breast, the webbed feet wrapping around a tapered circular base. Height 1220 $550 814 A pair of English stoneware chimney pots, each of tapering square section with canted corners, supporting mouths with serrated castellation. Height 695. $500


815 John Blair (Scottish 1850-1934) ‘Near Coldstream’, watercolour, signed, entitled and dated 1904. 350 x 510. $200 816 John Hamilton Glass (Scottish 18201885), A Borders Landscape with Gleaners and Cottages, watercolour, signed. 3300 x 500. $100 817 Artist unknown, Elizabethan house and figure, watercolour, unsigned. 220 x 340. $90 818 Amy Giampietri Butts (c.1850-c.1911), ‘Roma Woman Seated at a Classical Fountain’, watercolour, signed, inscribed and dated 1882. Classical moulded contemporary gilt frame, under glass. 235 x 360. See back cover. $250 819 Y.F. Schutte (Dutch 19th/20thC), Portrait of a Young Girl in Rural Landscape, signed, dated 1933. 555 x 450. $120 820 Fearonia, ‘A View of a Colonnaded Garden’, watercolour, signed. 255 x 175. $100 821 A European oil in the 18thC manner, A Woman Reading and a Man Playing a Lute, oil on card, framed in an ornate plaster gilt frame. 185 x 140. $120 822 Artist unknown, ‘The Racehorse’, watercolour on heavy paper, in the manner of 19thC equestrian studies. 240 x 335. $300 823 Artist unknown, ‘The Old Irish Hunter’, watercolour on heavy paper, in the manner of 19thC equestrian studies. 240 x 335. $300 824 Artist unknown, ‘The Clydesdale’, watercolour on heavy paper, in the manner of 19thC equestrian studies. 240 x 335. $300 825 Artist unknown, ‘The Suffolk Punch’, watercolour on heavy paper, in the manner of 19thC equestrian studies. 240 x 335. $300 826 M.H. McGrick (British, fl. 1890-1900), ‘Stonehenge’, watercolour, signed and entitled. 265 x 405, original oak frame under glass. $180 827 John Ruskin, attributed (British 18191900), ‘River Bank in Light and Shade’, pencil heightened with Chinese white. 160 x 160. See back cover. $600

828 Cyril Whiteoak, ‘Pembroke Castle’, watercolour, signed and dated 1990. 350 x 540. $140 829 H.C. Charters, ‘Landscape with Clydesdale Horses’, watercolour, signed and dated 1922. 210 x 300. $100 830 Anna Mary Hotchkis (British 18851984), ‘Piazza San Marco’, charcoal and pastel, signed. 340 x 540. $120 831 William Hogarth, ‘The Humours of an Election’, a set of four steel engravings, good crisp strikes from the original plates on heavy paper, c.1800. Plate 1 ‘An Election Entertainment’; Plate 2. ‘Canvassing for Votes’; Plate 3. ‘The Polling’; Plate 4. ‘Chairing the Member’. Each 435 x 555 (plate size), unframed. $2000 832 Ten French steel engravings by various engravers, after works by Van Dyke, Raphael and others. Large folio leaves. Unframed. $200 833 John Buckland Wright, four copper plate engravings from Theophile Goutier’s ‘Mademoiselle de Maupin’, framed under glass, 180 x 130. See back cover. $850 834 Pierre Vidal, Belle Epoque Scene of Parisian Life on The Boulevards, etching, signed and dated 1903 in the plate, printed on wove paper with publisher’s blind embossed stamp lower left. 290 x 335. $500 835 G. Fitzgerald, chromolithograph after Corot, Dutch Landscape with Cattle and Woman, signed and with publisher’s blind embossed stamp lower left. 240 x 335. $150 836 A late 18thC/early 19thC oil on canvas, ‘Children Chased by a Turkey’, artist unknown, unsigned, in gold mount. 245 x 290. $300 837 Amy Dawson, pair of Studies of Horse’s Heads, watercolour, unsigned. 165 x 170. $300 838 Anthony van Dyke Copley Fielding, attributed (1787-1855), “Tintern Abbey” watercolour, unsigned, 188 x 280. $180 839 A 19thC European artist unknown, Portrait of a Young Woman with Pearl Earring, oil on canvas, unsigned, labelled in German on panel on reverse. 510 x 410, original gilt leaf frame. See back cover. $2200 840 A pair of botanical still life coloured prints, ornately gilded and coloured, one of figs, one of plum, in heavy gesso painted frames. 350 x 490. $250 841 Artist unknown, Still Life of Roses in the Dutch Manner, oil on board, monogrammed JG. 595 x 490. See back cover. $225 842 Jan Emil Tuche, (Polish), Floral Still Life in the Dutch Manner, oil on canvas, signed. 595 x 495. See back cover. $150 843 J.C.B. Hoyte, attributed, ‘Double


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Bay, Sydney Harbour’, watercolour, unsigned. 220 x 410. $250 844 Jeannie Petyarre (Australian Aboriginal b.1956), ‘Wild Flowers’, acrylic on loose canvas, named and detailed on reverse, certificate of authenticity available. 850 x 570. $300 845 Rosemary Pitjara (Petyarre) (Australian Aboriginal), untitled, acrylic on loose canvas, signed, and numbered on reverse, c.2009, certificate of authenticity available. 600 x 900. $300 846 Evelyn Pultara (Australian Aboriginal), ‘Bush Yam Dreaming’ acrylic on linen, named and numbered, certificate of authenticity available including photo of the artist with this work. Note: Evelyn was born in 1940 in Wood Green Station. She was the winner of the 2005 Telstra Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Awards. 700 x 700. $300 847 Lance O’Gorman, Cape Reinga, Rocky Promontory, oil on board, signed and dated ‘72. 495 x 620. See back cover. $850 848 Lance O’Gorman, Coastal Landscape, watercolour, signed. 390 x 560. $100 849 E.B. (Ted) Lattey (1899-1986), ‘Stormy Weather, Glendhu Bay, Wanaka’, oil on board, signed, entitled to reverse. 400 x 500. See back cover. $200 850 George A. Genet, ‘Malte Brun, Tasman Glacier’, oil on board, signed. 295 x 600. See back cover. $150 851 Cryil Whiteoak, ‘Waiweka Gorge’, oil on board, signed, entitled on reverse. 595 x 850. See back cover. $200 852 John Weeks, River, Auckland District, watercolour, signed lower right. 390 x 500. See back cover. $1200 853 William George Baker (1864-1929), ‘Near York Bay, Wellington’ oil on canvas laid on board, signed and entitled. 600 x 900. See back cover. $1600 854 William George Baker, ‘Hutt River’, oil on board, signed and entitled. 475 x 700, gilt framed. See back cover. $2400 855 William Henry Raworth, Colonial Explorer and Bush Clad Waterfall, signed and dated 1899. Contemporary frame under glass. 385 x 315. $500 856 Alison Ryde, ‘Busy Shore Line’, watercolour and oil stick, signed and dated ‘90. 725 x 730. $550 857 Morrison, ‘Sounds Soften in the Dense Room’, watercolour and oil stick, signed, dated ‘93 and entitled. 555 x 745. $250 858 Tom Mutch ‘Two Hemispheres’, acrylic on two hardboard panels, signed and entitled on reverse, inscribed: ‘i.e. Nth on L, Sth on R, Ex. Scotts Gallery, Wgton, 1989’. 250 x 500. $120

859 Weston-Frizzel-Iti collaborative (Otis Frizzell, Mike Weston and Tama Iti [The Dr. Tutu Collaborative) ‘Dr Tutu feat. (uring) Tame Iti’, stencils and acrylics on four canvas panels, each 595 x 420 approx. affixed to ‘picket’ fence frame made by the artists, each signed and dated on reverse. 2005. $800. 860 Minnie Frances White (1891-1983), Untitled (Estuary with boats and baches), watercolour, signed. 375 x 430. $350 861 Minnie Frances White (1891-1983), Untitled (Extensive landscape with trees), watercolour, signed. 310 x 375. $240 862 Minnie Frances White (1891-1983), Untitled portrait of a man, pencil, signed. 370 x 270. $120 863 Minnie F. White, ‘Sharing Shed and Camp Amongst Wooded Landscape, watercolour, signed. 270 x 370. $250 864 Alice F. Whyte, ‘Building & Bougainvillea’, oil on card, signed. 265 x 350. $200 865 Frances J. Mason, ‘The Silent Stream’, etching, entitled, dated ‘27. 265 x 140. $100 866 Eric Lee-Johnson. ‘Warkworth Farm House’, ink drawing, signed and dated ‘68, Waihi Arts Centre Exhibition label verso. 260 x 355. $260 867 Heinz Boehnkes, ‘Fishing Boats, Auckland Harbour’, oil on board, signed. 440 x 540. $150 868 W.F. Moore, ‘View Over Lyttleton’, oil on board, signed and dated ‘89, entitled and detailed on reverse. 310 x 390, framed. $300 869 William Allen Bollard, ‘Maori Riverside Village’, oil on board, signed and dated 1919. 265 x 460, framed. $200 870 Rodney Fumpston, ‘Wanganui Canoe’, Ltd. Ed. 10/40, signed and entitled. 270 x 240. $120 871 M. Matthews, ‘Grafton Bridge, Auckland’, etching, signed and entitled. 155 x 180. $120 872 Peter Moriarty, ‘Lake Manapouri’, oil on board, signed. 340 x 440. $275 873 Brent Harvey, ‘Tuturiwhatu, Banded Dotterel....’, gouache, signed, entitled and dated ‘69. 390 x 490. $220 874 R.E. Jordan, ‘Black Eagle Wharf’, oil on board, signed. 430 x 585. $150 875 Peter McIntyre (1910 - 1995), ‘The Swimming Pool’, oil on board, signed, entitled and detailed on reverse. 490 x 595, original frame. Ex. the estate of a past president of the NZ Academy of Fine Arts, Wellington. See back cover. $10,000

876 Hilda Wiseman, Rural Landscape with Shed and Chickens, signed, dated 1930. 265 x 275. See back cover. $150 877 George Chance (F.R.P.S.), ‘Mabel Bay - Westland - N.Z.’, silver gelatin photograph, in original frame with new mat. 260 x 210. $175 878 Trevor Lloyd, ‘The End of Their Days’, etching, signed and entitled. 130 x 120. See back cover. $300 879 Frank Wright (attributed), ‘Tree Ferns’, watercolour, signed. 195 x 135. $140 880 Rachel Garland, ‘Domestic Truce’, acrylic on board, signed and dated 2004, entitled on reverse. 130 x 755, framed. $200 881 Two Minhinnick original ink cartoons; ‘Our Ice Age’ published N.Z. Herald 24.6.82. Each approx. 350 x 500, framed under glass. $200 882 Two Neville Lodge original ink cartoons; ‘Well, that’s a fine way to carry on! After all it was your idea to come for a relaxing fishing holiday.’ printed Evening Post 1967 and ‘On the subject of Transferring Wellington traffic control....’, printed Evening Post, 1969. Both with white heightening. 300 x 400 approx. ea. Framed under glass. See back cover. $200 883 Anne Anderson, ‘Summer Landscape’, etching, signed and entitled. 180 x 245. $150 884 Ida H. Carey, ‘Quiet Time’, oil on board, signed and dated ‘48. Note: Ida Carey born 1891 moved to the Waikato in 1901, in 1921 Ida began to paint seriously with several visits to Sydney during the 1920s and 1930s where she studied under J.S. Watkins and A. Dittalo Rubbo, she became an elected member of the Royal Art Society of New South Wales. London and Paris were home for Ida in 195455, further biographical details on reverse. 370 x 490, framed. See back cover. $850 885 Ida Carey, ‘Summer Flowers’, oil on board, initialled, Certificate of Authenticity on reverse. 515 x 360, framed. See back cover. $750 886 Ida Carey, ‘Medley of Roses’, oil on board, signed. 440 x 340, gilt framed. See back cover. $650 887 Rix Carlton (a.k.a. Herbert Cole Carlton 1890-1962), Wharf Shed Interior and Coastal Trader, watercolour, signed and dated (indistinctly) 1954. 225 x 280. See back cover. $100 888 A.L. Cooke (19th century N.Z.), ‘A View on the Wanganui River’, oil on board, signed. 235 x 205. See back cover. $100



Postal Bidding Ph: (09) 523 1049 / Fax: (09) 520 7186 / Email: [email protected] / There is a 14.375% Buyer’s Premium (including GST) on the hammer price Bidding Number Full Name

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Conditions of Sale 1. The highest bidder to be the purchaser subject to the Auctioneers having the right to refuse the bid of any person. Should any dispute arise as to the biddings, the lot in dispute to be immediately put up for sale again at the preceding bidding, or the Auctioneer may declare the purchaser which will be conclusive. 2. No person shall advance less at a bid than a sum nominated by the Auctioneer and no bid shall be retracted. 3. All lots are sold subject to the right of the seller or his agent to bid or else to impose a guide or reserve price. 4. The purchaser to fill in bidding form before the sale giving details of name, address, bank etc, and to sign such form declaring knowledge of buyers obligations. Immediately after the sale, the purchaser to pay down 10% of the purchase price in part payment and shall pay the balance within five days of the date of sale. All lots to be paid for in full and removed from Cordy’s premises same week of sale. 5. The purchaser shall pay to John Cordy Limited (Cordy’s) a premium of 12.50% of the hammer price together with GST on such premium at the current rate. 6. All lots are sold as shown and with all faults, imperfections (visible or not) and errors of description. Neither Cordy’s or its vendor are responsible for errors of description or for the genuineness or authenticity of any lot or for any fault or defect in it and make no warranty whatever. Buyers proceed upon their own judgement. 7. Cordy’s act as agents and have full discretion to conduct all aspects of the sale and to refuse any bidding or to withdraw any lot or lots from sale without in either case giving any reason. 8. All lots are at the buyers risk from the fall of the hammer and are to be taken away at the buyers expense immediately after the sale. Cordy’s will not be responsible if any lot is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed after the sale. If the lots are not cleared and paid for the same week of the sale they may then be sold immediately either publicly or by private treaty, without notice being given to the defaulter.


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Upon failure of the purchaser to comply with any of the above conditions, the money deposited in part payment shall be forfeited and the defaulter shall make good any loss arising from the re‑sale together with the charges and expenses in respect of both sales. No goods are to be removed while selling is in progress. Receipted invoices must be produced prior to delivery of any lot. The Auctioneers reserve the right to request identification in the case of any purchaser not known to the Auctioneer who pays by cheque and can insist on cash or a bank cheque. Charging to credit cards or payment by overseas cheques will not be accepted as means of payment. No person purchasing an item which falls within the provisions of the Antiquities Act 1975 or the Arms Act 1958 shall be entitled to take possession of the item unless and until such person has produced to Cordy’s a licence under the appropriate Act. All lots to be paid for in full and removed from the premises the same week of the sale. The buyer shall be responsible for any removal or storage charges on any lot not taken away the same week of the sale. If for any reason storage is not available at Cordy’s premises arrangements will be made to transport and store uncollected goods elsewhere solely at the buyers expense. Cordy’s will not be liable to the Purchaser for them in any respect. The Auctioneer cannot be held responsible for any injury or damage to persons or property through attempts to fire firearms which are sold as collectors items only. All electrical goods are sold on the basis of their decorative value only and should be assumed not to be operative. It is essential that prior to any intended use, the electrical system is checked and approved by a qualified electrician.

Important Notice

All lots sold ‘as is’ in accordance with Paragraph 6 of the Conditions of Sale. Intending buyers should always satisfy themselves as to the condition and description of any lot and their attention is drawn to Paragraph 6.

Postal Bids Instructions to bid at sales are accepted by Cordy’s and are carried out free of charge. Lots will always be bought as favourably as allowed by other such bids, bidding in the saleroom and any reserve.

VENDORS are requested to read and are bound by the Conditions of Sale printed on the reverse side of Cordy’s Contract to Sell. PRESALE ESTIMATES are intended as a guide only. Cordy’s staff are available during viewing times to assist prospective buyers with estimates and auction room procedures.

Charges and Commissions 1. All lots sold with hammer price between $1.00 to $99.00 will be charged at 17% commission. 2. All lots sold with hammer price $100.00 and over will be charged at 12% commission. 3. Vendors will be charged insurance at the rate of 1% against each lot. GST at the current rate will be charged against expenses. A buyers premium of 12.50% will be charged and GST at the current rate will be charged on the premium. All lots sold are to be paid in full and removed from Cordy’s premises the same week of sale.

General Information INSPECTIONS are made and advice given concerning the sale of Antiques and Works of Art free of charge at Cordy’s in Auckland, and for a reasonable fee elsewhere. VALUATIONS for insurance, probate or family division are undertaken on either a quotation basis or a small percentage plus travelling expenses.

IF BUYING FOR EXPORT, please enquire as to GST status of vendors. INSTRUCTIONS to bid at sales are accepted by Cordy’s and carried out free of charge. Lots will always be bought as cheaply as is allowed by the bidding in the saleroom and any reserves imposed.


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