Youth Services Annual Report

2009-2010 Youth Services Annual Report SERVING PARENTS & YOUNG PEOPLE IN OUR COMMUNITY SINCE 1996 Nancy J. Frank From the Director This year has ...
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Youth Services Annual Report


Nancy J. Frank

From the Director This year has been one of change for Lourdes Youth Services. The biggest change has been my coming on board as the new Director. With the passing of the “magic wand” from Betty Gifford to me, I began my new journey in March 2010. My professional background is in Clinical Social Work. In the 25+ years that I have been a professional social worker, I have had the opportunity to work with youth and their families in a variety of settings including schools, clinics and private practice. The last seven years of my professional career was spent in a more administrative role managing an inpatient and outpatient medical social work department. I have seen the needs of youth and families change throughout my professional career with ever increasing stressors impacting their well being. What I noticed from my first day at Lourdes Youth Services, is the level of professional commitment to the mission and values of service that is demonstrated by all of the Lourdes Youth Services associates to meet these needs. Commitment to quality, access, and strengthening our community’s youth and their families continue to be the foundation upon which Lourdes Youth Services is based.


During 2009-2010, Lourdes Youth Services provided services to over 16,000 youth and their families through the following programs: • The Corner for Youth and Family Services • Lourdes Center for Oral Health • Lourdes Student Assistance Program/ADEPT • Lourdes PACT/IMPACT program • Lourdes Family Support Program • Lourdes Mental Health Juvenile Justice/ Detention Alternative After School Program Although New York State experienced some of its toughest financial times on record, some of our programs actually saw growth. ■

The Corner for Youth and Family Services provided services to 522

children, adolescents and adults during this past year. Access to much needed psychiatric evaluation and treatment was provided by the hiring of a full – time psychiatrist, Dr. Michael Lavin, in April, 2010. Dr. Lavin comes to The Corner with many years of experience providing psychiatric services to persons of all ages. In July, 2010 we applied to become a New York State Office of Mental Health Children’s Mental Health Clinic and were approved for licensure in November, 2010. To accurately depict the scope of mental health services we provide, it was decided to rename The Corner, The Lourdes Center for Mental Health (LCMH). As we continue to expand this service, plans are actively underway to move our offices to a larger site which will allow even greater capacity to meet the mental health needs of children, adolescents, adults and families in our community. We anticipate that, with the exception of Oral Health and PACT, all of the Lourdes Youth Services Programs will move to this site in early 2011.

Lourdes Oral Health program provided dental services at 19 sites,

7 school districts and 6 Head Start sites. They experienced an overall increase in the number of patient visits at all sites and continue to explore opportunities to expand dental services to those children and families in need. We welcomed two new dentists, Dr. Lee and Dr. Rhee to the Oral Health team.


The Lourdes PACT program’s Healthy Families Broome and Tioga received an increase in funding for the 2010-2011 budget year from the Office of Children and Family Services. This increase was awarded based on the impressive outcomes the program was able to demonstrate during the year prior. During the past year, 340 families received services through the Lourdes PACT program which included a significant number of fathers who were involved in the program.

The Lourdes Student Assistance/ADEPT program also experienced growth during this past year. The Student Assistance/ADEPT Program operated in six schools this year and provided services to 10,756 students and families. They received additional funding from Broome County to expand substance abuse prevention counseling to Broome/Tioga BOCES as well as to provide increased community education. In addition, staff was trained in a new model for prevention counseling, Project SUCCESS, in September 2009 and began implementation of this program in 2010.

Sixty eight families participated in Lourdes Family Support Program during this last year. Programs provided include;

FAST (family and schools together), FASTWORKS (an extension of FAST) and the Teen Nurturing Parenting Program. The program strives to strengthen the parent-child relationship and assist parents in creating a network of support within their school district and/or community.

Preventing at risk youths from being placed in juvenile detention and/or residential placements continued to be the focus for the Lourdes Mental Health Juvenile Justice (MHJJ), Detention Alternatives After School (DAASP) and JADE programs. These programs were successful in preventing

over 90% of their clients from entering placement. Clients participated in programming that included Summer Wilderness Programming, group counseling, individual counseling, school based programming and strengthening families programming. We are committed to providing services to this vulnerable population and will continue to explore additional funding


sources in order to continue to provide services to this at-risk population. ■

Helping Our Parents to be Educators (HOPE) completed its funding

contract during 2009-2010. This year was devoted to data gathering and developing articles to be submitted to peer reviewed journals.

In 2009, Lourdes Youth Services joined Binghamton University and Broome Tioga BOCES in a collaborative partnership to provide evidenced based programming for students in Broome County. Safe Healthy Attitudes Require Education (SHARE) is a federally funded project in Broome County designed to support our school districts by providing services to help promote healthy students and safe schools. The mission of SHARE is to “promote the mental health of students, to enhance academic achievement, to prevent violence and substance abuse, and to create safe and respectful climates through sustainable school-family-community partnerships and the use of research-based prevention and early intervention programs, policies and procedures.” Lourdes PACT, Family Support and MHJJ programs all received funding to provide services to the students and families identified as needing a higher level of intervention. The project is funded for five years.

I am excited to be part of the Lourdes Youth Services team as we enter the second decade of the “new millennium.” Sustainability and Growth will be our focus as we continue to identify and meet the ever changing needs of our community.


Staff Listing ADMINISTRATION Nancy J. Frank, Youth Services Director Catherine Maddi Eileen Fitzgerald Ada Gentile, Fiscal Administrator Mark Antenucci Jane Russell ■

THE CORNER Barbara Newcomb, Program Manager Michael Lavin, MD, Psychiatrist Director Anna Baglini Peggy Bright-Berhannan Cheryl Carrington Mary Ann DeMoney Darlane Fisher Kay Hooper, FNP Samantha Lewis, FNP Maureen Moretin David Ruston ■


DAASP Melissa Martin, Program Manager Terrence McSorley, Supervisor Chad Ganoung Ralphalla Richardson ■

FAMILY SUPPORT Heidi Mikeska, Program Manager Cynthia Lord, Program Specialist Paula Schofield, Program Specialist Michelle Arnold Patrick Basile Calvin Brown Janice Brown Kathleen Candela Tiffany Crounse Shirley Griffith Tiffany Hampton Andre Hankey ■

Colleen Hayes Rebecca LaMack-Lupo Erin LaMont Jacqueline LaMont Patricia Martin Andrea Mathis Tom Mitchell Lizabeth Murphy Cristin Plourde Diane Varga-Fisher HOPE Cherie Wooden, Program Manager ■

JADE Melissa Martin, Program Manager Eva Denson, Supervisor ■

MHJJ Melissa Martin, Program Manager Jason Mancini Ann Marie Zumawtzak ■

ORAL HEALTH Lucy Bianco, Program Manager Dr. Timothy Bruns, Supervising Dentist Terry Duvall, Supervisor Marilyn Mazzei, Supervisor Constance Reed, Mobile Clinic Coordinator Christina Costley, Sr. Dental Assistant Chukym Alexis-Johnson, DDS Heather Bergman Florence Bidwell Holly Boerner Cassandra Bradshaw Catherine Coates Kathleen Crowley Jadilia D’Das, DMD Candace DeVigili Suzanne Herman Nerissa Horner Robin Kiser Kwi Lee, DDS Galina Malashchuk Jennifer Menhennett Lora Merrell ■

Erin Messina Jessica Nezelek William Podrazil Cathy Predham Lisa Renne Hee Rhee, DDS David A. Rogers, DDS Colleen Rolston Katharine Schaff Rosalba Spraus Erin Weaver BROOME PACT Sue Hanye, Program Manager William Perry, Supervisor Karen Riewerts, Supervisor Andre Abaya Corina Allen Jennifer Allen Aaron Bennett Dianne Brooks Kara Kolczynski Kim Bocinski-Llewellyn Shaheen Murphy Lisa Palmiter Jessica Rosenkrans Matthew Scott ■

TIOGA PACT Sue Hanye, Program Manager Kim Kappler, Supervisor Matthew Brown Maria Carroll Lori DeLucia Rachel Harendza Elizabeth Lynch Leanne Schneider ■

SAP/ADEPT Terrie Atwood, Program Manager Jill Alford-Hammitt, Supervisor TeriAnn Montoya, Supervisor Melissa Barker Mary Barta Calvin Brown Rebecca Lewis Jacqueline Steckler Tanya Tiger Melissa Vanderpool Ellen Zalesski ■


Dental Services Lucy Bianco, RDH, Program Manager Center for Oral Health • Established 2004

Provided preventive and restorative dental services to 4,781 patients

Mobile Dental Clinic • Established 2006 • Served 1,867 patients

Lourdes Center for Oral Health Program was established to provide critically needed oral health services to a vulnerable underserved population of children and their families who are unable to obtain access to needed dental services in a private dental office. Priority emphasis is upon children and expectant mothers. In addition to preventive and restorative dental services oral health education is provided to patients and community members through community outreach. Program goals include increasing oral health care access to those whose access is compromised by poverty and reducing high risk behavior through provision of oral health education. In addition to preventive and restorative dental services oral health education is provided to patients and community members. PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS: • 13,740 patient visits were provided to 4,781 patients at Lourdes Center for Oral Health. • 3,816 patient visits were provided to 1,867 patients on Lourdes Mobile Clinic at community and school based sites. This includes 6 Headstart sites and 19 sites in 7 school districts. • Provided Community Outreach and Oral Health Education to 1,106 individuals at 17 community and school events.


The Corner for Youth & Family Services Barbara Newcomb, LCSW-R, Program Manager Established 1999 • 5,753 total visits The Corner specializes in behavioral health services for children under the age of 18, this past year services were expanded to include people of all ages. This was made possible by the addition of a full time psychiatrist, Dr. Michael Lavin. Dr. Lavin comes to The Corner with many years of experience providing psychiatric services to both children and adults. This expansion of services increases access to mental health treatment for Broome and surrounding counties. New ways are being explored to better integrate mental health services with primary care. PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS: Services include on • 522 individual clients were served. site mental health • A full time psychiatrist was added to our staff. and psychiatric • Services were expanded to include treatment of people evaluations, of all ages. psychopharmacologic • In response to the increasing number of cases involving medication co-occurring disorders, staff was trained in different management, treatment modalities which could be used with people with co-occurring disorders. A co-occurring disorder individual and includes someone with a mental health diagnosis who family therapy, also has a substance abuse diagnosis, a developmental group therapy, and disability, or a significant medical problem. specialized sexual • 82 collaborative multidisciplinary meetings were held. abuse exams. The • In 2009, Nurse Practitioner Kay Hooper, APRN-BC treatment team was awarded a Golden Stethoscope award, given in consists of a recognition of her exemplary performance in clinical Psychiatrist, Nurse excellence and teamwork on behalf of the Medical Staff. Providers are nominated by their peers and co-workers Practitioners of for this award. Psychiatry and • Staff was trained in a variety of modalities to effectively Family Health, and serve clients with co-occurring disorders. Licensed Clinical Social Workers.


Family Support Program Heidi Mikeska, Program Manager Established 1997 • 43 families and 1,416 total contacts The Family Support Program offers a holistic family approach which includes 8 to 14 weeks of multifamily group sessions, case management and home to school/community partnerships. The program strives to strengthen the parent-child relationship and assist parents in creating a network of support within their school district and/or community. Middle School FAST is a ten-week evidence based program aimed at middle school students and their families. The program aims to enhance success in kids and families during the critical transition years, as youth strive for independence and start to make decisions. Middle School FAST uses a process that connects kids and parents while it builds protective factors so they can work together to make better choices, stay safe and off drugs and begin to find their direction in life. Additionally, the program places focus on empowering parents to be the primary prevention agents for their children while also enhancing their connections with each other, the school, and community agencies in order to gain support. FASTWORKS is the continuation stage of the FAST program following FAST graduation. Families gather together monthly for activities chosen by the parents. Many parents add family skills and education components to their local FASTWORKS program so they can receive continued guidance and tips as their kids grow. The goal is to empower parents to strengthen their families, to be their child’s advocate, and to become leaders in their community and school. In this process, parents build bonds with each other and the schools.


The Teen Nurturing Parenting Program (TNPP) has teenage parents coming together in a 14 week multifamily program educates teen parents on developmental milestones of growth, how to have fun with their children, nurturing parenting routines, and ways to help children build their self-esteem and self-concept. Teens also learn ways to handle peer pressure, increase personal power, and build their own positive feelings of self while making connections and bonds with other parents to create a network of support for themselves and their families.

PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS: Families and Schools Together (FAST) Program • The Family Support Program provided FAST in the Chenango Forks School District, Main Endwell Central School District, and Union Endicott Central School Districts. • Three 10 week evening programs in 3 school districts were offered with a total of 25 families and 83 family members served through 830 total contacts. • Three 10 week lunch programs in 3 school districts were offered with a total of 25 youth participating and 250 total contacts. FASTWORKS • The Family Support Program provided FASTWORKS to the Newark Valley Middle School. • 10 monthly sessions were provided throughout the course of the 20092010 school year. • Services were provided to 9 families and 40 family members with 360 total contacts. Teen Nurturing Parenting Program • The Teen Nurturing Parenting Program (TNPP) enrolled 9 families.

• The program was held at Sarah Jane Church in Johnson City. The location provided a childcare center room, a cafeteria, gym, and group rooms. • The Family Support Program provided services to 9 families and 24 family members with 326 contacts through the Teen Nurturing Parenting Program. SHARE (Safe Healthy Attitudes Require Education) The Family Support Program (FSP) along with the Mental Health Juvenile Justice (MHJJ) and PACT (Parents and Children Together) programs are collaborating partners along with Broome-Tioga BOCES and Binghamton University for the federally funded Safe School and Healthy Students Initiative. As part of the first year of a four year grant, FSP was involved and instrumental in the initial planning year. Planning included program development, school and community presentations and data collection in 53 school buildings throughout the 10 participating school districts. This planning year is in preparation for programming that will take place over the next 3-4 years of funding.


PACT Program Manager, Susan Hanye Established 1998 • Served 340 families Parents and Children Together (PACT) is a home visiting program that offers supportive and educational services to families from pregnancy until their child reaches age five. PACT home visitors and parents work together to enhance parentchild interaction; to enhance healthy childhood growth and development and to develop a strong family support system. Parent Educators and Fatherhood Advocates use the Parents as Teachers curricula and the Partners for a Healthy Baby curricula. The home visitors provide creative outreach to isolated families. PACT advocates are skilled at linking families to other services and in assisting parents to attain the goals they have for themselves and their children.

PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS: • 4,183 home visits completed. • 282 families were low income. • 81 families with teen parents were served. • 13 families were speakers of another language. • Many home visits included the child, mother, father, Parent Educator and Fatherhood Advocate. • 188 fathers participated in home visits • 100% of the children served met their developmental milestones or were referred to Early Intervention Services • The overall program satisfaction rate was 4.84 out of 5.00 • 85% (100/117) respondents indicated Strongly Agree to “PACT’s overall performance meets my expectations.” • 87% (102/117) respondents indicated Strongly Agree to “I would recommend the PACT Program to others.” • 97% (114/117) respondents indicated they would recommend PACT to others.


Mental Health Juvenile Justice Project (MHJJ) Melissa Martin, Program Manager Established 1996 • MHJJ served 139 youth Detention Alternative After School Program (DAASP)

Terry McSorley, Supervisor Established 2006 • DAASP served 21 youth and their families Juvenile Arrest Diversion Endeavor (JADE)

Eva Denson, Program Coordinator Established 2007 • JADE served 8 youth and their families

MHJJ ACCOMPLISHMENTS DAASP ACCOMPLISHMENTS • MHJJ was featured on the WBNG Encounter TV Program. Two shows were taped on 11/3/09. It was an opportunity to educate a wider audience on the signs of substance abuse. • Completed a successful Summer Wilderness Program with 8 youth. • Completed a successful Girls group. • Project was awarded monies through a Safe Schools/Healthy Students Federal Grant. • We began talking with nine area school districts as well as Broome-Tioga BOCES on implementing MHJJ services into the schools. • Collaborated with community partners in bringing the SHARE initiative to the community. • Successfully kept 98% of youth served out of placement

• Offered successful programming to 21 youth over the course of the year despite significant budget cuts. • Collaborated with MHJJ and community partners in reviving the County wide- Juvenile Justice Task Force • Completed a successful school based program. • Completed a successful summer adventure program. • Successfully kept 90% of youth served out of non-secure detention.

JADE ACCOMPLISHMENTS • Completed 2 rounds of strengthening families program. • Graduated all youth served with successful outcomes. • Kept all 8 youth served from moving further into the juvenile justice system, averting arrest for all 8. • Closed program due to budget cuts. 13

Student Assistance Program (SAP) & Alcohol & Drug Education Prevention Team (ADEPT) Terrie Atwood, MS Ed, CASAC, Program Manager Established 2000 • A total of 10,756 students served SAP provided 5,989 units of service • ADEPT provided 1,624 units of service


PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS: • Student Assistance Program operated in six schools during this school year: Binghamton High School, Binghamton East Middle School, Binghamton West Middle School, Windsor High School, Seton Catholic Central High School, and Johnson City Middle School • Club Ophelia, a girls-only club focused on relational aggression completed the fourth year at Binghamton City Schools. This 10 week after school club was very successful and involved middle school girls and high school mentors. Club Ophelia served sixty-one (61) students. • In April, 2010, Broome County Mental Health Department offered additional funds for alcohol/ drug prevention. The money was carried over from a defunded county program and was earmarked for substance prevention. With the additional money, Student Assistance Program added a prevention counselor at Broome Tioga BOCES in October 2010 and ADEPT added a part-time Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist to do community education. The additional funds will also supplement our current state funding to keep the full-time counselor at Windsor High School, after the school canceled the contract due to lack of funding. • With additional funds from Broome County Health Department, Student Assistance Program was able to plan for training in Coping and Support Training (CAST), a suicide prevention and alcohol/drug education program. The training occurred November 2010. • The Supervisor for ADEPT attended a Train the Trainer for Teen Intervene, an evidence-based program for intervention and brief therapy. She provided training for all staff in June 2010. Student Assistance Program and ADEPT will be using Teen Intervene during the next school year. ADEPT staff was called on to provide Teen Intervene at the end of the school year for three students who violated drug use policies at their school. • All Stars Program was provided for Whitney Point Middle School, Windsor Middle School, Harpursville Middle School, and Binghamton Middle Schools. • Student Assistance Program counselors provided a wide variety of services geared to the specific needs of their schools. These activities included lunch-time education and counseling groups, and whole school prevention activities like Kick Butts Day, Red Ribbon Week, and classroom presentations. • Staff was trained in a new model for prevention counseling called Project SUCCESS in September 2009. The model included one-on-one counseling and referral, counseling groups, Prevention Ed Series, and environmental strategies for the whole school. Project SUCCESS is a model program, with the aim to provide services to as many students as possible. Student Assistance Counselors will implement this model in the 2010-2011 school year.


Funding Sources by Program $4,801,295 total Program Name



• U.S. Department of Education • New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services • New York State Office of Mental Health • New York State Office of Children and Family Services • Detention Alternative After School Program

The Corner

• Fees for Services • Other/Miscellaneous


• U.S. Department of Health and Human Services


• U.S. Department of Education • United Way •NYS Office of Children and Family Services/ Healthy Family NY • Broome County Social Services

Student Assistance

• NYS Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services • School Districts

Oral Health

• Fees for Services • Other/Miscellaneous

Family Support

• United Way • U.S. Department of Education • School Districts • NYS Office of Children and Family Services/ Special Delinquency Prevention Program


The Corner 11%


Oral Health





Student Assistance/ ADEPT

Family Support 4%







Purchase of Services 11%



from our patients & parents

DENTAL SERVICES ❯ Comments by children from the children’s surveys... “I would tell all my friends to come here to the dentist because the dentist is really cool and they help keep your teeth healthy.” “I really enjoy seeing these dentists. They were all very friendly and they explained what they were doing so I knew.” “This is a nice place. I like coming here and I do not want to change.”

❯ Parents comments... “Pleasant People, very caring staff.” “My child has said...‘the dentist says I have really nice teeth. I’m going to keep brushing to keep them.’” “My child loves the atmosphere.” “The dentist and nurse are very great with the children.”

ADEPT ❯ Comments from local teachers... “The ADEPT staff were great presenters. I can’t wait to have them back” “The pig’s lungs were awesome. It was something the kids had never seen before and we loved it! They are really great presenters.”


PACT ❯ Comments from the

Family Satisfaction Survey... “I enjoy the visits and I am impressed with how caring the people are.”


a local school administrator...

“Our Student Assistance Counselor does a fine job at our school. She is a real team player and will step up whenever needed. She works well with Guidance staff and faculty.”

“PACT has helped me with my child. They helped me understand her more.” “My Parent Educators are very helpful and they are awesome people. I didn’t know there was so much to learn about babies. They answer my questions to the best of their knowledge. If they can’t help me they try to help me find the answer. They are awesome parent advocates.” “I love the visits because they treat my son wonderfully.” “I feel that I can talk to my Parent Educator about anything! Which is very good!” “It’s a wonderful program and we look forward to our visits with Parent Educators.”

THE CORNER ❯ Comments from our Satisfaction Surveys... “The staff at The Corner are all caring, compassionate and sensitive to the issues they are presented with. Too often mental health illness is neglected but this group is a professional family whose goal is good mental health for all of their patients. They provide excellent ongoing treatment at all levels. Thank you!” “Very friendly staff and understanding of our needs. Always returns phone calls promptly!” 19

Student Assistance Program & ADEPT (607) 584-3110

PACT (607) 584-4550

Mental Health Juvenile Justice Program (607) 584-4465

Family Support Program (607) 584-4570

The Corner (607) 584-4465

Center for Oral Health (607) 584-4545

Youth Services (607) 584-4500