Your complete underfloor heating solution

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Other Relevant Literature

Polypipe Building Products Broomhouse Lane Edlington Doncaster DN12 1ES Tel: 01709 770 000 Fax: 01709 770 001 2410 London Road Mount Vernon Glasgow G32 8XZ Tel: 0141 778 8822 Fax: 0141 778 2703 Dromore Road Lurgan, Craigavon Co. Armagh BT66 7HL Tel: 028 38 881270 Fax: 028 38 882344

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Polypipe Building Products is a registered trading division of Polypipe Limited

All budgets. All room types. All floor coverings. All stages of build.

Your complete underfloor heating solution

Whatever your budget, whatever your current source of heat - we have an underfloor heating solution to suit you.

Imagine a heating system where warmth is where you want it to be, when you want it to be. Imagine walking into a home with no unsightly radiators or an uncomfortable atmosphere; just a soothing, welcoming warmth from the cold outdoors. Polypipe underfloor heating systems deliver just this. Making your house a home.

• The flexibility to install in your entire home, one room, or even part of a room, regardless of existing floor covering and stage of development

What’s more, with our flexible product options, underfloor heating is now affordable for everyone.

• The freedom to design your home the way you want to, removing unsightly radiators

Here is what you can expect from our unique underfloor heating solutions: • Radiant heat for a consistently warm and comfortable environment

• A family friendly environment with no low-level hot surfaces and metal edges presented by radiators • Maintenance free with a 50-year guarantee*

• Heating efficiency; helping you to save money (and the natural environment)

Underfloor heating for everyone

About Polypipe Established in 1973 and based in Doncaster (UK), Polypipe is one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of specialist plastic plumbing, heating, waste, and drainage products. As well as being a market leader in underfloor heating, Polypipe has pioneered exacting standards and set the benchmark for quality in all of our products.

With a focus on innovation and continuous product improvement, Polypipe has become a pacesetter in the industry – developing products that are at the forefront of energy efficiency and effective design. We are a member of the Underfloor Heating Manufacturer’s Association (UHMA), who set and monitor standards for materials, design, and installation of underfloor heating systems.

On top of this, Polypipe also offers a 50-year guarantee on pipes* ensuring that, in the unlikely event of a defect in materials or the manufacturing process, you are covered. Polypipe products can be found in plumbers and builders merchants nationwide and installed by competent installers and members of our nationwide Registered Installer Network.

*Excludes fittings, manifolds and control products



Radiant heat


Safe living environment

Unlike radiator-based systems, underfloor heating ensures an even dispersion of heat across your entire room, delivering a comfortable environment with no cold spots or draughts.

Polypipe offers a range of solutions to suit any type of home and budget, making underfloor heating accessible to everyone.

Radiators can reach a heat of around 80°C and often present sharp metal edges, making them a real risk to small children, elderly or infirm occupants.

In general we all feel more comfortable when we are in an environment where our feet are warmer than our heads. This is exactly the environment achieved with underfloor heating and the opposite of radiators.

Energy efficiency Underfloor heating is far more controllable than radiator based systems and heat is only delivered where and when it is required. Polypipe underfloor heating also works perfectly with heat pumps as our systems operate at relatively low water temperatures, maximising the efficiency of the heat pump.

What’s more, you can easily integrate our underfloor heating systems with all existing heat sources, including renewable sources. So whether you need underfloor heating for a new-build property, a complete house renovation, or just a single room, Polypipe can provide a seamless, adaptable underfloor heating solution for your particular needs.

Design freedom Removing radiators from your walls gives you the freedom to design your home the way you want. Furniture can be placed anywhere you like! No longer do you have to worry about blocking the heat output from wall-mounted radiators with your sofa or floor-length curtains. Underfloor heating truly gives you complete design freedom.

Underfloor heating systems remove this risk completely from your home.

Maintenance free With a 50-year guarantee*, Polypipe’s underfloor heating systems are virtually maintenance free. Meaning, once it’s installed, you can forget about it and just enjoy the benefits that it brings. Our advanced underfloor heating systems are also quieter than most other leading products, making it even easier to relax in your new warm, comfortable and tranquil environment.

Radiant heat Underfloor heating is the closest to an ideal heating temperature.

About underfloor heating 2.7m


Underfloor heating for all applications 2.7m




Convecting heat Radiators.



Wherever you live and whatever type of project you are working on, we have an underfloor heating solution to suit you.

New/self build


Single room

Underfloor heating can add value to a home and also help you save on energy bills, so whether you are planning to sell or live in your new/self build home once complete, installing underfloor heating is an extremely prudent choice to make.

Whether you are renovating all floors or just one, our selection of underfloor heating products offer you the ability to tailor a system that is right for you.

You would be surprised at how easy it is to integrate underfloor heating in a single room with your existing heating system.

With a choice of Solid, Floating, Suspended, MHP (Modular Heating Panel) and Overlay™ underfloor heating systems, you will be sure to find the perfect solution for your new/self build project with Polypipe.

Polypipe underfloor heating systems can easily work with existing heating systems and integrate both with new and existing floor constructions. Modular Heating Panels are particularly effective for use in upper floors of renovation projects.

Whether you are adding a new room, such as an extension or conservatory, converting a loft, or installing a new kitchen or bathroom, incorporating underfloor heating is both practical and easy. If the nature of your project means that you do not need to disturb the existing floor structure, opt for either of our unique OverlayTM or OverlayTM Lite solutions.

*Excludes fittings, manifolds and control products



Underfloor heating systems product selection Typical applications and features

New build

Existing floor


SOLID FLOOR All floor coverings

Finding a system that is right for you You have a number of underfloor heating options available to you. In new build projects you should take into consideration the floor construction, installation method and heat source to find the right polypipe underfloor heating system.

Existing rooms can be heated by installing one of our unique OverlayTM systems. We have tailored solutions for both lightweight and heavy floor coverings.

For a detailed design and installation guide, visit downloads.asp

Typical ground floor or beam and block construction

All floor covering except natural wood/thick laminates




Lightweight floor coverings

Tiles or natural wood

Larger areas

Wet areas

Multiple rooms

Lightweight construction No wet trades required

Use the simple flow diagram and refer to the details of our underfloor heating types on the following pages.

Selecting a system 06

High mass system


Over floor



All floor covering

All floor coverings

Fit from above

Fit from above/below

Traditional joists Traditional heat source

Traditional or engineered joists Traditional or renewable heat sources



Modular Heating Panels

For solid or screeded floors, Polypipe offers lightweight plastic floor panels which are quick and easy to lay, allowing you to install underfloor heating in a room of any shape or size.

Our MHP underfloor heating system is specifically designed for heating upper floors, where it is often a difficult task to manoeuvre around the floor joists.

The piping is then fitted into the floor panels and covered with screed before laying the floor covering on top.

Modular Heating Panels deliver a pre-configured solution that can be easily fitted and connected together on-site.

The Polypipe Solid underfloor heating system is ideal for ground floors in new build or renovation projects as well as most conservatories and extensions with a solid floor construction.

What’s more, Modular Heating Panels do not have to cover the entire room area. They can be placed strategically, in areas that need heat the most, for maximum efficiency, avoiding areas under baths and fitted units.

Screed Solid floor plate Polybutylene barrier pipe Insulation

Heat diffusion foil 30mm insulation 10mm pipe circuit

Floating Suitable for both solid and timber floors, the Polypipe Floating underfloor heating system is an ideal alternative to the Solid system when structural weight limitations prevent you from adopting the latter.

Overlay™/Overlay™ Lite Overlay™ and Overlay™ Lite are uniquely easy to install given that you do not have to remove or alter the existing floor structure.

In new builds, the high-density polystyrene panels used with this system can also enhance the thermal insulation requirement.

Polybutylene barrier pipe Heat spreader plate

This makes Overlay™ systems perfect for single room, renovation, and even new build projects – basically any application. These are our most versatile and easy-to-install underfloor heating systems.

Insulated floating floor panel

Suitable for: Tile Hard wood

600mm x 800mm OverlayTM panel Fits over concrete or floorboards


12mm pipe 18mm floor panel

Designed for use in timber suspended or battened floors, the Polypipe Suspended underfloor heating system incorporates aluminium double heat spreaders to ensure that heat is dispersed evenly across the floor surface.

Controls and Ancillaries A number of controls and ancillaries are available from Polypipe, all of which help you to get the most out of your underfloor heating system.

This system is perfect for all floors above ground level, providing a lightweight yet highly effective underfloor heating solution.

Product overviews 08

Tounge & groove flooring Double heat spreader plate

Ceiling Polybutylene barrier pipe Polystyrene or foam insulation Supporting joists

In particular, certain rooms can have their own dedicated heating controls allowing you to maximise the energy efficiency of your home by only heating the rooms that you are using. For further information, or for the technical specifications of each product type, visit to download our Technical Installation Guide, pricelists, and other literature.

Suitable for: Laminate Vinyl Carpet

6mm plywood lining

End return

600mm x 800mm OverlayTM panel

Heat diffusion foil 12mm pipe 18mm floor panel Fits over concrete or floorboards


Designing a system Polypipe offers three solutions to help homeowners find the correct underfloor heating system specification:

Registered Installer Network Ask a member of our Registered Installer Network to assess your needs and specify and price the system for you. See page 12 for more details.

Online Pack Selector Our unique pack system offers pre-collated room and house packs for all standard system configurations.


To find the correct system pack for your project use our online Product Selector at This online tool will also provide you with an estimate of the material costs for your project.

This service also includes a telephone helpline and local representatives nationwide to ensure that you or your chosen installer know how to fit the system properly and in accordance with our guidelines.

Bespoke underfloor heating systems

No project is too big or too small. Our experts will deliver the most efficient, cost-effective solution for your particular needs. Whether you need underfloor heating for a single room or an entire 3-storey home, our system designers will find the perfect solution for you.

For unconventional projects or projects that fall outside of the scope of our standard room/house packs, Polypipe’s expert system designers will build a bespoke underfloor heating system to suit your specific requirements.

Solutions to suit any home or budget.

Simply download and complete the enquiry form from and submit your drawings to us. We will then assign an expert system designer to provide you with a complete design and component list for the project.


All Polypipe products are manufactured and tested to the highest standards to ensure maximum quality and performance. Accreditations, standards and guarantees - one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of plastic plumbing and heating products, Polypipe Building Products Ltd has developed a unique range of underfloor heating solutions. Designed for installation into both existing and new build projects all Polypipe products are manufactured and tested to highest standards to ensure maximum quality and performance. For further quality assurance all Polypipe products carry the following Standards and System Approvals:


Finding an installer Quality-assured installation So now you have decided that underfloor heating is for you and you have an idea of the type of system you need, what next? The first step is to get in touch with your local heating installer to discuss your initial ideas and project requirements. They will also be able to give you a project plan and detailed cost breakdown.


You can locate your nearest Polypipe underfloor heating specialist from the Polypipe Registered Installer Network by visiting Our network of registered installers can provide you with detailed installation quotations and design specifications for the perfect underfloor heating system for your project – offering you a convenient, competitively priced solution. At Polypipe we enforce the strictest entry standards to our Registered Installer Network, ensuring that you receive only the best quality workmanship.

You can find your nearest registered installer here:

Polypipe underfloor heating products, excluding manifolds and control products, are covered by a 50 year Guarantee*, which protects against defects in materials or manufacture of the underfloor heating system from date of purchase. This guarantee only applies if the system is installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, and is used in a normal domestic operation. This document should be read in conjunction with all other documentation supplied with Polypipe products. If you have any queries, please contact our Technical Hotline on 01709 770000.

Manufacturing quality assurance In accordance with BS ES ISO 9001:2000 (BSI registered firm Certificate FM00318). FM00318

Installation standard To follow the recommendations of BS5955 - Part 8 2001 Plastic Pipework (Thermoplastic Materials).

British standard  Class S Rated to BS7291 Part 1 and Kitemark Licence Number 38148 to BS7291 Part 2.

WRAS Listed in the WRAS Water Fittings and Materials Directory. KIWA/KOMO Certificate numbers K14341, 14342 and 14343.

BBA Polypipe Polybutylene barrier pipe, fittings, accessories and underfloor heating systems are covered by BBA Certificate No. 00/3699.

Polypipe is a member of the Underfloor Heating Manufaturers Association.

P.B.P.S.A. Polypipe Building Products Ltd is a member of the Polybutylene Piping Systems Association, which is a recognised association of the companies whose aim is to promote the features, benefits and best practice installation techniques of polybutylene pipe systems, as well as providing a wide range of technical information and support.

British Gas - has accepted the Polypipe Polyplumb Class S Polybutylene pipe system as being acceptable for open vented and sealed central heating systems and is eligible for acceptance onto Three Star Central Heating System Cover.

Accreditations *Excludes fittings, manifolds and control products



Still got cold feet? If you are still not sure whether Polypipe underfloor heating is right for you, here is a little more information to help you decide.

Do I need to replace my existing floor? No. Our patented Overlay™ systems allow you to lay the panels over existing solid or timber floors. It’s as effective as a traditional underfloor heating system, without the inconvenience of traditional installation.

Is underfloor heating easy to control? Yes. Polypipe provides a number of control options, including single zone and individual room control, allowing you to control the temperature in specific rooms or areas of your home.


Can underfloor heating be used alongside a radiator-based system? Yes. Our systems can be used either as a primary or secondary source of heat in your home thanks to their compatibility with both standard and condensing boilers.

Is underfloor heating expensive to install? No. Generally, Polypipe systems cost much less to install than other systems, particularly when installing our Overlay™ systems or Modular Heating Panels as these are designed to save time, and therefore money, during installation.

Can I use underfloor heating in just one room? Yes. Our Overlay™ systems are ideal for single room applications where you can simply fit the panels over your existing solid or timber floor then fit your floor covering over the top. Our advanced range of innovative products and temperature control solutions also ensure that disruption to existing heating systems is minimal.

Will the system need maintenance? No. All Polypipe underfloor heating is virtually maintenance free and comes with a 50-year guarantee on pipes.*

Is underfloor heating expensive to run? No. In fact, in the long-term, Polypipe underfloor heating systems can actually reduce your energy bill quite significantly thanks to their efficiency.

Are Polypipe systems better than electrical systems?

Will underfloor heating delay my building or refurbishment project?

Yes! Generally, water based systems are more energy efficient than electric systems. Water based systems also allow any power source from electric, gas or renewable energy.

No. Providing that your project has been scheduled properly, there is absolutely no reason why installing underfloor heating would delay progress. In fact, you will be surprised at how fast Polypipe systems can actually be installed.

Can underfloor heating only be used with tiled or solid floors? No. Polypipe underfloor heating systems will operate effectively and efficiently under any type of floor covering – tile, timber, carpet, laminate, or vinyl. Just ensure that the system is well insulated underneath to prevent any heat-loss.

Will underfloor heating make my feet ache? No. Older systems, due to their inefficiencies, had to produce more heat to maintain a comfortable room temperature – which often led to people experiencing achy feet. Our systems incorporate the latest energy efficiency and insulation technologies, meaning our underfloor heating solutions don’t lose as much heat and therefore don’t have to work as hard to keep your home warm – avoiding causing achy feet.

*Excludes fittings, manifolds and control products