Annual Report Cassie Ward Treasurer Susan Meyer Chair Human Resources Lorinda Collings FINANCE AND HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENTS “Thank you for tr...
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Annual Report

Cassie Ward Treasurer

Susan Meyer

Chair Human Resources

Lorinda Collings


“Thank you for trusting us to be responsible

Director stewards of your donations and our employees.” HR/Finance Departments


Top photo: Colleen Lecy, Principal at St. Elizabeth Seton School (back row – second from right), along with adult volunteers and students, dropped off full Thanksgiving meals again this year.

WE’RE HERE TO SERVE YOU! Bottom photo: Keiz Schultz, Principal at St. Thomas More Middle School (back row-second from right), is also pictured along with her volunteers and students with the meals they donated to CSS.

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(Pictured from left) Tina Dockter-Insurance/ Data Base Admin., Lorinda Collings-HR & Finance Director and Melinda Sass-Secretary/ Receptionist. Collings supervises the Front Office.

529 Kansas City Street, Suite 100 • Rapid City, SD 57701 • 605-348-6086


Annual Report



OFFICERS Term Expires 6/30/2015 President – Stephanie Hurd Vice President – Susan Meyer Secretary – Pam Fritz Treasurer – Cassie Ward Executive Director – Jim Kinyon DIRECTORS Susan Meyer Terms Expire 6/30/2015 Cory Fisher President Pam Fritz Stephanie Hurd Brenda Wills

Susan Raposa Vice President

Cassie Ward Treasurer

Lisa Wesolick Secretary

STAFF Executive Staff: Jim Kinyon – Executive Director Department Heads: Vacancy, Director: Lakota Circles of Hope Program Lorinda Collings, Director: Human Resources/Finance Dept. Cathy Larsen, Director: Counseling Dept. John Schmit, Director: Communications/Development Dept. Natalie Lecy, Director: Family Services Dept. Counseling and Prevention Staff: Lena Abourezk Darlene Nichols-Ecoffey Gwen Holmes Tracy Palecek Lisa Spielmann Tecie Turner Fran VanBockel Caitlin Wankowski Evelyn Wilder Support Staff: Tina Dockter - Insurance Administrator Melinda Sass - Secretary/Receptionist

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Dcn Marlon Lencaugh New Director

Matt Stone New Director

Program Committee Liaison Executive Director Lakota Circles of Hope

“By using the cultural values of the Lakota people, we are able to change lives and prevent unhealthy lifestyles.”

Sherri Raforth New Director


Annual Banquet Photos by West River Catholic

Permanent Board Seat: The Most Reverend Robert Gruss

Brenda Wills New Director

Jim Kinyon


Terms Expire 6/30/2016 Cassie Ward Susan Meyer Jon Kellar Rick Soulek Terms Expire 6/30/2017 Lisa Kendrick Wesolick David DiMaria Susan Raposa Dr. Steve Massopust

Jon Kellar

THE MOST REVEREND BLASE CUPICH RECEIVED FOUNDER’S AWARD SD KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS RECEIVED 2014 “FOUNDER’S AWARD” Program participants (top back row from left): Jim Kinyon, CSS Executive Director; Paul Lambert, SD Knights; Lorinda Collings, Honoree; Tim Thomas, Honoree; Leon Lunders, Honoree; (bottom row); Stephanie Hurd, CSS President; Dr. Logan Ludwig, Deputy Supreme Knight and Keynote Speaker; Bishop Robert Gruss; and John Limoges, SD State Deputy. (Pictured left) Dr. Logan Ludwig, Stephanie Hurd, John Limoges and Jim Kinyon.

529 Kansas City Street, Suite 100 • Rapid City, SD 57701 • 605-348-6086

Reservation Elementary School students are pictured participating in the Lakota Circles of Hope program this past year.

(Pictured from left): Alteen Zephier, Diane Merrick, Gwen Holmes-LCH Program Coordinator, and The Most Reverend Robert Gruss-Bishop of Rapid City.

The Lakota Circles of Hope Program recently brought together members from the Elementary Schools, where we have been providing services, to form a Curriculum Development Committee to start working on a Middle School (6th through 8th Grade) Curriculum Plan. The Committee has met twice and we now realize it will be a lot of work, time, and money for everyone involved to be able to come together on this expansion of our program. However, we

are confident we will be able to get some curriculum lessons written very soon. This will be an extension of our present 2nd through 5th grade curriculum. One of the reasons we decided to develop a Middle School Curriculum is because all of the elementary schools we are servicing strongly felt that the Lakota Circles of Hope Program should continue on into upper grades with the teaching of Lakota Culture, Values, and high risk behavior prevention.

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Annual Report

Annual Report Our Mission


Colleen Lecy

To share in Christ’s ministry of offering hope, promoting individual human dignity and strengthening families and communities by providing professional social services to people of all faiths in western South Dakota.

“We explain your options in a caring environment and provide free counseling services during and after the birth of your child.”

Natalie Lecy

Stephanie Hurd President 2014-2015

Program Committee Liaison Director Family Services Department Family Services Department



Jim Kinyon Executive Director


(Pictured back row from left) Stephanie Hurd, CSS President, Doris Bride, and Lisa Kendrick Wesolick. (Pictured front row from left) Brenda Wills, Debbie Johnson, Susan Raposa and Andrea Sabow. Not pictured Connie Forstner. Stephanie Hurd thanked Andrea Sabow for her leadership as the Chair of the Committee the past two years and introduced Brenda Wills as the new Chair effective July 1, 2014. The Committee is responsibility for all of CSS Development and Communications Programs.


(Photos from April’s Uplifting Parents Coalition meeting) One of the Uplifting Parents Program Graduates presented a Star Quilt to a Coalition member, Joy Rehfeld from the Department of Labor, as a token of thanks for her dedication to her clients. Joy retired from many years of service to those in need. Natalie Lecy is the Program Director at CSS.

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Catholic Social Services has been working towards Hague Accreditation for International Adoptions over the past 8 months. On May 3-5, a Council Accreditation Evaluation Team reviewed our policies and procedures, as well as the CSS infrastructure to ensure the integrity of the work conducted in relation to international adoptions. Pictured (front row from left): Shaila Rao from California and Helene Cohen from Florida. (back row from left) Lisa Spielmann, Jim Kinyon and Natalie Lecy, all CSS staffers.

529 Kansas City Street, Suite 100 • Rapid City, SD 57701 • 605-348-6086

(Pictured above, from left) David DiMaria, Stephen Wesolick, Jim Kinyon-CSS Executive Director and Don Ward were team members for the First Annual Bishops’ Golf Classic held on September 18, 2014, at Arrowhead Country Club.


The Board of Directors and Department Heads held a day-long Planning Retreat in February. Some of the new 5-Year Goals included: Suicide Prevention, access to Child Care, use of Para Professionals to supplement staff, a review of services offered and communities served, expanding LCH into middle schools, employment of a grant writer, expansion of marketing efforts, Estate Gift marketing and the utilization of new technology to improve the delivery of services.

Stephanie Hurd, CSS President, led the retreat discussion and prioritization of goals identified. The Retreat began with Mass celebrated by Bishop Robert Gruss and ended with a Reception for participants and their spouses. The final 5-Year Goals, Fiscal 2016 Business Plan, Budget and Leadership assignments was approved by the Board at their June 4th meeting.

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Annual Report



“Our professional therapists have a holistic approach to counseling, considering emotions, mind, body and spirit.”

Curt Bomesberger

Program Committee Liaison Counseling Department

Sheila Lien

Cathy Larsen

Program Committee Liaison Workshops/Seminars

Director Counseling Department


Jim Kinyon

MS, LPC-MH, LMFT, QMHP Executive Director

Tracy Palecek

MS, NCC Outpatient Therapist

Cathy Larsen

MS, LPC-MH, QMHP, ACT Clinical Supervisor

Fran VanBockel

RN, MS, LPC-MH Outpatient Therapist

Evelyn Wilder

MS, LPC, QMHP, LAC Outpatient Therapist

Tecie Turner

MSW, CSW, QMHP, ACT Outpatient Therapist

Lena Abourezk

MS, LPC-MH, QMHP, NCC, CAC Outpatient Therapist

Darlene Nichols-Ecoffey

DEPARTMENT OFFERS: • Access to Recovery – ATR • Addition Recovery • Common Sense Parenting • Disaster Counseling • Educational Workshops • Family Counseling • Marriage Counseling • Marriage Matters Clinics • Mental Health Counseling • PTST • School & Church Presentations • Service Club Presentations • SMILE • Strengthening Families • Suicide Prevention Clinics • Youth Prevention Programs • Other Specialized Counseling

Jim Kinyon

Executive Director

“CSS provides information and services to people of all faiths in western South Dakota.”


Jim Kinyon, executive director of Catholic Social Services, spoke on suicide prevention January 7, at Generations of Faith, Cathedral of Our Lady of Perpetual Help.


MS, NCC Outpatient Therapist

Pictured from left: Natalie Lecy, CSS Family Services Dept. holding Harper and Tecie Turner, CSS Outpatient Therapist. Also working the booth was Cathy Larsen, CSS Counseling Supervisor, Lena Abourezk, CSS Outpatient Therapist, John Schmit, CSS Development Director and his spouse Lil.

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529 Kansas City Street, Suite 100 • Rapid City, SD 57701 • 605-348-6086

Rapid City Mayor Sam Kooiker and John Schmit, CSS Development Director, visit during the Veterans “Stand Down Day” held at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center. Several local Social Service Agencies and Veterans Organizations provided information, clothing, haircuts, and free meals for area veterans.



CSS also participated in the following events with our display booth: Diocese’s Social Justice Commission Retreat at Terra Sancta, Veteran’s Stand Down Day at the Civic Center, B.H. Parent’s University at General Beadle School, and the Rural America Initiative at the Mother Butler Center.


Jim Kinyon, CSS Executive Director welcomed Deanery 1 Pastors and parish employees to the first of a number of planned luncheons with all Diocese Deaneries designed to share concerns and program information among all participants.

CSS also sponsored Common Sense Parenting Classes, SMILE Classes, Strengthening Families Programs, Addiction Recovery Clinics, Suicide Prevention Program, Mental Health Day, Marriage Matters and numerous other Seminars and Expos this past year. We also addressed several Services Clubs, Schools, Churches and other organizations this past year. Page 9

To Our Gracious Benefactors...We Thank You Very Much Justin Perkins Teresa Kay Peterson Patricia Petit Lethi Pham Todd and Barbara Phillipe Williams Phillips Benjamin & Rosalie Pimental Anthony & Charlotte Pistulka Jon & Mary Pochop Donna Pola Donald and Mary Policky Kathryn & Leroy Pomerenke Carol Pond Wallace and Mary Pond Marietta Pope Lloyd Potter Patrick Powers Rev. Kerry Prendiville Susan Pribil Debra Prouty Brennan Pruss Jan & Margaret Puszynski Eric Putnam Robert and Doreen Quinn Ron and Jenny Quinn Michael & Mary Rafferty John & Sherri Raforth City of Sturgis Rally Charities F Richard & Susan Raposa Marian Rasmussen Elizabeth Rau Chuck & Theresa Rausch Pete and Sabrina Rausch Liz Ravellette Charles & Gwen Ray Jo Ann Ray Drs. Louis & Julie Raymond Bruce & Cheryl Reagan, Jr Red Cloud Indian School Mike Reeve Victor & Kay Reid David & Susan Reinhardt V. Reston Paul Rezich,DDS,PC Howard & Mary Rice Ken Rich William & Karen Richards Patricia Rick Joe Rickert Janece Rieman Curtis & Shirley Rising Mary Helen Riss Billy & Patricia Ritter Frances & Dennis Ritter Nick & Ana Robbins Charles & Janina Roberts Chester & Mary Lou Roberts David and Elizabeth Rodarte Destiny Rodriguez Wayne & Pat Roe Thomas and Randi Roerick Kevin and Linda Rohrbach Ronald & Mildred Roland Ellen Rook Dorothy Roseland Margaret Rossknecht Lois Rossum Steven and Rita Rumbaugh Alan & Marie Rundell Viola Ryan Dr. John & Andrea Sabow Francis Sack Burke Sacred Heart Philip Sacred Heart Pine Ridge Sacred Heart Sacred Heart Church Karon Sahaack Lillian Sailer Patrick & Molly Salcone Claude Saldanha Tim Salmen Maxine Sammeli Gina Samuelson Douglas and Carolyn Sanders Floyd & Mildred Sanders John Sanders

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Rapid Valley Sanitary District Robert & Thelma Sanito Deacon Gregory & Nancy Sass Robert and Melinda Sass Georgia Satter Walter & Romona Saubers Thorval & Mary Sautter Darrell & Karla Sawyer Patricia Schabauer Greg and Karen Schaefer James & Shannon Schaefers Floyd & Betty Schafer Dr. Greg Scherr Gary Schindler Gale & Kelley Schipke Wayne and Susan Schipman Mark & Maureen Schlichte John and Joyce Schlim Rick Schlimgen Jessica & Matt Schmahl Marilyn & Chris Schmid John Schmidt Theodore & Harriet Schmidt John and Lil Schmit Ken & Lee Schmitz Paul & Carol Schneider William & Jeanne Schneider Thomas and Bobbie Schneller Lee and Donna Schoenbeck Willard & Josephine Schoenfelder Elmeer and Sharon Schortzmann David & Merrilyn Schroeder Klare & Katie Schroeder Mark & Robin Schroeder Robert & Kara Schroeder Joseph & Inez Schubauer William & Twila Schuler Dorothy Schulte Arnold & Jenny Schumacher Ginger Schutz Paul & Donna Schwartz Annette Schweiss Greg & Melissa Schweiss Kurt Schweiss Gene & Mary Scott Mary C. Scott Sandra Scott Irene Scoular Blair and Nathan Sedlacek Paul & Susan Sedlacek James & Beverly Seiler Jean Selzler Marcia Senn Joel & Cathy Severin Stephen and Helen Sewell, II Gary and Vivian Sexton Hani Shafai Edward & Jennifer Shama Lorraine Shay james Shea Mary Jo Shelquist Eric Sherr Paula Shull Donal & Catherine Sieger Robert & Mattie Sieler Mary Sigler James & Harriet Silbernagel Jennifer and Cassie Silbernagel Patricia Silbernagel Arthur & Georgeann Silvernail Dean & Norma Sime Norma Sime Matthew & Lynn Simmons Patrick Simmons Margaret Simonson Evan and Sharon Sims Jon and Jane Skaar Don & Florence Skinner David Skorupa Randolph and Janis Skott Robert and Mary Ann Slanina Terrence & Lori Slattery Geofrey and Jacalyn Slingsby Kay and Clyde Smallwood Jim & Jean Smeenk Barry and Mary Smith

Cecilia Smith David & Randi Smith Douglas & Deborah Smith Leroy Smith Lynn and Gloria Smith Mark & Gladys Smith Mary Ann Smith Ron and Marlie Smith Stewart Snyder Barbara Sobotik Debra Soderlin Robert & Linda Soderlin Lloyd and Janet Sohl Alan & Carol Solano Del & Mary Solano Michael and Michele Solano Donald & Frances Solinsky Eileen Solon Dr Paula Sorenson Richard & Lynn Soulek Nathaniel Spencer Randy & Lisa Spielmann Brian & Teresa Spiess William & Bonita Spratte St. Ambrose Hot Springs St. Anthony Buffalo St. Anthony’s McLaughlin St. Bernard EAFB St. Christopher’s Sturgis St. Francis Wanblee St. Ignatius Rapid City St. Isaac Jogues Colome St. Isidore’s Edgemont St. James Custer St. John the Baptist Ft. Pierre St. John’s New Underwood St. John’s Faith St. Joseph’s Gregory St. Joseph’s Spearfish St. Joseph’s Lakeside St. Margaret St. Martin Monastery Lemmon St. Mary’s Milesville St. Mary’s Newell St. Mary’s Kennebec St. Michael’s Hermosa St. Michael’s-Hermosa Lead St. Patrick’s Belle Fourche St. Paul’s Hill City St. Rose of Lima Rapid City St. Therese Mission St. Thomas Midland St. William’s Michael & Sara Stadler Lee Stainbrook Roy & Tammy Stanford James & Linda Stangle Kristine Stapelberg Steven & Pauline Staufacker Mike Stec Harold and Deb Steele John & Cindy Steele David and Pamela Stenehjem Mark & Linda Stepanek Jim & Roxanne Stephens Garrett and Anne Stevens Janet and John Stewart Jan & Jacinta Stilwell Merle Stilwell Thomas & Pauline Stoffel Harold & Laverne Stone Matthew & Kathleen Stone Michell and Paige Stone Joey & Sarah Strain Ronald & Rita Strand Michael & Lori Strong Cal & Karen Stukel Donald & Joyce Stukel Tim & Jenny Sullivan Gene Swanz Nancy Swedlund David and Jan Swift Denalda Taggart Patrick and Rita Taggart Sylvia Taitano Dean Tardiff

Stacy Tate Allan & Sandra Taylor James Tays Ray and Jean Tehle Amanda Ten Eyck Marjorie & George Tennyson Natalie Termes Dr. Hubert Theissen Loran & Cindy Thom Mary Thomas Richard & Jean Thomas Timothy & Linda Thomas Andrew & Colleen Thompson Cynthia Thompson Dick & Judy Thompson Dorothy Thompson John and Eva Thompson Ray & Amy Thompson Robert & Susan Thompson Karen Thorp Russ & Christine Tiensvold Douglas Timmer Ronald and Barbara Timperly Dorothy Tinnell Mary Tognotti Virginia Tolstedt Ronald Tomac Francis & Kathy Toscana Jill Trainer Bryant and Marlene Traxinger Kim and Julia Trevillyan Kathryn Tribby Tona Tribby Jon and Holly Trimble Ann Trucano Florence Trucano Michael & Mary Trykoski Deann Tschetter Mary and Kathy Tsioulcas Deacon Fred & Mary Ann Tully Randy & Linda Turbak Amy Tweed Karen Twohy Charles & Janet Uhl Abraham & Patricia Usera Dr. John Usera Rita Valades Salvador & Darlene Valades Veronica Valandra Dr. Ken & Kathy Van Asma Fr. Ed Vanory Mark & Barbara Vargo Robert & Laura Varilek Larry & Carol Vavruska Nobel & Marguerite Veal Mark & Karen Vedder Gerald Veldhuizen Steve & Beth Venteicher Joe & Rosemary Verbanac Jean Verch Cornelis & Charlotte Verhey James Verschoor John Vetsch Michael Vickers Our Lady of Victory Karen Vidal Tim Vig Terrance & Judith Vik Viken Law Firm Romeo & Elena Vivit John & Patricia Vlcek Dennis & Starla Volk Delores Volmer Sandra Wade Glenn Wagner Jack & Shirley Wagner Ray Wagner Richard Waits TImothy & Mia Wald Mary Lee & Henry Waldman John Waldron Pat and Cheryl Walsh William Walsh Cheryl Walther R.M. Waltman Gene & Donna Walton

Carl and Caitlin Wankowski Don & Cassie Ward Lori Ward Mary Warns Shannon Watson John and Cindy Way Billy & Sally Weaver James & Kathy Weaver Robert & Pamela Weaver Tonchi Weaver Mark & Carolee Weber Patricia Weber Edward & JoAnn Wegner Dr. Larry & Janine Wehrkamp Chris & Melodie Wehrle Tonya Weisbeck John & Alberta Welch George and Gloria Welk Wells Fargo Bank Wells Fargo Foundation Irene Welsh Rese Wendell Mary Wendt Diane Wermers Justin Wermers Nick Werner Stephen & Lisa Wesolick Peg Westrich Olivia Weter Loretta Weyer Elaine Whalen Arlene & Fred White Robert and Susan White Kurt & Suzie Whitesell Michael & Brenda Whiting Jim Whitney Tim & Kim Whitney William & Beverly Whitney DJ & Jeanne Wieseler Leon & Carolyn Wikle Evelyn Wilder Bette Wilkinson Frances Williams Geno Williams Jennifer Williams Terrance & Judith Williams Larry & Joyce Williamson Brenda Wills Daniel & Joan Wilson Wade & Carrie Wilson Walter and Judith Wilson Angela Windchester Bill Winegar Jon & Gail Wingert Dean Wink Earl & Bertha Witte Elizabeth Wooledge Kevin & Mary Woster-Garrigan Vesper Ann Wright Rev. Andrzej Wyrostek Helen Yantes Robert & Barbara Ann Yirka Eugene and Susanna Zach Joseph & Angeline Zacher Marcia Zacher Anna Zapp Doug & Julie Zastrow Leona Zastrow James & Darlys Zeller Thomas & Sharon Zeller Judy Zetah Danny Ziegler Robert & Harriette Zimmer Steven & Sheri Zimmer Jadwiga Ziolkowski Zonta Club of the BH

To Our Gracious Benefactors...We Thank You Very Much


Chair Communication/ Development Department

John Schmit

Director Communication/ Development Department


“Thank you for your continued generosity as evidenced by your gifts supporting CSS.” (see pages 6,7,8 for list of donors July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015)


Pictured from left: Jim Kinyon-CSS Executive Director, Stephanie East, Lisa Wesolick and Stephen Wesolick- all with the Wesolick Law Firm. About 30 participated in the first in a series of Estate Planning and Planned Giving Seminars on October 7th at the Journey Museum. The Seminar was sponsored by Catholic Social Services and featured Stephen Wesolick as the facilitator. Stephen is a specialist in Estate Planning and Planned Giving. Additional Seminars are planned for every few months.


Pictured at the Reception for the Palm Sunday Brunch at Bishop Robert Gruss’ home are: (from left) Jim Kinyon, CSS Executive Director; Stephanie Hurd, CSS President; Msgr. James P. Shea, President of the University of Mary and our Keynote Speaker; and Bishop Gruss. Stephanie presented a gift from Prairie Edge Trading Company & Art Gallery to Msgr. Shea at this Sponsors Reception.


Every effort has been made to ensure the correct listing of our donors, however, if you find an error or omission in the listing of yourname, please call:

(605) 348-6086

with the correction.

529 Kansas City Street, Suite 100 • Rapid City, SD 57701 • 605-348-6086

(Pictured from left): Jim Kinyon, CSS Executive Director; Lorinda Collings, Honoree; Tim Thomas, Honoree; Leon Lunders, Honoree; and Stephanie Hurd, CSS President.

Members of the St. Thomas More Jazz Band entertained the 850 guests at the Palm Sunday Brunch in the Ballroom at the Ramkota Hotel.

(Above) The topic of Msgr. Shea’s keynote address was the “Living the Joy of the Gospel.” Msgr. Shea is the President of the University of Mary located in Bismarck. The University currently has about 3200 students.

Members of the CSS Communications and Development Committee were responsible for all the arrangements for both the Reception and the Brunch. Pictured at the Reception (from left) are: Lisa Wesolick, Lil Schmit, Doris Bride, Susan Raposa and Lisa Kinyon. (Not pictured): Andrea Sabow, Debbie Johnson, Brenda Wills and Connie Forstner.

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To Our Gracious Benefactors...We Thank You Very Much Noreen Aadson Robert & Melissa Aberle Samuel & Jane Abernathy Dolores Ackerman Tom & Monica Ackerman Chris & Vivian Acuna Jean Adams Tom and Pam Adams Stanford Adelstein Advanced Electrical Zeri & Marta Afa Rodd & Julie Ahrenstorff David Akrop Michael & Kimberly Albertson Robert & Debborah Aldrich Bob Aljoe All Saints-Eagle Butte David & Gloria Allardyce Jonathan and Chloe Allen David and Kristi Alley Maurice & Madonna Alley Mike and Deborah Alley William Amborn Ronald & Dorothy Amick Dale & Betty Amsbaugh Clarence Anderson David & Judy Anderson Diane Anderson Evelyn Anderson James & Emilyne Anderson Lee and Rose Anderson Margaret Anderson Richard and Rayola Anderson Rodney and Megan Anderson David & Diane Ange Joe Anglin Steohanie Anise Monte and Rita Anker Dean & Mary Antonsen Gerald & Martyann Apa Daniel & Linda Arnio Paul & Mary Arthur Jeanie Ashley Carol Langenfeld Athow Robert & Elizabeth Audette JB and Linda Aultmann, Jr. Granite Automotive Gaylord & Mary Avery Brett Bachand Wilbur and Jeanne Bachand Evelyn & Gabriel Bachmeier John & Marie Bachmeier Robert & Lori Bachmeier Luke & Joan Bachmeir Marion Back Ruth Baer Gary & Nancy Baker Helen Bakken Linda Baldwin Catherine Ballard Katie Banaszak Bangs McCullen Law Firm Bank West Stanley & Helen Barber Dale & Theresa Barck Leslie Barker Michael & Nancy Barnes Mary Louise Barrett Michael and Tina Barrie Clarence & Judy Bauer Wayne and Jennifer Baumberger Iona Baumeister Terry & Lynn Bauter William Becker Pascal Bedard Larry & Cindy Begley Michael and Karen Bekaert Robert Belchic Susan Bell Elizabeth Bement-Stump Mitchell & Michele Benda Benedictine Convent-St. Martin Thomas Beno Anthony & Vickie Berendse Fred & Linda Berendse Ken Berens

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Mary M. Berens David & Bridget Berkley Gregory & Julie Bernard Lyle and Judith Berry Lyle & Brenda Bertrand Alton & Barbara Bertschinger Jeff and Angie Berzinia William & Sandra Beshara RS & Leona Best Roch and Rita Bestgen BH Area Community Foundation BH Community Bank BH Corporation BH Power Ray and Susan Bickner Bart and Marlene Biegler Bernard and Nichole Biegler Rev. Steven Biegler Kevin & Jody Bielmaier Clifford Bienert Ron & Dorene Bierwagen Robert Binek Mark Binetti Michael and Linda Birgenheir Rod Bisgaard Michael Black James & Sherry Blackwell Marion Blais Blessed Sacrament-Rapid City James & Maggie Bloom Dr. Jeff & Kathy Bloom Jerry and Barbara Bloom Larae Blote Michael & Laura Blote Leslie Bobb Willie Boeding Bob and Cathy Boehler Darwin Boehler Ronald & Judy Boesch Arlene Boetker Laurene Bogue Bernice Boland Cynthia Boland Barb Bollinger Robin Bommersbach Tom & Joanne Bommersbach Perry & Mary Borella Donald & Dorothy Borowski Charles & Holly Bossen Charles and Gloria Bowar Gary Bowar Lorene Bowling Robert Boylan Lucile Bradley Mitchell and Justine Bradley Nancy Bradsky Douglas and Rene Brand Roy and Marilyn Braumbaugh Becky Braun Dennis & Lynnette Braun Sherry Braun Randall & Shannon Bren Michael Brennan Donna Brenneise Luke Brickey Andrew Brockamp Anna Bronemann Darral and Marilyn Brooks Bill & Teri Brown Larry & Valarie Brown Pat Bruce William & Pauline Bruce Kent & Peggy Brugger Thad & Tricia Bruhn Roy & Marilyn Brumbaugh Don and Patty Brunner Howard & Sharon Brunner Gary & Sue Bubbers Steve & Sandy Buchholz Patrick & Lucy Burchill John & Julie Burckhard Victor & Dorothy Burckhard John & Amy Burke Mary Burns Ryan and Jenny Bush Joyce Bussmus

Keith Byer Bruce & Becky Byrum Eileen Cadarr Lanny Callen Rudolfo & Harriette Carbajal Eugene & Lois Carda Randy and Cathy Cariveau Greg Carlin Harold Carlin Robert Case Craig & Brenda Cassen Theresa Casteel Cathedral OLPH Catholic Charities USA St. Rita #916 Catholic Daughters Rapid City Catholic School System Delores Catron Caylers Bob & Beth Chalberg Arlene Chamberlain Mitchell & Deatta Chapel Presho Christ the King Annabel Christensen Romelia Christian Ronald & Paula Clark Diane Clarke Dawn and Troy Claymore M. Clement Steve and Pamela Clements Kathryn Cleveland Grant & Mary Coffin Ramon & Renee Coldwell, II Hillary Cole Earnestine Colgan Bradley & Marsha Colling Tom & Lorinda Collings Mary Collins William & Florence Collins Michael & Juanita Conley Gerald & Delores Conway Sarah Conway Karen Cook Betty Cooper Greg and Tayna Cooper William and Heidie Cotey Leo Coughlin Sondra Courtney Rev. Craig Cower Rod and Janna Cowling Sharon Coyle Michael Craven Paul and Terrie Crawford Timothy & Aileen Crawford Kathy Creagar Joe & Patty Creek Mary Curry Michael & Wilma Curtin Marvin and Sharon Czerwonka James & Jeannette Czywczynski Craig & Renee Dahlke Dianne Dailey Dakota Charitable Fund Karla Dalzell Chris and Melissa Daniel Kimberly Darata Forrest and Karen Darby Terry & Caroline Dauwen Paul & Kay Davidson Ivan & Darlene Davingnon Jacob Davis Patsy Davis John & Hollis Davisson Mike and Mary Day Dorothy Debell Ricky and Maria Deer Rose Mary Deiss Craig & Keri DeJager Patrick & Stella DeLeon Beth Delvaux Aaron & Cathleen Denekamp Kathryn Dennis Joyce Depaolo Charlie & Eileen Desmond Michael and Connie Diedrich Sandy Diegel Margaret Digmann

David & Christina DiMaria Diocese of Rapid City Mark DiSanto William & Phyllis Dixon Joe & Jolene Dobbs Dorothy Doerner Joseph Dona Jeffry and Natasha Doolittle Benjamin Doughty Vivian Dowdle Gary Dowling Patrick & Denise Dowling Jim & Jane Doyle Loren & Donna Doyle Betty Drab Earl & Mary Drey Laurie Driscoll Jerald and Patricia Driver Ron and Jean Drummond Diane Dubray Dan & Karrie Duffy Steve & Helene Duhamel William & Judy Duhamel Joe & Lynne Duling Helen Duncan Miriam Dunmire Lavae Dunn Edna Durkin Thomas & Cathy Durkin Ruth Durst Bill & Joyce Dustman Eric and Dionne Eastmo Leonard Eberle Darlene Ecoffey Steven and Helene Eddy Kenneth and Carol Edmondson Darell & Shirley Eich Beth & Burke Eilers Pamela Ekberg Richard Elkins David & Cindi Elkjer Cole Elshere Andy and Donella Elshire Joann Emerson Keith & Lucille Emerson David & Deanna Emery Joseph and Ida Engelhardt Daniel & Sherri Engesser Roberta Engesser Rod & Gogie Enstad Gary & Barbara Erickson Marcella Erickson March Anne Erickson Paul & Elizabeth Erk Brian & Gretchen Errea Dennis & Margaret Erz Michael & Mary Erz Connie Evers James Everton Robert and Ann Evridge Kelsie Fahy Sid Fairbanks Mary Ann Fakler Larry & Patty Fanter Mark & Marcia Farrand Jane Farrell Martin & Mary Farrell RAndy and Carol Feist N.D. & Sandra Feller Robert & Janet Feller Audrey Feteral Sara Fiedler Wilma Fielder Lynn & Sandy Fields Camilla Fineran Dwain & Elinor Finkenbiner Shad & Jenna Finn First Interstate Bank Craig and Patricia Fischer Dennis & Nettie Fischer William Fischer Jodi Fleming Colleen Flynn Bridgette Fode Kevin & Lynette Foerster Dana and Kristi Foreman

Gregory & Connie Forstner Chris and Jeri Fosheim Catholic Foundation-Western SD Henry and Molly Frawley Liz Fredrickson Ken & Pam Freeman Lloyd and Marianne Frein Timothy & Patricia French Dennis & Gwen Fritz Tom & Pam Fritz Jerome and Arlyce Fuhrmann Shellie Furchner Edward & Mary Furois Thomas & Daun Gagliano Larry & Lynn Galbraith Tony Galles Ernesto & Nancy Garcia Jesus Garcia Rev Ronald Garry Deborah Gates Johnathan & Rhonda Gehlsen David and Beverly Gehman Dale & Karen Geiman John Geiser Lynn & Mary Geitz Raymond & Janice Gellerman Joseph and Therese George Margaret Gerbracht David and Jeanine Gerlach Joseph Giacometto Mark Gibbens Theresa Gibbons Scott and Mary Gibson Dana & JoAnna Giesey Kayla Giesey Gene & Elaine Gillen Ramon & Linda Gimborys Niesha Ginn Pay Pay Giving Fund Deacon George Gladfelter Julie Gladfelter Larry and Mary Goble Michael Goetzinger Patrick & Erin Goetzinger John & Tonya Gomez Constantino & Mary Gonzalez James & Laurie Good Sjohn & Kate Gordon Richard & Nancy Gowen William & Patricia Gradoville Gary Grajczyk Granite Automotive Robert Grant David & Julie Gray Rodney & Teresa Gray Leo & Kathryn Grebner Carol Greene Douglas & Marilyn Grell Tony & Michele Griffith Richard Grim William & Jean Grode Charles and Diane Gross Gary & Carolyn Gross Evan & Karla Grosz Christopher & Vera Grubl Iva Grubl Leo & Iva Grubl Ramon Grubl Bishop Robert Gruss Gunderson, Palmer Attorn Vincent & Susan Gunn Jim and Patti Guptill Pat & Mary Lou Guptill Virginia Guptill Shannon Gutzmer Nancy Gwaltney Gwendolyn Stearns Foundation Mary Ann Hackert John & Linda Haeder Donna Hafner Rexford and Cindy Hagg Norma Hagman Larry & Terry Hahne Bernie & Kathy Hall Laurie & Fred Hallstrom Julie Halvorson

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